In this collection of Palindromes certain words keep coming up, obviously because only certain words can be used in Palindromes efficiently. One word that keeps coming up is the word ''RED.'' Who is Red? Well, I'll tell you. Red is my Red Fountain Pen. Red is also a Lake that I've returned to in dreams throughout my whole life. Lake Red is always different, as if I return to it in different TIMES. This Lake never had a name until I discovered my name ''Derek'' in the words: ''Lake Red.'' I then Christened this Dream Lake.... ''Lake Red.''

Sega Mist Rose Sorts Images

Derek a' lap a Lake Red.

Derek alight row. Worth GI Lake Red.

Derek as night row radar worth Gin sake Red.

Derek alight row, sill is worth GI Lake Red.

Ye knit ESP a nap set in Key.

Tarot all ESP sell at or ''At?''

Draw ''Awareness.'' Essene raw award.

Draw no evil, inward deed drawn, I live onward.

Draw nice Tec inward.

Now Sega mist rope ports images won.

Sega mitt images.

Sega mill images.

Sega sill is ages.

XI Pan game lifts image Staff up at a puff at Sega mist file Magna pix.

Sega mist file Magna Pix. XI Pan game lifts images.

Orca: Mega sworn Italian to bore robot nail at in row Sage macro.

Sega mists if I fists images.

Sega mists a pasts images.

Sega mist a' pats images.

Won Sega mist lock. Colts image snow.

Red rot salt can act last order.

Sega mists, I lists images.

CIA: Some sorts images of UFO Sega mist Rose Mosaic.

CIA: Some sorts images. Oath Tao Sega mist Rose Mosaic.

Sega mist egg of a fog gets images.

Sega mist egg gets images.

Sega mist ESP sets images.

Sega mist tame by array, be Matts images.

Sega mist elder Fred lets images.

Sega mist if I fits images.

Sega mist a Bats images.

Sega mist a Cats images.

Sega mist olden Neptune nut penned. Lots Images.

Tilemon Garret go Tara. Hastening is a sign I net Sahara tog Terra Gnome Lit.

Dalai Lama Lia lad.

Dalai Lama radar Amalia lad.

Draw folio Tec. I nano rocker Eden. One Derek Corona nice toil of ward.

Red later of rotator for ET Alder.

Reb asks a' two vow task saber.

See ''Bigfoot'' top Otto of GI Bees.

Redd abuses, use sub Adder.

Page vomit on not I...... move...... gap.

Do Gem a Gore Hero game God.

Do Gem a Lore, Hero lame God.

Do Gem a sore, Hero same God.

Do Gem a core Hero, came God.

Do Gem adore Hero Dame God.

Do Gem afore Hero fame God.

Nab rudder Red urban.

To decide dice dot.

Drawn ''it's.'' Albeit a tie blast inward.

I know a Peru say name many, a sure paw on Ki.

Major parts Astra pro jam.

Fleet abate elf.

Sex of Foxes.

Sex of.... forever of Foxes.

Deer go fuse kilt sermon even if a fine venom rest likes UFO greed.

Of unedited ET, I den UFO.

Goblets a pastel bog.

Drawn Odic Alp we not nip at. Wondering, is a sign I Red now, tap into new placid onward.

Drawn Odic Alpine pen. I placid onward.

Dip a root rotator too rapid.

We not nip into new.

Art By: Sheila Anne Chin

Nab rude Red urban.

DNA help missed albeit, a tie blades simple hand.

To panic in a pot.

Ratting: I sign ''it'' TAR.

Shara signaling, I sign, I Lang, I Sarah's.

Bank co-data at a dock nab.

Mike Hanna.... he Kim.

Toll: Lorne, Derek attic illicit taker. Eden roll lot.

Do Gem Odic I sum. Fin rocks aye.... knew Gaia. Gwen Key ask corn if music I dome God.

Dail Lit., I knit a folio fin. Rocks ask corn if oil of a tin kit Illiad.

Dail lit Illiad.

ET agree Dog go Deer Gate.

Stab, mock KKK combats.

Do go future target, e.g. Rate rut UFO God.

Made nut fog U.N. say a snug of tune dam.

Drawn it never, a dare vent inward.

Drawn it never event inward.

Rota: I demo Tec arsenal. Planes race to mediator.

Net fog U.N. say a snug often.

Tip seen Odic.... I done ESP ''it.''

CIA's Omen one Mosaic.

Aim one model sled Omen Omia.

Omia means: The Souls of Children.

Raw slap end Nepal's war.

Do often rob Iraq a rib, or net food.

Did Iraq a' rid ID?

Dip Iraq a' rip id.

An Oz Iraq Arizona.

Arizona Pan Oz IRA.

Tao go, I hop Iran, a' rip Ohio goat.

Do got no Gold.... log onto God.

Not new dear a Tara. Ed went on.

Redd upset ''it.'' ESP udder.

ET agony by array.... by no Gate.

Nosey ET eye Son.

Dog Rae near God.

Golden Edi widen Ed., log.

Golden Edi widened log.

Dog Rae tap agony by no gap. A tear God.

Dog Rae bet agony by no Gate Bear God.

Not ESP, a Cap set on.

Not ESP upset on.

Go Forts Astro fog.

Red limp upset ''it.'' ESP up milder.

Elf Ire., rifle.

See brat Rome by allay, be mortar Bees.

Di ova ''Y'' clone. Pen ol' Cyavoid.

Do Gel fire rifle..... God.

Deer by Cat scene pew. We pen ecstacy breed.

Worth gift... fight row.

Sniper if I fire pins.

Snipe rifle elf Ire., pins.

Stacy rock nipple help pink Cory Cats.

Any, add Dayna.

Ten Alp ay?..... P.S., I spy a planet.

Draw no war nail. Light reptile lit Perth Gillian raw. Onward.

Draw a war nail. Light reptile lit Perth Gillian raw award.

Draw no war, a Tara won ward.

Pooh pal slap hoop.

Decided to get a mate, got de-diced.

Rid a nano. Rock nips ESP ink Corona Nadir.

Some decided Ore to get a date, got eroded ice demo's.

Name lit Perth gift, I wit, fight reptile man.

Ye Knox Essene pen Essex on Key.

A sandal glad NASA.

Draw puff at Staff upward.

Rod one drags garden odor.

Worth Gillian Andersen, ones Red Nan ail light row.

DNA Tae Sol close at hand.

Drown... upset. Up and rotor DNA put ESP U.N. word.

Race doctor trot code car.

Not a car a Cat on.

Not as I sat on.

Ye knit as if I Satin Key.

Line packs a Mega war, a Tara wage mask cape nil.

ET a gala edits a past, I deal a Gate.

Tao Cecil a malice coat.

Loop a crisp intestinal plan it's ET nip Sir Capool.

Note pad ET also slated Ape ton.

142 Palindromes.


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