I dare say.... ''A Palindromists Paradise.''

Tao Became Race Care Mace Boat.

Yell Aveno at a one valley.

Did no pond Id.

Code nut penned Sarah O'Hara's den. Neptune Doc.

Go Friar, Eve sad. A Mac Ire mate go Tec nail Laden, as Nik sir devil of UFO. Lived risk. Insane dalliance to get America mad as ever. Air fog.

Busy Democrat strategy allay get art Star comedy sub.

Steps up... ALF Kayak flap us pets.

Rota nest ''it'' Senator.

Rot aid algae's Sea gladiator.

Tao Mac Ire Matt America Moat.

Won ye knees Pooh, as a hoop seen key now.

Despite, he tips Ed.

Sega Minister frets in images.

Sega mist radical acid arts images.

Tao Cola, he Zo on Snow Elf... flew on snooze halo coat.

GI be BIG.

GI be man a name: BIG.

Name BIG, filed Nora rondel if GI be Man.

Drawn, I sit nut so stunt is inward.

Liven a bilateral flare... ''Taliban evil.''

Live nab, I late radio.... I dare ''Taliban evil.''

Fled.... a bad elf.

Bush says, ''Or a Rosy ash sub.''

Red robotoid art loch to... maybe he by a Moth Colt radio to border.

Mass murder are drums SAM.

On it's oil of a folio's Tino.

A Cronos ratio two postal flat so pow to ''it'' arson Orca.

CIA doze by array...... be Zodiac.

New Gem a game Gwen.

Tao big names use Man GI boat.

Red no, yes? Act set all latest case yonder.

Taco Time Gem I to Cat.

Do go tea, glass ale Man's tide, edits name lass algae to God.

Edit name lass, Allah lava a Valhalla's sale Man tide.

O medicine pen, ici demo.

Macedonia I node cam.

Snag Roses, uses organs.

Odic ''it'' sin, elle Hellenistic I do.

Busy no believe little more Hero melt tile veil.. Ebony sub.

Red'n axe lad Alexander.

To Pharaoh oar….. ah…… pot.

Do Geno tub, saw as but one God.

Tao Celt name mantle coat.

We disturb or rob ruts…. I dew.

Tires? A laser ''it.''

Dog fog Ol slang is radar signals log of God.

Den I fed net for often defined.

Won Sir….. a fast new Welsh Tom mammoth slew, went Safari snow.

We panic….. I do radar Odic in a pew.

'Tis but not in knit on tub sit.

Ye hero land a DNA Lore hey.

Looking I error rim mirror reign... I kool.

A Valhalla's Salem Ant. I'd edit name lass, Allah lava.

Latin I'm mini talk.

CIA: So my Sword to help Miss Tara edit name gas. Allah lava a Valhalla's, a Gem Ant idea Rats simple hot drowsy Mosaic.

Eroded Ore.

Past I due feud ''it'' sap.

Past I due for pro feud ''it'' sap.

No! We've won!

Tie blare diary by raider albeit.

No site no ''gray'' no be put on, not up Ebony Argon ET is on.

To dare: Mace done Vita Reb reverberative node camera dot.

Tao Gem answer: Clan rut contemplating, I sign ''it.'' Alp met nocturnal crews name. Goat.

Dame open a key DNA coat Tao Candye Kane poem ad.

So….. Garagos.

Massive Levi's Sam.

To order it new race car went: I Red root.

Tie! Lo, hot bus, no trial draw pun upward lair ton sub to hole ''it.''

Ah..... tan a Rama. I core allied arts trade. I'll aero CIA Marana-Tha.

Ah..... tan Aramaic. O'Real lied arts trade. I'll aero CIA Marana-Tha.

Ah..... tan a Rama, I co-real, lie darts trade. I'll aero CIA Marana-Tha.

To retire rite rot.

Rag Iceman did name ''Cigar.''

Murder a dare drum.

Red Iceman did name ''Cider.''

Led at Iceman... rotator name ''Citadel.''

Ton back camp a map mack... cab not.

Star fleet a Gate Elf Rats.

Deep space on a canoe CAP speed.

Saw no to tell ET O' ton was.

O Zeta Garret no pen: I placid Odic Alpine pon Terra Gate Zo.

We new age beg awe new.

Den if error rim rotator mirror refined.

Passage way a Maya... we gas sap.

Masonic Anacin O' SAM.

Midst ''it's'' dim.

Liar trot cart rotator tractor trail.

Made order a Red roe dam.

To pen: I placid Odic Alpine pot.

To Ray a rot.

To Jay a jot.

To hay a hot.

Today a dot.

To pay a pot.

To lay a lot.

But now I won tub.

Trapping no song, nip part.

Badger Greg dab.

Crab Arc.

Craig as a GI Arc.

Ye no hand a DNA honey.

Warming is a sign I'm raw.

Dating: I sign ''it'' ad.

Tao became Mace boat.

Placid Odic Alp.

No parts top Eden, one depot strap on.

Won to diode..... do I dot now?

To hero cadet, toll allotted a Core.... hot.

Zeus Kayak Suez.

Zeus of UFO Suez.

Tile Porpoise.... yes, Io propel ''it.''

ET on afore vigor Pa, DNA's UFO Red art Mega inward drawn. I a Gem trader of us and a pro giver of a note.

Drawn Wayne polio tag. Astro pro tide math girl. Lake Red Mane Dragon O' Garden. Am Derek alright, am editor port saga. Toil open yawn inward.

Drawn Wayne pen yawn ward.

Drawn in Wayne, be N.Y. awn inward.

Drawn in Wayne.... Zen yawn inward.

Drawn in Walter rage.... be Garret lawn inward.

Mega inward at art strata.. drawn I a Gem.

Drawn I a Gem.... a name gain ward.

No end ad neon.

No end neon.

No enter rage Garret neon.

Sagan I saga... be tag of UFO Gate bag, as in a gas.

Top Sagan I saga, be tag of UFO Gate bag, as I nag a spot.

Pal and Rome go a Tao Zen. One Zo a Tao Gem or DNA lap.

Name baby my babe Man.

Pint Ace be Catnip.

Pint Acadia said a Catnip.

Pint act Catnip.

Pinta Catnip.

Pin tact at Cat nip.

Toll rig Bab' abortion.... O it rob a Bab' girl lot.

Zoe rare Oz.

Zoe rad.... I dare Oz.

Zoe radio.... I dare Oz.

Zoe card ad race Oz.

Zoe dam level made Oz.

Zoe race by array be care Oz.

Zoe bore Robe Oz.

Zoe Dora rode Oz.

139 Palindromes.


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