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I wrote this literature because of experiences I have had and continue to have during Meditation. I suppose the initial reason is this:

In February of 1999 whilst Meditating and attempting communication with Spirit Guides, I had a wonderful experience that was a puzzle to me and took seven or eight days to fully understand. Visions would manifest involuntarily deep within my thoughts or my minds-eye during silent Meditation. However, I must add that during the first three to four months this would happen 24hrs a day, whether Meditating or not.

When this first began I would see a Spirit Guide sitting on a raised platform, this platform sometimes looked like a solid Rainbow or block of Marble or Gemstone.

The Spirit Guides seemed to communicate with their hands, body language and banners. At least.... that's how I understood their communications with me, I'm sure this could differ from one person to another. It was as though I could feel the Spirits around me constantly, I've never heard audible voices, though I get very strong and powerful feelings as if I am being communicated with. When all this started, it was rather bizarre.

For about seven days in a row in the very beginning before I actually picked up a pen, I would tell my Wife, that everytime I went into Meditation, I would see the Spirit Guide sitting there with what looked like a clipboard tucked into one arm, then with his other hand, it seemed like he was writing things down. I could clearly see a pen or quill of sorts, yet his hand would never move. I would tell my Wife this, and tell Her I thought the Guide was writing down all my thoughts and that He had a record of possibly every Life I had ever lived. My wife Diana sort of agreed, but also had Her own ideas.

After seven or eight days of this, Diana said; ''Maybe He wants you to write.'' I very reluctantly started a couple of days later...... Feb.19th, 1999 to be exact...... and haven't stopped since.

I suppose I might also add that people have been telling me to write for years.

Once I began writing, I was motivated to continue because of a strong presence of my Father's great Spirit, when I closed my eyes he would always be there, surrounded by Angels and the Heavens. I began to believe that the Spirit realm had my Father help them to urge me to write. I also began to feel that this had something to do with having seen my Sister Loretta three years after she had passed away..... back in about 1964. I had no idea whatsoever where the writing was going to take me, or what kind of things I would experience or discover as I wrote.


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