About the layout

I finally got around to making a new layout. I designed this one so that the banner, bars and background could be easily changed. I'm acutally pretty proud of this layout and it certainly works better for my TCG pages.


01/16/09 - I'm 21! My birthday was last week. As you can tell, I'm no long part of TCGs. I leave the pages up for nostagia, it was fun while it lasted. The only page reguarlu updated is My Collection and the About Me page.

09/01/07 - New Layout! Finally made my own and I acutally kind of like this one. The banner currently displayed is really bad quality so I'm going to redo it but I wanted to get the layout up. I made it simple so I could change the banner, top and bottom bars and the background colour easily.

08/26/07 - Removed Another World and Natsuyuuki but I've joined Odango cause right now I can't get enough of Sailor Moon. Working on a new layout that won't be image heavy cause I'm running out of space.

02/24/07 - Midterm time! Written 4 of 6 midterms so far and its going pretty well. Just joined Natsuyuki and have decided to take down Fanatic so links are being replaced.

12/28/06 - Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone had a good Christmas, I certianly did. My bought got my the car deck I had wanted. Took a bit to get it in since the car didn't come didn't come with the original car stereo I had to go savaging at a junk yard. But its in and looks good:) Next up is speakers.Joined Moonlight Legend! Also added some more pages. And since I probably won't update this page for a while, Happy New Year!

12/14/06 - I've checked through the TCG's and took off the ones that closed in my absence. Good bye Akai Ito, Olympia, Onigiri and Caelestis, I enjoyed being part of you all. All you owners did a great job! So I'm now offically back in business!

12/12/06 - OMG! I'm back! I was gone a lot longer than I thought but I'm back now. I'm acutally just finishing my first semester at Kwantlen. Next semester will definitely be harder with six computer course. Eeek.

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