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Okay... in ''Dreams'' here, I'm not going to tell you what dreams mean or how to understand them, but rather I'm going to tell you about our dreams and how myself and my family understand them.

Lucy Drama

So easy to forget dreams. Anyway, in this dream, I suddenly realized I was dreaming. I made a really cool discovery. In the dream I was walking down a hallway about to round the banister of a staircase and make my way upstairs. 'Twas at that moment that I knew I was dreaming and decided I did not want to go upstairs as the dream was suggesting. What would happen I thought, if I was to turn around and take a look at what was behind me. I said: ''Okay to myself... take a look.... yes take a look.'' So I did and Lord Behold there in front of me was pure White. As I stood looking at this, I could see in my peripheral the dream that was now behind me. I suddenly woke up, wrote a few short notes and thought Oh my God. The dream was forming as I went forward and disappearing and turning into white directly as my peripheral would pass. Kind of like an ''Out of Body'' I thought.

A Dream

In a dream I saw a great silver metallic tower, this looked like a wonderful high rise. I noticed this wondrous building was beside a Cliffside. Then I looked closer for I was bewildered and when I did, I saw that this skyscraper was surrounded by the cliff. How could this be I thought. Then I looked again and I realized this tower is under the ground and supported by what looks like rods coming from the building and into the rock. As I realized the size of this, those rods became tubular tunnels going into the rock. I could not see the bottom, but I could see the top, which seemed to be capped with a gigantic net in the form of a communication dish reminiscent of a spider's web. I then thought the expanse of this webbed dish encompassed a surface area of at least a thousand miles in diameter. I then realized the strands of this webbed communication dish were also tubular tunnels all exiting at different parts of the surface. A webbed tunnel system in the shape of a communication dish standing on a subterranean tower like highrise... massive... gigantic. When I get pictures in my head, I can zoom in on any particular spot of the picture and even fly around them to give me a three dimensional perspective.... as if a Bee.
This lasted several seconds. Was more like a meditative daydream. Kind of like almost falling asleep, having a quick complex dream and then immediately waking up. Felt I had remotely viewed something.

Carol In the Spirit

I walked into a door and all of a sudden the door disappeared behind me. Then I walked into a rain forest, there were trees as far as the eye could see. I knew I was dreaming and knew everything would be O.K. There was a Temple in front of me with five miles of stairs, there was a road with no tire tracks, thick enough for only a Horse to go through. There were beautiful green trees on the sides. There were Jaguars, Ocelots, Parrots and many, many different kinds of creatures. The road way was like a mirror, in that the creatures that were opposite one another would mirror one another's actions. I did not walk, I hovered above the ground. I was wearing a long white gown, my hair was done in three braids, with some hair still let down. I started hovering to the Temple up the five miles of stairs, I just quickly flew up these stairs which were made out of marble. By now I was at the top of the stairs, I entered the Golden Doors, as soon as I entered the Doors I began to glow. There was a great hallway of candles set on either side and beyond the candles there were Monks with red canvas robes, also on both sides. The first Monk that saw me, he said, 'You are glowing,' then all the Monks turned to me and bowed, yet none of them ever opened their eyes. The first Monk started to smile. He had teeth missing and he was the only one who opened his eyes. All of them looked alike, bald, teeth missing and all wearing red canvas robes. Except for one, he was at the end of the hall of candles, he had thin grey hair slightly bald on the top. I hovered through the Hall to him, he was sitting in a big Elephant throne with a giant Golden Elephant on top. He was wearing a white Judo outfit with a black belt. I asked him, ''Will Zo last forever?'' He said, ''Until the Seas die, until the grass doesn't grow, until there are no more creatures that you see, he will be there.
And one day you will be by his side forever.''
They gave me a Lion to ride on the back of, I held on to the Lions mane as he ran through the temple and jumped off at the stairs. The Lion and I went soaring through the air, and I woke up.
The man with the grey hair called me by name…Qui Lang. Pronounced [Qwe - Lang.]
That was my dream.

By Carol Chin
August 16th 1999

A Daughter Dreams

My daughter Sheila used to have, when she was about five or six, a reoccurring dream that she would tell us about quite a bit. Sheila and my wife Diana do not remember, which kind of bewilders me, because it's so clear in my mind, almost as if I was the one who had the dream. Quite a significant dream, maybe that's why I remember. At the time I sort of remember writing down a few notes about the dream, another possible reason as to why I remember. Sheilagh would dream of a giant beautiful Women, standing on the North Pole. Sheila would describe this Women in great detail. The Women was the zenith of beauty and dressed in the most wonderful colorful clothing that Sheila had ever seen. The word ''Technicolor'' came to mind as my daughter described this vision like dream to me. A wonderful sight when visualized. A gleaming Golden Rainbow Lady, standing guard over the Earth. Sheila would describe the 'Lady' becoming hard and brittle, causing Her skin and clothing to dry up, break, flake and peel off, revealing underneath an even more wonderful and glorious sight. Underneath would be an even more beautiful Women with brighter and more Heart warming colouring in the clothing. A beautiful beginning and a beautiful ending. A magnificent soothing sight for a six year old child to dream and then have someone tell her that, this has a beautiful meaning, and that there is nothing to worry about. I can remember at times when Sheila was a little apprehensive about dreams like this. Felt good to be able to understand a little and tell her what's going on. A transformation of sorts, like from the Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar to the giant Moth, it later becomes. I would tell her that this must represent, ''The New Earth,'' ''The New Mother Earth,'' cleansing herself and rebirthing. Turning into a beautiful place, more beautiful than we could ever imagine. This was Universal symbolism that was simple and wondrous. As I said, I was surprised Diana and Sheila didn't remember this, not even after I reminded them. Sheila would have this dream every week, for at least several months. I'm glad I remember for everyone. So cool. To write this down and now have a recording.

A Sons Dream

My son told me about a dream that he had quite a while ago. He decided to tell me because he say's I've become a dream collector. Matthew said, 'This was the kind of dream, that he would never forget.' He was a prisoner and tied to a stake on his knees. To his right and in front of him, stood a man with a gun in his hand and a whip tied to his waist. Matthew looked to his left, there were three other men also tied to stakes. He felt that he was in Asia and that he was Middle Eastern. The man with the whip approached and shot each man in the back and side of the lower part of the head. Matthew said, ''Everything went white and that he now felt free.'' Also that, ''Death was easier than he thought.''

Melancolique Reveur

One time whilst still living with my parents, early one morning, I was having a dream that I was a Knight on a Horse approaching a Castle that was off in the distance. The grass on the English rolling hills was emerald green and the trees seemed real. Like in many dreams, I was also observing this from a distance. When this happens, I am always above and to the left of the dream. As if there are two of me. My Father came into the room to wake me for school, he gently touched me on the face, as he always did when waking me. The Castle immediately crumbled into a perfectly conical mound of fine dust. Then from the 'observers' point of view, I saw myself.... the Knight and the Horse also quickly turn into a perfect mound of fine dust. I opened my eyes and have never forgotten. I often wonder why such dreams are instilled into memory as if were they were real life experiences. I always believe too, that, ''If it happens to me, it must happen to others.''
Dreamy Dreamer.

I Love Words So Much

I love words so much that I dream about them, in print form. This is not unlike a person who works in a factory and does the same thing over and over again, thus often dreaming they are at work. I've heard many people say this and has happened to me on certain jobs

The Lion Dream

This morning I awoke having had a wonderful dream. This was of four Lions in my home as pets. I was dreaming that I was waking up, and as I did four Lions came rushing into the bedroom and jumped on the bed with me. In the dream... this momentarily terrified me. One of the Lioness's was very affectionate towards me, rolling around on the bed, licking me and making meager attempts to mischievously toss me about. In the dream, it really felt as if I was looking into the eyes of a Lion only a few inches away from my face. To look into the eyes of a huge Lion without any fear was an enchanting experience even though it was just a dream. These Lions were full grown and Powerful.
Written October 3rd Tuesday 1995

I Wrote This on Tuesday 3rd March 1998

This was on the news. Franz Schubert wrote a letter and said not to open this until 50yrs after his death. When the letter was opened there was written, that he did not compose his music. That his music was given to him in dreams and that this was from the spirit World.
The date today is March 3rd 1998 and I'm not going to die ever. I might leave for a while, but I'm not going to die. This letter is opened now, for everyone. I want you to see this. Our Father tells me. No hidden letters waiting here and there are many on the way.

I'm not going to wait until I die.

A Dream

I am always tempted to re-word things I have written in the past. I don't remember this dream, but I have it here just the way it was written in my dream notes.

Satan destroyed the Learning Tower, a possible connection to the God in Heaven.
Satan rules for 10,000 years. Then dies.
These two lines are all that was written.

No Cars

Many years ago, I had a daydream dream, now I was wide awake in this imaginary daydream. I imagined a world with no cars, I imagined suburbia with no streets. I imagined cities turned into fumeless places with mostly schools, universities, places of work and factories. I imagined a city where very few people actually lived. In this daydream most of the people would live miles and sometimes hundreds of miles away from their city, due to a highly technical form of transportation which would be mono-rail mag-lev systems which would connect rural areas as far out as six hundred miles from city centers. These mag-lev mono-rail cars would travel up to speeds and in excess of 450mph, the systems would be constructed perfectly straight. Enabling people to reach their destinations and places of work in a much shorter time, thus allowing people to live far away from their cities and more spread out. People would also own private vehicles called lev's, that would levitate and travel at great speeds, up to 1200mph. These vehicles would be used for recreation and to reach mag-lev stations in the country when coming into the city. One would travel at a certain height depending on how fast one was going. One's speed would depend on how far one was travelling. All vehicles once in flight would be tied into a global positioning traffic computer network, reducing accidents to virtually nil. I imagined suburban streets with lawns from one side of where the road once was, to the other. Instead of driveways, roads and streets, people had outside their homes hi-tech composite slabs for parking their lev's. The center of suburban streets would now be home to children's playgrounds, the odd greenhouse, numerous citizen made ponds, streams and waterfalls. Chickens, geese, ducks and goats become common place. The use of concrete sidewalks is abandoned and the private citizens in suburbia build their own stone sidewalks intricately patterned and forever changing because of the different artistic idea's and ethnic groups.
My wife Diana reminded me of this story, Diana tells me I told her this when I first met her in '75.
Cool hey.

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