Bruce Kulick
Real Name: Bruce Kulick
Birthdate: December 12th, 1953
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
KISS Years: September 1984-August 1996
KISS Albums: Asylum, Crazy Nights, Smashes, Thrashes & Hits, Hot In The Shade, Revenge, Alive III, MTV Unplugged, Carnival of Souls
Reason For Leaving KISS: Bought out by the band after the original members reformed in 1996.
Pre-KISS Jobs: Blackjack, Meat Loaf, Billy Squier, Michael Bolton
Post-KISS Jobs: Union (with John Corabi), ESP (Eric Singer Project) with Eric Singer, John Corabi and Karl Cochran, some session work and benefit albums, touring guitarist for Grand Funk Railroad.
Associated Websites: Union Asylum, Kulick-It-Up, Bruce Kulick's Official Site

    Bruce's quiet demeanor never seemed to fit in with the rest of KISS.  He never seemed to be surrounded by groupies and strippers, he rarely spoke, and his onstage presence was never really exciting.  As time wore on, Bruce seemed to loosen up on stage and in interview situations but still was not as "loose" as say Gene and Paul were.
    Before joining KISS, Bruce was the axeman for Billy Squier, Michael Bolton and Meatloaf.  An extremely talented guitarist, Bruce brought a new level of playing and musicianship to KISS.  While his songwriting contributions did not take full force until 1997's Carnival of Souls (of which he co-wrote 9 of the 12 tracks), Bruce was able to let his creative juices flow on his post-KISS group, Union's, self-titled album.
Bruce's induction into the band was a long time coming.  His brother, Bob, was the first choice to join KISS in 1973 before Ace came along.  Bob Kulick remained close to the band through ghost appearances on several albums.  He made the suggestion that Bruce join the band when KISS was having problems with Ace in the late 70s as well as when Vinnie Vincent was replaced by Mark St. John in 1984.  As he semmed destined to be in KISS, Bruce eventually joined as a temporary replacement for the ailing St. John.  Initially Bruce was only supposed to fill in for St. John until his arthritic hands healed but as the condition worsened, the band had no choice but to bring Bruce on full-time.  Besides Gene and Paul, Bruce was the longest-running KISS member at 12 years.
    As he seems to be making a name for himself with Union, Bruce's talents will not be wasted.  He still remains close to the band and has been rumored to be a ghost player on several tracks on KISS' Psycho Circus album.  He co-wrote the track Dreamin' with Paul and reportedly played guitar on Within, both from the Psycho Circus album, though his playing has been denied both by him and the band.


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