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Sports Illustrated Cover Girl Irina Shayk Plays Coy on Cristiano Ronaldo Romance

Irina Shayk isn't shy about baring her hot body in barely there bikinis, but she does like to keep one thing private: her love life.

When I caught up with the Russian-born beauty at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue launch party in Las Vegas, the 2011 cover girl played coy when I asked her about her rumored beau Cristiano Ronaldo...

"You wanna know a lot of things...I wouldn't answer it to you!" she replied on the red carpet at Vanity nightclub inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

But the gorgeous girl was happy to share how she got that hot bod (besides good genes, obviously).

"I do work out five times a week when I'm in New York," she told me, "I eat healthy. I never diet. I just eat whatever I want to. When you're happy inside and you feel great….you just show it in the body and face."

2010 SI cover girl Brooklyn Decker confessed that even supermodels have cheat days.

"Last night, I had a big vat of fries!" she dished.

Fellow model Chrissy Teigen couldn't wait to have some cocktails inside the star-studded party, where Ne-Yo performed.

In fact, she said she already had a drink before hitting the red carpet that night. Chrissy also shared that she loves her carbs and had a tough time giving them up prior to the big swimsuit shoot.

It's a good thing her boyfriend John Legend (who was also in attendance) has been working on his pancake making skills!

Paris, Cy go ring shopping

Wedding bells may be just around the corner for Paris Hilton and her beau, Cy Waits. The two shopped for engagement rings yesterday at Jacob & Co., where they examined an array of baubles, including a 30-carat rare blue diamond. The couple couldn't decide on a ring, but Paris didn't leave empty-handed. She walked out sporting a $25,000 black diamond-encrusted ring for her 30th birthday. Hilton celebrated with Charlie Sheen's ex, Denise Richards, at Asellina on Thursday. She told us later at Lavo she looks forward to being engaged. "We've talked about it," she said. "This is once in a lifetime. I want to be with him forever." Unlike ex-fiancé Paris Latsis, who gave her a fake ring, she said, "[Waits] has great taste. He just bought me a beautiful sports car." She even weighed in on foreign affairs: "I was just in Egypt a few weeks ago, and I felt totally safe. They should have freedom of speech and be able to use the Internet."

'America's Next Top Model' new promos: Stay cray, Tyra!

(Video) It has been 15 cycles and Tyra Banks knows what "America's Next Top Model" fans are expecting in the upcoming Cycle 16 premiering Wednesday, Feb. 23 on The CW.

So, she created the hilarious preview clip above parodying three model types we've gotten used to over the years: The ditz, the diva, and the girl who's above all this.

The thing is we do know what to expect, which is why we keep tuning in to the show. There's always going to be some wacky theme like "outer space" or "the future." Our personal fave? Cycle 14's spoof on social networking. Tyra introduced "," remember?

For a little while, the show tried to throw us with themes like the "petite" cycle and last cycle's "high fashion" turn. But, in the end they all really come out looking like the same show we know and love. And guess what? If it ain't broke, Miss Tyra!

See which model stereotype pops up this season on another new promo below.

Ah, stay cray, Tyra!

Who Stole Paris Hilton's $3,200 Absinthe-Spiked Birthday Cake?

It's one thing to crash someone's party.

It's a whole 'nother thing to make off with their pricey, custom birthday cake!

But that's what happened to Paris Hilton during the first of her multiple 30th birthday bashes in L.A. on Tuesday night...

Paz, an uninvited guest who managed to sneak in with his friend to the Moulin Rouge-themed bash, wrote a detailed post on Facebook, (complete with photos) of how he stole one of her two custom cakes after a waiter told him they'd probably toss it.

"I hated the idea of something so awesome and expensive going to waste," the rapper and musician tells me exclusively.

Well, today, Lucid, the absinthe that was used in the liquor-infused confection (which was made by Hansen's bakery on their behalf) released a self-promotional statement.

"It is very unfortunate that someone stole the cake from Paris' birthday party," the company said. "We had the cake designed especially for her with Lucid in the batter and a beautiful representation of Lucid's artwork on it, which she requested to meet the Moulin Rouge theme of her party. We only wish that guests could have tried her delicious cake."

Well, some other people will still get a piece, according to Paz. "I'm bringing it a homeless shelter on Skid Row. There are too many people in this city who don't get to eat. They should get to enjoy something awesome," he tells me.

(Because liquor-infused three day old cake is what every homeless person wants, right?)

Paris' rep had no comment on Cakegate, but a source close to the birthday girl says, "She thinks it's so pathetic that someone feels the need to get attention like that."

Not that she's probably missing that cake too much. She scored yet another cake during her NYC fete at Lavo last night, and is celebrating her 30th yet again back in L.A. on Saturday at Beacher's Madhouse.

How Did Irina Shayk Celebrate Her Sports Illustrated Cover?

For Irina Shayk, the "biggest moment" of her life was finding out she was the cover model for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition. The celebration – unexpectedly – was a lot less than glamorous.

"I was just so super excited that I went home and went to bed," she told PEOPLE Thursday at Las Vegas's Vanity during a party honoring the issue. "The next morning I had to wake up at seven o'clock in the morning and do a bunch of TV shows. I had dinner then went to bed."

Granted, there was a party to mark the publication of the issue, but Shayk, 25, didn't last long there.

"It was so surprising that I had to sleep to realize I was on the cover," she said. "When I saw it, I was like, is that really me. I have bad vision. I still don't believe it."

With the coveted cover spot one of the most closely guarded secrets in publishing, Shayk, who has graced the inside pages of the famed issue five times, said she had no idea she was the cover model until the moment it was revealed.

"It was the greatest day of my life, my biggest moment," she said. "It's like waking up in a dream."

Paris Hilton: "Crazy 20s" Have Made Her the Person She Is Today

Paris Hilton has heard that a person's 30s are "the best years of your life."

And we don't doubt that Hilton will make it so.

Celebrating her 30th birthday today, the heiress sat down with E! News to dish about leaving her 20s behind, her "incredible" boyfriend and what her proudest accomplishment is so far.

"The thing I feel most accomplished about is the brand that I've built. I have 17 different product lines," Hilton says, making us feel like real slackers in the name-brand product department.

While sometimes it's been easy to forget that a savvy businesswoman lurks beneath the love-to-party exterior, Hilton's 20s have indeed been very profitable, even when you factor in the bumps in the road—which she sums up as "life lessons."

"I've had a crazy 20s. I feel like I've really lived life and I've learned so much," she tells us. "Everything happens for a reason. I've had so many life lessons, it's made me the person I am today and I'm very strong."

She also appears quite pleased that she's heading into that scary-for-some age with a guy like Cy Waits by her side.

"I'm so happy. He's an incredible person," Hilton says of her boyfriend of nearly a year, and not just because he got her a Lexus LFA sports car for her B-day.

"He's so loyal and I feel so safe," she gushes. "He's my hero. He saved my life when that guy came with two big knives," she adds, recalling the would-be intruder who was arrested after banging on her window in an apparent attempt to get inside.

We heard at the time that Waits ran downstairs and pulled a gun on the guy and held him at bay until the police arrived.

Sure enough, that's what he did.

"Thank God he had a gun with him and he had to literally put it to the guy's head," Hilton says. "We waited a half-hour for police to come."

And, perhaps most importantly, "He loves me for me."

And considering she can't see herself with anyone but him...

"I'd love to have a family one day," Hilton affirms. "Having kids is the meaning of life and I can't wait to be a mom."

But not yet.

"I'm just excited for my 30s," she says. "Everyone says those are the best years of your life...I just wish for continued happiness, and love, and success and excitement in life."

Paris Hilton Turns 30 With Furry Friends

Paris Hilton doesn't turn 30 until Thursday, but she got the festivities started early in Los Angeles last night.

The birthday girl threw a Moulin Rouge-themed party at the V-Moda fortress, a private house in the Hollywood Hills. Although the party began at 9 p.m., Paris made a fashionably late appearance, arriving around 11 with boyfriend Cy Waits in tow and cameras rolling for her Oxygen reality series.

But instead of making a beeline for the bar, her very first stop was the petting zoo:

Paris, Cy and fellow guest Kathy Griffin got up close and personal with a lynx, a hawk, a two toed sloth and more exotic animals at the petting zoo, which Paris requested specially for her soiree.

"Paris loved the animals and made sure that the handlers were humane before she worked with them," a source tells E!. "She asked a lot of questions about their care."

Of course, no birthday is complete without cake, and Paris had two creations to choose from: one with a photo of herself on it (natch) and another multi-tiered black-and-red confection.

A slideshow played photos of Paris as guests were served sliders, mac and cheese, mini grilled cheese and other finger foods. Also on hand and dressed up according to theme were her parents Rick and Kathy, her sister Nicky and her cousin Brooke.

Paris is off to NYC tomorrow, where she'll do an exclusive interview with E! and celebrate again on her actual birthday at Lavo.

As for what she's hoping for to mark the major milestone? Nothing, apparently.

On the invites to her party, Paris requested donations to the Art of Elysium charity in her name instead of presents.

'Celeb Rehab' star Peniche weds

Playboy model Kari Ann Peniche, who appeared in a sexy home video with Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart, has married.

The Celebrity Rehab star, who was previously engaged to singer Aaron Carter, wed boyfriend Justin Williams on Sunday at a chapel in San Diego, California.

Peniche and Williams were married by spiritual guru Shaman Durek in front of around 100 guests, reports

The former beauty queen infamously appeared in a 12-minute video with Dane and Gayheart, which leaked online in 2009.

For Irina

Soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo flew in from Spain Monday afternoon once it looked like his model girlfriend Irina Shayk had landed the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. Ronaldo proudly accompanied Shayk to David Letterman's show that night, where her cover image was unveiled, then whisked her to Soho House for a romantic dinner for two. Shayk went back on Letterman last night solo and celebrated her cover turn at Pranna restaurant with Ronaldo, last year's cover star Brooklyn Decker, Anne V, Christine Teigen and her beau, John Legend.

Top Model Dumps Paulina and her "Huge Ego"

Apparently Tyra Banks doesn't want to share the top with Paulina Porizkova anymore.

The '80s-era supermodel revealed Tuesday that she has been booted from her judge's post on America's Next Top Model, which wraps up its 12th cycle on Wednesday.

"Listen, do you know why I am in Los Angeles? Because I am looking for a job," Porizkova informed Craig Ferguson when the Late, Late Show host inquired about her latest TV gig. "Because I was fired by America's Next Top Model on my birthday."

That would put firing—which happened via telephone call, she said—on April 9.

"The reason I was told I was fired was because, it seemed, that America's Next Top Model has gotten too fat and they needed to cut some fat and the fat was me," Porizkova said during her interview, which airs tonight on CBS.

"So I figured it was either that or my gigantic huge ego. Which I wasn't aware of until I was told by the producers that I have an ego problem."


Porizkova joined ANTM for cycle 10 after long-time judge Twiggy left due to scheduling conflicts.

Shanna Moakler Looks for Fresh Start with Miss California USA

It took some high-level diplomacy by Donald Trump to make it happen, but now Shanna Moakler offers her conditional support for controversial Miss California USA Carrie Prejean.

"Thanks to Donald Trump, we were able to have a meeting with Miss Prejean and her family alone for the first time since the pageant," Moakler, the co-executive director of the California pageant, tells PEOPLE. "We were able to sit down and communicate and vent our frustrations. I am confident that she will stay true to the contract. I'm looking forward to returning to L.A. and starting fresh."

After the New York meeting, which also included the other California pageant chair, Keith Lewis, The Donald, who co-owns the Miss Universe Organization, announced Tuesday that Prejean will continue to reign as Miss California USA and Miss USA runner-up despite a spate of bad publicity.

Clearing the Air

Moakler tells PEOPLE the meeting allowed them to clear the air with Prejean, who angered many when she said she was against same-sex marriage and when semi-nude photos of her surfaced after her win.

"Our issue was never about her opinions about same-sex marriage or the pictures," says Moakler. "Our issue was with her complying with our agreement. When you sign the contract, we ask you to show us everything you are being offered. That wasn't happening. After the pageant, we lost control of our titleholder."

Contestants in the pageant are required to sign a 12-page document that, among several clauses, ensures that they conduct themselves "in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards" and avoid making personal appearances, granting interviews or making commercials without authorization from pageant officials.

A Question of Control

After Prejean won the coveted crown, she became the spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage, without first consulting the Miss California USA organization. "She had agreed to come to us when she's been offered something, but that wasn't happening," says Moakler. "That's where the red flags started being raised for us. ... We did not want her to become the spokesperson for NOM."

Moakler also worried about Prejean. "She's part of our family," says Moakler. "We care about her. But she's only 21 and we felt like she was being exploited. These people were not around for Miss USA but they sure were afterward. They jumped on her bandwagon and tried to exploit her. We are trying to protect her."

But Moakler says they couldn't protect Miss California USA because they couldn't get to her. "We were dealing with too many chefs in the kitchen," she says. "We could never deal directly with Miss Prejean. We had to go through her handlers and publicists."

Rachel Hunter Plans August Wedding in Northern California

After changing her wedding location six times, Rachel Hunter is making plans for lucky number seven.

Her new wedding plan? "Northern California in mid-August," says Hunter, 49, who got engaged to Los Angeles Kings hockey player Jarret Stole last August. She said yes immediately – but that was the only easy part.

"I am terrible" at wedding planning, Hunter admits. "I need to be given less time than a year to plan, because I change my mind so often. It was going to be in Mexico, but we decided otherwise. I've made seven changes to the location.”

And choosing a dress is almost as tough. "I'm in the process of picking out a dress," Hunter told PEOPLE Monday at the Wall Street Journal and Cinema Society dinner for Jessica Biel's new film Easy Virtue, held at New York City's Gramercy Park Hotel private Roof Club.

"The scariest thing is picking out the bridesmaid dresses," said Hunter. "You pick your best friends to be bridesmaids, but it is kind of a torture what you do to them. Everyone loves the little black dress, but how do you incorporate a little black dress into a wedding? It's going to be something very chic, I feel. I'm trying."

After divorcing Rod Stewart in 2007, how did Hunter know that Stoll is a keeper? "He's got a great sense of humor," she says. "He's a good person. And he gets on really well with my kids, and obviously we have to get on very well ... good all around."

Amanda Beard's Double Surprise: Married - and Expecting

She's won seven Olympic medals and flaunted her toned figure in magazines from Playboy to PEOPLE's 2008 World's Most Beautiful issue. Now Amanda Beard has two new reasons to celebrate: She just got hitched – and is nearly 5½-months pregnant with her first baby, the swimmer tells PEOPLE exclusively.

"It was absolutely perfect," Beard, 27, says of her May 1 wedding to photographer Sacha Brown, 34, on Wakatobi, an archipelago in the Banda Sea off southeastern Indonesia. "It was stress-free, and super low-key."

The couple said "I do" in a brief sunset ceremony on a private beach at their resort. Presiding over the nuptials was a local elder, and the only witnesses were villagers from the area – none of whom spoke English.

"I've always said, 'I want to get married barefoot on the sand,' " says Beard. And she did. But following local custom, both bride and groom adhered to Muslim tradition and covered much of their bodies for the ceremony. She wore a black, long-sleeved tunic, a sarong and a white veil, while Brown also wore a sarong ("A long, manly sarong," Beard jokes. "He felt he looked like Aladdin!"), a hat – and a sword.Non-Alcoholic Toasts

After the ceremony they exchanged hand-written vows over a romantic steak dinner and a two-tiered chocolate cake with chocolate chips and white frosting. Also on the menu: non-alcoholic Shirley Temples – a must for Beard, who is expecting a boy in September.

"I'm starting to look pregnant," says the newlywed, who cops to major ice cream and Popsicle cravings and, despite exercise, is feeling "a little softer." She plans to get back in the water about half a year after she gives birth, and is aiming to compete in the 2012 Olympics.

Beard, who met Brown on a photo shoot and got engaged on Christmas Day, competed in four straight Olympic Games, starting when she was 14 in 1996 through last summer's Olympics in Beijing.

So could a water birth be in her future? Not if Beard has anything to say about it. "I've heard wonderful things about it," she says. "But I want to do it the old-fashioned way – in a hospital, with all the technology!"

Christian Siriano Talks Heidi Klum's Maternity Style

Heidi Klum recently told PEOPLE that the secret to her sexy pregnancy style was skipping the maternity clothes, but with baby number 4 on the way, Heidi is turning to Project Runway winner and maternity designer Christian Siriano for a little help looking chic. PEOPLE caught up with Christian at the Modern Bride Trendsetters Awards and got the scoop from him on Heidi’s new maternity look. “She’s all about black,” Christian says. “We made her some pieces from my Fierce Mama Maternity line and she wanted everything in black.” But since it’s Heidi, black is definitely not a boring option — even if it is a little more conservative than the bright colors she usually favors. “I think she’s trying to cover it a little this time,” Christian adds. “She’s getting older and wants to be more sophisticated, not casual. She’s trying to keep it a little quiet.” And though her belly might be getting bigger, Heidi is continuing to take great care of herself physically, according to her trainer David Kirsch, who tells PEOPLE, “Why should she do anything differently? [Heidi] had a beautiful body all throughout her pregnancies. She’s very disciplined and dialed in to being healthy.”

Miss California USA to Keep Her Title

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean will keep her title – despite controversies surrounding her, including her views on same-sex marriage and some semi-nude photos, Donald Trump has decided.

"She gave a very honest answer when asked a tough question," Trump, a co-owner of the pageant, said Tuesday at a New York press conference with Prejean sitting at his side, reports the Los Angeles Times. "It was the same answer the president of the United States gave ... She has to be commended."

Of the revealing photos, Trump said: "We are in the 21st century. We have determined that the pictures taken were fine."

Contestants in the pageant are required to sign a 12-page document that, among several clauses, ensures that they conduct themselves "in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards" and avoid making personal appearances, granting interviews or making commercials without authorization from pageant officials.

The Miss Universe Organization owns the Miss USA pageant. Trump co-owns the Miss Universe Organization.

In a statement issued as the controversies were unfolding around her, Prejean, 21, said she found attacks on her and others who "speak in defense of traditional marriage" intolerant and offensive.

As for her photos, she said, "I am a Christian, and I am a model. Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos."

In 2006, Miss USA Tara Conner nearly lost her crown amid revelations of drug use. Then, too, Donald Trump announced in a press conference she could keep her crown.

Donald Trump to Decide Miss California USA's Fate

After another round of judging, this time by state pageant officials, a preliminary decision is in: Miss California USA Carrie Prejean has tarnished her tiara.

But the fate of the Miss USA runner-up, 21, whose anti-gay marriage activism, topless photo, and breast enhancements generated controversy, will be decided by the man who owns the Miss USA organization, Donald Trump, who'll make an announcement Tuesday.

For now, all the Miss California USA organizers can do is complain about the beauty queen they helped create – but whom they have been unable to reach lately because of her army of (non-Miss USA) handlers.

"Carrie has been unavailable to us, to her sponsors and to her responsibilities as Miss California USA because of her commitment to outside organizations," Miss California USA co-executive director Shanna Moakler said at a news conference in Beverly Hills on Monday.

UK tabloid darlings Katie Price, Peter Andre split

British tabloid darling Katie Price and her husband, Peter Andre, are splitting up.

Better known to her male fans as Jordan, the 30-year-old's career kicked off in 1996 when she was picked as one of the topless models who appear daily in The Sun newspaper.

It went on to include reality television, a host of product endorsement deals and a series of breast enhancement surgeries — all of which have made her one of the most recognized women in Britain.

Price married the 36-year-old pop singer about four years ago following their joint appearance on "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" in 2004. The pair had two children together: Junior and Princess Tiamii.

Price has a third child, Harvey, from a previous relationship with soccer player Dwight Yorke.

Adriana Lima on Finding Love and Getting Fit in the Ring

Manhattan sizzled this Saturday, as Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima hit Victoria’s Secret to launch the brand’s sexy new scent collection. Dressed as a modern day Cleopatra, the newlywed lounged in a boudoir setting, and talked to about the quest for love and her secrets for supermodel beauty. “I never thought I would find somebody so great in my life,” she says of her basketball star husband, Marko Jaric, whom she married this past Valentine’s Day. “These days it’s so tough, you know? And I consider myself very lucky, very lucky to have such a wonderful man that respects me and treats me like a princess.” And while Adriana has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000, she is thrilled to expand into beauty with the brand as the face of their new fruity floral scent Noir. “Fragrance for me, it’s so important,” she explains. “It sets up my mood. Part of my confidence comes from perfume. Before a fashion show I always have it in my handbag. Before I walk out I put it on. When I do commercials for Victoria’s Secret I put on my perfume. It’s really part of me. I can’t live without it.” And the supermodel shared her surprising secret to staying a knock-out — literally! “Boxing! It’s my favorite thing to do because it’s always exciting. It’s the best type of cardio that you can do. And you build up muscles without being too big, just lean muscles.” And while the sport might seem at odds with her ultra-feminine career, she says she’s finally found the perfect fit. “I tried everything,” she says. ” I tried running, I took spin classes, I tried yoga. I needed something to challenge me so I learn new things every day, and boxing is the best!” Check out the Noir collection at now!

Stone Spawn

TWO sexy sisters are better than one. Both daughters of Rolling Stone legend Keith Richards are now signed to Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, an insider told Page Six. Theodora Richards recently left IMG to sign with Wilhelmina, where her sister, Alexandra Richards, has been modeling since last spring. The sultry duo shot French Connection's fall 2009 campaign together and will appear in the fashion pages of Glamour and Marie Claire.

We Hear...

THAT Adriana Lima will dress as a sexy Cleopatra at the Victoria's Secret store on Lexington Avenue Saturday to launch the line's Noir fragrance.

Kendra Wilkinson: "Hank Will Cry at Our Wedding"

Real men do cry. Just ask Kendra Wilkinson.

The former Girl Next Door says she expects her football star fiancé Hank Baskett to cry at their wedding.

“I’m a crier,” Wilkinson told me yesterday while shooting a spot for Drive Safe, E!’s upcoming anti-drinking and driving public service campaign. “I laugh. Whenever I feel like crying I’ll laugh to overpower it.

“So I’ll be laughing on the way down [the aisle] because I’ll see Hank crying,” she continued. “I know he’ll cry. When I get to him, that’s when I’ll cry.”

Hopefully, the two will be able to control themselves because...

They'll be reciting their own vows. “I need to start writing them now, but I don’t know where to start,” she said. “I need to start with the perfect word...I can’t think of the words to start it with. Like, ‘The day I was born?’ or like, ‘The day I met you?’ I mean, what do you start with?”

The two are set to marry next month at the Playboy Mansion.

Kendra, whose self-titled reality show debuts June 7 on E!, says she and Hank are not planning any sort of blowout bachelor or bachelorette parties.

“We’re traditional,” she insisted. “We are very, very old school. The whole last-day-of-freedom thing is not us. We are very happily giving up our freedom. I mean, we are still free, but we are very happily getting married.”

Heidi Klum and Seal Are Expecting a Girl!

Come fall, Heidi Klum and Seal will be seeing pink! The model is pregnant with a baby girl, husband Seal confirmed Friday on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Performing his hits on the program, the Grammy-winning singer gave Winfrey permission to spill the beans on the gender of the impending arrival.

Although Klum recently told Ellen DeGeneres that the couple didn't know what they were having, Seal explained that Klum "can't keep a secret" and had decided to let him share the sex of the baby publicly.

The pair announced the pregnancy last month, with the "Kiss from a Rose" crooner, 46, confirming the news onstage at Radio City Music Hall on April 16.

The Project Runway host, 35, and Seal were married in 2005. Together, they have two sons – Henry Günther, 3, and Johan Riley, 2 – and raise daughter Leni, 5, from Klum's previous relationship with Flavio Briatore.

Driving Safe With Kim, Kourtney, Kendra and Shanna

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian immediately jumped on board when they were asked to take part in E!'s upcoming Drive Safe campaign to prevent drinking and driving.

The issue became more than just a statistic when their sister, Khloe, was busted for driving under the influence in November 2007.

"I think you always know not to drink and drive, but you never ever think it's going to happen to you," Kourtney says. "I think once it hits that close to home, you realize how serious it is. We take it very seriously now."

E! has teamed up with Sean "Diddy" Combs and Ciroc Ultra Premium vodka for the soon-to-be released campaign. Shot at Hollywood's LAX nightclub yesterday, the spots will feature a slew of celebs, including Kourtney and Kim, fellow E! reality star Kendra Wilkinson, Shanna Moakler, Karina Smirnoff, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Dave Annable, Kat Von D and Tom Green.

Moakler said she was a teenager when she learned to "drive safe." Friends of hers were killed in a drinking-related accident.

"They actually put the car that one of the kids lost his life in on the front lawn of our high school," she said. "It proved a point."

Kendra Wilkinson Recalls Hank's First 'I Love You'

For Kendra Wilkinson, nothing says romance like dirt.

The Girls Next Door star recalls that the first time fiancé Hank Baskett professed his love for her was during a vacation to Cabo San Lucas where they went off-road riding in four-wheelers.

"We were sitting out on the [hotel] balcony and out of no where he just looked at me and told me he loved me!!!" she writes in her blog. "I was just like OH MY GOD and I didn't know what to say. I was speechless!!!! Poor guy haha."

"Two days later," she adds, "we went parasailing. The 2 of us were up in the air and I was sooo scared and I just told him to look at me, and at that very moment I told him I loved him!!!! And the rest is history haha!"

Wilkinson, 23, and Baskett, 26, will be getting married next month at the Playboy Mansion.

Gisele: Planning Two Secret Weddings Wasn't Easy

So far, so great, new bride Gisele Bündchen says of married life: "I think I'm the happiest person. You know what the secret to being happy is? Being grateful. And I'm very grateful."

Bündchen, 28, who spoke to PEOPLE at a Wednesday gala benefiting the Rainforest Alliance at New York's Museum of Natural History, certainly has a lot to be grateful for – starting with her new husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, 31.

She admits pulling off two top-secret weddings – a Feb. 26 ceremony at a Catholic church in Santa Monica, and a second fete at her Costa Rican vacation home on April 4 – was no easy feat. "We tried very hard to keep it private. Oh my God, you have no idea how hard that was," Bündchen said with a laugh.

Yet it was worth it. "Yes," she said, "we had a great time. I think we were very lucky."

Unaware of Scuffle

Nor did they let reports of a scuffle between security guards and photographers disrupt their joy. "We were all there and nobody heard anything!" says Bündchen of the alleged shooting that took place outside her Costa Rican villa. "The next day people were calling, and I'm like, 'I don't know what you're talking about.' I didn't even know it was happening. Later on, I was like, 'What? What happened on my day?' "

With only their closest friends and family present, "we had a great time," says Bündchen, who is now stepmom to Brady's son John with his ex, Bridget Moynahan. "I think family is the base to everything. I have a lot to be grateful for but I think family is definitely number one."

Her Amazon Project

She is certainly close with her own, visiting her hometown of Horizontina, Brazil, as often as possible and working with her father, Valdir, on an environmental project with the Brazilian government.

"I just started my own project in Brazil with my dad to replant trees," she says. The project, Água Limpa, aims to re-plant deforested areas of the Amazon, to prevent chemicals and pesticides from local farms from seeping into the river water.

"We've planted over 200,000 trees so far," says Bündchen, who is also working with the Rainforest Alliance to promote sustainable business practices. "Fresh water is only so much and you can't reproduce it. I'm behind this cause, and I think it's important to get the message out."


SUPERMODEL Stephanie Seymour is getting divorced from her polo-playing husband Peter Brant after 16 years of marriage and three children -- but they are still living under the same roof in the marital mansion in Greenwich, Conn.

"It's OK. I'm sleeping in the maid's quarters," Seymour told a friend. "I'm doing the best I can to keep things amicable. I want to be the bigger person. But it's tough. He's playing very dirty with me."

Seymour -- a top model since she was 16 and dating Elite Models boss John Casablancas -- was a Victoria's Secret Angel and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit pinup. She dated Axl Rose in the early 1990s and starred in two Guns N' Roses videos before meeting Brant, who was married and had five children.

Brant -- who collects art, owns thoroughbred racehorses and publishes Interview and Art in America magazines -- made his fortune with his White Birch Paper Co., which operates six pulp and paper mills. Brant was jailed briefly for tax evasion in 1990.

Fiercely competitive on the polo field, Brant is also playing for keeps since Seymour filed for divorce two months ago. A friend said she has come home to discover the locks had been changed.

The parties are due in court in Greenwich on Monday, and the litigation is expected to be bitter, with Brant challenging her for custody of their three children -- Peter Jr., 15, Harry, 12, and Lilly, 4 -- by accusing Seymour of being an unfit mother.

"He's got the children involved, and it's not fair to them," said a friend of Seymour's. "She's a big girl and she can take care of herself, but when it comes to her kids, I don't know what's going to happen."

Seymour declined to comment, and her lawyer Tom Colin didn't get back to us. An executive at the White Birch Paper Co. told us Brant "is not available."

Deposition: Paris Hilton is a promotion machine

Paris Hilton may seem like the ultimate party girl, but she and her handlers swear she's really a globe-trotting workaholic who relentlessly plugs her projects and products.

Defending herself against a lawsuit claiming she didn't do enough to promote the 2006 bomb "Pledge This," Hilton insists in a deposition in Miami federal court that she went the extra mile for the movie.

"Any chance I got, any red carpet, any press, if I was doing something for another product ... I would just bring it up, 'Oh, my new sorority film, it's going to be sexy, it's going to be really hot girls' — like I really, you know, did my best," said Hilton, 28.

The deposition offers several other glimpses into Hilton's life, including her preference for David Letterman because Jay Leno asks questions she doesn't like. She also acknowledges she'd never seen her own cell phone bills until attorneys showed her one in an attempt to figure out who she was calling.

Asked who gets her bills, she replied, "I don't know. I'm assuming, like, whoever pays my bills. I never ask about that stuff."

The lawsuit was filed by the court-appointed receiver for a failed Miami investor in the film, Worldwide Entertainment Group. Receiver Michael Goldberg claims Hilton's failure to plug the movie's DVD release cost the investor more than $8.3 million — the amount of damages he seeks. A trial is scheduled to begin by June 8.

In the movie, a National Lampoon vehicle billed as a raunchy college comedy, Hilton plays Victoria English, president of the exclusive Gamma Gamma Gamma Sorority at fictional South Beach University. She wants to win a major men's magazine's "America's Hottest Sorority" contest, but the rules say the winning chapter needs diversity. Misfits are recruited and hilarity ensues, although audiences apparently didn't think so. The movie only made it to 25 theaters and lost money.

The hotel heiress and her company, Paris Hilton Entertainment Inc., contend she honored her deal to promote the limited theatrical release of "Pledge This!" and never agreed to do as much for the DVD. They also contend the investors made unreasonable and last-minute demands for publicity events when her overflowing schedule was fully booked.

"She's the single busiest person on the planet," Hilton attorney Michael Weinstein said Tuesday at a hearing on pretrial motions.

In her March deposition, Hilton describes doing "a huge blowout" with press at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005 in hopes of drumming up interest.

"We made a huge splash out there, and I just continued talking about how great it was and how fun it was," she said.

Hilton was one of eight executive producers for the movie, though she acknowledged she was a bit shaky on what that meant.

"I'm not sure what a producer does, but — I don't know, help get cool people in the cast," she said.

Hilton's manager and schedule overseer, Jason Moore, said in a deposition that she hasn't taken a day off "in years," with workdays often beginning at 6 a.m. or earlier for hair and makeup.

Changing a single item on that schedule is like "controlling chaos," so last-minute adjustments sought by movie investors weren't possible, Moore said. He cited long-scheduled business trips to places like Japan, Ireland and Australia, along with Hilton's work on "The Simple Life" reality TV show, which often left her without reliable access to phone service while she worked 18-hour days.

Court documents in the case show what was keeping her busy, documenting that she earned more than $22 million in 2006 and 2007 from contracts that included heavy promotional work, including Motorola cell phones in Japan, her Parlux line of fragrances, cosmetics and accessories, and promotional nightclub appearances.

At one point, the "Pledge This!" producers suggested that Hilton could appear on Leno's "Tonight Show," but Moore said that was a nonstarter.

Moore said Hilton vastly prefers Letterman, though she said she once got angry with him because he made fun of the 2007 incident in which she spent 23 days in jail for violating probation on alcohol-related reckless driving charges.

"I told his people that I would never do the show again, but then he apologized and called me and sent me flowers and was very sweet, and he was on the air a lot at nighttime like asking me to come back on the show, and we made up," Hilton said.

Moore said Hilton doesn't do Leno because he is Letterman's competition and because during a previous appearance he "didn't follow particular guidelines with regard to why we were there and promoting. We would never do Leno."

Brooklyn Decker: Married Life with Andy Roddick Is Amazing

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick's Costa Rican honeymoon may have ended, but the happy couple are still enjoying their newlywed phase.

Being married "is great. It's amazing," Decker, 21, told PEOPLE at the Costume Institute Gala Monday night at New York's Metropolitan Musuem of Art. Still, she adds, life after tying the knot on April 17 with tennis champ Roddick, 26, "feels the same. It's the same as being engaged, it's the same as dating."

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, who was escorted to the fete by designer Derek Lam, admits she has had at least one disagreement with her new hubby: What to wear to the Met. "He told me not to wear pants," Decker said, glancing down at her sequined Derek Lam pantsuit with a laugh. "But I wore them anyway. It's cold! I wanted to be comfortable but he said, 'You can't wear pants. It's the Met!' "

The New York gala was certainly a change of scenery after the couple's intimate honeymoon in Costa Rica, following their Austin wedding. "It was quiet and lovely and nice that we got to be away from the madness of the wedding," says Decker. "So it was good. It was wonderful."

And though the pair didn't try out their surf skills in Costa Rica, they did hit the cloud forests for an eco-tour. "We did the zip lines," she says. "It was great, it was lovely. We had a good time."


IF Gisele Bundchen is pregnant, she's got a great poker face. The supermodel gave no hint of the happy news as she left an OB/GYN office on Park Avenue yesterday with her husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who was equally stone-faced. The couple (right) wed in February in LA, after dating for more than two years, and married again last month in Costa Rica with Brady's son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, present. Asked if Gisele was with child, a spokesman at IMG said, "We have no comment on our clients' personal lives."


WHO knew Naomi Campbell was such a loyal friend? Campbell said she'd boycott the Costume Institute gala at the Met last night not because rival mannequin Kate Moss was co-chairing but because her dear friend, designer Azzedine Alaia, wasn't invited. A rep of the diva said, "Naomi, having supported this gala event for many years, planned to attend this year and even purchased a table. However, as she does not wish to be disloyal to Alaia . . ."

But a spy said, "Please. She only decided not to go after Karl Lagerfeld decided against going." We also hear that Campbell had her own "Supermodel" party Sunday night at her Time Warner Center apartment and that Vogue's Hamish Bowles showed up "begging her to come to the Met." Campbell's rep didn't comment, and a Vogue rep didn't return calls. Meanwhile, Linda Evangelista told us, "I'm not able to attend. I will be there in spirit."

Heidi Klum strips for Ellen

Heidi Klum was almost at the centre of a new TV wardrobe malfunction during a recent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' chat show - when she started stripping off as cameras rolled.

The German beauty agreed to offer up the Alice Temperley dress she was wearing on the show as an auction item for DeGeneres' ongoing charity drive - and when the host encouraged her to start stripping, the free-spirited supermodel obliged, peeling off the straps of the dress.

DeGeneres held up a napkin to cover the pregnant model but quickly realised the impromptu strip could land her in trouble, so she halted the awkward reveal and a screen was brought on to allow Klum to disrobe safely as striptease music was played.

Klum reappeared wearing a white robe.

The Temperley dress is now available for sale on

Miss California Defends Racy Photo Leak

Miss California wanted to be in the public eye—now the public is getting an eyeful of Miss California.

The first of a reputed six racy photos of Carrie Prejean, donning little more than her traditional family values, leaked online yesterday and immediately sparked a new round of calls for the already controversial beauty queen to be stripped of her tiara.

The photo—showing a topless, pink underpants-wearing Prejean with her arm strategically placed—first appeared on before making its way around the web. While only the single photo has been released, the site says there are five more, at least one of which is rumored to show Prejean completely nude.

As it is, the photo could take its toll on her current title as Miss California—her contract with the organization prohibits her from being "photographed in a state of partial or total nudity."

The anti-gay-marriage contestant turned advocate quickly issued a statement denouncing the leak as the latest in a series of "attacks on me and my integrity as a woman."

"My comments defending traditional marriage have led to intimidation tactics that seek to undermine my reputation and somehow silence me and my beliefs, as if opinion is only a one-way street," says Prejean.

"I am a Christian, and I am a model. Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos. Recently, photos taken of me as a teenager have been released surreptitiously to a tabloid Website that openly mocks me for my Christian faith.

"I am not perfect, and I will never claim to be. But these attacks on me and others who speak in defense of traditional marriage are intolerant and offensive. While we may not agree on every issue, we should show respect for others' opinions and not try to silence them through vicious and mean-spirited attacks."

Holly Madison Cozies Up to Russell Brand in Vegas

Has Holly Madison found herself a new British import?

After spending time with her former boyfriend Hef at Playboy's Playmate of the Year party at the Palms Saturday night, the Girl Next Door was spotted getting cozy with Russell Brand.

The duo dined at P. Diddy's table at Tao, where Jay-Z was hosting a fight-night party.

"Russell and Holly were flirting with each other all night," a source says.

This wouldn't be Holly's first Vegas hookup...

She used to live in Sin City with former magician man Criss Angel.

Also spotted at Jay-Z and Diddy's bash? Cassie, David Arquette, Balthazar Getty and Mel B.

Scary Spice was spotted making nice with Eddie Murphy's ex-wife Nicole Mitchell, who was also at the club.

After Mel B's hubby Stephen Belafonte broke the ice between the two ladies, she even invited Eddie's ex-wife over to see her baby Angel Iris (who was fathered by Eddie). That should be a playdate to remember.

From "Top Chef" to Top Designer: Padma Lakshmi Launches Jewelry Line

Last season of Top Chef, we found ourselves drooling over host Padma Lakshmi’s jewelry as much as the delectable dishes the contestants were sending out — and it turns out that they were a sneak preview of her own jewelry line! Officially launched on Friday, the fine jewelry line is being sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman and will retail from $300-$6,000 for cuffs, necklaces, rings and earrings. And if link between jewelry and food isn’t obvious at first, look closer at the collection. The shapes are inspired by things like seeds and pods, such as cardamom, lentils, and cloves, as well as by her Indian heritage. Padma tells that the decision was obvious for her. “For me, whether its food or fashion, it’s about taste; about curating the best of what I’ve hunted and gathered from around the world to create something beautiful for the senses.” See the full collection at


FORMER Bond Girl Grace Jones isn't shy about flaunting her wares. At H&M's yacht party at the South Street Seaport celebrating its collaboration with designer Matthew Williamson, the singer, 61, who descended onto the stage in a glass elevator, drew a shriek from the crowd after she exposed her bare backside and gave it a few firm squeezes. Observed one female partygoer, "She's still got the best legs on the planet." Also checking out the performance were Mary-Kate Olsen, Adrien Brody, David Schwimmer and Lucy Liu.


THE Costume Institute gala honoring fashion models at the Metropolitan Museum tonight is a sold-out success, even at $7,500 per ticket, but the holy trinity of supermodels -- Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington -- will be conspicuously absent.

There were two theories for their no-shows: They no longer like each other and don't want to have to pose together for photos, or they're upset they weren't chosen to co-chair the event while younger Kate Moss was.

Turlington, the only one we could reach, said, "I would have been there with absolute pleasure, but I am out of the country filming a documentary about maternal health. I have regularly attended this event . . . and would have loved to have been there this year, especially because Kate was hosting."

The photographer who made the troika of beauties household names, Steven Meisel, will also skip the party. Vogue editrix Anna Wintour, who runs the annual fund-raiser, seemed to know that famously reclusive Meisel would be a no-show when she wrote her "Letter From the Editor" in the May issue, in which he's profiled.

"I have only one regret about Steven. Years ago, he used to go out, have fun and sparkle at night," Wintour wrote. "The more successful he has become, the more he has sequestered himself; and it's sad . . . he's such an inspiration, and he's missed."

Big-name designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Azzedine Alaia, and Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are also staying home, possibly because Marc Jacobs has already commandeered the event by buying up at least two tables and by dressing Moss, Madonna and Kerry Washington.

With tables from $75,000 to $250,000, there was buzz that the recession was a factor in some corporate decisions. But the gala is sold out, and nearly 100 top models are expected. So, in the end, this will be the best-looking museum gala of all time, and that's all that really counts, right?


David Bowie, turning heads while walking to a quiet booth in the back of New York's Kittichai restaurant at the 60 Thompson Hotel with model wife Iman. The two were joined at dinner by two women, including Iman's oldest daugther, Zulekha.


SEXY supermodel Helena Christensen isn't as sexy -- or at least as sexually active -- as she's made out to be.

After we named her -- along with Petra Nemcova, Naomi Campbell and others -- as a friend of Sean Penn, Christensen, a former Miss Denmark and Victoria's Secret angel, sent us a blistering e-mail.

"I'm quite honestly getting seriously fed up with being falsely connected with several men on Page Six: Josh Hartnett, Heath Ledger, and now it is insinuated (we all know what 'befriended' means on these pages!) that Sean Penn is another," the Danish pastry wrote.

"There has never been any intimacy between myself and any of these men, and I want this cleared once and for all."

Christensen -- who lived with late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence and was linked to Leonardo DiCaprio -- has a son, Mingus (by actor Norman Reedus), who is now 9 and old enough to read about his gorgeous mother.

The green-eyed Danish-Peruvian beauty doesn't want anyone thinking she's a home-wrecker. "I have known Sean since I was in my early 20s and have met his wife [Robin Wright] several times," Christensen says. "He has always been a friend and we have several friends in common. I have always respected his wife immensely and regard her as one of my favorite actresses."

Christensen, who co-founded Nylon magazine and designs a clothing line, begs: "Please stop always making up these ridiculous insinuations about myself and all these men . . . It was very hurtful to myself and Heath when we were wrongly declared a couple, and I'm sick and tired of the Josh Hartnett connection as well. These people were or are close friends of mine, as is Sean Penn."

It must be a case of wishful thinking -- most men wish they could be more than just "friends" with Helena Christensen.

Holly Madison Gets Fitted for Top-Secret Bridesmaid Dress

The Girls Next Door's Kendra Wilkinson may have already revealed her preference for a lavender-themed bridal party, but for bridesmaid and ex-costar Holly Madison, one key matter remains unknown.

"I actually just got measured for my bridesmaid dress," Madison, 30, told PEOPLE at the L.A. Confidential party Thursday for its May/June issue. "[But] I haven't seen it."

Wilkinson is in the midst of preparations for her June nuptials at the Playboy Mansion to NFL star Hank Bassett, and the final touches are still to come.

As for the often-dreaded bridesmaid dress, Madison is being patient. "It's in the very preliminary stages," she said. "They didn't show me a sketch or anything. Next time I'll get a feel for the shape, I guess."

Bar Refaeli Designs Her "Perfect" Little Black Bikini for Hurley

After baring her famous bikini body in sexy ads for Hurley, Bar Refaeli is taking it one step further and designing the perfect little black bikini for the sportswear brand. “I am obsessed with finding the perfect little black bikini,” Bar says on “[I am] always searching for a timeless, sexy suit with the best fit. I have never been able to find the perfect bikini, until now.” Even better than the suit’s enduring appeal is that a portion of proceeds from the bikini sales is going to Boarding For Breast Cancer, a non-profit, youth-focused education, awareness, and fundraising foundation whose mission is to increase awareness about breast cancer, the importance of early detection and the value of an active lifestyle. Get Bar’s Little Black Bikini and look sexy on the beach while doing good, $120, at

Heidi Klum Doesn't Know Sex of Baby No. 4 - Yet

With Baby No. 4 due to arrive this fall, Heidi Klum got a gentle ribbing from Ellen DeGeneres, "because," the show host tells the supermodel on Monday's upcoming The Ellen DeGeneres Show, "you have already six or seven, don't you?"

"No, we have three," replies the Project Runway host, 35, referring to husband Seal, 46. Their brood consists of daughter Leni, 4 (whose dad is Italian businessman Flavio Briatore), and sons Henry Günther, 3, and Johan Riley, 2.

"Well, a lot," says DeGeneres.

As for adding to the family, Klum says, "We weren't planning, but we also weren't not planning, either. We were kind of leaving it open. We were always looking around the table and always thought one more would be nice."

The supermodel also admits to some method to her maternity. "We kind of took one baby at a time, and every time we thought, 'Yeah, one more, that's it' … But I think now it's the first time I feel like this is it."

Asking the big question, DeGeneres says, "You have one girl and two boys. And so do you know what it is – a boy or a girl?'

After guessing her guest is going to have a girl, DeGeneres then asks Klum, "Are you going to find out?"

"Yes," says Klum, "probably at the end of the month."

Rebecca Romijn Lost 60 Lbs. after Twins - Without Exercise!

What's Rebecca Romijn's body-after-babies diet secret? Breastfeeding.

"It's like you have to eat 5,000 extra calories a day or you can't produce enough food for them. So, that's been fun as well," the actress tells Extra.

Romijn, 36, has lost nearly 60 lbs. of pregnancy weight since giving birth to twins Charlie and Dolly four months ago – all without exercising.

"I think within the first three weeks, I took off like 35 lbs. without doing anything!" says says. "I haven't been able to work out that much because I have twins. It's impossible to get back into a regular schedule."

But she does acknowledge, "I'm not pretending to be back to the shape I was in beforehand anyway. I still have a ways to go. We've got Spanx underneath almost everything."

What's your secret to losing pregnancy weight?

Miranda Kerr Talks Babies & Orlando Bloom

Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr isn't engaged to Orlando Bloom, but she says she wants a family in the future.

“It’s definitely something, one day down the track, I want,” she told E! News while promoting VS' Parfums Intimes at the Grove in Los Angeles. “But for now, I’m happy. I’m just too busy with work that I can’t be thinking of that right now.”

She did offer congratulations to fellow Angel Heidi Klum on her recent pregnancy.

“It’s her fourth child, so I can’t believe how incredible she looks,” said Kerr. “She just looks great, she’s radiant.”

As for how she makes her own long-distance relationship with Orlando work?

“You just have to take your time when you can,” she said, adding that she recently visited him on location of his new movie, Main Street, in North Carolina.

Miranda's got a busy schedule herself: She'll be attending the Met Costume Ball in New York City for the first time next week.

Ed Burns and Christy Turlington Join Bone-Marrow Search

Ed Burns had just dropped off his 3-year-old son at his Manhattan school when the actor-director spotted a flier on the wall about a preschooler in need of a life-saving bone marrow transplant. "It broke my heart," the Saving Private Ryan star tells PEOPLE exclusively.

On April 6, 4-year-old Kai Anderson, who attends the same school as Burns's son, was diagnosed with the rare and aggressive Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The news was a blow to his family, especially since his father, David Anderson, was diagnosed a year ago with Mantle Cell Lymphoma – another rare and complicated form of cancer.

Young Kai's urgent need for a transplant struck Burns – especially because he's the father of two children with wife Christy Turlington: Grace, 5, and Finn, 3. "I went home and told my wife," he says. "We said, 'What can we do to help this family?' She called a friend and got more details. We wanted to do whatever we could."

The couple are doing their part by spreading the word about a donor drive for Kai on Saturday, May 2, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Montessori School of Manhattan on 53 Beach St. in New York City. "The Tribeca Film Festival is going on that same day, so thousands of people will be in the neighborhood," says Burns. "We're trying to get them to take a few minutes of their day to have their cheek swabbed so that they can become potential donors."

Save a Life

Burns, 41, and Turlington, 40, also plan to register. "I wasn't aware how easy it is to become a donor," he says. "And if you are a match, it's an outpatient procedure."

Donors are needed for Kai and thousands of other leukemia victims, says Katharina Harf, executive vice president of DKMS Americas, the bone-marrow donor registry, which is helping Kai and others find a match. "Very few patients have a match in their family, and the rest depend on strangers," says Harf. "Seventy percent of those patients can't find a match. Becoming a donor is a commitment, but it's your chance to save a life."

Kai's parents, Birgit and David, are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support they've received from their friends and the community. "It gives us strength and hope in this difficult situation to have the help of so many people," says Birgit.

Burns says he and his wife are more than happy to help. "When you have little kids, the idea that one of them could overnight come down with an illness that could take them away from you is the most terrifying notion," he says. "It's the type of news that makes you grab your kids and recognize just how lucky you are – and do whatever you can do to help. So come on down and get swabbed and registered into the donor bank. Maybe you won’t be a match for Kai, but you may end up helping someone else."

For more information about registering as a bone marrow donor, please visit the Dynamic Kernel Module Support Web site.

Ga. man convicted in NYC of stalking Tyra Banks

A New York judge has convicted a Georgia man of stalking Tyra (TY'-ruh) Banks.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge James Burke heard the case without a jury. He convicted 39-year-old Brady Green, of Dublin, Ga., on Thursday of stalking, harassment, criminal trespass and attempted aggravated harassment.

Green faces as many as 90 days in jail when he is sentenced in June.

His lawyer says an appeal is planned.

Banks, a TV host and former supermodel, testified that she feared for her safety, and for that of her staff and family.

Baby Boy or Girl? Heidi Klum Won't Tell Seal

Heidi Klum has a big secret to keep from hubby Seal: whether their baby will be a boy or a girl.

While hosting LG’s Rumourous Night Launch party last night, the expectant supermodel told E!’s Debbie Matenopolous that Seal doesn’t want to know the sex of their latest addition.

“I won’t tell my husband,” Heidi said. “He doesn’t want to know, so therefore I can’t tell anyone because people chat.”

But one thing Seal's kept from Heidi? That he wants seven kids!

“I’m going to have to talk to my husband later!" she said, when Debbie told her about his recent interview. "With four, I think we’ve reached our family to the fullest, to the max.”

Only time will tell.

Banks testifies at alleged stalker trial

Supermodel Tyra Banks says she feared for her safety when she learned that her accused stalker had entered the Manhattan building where she tapes her TV show.

Banks testified Wednesday at the New York trial of Brady Green. The man from Dublin, Ga., is charged with stalking her from coast to coast. Banks says she also feared for the safety of her staff, her family and anyone else who is with her.

Defence lawyer Sydney O'Hagen says her 38-year-old client is just an overzealous fan. She says Green simply answered Banks' website invitation for fans to reach out to her.

Green was arrested near the studio where the "Tyra Banks Show" is taped. He's charged with stalking, harassment and criminal trespass.

Heidi Klum Dishes on her Maternity Style Secrets

Heidi Klum might be pregnant with her fourth child, but the supermodel shows no sign giving up her sexy style. The supermodel, who was the host of the LG Rumorous Night in Hollywood to celebrate her new backplate designs for the phone, didn’t let her new baby bump get in the way of looking fabulous. Clad in a flowing one-shoulder dress and sky-high Giuseppe Zanotti heels, Heidi tells PEOPLE that she skips the maternity stores all together. “I love to be creative and find cute things in between,” she says. “It’s about finding good shapes. Cool tops. Right now for example, I love the skinny pants and blousier tops, and then when I get bigger, I like to bring the form back to the body. Then I like to show it off.” Heidi credits Balenciaga’s black jeans as her go-to pair during pregnancy. “They are super stretchy, and they are not very high, so you can kind of fit them under the belly. The bump on top can still grow.” Though Heidi has her super-star stylist to help her find the right looks for Project Runway and other red carpet appearances, Heidi sticks to a harder look for everyday wear. “I love the lumberjacks and the ripped jeans. They are comfortable. I love over-sized t-shirts and jeans.” Pregnant or not, we think Heidi always looks fantastic.

Paris' beau fights off groper

Paris Hilton's boyfriend Doug Reinhardt fought off a man he caught trying to grope the socialite in a Los Angeles nightclub on Monday night.

The pair were partying with actress Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren when the drunk clubber made a grab for Hilton's breasts, reports

A witness tells the site, "Doug protected his lady and pushed the guy. That's when all of Doug's boys stepped in and beat the c**p out of the guy. Then Doug had security kick him out of the club."

But, when approached for a comment, Reinhardt's rep denied all knowledge of the incident, insisting, "Doug was not involved in a fight last night."


DITA Von Teese has a new romance with a French aristocrat 11 years younger. The ex-Mrs. Marilyn Manson, 36, is dating Count Louis-Marie de Castelbajac, 25, the actor-son of fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and his stunning ex-wife Catherine de Castelbajac, who dated Bill Koch and the late Ron Silver. Dita and her new beau were recently spotted at the Coachella Music Festival. "We're all shocked they're together," a pal of Castelbajac told us. "She's really robbing the cradle." Von Teese's rep didn't get back to us.

MTV bets on British model for daily culture show

MTV has been without a show that has defined pop culture since the demise of "Total Request Live" and is betting on a 25-year-old British model who dates a rock star to help fill that void.

"The Alexa Chung Show" will be a mix of celebrity talk, music and online interaction with viewers. The stakes are high; it's the most important of nine new series the slumping MTV has in the works. The midday series begins June 15.

MTV's viewership for the first three months of 2009 is down 18 percent from the year before. The docu-soap "The Hills" is still popular, and MTV is generating modest heat with the competition "America's Best Dance Crew," but it has lacked the daily stop-off point for stars that "TRL" provided before its slow demise and cancellation last November.

At its height, during the 'N Sync and Britney Spears years, "TRL" set the tone for the music business and drew huge crowds to MTV's Times Square studio.

Chung, who has been on TV shows since she was 18 and now dates Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner, is a fresh face able to relate to both stars and the audience at home, network executives said.

"We just all really fell for her," said David Sirulnick, MTV's executive vice president for news and production.

The idea is to introduce Chung's show at midday for young viewers home for the summer and, if it works out well, move later to an after-school time slot.

Facebook is working with MTV as a partner in the series. MTV wants to use Facebook and Twitter to reach viewers in a way that "TRL" — which asked viewers to vote on their favorite videos — could barely touch upon.

"The show will air one hour a day," Sirulnick said. "but for the other 23 hours we want viewers to be engaged with Alexa and what is on the show."

Sirulnick said MTV has been searching for the last few years for someone to build a show around.

MTV is going against the grain in that many young viewers are seeking a version of comfort TV, given the popularity of reruns of "George Lopez" and "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," said Brian Graden, MTV's entertainment president.

Among MTV's other new shows will be "The Buried Life," with four men trying to cross out items on a young person's version of a bucket list; "Gone Too Far," an intervention series for addicts; and "Disaster Date," a hidden camera show about people set up on awful blind dates by their friends.

Tyra Banks to testify at alleged stalker's trial in New York

Model-turned-television personality Tyra Banks will face a different kind of audience this week.

Banks will testify in a Manhattan courtroom where Brady Green goes on trial on charges of stalking her from coast to coast.

The host of "America's Next Top Model" and "The Tyra Banks Show" is expected to say Green's unwanted attentions alarmed her and made her afraid for her safety.

Defence lawyer Sydney O'Hagen says her 38-year-old client is simply an overzealous fan. She says Green answered Banks' invitation for fans "to reach out" to her.

Green was arrested near a Manhattan studio where the 35-year-old Banks tapes her talk show. He faces up to 90 days in jail if convicted on the misdemeanour charge.


After performing at The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater, Seal had a gorgeous escort to his tour bus – expectant wife Heidi Klum! According to a source, the musician changed into striped pajamas on the bus, then sent Klum back to their hotel in a van.

Shanna Moakler Defends Miss California, Derides Beliefs

Those who pageant together, stick together.

Shanna Moakler, herself a former Miss USA and current director of the Miss California pageant, is defending—to a point—her sister-in-tiaras. In a new post on her MySpace blog, Moakler weighs in on Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean's opposition to gay marriage.

"First, I want to be clear on the fact, that I have NOT and will not abandon our reigning Miss California, thou I have a STRONG difference of opinion, I do NOT hate her, nor do I have any issue with her stating her opinion, she is not the first conservative christian titleholder to be in pageants," the spellcheck-challenged Moakler said of her protégé.

However, while Travis Barker's off-again love applauds Prejean's decision to exercise her right to free speech, Moakler argues that it was not what Prejean said, but how she said it—"more personal then it needed to be"—that really cost her the sash.

According to Moakler, Miss USA is expected to be an "ambassador, a role model and needs to be able to show diplomacy on all issues. Sadly for California, THIS is where we lost the crown.

"She lost the crown because she wasn't able to convey compassion for ALL the people that as MISS USA she would be representing. And if you like it or not, gays and lesbians make up this country as well. THIS is why we have judges so they can find the RIGHT woman who obtains these qualities…The panel of judges was qualified and did their job, they represented all of us, men, woman, black, white, gay and straight."

Still, Moakler said that there is one silver lining to the pageant debacle—though Prejean might not see it that way—and that is its ability to open up a public forum on equal rights.

"I have blogged and petitioned for gay rights in the past…We need MANY conversations on this topic to take place, especially in the state of California and with Prop 8."

Kendra Won't Pose Nude - But Still Uses a Stripper Pole

Is marriage taming Kendra Wilkinson? Hint: She still has a stripper pole.

"A guy should fall in love with who they met, you know what I'm saying?" the reality stat tells E! in an interview scheduled to air Tuesday on The Daily 10. "I never change. [Fiancé Hank Baskett] knows where I come from, he knows I lived at the Playboy mansion for the last five years of my life. I still am wild – but not as wild."

As for that stripper pole, well, Wilkinson, 23, says she uses it for exercise only.

"It's strictly workout. That's all it is. At first when I told [Baskett] about the stripper pole, he did not know what it was. He was like, 'Are you serious? No, you can't do that.' "

"He's a very conservative guy," she says of her fiancé, whom she is loosing up. "It's just a lot of fun. He even gets on it now sometimes."

But, out of respect for Baskett, she's not going to be posing as she once did in Playboy – nude.

Says Wilkinson: "He gets really mad when I do stuff like that."

Campbell eyes move to Russia

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is reportedly planning to move to Russia to set up home with her billionaire boyfriend. The beauty has been dating Vladislav Doronin since May and divides her time between her homes in London and New York. But Campbell want to settle down with Doronin and plans to make Moscow her new base, according to Britain's Mail On Sunday. A friend of the model tells the publication, "Naomi and Vladislav are inseparable and she has been spending more and more time in Moscow. He is building a new place there and wants it to be their new home. Naomi is ready to settle down and is completely in love with him."


Paris Hilton, kissing and cuddling beau Doug Reinhardt at the Music Loves Fashion afterparty at House of Hype in Palm Springs, Calif. In town for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival, the heiress lounged poolside as revelers like Audrina Patridge mingled too.

Andy Roddick and New Bride Keep the Party Going

The Texas skies may have poured rain all day Friday, but that didn't dampen the anticipation of Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker leading into their wedding that night, pals of the newlyweds tell PEOPLE.

And the festivities spilled over into Saturday night, where the newlyweds partied with 250 guests at Stubb's Bar-B-Que, a large restaurant boasting live music in downtown Austin. A guest tells PEOPLE that the invitation specified a "denim-only" dress code, in keeping with the down-home atmosphere – though the groom wore cargo shorts while the bride sported a long dress.

The Spazmatics played till midnight, and the entire party danced and chowed down on brisket of beef and cole slaw as they ate on satin tablecloths decorated with lanterns and flowers.

When it came to Friday's nuptials, "Andy always wanted a backyard wedding," says a friend. As a result, rather than saying their vows outside of Roddick's lakeside home, the couple headed into a tent erected to protect the party from the stormy weather. (One casualty of the weather, however: the groom-to-be's pre-wedding golf game.)

As If By Magic

But then, as if by magic, once the 7 p.m. ceremony began, the rain subsided and the frivolity began. "Brooklyn looked absolutely gorgeous," a source says about the swimsuit-model bride, who, for her special day, wore a fitted, custom-made Vera Wang gown with rouching at the sides and a spray of rhinestones along the back.

Though a friend called the event "very simple," there was no shortage of glamour during the candlelit ceremony, as bridesmaids – who included swimsuit model Julie Henderson – wore chocolate brown gowns and carried bouquets of white tulips and peonies.

The bride, 21, and the groom, 26, exchanged platinum wedding bands by Tiffany & Co. Decker's engagement ring, set in platinum with a diamond solitaire, was also from Tiffany's.

Elton Took Requests

Following the ceremony, guests were bussed to Roddick's country club, where the cocktail hour was followed by a buffet whose selections included steak, fish and pasta. Then came the cake and the real entertainment: a performance by Roddick's pal, Sir Elton John.

"When Elton found out that Andy was getting married he spoke to him and said, 'I know exactly what I am giving you for your wedding present. I am going to play at your wedding,' " a friend recalls. " Well, who wouldn't want that?"

The British music legend performed eight songs for the couple and their guests, who included tennis icon Billie Jean King, then took audience requests. Says the friend: "It is a special thing for them to remember their entire lives."


MODEL Veronica Varekova and Tenjune owner Mark Birnbaum hosting a concert by Rishad Mistri and his band.

Inside Andy Roddick and Brookyln Decker's Intimate Wedding

The Texas skies may have poured rain all day Friday, but that didn't dampen the anticipation of Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker leading into their wedding, pals of the newlyweds tell PEOPLE.

"Andy always wanted a backyard wedding," says a friend. As a result, rather than saying their vows outside of Roddick's lakeside home, the couple headed into a tent erected to protect the party from the stormy weather. (One casualty of the weather, however: the groom-to-be's pre-wedding golf game.)

But then, as if by magic, once the 7 p.m. ceremony began, the rain subsided and the frivolity began. "Brooklyn looked absolutely gorgeous," a source says about the swimsuit-model bride, who, for her special day, wore a fitted, custom-made Vera Wang gown with rouching at the sides and a spray of rhinestones along the back.

Though a friend called the event "very simple," there was no shortage of glamour during the candlelit ceremony, as bridesmaids – who included swimsuit model Julie Henderson – wore chocolate brown gowns and carried bouquets of white tulips and peonies.

Elton Took Requests

Following the ceremony, guests were bussed to Roddick's country club, where the cocktail hour was followed by a buffet whose selections included steak, fish and pasta. Then came the cake and the real entertainment: a performance by Roddick's pal, Sir Elton John.

"When Elton found out that Andy was getting married he spoke to him and said, 'I know exactly what I am giving you for your wedding present. I am going to play at your wedding,' " a friend recalls. " Well, who wouldn't want that?"

The British music legend performed eight songs for the couple and their guests, who included tennis icon Billie Jean King, then took audience requests. Says the friend: "It is a special thing for them to remember their entire lives."

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker Tie the Knot

Andy Roddick married his fiancée, Brooklyn Decker, in a twilight ceremony at his Austin, Texas, home on Friday, PEOPLE has confirmed.

The tennis pro, 26, and the swimsuit model, 21, exchanged vows in an intimate candlelit ceremony before a group of close friends and family.

"They are absolutely perfect for each other," a family friend tells PEOPLE. "I think they knew that from the moment they met that they were perfect for each other."

At the ceremony, bridesmaids wore strapless, chocolate-colored gowns, and the setting was decorated with bright, tropical flowers. Guests – including tennis greats Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi – were also treated to a musical performance by Roddick's longtime friend, Sir Elton John.

The wedding was followed by dinner at Roddick's local country club.

Roddick and Decker, who started dating in 2007, announced their engagement in March 2008. The pair first met after Roddick asked his agent to track down a number for Decker, who appeared in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition.

Stalking suspect just Tyra Banks' fan, lawyer says

A Georgia man accused of stalking Tyra Banks was simply responding to the model-turned-TV host's invitation for fans to reach out to her when he followed her from coast to coast, a defence lawyer said Friday.

Lawyer Sydney O'Hagen said in her opening statement at Brady Green's trial that he was just an overzealous fan who had hoped to be in Banks' studio audience, meet her and perhaps be a guest on her show.

O'Hagen noted that people interviewed on "The Tyra Banks Show" are not just celebrities, but often ordinary people who have had unusual experiences. She said Green, with his harsh, disadvantaged background, had hoped to be on her show.

The lawyer said Green never asked for Banks' personal information and never claimed they were meant to marry and have children. The things he did, O'Hagen said, "simply do not constitute a crime" and he gave Banks no reason to fear she was in danger.

Assistant District Attorney Shawn McMahon disagreed. He said Green accused an employee of lying when he said he didn't know where Banks' show was taping. The defendant told him, "I'm going to find you and slit your throat," McMahon said.

McMahon also cited the note Green enclosed with flowers he sent to Banks: "When I see you, I love you," it read. He said Green was a stranger to her.

The prosecutor said a copy of that note was in Green's duffel bag when he was arrested March 18, 2008, in a McDonald's near Banks' Manhattan studios.

Banks, a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model, told police Green's actions made her fear she was in danger, a court complaint said. She is expected to testify at his trial.

McMahon said Green, 38, falsely told police he and Banks, 35, were friends.

Court papers filed by McMahon quoted Green, of Dublin, Ga., telling police, "I know her. She knows me. We're good friends."

After explaining that he had taken a bus from Los Angeles to New York to see her, he told police, "We had a thing together. I sent her flowers. I sent her cards. Should I plead no contest? I've got satellites watching me and recording us," according to the court documents.

Green has pleaded not guilty to stalking, criminal trespass and harassment. He faces 90 days in jail on the stalking charge, the top count, if he is convicted.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge James Burke is hearing the misdemeanour trial without a jury. He adjourned the trial until April 27.

Banks also hosts the reality show "America's Next Top Model."

Twins? No Problem for 'Relaxed' Mom Rebecca Romijn

Just three months after giving birth to twins Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip, Rebecca Romijn is taking motherhood in stride.

"She's the most relaxed mom I've ever seen," actress Lindsay Price, Romijn's costar in the upcoming ABC series Eastwick, told PEOPLE Wednesday at a Lucky magazine party for Charlotte Ronson and Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss's Made With Love swimwear line at New York City's Thompson LES hotel. "With twins and the demanding schedule of one-hour television, she keeps her cool. She never drops a line. She's completely present. I don't know how she does it."

And though Romijn, 36, has been back at work playing a single mom-turned-witch on the Eastwick set (a show based on the John Updike novel The Witches of Eastwick, which also spawned a 1987 movie starring Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon), her daughters are never far from the devoted mom.

"They're there every day," says Price. "They're so unbelievably cute. Dolly looks just like Rebecca. And Charlie looks just like [dad] Jerry [O'Connell]. They're beautiful babies. And whenever we were around them, they were completely silent. I think that's a blessing. They're very sweet-natured. I think her personality rubs off on them. Rebecca has this easygoing, centered personality."

In November, Romijn told PEOPLE she and husband O'Connell had plans to be "very hands-on" parents. "This is something we're really looking forward to," she said. "I'm really excited to see what happens next and to visit a completely different chapter in my life."


Dita von Teese, enjoying the music at pop star Mika's secret show at the Roxy in Hollywood. Hosted by blogger Perez Hilton (who shared a table with von Teese), the event began with a special burlesque performance before Mika launched into his hit "Grace Kelly" as the audience screamed. He also performed tunes from his forthcoming sophomore album, telling the crowd, "Help me to celebrate coming out of retirement."

Tyra Banks stalking trail set to begin

A man charged with stalking model and television talk show host Tyra Banks goes on trial Friday in New York City.

Brady Green is accused of following and harassing the 35-year-old Banks from coast to coast starting in January 2008. The 38-year-old Green was arrested March 18, 2008, at the Manhattan building where "The Tyra Banks Show" is taped.

A judge warned him to stay away from Banks, who told police she feared she was in danger.

Banks is expected to testify.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge James Burke scheduled the trial after a hearing in which he ruled most of Green's statements to police could be used as evidence.

Green, of Dublin, Ga., has pleaded not guilty to stalking and harassment.

He faces up to 90 days in jail if convicted of fourth-degree stalking.

Heidi Klum: Pregnant With Fourth Child!

Mazel tov, Heidi Klum!

Sources confirm that the supermodel mogul is expecting her third child with music-man hubby Seal.

The couple has two sons together, Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu Samuel, 3, and Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel, 2. Seal is also the adoptive father of Klum's daughter, Helene "Leni" Klum (who turns 5 on May 4), whom she had with Italian businessman Flavio Briatore.

A source tells me that Klum, 35, is a little less than four-months pregnant.

I also just got word that Project Runway will return to New York City for its seventh season. Shooting is scheduled to begin this summer. No doubt there will now be a maternity design challenge or two for the aspiring fashionistas.

As PR fans know, the sixth season—already shot and in the can—will be the first to air beginning this summer on the reality show's new home, the Lifetime network.

Word of Klum's happy news apparently leaked when sketches of her in a couture gown redesigned for her growing belly had somehow posted on the Internet.

Angie Everhart a Wanted Woman

Angie Everhart's presence has been sorely missed at least once this month.

A bench warrant was issued for the expectant redhead's arrest on April 6 after she failed to show up in court to pay a $50 fine related to her April 2008 DUI bust, Los Angeles City Attorney's Office spokesman Frank Mateljan confirmed to E! News.

A rep for Everhart couldn't immediately be reached for comment. Court records show that the warrant is still outstanding and that the actress' probation has been revoked in the meantime.

The Ex-Wives Club host pleaded no contest last summer to driving under the influence and was sentenced to three years' probation, fined $300 and ordered to complete an alcohol-education program.

Tawny Kitaen settles fraud suit

Tawny Kitaen and her ex-boyfriend have settled a lawsuit she brought against him claiming he cheated her out of $3 million in assets during their four-year relationship.

Her lawyer, William Briggs, would not provide details on the settlement reached Wednesday, except to say the 47-year-old actress is pleased with the settlement.

The case was scheduled to go to trial next week.

Her former boyfriend, real estate executive Philip Cyburt, denied any wrongdoing.

Kitaen accused Cyburt of taking money from her brokerage account, writing cheques in her name and selling real estate she owned.

The actress was featured in several 1980s heavy metal music videos, starred with Tom Hanks in the 1984 comedy "Bachelor Party" and recently appeared in VH1's "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew."

Padma Lakshmi Turns Health Ordeal into Awareness

Padma Lakshmi is turning a personal medical drama into a form of social outreach.

The Top Chef host, 38, has started foundation to raise awareness about endometriosis – a condition affecting women's reproductive health – after her own experience of having a successful operation and making a full recovery.

"I'm somebody who never knew I had this condition and always thought that everything was okay," says Lakshmi. "I found out in a very hard, difficult way – and I had to be operated on. Now, I'm fine but it was a very trying ordeal."

A common condition, endometriosis is a problem that occurs when tissues that line the uterus grow outside the uterus, resulting in painful menstrual cycles and uterine scarring that could lead to infertility. With surgery, endometriosis can be treated easily – but it must be detected first.

'Why I Spoke Out'

"It's probably the most prevalent disease" affecting reproductive health, explains Dr. Tamer Seckin, who treated Lakshmi and with her also co-founded the Endometriosis Foundation of America. "It's also the most misunderstood, misdiagnosed, mismanaged and mistreated. And women, because of that, end up being infertile and in chronic pain."

Joining forces to create awareness was especially important for Lakshmi, she says, though she would have to come forward about something so intimate.

"It's a very personal issue," she says. "It has to do with the most private aspect of a woman's life, and when I had to have surgery, I had to miss work and explain why. I just found that in talking to people, not many people knew what it was."

"I just thought I had a responsibility to let other young women know so they wouldn't have to go through what I went though," she says. "If you get tested at an early age, it's very simple to be treated for it and it will save you from a lifetime of pain and stress."

Time for a Ball

Together, Seckin and Lakshmi will host the "Blossom Ball," their first fundraising event, on April 20 at New York's Prince George Ballroom – and they've recruited a starry panel of women to serve on the honorary committee, including 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski and Helena Christensen.

Explaining the event's name, Lakshmi, who says she likes to think of their new organization as the "Healthy Womb Society," says, "when [Dr. Seckin] explained the illness to me, he said it's like roots in a garden and the roots can spread everywhere. If you don't [treat it], it will ruin the whole flower bed."

Hugh Hefner Wants Holly Madison to Look for Love Again

One girl's coming off a breakup, another's starting a new relationship and a third is getting married. That's a lot going on next door, and Hugh Hefner has advice for all of them.

It seems that Hefner, who just turned 83, is something of a hopeless romantic, according biographer Steven Watts, author of Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream, who says his subject is "in love in with love."

So what does Hef make of his own Girls Next Door as they move on from life behind the Mansion walls?

• Holly Madison, split from illusionist Criss Angel

"My conviction has always been, being an romantic, that the best solution for a failed romance is a new romance," Hefner says.

• Bridget Marquardt, whose new boyfriend is director Nick Carpenter

"The major problem for her, quite frankly, is that she's not here a lot. She's got this wonderful dream job for the Travel Channel (Bridget's Sexiest Beaches), she's wandering the globe. We'll see how that plays out, whether she's really contemplating making this more serious."

• Kendra Wilkinson, who is marrying NFL star Hank Baskett in June

"I've been very lucky in romance, but not expert in marriage (two divorces). "They are two separate things. What happens traditionally in a marriage is, of course, a marriage turns into parenthood and the affection is kind of transferred to the children. She picked very well, I think he adores her, I think she really loves him. What they have to get over is they come from very different backgrounds. If love conquers all, it'll conquer them."

Paris Hilton, Sarah Silverman Vie for the Same Honor

Just when it seemed awards season had been put to rest, along comes the Oscars of the Internet, the 13th Annual Webby Awards Celebrity Nominees, which were revealed Tuesday.

Singling out the Web work of such personalities as Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton, the Webby Awards honor online excellence, encompassing Web sites, film and video, interactive ads and mobile Web sites.

Among the celebrity-site nominees:

• Prop 8 – The Musical (Best Writing and Best Comedy Individual Episode Nominee)

Funny or Die's video showcasing supporters and non-supporters of California's Prop 8 on the November ballot features Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Maya Rudolph, Allison Janney, Neil Patrick Harris, Rashida Jones and more.

• Children's Hospital (3 nominations: Best Comedy Individual Episode, Best Comedy Series and Best Individual Performance for Rob Corddry)

A Web series featuring the antics of a children's hospital staff stars Megan Mullaly, Rob Corddry, Ed Elms, Lake Bell and more.

• Paris Hilton Response to McCain Ad (Best Individual Short or Episode Nominee)

In response to Senator John McCain's presidential ad campaign, this video features a humorous Hilton with her views on politics.

• The Great Schlep (News and Politics: Best Individual Episode Nominee)

Sarah Silverman's satiric plea to young Jewish-Americans to encourage their grandparents in Florida to vote for Barack Obama.

• Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Best Variety Nominee)

The show's Web site features original comedy brought to you by show bloggers and writers, and of behind-the-scenes content of the show.

With voting by the public taking place through April 30, ballots may be obtained here.

Andy Roddick to Wed This Weekend

Tennis champ Andy Roddick will marry his fiancée, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker, this weekend, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

Roddick, 26, and Decker, 21, plan to celebrate the nuptials with two days of festivities near Roddick's Austin, Texas, home. "They wanted to keep it local," the source says. And very private. The pared-down guest lists includes mostly family and a few close friends of the pair, who met when Roddick spotted Decker in a magazine and asked his agent to find her number.

But part of the celebration is already in full swing. This past weekend, the festivities kicked off with a bachelorette party in Decker's native North Carolina, and included her bridesmaids, including fellow S.I. model Julie Henderson.

Of their then yearlong courtship, Decker told PEOPLE last May, "I was stalked. He'll tell you that," she joked. But "it was charming. He was charming. Eventually, I fell for it, and five months later I called him back and that was that."

She added that planning for her wedding was surprisingly fun: "This has been the happiest time. I'm very much a tomboy and this is being a total girl, being with my friends and my mom. We're shopping for a dress right now."

Roddick has also expressed his excitement. "We feel lucky to have found one another," Roddick told PEOPLE last March, after he had popped the question to his girlfriend, and even joked of her Tiffany engagement ring: "I got it in a gumball machine."

Kendra Wilkinson: I'm the Smartest I've Ever Been

The life lessons continue for Kendra Wilkinson.

The reality star, who recently admitted she didn't realize mailing a letter required postage, says she feels extra brainy after successfully submitting her taxes. "Right now I think I'm the smartest I've ever been," she says in an interview with E!'s Daily 10 scheduled to air Monday. "I'm doing everything great now and everything perfect."

"Like with this taxes stuff," Wilkinson, 23, says. "I'm getting better at that. I'm making sure everything is a write-off. Every single thing."

One other thing on her mind: fiancé Hank Baskett. While she's planning their wedding, the former Playboy model says she'd love to collaborate with him professionally – as a photography subject.

"When we were doing a photo shoot to promote [upcoming reality show] Kendra, he went behind the camera for a couple and was taking pictures," she says. "Those were the best pictures I took because I was so comfortable."

As for revisiting her past, she now says, "I'd be very scared to [pose for] Playboy again. You know, now knowing I'm getting married. But the only way I would do it is definitely with him."

Naomi Campbell: From Hot Mess to...Hot Mama?

If we didn't know any better, we'd be scared of Naomi Campbell right now. The world's most infamous BlackBerry-thrower owns not one, not two, but three phones.

We're happy to report, however, that the 39-year-old supermodel appears to have tamed her wild ways.

In fact, Campbell insists she has cleaned up her act—literally...

"There comes a point when it all catches up with you and you have to deal with it," Campbell says in the new issue of Giant magazine. "And that caused me to reassess myself and get real treatment for my anger and my addictions. Some people can handle a drink or a line of cocaine, but I've finally come to realize that for me, it's all or nothing—and it has to be nothing."

The reformed bad girl found help to get herself in check (Alcoholics Anonymous, we're thinking). "I'm in The Program, and I'm proud to be," she says. "I'm not able to drink alcohol. My body cannot handle it. The discipline of The Program has helped me in other parts of my day-to-day life...I wish I knew about it earlier, but I found out about it when I did, and life is good."

With newfound sobriety and clarity, Campbell says she's ready to start making babies. Her boyfriend, whom she calls "my other half," is Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin. They reportedly share a home in Moscow.

"If God blesses me to have a child, I'd be gratefully welcoming to that child," Campbell says. "But I'm not putting myself under that pressure. I'm happy that my life is just what it is."

Now, back to those three phones. What the heck are they all for?

Well, one is for the U.K. only, another is strictly for texting, and the last is for U.S. calls. We hope that phone-as-weapon thing will remain a memory—otherwise someone's in for some rapid fire.

Kate Moss is Not Writing a Cookbook!

Hot off the heels of the successful New York Topshop opening, rumors began to swirl that Kate Moss was about to begin penning a cookbook. The Daily Mirror reported that the British supermodel had been inspired by her friend Stasha Palos — the step-daughter to Topshop owner Sir Philip Green — who recently published a cookbook of traditional Jewish meals made simple. However, a rep for Kate tells “There is no cookbook. We do not know where it came from but it is definitely false.” Looks the only thing Kate will be cooking up is more sold-out designs for Topshop.

Recession forces Paris Hilton and her BFF to economize

Here's a new economic indicator: the diminishing level of glamour on Paris Hilton's reality TV show.

Contestants in season two of Paris Hilton's My New BFF are living in a mansion that costs half as much as the home the show rented last season. Trips to New York and Tokyo are out, as the show's production budget has been cut 10%.

With the recession eating into advertising revenue at TV networks, a popular solution has emerged — even cheaper reality TV.

Reality shows already were TV's low-budget alternative. Producing one on a broadcast network can cost about $950,000 per episode, vs. $1.7 million for a scripted drama, largely because reality shows don't use as many expensive actors and writers. And advertisers like how reality TV can give them inexpensive air time if they give the production free goods and services. Add it up and a network can eke out a profit, even if a reality show's audience is fairly small.

So in this downturn, as Americans clip coupons, eat at home more and do whatever it takes to cut their budgets, they can turn on their televisions and find that TV is being frugal too. There are more reality TV shows, and they are less elegant.

For instance, unlike the cool $1 million available to the winning contestant of CBS's Survivor, the top queen of RuPaul's Drag Race, which just finished on Viacom's Logo network, received a magazine photo spread, a role in two ad campaigns and $20,000 — "courtesy of Absolut Vodka and MAC Cosmetics."

"There's just less money around," says Michael Hirschorn, co-executive producer of the Paris Hilton show, as he sat outside its sun-drenched set in a modernistic building overlooking the San Fernando Valley. "The economy's a mess, so all of us have to work more efficiently ... We have a reality show that is 40% cheaper than this show that just got green-lit."

MTV, which plans to air the new Hilton show this summer, is filling more air time with new reality series rather than reruns. Even so, its programming costs are down 17% per half hour, says Tony DiSanto, head of programming at the Viacom-owned network.

One new show debuting next week on MTV, College Life, even cut out the director and camera operators by distributing $500 handheld video cameras to freshman and sophomore students in Madison, Wis.

"Safe to say, it's probably 35% less expensive than a similar half hour of reality drama," DiSanto said.

Reality programming is drawing more interest from around the industry as executives look to pare costs — much like General Electric's NBC will save money by putting Jay Leno on at 10 p.m. ET instead of 11:35 p.m., avoiding the expense of scripted fare in that prime-time slot.

At broadcast networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and The CW, 32 new reality shows have been ordered, are in production or are being developed, according to David Lyle, the president of Fox Reality Channel, who keeps a running count. This time last year that number was 21.

At cable networks, there are 160 new shows in this state, compared with 109 last year.

CBS, which has ordered versions 19 and 20 of Survivor, is developing projects based on arranged marriages, neighbors who compete against each other and an obstacle course trivia game.

The economics of reality shows benefit from cost-saving "trade-outs" from sponsors, like free helicopter rides, air travel and dinners at fancy restaurants. And the shows are more malleable to advertisers who are pushing harder to integrate their brands directly into shows, as a way to get in front of consumers who can skip commercials with digital video recorders.

Garnier Fructis sponsors a beauty makeover segment on American Idol Extra, and Charmin gives toilet paper to contestants in remote places on Survivor.

Working those promotions into reality shows takes as little as a few months. Product placements on scripted dramas often need a lead time of a year or longer.

On top of the lower production costs at reality shows, they also have tremendous long-term earning potential.

While a scripted series can be lucrative if it completes three seasons — so it can be resold for domestic reruns, in international markets and on DVD — reality shows don't need to run as long before the rights to their underlying format, the basis of the show, can be sold overseas. Some formats sell for millions of dollars.

It's why versions of American Idol, whose format is owned by Bertelsmann's FremantleMedia, are all over the world, and why Ish Entertainment, creator of Hilton's show, licensed the format to ITV to make Paris Hilton's Best British Friend, which aired this year.

Part of the thrill of reality shows is seeing the unexpected — and how the participants react.

Indeed, on the Beverly Hills set of the Hilton show, a minor incident erupts. A contestant who is eliminated spouts invective instead of giving Hilton the customary goodbye hug. But tempers soon cool, and later in the evening, the remaining friend wannabes will head off to Ortolan, a four-star restaurant that will offer appetizers in exchange for a mention on the show.

Hilton, 28, knows that even a less fancy version of her show can be a big hit for her personal business.

"It's a great platform for me, because I can show a lot of my products," she said. "All the kids have my perfume. They're all wearing the clothing line, they're all wearing my shoe line, they're all wearing my purse line, my belts, my accessories, Paris Hilton sunglasses. It's kind of like having a free commercial."

Arraignment in Anna Nicole Smith drug case delayed

An attorney for Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer-turned-boyfriend lashed out at prosecutors on Tuesday, calling the prescription drug case involving his client and two doctors misguided and overreaching.

Steve Sadow, a lawyer from Atlanta, said outside court that the charges against Howard K. Stern are baseless and added that his client wouldn't have done anything to hurt Smith, who died of a drug overdose two years ago.

"Howard loved Anna Nicole with all of his heart and would never have done anything intentional to harm her," Sadow said without taking questions from reporters.

Stern and Drs. Khristine Eroshevich and Sandeep Kapoor face charges they conspired to provide prescription drugs to the former Playboy model before her accidental overdose death in February 2007 at a Florida hotel.

Stern, 40, and Eroshevich, 61, made their first court appearance Tuesday, but Superior Court Commissioner Kristi Lousteau rescheduled their arraignments to May 13. Kapoor is also scheduled to be arraigned May 13. All three are free on bond.

Sadow criticized the two-year probe by the state attorney general, state medical and insurance officials and the Drug Enforcement Administration. He said California Attorney General Jerry Brown has "maliciously and viciously labeled Anna a drug addict knowing full well that it's legally unsupportable" under California law.

Sadow suggested the attorney general filed the case merely to advance his political career. Brown, a Democrat who served two terms as governor beginning in 1974, is considering another run for governor next year.

"Brown should simply be ashamed of himself," he said. "Brown, not Howard K. Stern, is the real enabler in this misguided and unprecedented prosecution."

Brown called the accusations "silly" and "completely out of line."

"The fact is that the Bureau of Narcotics, the DEA, the state Board of Medical Examiners and the Los Angeles district attorney have all validated this prosecution," Brown said in a telephone interview. "These are serious violations of the law, this is an extensive professional investigation."

Brown held a press conference last month to announce the charges, which were actually filed by county prosecutors.

"Anna Nicole was dead from multiple chemicals put into her body. That's the tragedy and for the defense lawyers to try to exploit that for their own purposes is shocking," Brown said.

"These people are whistling in the dark if they think this accusatory rhetoric is going to save them," he said.

Stern, Eroshevich and Kapoor, each face six counts including conspiracy. Each defendant faces up to five years, eight months in prison if convicted.

Prosecutors allege Stern was the principal enabler in a conspiracy with the two doctors to provide Smith, 39, thousands of prescription pills between June 2004 and January 2007, just weeks before her death.

Medical examiners have said Eroshevich, a Los Angeles psychiatrist and friend of Smith, authorized all 11 of the prescription medications found in her hotel room.

Eroshevich's attorney, Adam Braun, has said Eroshevich began treating Smith in September 2006 when she suffered a nervous breakdown stemming from the death of her 20-year-old son, Daniel Smith, who died of an accidental drug overdose three days after his mother gave birth to a girl.

Outside court, Braun said he hopes that all the facts of the investigation will be made public to show that Eroshevich's treatment of Smith were "all done with the best interest of the patient in mind."

"Dr. Khristine Eroshevich had two choices," Braun said. "To turn her back on her patient or do her best under some difficult circumstances. She chose the latter."

Sadow added Smith was in control of her life and made her own decisions.

"No one told her what to do or when to do it. She was her own person," Sadow said.

Attorney: Howard K. Stern Innocent of 'Baseless' Allegations

Two of the people accused of contributing to Anna Nicole Smith's drug death made their first court appearances Tuesday as their attorneys alleged the felonies were filed for political reasons.

Howard K. Stern, 40, boyfriend and lawyer of the Playboy model, and Kristine Eroshevich, 61, Smith's neighbor and psychiatrist, appeared before Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Kristi Lousteau, but said they were not ready to enter pleas. Lousteau ordered the pair back May 13 for arraignment.

Steve Sadow, one of three attorneys representing Stern, told reporters outside of court that state Attorney General Jerry Brown's allegations Stern was Smith's "principal enabler" in acquiring the toxic prescription drugs that led to her death two years ago are a "blatant attempt to advance his own political career."

"He is innocent of the baseless allegations made against him in the criminal complaint," Sadow said. "Both Anna and Howard believed in their doctors and relied in good faith on their medical judgment."

Sadow said Smith was "intelligent, strong and street smart," and "no one told her what to do and when to do it. No one enabled Anna Nicole Smith. She was her own person."

Lawyer Criticizes Jerry Brown

Sadow also said that "Brown, not Howard K. Stern, is the real enabler in this misguided and unprecedented prosecution," and that Brown was wrong to refer to Smith as a drug addict.

Attorney Adam Braun said his client, Eroshevich, treated Smith for "acute physical and psychological ailments, complicated by the fact that she didn't want to return to the United States or be hospitalized." He said that Eroshevich treated Smith "with the best interests of the patient in mind."

The two and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, 40, Smith's physician, were charged last month with conspiring to use fake names to prescribe vast amounts of potent prescription drugs, including methadone, clonazepam and chloral hydrate, to an addict. Brown said the three epitomize society's reckless handling of toxic prescription drugs.

The charges prompted Florida investigators to reopen their probe into Smith's death on Feb. 8, 2007 in Hollywood, Fla., at age 39.

Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole Doc Set for Arraignment

Howard K. Stern is due in court this morning to answer to charges that he helped unlawfully supply Anna Nicole Smith with prescription drugs.

He and Smith's former psychiatrist, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich are due to be arraigned on various felony counts, including prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict.

All 11 of the prescriptions found in the Hollywood, Fla., hotel room where Smith died of an accidental overdose in 2007 were written by Eroshevich, none in Smith's name. Eight of the meds were prescribed to Stern.

The duo were charged along with another of Smith's docs, Sandeep Kapoor, on March 12, shortly after a second raid on Kapoor's Studio City, Calif., office.

Kapoor's arraignment is set for May 13.

How to Get Kendra Naked Again for Playboy!

Kendra Wilkinson hasn't sworn off nude Playboy spreads for good, but any future shoots will be on her terms.

The last time we caught up with the Girls Next Door starlet, she told us she'd need to have a "big talk" with soon-to-be-hubby Hank Baskett and his family before even considering baring it all again for the magazine.

Now, Wilkinson says she and Baskett have had the talk...

"The discussion has come up, and the only way I would do another Playboy shoot is if Hank shot the photo shoot," Wilkinson told us yesterday at the 2nd Annual Bravo A-List Awards.

When asked if she's approached Hef with the idea, she giggled, "No, not yet."

In the meantime, Wilkinson is working on her upcoming reality show for E! "It's going to be me trying to be domestic—trying to be a domesticated woman—and it's just kinda like I've got an angel on my shoulder and a devil on my shoulder," Wilkinson explained. "It's like the angel wants me to be sophisticated and domestic and conservative; and then the devil's pullin' me."

Wilkinson says her real-life "devil" is close pal and Playboy Playmate Brittany Binger, who will be a major player on the reality show. "It's gonna be crazy," Binger beamed.

p.s. Binger also told us that Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt will make cameos on the new show. Wilkinson may be leaving the mansion behind, but sounds like she'll still have a full house.

Gisele Bundchen's Wedding Dress Details Revealed

When the world’s highest-paid supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, and her star quarterback beau Tom Brady, exchanged vows this Saturday before friends and family for a second time at her home in Costa Rica, they kept everything about the event — including the details of her dress — tightly guarded. Representatives for the designer who created the ultra-exclusive gown, however, confirm exclusively to that “The dress and veil were designed by John Galliano and created by John Galliano’s atelier in Paris.” Showing off her signature elegance, Gisele chose “a white silk satin bias cut long gown with spaghetti straps and train, with scalloped seamed details around the hip.” As for the stunning veil which trailed behind her as she walked the aisle, “The white silk tulle veil was six feet long with white lace sewn by hand,” they reveal. Keep checking back for more details on the wedding weekend.

Kendra Wilkinson Goes Postal After Forgetting Stamp

Kendra Wilkinson is preparing for marriage and independent life – and she's learning some very important life lessons as she goes.

"The first time I mailed something on my own, like a couple of months ago, I didn't put a stamp on it," Wilkinson, 23, tells Celebuzz of a recent revelation. "My mom, she was like, 'Are you serious? You didn't put a stamp on your mail?' I'm like, 'Dude, I've never been on my own before, how am I supposed to know?' "

Adds the former Girls Next Door star, who previously lived in the Playboy mansion: "That was the biggest blonde moment of my life. It was a check too. I don't know where it went to!"

And Wilkinson will be doing her learning in front of the cameras. She is working on her own reality show, Kendra, which she describes as a cross between I Love Lucy and Jessica Simpson's former MTV show Newlyweds.

"The first couple episodes [show me] adjusting to my new life," she says of living outside the mansion with fiancé Hank Baskett. "Then it goes into the wedding."

Catfight Alert: Hef Celebrates 83, Vegas Style

True, there was no bad blood between Hugh Hefner's current and former girlfriends when all the blond babes hit Vegas to celebrate the Playboy mogul's 83rd birthday.

Holly Madison even threw Hef a poolside birthday bash at the Palms Place Pool, where he was presented with a custom cake from Holly, Bridget and Kendra.

But of course, the night wasn't without drama. This time not among Hef's girlfriends...

Holly blogged on her MySpace page that she had a nasty encounter with a reporter there (supposedly she used to date Holly's ex Criss Angel) who called her a "bad interview" via Twitter. Holly, in turn, called her an old, desperate loser.

Forget Kendra's thoughtful birthday card or Bridget's rendition of "Happy Birthday" at Moon Nightclub, the evening would not have been complete without some Girls Next Door gone wild, right?

Police Will Probe Gun Attack at Tom-Gisele Wedding

The beauty and tranquility of Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's Saturday-night wedding in Costa Rica was shattered when armed private bodyguards for the couple – "three to four guys," a source tells PEOPLE – opened fire on some press photographers, police have confirmed.

"I didn't see who had the gun," one of those involved in the confrontation told PEOPLE afterwards. "I've been shot at before, but only when I was covering the war in Iraq or when I was in Israel. This is ridiculous!"

Local police officer Jose Aguero confirms to PEOPLE that a report about the shooting was received and that the matter has been referred to the next level of authority to do a full investigation into what happened.

Mario Sanchez of the Organismo de Investigaciones Judiciales tells PEOPLE that a report was filed on the incident and an investigation is set to begin after it is reviewed.

Sanchez says that authorities will pursue a case against the security guards if the evidence is solid. He added that Brady and Bündchen will likely not be held responsible for the guards' actions. Still, police hope to interview everyone who was present the night of the incident.

According to a witness, a bullet tore through the rear window of an SUV and then through the front windshield, barely missing the two fleeing photographers. There has been no comment from the newlyweds' camp on the alleged incident.

Told to Get Out

Describing his encounter with a security guard on Saturday, Yuri Cortez, the Central American bureau chief of Agence France Presse, tells PEOPLE, "I was returning from taking some photos of the wedding, and when I got to my car, right in front of the property, there was an American guard and he was trying to detain me. He wanted to take my camera, my [memory] card, for me to show him the photos I had taken. And I told him no."

After that, Cortez said, additional security guards arrived. "And they told me to get out," he said. "I started walking, and the [one of them] grabbed my arm and pulled it behind my back. He grabbed my backpack too. And he told me that I couldn't leave. I told him if he was the police, he could detain me, but if he wasn't any type of authority he couldn't do it."

A lensman friend of Cortez's, Carlos Aviles, suggested they leave the scene, "but then someone came out who said he was Tom's best friend" and this fellow was joined by another man. They demanded to see the photos in Cortez's camera, he said, and "they were really angry."

As Cortez and Aviles started to drive off, "My friend said he heard them say, 'Stop, or I'll shoot your tires!' But when I heard the shot, I thought my friend had been shot," said Cortez.

He added: "I heard the impact [on the back windshield], and when I looked into the mirror and saw that the guy had a pistol, I said, 'Watch out, the guy has a gun!' Then immediately we heard the impact [of the bullet]. We just hit the gas and sped off ducking down as low as we could in our seats."

Kendra Wilkinson's Love For Fiancé Has Limits

Kendra Wilkinson would go to the ends of the earth for her fiancé, but she won't go to Oakland.

The Girls Next Door star, who has been dating Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett since December, plans to accompany him to most of his games. But she will miss at least one.

Wilkinson, a vocal fan of the San Diego Chargers, is going to steer clear of their rivals, the Oakland Raiders. "There is no way I'm going to the Oakland game," she tells PEOPLE. "They are [the Chargers'] rival. I might get killed if I go. I told him I'm not going."

It will be a rare moment apart. "We're together every chance we get," she said while attending ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner's 83rd birthday in Las Vegas at the Palms Place pool. "I'll spend most of my time in Philly during the [football] season."

The couple is busy planning their summer wedding. Invitations have been sent and the dress is being made for the ceremony that will take part in an unexpected location: The Playboy Mansion.

When asked whether the prospect of getting married at her ex-boyfriend's house is strange, Wilkinson said. "It would feel weird if the wedding wasn't at the Mansion. That's where all my friends and family are ... It's a beautiful place."


"I WOULD like to be like Liz Taylor. Just the way she breathes, everybody wants to give her diamonds because she goes, 'Oh my God. I just love it.' They give her bigger and bigger ones" -- Kate Moss on "Extra"

Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady Tie the Knot - Again!

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen exchanged vows in a short sunset ceremony at her home in Costa Rica early Saturday evening, PEOPLE has learned.

The bride, in a long designer dress and a veil that trailed 10 feet, and holding a bouquet of white orchids, “looked so gorgeous,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She looked beautiful.”

Security guards blocked off key access points to the couple's house in Santa Teresa, where 25 or so guests gathered under a tent set up on the home’s balcony.

After the ceremony, Brady, 31, in a gray suit and vest with white pants, held his 1 ½-year-old son John on the balcony and spoke with guests like Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. Bündchen, 28, also hugged guests while friends and relatives snapped photos.

They all seemed “very happy, like they were having a great time,” says one onlooker.

That afternoon, Bündchen got dressed at the nearby Hotel Flor Blanca while workers readied her home.

Around 4:30 p.m. Bündchen and other guests raced back to her home just in time for the sunset nuptials.


RACHEL Hunter poolside in a bikini at the Viceroy Palm Springs, dispensing marriage advice to a bevy of gal pals and flashing her huge engagement ring from hockey player fiancé Jarret Stoll.

Paris on Doug: "He's Gonna Be My Husband"

At last night's I Heart Ronson for JCPenney party, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt couldn't stop talking about their love for each other.

"We're best friends," Paris told me. "It's not like we just met. We've known each other over the past year. I was in a relationship before and we reconnected. I'm really in love and really happy."

As for the rumors that the two are engaged, it hasn't happened yet, but it seems to be in the future for the two. "You never know," Doug said. "He's going to be my husband," Paris giggled.

Another project the couple has been working on?

Currently shooting the second season of her My New BFF show, the heiress dished on why it didn't work out with season one's winner Brittany Flickinger.

"It's really hard because I loved her and I trusted her but sometimes people get too caught up and they change. I want a best friend who wants to be friends with me because I'm a good person and a good friend, not for any other reason. I've been fooled by so many girls. It's good having my boyfriend on set and watching. He comes up with funny ideas and production loves him."

Just don't expect to see Paris popping up in The Hills, which Doug starred on."We've moved on from that," he said.

At Charlotte Ronson's fashion fete last night, Mark Ronson performed while Samatha Ronson deejayed. While Lindsay Lohan was nowhere in sight, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian and Jeremy Piven all came out to party.

Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady Enjoy Beach Time & BBQ Before Wedding

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen continued their low-key Costa Rican weekend wedding celebration by hitting the beach and enjoying a barbecue before their big day Saturday.

The couple – along with Brady's son John (with former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan) and his parents – hit the beach Friday around noon, where the New England Patriots quarterback chased his 1 ½-year-old son around the surf.

Brady, 31, and Bündchen, 28, relaxed by the beach with many of their guests, who later spent the afternoon lounging poolside at their hotels.

To help their guests get around the village and beaches of Santa Teresa, the couple rented seven quadcars – small four-wheeled motorcycle-like vehicles, a source tells PEOPLE.

Later, friends and family gathered at the couple’s home in the area for an evening barbecue.

The night before, the Brady-Bündchen wedding party enjoyed a laidback rehearsal dinner at the Milarepa beachfront hotel.


HOT SHOT SHOWDOWN: Kim Kardashian, showing off her hot assets in and on a car during a photo shoot in Beverly Hills, while Heidi Klum was nearby taking over a chunk of Rodeo Drive for a photo op at the Chanel flagship store.

J.C. Penney to launch Cindy Crawford home goods

Department store chain J.C. Penney Co Inc said it would launch a line of home goods by supermodel Cindy Crawford later this year, at a time when shoppers are cutting discretionary purchases.

The merchandise, ranging from bedding and bath items to wall decor and rugs, will be available exclusively at Penney stores in September, the company said on Friday. Penney, which bills the line as affordable, said it would offer promotional prices for some items, like $23.99 for decorative pillows and $169.99 for a queen comforter set.

Furniture store chain Raymour & Flanigan already sells a line of furniture designed by Crawford.

Penney, like other department store chains, has been facing sagging sales in past months as consumers cut spending on items such as furniture and apparel in the recession.

Still, Penney has said it will try to capture market share by touting unique brands and wooing customers who used to shop at rivals that are now bankrupt, such as Linen 'n Things.

"This will ensure that when the market turns, we will maintain our advantage as a leader in the home business," Penney President Ken Hicks said in a statement.

Penney shares were up 12 cents, or 0.6 percent, at $22.09 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Bridget Moynahan Upset Over Gisele's Comments About Her Son

While friends and family gather in Costa Rica to help Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen celebrate their wedding weekend, Bridget Moynahan – the mother of Brady's 1½-year-old son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan – is headed to Vancouver, to start a new movie.

But in the week leading up to the festivities in Central America, a soap opera involving all three adults was shaping up, kicking off with Bündchen's expansive remarks to Vanity Fair, in which she said she considered young John Edward her very own child.

"It's not like because somebody else delivered him, that's not my child," said the supermodel, 28. "I love him the same way as if he were mine. I already feel like he's my son, from the first day."

That apparently didn't sit well with those in Moynahan's inner circle. A source close to the 37-year-old model-actress tells PEOPLE, "Bridget has her own life, she doesn't need to be involved in the drama of all this, and she finds it disrespectful that her son is being paraded around in front of the paparazzi when she’s specifically made it a point of keeping him away from that."

The source went on to say pointedly, "I can count on two hands, in two years, the number of times Bridget has been photographed with that baby. I can count on two hands the number of times in the past month that Gisele has been photographed with that baby."

In an even more personal attack, the source said, "If Tom is such a great father as everyone likes to say, then you would think that he'd respect the privacy of his young child and would ask his wife not to use his son as a publicity prop and a subject of public discussion."

Moynahan on Motherhood

For her part, Moynahan's most direct comments on the situation appeared in Harper's Bazaar. She told the magazine, "When you're suddenly pregnant and no one is standing by your side, even if you're in your 30s, it's a hard conversation. I'm a traditional girl, and I believe in marriage, and I just always thought that's the way I'd be doing this."

Moynahan, who was with New England Patriots quarterback Brady, 31, for three years before they broke up and she subsequently announced her pregnancy, added, "For a moment, it was hard for me to accept that this was the way I was going to have a family."


ELLE Macpherson coming to Serendipity 3 straight from the airport to celebrate a birthday with her sons, Flynn, 11 and Aurelius Cy, 6, along with their dad, French financier Arki Busson.

Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady's Wedding Guests Party in Costa Rica

Before the party really kicks into high gear, Thursday night brought the rehearsal dinner for Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's upcoming Costa Rican weekend wedding for friends, family, Brady's New England Patriots teammates and Bündchen's modeling-world pals.

The festivities in the Central American country follow the intimate Feb. 26 nuptials at St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica, Calif., which featured Brady's 1½-year-old-son (with former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan) and only a few other guests to witness Brady, 31, and Bündchen, 28, tie the knot.

Thursday's gathering for about 25 people took place at the Milarepa beachfront hotel and restaurant. According to the resort's Web site, this is "a small hotel of luxurious simplicity" with "miles of perfect pale gold beaches, fringed to the high tide mark by lush trees and flowers with outcroppings of rock where tide pools form."

It's also well off the beaten path. To enter Milarepa, guests drive downhill off the main road that runs out of Santa Teresa. To reach the party destination, they then had to walk through a wooded area to an outdoor dining room under a wooden roof.

Of the party guests, a source says, "They are a fun group. They seem so easygoing and laidback … a lot of fun. They're cool people."

On their menu were various kinds of tempura fish and octopus – the destination specializes in seafood – as well as salads with blue cheese. The full bar, known for its Caipirinhas and mojitos, was also fully stocked with San Pellegrino water and white wine.

From the wooden tables set up for the Brady-Bündchen party, guests could walk several hundred yards past a lounge area with a small, shallow pool and down to the beach, described in hotel literature as "the Hawaii of Latin America."

Anna Nicole's Dad on Howard K. Stern: "I Blame Him Totally for Her Death"

Anna Nicole Smith's untimely death has made for some strange bedfellows, and her own estranged parents might be the next to pair up.

Smith's father, Donald Hogan, told E! News in an exclusive interview that he is considering working with Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, to file a wrongful death suit against their daughter's lawyerly companion, Howard K. Stern.

Hogan and Arthur, who has largely disappeared from the radar since losing her fight for custody of granddaughter Dannielynn, separated when Smith was 9 months old.

"I would urge Virgie also to think about this—this wrongful death," Hogan, 61, says. "And personally, I don't care if we get a dime out of it. Not one dime."

The point would be to stick it to Stern, who he "totally" blames for Smith's death.

"I was asked awhile back, 'Do you hate Howard Stern?'" Hogan says. "I don't hate him—but I dislike him more than anyone I have ever disliked, and I have my own personal views and opinions on things about him that I'm not going to say.

"But I blame him totally for her death…Nobody put a gun to her head, but somebody sure brought a lot of drugs home and, instead of bringing drugs to someone, even if she had a fit about it, I'd tell her to tell someone else to get it for you."

Smith died of an accidental prescription drug overdose on Feb. 8, 2007, in Hollywood, Fla. Investigators found 11 prescriptions in the hotel room where she had been staying, none of them made out to the onetime Playboy Playmate. Eight were in Stern's name.

Stern was charged March 12 with felony conspiracy to acquire drugs and furnishing Smith with illegal prescriptions.

"The television, tabloid and Internet trial of Mr. Stern in the court of public opinion has been based on sensational lies, speculation, rumor and gossip," his attorney, Krista Barth, said last month. "Unfortunately, it appears that criminal charges have now been brought by the State of California based on this same type of misinformation."

Two of Smith's former doctors have also been charged.

Hogan, speaking from his home in Oakhurst, Texas, calls Stern's recent arrest "two years too late."

"I think he made a lot of bad decisions in his life, and I think it is fixin' to come back and haunt him," Hogan says.

As for his own family ties, Hogan, a retired carpenter and Vietnam veteran, said that he hopes to be put in touch with 2-year-old Dannielynn, and that perhaps speaking out about Smith will help him make a connection.

Calling the child's father, Larry Birkhead, "a good kid," Hogan said that he would like to meet his granddaughter some day.

Hogan hadn't spoken to Smith for years before she died; the two had a falling out a few years after an emotional reunion in 1993. And as is often the case when things are left unsaid, he has some regrets.

"If I could have done anything that I wanted to do, if I could talk her into anything," Hogan said, "it would be to go to Betty Ford or something."

Kathy Ireland's Shocking Weight Gain (and Loss)

As a top model, Kathy Ireland is used to seeing pictures of herself that have been retouched to hide her flaws. But when the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl saw a photo taken by her son as she baked cookies at the family's Santa Barbara house recently, the raw image took her breath away.

"He said 'Mom, you look pregnant,' " Ireland tells PEOPLE in its latest issue. "I didn't recognize the person I saw. I saw someone who looked overwhelmed, overstressed, overweight, over-everything."

In her latest book, Real Solutions for Busy Moms. Ireland talks about how mothers tend to put everybody else's needs before their own. Case in point: she had put on 25 lbs. without even really realizing it.

"I was not making enough time to take care of me," says Ireland, 46, a mother of three kids ranging in age from 6 to 14 and CEO of Kathy Ireland World Wide, a $1.4 billion design empire. She also runs a mentoring program for single teen mothers.

To get back on track, Ireland enlisted the help of a friend, who happens to be a personal trainer and nutritionist. Thanks to healthier food choices, including cutting down on snacking and desserts, plus three exercise sessions a week, Ireland says she's almost back to where she feels her best.

Does that mean she wants to get back into a bikini (as Valerie Bertinelli recently did on the cover of PEOPLE)?

"No, that's not my goal," says Ireland, who prefers to wear business suits at her job. "I want to be healthy, to be there for my husband and my kids."

For the complete story on how Ireland lost the weight and regained control of her life, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.


EMMA Heming gushing about her recent wedding to Bruce Willis during a photo shoot for Lucky magazine in Beverly Hills. . . IMAN paying for wine at Hurley Ridge Wine & Spirits in the Catskills by pulling out cash from a ziplock baggie.

Barker, Moakler split again

On/off couple Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler have split again just a month after hinting they were ready to re-marry.

The couple ended its two-year marriage in 2006, but became close again after the Blink-182 drummer almost died in a plane crash in South Carolina last September.

The rocker and his ex admit the crash was the inspiration behind their decision to become man and wife once again.

Former beauty queen Moakler told Us Weekly magazine, "We would like to renew our vows and have another wedding."

But the couple never got close to exchanging vows again - their representatives have confirmed they've split.

Reports suggest their latest break-up came after "a nasty fight" broke out at Barker's house on Tuesday night, which ended with a police intervention.

A source tells, "Shanna started freaking out and acting irrational. Travis confronted Shanna about her having an affair with (actor) Gerard Butler, while he was in the hospital recovering (from the plane crash).

"He just wants to focus on his music and his children right now. He is done with her drama."

And Barker's rep confirms, "After surviving the plane crash, his driving force in life is the love he has for his kids. He is tired of all other drama and is ready to move on."

And a spokesman for Moakler adds, "They did break up but Shanna never cheated on Travis while he was in the hospital. Furthermore, Shanna is tired of playing out their personal relationship in the press."

The couple has two kids together, Landon Asher and Alabama Luella, and Moakler has a daughter, Atiana Cecilia, with ex-husband Oscar de la Hoya.


BRIDGET Moynahan is furious with Gisele Bundchen after Bundchen boldly bragged to Vanity Fair about being mommy to Moynahan and Tom Brady's son, John.

But while Moynahan is taking the high road and keeping quiet, her friends are not.

One close pal told Page Six, "If Gisele loved Bridget's child like he was '100 percent her own,' then she would not talk about him in the press. Discretion and respect are not either of Gisele or Tom's virtues, as was evidenced even when the child was still unborn and they publicly flaunted their relationship without any discretion whatsoever."

Brady and Moynahan broke up before the "Lord of War" star learned she was pregnant and he began dating Bundchen. Moynahan gave birth to John on Aug. 22, 2007.

Moynahan's friend continued: "Don't you think Jack will grow up and read her comments and find them disrespectful to him and his mother? If Tom is such a great father as everyone likes to say, then you would think that he'd respect the privacy of his young child and would ask his wife not to use his son as a publicity prop and a subject of public discussion. Is she is so desperate for attention that she can't find anything more productive to talk about other than Bridget's child?"

In Vanity Fair, Bundchen not only said John was "100 percent her child," she added: "It's not like because somebody else delivered him, that's not my child. I love him the same way as if he were mine. I already feel like he's my son, from the first day . . . He's my little angel -- the sweetest, most cuddly, loving baby. I feel blessed to have him in my life. I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that. But to me, it's not like because somebody else delivered him, that's not my child -- I feel it is, 100 percent."

Moynahan's friend also quipped, "Hey Gisele -- real mothers don't call their kids 'it.' " Moynahan's rep declined to comment.

Actress Nikki Ziering Welcomes a Girl!

It's a daughter for Nikki Ziering and boyfriend Rick Reynolds!

The actress and Playboy cover model and Reynolds welcomed their first child on March 27 in Newport Beach, Calif., her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The girl, named Tatum Ella Reynolds, weighed 8 lbs., 13 oz., and was delivered via C-section at 11:14 am.

"Nikki and Rick are beyond thrilled," says the rep, Jerry Shandrew. "Tatum arrived healthy and absolutely beautiful."

Ziering, 37, was divorced from Beverly Hills, 90210 actor Ian Ziering in 2002. Reynolds, 39, works in medical sales and marketing.

Kendra vs. Carmen: Whose Stripper Pole Is Best?

Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson wants you to bring a little piece of her into your home by way of her new line of stripper poles.

The Playboy cover girl and former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner is launching a new stripper-pole workout, according to Us. The 23-year-old, who's currently filming Kendra, an E! reality show about her engagement and marriage to Philadelphia Eagles football player Hank Baskett, said her product puts another famous celeb stripper workout to shame.

"It's like Carmen Electra's, but mine is better," Wilkinson told the magazine. "Mine will connect to the ceiling, and you can spin on it and do all that stuff on it."

Oh no, she di-in't! (Pillow fight, anyone?) Of course, this begs the question: Which stripper workout would you be more likely to try?

Holly Madison Just Says 'No' to Photo Retouching

Kim Kardashian has already defended her curves – and said she doesn't care that a non-retouched photo of her hit the Internet. And now the reality star has another defender: Holly Madison.

"Kim looks amazing," Madison says in an interview scheduled to air Monday on E!'s Daily 10. "She's a gorgeous girl and she's got nothing to hide."

No stranger to the cameras, Madison says she's generally not a fan of photo retouching. "One of my pet peeves is too much Photoshop," says the Girls Next Door star. "When I worked at Playboy, I was always really strict that the Photoshop we used on the girls was minimal."

Like Kardashian previously, Madison is competing on Dancing with the Stars – and struggling a bit.

"It's hard," she says of the training. "I came in late in the game, [and I'm] still kind of nervous … I try to have fun on the dancefloor."

Gisele Bündchen Calls Tom Brady's Love Child a 'Wake-up Call'

Marriage and step-motherhood have come naturally to Gisele Bündchen – who in February wed New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, 18 months after his former girlfriend, model-actress Bridget Moynahan, gave birth to Brady's child, John Edward Thomas Moynahan.

"It was definitely a surprise for both of us," the supermodel, 28, tells Leslie Bennetts for Vanity Fair's May issue. Yet the baby's arrival in their lives, Bündchen insists, has not detracted from her bliss. In fact, little John Edward has contributed to it.

"In the beginning you're living this romantic fantasy; you're thinking, This can't be true, it's so good!" she says "And then, Whoops – wake-up call!"

Should She Leave?

The rude awakening came 2½ months after she had met Brady through a friend in late 2006, when she was instantly attracted to him thanks to his charismatic smile, she says. With Moynahan's news, however, "[I]t was a very challenging situation," says Bündchen. "Obviously, in the beginning, it's not the ideal thing.".

And, obviously, doubts arose. "You question at times – 'Should I stay here? Maybe you should work this out,' " says Bündchen. "But when people break up, it's for a reason."

In the end, working with Brady to deal with the baby, "was a blessing, because otherwise I don't think I would have known what he was made of, and he wouldn't have known what I was made of," she says, noting his integrity and "the way he was a good person through all the times. I was like, You have the heart in a good place! It made me feel more in love with him; it made me realize who he was."

Strengthened Relationship

As a result, says the new bride, who, with Brady, is due to celebrate their marriage with family and friends in Costa Rica this Friday, "Our relationship has become so much stronger, and I think I wouldn't be as certain as I am today if it weren't for that."

What makes Brady perfect for her, says Bündchen, the world's highest paid supermodel, is: "He's very close to his family. He's Catholic. His parents have been married 40 years. He's got a pure heart. That's all that matters – he's got the purest heart. I feel grateful because I have a lot of love in my life. I found the person I'm sharing my life with. I have a good man."

Gisele Bundchen Calls Stepson "100 Percent" Hers

Gisele Bundchen, who tied the knot with Tom Brady last month, says she considers his 19-month-old son with ex Bridget Moynahan "100 percent" hers.

"I understand that [John] has a mom, and I respect that, but to me it's not like because somebody else delivered him, that's not my child. I feel it is, 100 percent," the supermodel tells Vanity Fair. "I want him to have a great relationship with his mom, because that's important, but I love him the same way as if he were mine. I already feel like he's my son, from the first day."

Bundchen, who has never met Moynahan, admits that learning of Moynahan's pregnancy barely three months into her relationship with the New England Patriots quarterback was "not the ideal thing."

"It was definitely a surprise for both of us," she says. "In the beginning you're living this romantic fantasy; you're thinking, This can't be true, it's so good! And then, whoops — wake-up call!"

The unexpected news placed doubts in Bundchen's head.

"You question at times — 'Should I stay here? Maybe you should work this out,'" she says. "But when people break up, it's for a reason."

Ultimately, the pregnancy was a "blessing" and only strengthened her and Brady's bond. "Our relationship has become so much stronger, and I think I wouldn't be as certain as I am today if it weren't for that," Bundchen says.

Kendra Wilkinson Can't Wait for Marriage

With her world currently consumed with wedding plans, Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson is actually more excited about what happens after she ties the knot on June 27 with football star fiancé Hank Bassett.

"That's what we talk about all the time," the blonde beauty told PEOPLE when the couple took a break from their preparations to attend the American Red Cross's Red Tie Affair in Santa Monica on Saturday. "The wedding, we feel, is nothing but a celebration. It's a party. We could just go down to the courthouse and get married and we'll just be happy doing that.

"We're ready just to get married and ready for our lives together," Wilkinson said. "I'm just really excited to be his wifey and he's excited to be my hubby – that's just the way it is."

Still, her thoughts aren't veering far from planning the big day at former beau Hugh Hefner's fabled home. "There are a lot of things that are exciting – the destination of the Playboy Mansion, and having Hef be there, and all the people who love me."

Hopes for Holly Madison

Wilkinson's hectic schedule has kept her from keeping one promise to a loved one: She confesses she hasn't been able to school pal and bridesmaid Holly Madison in how to properly move her booty to impress the Dancing with the Stars judges.

"I was going to, but I didn't have time," laments Wilkinson. "She wanted me to show her how to shake her a--. I tried to find the time, and I wanted to so bad, but I couldn't. She texts me all the time: 'Show me how to shake my a-- – PLEASE!' "

Wilkinson has been following Madison's dance progress on the hit show as best she can. "I saw her on YouTube the first week and she was doing really good – but now, not good because of her rib," referring to Madison injuring her rib last week and rehearsing through the pain for Monday's show.

Now that Madison is single again after her split with illusionist Criss Angel, Wilkinson holds out hope that, like her, Holly will find the ideal love match.

"I hope she just finds a normal guy who's just in for love and not for what she is, what she does," she said. "I hope there's another Hank out there for her. Hank needs to give guys advice, because Hank's the perfect guy."

"I might be able to find someone for her," suggested Baskett.

"No other football guys, though," insisted Wilkinson. "I found the best one. I'm very, very lucky."


PARIS Hilton is fading into obscurity -- and fighting it tooth and nail. The celebutard helped set off a brawl at Liv in Miami early yesterday morning when she and her reality-TV star boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, weren't recognized by the club's deejay.

"Paris showed up at the club at 4 a.m. and asked the deejay, who was playing electronic music, if he would switch to playing hip-hop," said our tipster. The deejay was Steve Angello, a well-known Swedish music producer who was at Liv for the Winter Music Conference, an event for music-industry professionals.

"Paris is not used to waiting for anything or being told what to do," said our source. "So when Steve told her he wasn't going to change the music, Paris flipped out. The guy didn't even recognize her."

Reinhardt then "tried to get Paris through into the deejay booth," said our spy.

But a different source tells us that version "isn't true. Paris walked up to the booth, and security pushed her away and a guard put his hands on her. That's when Doug and Paris' security came over to see what was going on."

Our first witness claims that Rein- hardt slapped Angello, and "that's when it turned into a brawl, with Doug being punched in the face and getting a bloody lip."

Police came but no charges were pressed. Reinhardt told Page Six, via a spokeswoman, "I am really surprised at how things went down, and shocked that anyone would put their hands on a woman."

Hilton shared her version of the story on her MySpace blog: "It was like something out of a fight movie. Doug was fighting off like six guys. But he was of course stronger than them all . . . I cried I was so upset."

The heirhead should take a cue from sister Nicky Hilton, who attended the Ultimat vodka party at the Gansevoort in Miami Wednesday but flew under the radar.

Holly Madison: Rib Injury Is 'Nothing Serious'

Following a trip to the doctor Thursday for pain in her side, Holly Madison says she’s in pain but luckily it’s nothing serious. “We went to the the doctor yesterday,” Madison told E!’s Daily 10, “I just have some inflamed muscles around my ribs. So it hurts, but I’m a lot more confident now i know it’s nothing serious.” That’s good news since original reports suggested Madison may have cracked one of her ribs while rehearsing her upcoming tango with partner Dmitry Chaplin. Chaplin adds, “Holly’s not a dancer. Her body’s not used to the kind of pressure, pulling of the rib cage or twisting or doing splits …So her body of course suffers from it.” And while Madison says she’s banged up, she still plans on performing on Monday’s show. “I’ve always wanted to do this show,” she says. “It’s super fun. I’m not going to stop!”

Paris Hilton involved in hotel brawl

Paris Hilton just wants to dance. Is that so wrong?

The celebutante sparked a round of fisticuffs early Friday when a bodyguard took umbrage to her request for a dance song at Miami's Fontainebleu hotel in Miami, reports

Apparently Hilton, 28, wasn't feeling the techno music the DJ was spinning at the hotel's nightclub and approached him around 3 a.m. to see if he could change it up to Madonna or Black Eyed Peas, you know.

A bodyguard near the DJ then allegedly pushed Hilton, which royally ticked off her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, who had words with the bodyguard. The two men began to tussle right there, and hotel security had to break it up. Although cops were called in, nobody was charged.

"I can't believe someone would do this to us, it's really scary," says Hilton, who emerged from the incident unscathed.

Reinhardt was not so lucky and sustained a bloody lip.

Moving Along

AGYNESS DEYN is totally over her ex, Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. The newly single mannequin had a rebound dinner at Freemans earlier this week with an attractive hipster. "They were at a small table in the back bar area having cocktails and looking very flirty and intimate with one another," says a source. A few tables away, "Duplicity" star Julia Roberts dined with a few friends. A server was overheard saying how nice she was.

We Hear...

THAT Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, Milla Jovovich, Veronica Webb and Tinsley Mortimer were among the guests at last night's annual Winter Dance Benefit for the American Museum of Natural History.


Paris Hilton and Kathy Griffin, strutting their stuff in bikinis as they made their way to a poolside cabana at the Avalon hotel's Blue on Blue restaurant in Beverly Hills. Before heading to the pool, the hotel heiress checked herself in a mirror – with several people complimenting her on how she looked. Griffin, whose hangout session with Hilton was being filmed for an upcoming episode of her Bravo show My Life on the D-List, got laughs by responding, "Thank you!" Once outside, the unlikely BFFs (who also shopped that day in West Hollywood) ran into Terrence Howard, who gave them both a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Holly Madison Examined for 'Excruciating' Pain from Injury

The Dancing With the Stars injury bug has bit another victim — this time Holly Madison.

A rep for the Girls Next Door star tells PEOPLE that Madison was taken to the doctor Thursday after a pain in her side became excruciating, preventing her from rehearsing.

“She hurt herself last week when she was rehearsing the Samba,” Steve Flynn, Madison’s rep, says. “(Thursday) she was practicing the tango and the pain was so bad that it made it basically impossible for her to move.” ABC camera crews were with Madison at the doctor’s visit.

It’s too early to tell whether the injury will prevent her from participating in the show, Flynn said.

“She was in a lot of pain last week,” the rep says. “But you know, Holly’s a gamer. She wants to do this so bad and she wants to do well. She really didn’t tell a lot of people how badly she was injured because she doesn’t want to give herself any excuses.”

Madison, who actually replaced Jewel when the singer got injured, told PEOPLE last weekend at Prive Las Vegas that she was using “positive thinking” to stay injury-free.

“I’m getting bruised up,” she said. “I’m thinking really positive. Physically it’s the most difficult thing I’ve done.”

New Moon Scoop: Heidi Is a Supermodel!

New Moon has its Heidi.

I can exclusively reveal that Canadian supermodel Noot Seear has won the coveted role of the beautiful human bait in the Twilight sequel.

Heidi is described in Stephenie Meyer's novel as a "fisher" who brings humans to the Volturi vampires to eat. She has "exceptional, unforgettable" beauty, which includes stunning legs, long hair and violet eyes.

If y'all remember, 90210 starlet AnnaLynne McCord auditioned for the role, which insiders have described to me as being more of a cameo than anything else.

So who is this Noot Seear?

The 25-year-old dark blond stunner hails from Vancouver, Canada. (Yup, that's where director Chris Weitz just started shooting New Moon). She's 5 feet 9 inches tall and has blue eyes, according to her agency, One Model Management. Her measurements? 34-24-34.

She began modeling when she was about 13 years old and moved to New York City "for more exposure," New York magazine has reported.

Since then she has appeared in spreads in Elle, Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair. Her ad campaigns have included Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein's CK One fragrance, Vera Wang Bridal and Pantene Pro-V.

She's also walked several catwalks for designers like Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, Lanvin and Alexander Wang.

Let the Robert Pattinson and Noot romance rumors begin!


PADMA Lakshmi and Teddy Forstmann are still going strong. On Friday, the IMG owner, 68, and the "Top Chef" host, 38, were spotted holding hands and PDA-ing over dinner at Strip House. Says our source: "There was a lot of wine involved." Forstmann was also the Indian model's date to her graduation from the Upright Citizen's Brigade, where she performed improvisation. The show ironically included a scene in which a young woman attempted to pick up guys at an AARP mixer.


NOTE to bachelors: Hope Dworaczyk doesn't bite. But for some reason, guys are reluctant to chat up Playboy's luscious Miss April. "Men don't hit on me at all. I'm 5-foot-10, so maybe that rules out half of them, but you'd figure they'd approach me," the Texas-born stunner tells Page Six. Dworaczyk, who dates NBA superstar Jason Kidd, adds she's still denying rumors she's pregnant with his child: "I've either hidden this baby from the world somehow or have been pregnant longer than anybody else."

Florida Officials Reexamining Anna Nicole's Death

So much for resting in peace.

Following the arrests of Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer and doctors, officials in Florida are reexamining the circumstances surrounding her death.

Howard K. Stern and Drs. Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich were busted earlier this month for allegedly supplying Smith with illicit drugs.

"Our prosecutors have met with representatives of the Los Angeles district attorney's office and the California Department of Justice and discussed the evidence they have turned up in their investigation," says Ron Ishoy, the spokesman for Ft. Lauderdale State Attorney Mike Satz.

"We are now investigating that evidence to see where it might lead in relation to Ms. Smith's death here in Broward County in 2007."

Legal experts say that Sunshine State prosecutors may reopen the case if they find evidence that the defendants illegally administered drugs to Smith, which ultimately caused her death.

"If what they know is criminal felony conduct lead to the death, then they could be considering whether or not they can bring a secondary murder charge or an involuntary manslaughter charge against any or all of these people," says Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Alec Rose, who is not directly involved in the case.

It does not matter how much time has gone by since the case closed, explains Rose.

"In most jurisdictions the statute of limitation for murder is unlimited," he says. "There's never a time limit to investigate a charge of murder. A criminal charge can usually be brought in any location where any part of the crime took place."

There was no comment from either the Los Angeles district attorney or California attorney general's office on the Florida probe.

Stern, Kapoor and Eroshevich were charged with felony conspiracy to furnish drugs to Smith and prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict. They are currently free on bail and have proclaimed their innocence.

"These individuals repeatedly and excessively furnished thousands of prescription pills to Anna Nicole Smith, often for no legitimate medical purpose," California Attorney General Jerry Brown said earlier this month.

"There is ample evidence that Dr. Eroshevich and Dr. Kapoor violated their ethical obligations as physicians, while Mr. Stern funneled highly addictive drugs to Ms. Smith."

We Hear...

THAT Kate Moss is expected April 1 at the launch of Topshop on Broadway at Broome, which is carrying the supermodel's new fashion line. Retailer Sir Philip Green and wife Lady Green are hosting dinners that night and the night before, at Balthazar with performances by Mark Ronson, Santogold, Lady Gaga and others.


AUSSIE supermodel Kristy Hinze, 28, tied the knot with billionaire Netscape founder Jim Clark, 65, over the weekend. The two "wanted a quiet location with no press," a pal said, so they picked the Rosewood Little Dix Bay resort on Virgin Gorda across from Richard Branson's Necker Island. Guests like Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts were ferried between the two resorts and Jimmy Buffett performed at the reception. The newlyweds stayed on Clark's Athena, the high-tech, 289-foot three-masted schooner that's the largest private sailing yacht in the world.

Tom & Gisele Invite Family, Friends to Two-Day Wedding Celebration

After quietly marrying in a weeknight church wedding, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are going to do it again – with a few more people on the guest list.

The newlyweds have invited friends, family, Brady's New England Patriots teammates and Bündchen's pals in the modeling world to Costa Rica for a dinner on Friday, April 3, followed by a Saturday replay wedding ceremony and reception, sources tell PEOPLE.

The celebration, which sources say the couple have been planning for months, will not be as small as their surprise Thursday night nuptials on Feb. 26 at St. Monica Catholic church in Santa Monica, Calif., featuring Brady's 1½-year-old-son and few other guests. But Brady, 31, and Bündchen, 28, are still not pulling out all the stops.

"It's going to be an intimate affair," a source tells PEOPLE. "Mostly family and a few friends of both."

The couple's plans for a second celebration were first reported by

Comeback Kid

MODELING legend Carmen Dell'Orefice is going back to work at age 77. The icon, who just spilled the story of her 12-year marriage to late real-estate magnate Norman Levy in Vanity Fair, lost her entire life savings to Levy's confidant, Bernie Madoff, in December. Now luxury marketing firm AgencySacks is giving Dell'Orefice a chance at a comeback. One source told us the agency contracted photographer Roxanne Lowit to shoot the still stunning mannequin in an ad campaign for the Pierre Hotel.


PADMA Lakshmi sharing a bottle of Dom Perignon with hotelier Vikram Chatwal at Amalia

Elle Macpherson gets "Beautiful" for CW

Supermodel Elle Macpherson is returning to acting with a recurring role on CW's drama pilot "Beautiful Life."

The project revolves around a group of male and female models living together in New York.

Macpherson will play Claudia, the owner of Focus Models, the top modeling agency in New York. She is an '80s supermodel who is still in great shape and runs her business with the efficiency and toughness of a dictator.

She joins Mischa Barton, Ben Hollingsworth, Sara Paxton, Ashley Madekwe and Nico Tortorella in the pilot.

Like her character, Macpherson was an '80s supermodel. In fact, along with Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Paulina Porizkova and Cindy Crawford, she became part of the first generation of supermodels.

In the 1990s, she segued into acting. But after appearing in a string of movies, including "The Edge," "If Lucy Fell" and "Batman & Robin" and after a recurring role on NBC's "Friends" in the late 1990s, Macpherson left Hollywood to focus on her business empire, whose portfolio of products includes workout videos, calendars, lingerie and beauty products.


THERE'S no love lost between Dita Von Teese and her ex-hubby, Marilyn Manson. "He's been in touch a little. The apologies come, and he was like, 'I made a big mistake,' " the raven-haired stripper tells Inked magazine. "And I'm like, 'Yeah, yeah, I know. Go ahead and say what you need to say to feel better and to sleep at night.' " Von Teese isn't letting any grass grow under her feet. "Right now I've got three [guys]," she says. "They're all in different parts of the world . . . That's my biggest sin juggling men."

Age Gulf

ARE Russell Simmons and girlfriend Julie Henderson having age issues? The 51-year-old hip-hop mogul squired the 23-year-old grapefruit heiress who shows off plenty of freckles in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue to the Art for Life benefit at the Fontainebleau in Miami, but we hear there was trouble in paradise. "Her friends are having major problems with the fact that he's so much older than she is," says an insider. Also there were Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush and Vivica Fox.

We Hear...

THAT Britney Spears' ex Kevin Federline and Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks will jointly celebrate their birthdays tonight at M2


Paris Hilton, celebrating St. Patrick's Day at LAVO in Las Vegas with Doug Reinhardt – and wearing a rhinestone headpiece. Appropriately dressed in a green skirt, the heiress and friends from her show My New BFF grabbed a VIP table in front of the deejay. Hilton cuddled with her beau and jumped on the mic to announce the winner of the sexiest leprechaun contest alongside Mark McGrath.

Runway Rookie

THERE'S a new Brazilian beauty on the block. Now that Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima are officially off the market, Ana Claudia Michels has taken the catwalks by storm. The blonde, who's been on the cover of nearly every edition of Vogue worldwide, recently scored campaigns with Givenchy and Iguatemi, the super-luxe shopping center company based in Sao Paulo. Ana Claudia, who is of German/Bavarian stock, is from Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil. She's dating banker Tato Malzoni.

'Project Runway Canada' host Iman to wear Biddell to finale runway show

"Project Runway Canada" host Iman says she's getting ready for Toronto Fashion Week with a little help from last season's winner - Evan Biddell.

The Somalian-born supermodel says she will wear one of Biddell's designs to the "Project Runway Canada" finale on Thursday.

That's the day the fashion finalists will show their collections at Toronto Fashion Week and be judged for the last time by Iman and her panel of design discriminators.

Iman says she invited Biddell to her home in New York a couple of weeks ago to consult on the dress and is very proud of what he's done since winning the show.

Biddell is set to show his new collection at Toronto Fashion Week on Friday, the same day as fellow Season 1 contestants Carlie Wong and Lucian Matis.

The "Project Runway Canada" finale airs April 14 on Global.

Hilton 'violated' over cell theft

Paris Hilton was devastated by the theft of her cellphone, insisting the incident left her feeling "violated".

New York hotel manager Marc Marrouche was arrested after he was allegedly caught trying to sell the Simple Life star's phone on the internet.

His ex-girlfriend found the handset at Manhattan nightclub Marquee in 2005 and Marrouche reportedly advertised the phone on website Craigslist for $5,000 (#3,570), prompting his arrest by an undercover police officer.

And Hilton admits the whole incident has left her traumatised.

She tells, "That was my private property. I can't believe someone would try and sell my phone on Craigslist. I feel violated."

Marrouche has been charged with criminal possession of stolen property and faces a year behind bars if convicted.

Kendra Wilkinson: Holly Madison 'Killed It' on Monday's Dancing

Kendra Wilkinson is one Girl Next Door that has Holly Madison’s back.

In a blog post dated March 17, Wilkinson wrote of her former Girls Next Door costar: “Holly did so amazing on DWTS last night! I didn’t know she could work it like that on the dance floor, and she looked SMOKIN in that purple dress!”

Though the judges agreed Madison was a vision on the dancefloor, they weren’t as kind on her quick step. “You were like a doll and [partner Dmitry Chaplin] was just dragging you around the floor,” said Carrie Ann Inaba. “Are you late for an appointment?” Bruno Tonioli joked. “You looked like you were running for a bus! You have to keep up with your partner.”

Wilkinson begged to differ. “I don’t care what the judges said or what score she got, my girl still killed it and she looked hotttt!” she wrote.

And should Madison continue on in the competition, Wilkinson hopes to see her tackle hip-hop.

She writes: “I’m crossing my fingers that Dancing with the Stars makes them dance to some hip-hop this season because you know I’ll be in the dance studio with Holly and Dmitry teaching them some of my freaky moves hahaha!!!”

Kendra Wilkinson Searching for a Wedding Minister

As Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson prepares for her wedding to football star Hank Baskett, she's still looking for a man of the cloth – and that cloth can't be silk pajamas.

I'm getting stressed since I'm trying to find a minister to perform the ceremony at the Playboy Mansion," Wilkinson, 23, tells CeleBuzz. "It might be the most stressful detail."

Man of the manor Hugh Hefner could take on yet another job, but Wilkinson is thinking a little more traditional.

"We're trying our hardest," she says. "But it is the Playboy Mansion."

Anna Nicole Smith's Psychiatrist Booked on Felony Charges

Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, a psychiatrist to Anna Nicole Smith, was booked Monday on seven felony charges for allegedly conspiring with another doctor and Smith's boyfriend to prescribe excessive drugs under fake names.

shevich, 61, who also was Smith's neighbor in Studio City, Calif., traveled extensively with Smith before her death in February 2007 of an accidental drug overdose.

Last week, the psychiatrist was charged along with Howard K. Stern, 40, and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, 40, with participating in a conspiracy to furnish the former Playmate with toxic drugs – including methadone, chloral hydrate and clonazepam – often by using fake names or by prescribing the drugs to Stern.P>Bail for all three was set at $20,000 each, and arraignment is scheduled for May 13. Stern and Kapoor turned themselves in Thursday night in Whittier, Calif., posted bail and were released. Eroshevich surrendered at the Los Angeles police station in Van Nuys, Calif.

Adam Braun, an attorney for Eroshevich, says his client committed no crimes.

"Anna was the center of a cruel tabloid feeding frenzy," Braun says. "In the face of this, Dr. Eroshevich did her best to help the patient while protecting what little privacy Anna had left. Any actions were done with the patient's well-being in mind and were certainly not criminal."

Tyra Banks Welcomes Back Aspiring Models After Melee

The casting call will go on!

Tyra Banks issued a statement Monday on how producers of America's Next Top Model will respond after a weekend riot during auditions in New York.

"To all the Top Model hopefuls who were affected by the New York casting, we are doing everything we can to make sure that ALL the girls who weren't seen, get an opportunity to audition," she says. "We'll update you on our plans very soon."

Banks also talked about her goals for the popular CW reality show: "It is so important to me to redefine beauty, and make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to pursue their dream. I am beyond excited for Cycle 13; for the first time ever, young women 5'7" and under have a shot at becoming America's Next Top Model! I encourage each girl to come out ready to rock the runway and show off their fiercest pose. I'm rooting for all of you!"

Two people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries after a panicked stampede broke out while hundreds waited in line to audition for the show.


PADMA Lakshmi wants you to know that she did not throw a tantrum at Schiller's. On Friday, a Gawker reader wrote in to the site that the "Top Chef" host "started flipping out, waving her arms and stamped her feet" at a hostess after being forced to wait for a table while dining with financier boyfriend Teddy Forstmann and another friend. But a rep for Lakshmi says, "She had called in advance, and they were expecting her, and everyone was lovely. She loves Schiller's and their staff. It's totally untrue."

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady Visit Brazil

Newlyweds Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady got in some sweet treats and family time over the weekend.

The couple flew to Brazil, where Bündchen is from, so Brady could meet some of his new wife's family members he hasn't met before, according to a source.

Plus, the couple helped Bündchen's grandfather celebrate his 83rd birthday in the southern Brazilian city of Horizontina, the local newspaper Zero Hora reports.

Brady, 31, and Bündchen, 28, who got married last month in a small ceremony in Santa Monica, Calif., also enjoyed some ice cream and toured the city.

Brady, the quarterback for the New England Patriots, was spotted exercising at a local gym.


Quite the social butterflies, Dancing with the Stars super-couple Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy celebrated Nobu West Hollywood's one-year anniversary at a star-studded bash inside the restaurant. The dancing pros showed up early for dinner and drinks, and worked the room. Meanwhile, Nicky Hilton stuck by boyfriend David Katzenberg, and Christina Ricci and beau Owen Benjamin shared their dinner side-by-side at a table in the corner of the dining room.

Paris Hilton Calls Doug Reinhardt 'My Sexy Boy'

Paris Hilton is tanned, rested and ready to go back to work – but not before giving a love shout to her beau from The Hills: Doug Reinhardt.

"Hey everyone, just got back from an amazing trip in Maui with my sexy boy," writes Hilton, 28, on her MySpace Celebrity blog. "We had so much fun and it was so relaxing and romantic. I LOVE Hawaii!"

The heiress and the 24-year-old reality star spent their time scuba diving – a first for Hilton, who says, "It was so amazing to see everything that's under the sea."

But now it's back to the grind, Hilton-style: On Friday she started shooting the first episode of Season 2 of My New BFF.

Attorney General: Stern "Principal Enabler" in Anna Nicole Drug Case

Make no mistake, the California attorney general is not one to mince words.

"What we have in this case is a conspiracy among three individuals," Jerry Brown said of Howard K. Stern, and Drs. Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich, the trio charged yesterday with eight felonies for their roles in the lead-up to Anna Nicole Smith's drug-induced death.

"It was done knowingly and it was done with tragic consequences."

Referring to Stern as the "principal enabler," Brown said during a press conference this morning that the lawyer and onetime reality show star "funneled highly addictive drugs to Ms. Smith."

"We're not talking a few dozen, we're talking hundreds and hundreds of pills," he went on. "The law's been violated, it's a conspiracy, this is bad business." (View the complaint)

Brown denounced the two doctors involved for having "violated their ethical obligations as physicians," and said that the patient, in this case Anna Nicole, is not to blame, even if she had a hand in obtaining the drugs.

"These three individuals repeatedly and excessively furnished thousands of prescription pills to Anna Nicole Smith, often for no legitimate medical purpose," he said.

"Doctors are licensed to avoid those pressures."

As for a possible motivation for the accused, Brown said that Smith herself may have been a draw.

"Probing into motives is always a speculative undertaking, but certainly there is a…gain here to be part of the celebrity glitz and glamour.

"These people were caught up with being in a relationship with and being around Anna Nicole Smith."

Meanwhile, Kapoor's medical mentor, Dr. Victor Kovner, who started the Studio City medical center currently run by Kapoor, told E! News that he was "very saddened" by the situation and insisted that Kapoor was "very well trained."

Kovner added that, while he wishes the best for Kapoor, it would indeed be a serious crime if the allegations proved true, particularly the charge that he prescribed medications to false names.

"If they did it under another name to deliberately deceive, that's certainly a felony," he said. "His career is in tremendous jeopardy."

In addition the conspiracy charge, the trio variously faces charges of obtaining an opiate prescription by fraud, deceit or misrepresentation; obtaining an opiate prescription by giving a false name or address; prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict; and unlawfully prescribing a controlled substance.

Brown said that just one count typically carries a three-year sentence.

"This is serious stuff," he said. "Our goal is to prepare the evidence as well as possible. Now it's up to the District Attorney and his discretion to handle it the best way possible."

They are scheduled for arraignment on May 13.

Howard K. Stern Charged With Conspiracy in Anna Nicole Smith Case

Anna Nicole Smith's former lawyer, Howard K. Stern, has been formally charged with conspiring to furnish drugs to Smith prior to her death, prosecutors said Thursday.

Also charged with felonies were two doctors, Sandeep Kapoor, 40, and Khristine Eroshevich, 61, who allegedly prescribed medication unlawfully to Smith, according to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office.

Arrest warrants have been issued for all three.

"Attorneys for all three defendants have been notified of the charges against them and arrangements are being made for all three to appear in court," DA spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons tells PEOPLE.

From Playboy Bunny to Beach Bunny, Bridget Marquardt needs bikinis

Bridget Marquardt has hundreds of bikinis. She needs them for her new show, "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches."

In a job for which millions would kill, cameras follow the former live-in girlfriend of Hugh Hefner as she checks out the world's best beaches. The show airs on The Travel Channel in the United States.

The 35-year-old blonde became famous on the E! reality show "Girls Next Door" as one of the Playboy founder's playmates.

Marquardt, along with co-stars Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison, recently moved out of the mansion and on with their lives.

Wilkinson is now engaged and has her own E! reality show in the works. Madison is a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars" and recently broke up with illusionist Criss Angel.

Marquardt talks about her new job, Wilkinson's wedding and how Hef is doing.

AP: Your new show seems fun!

Marquardt: It's a dream job. I'm having a great time and love to just totally immerse myself in the different cultures and feel like when I go back home I can say, "I did this, I did this, I did this and I've seen it all!"

AP: Are you mindful though that most people can't afford to travel right now?

Marquardt: This show is an escape. People can save up and when they do get to take that vacation they have a better idea of where to go.

AP: What's your favourite location so far?

Marquardt: Probably Jamaica. It has something for everyone.

AP: You recently moved out of the Playboy mansion. Was it emotional?

Marquardt: It was very emotional. I'd been there for seven years. I feel like that's my family, my friends.

AP: Did Hef mind?

Marquardt: Actually Hef was really supportive. He's really excited and always checks in on me.

AP: How often would you see him when you lived there?

Marquardt: It depends on the schedule, his schedule, the mansion's schedule. There's a really rigid schedule. Monday night is "manly" night. Tuesday we went out to dinner. Wednesday is gym night. Thursday we'd go to the club or stay home and play a game. Friday, Saturday, Sunday is buffet dinner and a movie screening.

AP: There are reports that 83-year-old Hefner isn't doing well. How does he seem to you?

Marquardt: He seems to be fine. I saw him the other day and he seems to be great.

AP: Did it get competitive among you, Holly and Kendra?

Marquardt: I would say so. I don't know about the new girls, but even though we got along really well there was still some sort of competition. I think that's true any time you have three girls living together.

AP: You're going to be a bridesmaid in Kendra's wedding. Do you have your dress yet?

Marquardt: The wedding is so girly. I was shocked. She was like, "I want it to be baby pink and white." I was like, "Kendra, this is so not like you." I was trying on bridesmaid dresses and one happened to be lavender and I came out and she was like, "Ohmigod I love it, I love that colour," and right then and there she switched her colour to lavender.

AP: Do you talk to Holly?

Marquardt: I talk to her several times a week.

AP: Do you have a boyfriend?

Marquardt: Yes, I'm dating director Nicholas Carpenter (a newcomer who was co-director on "The Telling," a horror movie produced by Marquardt).

Tyra Banks Surprised by Chris Brown Abuse Allegations

When Chris Brown visited the Tyra Banks Show on Nov. 16, 2007, the R&B star revealed a pretty surprising piece of information: He had grown up with an abused mother. So, when Tyra Banks first heard the news that Brown had allegedly battered Rihanna last month, her immediate reaction was disbelief.

"First when I heard that this alleged thing happened, I didn't believe it at all," Banks said on a live broadcast of the Oprah Winfrey Show Thursday, which was dedicated to addressing domestic violence. "I was like, 'It's a rumor.' "

"When I found out about [the charges], I went back to that interview," Banks told Winfrey. "I was like, 'Oh my god, he's repeating [the cycle of abuse].'"

The Tyra Confession

During the live segment on Thursday, Winfrey played a revealing clip from Banks's show. In it, Brown, then 18, told the talk show host how damaging witnessing his mother's abuse from ages 7 to 13 was for him. At the time, he told Banks that his only recourse was to have faith. "I prayed all the time," he said. "I had the Bible under the pillow."

"It affected me," Brown added. "Especially [in my behavior] toward women. I treat them differently."

Banks recalled her feelings after interviewing Brown. "It was gripping to me because he then went on to say that he was so scarred by it, that he wet the bed," she said.Oprah's Reaction

"It's so sad," Winfrey said, responding, "because everybody knows – even when you grow up in an environment and disdain that environment – you really almost cannot help yourself until somebody helps you."

"They have an opportunity to break the cycle," Winfrey said.

Dedicating her show to the topic of domestic abuse, the talk show host widened her scope beyond the ongoing Chris Brown and Rihanna incident. She invited teens from across the country to share their stories. But Winfrey emphasized, the high profile nature of Rihanna's case will help raise awareness about the prevalence of physical abuse in relationships.

"We need to try and evolve from this moment," Winfrey said at the start of the broadcast, "not just be voyeurs in their life talking about what they should and shouldn't do."

Tyra Banks takes on issue of teen dating violence

In the wake of pop star Rihanna's alleged beating by singer boyfriend Chris Brown, Tyra Banks is devoting an episode of her talk show to the issue of teen dating abuse.

It's a subject close to her heart. In the segment airing Thursday on "The Tyra Banks Show," the super model shares her experience dating a man who emotionally abused her. Banks says the man chipped away at her, trying to break her down so he could be in control. One day, she woke up and decided to end the relationship because "when you're done, you know you're done."

Banks will be a guest on the live Thursday edition of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," which Winfrey has dedicated to dating violence in response to the alleged assault of Rihanna.

Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Bridesmaid Dress, Bachelorette Party Plans

Kendra Wilkinson is leaning on her fellow Girls Next Door stars when it comes to planning her June wedding to Hank Bassett.

"[Bridget] has been helping me plan details and stuff – she's been helping out a lot," Wilkinson, 23, told PEOPLE Tuesday at the launch of Bridget's Sexiest Beaches, the new Travel Channel show starring Bridget Marquardt.

Marquardt, who along with fellow Girls Next Door costar Holly Madison is among Wilkinson's six bridesmaids, helped decide the color for the dresses. "At first I thought the color was pink until Bridget tried on a lavender dress and I was like, 'Oh! The color is lavender because she looked gorgeous,' " says Wilkinson.

His & Hers Party

Another celebration is also in the works – the bachelorette party. "[Hank and I] doing a joint one," says Wilkinson of her Philadelphia Eagles fiancé. "We're thinking about a getaway to Palm Springs. He's going to play golf, and me and my girls are going to get massages."

And what about a party? "Everyday will be one big party!" she says. "C'mon, he's got a lot of guys I got a lot of girls. Why not put them all together?"

One thing she hasn't given much thought to, though, is a bridal shower. "I'm not too into a bridal shower," says Wilkinson, a self-professed tomboy. "I don't like to hang out with girls for so long I'd go crazy. So I just want to keep it the basic stuff."

Relocation News

But the bride-to-be is making already plans for after the wedding. 'After we get married I'm going to go out there to Philly with him and support him."

As for a family, Wilkinson says they want children soon – but not too soon. "There's so much out there we want to go see. We want to go to Paris, all around the world before we have kids."

Klum urges 'Runway' protest

Supermodel Heidi Klum has urged fans of her hit U.S. show Project Runway to assemble outside TV mogul Harvey Weinstein’s home - to protest delays stopping the sixth season from airing.

The series has been left in limbo as bosses at TV station Bravo battle Weinstein's attempts to transfer it to the Lifetime network.

The final episode was filmed during New York Fashion Week, but not a single segment of the latest season has aired - leaving presenter Heidi Klum fuming.

And although Oscar-winning producer Weinstein has vowed the show will reach audiences by any means possible, Klum admits she is growing impatient.

She says, "I think that people should be demonstrating outside of Harvey Weinstein's house. If it were up to me, it would be on by now."

Gisele Bündchen Gushes About Tom Brady

She's a stepmother already – but a newlywed Gisele Bündchen says she is eager for more children.

"I want to have a big family," she tells Harper's Bazaar for its April issue, in an interview that took place before her nuptials to Tom Brady. "It's all good in that part of my life. It's one part of my life that I'm learning about every day. I've been challenged a lot by it, but it's the most rewarding part."

"I love kids," Bündchen, 28, adds. "It's amazing that I have the opportunity to hang out with my stepson all the time."

Bündchen is referring to Brady's 18-month-old son, John Edward Thomas, whom the supermodel says is very loving.

"He is so kind," she says. "He loves blueberries, and every now and then my dog, Vida, tries to get some food from him. He is so nice that he will give her the blueberries first. He is so cute and has such a sweet demeanor."

Bündchen also has plenty of tender words for her husband.

"Tom is a good guy," she says. "He has a very pure heart. He's very naive, almost like a child. That is my favorite quality about him. One thing that I thought was so amazing when I first met him is that he is innocent. He sees the world with [rose] colored glasses."

Of Brady's innocence, Bündchen says, "It's beautiful. But I think that is rare. I love that about him. No one else sees that. He's very strong and focused in his job, but he's so sensitive. It's amazing."

Bridesmaid Bridget Marquardt: No Wedding Bells For Now!

Bridget Marquardt is excited to be a bridesmaid in Kendra Wilkinson's upcoming wedding, but she's in no hurry to tie the knot with her new boyfriend, Nicholas Carpenter.

"I'm happy just to be dating and I think things are perfect as they are," she said at the premiere party for her new Travel Channel series, Bridget's Sexiest Beaches, held at the Playboy Mansion last night.

Still, it looks like things are getting serious between the two, who have been dating a few months. He was by her side for most of the party and couldn't stop kissing her. (Hard to blame the guy.)

"He's so cute, he's so sweet, he's really supportive, he makes me laugh," she gushed over her guy. "I could go on and on!"

As for Kendra, she came to the party with fiancé Hank Baskett, while Hef brought along new girlfriends Karissa and Kristina Shannon and Crystal Harris. So were things awkward between Hef's new and old girls?

Not at all.

It sounds like everyone's getting along just fine. The Shannon twins said they can't wait to watch Bridget's new show on Sunday nights and they'll be voting for Holly Madison on Dancing With the Stars.

Speaking of Holly, she was the only no-show at Bridget's bash. But maybe she was busy at Dancing rehearsals?

Bridget's Sexiest Beaches premieres March 12 at 10 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

Hef & The Girls Support, Critique Holly Madison on Dancing

Who says all Hollywood breakups are bad?

Holly Madison found out that she had been selected to fill injured Jewel’s spot on DWTS from none other than her ex, Hugh Hefner.

“I called her and gave her the news on Monday,” Hefner told PEOPLE at the launch of Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches, Girls Next Door alum Bridget Marquardt’s new show on the Travel Channel. “She had a week to prepare, less then a week.”

Despite the time crunch, Hefner, who hosted the launch at the Playboy Mansion, thought Madison did “a spectacular job” adding, “I’m very, very proud of her.”

Hefner isn’t the only one who is proud. Her Girls Next Door costars Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson also gushed about Madison’s abilities.

“I think that fact that she’s had ballroom dancing classes before and was a cheerleader in high school, I think that will bring a lot to the table,” said Marquardt. “I know she has tenacity. I know she’ll stick with it and give it her all.”

Wilkinson suggested Madison’s salsa dancing experience will help the “quick learner” stay in the competition.”I think people get on her and think she doesn’t know how to dance — but hip-hop dances she needs to work on, but ballroom dancing she’s great at, she has great feet.”

Expect to see the former entourage lend their support at a live DWTS taping. All intend on attending future shows, and Wilkinson even planned on going to Madison’s debut but was busy wedding planning with fiancé, Hank Baskett so she “You Tubed” the performance. Wilkinson even joked that she was “jealous” of Madison and would welcome her own shot at Dancing’s coveted disco ball in the future.

“It’s remarkable when you think about, the beginning of that relationship with all three of the girls and the beginning of the television show and then to have it all come to with everyone I’m so proud of them,” added Hefner, who admitted he voted for Madison “many times.”

Holly Madison Promises "More Hot Girls" in DWTS Audience

It's official.

Confirming the rumors, Girl Next Door Holly Madison sashayed over to Dancing With the Stars last night to replace Jewel, who dropped out last week after training left her with fractured bones in both legs.

"I've wanted to do it for so many years," Madison said after the show. "I'm just grateful for the opportunity, even if it is last-minute."

With Jewel sitting stageside (next to the also injured Nancy O'Dell, who has been replaced by The Bachelor's Melissa Rycroft), Madison made her debut dancing a cha-cha in an orange minidress. While most of the other contestants had about three to four weeks to work on their fancy footwork, Ms. Madison and her partner Dmitry Chaplin had just six days.

Madison tells me she’s not scared of getting injured, but you’ll have to forgive her if she’s walking somewhat funny these days…

“I was so sore I couldn't even climb the stairs in my condo!” she said. “My feet hurt like hell!”

Madison realizes that love connection gossip between her and Chaplin is probably inevitable, but insists nothing could be further from her mind these days. “I don't think anyone would bother starting romance rumors about me. I am all business,” said Madison, who recently split from her boyfriend of a few months, Mindfreak illusionist Criss Angel. “I don't want any romance in my life right now. I could never find a guy who will live up to my expectations.”

As for Madison’s performance, judge Len Goodman said it "wasn't bad" considering the short time she's had to practice. "I'm sure you're going to come out [next week] and be fabulous," Goodman predicted of her and Chaplin's upcoming quick step.

The two walked away with an 18 out of a possible 30.

As for her biggest competition? She thinks fellow newbie Melissa from The Bachelor is the one to beat: “She is a natural dancer and everyone loves her, including me.”

Yeah, but can Melissa deliver like Madison when it comes to the audience? “I’m inviting all my girlfriends to the shows,” Madison promises. “There will be a lot more hot girls in the audience this season!”

Rebecca Romijn rounds out 'Eastwick' cast

ABC's pilot "Eastwick" has completed its trio of witches, adding former "Ugly Betty" actress Rebecca Romijn to its cast.

In the drama, based on John Updike's novel "The Witches of Eastwick" and its 1987 film adaptation, Romijn will play a single mother with a cutting sense of humor, the showbiz trade papers report. She joins Jaime Ray Newman and Lindsay Price -- her former co-star in The WB's "Pepper Dennis" -- as the show's three leads; Veronica Cartwright is also in the cast.

The pilot will be Romijn's first TV work since leaving "Ugly Betty" -- where she played Alexis (formerly Alex) Meade -- earlier this season for maternity leave. She gave birth to twins with husband Jerry O'Connell in December.

In addition to "Ugly Betty" and "Pepper Dennis," Romijn had a recurring role on "Just Shoot Me" in the late '90s. She also guested on O'Connell's show "Carpoolers" last season.

Her movie credits include the "X-Men" films, "The Punisher" and "Lake City."

Anna Nicole's Estate Makes Supreme Stand for Marshall Inheritance

Those looking out for Anna Nicole Smith's estate—and the fortunes of Smith's sole heir, 2-year-old Dannielynn—have not forgotten about the $88.5 million a judge once wanted her to have.

Attorneys representing the late model's estate have again taken the now 14-year-old case to the U.S. Supreme Court, this time to lift the nearly three-year-old stay on the eight-figure inheritance Smith was awarded in 2002 from the estate of her late husband, oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II.

Marshall died in 1995 at the age of 90 after barely a year of marriage to the Playboy Playmate.

Smith's stepson, E. Pierce Marshall, had led the family crusade against Smith getting a penny of their patriarch's reputed $1.2 billion fortune. He won the first leg of the battle when a Texas probate court granted Smith nothing, while a federal bankruptcy judge in California promptly awarded Smith $474 million.

A U.S. District Court judge in California halved the judgment in 2002, awarding Smith $44 million from Marshall's estate, plus $44 million in punitive damages.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals then tossed out Smith's share altogether. But the U.S. Supreme Court decided in 2006 that the appellate court had overstepped its bounds and that Smith still had the right to pursue the inheritance in federal court.

Pierce Marshall died in 2006 and the appellate court's stay on Smith's money was never lifted.

"Vickie's estate will undeniably suffer irreparable harm if the stay is not vacated, as Pierce's executor claims there is no money to pay the district court judgment, and Vickie's estate cannot pursue Pierce's missing billions unless and until the stay is vacated," state court papers filed Monday on behalf of Smith's estate.

'Dancing With the Stars': Melissa Rycroft and Holly Madison join the fun

As expected, injured celebrities Jewel and Nancy O'Dell were replaced during Monday night's premiere of Dancing With the Stars with Hugh Hefner's former gal pal Holly Madison and Bachelor dumpee Melissa Rycroft.

Stepping in for singer Jewel, Madison was able to get in a couple of more days of rehearsal time (five total) for her trip around the dance floor. Meanwhile, Rycroft is having to rely heavily on her own dance background as O'Dell's knee injury caused her to be an eleventh hour dropout and left Rycroft with only 48 hours to get ready -- the least amount of anyone on the show ever.

The other celebrities each had four weeks to prepare.

As host Tom Bergeron said, "Let's hope this Monday is kinder to [Melissa] than last Monday."

The show waited until halfway through the show's first episode of the season to make the announcement. O'Dell and Jewel gamely watched from the audience, although it's likely Jewel would have been there regardless to root for her husband, Ty Murray, who is partnered with last season's So You Think You Can Dance finalist Cheslie Hightower.


They're already nesting! Newlywed Gisele Bündchen hit up Williams-Sonoma on Santa Monica's Montana Avenue while hubby Tom Brady waited in his black Audi with his son, John. The supermodel – who wore jeans and a sweater – looked "gorgeous and [was acting] very sweet" with employees, an onlooker tells us.

Paris Hilton's Barking Birthday Gift from Beau

Paris Hilton has a new baby! Don't jump to conclusions, though – this one's covered in fur and has four legs.

Paris's newest beau, The Hill's Doug Reinhardt, gave Hilton a baby teacup Pomeranian for her birthday, along with many other gifts, said the heiress, who turned 28 on Feb. 17.

"He probably got me more presents than any guy ever," she said in Las Vegas before a belated birthday celebration Saturday at the Hard Rock Hotel's Body English. "He's sweet."

Her affection for Reinhardt, who's previously been linked to Lauren Conrad, was on full display over the weekend. On Friday at Ago, the couple stayed close, kissed and held hands throughout dinner as her party of 25 people looked on.

At Body English, the couple even smooched on stage for all to see.

Though the relationship is still in its beginning stages, Reinhardt said it's already serious. "I think so," he said when asked. "She's a very amazing girl."

Earning brownie points, he added, "She's the most beautiful girl on the planet. She's amazing, both inside and out."

Helena Christensen: 'I Eat Like a Pig'

How's this for supermodel justice? "I eat more than anyone I know," says Helena Christensen. "I'm obsessed! [Food] takes up about 75 percent of my brain. I eat like a pig."

But don't show up at her doorstep with flaming torches just yet: Christensen, who first found fame in Chris Isaak's steamy Wicked Game video, admits she's had to step up her workouts to make up for her eating habits.

"I'm super lucky with my metabolism," she tells InStyle U.K. in the new April issue. Still, she adds, "I have to be realistic – that might not always be the situation. That's why I chose really intense training."

As for turning the big 4-0: "Age in itself doesn't freak me out," she tells the magazine. "I'm in better shape than I was at 25 because I'm actually doing something physical."

Her training, though, takes a back seat to her son Mingus, 9, with her ex, model/actor Norman Reedus. She adds that Mingus is truly the only man in her life – or at least her house. "I've never lived with any [man] except my son," she says. "I'm used to my own place, my own things. But if I met the right person, I'm sure I'd be like, 'Move in tomorrow, put your things everywhere.' "

She'd also be willing to have a second child – if the right guy comes along. "I look at my child and think: if me and his father could create this, what else could you create?"

Bridget Marquardt Not Even Thinking About Getting Engaged

Bridget Marquardt may have moved out of Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion in January, but The Girls Next Door star is still seeking the 82-year-old publisher's blessing when it comes to dating.

Asked if Hefner approves of her new boyfriend – director Nick Carpenter, 29 – Marquardt, 35, told PEOPLE, "Yes he does! Hef said that Nick's a really nice guy, and that as long as I wanted, he's welcome at the mansion anytime I'm there, and at all the parties and events."

Marquardt, whose Bridget's Sexiest Beaches debuts on the Travel Channel March 12, added, "Hef actually told one his friends, Kevin [Burns], our executive producer, 'You know, Bridget's got herself a nice guy.' So I think that's really cute."

Passed the Family Test

Carpenter, who began dating Marquardt earlier this year, has also received a warm welcome from her folks. "He's met all of my family," she says. "My mom, stepdad and brother all came to L.A. And we all went to dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. And then my real dad was at the mansion on the 4th of July, and Nick was actually there, but it was before we were dating."

So, with Marquardt blissfully happy and her new beau mingling easily with her family, is she interested in taking it to the next step? "No, not engaged – not even talking about that kind of stuff!"

Marquardt's Girl's costar Kendra Wilkinson, 23, is reportedly due to wed Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett at the Playboy Mansion on June 27. Third Girl Holly Madison, 29, recently split from her boyfriend, illusionist Criss Angel.

How Hank Baskett Found Kendra Wilkinson's Ring

It was a mission for which Hank Baskett was prepared to go undercover – to find an engagement ring for Kendra Wilkinson and not to tip her off about his impending proposal.

"I had to be sneaky about it because Kendra's a little inspector, always picking up clues," the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, who will wed the Girls Next Door star on June 27 at the Playboy Mansion, tells

After choosing Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelers in New Jersey to design the ring, Baskett says he stopped by the store every day to select a concept for the sparkler.

And while Wilkinson, 23, had no clue what was headed her way – "I didn't even know he was proposing," she says – she somehow managed to ring up Baskett whenever he was in the store.

"Kendra would just happen to call me then," Baskett recalls. "Every time. I would be like, I'm getting my computer worked on, I'm at the shoe store. I made something up."

When Baskett brought home the finished product – a 2¼-carat princess-cut diamond mounted with 60 diamonds on 18-carat white gold – he stored it in his safe and was obsessed with keeping it spotless.

"I'd look at it every day before practice, then I'd clean it. I'd come home from practice and still clean it. No one else touched it, but I still cleaned it."


SPANISH FLY: Paris Hilton and her current fling boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, helping Whitney Port celebrate her 25th birthday last night at El Compadre in Los Angeles followed by some late-night partying at nearby MyHouse nightclub.

It's a Girl for Supermodel Niki Taylor!

Get out the pink booties!

Supermodel Niki Taylor and her husband, NASCAR driver Burney Lamar, welcomed their new daughter into the world – the day before Niki's birthday.

What a present! Born on Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. in Nashville (near the couple's home in Brentwood, Tenn.), Ciel Taylor Lamar weighed in at 7 lbs., 8 oz.

"Everyone is doing amazing," says Lou Taylor, Niki's long-time manager, who is no relation to the supermodel. Taylor, 33, is already mom to 14-year-old twins Hunter and Jake.

She shared her struggle to get pregnant again in an interview with PEOPLE earlier this year. "I am so happy and ready," Taylor said after successfully conceiving again. "I am in such a wonderful place in my life that I can really enjoy it all."

Playboy babe may join 'Dancing with the Stars'

The new season of "Dancing with the Stars" doesn't start for another few days, but rumors are circulating that one celebrity hoofer may already be out -- and a former "Girl Next Door" may be taking her place.

Us magazine reports that Holly Madison, the Playboy Playmate, ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner and star of E!'s "The Girls Next Door," is set to join the ABC dance competition, which begins a new season on Monday (March 9). The network isn't commenting.

Madison would most likely take the place of singer-songwriter Jewel, who wrote on her blog last week that she's been slowed by tendonitis in her knees -- a result of rehearsing for the show with partner Dmitry Chaplin. Jewel's husband, rodeo cowboy Ty Murray, is also a contestant this season.

Along with fellow Hef girlfriends Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, the 30-year-old Madison starred in "The Girls Next Door" from 2005 until last month. The three women have all moved out of the Playboy Mansion and gone their separate ways; Hef has reloaded with a new set of girlfriends and will keep filming the show.

A number of "Dancing with the Stars" participants -- both celebs and their pro partners -- have been injured during the show's run. Most have been minor (sprained ankles are pretty common), although Olympian Misty May-Treanor had to withdraw last year after tearing her Achilles tendon last fall.

Holly Madison Is Single, and Staying that Way

Holly Madison is single again, but guys lining up to date the Playboy playmate are just going to have to wait.

"I'm just not interested in dating anybody," she told PEOPLE a week after her split with illusionist Criss Angel.

When will her self-imposed dating detention end? Despite her quick rebound from Hugh Hefner to Angel, she says, no time soon.

"I'm never dating anybody again," she said. "I don't need a man. I'm really happy with myself and being with my friends."

Madison, 29, who will not talk about details or reasons for the split with the Angel, 41, has moved back to Los Angeles after having spent much of the last four months living with her former beau in Las Vegas.

"I'm focused on forwarding my career," she said. "I'm working on producing my own shows. Girls Next Door was a great place to start but it was somebody else's show. I'm just ready to move on."

Selita Ebanks Issues Dress Code for Men

Sultry Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks may not have a particular type – her dating history includes Nick Cannon and tennis superstar James Blake – but she does know what she wants in a man.

"I'm a big sports fan, and nothing is more unattractive to me than a guy who doesn't appreciate ESPN," Ebanks, 26, tells Best Life magazine for its April issue. "If I have to explain football or basketball, that's the biggest turn-off."

Among Ebanks's other demands:

No rough play: "Aggression doesn't belong in the home. And if he gets too excited by gore or violence on television, I'm out of there."

A firm grip: "A man has to have big, strong hands to make me feel safe. When he makes me feel safe, I feel sexy"

No white socks: "A man once walked up to me … and I saw he was wearing white socks with his suit! I would have beat anybody in the dash to get out of there."

A nice, white smile: "I want to kiss something that looks like it would taste good."

Banks: Scars, attitude part of `Top Model' beauty

Tyra Banks, with a lively rush of words, describes a photo session featured in the season debut of "America's Next Top Model."

In the shoot dubbed "Return to Innocence," the CW reality series' aspiring models are depicted playing "games that young girls played back in the day — dodge-ball, jacks, double-Dutch jump-rope," Banks said.

But the 13 women are posed to look anything but pure.

"There's a girl smoking. A girl from the wrong side of good," Banks said. It's part of the TV producer and talk-show host's campaign against what she considers pop culture's harmful messages for girls.

Banks said she created "America's Next Top Model," back with a two-hour episode at 8 p.m. EST Wednesday, to counter stereotypes of who and what is considered beautiful. The show has included minorities and women dubbed "plus-size" by the fashion industry.

Banks, who also leads the show's judging panel, challenged convention herself as one of the few African-American supermodels.

This time around on "Top Model," one contestant bears scars on her body from an accidental scalding she suffered as a child and refuses to hide the marks. Another has startlingly large, mesmerizing eyes. A third is a street preacher.

"This is a very special group of girls," Banks said. "I want them to connect with viewers, and not just with their looks, but with their personalities."

Banks is ready to push industry boundaries on the show's next season, due in September. Women on the comparatively short side will be the focus: Nobody over 5-foot-7 need apply for the shot at a modeling contract.

Supermodels usually tower over mere mortals, with only a handful of less-than-statuesque beauties like Kate Moss making the cut. Banks already has encountered skepticism from industry insiders.

"A couple of designer friends said, `Look, girl, you better make sure that winner is fierce if it's not going to be a joke. You've got to make sure her face and body photographs like a tall model. She has to be really amazing.'"

No problem, said Banks. There's a big pool of stunners able to fit that profile.

"It's harder to cast somebody who's 5-foot-10 and has personality and looks. I feel like we've got 10 times more to choose from," Banks said.

Open tryouts are ahead this month in cities including New York, Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Couples Watch

Paris Hilton, storming into Teddy's in L.A. with Doug Reinhardt. The two grabbed a back, corner table after crossing the dance floor, with Reinhardt leading the way. At one point, he introduced the heiress to friends as his girlfriend. And, awkward alert, Reinhardt's ex Amanda Bynes was sitting at the table to their left, though they didn't interact. Elsewhere, Nicky Hilton was kissing her boyfriend, David Katzenberg, and his best friend, actor Andy Fiscella, to wish them good luck before sitting down for a celebrity poker tournament at L.A.'s Commerce Casino. Fiscella and Katzenberg proceeded to play against Benji Madden, with friends like Don Cheadle joining Hilton to cheer them on.

Paris Hilton means business

We asked Paris Hilton a blunt question: Is she obsessed with being taken seriously?

Her response gave us pause for thought.

"I am taken very seriously as a businesswoman, in the business world and by the people I do business with," Hilton said. "If anyone wants to say otherwise, they have no idea what they're talking about."

Hilton -- the beautiful heiress and "celebutante" whose reality-TV series Paris Hilton's British Best Friend makes its Canadian debut tonight on MuchMusic and Star! -- actually makes a very good point.

We confidently can say that probably 95% of the things to which Paris Hilton attaches her name wind up making money. In these economic times, who can dismiss that as unworthy?

So Paris Hilton says that no matter what jokes are made about her, when she's in a business meeting the other people in the room take her very seriously, indeed. They have dollar signs in their eyes.

During the first episode of British Best Friend -- which is a spinoff of the American version, My New BFF -- Hilton describes herself as, "Businesswoman/singer/actor/brand." Is that the order she prefers?

"Yes, definitely, because that's what I do," said Hilton, who was quoted in Sun Media recently saying a Canadian version of the "best friend" franchise is a possibility. "I've created a brand and built an empire off of being myself, and my name. I'm very hands-on in everything."

Hilton said she hasn't based her "best friend" shows on any other reality programs, because she doesn't watch much TV. When she does have spare time, she prefers music and concerts.

Hilton released a CD in 2006 and is "basically finished" with her next album, which she hopes will be out by the summer.

"I'm just doing a couple more songs and as soon as I have time I'm going to plan out a tour," she said. "It's just hard with my schedule."

No matter how you slice it, Hilton is one of the most famous people in the world. Is she one of those souls who stood out in a crowd when she was young, or is her fame surprising to those who knew her when she was a kid?

"No, everyone has always said that to me," Hilton said. "I just always loved the camera and I always loved to pose. When I was little, people would always tell my mom what a beautiful girl I was and things like that."

Hilton probably will continue to be the butt of jokes. But the fact is, she makes money. She doesn't need the cash, but her business partners surely do.

"You only live once and you should live life to the fullest and enjoy it," Hilton said. "I really don't pay attention to what people say about me. I don't really depend on other people's opinions of myself."

But Hilton, 28, admitted she has worked on that attitude.

"I think it's something you develop over time, through your experience and as things happen to you," Hilton said. "I don't know, I'm just at a really good place in my life right now.

"I just live my life and love it."

Tom and Gisele 'Belong Together,' Says Pal

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady may have kept their Thursday night nuptials top secret, but friends aren't surprised that the duo tied the knot.

"They are a great couple," celebrity trainer Oscar Smith, who works with the Patriots quarterback, tells PEOPLE. "He is a super athlete and she is a supermodel. They belong together! I am very happy for the both of them."

Meanwhile, Bündchen, 28, and Brady, 31, remain at their home in the Brentwood community of Los Angeles.

The couple had a small gathering of friends and family at their house Thursday night following their intimate wedding ceremony at St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica, Calif.

After spending the night at home, more visitors arrived at their house Friday morning to help the newlyweds celebrate.

And they're sure to have a happy honeymoon. "He is madly is love with her," a source close to the pair tells PEOPLE. "He lives for her."

Kendra Wilkinson and Fiancé Ready to Start a Family

She's packed her bags, moved out of the Playboy mansion, wrapped up another season of The Girls Next Door and started filming her own reality show. Up next for Kendra Wilkinson? Walking down the aisle – and starting a family.

"We always talk about [having kids]," Wilkinson tells PEOPLE about her plans with fiancé Hank Baskett. "He wants kids so [badly], and I do, too."

The couple are so serious about children, they've even been coming up with names. "My first initial is K and my middle name is Leigh, so we were thinking of Kaleigh," she says. "And he's Hank Baskett III, so of course I'm going to have a Hank Baskett IV!"

Wilkinson, 23, whose engagement to Baskett, 26, a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, took place in November. She will change her name to Kendra Baskett – because "we're old fashioned," she says – and is looking forward to having "modern but classic fairytale" wedding at the Playboy mansion in June, despite the fact she's "overwhelmed" with all the planning.

She'll Miss Hef

"It's going to be a wedding – not a Playboy mansion party," she insists, adding that the ceremony will take place in the front yard of the estate and that her brother (and not ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner, as was previously reported) "will walk me down the aisle and give me away."

For the star of The Girls Next Door, whose season finale airs March 1 on E!, star, leaving the mansion has had both its ups and downs. For starters, she no longer has 24-hour butler and maid staff available. But more importantly, "I'll miss Hef the most," she says.

The upside of her new life? "That I'm engaged, of course!"

"These five years of my life at the Playboy mansion just went by so fast," Wilkinson says. "I've changed in positive ways. I think people were thinking I was going to take the wrong turn, go crazy, be a party girl and just go downhill. Instead, I'm settling down – but at the same time, I do want to still have fun!"


GISELE Bundchen isn't lacking for company while partying in Rio for Carnevale. While husband Tom Brady stayed home to rehab his injured left knee, Patriots teammate and wide receiver Wes Welker picked up the slack by hanging with the supermodel in her private suite at Sambodromo, reports Brazilian gossip site Welker even tried to samba with Gisele, though we hear he's a much better athlete than dancer. Also in Rio were Matthew McConaughey and wife Camila Alves, Kevin Spacey and Sylvester Stallone.

Model Gisele Bundchen weds NFL star Tom Brady

Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen married National Football League star Tom Brady in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica on Thursday, Us Weekly reported.

The celebrity magazine said the ceremony took place at St. Monica Catholic Church in the oceanfront community, and the guests were mostly immediate family members. The bride wore Dolce & Gabbana as did her three dogs.

Bundchen, 28, has been dating the 31-year-old New England Patriots quarterback since 2006. She was previously linked with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. reported last May that she was the world's highest-paid supermodel, with estimated annual earnings of $35 million. Brady has an 18-month-old son with actress Bridget Moynahan, with whom he broke up about the time she got pregnant.

Russell Simmons to Pay $40K Child Support a Month

For reality star Kimora Lee, it's Life in the Fab Lane, indeed.

The divorce between Lee, 33, and Russell Simmons, 51, has been finalized, with huge payouts for the model/fashion designer.

Simmons has agreed to pay child support for daughters, Ming, 9, and Aoki, 6, of $20,000 each per month until the girls turn 19, according to court papers filed Thursday in Los Angeles.

Lee also won sole legal and physical custody of the girls, with monitored visitation for Simmons.

"When the children are in [Simmons's] custody, they shall be accompanied at all times by a nanny and security person," the filing reads.

Simmons also agreed to provide a new car, worth at least $60,000, for the children's use, until they turn 16. The car will be replaced every three years, documents show.

The papers also outline a meticulous, seven-page agreement on Simmons's visitation rights, giving him access to the girls every eighth week during their school year and on various holidays.

The couple split in March 2006. Two years later, Lee said she's "kind of" engaged to boyfriend Djimon Hounsou.

"Both sides reached this settlement amicably, and are looking forward to moving on with their lives," Lee's attorney Daniel Jaffe told PEOPLE.

A lawyer for Simmons had no comment.

Kendra Wilkinson Hopes Holly Madison Finds Love

Her relationship with illusionist Criss Angel may be over, but Holly Madison has the support of pal Kendra Wilkinson, who hopes she'll "find what she's looking for."

"[Holly] has so much love to give someone," Wilkinson, 23, tells PEOPLE. "I hope that she finds someone to giver her that love back."

Madison, 29, and Angel, 41, announced on Wednesday that they were no longer a couple after four months of dating.

"I hope she stays happy and strong and I hope she finds someone that loves her for who she is – for her heart," says Wilkinson, adding that she wants her Girls Next Door costar to find a guy who "treats her well."


RUSSIAN supermodel Natalia Vodianova at the opening of the Martin Kippenberger retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art

Dita Von Teese: Pop Singer?

Dita Von Teese is adding singing to her sexy repertoire.

The burlesque queen revealed at Elton John's AIDS Foundation Oscar Party that she has an album in the works.

"How's the music career going?" Estée Lauder honcho John Dempsey asked Von Teese while watching the awards from the MAC AIDS Fund table.

"I signed a deal with Interscope in Europe," Ms. Von Teese replied. She said one song she hopes to cover is Irving Berlin's "Lazy."

Von Teese and Dempsey's night was a reunion of sorts: She's a former Viva Glam girl for Estée Lauder's M.A.C. Cosmetics. The sales of Viva Glam lipsticks have raised $139 million for the beauty company's M.A.C. AIDS Fund since the program was started 15 years ago.

Current Viva Glam girl Fergie will help launch a new lipstick next month with a visit to L.A.'s Project Angel Food, a citywide program that delivers meals to people living with HIV/AIDS.

Holly Madison and Criss Angel Kaput

Now you see them, now you don't.

The original Girl Next Door, Holly Madison, has amicably parted ways with her Mindfreak beau Criss Angel after nearly four months of dating.

"She was very much in love with him and they're still very close friends," a source close to the former couple told E! News, adding that the decision to split was mutual.

"It was a conflict of schedules. She felt she couldn't devote 100 percent of her time in Vegas and his career at the expense of her career and her goals."

The 29-year-old Madison and 41-year-old Angel had been cohabitating at the magician's Sin City abode since December, but the Playboy pinup recently moved back in with family.

The duo was first spotted cozying up last October, shortly after Madison and Hugh Hefner called it quits. While Angel and Madison at first claimed to be just good friends, they quickly went public with their romance, moved in together and even—a first for Madison—met each others' parents.

Despite news of the split, the couple's relationship has showed no signs of outward strain recently.

On Valentine's Day, the pair was spotted smooching it up in Sin City, and just last month vacationed in Cabo San Lucas along with fellow reality star Paula Abdul.

But sudden though the split may seem, it was not entered into lightly.

"It was a tough decision for her to make and come back to L.A. and pursue her career," the source told E! News. "She still has very intense feelings for him."

Angel, in the meantime, remains in Las Vegas where he performs his magic show, Criss Angel Believe, five nights a week at the Luxor.

Padma Lakshmi's Juicy New Ad

Padma Lakshmi basically eats for a living, but for most of her life the Top Chef host had a limited diet.

"I grew up a vegetarian," says the host. "Then, because I grew up in the states, I started slowly eating meat. First it was bologna sandwiches, or pepperoni on pizza. As a teenager, [my friends and I] would always go have burgers. I would scarf them down!"

Now, Lakshmi is putting her passion for meat into a new commercial for Hardee's Bacon Western Thickburger. "I think it's a beautiful love song to food," she says of the ad. "I think eating in itself is the act of great sensuality, so all you have to do is point the camera in the right direction."

Asked how the food and fashion icon stays fit, Lakshmi says she works hard to maintain her figure. "I work out all the time! I don't just sit around and eat burgers whenever I want. Oh, if I could I probably would, but I don't," she says.

CW Wants Ashton Kutcher's 'Beautiful Life' Model Drama

The CW can't seem to get enough of models or Ashton Kutcher for that matter. The network is hoping to get the best of both worlds.

The CW has ordered a pilot for the Kutcher-produced drama "The Beautiful Life," about models living together.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's an ensemble project that follows the day-to-day lives and various career highs and lows of models who share a "co-ed residence" in New York (where it's likely that there won't be many huge, family-style banquets going on).

The story will revolve around two models in particular: the charismatic and diligent Christopher, an up-and-coming 22-year-old catalog model, and 15-year-old Raina, whose practical spirit may lead her on the path to supermodeldom.

"Swingtown" creator Mike Kelley and showrunner Carol Barbee will executive produce the pilot along with Kutcher and Karey Burke, based on the script by former model Adam Giaudrone.

Kutcher, 31, who began his career as a model, also executive produced the ABC reality competition show "True Beauty," which aired its finale Monday (Feb. 23), and which also boasted "America's Next Top Model's" Tyra Banks as a producer.. He's also the mind behind "Punk'd" and "Beauty and the Geek," a CW reality show that was a "social experiment" in which self-professed geeks partnered with beauties for various challenges in order to learn from each other.

Runway Buzz

WILL Iman be popping up on "Project Runway" soon? We heard the show's producer, Desiree Gruber, tell the supermodel, "Call me tomorrow," as they left Glasshouse 21 in Chelsea. The gal pals were guests of Glamour magazine Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive and publisher Bill Wackermann, who hosted a swanky dinner following the opening of the Glamour Project at Lehmann Maupin gallery Monday night. Other glittery guests included Rachel Feinstein, Jason Wu, Ciara, Marisa Marchetto, Amanda Peet, Tory Burch and Lyor Cohen.

It's Double The Fun

PARIS Hilton wasn't satisfied with having just one 28th birthday party. After throwing herself a fete at Butter last week, she held a second celebration at My House in LA, where guests were encouraged to wear pink. Hayden Panettiere, Elisha Cuthbert and Kevin Connolly stopped by, while Snoop Dogg and Jermaine Dupree came to the after-party at the home of Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Mike Heller. Hilton's current flame, "The Hills" periphery-player Doug Reinhart, left the party early after Hilton spent too much time trying to rap with Snoop.

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt Take Off to Tokyo

Maybe this is just Paris Hilton's way of saying thank you to Doug Reinhardt for her Valentine's Day present?

Sources confirm to E! News exclusively that the heiress and Amanda Bynes' ex are in the midst of flying to Tokyo together for a romantic getaway.

The coy couple, who, we’re told, have been hooking up secretly for late-night trysts at Paris' place for several weeks now, left Los Angeles International Airport late Tuesday morning on a United Airlines flight bound for the Land of the Rising Sun.

A source tells E! News that Paris has several business-related appearances scheduled in Japan later this week, and she invited Doug to join her for some fun.

“She had an extra seat in first class,” says the source. “Instead of taking her assistant, she took Doug.”


With the news of her pregnancy out, so was Nicole Richie: celebrating! The star dropped by an Oscar bash thrown by agent Patrick Whitesell, Brent Bolthouse, Mike Deluca and Rick Yorn at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills, with Joel Madden by her side. Hanging out on a white couch, Richie "looked amazing," a source tells us, and spent most of her night chatting with Mary-Kate Olsen, though she did say a quick "hello" to Paris Hilton. Madden happily doted on Richie, too, when he wasn't hanging with brother Benji– who stayed across the room from his ex, Hilton. The heiress reconnected instead with another ex, Stavros Niarchos. According to onlookers, the two spent the entire party intimately talking.

Supermodel Adriana Lima Elopes!

An engagement ring on her birthday and a secret marriage on Valentine's Day – who knew jocks could be so romantic!

Adriana Lima, a Brazilian supermodel and a Victoria's Secret Angel, eloped with NBA star Marko Jaric on Feb. 14 in Jackson Hole, Wyo., in a small, private civil ceremony, PEOPLE confirms exclusively.

"We are so excited about our future together," says Lima. "And we are really looking forward to a big romantic wedding this summer with all of our friends and family."

The pair, who want their next wedding celebration in Brazil or Jaric's native Serbia, met in 2006 and were engaged last June on Lima's 27th birthday.

"I was not the person to fall in love easily," Jaric, 29, who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves, told PEOPLE last March. "I am a difficult person from that standpoint. Now, it's a little different situation."

Nicky Hilton Citizen Arrests Man for IHOP Bop

The moral of this story: Don't get between Nicky Hilton and her late-night flapjacks.

A Los Angeles man was arrested early Saturday for allegedly messing with Paris' little sister outside an IHOP in West Hollywood.

L.A. County sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore tells E! News the 25-year-old Hilton was at the front door of the pancake purveyor around 4:50 a.m. when she was shoved in the back.

"One of our deputies was in the IHOP...and heard a commotion," Whitmore says. "He went outside to investigate and discovered that Ms. Nicky Hilton was pushed from behind."

Hilton more insulted than injured, and—we're not making this up—placed the perp under citizen's arrest, which Whitmore says was unncessary, since a deputy was already present.

Michael Broadhurst, 50, was taken to the West Hollywood station, booked on a misdemeanor battery charge and released later that afternoon. He is due in court April 21.

No comment from the Hilton camp.

Nicole Richie's Pals Thrilled By Her Pregnancy

Now that Nicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden have announced they are expecting a second child, their friends are brimming with well wishes for the couple.

"I'm so excited for Nicole," Paris Hilton told PEOPLE at the 1st Annual Leeza Gibbons Night to Make a Difference in Beverly Hills. And Hilton's mom, Kathy, has a hunch that Richie, 27, may be seeing blue this time around. "I think it's going to be a boy," said Kathy. "I'm never wrong."

As for the expectant mom, "she's a cool chick," Chuck actor Zachary Levi, who worked with Richie when she guest-starred on the show, told PEOPLE at the Fox Searchlight Oscar party. "I think that they'll be a good unit to hopefully bring up their kids in a way where they are stand-up individuals who lead their generation into being a good one."

Actress – and mother of three – Angie Harmon said Richie's experience as a mom to 1-year-old daughter Harlow will make parenting the second time around much easier.

"She knows what she’s doing since she already has one," Harmon said at Prince's party for his Web site

Harmon also had a request for the fashion-savvy star: "Start a maternity line!"


Paris Hilton, causing chaos as female fans furiously snapped pictures of the heiress while she applied makeup in the ladies' room at Indochine in New York. There to celebrate the Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld Collective Hardware photography exhibition, Hilton was joined by guests like a baseball cap-sporting Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes at the super-packed soiree. The makeshift dancefloor was so crowded, in fact, revelers tipped over the 10 ft.-tall plants!

Ever The Tease

DITA Von Teese kicked off Oscar week at an intimate launch of the book "Cloak & Dagger Butterfly" by London socialite and photographer Amanda Eliasch. The femme fatale stripped down during separate performances at Eli asch's Hollywood estate, wooing the crowd with her signature "martini glass" rou tine. Von Teese laughed about a comment she recently made to a British tabloid that she went celibate after split ting from Marilyn Manson and said, "I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that I've had sex by now." She added, "I'm just really enjoying being single."


IT was A-list all the way at the sunlit luncheon Barry Diller and wife Diane von Furstenberg threw at their Coldwater Canyon estate yesterday. Oprah Winfrey held court with her best pal Gayle King, who was being cornered by Sean Combs. Robert De Niro came with wife Grace Hightower. Paris Hilton, mostly shunned by the showbiz and society crowd, retreated to the hillside with Stavros Niarchos. Paramount chief Brad Grey and his girlfriend, Cassandra, sat with Viacom chief Philippe Dauman and Israeli businessman Vivi Nevo. Also there were Tom Freston and his wife, Kathy, ICM boss Jeff Berg, producer Brett Ratner and music manager Guy Oseary, who was being inundated with requests to go to his and Madonna's Oscar-viewing party.

Fan Favorite

CHINESE fashion designer Cho Cheng turned heads at his show this week for more than his clothes. Half of the front row broke into applause after Maggie Rizer pranced down the runway. An attendee says of the ravishing redhead, who famously lost her entire fortune when her stepfather gambled it away on lottery games: "She looked uncomfortable because she was 30 pounds bigger than the rest of the skinny minis, but she was really grateful for the applause afterwards."

Myers loses his mojo with "Love Guru" Razzie

Mike Myers really did lose his mojo in 2008.

Myers and his comedy "The Love Guru," which won few fans at box offices, were named worst actor and worst picture of 2008 at the Razzie Awards on Saturday, one day before the world's top film honors, the Oscars, are given out in Hollywood.

The comedy featuring Myers as a spiritual healer was also given the Razzie for the worst screenplay of 2008.

The Canadian actor and the movie he spent years developing won gold spray-painted Raspberries at the awards ceremony created in 1980 to spoof the glitzy Academy Awards.

"The Love Guru" flopped in theaters with only $40.8 million in global ticket sales. That figure is a huge come-down after Myers' three "Austin Powers" spoofs in which the comedian worked his spy character's positive mojo to perfection, raking in a combined $675 million at global box offices.

Socialite Paris Hilton was the other big award-winner at the 29th annual Golden Raspberry Awards.

Hilton won three trophies: worst actress and worst screen couple for her low-budget romantic comedy "The Hottie & The Nottie," as well as worst supporting actress for her role in the horror fantasy "Repo! The Genetic Opera."

Some of 2008's biggest blockbusters also got Razzies.

"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," the highly anticipated fourth installment of the adventure franchise starring Harrison Ford, was declared the worst "prequel, remake, rip-off or sequel."

Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan was awarded the worst supporting actor for his singing turn in the ABBA tunes musical "Mamma Mia!"

The "winners" of the Razzies were determined by mailing ballots to 657 voters living in the United States and 19 foreign countries.

Few Raspberry winners collect their trophies but Oscar winning actress Halle Berry sportingly showed up four years ago to take home her prize for "Catwoman."

Following is a list of 2008 Razzie winners:

Worst picture: "The Love Guru"

Worst Actor: Mike Myers

Worst Actress: Paris Hilton ("The Hottie & The Nottie")

Worst Supporting actor: Pierce Brosnan ("Mamma Mia!")

Worst Supporting actress: Paris Hilton ("Repo! The Genetic Opera")

Worst Screen Couple: Paris Hilton with either Christine Lakin or Joel David Moore ("The Hottie & The Nottie")

Worst Screenplay: "The Love Guru" by Mike Myers and Graham Gordy

Worst Director: Uwe Boll ("Tunnel Rats," "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale," and "Postal")

Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel: "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"


Paris Hilton, causing chaos as female fans furiously snapped pictures of the heiress while she applied makeup in the ladies' room at Indochine in New York. There to celebrate the Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld Collective Hardware photography exhibition, Hilton was joined by guests like a baseball cap-sporting Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes at the super-packed soiree. The makeshift dancefloor was so crowded, in fact, revelers tipped over the 10 ft.-tall plants!

Aiming Higher

HAS Mickey Rourke found his date to the Oscars? Craggy-faced Rourke, who scored a Best Actor nod for his work in "The Wrestler," hung out with Paris Hilton on her birthday on Tuesday, but may have scored a classier companion in German supermodel Manon von Gerkan. On Wednesday, Gerkan, who previously dated illusionist David Blaine, went with Rourke to fashion designer Domenico Vacca's show and the after-party at Pink Elephant. "They were cozy all night and then left arm-in-arm," says a source.

Dita Von Teese: Totally Having Sex!

Dita Von Teese is getting plenty of play, thank you very much!

Despite recently telling a British tabloid that she went celibate for awhile after splitting from her ex-husband, shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, Von Teese now admits she was only joking.

"All my friends [saw that] and were like, What?" the burlesque beauty told us last night at the Beverly Hills launch party for Amanda Eliasch's new book, Cloak & Dagger Butterfly. "I just thought it was funny to say at the time."

She added with a laugh, "I'm pretty sure it's safe for you to report that I've had sex by now."

Von Teese says she hasn't found someone special to settle down with just yet, so until then...

"I'm just really enjoying being single, and having fun, global affairs," she said. "I'm enjoying being free, and enjoying different men...I'm enjoying being in the moment and enjoying everyone for what they have to offer."

When Von Teese isn't busy with her bevy of men or flying back to Paris for another run of shows at the Crazy Horse nightclub, she's finding time to put together her second book: "It's a step-by-step guide to beauty," she said, "for girls who don't want to look like every other girl."


HOT STUFF: Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend and current Sports Illustrated swimsuit-issue cover beauty Bar Rafaeli, finishing off a Kobe burger on a brioche bun while sharing cheese fries with some friends at BOA Steakhouse at the Caesars Palace Forum Shops in Las Vegas.

Klum and Gunn Unsure of Runway's Future

The show will go on for Project Runway — the Bryant Park fashion show, that is, even if it remains to be seen when any of it will be seen. Locked in a network battle between Lifetime and Bravo, Project Runway is still tied up in court, but its Season 6 contestants are scheduled to unveil their collections at New York Fashion Week on Friday, albeit with a more somber tone, host Heidi Klum says.

"What is really sad about it is that ...all the people that are in the audience don't know the designers," she tells Access Hollywood. "You know, normally you have people there that are like clapping, because they have their fans coming out, you know, the fans for these designers. They're like, 'Yeah!' And they're like rooting for this one or that one and this time no one knows anyone, so the feeling is going to be, unfortunately, a little bit different — so it's a little sad."

To keep the designers' identities under wraps, the collections will be presented by other people, Runaway mentor Tim Gunn tells New York Magazine. "[Otherwise] everyone would know who they are," he says.

Echoing his recent comments to about the future of Runway, Gunn adds that he doesn't know when or where Season 6 will air, but is "confident" it will make it to TV screens.

"The fans want Project Runway... I want Project Runway. The people of Project Runway want Project Runway!" Klum tells Access. "It's really not in my hands, you know? I have to wait the same way everyone else has to wait."


THE exes came out of the woodwork to help original celebutard Paris Hilton celebrate her 28th birthday at Butter on Monday night. Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos stopped by, and although he spent most of his time gawking at the high-stepping Hiltie in a corner banquette, he left before congratulating her. Brandon Davis, surprisingly svelte but unsurprisingly greasy, also made an appearance; a tipster reports he spent "a lot of time hanging out near the bathrooms." Best Actor nominee Mickey Rourke - one of the few boldface names who has yet to date the Hollywood harlot - hung out at her table for most of the evening, though he left alone.

We Hear...

THAT Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Victoria Beckham, Heidi Klum and 50 Cent were slapping back Grey Goose cocktails to celebrate yesterday's grand opening of the Armani flagship store on Fifth Avenue

Paris Hilton open to Canuck BFF

Paris Hilton is in favour of finding a best friend in Canada.

That's hot, eh?

Hilton, who already has produced American and British versions of her "best friend" reality-competition series, told Sun Media she's open to creating a Canadian version, too.

"I'm sure there could be," Hilton said when asked about a potential Canadian spinoff. "I love the Canadians, so I'd love to do the show there, too."

It officially was announced yesterday that the reality series Paris Hilton's British Best Friend has been acquired by MuchMusic and Star!. It will make its Canadian debut on Sunday, March 1.

Paris Hilton's British Best Friend currently is airing in Britain. The first season of the American version, My New BFF, completed its run late last year.

"The people were a lot different," Hilton said of the contestants on the American and British versions of her show. "The British were a lot more reserved. The Americans were a little bit crazier."

Does Kate Moss Have a Waif in the Oven?

Kate Moss has left her signature waif look behind and has recently appeared in photographs with fuller breasts and a bit of a belly. But don't go jumping to conclusions because the supermodel insists she's not pregnant.

"I am a woman now!" Moss told New York Magazine. "No, honestly, I've never worn a bra in my life. Ever! It's so awful, even my friends are phoning me up and saying 'Are you pregnant?' And I'm like, 'No! I just put on a couple of pounds, and they went in the right place.' Isn't that weird?"

Weird or not, the model says she can now "fill a B-cup." The mother of 6-year-old daughter Lila also worries her British guitarist boyfriend, Jamie Hince, may not be a fan of her new womanly figure. "I'm a bit worried," said Moss.

So Graceless

THERE'S fashionably late - and then there's the "missed the whole damn party" late. The other night, after the African Fashion Collection show featuring Grace Jones, there was a party at the Plaza. Guests, including DJ Cassidy and Solange Knowles, waited for Jones to show at the fete ,which started at 9:30, to no avail. She and her entourage finally arrived at about 1:30 a.m., after the party had been shut down. "She kept demanding a special security escort, even though she was repeatedly told the party was over," our spy said.


FRENCH supermodel Inés de la Fressange getting spiffed up at the Julien Farel Salon at Madison and 57th


MILLIONS of red-blooded American men don't agree with German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop, who said last week Heidi Klum was "too heavy" to be a model. Anyone who saw her in tiny wisps of lingerie at the Victoria's Secret show in Miami would agree her body is close to perfection. A rep for the Teutonic temptress told Page Six: "Wolfgang is obviously trying to revive his sagging career and get press for himself by riding Heidi's coattails." Klum just launched "Germany's Next Top Model" in her homeland.


KATE Moss pulled a diva fit during a recent shoot for Roberto Cavalli. Moss arrived at the Los Angeles shoot "two hours late," said a spy, and in a grumpy mood. "She demanded a beer and then proceeded to finish off beer after beer after beer while she was getting her make-up done. When it was time for the shoot, she sat on the male model's lap but ignored him - didn't say one word to anyone - and then, when her pictures were done, walked out." A rep for Moss didn't return calls.

Paris Hilton: What Did Doug Reinhardt Give Her?

Are things getting a bit more serious between Paris Hilton and Amanda Bynes' ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt?

Hilton and Reinhardt did spend a lot of time together this weekend, according to sources.

I just got word that the hotel heiress and the young man best known for appearing on The Hills were with each other on Valentine’s Day.

Reinhardt even gave her a present for V-Day.

So what does a man get the gal who already has everything?

Sources reveal that Reinhardt gave Hilton a print of an Andy Warhol piece depicting Marilyn Monroe.

Hilton's grandmother called her Marilyn Monroe when the celebutante was a child. Plus, Hilton has even compared herself to the Hollywood legend. "There's nobody in the world like me,” Hilton once said. “I think every decade has an iconic blonde, like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana and, right now, I’m that icon."

Reinhardt was also by Hilton’s side the night before Valentine’s Day when she threw herself a pink-themed party at her L.A.-area house for her 28th birthday.

The question still remains if Hilton and Reinhardt are an actual couple. Sources say that their relationship right now is simply about “hooking up” on a regular basis.

“She's not serious right now with anyone,” one source said.

Reps for Hilton and Reinhardt declined to comment.

Reinhardt and Bynes ended their two-month romance in mid-January. Hilton’s last major relationship was with rocker Benji Madden, but they called it quits in November after being together for nine months.

Extra Cushion

MODEL-actress Gemma Ward is being extra careful after photos of her looking plump in a bathing suit were splashed across Aussie tabloids last month. "We saw her at an art gallery in St. Barts and asked to take a photo with her, but her friend immediately stepped in and said, 'You can't let them take a picture of you looking like this,' " says our spy. "So she said no. It's mean to say, but she was big as a house." Ward is currently taking a break from modeling to pursue her acting career.


KIMORA Lee Simmons getting ready for her Valentine, Djimon Hounsou, at the Completely Bare Spa by having her armpit hair removed with the latest Sciton Laser

Cdn. model in 'SI' Swimsuit Edition

Kim Cloutier of Montreal has become only the third Canadian model in 45 years to appear in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition.

As a career move in modeling, it doesn’t get any better than this. The pictures are seen by 66 million people worldwide.

Sports Illustrated has published a Swimsuit Edition every year since 1964. This year’s, dated Feb. 13, starts hitting U.S. and Canadian newsstands today, although most Canadian outlets won’t get it until early next week. The Swimsuit Edition accounts for a full 10% of Sports Illustrated’s annual sales, amounting to about $1 billion in revenue.

The only previous Canadians to appear, according to SI’s archives, are Ehrinn Cummings of Quebec and Rachel Roberts from B.C.

“Every model dreams of doing the Swimsuit issue,” Cloutier, a 21-year-old Montreal native, told Sun Media in an exclusive interview at a nail salon, not far from her apartment in New York’s Financial District.

“It’s a dream come true for me. It’s one of the most prestigious contracts in the industry.”

Sports Illustrated pulls out all the stops to promote its Swimsuit Edition. On Monday, they had a huge billboard unveiled by David Letterman in Times Square, on Tuesday the models got to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange in front of a group of open-mouthed brokers, and the official launch was held Wednesday night at a big VIP party on Madison Ave. The festivities continue today in Las Vegas, with a news conference and autograph session.

This year, you could vote in advance online for your favourite SI model. Cloutier got 42% of the votes, but it was Leonardo DiCaprio’s Israeli girlfriend, Bar Rafaeli, who got the cover.

Cloutier seems a bit blown away by it all. A bit like Cinderella, she had appointments with the makeup and hairstylists Wednesday before putting on her Stella McCartney dress for the big night.

“A car is coming to pick me up at 4:30 p.m.,” she said.

So how did a girl from Montreal get here?

“I met the people from the magazine for the first time in 2007,” she said while applying pink nail polish. “They seemed interested, but I wasn’t hired. I saw them again in 2008 and they optioned me, and finally I got the job. They didn’t even ask me to put on a swimsuit. They only looked at my photos.”

The photo shoot took place last October, in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. She flew first class.

“That was where I realized this was huge. We were in a five-star hotel, on an incredible beach, and the team was great.”

She trained hard for the prestigious shoot.

“I had to be in the best possible shape. It’s too big. I trained every day for a month.”

Obviously, the shoot was a success.

“It’s probably the sexiest thing I’ve done in my life,” she said, laughing. “But I knew perfectly well what I was getting into.”

Contrary to popular belief, appearing in SI doesn’t come with a big paycheque. “It pays as much as another magazine, but it’s later on that it pays, with all the visibility and contracts that it brings.”

Dressed simply and with almost no makeup, in person Cloutier appears light years away from the vamp to be found in fashion magazines.

“What you see in the pictures isn’t me at all in real life. I’m not a girly girl. I never wear makeup, I go out in my running shoes and I try to keep it simple,” she said.

What does her family make of all this?

“My boyfriend and my dad lost it! They’re really proud,” she said.

Cloutier has been a model since she was 15, and has modeled for the Next agency for six years. The job came naturally to her, since her father, Michel Cloutier, is a fashion photographer.

“It was very important to me to not quit school. I even turned down a contract in Morocco because I couldn’t miss my exams.”

After a term in a Quebec CEGEP, she decided to dedicate herself fully to modeling. Her arrival in New York a year ago wasn’t easy. The fashion industry is also suffering from the recession, and there are fewer contracts to be had.

But with a portfolio like hers now, there’s no need to worry about Cloutier’s future.

We Hear...

THAT the hot party tomorrow will be at Marquee as the Artistry skin care line hosts the 20th Anniversary of Next Models with Molly Sims, Joy Bryant and a boatload of other long-stemmed beauties.

Life of Anna Nicole Smith to get opera treatment

The fine line between opera and soap opera just got blurrier.

Britain's august Royal Opera said Thursday it is planning a show based on the life of Anna Nicole Smith, the model and stripper who married an octogenarian oil tycoon, starred in her own TV show and died of a drug overdose in 2007.

The company says the show will have music by respected British composer Mark-Anthony Turnage. The libretto is by Richard Thomas, co-creator of "Jerry Springer: The Opera," an earlier merger of highbrow and lowbrow culture. It is due to run in the Royal Opera's 2011 season.

The company's director of opera, Elaine Padmore, told The Guardian newspaper the show "is not going to be tawdry; it is going to be witty, clever, thoughtful and sad."

"It is not just a documentary about her, but a parable about celebrity and what it does to people," she said.

Smith was Playboy's Playmate of the Year in 1993, and the next year married 89-year-old J. Howard Marshall II. After his death the following year, she fought a protracted legal battle with his son over his estimated $500 million fortune.

Smith died at 39 in February 2007, five months after the death of her 20-year-old son from her first marriage. Daniel Smith died of an accidental overdose in the Bahamas hospital room where his mother had days earlier given birth to a daughter.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Visits West African AIDS Clinic

It's very far from fashion runways, the boulevards of Paris, or from the Presidential palace, but in her first solo official voyage as France's first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy announced herself "extremely encouraged" by what she saw in a West African AIDS clinic today.

Speaking after an emotional visit to a pediatric clinic in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, Bruni-Sarkozy told reporters, she was "surprised by the optimism," she'd found in a country that, while ranked as the world's third poorest, has dramatically reduced HIV infections over the past decade.

She met with Burkino Faso's President Blaise Compaore and his wife, Chantal, during her 24 hour voyage, as well as toured a clinic and met with women and children under treatment.

"I know they have done a tremendous job but I was surprised by the optimism. I didn't imagine the situation to be this good, the personnel so strong," Bruni-Sarkozy said after touring the CHU Yalgado, a facility which treats 6,000 HIV patients.

The visit marks the inauguration of Bruni-Sarkozy's Ambassador role since she accepted it last November from Geneva-based Global Fund, which operates programs through public-private partnerships in 136 countries. The issue is a close personal one to Bruni-Sarkozy, whose only brother, Virginio Bruni-Tedeschi, died of Aids in July 2006.

Bar Refaeli to Host MTV House of Style revival

Hot on the heels of being Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition cover girl, model Bar Refaeli revealed to that she will be shooting for MTV's revival of House of Style.

The Israeli beauty – and Leonardo DiCaprio gal pal – has undoubtedly big shoes to fill. The fashion-themed series, which first appeared on MTV in the '90s, helped make supermodel hosts Cindy Crawford, Rebecca Romijn and Molly Simms household names.

"We're starting right after all the parties for Sports Illustrated. And then I have work, work, work, work," Refaeli said. "It's very exciting. The year hasn't started yet and it's already been the best I've ever had."

Gretchen Mol Relies on Her Gut to Be a Good Mom

Gretchen Mol doesn't turn to books to tell her how to raise her son: The Life on Mars star relies on her gut.

"Just going with it is the only thing I know how to do," Mol, 36, tells Cookie magazine's March issue. "I'm not someone who reads up on everything and decides this is how we're going to do things."

Mol says instinct helps her better respond to 17-month-old son Ptolemy. "When he's having a tantrum, I am not going to look it up in a book and say, 'Okay, 14 months old? Check,' " she says. "I just deal with whatever is thrown at me."

Mol also says she occasionally slips up.

"One morning I had to do a live news show," she recalls, "and I called [husband] Kip [Williams] to say, 'Turn the TV on.' Ptolemy started crying. Of course it freaked him out. He doesn't watch much TV. I just thought, I am so insensitive."

"You bring who you are to motherhood," Mol says, adding that her parenting skills are improving as she goes. "When you become a parent, there's nothing you can do to change your life. I'm the same kind of person as a mother that I am in life: I try to be considerate; I like order.

"I'll never be the mother who makes parenting look effortless," Mol says, "but I wouldn't trade my life, either."

Uh-Oh! Paris Hilton Has the Hots for Robert Pattinson

Watch out, Robert Pattinson!

It sounds like Paris Hilton wouldn't mind sinking her teeth into you.

"I just saw Twilight last night for the first time, and I have to say that I think Rob is a beautiful man and an amazing actor," Hilton gushed to us at Cash Money Records' Lil Wayne party. "He's fabulous!"

Yes, Hilton realizes she's a little a late to the Twilight game...

"Now I understand all the hype," she explained. "I just didn't get it before, but now it all makes sense. I really enjoyed the movie and loved watching Rob in it."

In other celebs-loving-other-celebs news, we're told Paul McCartney is digging Robin Thicke. "You sounded great out there," the former Beatle was overhead telling Thicke backstage at the Grammys after he performed "Tie My Hands" with Lil Wayne. "You have a great voice."

Meanwhile, "American Boy" hitmaker Estelle tells us she'd do anything to work with Mary J. Blige. "She's the reason I sing," she said.

And for all you folks who are Neil Diamond fans like us (we know you're out there!), Mr. Diamond says another duet with Barbra Streisand is a definite possibility. "Barbra and I talk, so I'm sure there'll be something," he said. "I hope so. She's wonderful."

SI cover girl Refaeli nudges her swimsuit south

The world knows a lot more about Bar Refaeli today than it did yesterday, including where her tiny tan line falls.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit unveiled the 23-year-old Israeli, who has been romantically linked to Leonardo DiCaprio, as a first-time cover girl on Tuesday.

This gig, more than top fashion or entertainment magazines, can be career-altering as it puts a model's face (not to mention, her fantastically toned body) in front of millions of eyeballs, appealing to both men and women, sports fans and fashionistas.

It's the cover that matters most, says SI group editor Terry McDonell, but each model — 19 for this issue — gets an equal shot at the cover. Refaeli wears a string bikini by Missoni — and the strings on the bikini bottom are being tugged south.

"The cover has to reflect the athleticism and sexiness of the culture. This photo is modern, her hair and swimsuit look natural. You see her freckles. Her body is amazing and she looks intelligent," McDonell said.

It's also purposeful, he noted, that the models have healthy, sometimes curvy, figures. "A skinny waif won't work here."

McDonell, along with Swimsuit editor Diane Smith and SI creative director Steve Hoffman, sifted through 90,000 photos this year. In consumer testing, it's inevitable that the raciest one is the favorite, but that's not the one that lands on the front. "There are marketplace considerations," McDonell explained. "I want to be at the front of the store, not the back."

Refaeli told The Associated Press that she had the feeling that this particular shot of her in the water on Canouan Island in the Grenadines was her chance to be on the front.

"This is the one I felt the most comfortable with," said Refaeli, who twice before was featured on the inside pages of the magazine. "You have the beach, blue water and a body. That's it. I liked that the top of the suit was on."

You can be sexy without revealing too much skin, said veteran supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, who first appeared on the Swimsuit issue cover in 1970 — and then again in 1975 and 1983.

That shot happened at the end of a full day shooting in Hawaii, and she was cold. Someone gave her long-sleeve top to warm her up and when the photographer asked her to take it off, Tiegs refused — and she wouldn't take off her sunglasses either, she recalled. That photo, she said, really captured a moment, though.

"I remember walking by the newsstand and seeing I was on the cover and picking up a copy or two. That was the celebration then. ... But I'm still signing covers for fans," Tiegs said.

SI's swimsuit issue began in 1964, when February marked the low point of the sports seasons. The NFL ended in December, there were no national televised hockey games and the NBA had only a half-dozen teams. After putting safe-driving tips and dog shows on the cover, SI decided to put an attractive female on the cover and call it a "skin-diving story," recalls Smith.

It was popular from the start, but Smith thinks it was Tiegs' cover that made it a phenomenon. However, it was Kathy Ireland in a white strapless bikini in 1989 that remains the best-selling cover.

"I've done many, many, many different covers in the fashion world ... but never had as big a splash as Sports Illustrated," said Heidi Klum, the cover model in 1998. "I went to `(The Tonight Show with Jay) Leno,' the morning shows in New York and LA — it was a huge thing — suddenly I became a household name," she said.

But more than the fame, Klum said she appreciates from SI the professionalism shown to a relatively untested model wearing next to nothing. "I had wanted it to be so good. I'd arch so hard ... but they'd say, `Look sexy with your eyes. Don't overpose. Be yourself and have fun.'"

There's a balance between wholesome and sexy the editors are always straddling, without ever being sleazy, Hoffman said.

The magazine spends an average of three days shooting each model, each with an average wake-up call of 4:30 a.m. because the light is best at dawn, and have about 10,000 bathing suits to choose from.

And even with the outfits so small, SI spends an average of $2,000 in overweight baggage fees per location.

"The logistics are horrifying ... but the Swimsuit issue is probably the healthiest of all the Sports Illustrated franchises, and it's good to be with things that work, especially these days," said McDonell.

Daytona 500 heroes meet SI Swimsuit Issue models

It looks like a scene at a high school dance. Boys huddle in a corner, joking while trying to ignore the unignorable on the other side of the room: beautiful girls waiting for an introduction.

Soon, those introductions are made and the "boys" -- NASCAR stars Dale Earnhardt Jr., Clint Bowyer and Martin Truex Jr. -- mingle with the girls. After all, it's not every day that you get to meet top Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue models like Brooklyn Decker and Julie Henderson for USA WEEKEND's annual NASCAR cover/poster issue.

Spirits are high, given what's kicked off this week: the Budweiser Shootout and other racing events leading to the Daytona 500 on Sunday, and the swimsuit issue, which hits newsstands on Tuesday.

Earnhardt confesses that, like the 500, the swimsuit issue was an irreplaceable part of his formative years.

"It's an icon," Earnhardt said at the shoot, which took place at the Richard Petty Driving Experience headquarters in Concord, N.C. "A lot of women have become very famous because of it. My all-time favorite would have to be Tyra Banks."

Both events could not come at a more opportune time: It's cold. The Super Bowl is history. March Madness is a month away. Then, for one wonderful week, we get a reprieve as welcome as a beach blanket under the Florida sun: fast cars, beautiful women and tropical beaches.

"You can bet that it was a great day in Kansas when that issue arrived," said Bowyer, who hails from Emporia, Kan. "You went right to your mailbox to see who got on the cover. But whether they made the cover or not, every model looked great, and the photography was always excellent. The swimsuit issue is just a great tradition."

Added Truex: "It was a huge honor. They only chose three drivers and I was happy to be one of the three. I didn't know what to expect working with super models and it ended up being really cool. In fact by the end of the shoot they were just one of the guys."

Raised in Charlotte, Decker realizes how big this week is for race fans. "Cars get decked out with the drivers' stickers and flags," she says. "All the storefronts would get decorated, and the kids in school get their faces painted in their favorite racer's color scheme."

So start the engines, folks, and break out the sunscreen while you're at it. It's going to be a great week.


• About our models: Brooklyn Decker is making her fourth appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She is engaged to tennis star Andy Roddick, who also attended our photo shoot. This is the third appearance in the swimsuit issue for Julie Henderson.

• About our drivers: Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Clint Bowyer made NASCAR's championship run, now known as the Chase for the Sprint Cup, last year, and Bowyer and Martin Truex Jr. made it in 2007. Earnhardt has received the Most Popular Driver Award -- as voted by fans -- six consecutive times.

• Who's been on the swimsuit issue cover: Tyra Banks, Christie Brinkley, Rachel Hunter, Kathy Ireland, Heidi Klum, Beyonce Knowles, Elle Macpherson, Marisa Miller, Petra Nemcova, Paulina Porizkova, Rebecca Romijn and Cheryl Tiegs.

Sports Illustrated Raises the Bar, Refaeli-Style

Leonardo DiCaprio's rallying cry seems to have been heard.

The actor's off-again, on-again main squeeze, Bar Refaeli, is next month's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl, according to a big ol' billboard in Manhattan.

The 23-year-old Israeli model broke out of the pack after languishing on the inside of the magazine's most buzzed-about installment for the past two years.

SI's cover, featuring Refaeli and her tan lines in a multicolored string bikini next to the tease line "Bikinis or nothing," was first unveiled during tonight's episode of the Late Show With David Letterman, which tapes at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, right across the street from the revealing billboard.

And in related news, authorities are responding to reports of a six-car collision across the street from the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Mum's The Word

LEONARDO DiCaprio's girlfriend, Bar Refaeli, just missed being on the coveted cover of last year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. But insiders said the beauty is back in the running to grace the cover this time around - as is leggy mannequin Jessica Hart - if "she can keep her mouth shut. It's very secretive, and the magazine likes to keep people guessing. Last year, she opened her mouth about it, so they gave the cover to Marissa Miller instead." Meanwhile, "Leo wants Bar to be on the cover - it will really piss off Gisele [Bundchen]," Leo's ex-girlfriend and current Tom Brady squeeze.


MATT Damon's sister, actress Sarah Bradford, 21, is trying out a new career as a model. The cute blonde will make her runway debut at Alvin Valley's fashion show at the Altman Building Thursday, followed by New Museum board member Michele Gerber Klein's dinner for the designer at Via dei Mille in SoHo.


IVANKA Trump with boyfriend Jared Kushner at kosher restaurant Solo for his sister Niki's birthday... Fergie, surprising Nicky Hilton by wearing one of her dresses at a Vanity Fair-Krug dinner party in a private bungalow. There with new husband Josh Duhamel, the pop star showed off her outfit and laughed with Hilton, but otherwise stuck close to her hubby. The two held hands and kissed during the bash.


CARDSHARP: Nicky Hilton, hitting a blackjack table at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas' Palms Casino Resort after she and boyfriend David Katzenberg had dinner at N9NE steakhouse.

Anna Nicole Doc's Office Raided; Stern Denies Connection

The last year of Anna Nicole Smith's life keeps coming back to haunt Dr. Sandeep Kapoor.

Drug Enforcement Agency officials conducted a raid on the physician's Studio City, Calif., office Thursday morning at the behest of the California Medical Board, purportedly to find a link between the doc and Smith's longtime companion, Howard K. Stern.

"We were assisting the California Medical Board but it's their investigation," DEA spokeswoman Sarah Pullen confirmed to E! News, while CMB rep Candis Cohen confirmed that a sealed search warrant was executed on the doc's office today.

Kapoor has been under investigation since 2007 for writing Smith a methadone prescription, made out to her alias, "Michelle Smith," when she was eight months pregnant with daughter Dannielynn. Eight of the medications found in the hotel room where Smith died—neither prescribed by Kapoor—were made out to Stern.

"Dr. Kapoor never prescribed medications for Anna Nicole in my name and that is what the medical board will find out," Stern exclusively told E! News in response to today's search.

Kapoor's office has been raided at least once before, in October 2007 when his office and home were two of six locations searched as part of the since-closed criminal investigation into Smith's death Feb. 8, 2007, from a prescription drug overdose.

"From what I knew of him he had a very good reputation and conducted himself professionally and ethically," Dr. Victor Kovner, who cofounded the Travelers' Immunization Center that Kapoor now runs, tells E! News. "He's very well trained and an expert at prescribing pain medication."

"People on methadone for pain who become pregnant can be safely continued on methadone without any harm to the infant," he said.

"The only error he made," Kovner added, "was in socializing with [Smith]. It gave an appearance of impropriety."

Methadone was not among the 11 prescriptions found in Smith's room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla., where she was found before being pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, but an autopsy determined that it was in her system when she died.

Don't Call Holly Madison's Playboy Job Fake

Holly Madison is annoyed.

What better place to address rumors on her not fake former job at Playboy than her MySpace blog?

It seems in addition to moving on from her relationship with Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner (when she fell in love with Mindfreak Criss Angel), she has quit her job at the famous mag – and has good reasons for it, too.

"When one is trying to move on with their life, it isn't beneficial to spend so much time on something that doesn't pay much and sadly enough is no longer rewarding to you," Madison writes online.

Three specific reasons for leaving: The job doesn't pay enough for her to commute from Las Vegas, where she now resides to be close to Angel, it's no longer challenging and it was just plain awkward.

"I never cared about the salary when I got the job – I made my money doing Girls Next Door, and I just did the job because I loved it," she writes. "It annoys me when people call the job fake as if it was just a set-up for the show.

"If I had wanted a fake career," she adds, "I would have stuck with the jewelry line because that required very little of my time."


PARIS Hilton is trying her hardest to land a big-money man. At Sundance, she latched onto MySpace founder Chris DeWolfe, who ditched her days later. But before that, we've learned, she had her eye on David Maisel, chairman of Marvel Studios. Maisel was fawning all over Hilton at Golden Globes weekend parties, but backed off when he realized she was persona non grata in Hollywood society. Maisel brought Paris to the CAA party at the Sunset Tower. As Page Six reported, she was escorted out by security on the orders of CAA bigs who were furious she'd gotten in. After she left crying, spies saw Maisel "groveling and apologiz ing" to CAA head Kevin Huvane for bringing her. A friend said, "David did bring her but he had another date with him. She was denied entry and he didn't go in to the party and left with Paris and his date." Maisel's rep declined to comment.

Mourning Anna Nicole: "I Still Have Dreams Where She's Alive," Says Howard K. Stern

Two years after Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death at the age of 39, there's still a void in the lives of the men who loved her most, Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead.

"It's still hard for me to watch video of Anna, to see pictures of her, and to know that she's gone," Stern, Smith's onetime lawyer and devoted companion, said in an exclusive interview with E! News.

After she died, "I realized how important she was to my life—she was my whole life. I gave up my whole world for her."

"For at least a year after Anna's death, I couldn't concentrate," Stern said. "I couldn't even focus on something for more than a couple of minutes at a time without breaking down or somehow just not being there—like I wasn't present.

"For a long time I just wanted to die, literally."

He said that, one day, he'll probably write a book about his loss.

"I still haven't accepted it," Stern said. "I still have dreams where she's alive and…everything that's happened in the past two years has just basically been a big hoax."

But while Stern is still grieving, he's more focused on making sure he's not the only one who appreciates what was lost when Smith—whom he calls a "once-in-a-generation celebrity"—died on Feb. 8, 2007, of an accidental prescription drug overdose.

While Smith's personal life was tabloid fodder for years, the sudden passing of her 20-year-old son, Daniel, in September 2006 and the custody battle over her infant daughter, Dannielynn, dominated headlines of both the National Enquirer and CNN variety.

"I kind of feel like it's my responsibility to try and undo what was done in the media to Anna after she passed away," Stern said. "I want her to be remembered fondly and I want her legacy to be who she was, not what was put out there by the frauds and the media that was just trying for ratings."

The job of polishing Smith's image has also been taken up by Birkhead, the former Playboy Playmate's baby daddy who ultimately won full custody of Dannielynn when DNA testing proved he was the child's biological father.

"One of my jobs in my personal life is to keep Anna's image alive," he said, adding that being with his daughter is like being with Smith "all over again."

"I think that I see a little bit of everything," Birkhead said of Dannielynn's resemblance to her mom, "and it's really bittersweet because you have this person you lost, but then you have this pint-sized version of this person."

Stern, too, called Danielynn a "little mini Anna."

"When you see her, even her expressions, if she's angry it's the same way Anna would be when she's angry," he said. "Dannielynn, she's got Anna's spirit for sure."

"That's what people don't understand," Stern lamented. Smith "had a huge heart, she had a big personality and that's…why she was the entertainer that she was, that's why she was a star. Because of her big personality, if Anna walked in a room it didn't matter who else was in the room—everybody was paying attention to Anna."

But "it's the side of her that people didn't see that is the most special part of Anna," he added. "That's who I fell in love with."

Stern said that his most cherished possessions now are Smith's three dogs.

"I mean Anna really spoiled these dogs, to her they were like children. And now I have them and so on a daily basis, when I see the dogs, I think of better times."

Tune in to the E! Special Anna Nicole: Tragedy in Paradise tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Angie Everhart to Be First-Time Mom

Angie Everhart is having a baby.

The 39-year-old model and actress exclusively reveals to me that she's 14 weeks pregnant with her first child.

And Everhart, who costarred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Last Action Hero, is doing it more or less on her own. She's keeping details about the father private.

"The dad is very nice and he's very excited about it, but we are not a couple," Everhart tells me. "It's nobody you know."

The redheaded beauty was most recently engaged to Joe Pesci but announced they had called it quits in April. She was briefly married to Ashley Hamilton and has also been involved with Sylvester Stallone and Howard Stern.

Everhart also reveals she's hoping to turn her pregnancy into a reality show. She is currently shopping around Angie Baby, a series she is developing with World of Wonder, the company behind hits like Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood, the new RuPaul's Drag Race and the soon to debut Heli-Loggers.

"I decided to do a show about me being a single, strong, healthy and good-spirited woman who is having a baby on her own," she says. "I want to show the positive aspects of women who do it on their own."

Paris and Benji Cohost Super Bowl Bash, But Sparks Don't Fly

Exes Benji Madden and Paris Hilton cohosted a party together at the Super Bowl, but don't expect to see them back together.

"We're friends," Benji said of his former girlfriend earlier that day at the DirectTV Celebrity Beach Bowl. "I'm very happy...I'm focusing on work and I've got a lot going on."

While Benji was deejaying the Models and Bottles party at Jackson's Saturday night, Paris was a special guest host at the same soiree.

But the Hilton heiress (who arrived to her bash at 12:30) didn't interact with her ex or stay long, instead heading over to Pam Anderson's party at Aja Nightclub with Amanda Bynes' ex, Doug Reinhardt, in tow.

According to an eyewitness, the two were making out. Could this be a rebound romance in the works?

We Hear...

THAT Ivanka Trump told a Professional Women in Construction panel moderated by The Post's Lois Weiss that the Trump Organization is looking for opportunities to take over other developers' projects stopped in mid-construction or being taken back by lenders . . . THAT 2004 Penthouse Pet of the Year Victoria Zdrok turned heads at Village Pourhouse as she hosted a Megatouch Erotic Photo Hunt Tournament.

Dita Von Teese to Unveil Her New Strip Show

Dita Von Teese is ready to take it all off again – this time bringing art to burlesque in the temple of stripping, the Crazy Horse Saloon.

"I feel that Paris is a place that still appreciates its showgirls," Von Teese, 36, tells Reuters in anticipation of her two-week run in the City of Lights, scheduled to start Feb. 1.

This will mark the former ballet dancer's first engagement in two years at the celebrated club, which first opened in 1951 – 40 years before Von Teese got into the act.

In her previous show there, Von Teese – at the time, still going through her divorce from shock rocker Marilyn Manson – made her entrance from a rhinestone-encrusted bubble bath.

This time, she will reportedly deliver specially designed numbers, including two songs she's recorded herself.

"I feel I have to raise the bar," says Von Teese, born Heather Sweet, in Rochester, Mich.

As for the celebrated venue, whose shows have inspired everyone from Madonna to fashion's Jean-Paul Gaultier, Von Teese says, "I've always had a real fascination with the Crazy Horse ever since I was a teenager and I found a picture of this line of nearly nude toy soldiers standing at attention."

So, come time to raise that bar, "I wanted to do something more elaborate this time," she says. "Combine the Crazy Horse style with what I do, which is classic American burlesque." Viva la Dita!

Heidi Klum: Leave Jessica Simpson Alone

As she mentored an entourage of pencil-thin models at a trendy West Hollywood party Thursday night, Heidi Klum took aim at critics of Jessica Simpson's new, curvier look.

"I think everyone should be the way they feel comfortable," Klum told PEOPLE at the M+B Gallery, at a party featuring Macallan scotch and the photographer Rankin.

Klum, who was also taping an episode of Germany's Next Top Model, added, "there are always people who are quick to offer an opinion and when you are in the public eye, people will always talk about you and put their opinions on you. That's what you get when you're in the public eye. But people need to be happy with the way they are."

Paris Hilton: Love Match with Prince Harry?

Paris Hilton may be on the hunt for a new man, but newly-single Prince Harry is not on her list of would-be conquests. Yet.

Hilton, 27, believes British men are "sexy" but she won't be going for the 24-year-old red-headed royal because she respects his girlfriend of five years, Chelsy Davy, 23.

"I don't want to date Prince Harry though, even if he has split up with Chelsy Davy, because I really like Chelsy," Hilton tells the U.K. paper The Sun. "I've met her and she's such a sweet girl. They were a really nice couple and they seemed so into each other so it's sad."

And Hilton, who was in Britain to promote her new show, Paris Hilton's British Best Friend, added, "I wouldn't date him out of respect for Chelsy, but in a few years, who knows?"

"While Hilton weighs her options – and waits it out – who could Prince Harry date?" Tell us what you think.


"HOUSE of Style" is making a comeback. The popular '90s show about fashion and design, which helped make a household name of original host Cindy Crawford, is being revived by MTV, says a source close to production. Contracts are out to Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Bar Refaeli and recent Page Six Magazine covergirl Chanel Iman to host, though neither has officially signed on yet. We hope some of Refaeli's assignments will bring her to the beach, where she can show off her bikinis. An MTV rep declined to comment.

Kimora, Russell's Divorce a Done Deal

Last week, Kimora Lee Simmons gained a baby daddy. This week, she's losing a husband.

So goes life in the fab lane.

The Baby Phat designer's divorce from media mogul Russell Simmons has, at long last, been finalized, with "dissolution" cited as the final judgment in their amicable parting of ways.

The couple, who tied the knot back in 1998, first announced plans to separate in 2006. In June of last year, Lee gained sole custody of the duo's two daughters, 8-year-old Ming Lee and 6-year-old Aoki Lee, while Simmons was granted healthy visitation rights.

Meanwhile, Lee clearly wasn't waiting for her single status to be formalized before she put herself back on the market.

Last week, E! News confirmed that the 33-year-old former model was expecting her first child with her beau of nearly two years, 44-year-old two-time Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou.

Paris Hilton Insists She's Not Stupid

Paris Hilton says she sometimes acts dumb on television to get laughs, but in real life she's "a strong person" who's been through a lot.

Appearing on the British morning show GMTV to launch her new reality show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend, Hilton, 27, said she cultivated her dumb blonde image for her hit FOX reality show The Simple Life, costarring Nicole Richie, and it became her schtick.

"For five seasons I was stuck doing this character," she says. "It was kind of hard always having to play that character when it's not who I am."

She adds, "I just say jokes but they think I'm serious, which I think is funny, and I think I kind of play up the image sometimes because – whatever – it's just entertainment."

In her British show, 12 young hopefuls battle it out to be crowned her official "British best friend." In real life, Hilton says her fame makes it hard to find close, trustworthy friends.

"It's difficult because you never know what people's intentions are, and I think a lot of girls have become my friend for the wrong reasons and used me," Hilton says. "I didn't realize it but now, throughout the years, I'm realizing who those kind of people are."

Bosom Bowl

PLAYBOY was forced to cancel its Saturday Super Bowl party in Tampa due to "lack of sponsorship." But the nudie magazine, which is closing its New York office and consolidating operations in Chicago, is hawking tickets to a game-day bash at the Playboy Mansion in LA hosted by Brande Roderick. General admission is $1,500, with tables and cabanas going for $10,000 and $25,000. Meanwhile, the annual pay-per-view Lingerie Bowl has also been canceled. There was a dispute whether members of the Florida nudist colony where it was to be held would have to cover up during the game.

Off Season

THE on-again, off- again saga of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler is in the "off" position. The couple, who married in 2004, divorced in 2006 and have gotten back together and broken up umpteen times, are taking a break. "They still love each other madly, but this is just the nature of their relation ship," says a friend of Moakler, adding, "I bet they'll be back together soon enough." Moakler's rep, Lizzie Grubman, tells Page Six, "We never comment on the personal lives of our clients."


GAP-toothed Lauren Hutton seems to have taken a page out of Naomi Campbell's book on dealing with the help. Yesterday morning, the actress/model was spotted yelling at a subordinate who was schlepping cases of Fiji Water back to her apartment on Lafayette Street. "She was standing there, red in the face, hands on hips, demanding that the woman carrying up tons of water 'hurry up,' " snitches a source. "Not very nice."


READY MADE: Tyra Banks, ordering her food ahead of time at Sushisamba 7 in NYC so it would be served as soon as she arrived. (P.S. She had not one but two bodyguards!)

CHILD'S PLAY: Preggers Kimora Lee Simmons and baby daddy Djimon Hounsou, snacking on a cheese plate, salad and tarts at the Catherine Malandrino Café in L.A. along with her daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee.


Tyra Banks stopped for lunch at New York's SUSHISAMBA 7 – but she had her assistant pre-order for her so the food was waiting when the talk show host arrived. Once there, Banks enjoyed a salad, a spicy tuna roll and California roll – hold the rice – with two large bodyguards watching her eat.


Despite attempting an incognito look – with a baseball hat covering his eyes – Leonardo DiCaprio couldn't hide his affection for girlfriend Bar Refaeli while hanging out at new L.A. lounge My House. The two held hands and hugged for a while – as if nobody was around, an onlooker tells us. Taking a bolder tact, Paris Hilton and baseball player beau Barry Zito amped up their PDA at the night spot. After getting down to her song "Stars Are Blind" (on top of a table), Hilton gave her beau a private lap dance then broke into a smooching session while their friends – including Hilton's sister Nicky and boyfriend David Katzenberg – looked on.


SUSAN Sarandon, Bee Shaffer, Karolina Kurkova and Eliza Dushku all taking snowboarding lessons at the Oakley house during Sundance.

Brazilian model who lost hands and feet dies

One month ago, 20-year-old beauty queen Mariana Bridi was living the dream of many young Brazilian women, trading her striking good looks for a modeling career that promised to lift her family out of poverty.

Then she contracted a seemingly ordinary urinary tract infection. The bacteria spread quickly and inexorably through her body, proving to be extremely drug resistant. In a desperate bid to save her life, doctors amputated her hands and feet. But by Saturday she was dead.

"God is comforting our hearts because he wanted her to be with him now," her father Agnaldo Costa told reporters outside the hospital where his daughter died. "I can't accept that my daughter left us so soon."

Bridi's Web site says she began modeling at age 14 with the hope of giving "a dignified life to her parents."

Her father is a taxi driver and her mother a house cleaner.

By the age of 18, she was well on her way: In 2007 and 2008, she was a finalist in the Brazilian stage of the Miss World pageant.

Her Web site said next month she was to participate in the second stage of a modeling competition held in Sao Paulo by Dilson Stein, the Brazilian model scout who discovered supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Last year, she took fourth in the Face of the Universe competition in South Africa and she had won bikini competitions across the globe.

The Miss World Brazil organization said she was an example of someone "who knew how to intensely live her life."

Half a dozen memorial groups on Facebook had already sprung up just hours after her death. On Bridi's own page on Orkut — the most popular Web social networking site in Brazil — dozens of memorial messages were left.

The course of her illness was swift.

In late December, she fell ill and doctors in her native state of Espirito Santo — northeast of Rio de Janeiro — initially diagnosed as having kidney stones.

She returned to a hospital on Jan. 3 in septic shock — life-threatening low blood pressure — from the infection that would force doctors to amputate first her feet, then her hands. Doctors said there was little they could do but pump drugs into her and hope for the best.

It was a nightmare scenario for anyone with an infection: Her body did not react to the latest and most potent drugs while the bacteria in her veins spread from head to toe.

In Bridi's case, the culprit was the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which is known to be drug resistant.

According to the January 2008 book "Pseudomonas: Genomics and Molecular Biology," edited by Pierre Cornelis, a researcher at the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology in Brussels, the bacteria has the "worrisome characteristic" of "low antibiotic susceptibility." It also easily mutates to develop resistance to new drugs.

Death from infections caused by the bacteria are relatively rare, but not unheard of: In late 2006, an outbreak of the bacteria at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles sickened five infants — leading to the deaths of two of them.

The bacteria causes about 10 percent of the roughly two million hospital-acquired infections each year in the U.S., according to health officials.

A short statement from the Espirito Santo State Health Secretariat announced her death on Saturday "despite all the commitment of the hospital team."

Her aunt said the hundreds of messages left on her Web site had lifted Bridi's spirit in the past weeks.

"I believe that the serenity on her face came from this spiritual comfort," Oriendina Pereira Wasen said outside the hospital.

Bridi's funeral was planned for Saturday afternoon in the town of Marechal Floriano.

Model who lost hands, feet fighting for her life

A Brazilian model whose feet and hands had to be amputated because of an infection is clinging to life at an intensive care unit in southeastern Brazil.

Mariana Bridi's condition deteriorated overnight and was changed from "serious" to "very serious" on Friday, the Espirito Santo State Health Secretariat said in a statement.

The 20-year-old beauty pageant contestant is suffering a generalized infection that forced the amputation of her hands and feet earlier this week because the flow of oxygen to her limbs was reduced.

"The only thing that matters now is her life," boyfriend Thiago Simoes told Globo TV's G1 Web site.

Bridi is not breathing on her own and is undergoing hemodialysis at a hospital in the city of Serra, the secretariat said.

Bridi twice was a finalist in the Brazilian stage of the Miss World beauty pageant, according to local media, and participated in the 2007 Miss Bikini International contest.

Bridi fell ill in December and doctors originally diagnosed her with kidney stones, local media said. But her condition worsened and doctors then diagnosed a urinary tract infection that spread. She was hospitalized on Jan 3.

Gisele and Tom Are Not Engaged...Again

This Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady engagement story just keeps going around and around. Word broke right after Christmas that the handsome football star gave his Brazilian beauty a holiday proposal. Fail! Family members soon claimed they'd heard no such thing. Then, a few weeks later, the mostly reliable People mag reported that the pair was engaged in Los Angeles on Jan. 9, and a formal announcement was on its way. False! "I wasn't even there, how can that be true?" the megamodel tells a Brazilian magazine earlier this week in São Paulo. "I don’t know how people are so creative." Is your head spinning yet?

Birkhead, Stern Cite "Numerous Lies" in Anna Nicole Exposé

Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern remain joined at the hip when it comes to defending their Anna Nicole Smith-related honor.

As the two-year anniversary of the model and reality-TV star's death approaches, the once-feuding duo filed declarations Tuesday in Stern's ongoing defamation lawsuit against two of the sources for the 2007 "tell-all" Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death.

The book, written by former MSNBC journalist Rita Cosby, contends that Stern and Birkhead had a homosexual relationship and were in cahoots to ensure Birkhead got custody of Smith's infant daughter, Dannielynn, while Stern—whom Cosby also alleges played a role in the drug-related death of Smith's 20-year-old son, Daniel—made off with as much of Smith's money as possible.

According to Wednesday's filing, however, defendant Mark Speer (who once provided security for Birkhead at the behest of his then-attorney, Debra Opri) "started exhibiting extremely odd behavior" when he was first hired and ultimately went on to tell Cosby "numerous lies" about what happened in the wake of Smith's death.

Debra Opri, whom Birkhead later sued over legal fees, "blamed Howard K. Stern for the breakdown in our relationship" and Speer sided with Opri, Birkhead contends.

Per his declaration, among Speer's untruths that ended up in Cosby's book: that Birkhead told Bahamian police Stern had funneled millions of dollars of Smith's money into various offshore bank accounts; that it was Birkhead's "mission" to make sure police investigated Stern; that Speer was privy to a conversation between Birkhead and Stern on the way home from Smith's burial service; that he and Stern "embraced" when Birkhead first arrived in the Bahamas to meet his daughter; and that he told Speer that Stern had "offered to give [him] Dannielynn."

"Many other lies about me in Blonde Ambition that are attributed to Mark Speer are not included in Howard K. Stern's lawsuit or addressed in this declaration," Birkhead added.

Stern's declaration also asserts that Speer was never around for any "substantive communication" he may have had with Birkhead.

Speer's allegations that Stern stole money from Smith are "absolutely false," as are claims that Stern was "criminally involved" in Daniel Smith's death, that Stern drugged Smith, and that he "ransomed Danielynn to Larry Birkhead in order to become the executor of Anna's estate."

"I never said, 'Here's your baby,' or anything like that," Stern states. "In fact, our only discussions were about Danielynn's care, and for most of the visit I stayed in other parts of the house while Larry…played with Dannielynn in the nursery."

A hearing on the case, which also named Elizabeth "Jackie" Hatton, the sister of one of Smith's ex-boyfriends, as a defendant, is scheduled for Feb. 3.

Dita von Teese back at Paris revue

Dita von Teese, the raven-haired reincarnation of striptease artistes from 1940s America, is returning to one of the most famous nude revues in Paris, happy to be back in a city with a respect for her craft.

"I feel that Paris is a place that still appreciates its showgirls," she told Reuters in an interview before a two-week run at the celebrated Crazy Horse theater from February 1.

Von Teese, a familiar figure at the Paris couture shows, has carved a peculiar niche over the years, leading the way as burlesque has grown from simple striptease to becoming an established part of the fashion world.

Two years ago she emerged from a rhinestone-encrusted bubblebath as the first guest star at the Crazy Horse but the new show will have more specially designed numbers, including two songs she has recorded herself.

"I feel I have to raise the bar," she said.

The Crazy Horse has been a Paris institution since 1951, regularly drawing celebrities like Madonna or fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier to see its dancers strut the stage in little more than fluorescent wigs and strobe lights.

"I've always had a real fascination with the Crazy Horse ever since I was a teenager and I found a picture of this line of nearly nude toy soldiers standing at attention," she said, referring to the trademark parade that opens the nightly show.

"I wanted to do something more elaborate this time," she said. "Combine the Crazy Horse style with what I do which is classic American burlesque."


Inspired by the venerable names of stripping and pinup such as Gypsy Rose Lee and Bettie Page, she has an almost scholarly interest in the era of the 1930s and 1940s when the renowned Minsky's Burlesque ruled on Broadway.

In person, a pale and softly spoken woman in an elegant green frock and carefully coiffed hair, Von Teese, born Heather Sweet, might have stepped from the pages of an old Life Magazine pictorial.

"Everything I do professionally comes from what my hobbies were, which was dressing in vintage clothes, driving in vintage cars, listening to retro music and reading about burlesque stars," she said.

The distinctive look, which she maintains even when not performing, has always made her stand out but she said the attention had been a help in her stage life.

"I was so shy in other ways but I was never shy about that," she said. "For people to be looking at me because I was wearing an unusual hat or a strange dress and looking like I stepped off a movie set -- I've been used to that for my entire adult life."

She has managed a delicate transition, taking on a glamorous allure that has elevated her from the gyrating ranks of laptop dancers but she says her style has actually changed little since she started almost 20 years ago.

"I started performing burlesque in 1991 and originally my audience was in strip clubs, pole dancing clubs, fetish clubs and I've watched the way it changed," she said, reclining in the armchair of a luxurious Paris hotel.

"I've been doing the same show all along but why has it become more fashionable? It's interesting because I'm not the one that's changed."

Holly and Criss Vacation With Paula Abdul

Holly Madison and Criss Angel have taken their love south of the border to Cabo San Lucas. The happy couple have been vacationing at the ME Cabo resort in Mexico, where they were joined by Paula Abdul.

Apparently the American Idol judge is friendly with the lovebirds...who knew? While Paula's already jetted out of Mexico after logging some quality pool time with the twosome, Holly and Criss are just finishing up their nine-day vacation at the resort.

Despite rumors that they've been ring shopping, a source says Hef's former girlfriend hasn't been wearing any bling on her ring finger.

The lovey-dovey duo are relaxing while Criss is on break from performing his Vegas show, Believe. Next up for Holly? She's hosting a Super Bowl party with Kendra Wilkinson at Aja nightclub in Tampa.

No word on if their men will be by their sides for the bash...


SUNDANCE has gone from being a classy Independent-film festival to a week full of D-listers making fools of themselves.

Paris Hilton, who seems to have no interest at all in movies, is even being shunned by her sister. "Nicky can't stand Paris' new BFF," said one source - meaning Brittany Flickinger, who won Paris' reality-show contest on MTV, "My New BFF."

Nicky forbade Paris from staying at Jeffrey Katzenberg's house with her, forcing the heir-head to rent a condo and befriend Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day.

"Paris kept ditching Brittany for Aubrey," said our source. Friday night, the two left Flickinger at the Eldridge and went across the street to Tao, where the former Best Friend Forever found them at 2 a.m. "She was crying and screaming, 'Paris, stop leaving me!' " said our snitch.

Crooner Robin Thicke also created a scene at Tao Saturday night, when, according to a witness, he screamed at a security guard, "Don't you know who I am?" and offered the bouncer cash to get in before calming down and joining Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Sting inside.

Sunday, Flickinger was spotted snapping up freebies at the Owl's Lab gifting station, while Paris hung out with MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe at the MySpace Cafe. They were later seen sucking face at a party. A rep for MySpace said, "We don't comment on executives' personal lives."

Meanwhile, "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush was "partying in full force all weekend," said one source, "chatting up girls every night." One reluctant recipient of Bush's attention griped to Page Six, "He is very lovely when he's sober." A rep for "Access Hollywood" did not return calls.

Denise Richards brought a camera crew from E! everywhere she went. At the Live Style Film Lounge, she confronted Pierce Brosnan and "tried to convince him to be part of the filming," said our snitch. "She actually thought James Bond would participate in her reality show."

Christie Brinkley Is 'Energized' About 2009

After her struggles of 2008, namely her messy split from ex-husband Peter Cook, Christie Brinkley is only looking to the future.

"I want to seize the day and take advantage of this year," Brinkley told PEOPLE at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where she unveiled her new "Got Milk?" ad to raise awareness and reintroduce Americans to milk as nature's wellness drink on Friday.

"I am so energized," she said. "I am really looking forward to the inauguration. I see this as a huge time for opportunity. This is the time for change. I am so appreciative of everything I have."

At the event, the supermodel and mom of three – to daughters Alexa, 23, and Sailor, 10, and son Jack, 13 – got a bit emotional looking back at her two previous "Got Milk?" ads. "My ad with my children Alexa and Jack is especially meaningful to me because it served as Jack's birth announcement! I could just tell all my friends to pick up PEOPLE magazine and turn to page 58!"

Aside from unveiling her new milk campaign, Brinkley has a slew of other projects, including working on an organic line of bedding and bath products. "I'm also designing a line of jewelry – eclectic but affordable," she said.

So, what's her secret to looking great at age 54? "Nutrition has always played a huge role in my life," Brinkley said. "I became a vegetarian when I was 13 and then got my entire family to become vegetarians. And I have always been active my whole life. I genuinely enjoy sports and I spend time on my total gym."


BRIDGET Hall dancing with a group of fellow models at The Eldridge

Christie Brinkley's "Got Milk," has hope for Obama

Christie Brinkley ended 2008 with an ugly public divorce from her unfaithful fourth husband, but the former supermodel says she is full of optimism for 2009, sparked by U.S. President-elect Barack Obama.

Brinkley, who was at the Sundance Film Festival to launch her third "got milk?" advertising campaign, said she would be glued to the television on Tuesday to watch Obama be sworn in as the first black U.S. president.

"I think there's a whole, real positive energy going on and I hope to flow along with that positive energy," said Brinkley, who has said her "perfect life" was shattered by revelations her husband Peter Cook had an affair with his teenage assistant and spent thousands of dollars on Internet pornography.

"I am really looking forward to watching what happens to our country, and to our country vis-a-vis the whole world," said Brinkley, who met Obama when her daughter and ex-husband Billy Joel performed a concert for him with Bruce Springsteen.

On Friday, Brinkley unveiled the latest "got milk?" poster of herself wearing a milk mustache. She said that drinking milk was an easy way to stay healthy -- even for those hurt by the financial crisis.

"This is a great way to ensure that if ... you are cutting back and you are not able to buy an expensive piece of fish or something else, milk actually, per glass, is a very affordable way to get your nutrients," she said.

"Everybody is always rushing around," she said. "Everybody's got so much to do and you can't always put together that perfect balance of nutrients on a plate, but when you add milk to the meal, it really does complete it."


Paris Hilton, giggling while scoping out the scene at West Hollywood's Apple Lounge with Hayden Panettiere. The two checked out the crowd together and briefly chatted before the heiress ventured to an outside cabana with Evan Ross. There, she sat quietly, pouring drinks for friends and otherwise deflecting attention from herself. Panettiere, meanwhile, rejoined her girlfriends and posed for pictures with her pals at their table.

Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou Expecting

Scorching hot duo Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou are about to become a trio.

The couple are expecting their first child together, sources close to the Baby Phat designer confirm to E! News.

Simmons has yet to publicly announce the pregnancy, but her New York staff was informed last week, an insider says.

The 33-year-old star of Style Network's Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane has two children—Ming Lee, 8, and Aoki Lee, 6—from her near decade-long marriage to hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons. That union dissolved in March 2006, but the divorce wasn't finalized until March 2008. They remain friends and business partners.

She and the 44-year-old two-time Oscar nominee, both former models, met in February 2007.

Kendra's Mansion Wedding: Not Gonna Happen?

Of course, all hell's broken loose since Kendra Wilkinson spilled the dirt I was already spilling: that everything is not always as it seems at the mansion.

She's awfully good at making news, as with the "shocking" US Weekly interview, but she's also excellent at causing a ruckus. Like all that silliness that her wedding to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett is going to go down at the Mansion—with the Hefster giving her away.

Yeah, right.

I'm still told Kendra is going for something more private, more family-oriented. As if her comments to Us—about her cheating on Hef, for starters—didn't make that crystal clear. Stay tuned...

Campbell settles with former maid

Naomi Campbell has ended her legal tussle with a former maid who accused the supermodel of hitting her and calling her names.

Terms of the settlement are confidential, but a lawyer for the 38-year-old Campbell says both sides are pleased with the outcome.

A lawyer for Gaby Gibson, who worked for Campbell from November 2005 through January 2006, didn't immediately return a message asking for comment.

Gibson claimed in her lawsuit, filed in Manhattan, that the British catwalker also threatened to charge her with theft after being unable to find a pair of designer jeans.

Campbell denied the claims. She was never charged with any crime in the incident Gibson alleged.

Bridget Marquardt: Hugh Hefner Wants Me to Find a Man

Bridget Marquardt doesn't have to worry about Hugh Hefner being a jealous ex-boyfriend. In fact, he wants the Girls Next Door star to find new love.

"He's so excited for me and happy for me. Hef says if I want to come back to the mansion and bring a date, that's no problem," says Marquardt, who moved out of the Playboy mansion last week after living there for seven years.

"He's just being really sweet about it. We have gotten closer than ever. I will love him forever, there's no question."

Marquardt's departure from the house follows that of fellow Girls Next Door star Holly Madison, who is now dating illusionist Criss Angel, and Kendra Wilkinson, who is engaged to NFL star Hank Baskett.

Shock to System

Marquardt, 35, says it was a shock to her system to leave the mansion after all this time.

"I packed the final stuff from my room," says the Playmate and host of the upcoming Travel Channel show Bridget's Sexiest Beaches (debuting March 12 at 10 p.m.). "I was standing in my room and it was totally empty. I was just thinking, 'I can't believe this.' "

While she's saying goodbye to Hefner for now, Marquardt knows there will always be a place for her at the Playboy mansion – if she needs it.

Says Marquardt: "Hef's like, 'You can always come back here. Come back to eat all your meals. Come here to spend the night if you need to.' "

Paris Hilton Gets a (Computer) Virus

It was bound to happen sometime.

Paris Hilton caught a virus.

Quiet your dirty minds, though. The heiress' website was hacked recently, exposing fans to a variety of dangerous viruses…computer viruses.

"Some parts of Paris Hilton's website were infected with malware, a nasty bit of viruses and spyware that can try to access your computer and get bank records and credit card numbers," Garry Scott, a spokesman for computer safety consultant ScanSafe, tells E! News.

"This is not the first time she's had these problems due to her high profile."

Scott says celebrity sites are common targets for cyber criminals because of the high traffic on their sites.

Not unlike the recent robbery in her home, the BFF-seeker is the victim here.

Thankfully, Hilton fans need not worry about catching the bug.

"Visitors to the site are now completely safe," says Scott.

Insert obvious joke here (but please, watch the language).


New couple alert! Paris Hilton was all over San Francisco Giants' baseball star Barry Zito at the grand opening of MyHouse, a new Hollywood nightspot. Whether it was drinking, hugging, whispering, laughing or holding hands, the two were focused only on each other – and Hilton looked really happy, a clubgoer tells us. The heiress flitted from table to table, chatting with fellow revelers like Tyson Beckford and Kim Kardashian, though she never left Zito's side for too long. Hilton was also dancing on everything – the couches, the tables and her man. In contrast, Hilton's sister Nicky was more low-key, hanging with beau David Katzenberg and even her sister's ex, Benji Madden, who looked a little sad, the onlooker says.

Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady Are Engaged!

Forget the Super Bowl party, it's time to plan a wedding.

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady are making some major post-season plans after getting engaged in Los Angeles over the weekend, PEOPLE has learned.

The New England Patriots quarterback, 31, proposed with a diamond solitaire to the Brazilian supermodel, 28, on Friday.

"He asked and she accepted," a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE. Family and friends were informed over the weekend. An official announcement, as well as preliminary wedding details, are being planned by Bündchen and her closest friends this week.

"The couple is discussing a huge fashionista event in the spring or a more intimate and quicker ceremony in Costa Rica, where Gisele has a home," the source adds.

First Marriage for Both

While engagement rumors flew – and were denied – before Christmas, the January engagement will mark the first marriage for both.

Bündchen's agent told PEOPLE, "We don't comment on our clients' private lives."

Though Bündchen had ended her longtime relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2005, Brady was romantically involved when the couple met. Shortly after, he broke his engagement to actress Bridget Moynahan.

In August 2007, Moynahan gave birth to Brady's son, John Edward Thomas.


At the official People's Choice afterparty at L.A.'s Shrine Expo Center, Paris Hilton – not a nominee herself – was the center of attention. The heiress posed with fans all night, even letting mom Kathy in on the photo shoot action. Hilton also snapped a picture with audience members in the women's restroom, then bid her fans adieu, saying, "Bye, sexy bitches."


GONE FISHIN’: Tyra Banks, eating sushi rolls from the conveyor belt at Luckyfish restaurant in Beverly Hills with a pal.


Tyra Banks, shopping with a friend at Martin + Osa in Century City, Calif. The talk-show host told a sales rep she was looking for a V-neck sweater. Banks did buy a silver chain-link necklace and snakeskin cuff during her shopping trip, though, and was very "sweet" to the staff.

Christie Brinkley, Ex-Hubby in New Blow-Up

You can't keep a good court battle down.

As if Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook weren't painfully familiar enough with the inside of a courtroom, the infamous exes appear to be heading for another legal face-off, thanks to a new allegation lobbed against the model by her ex-husband.

In papers submitted to New York State Supreme Court Tuesday, Cook asked a judge to hold Brinkley in contempt for allegedly failing to turn over 13-year-old son Jack's passport in a timely fashion, thus causing the boy to miss a planned school trip to Egypt.

But there's a rub: Cook was supposed to accompany his son on the November excursion, and claims he missed out on some prime father-son bonding time as a result of Brinkley's custody deal-breaching inaction.

"Jack missed the whole trip," Cook's lawyer, Steven Kuhn, tells Newsday. "Mr. Cook wishes that he didn't have to go to court."

Brinkley's lawyer, Peter Caronia, retorts that Cook's claims are "baseless and really rather petty."

Brinkley has until Feb. 17 to file a written response to the accusation.


Outstanding Talk – (Series)
• “Iconoclasts: Venus Williams & Wyclef Jean” (Sundance Channel)
• “Judge Mathis” (Syndicated)
• “Tavis Smiley” (PBS)
• “The Tyra Banks Show” (CW)
• “The View” (ABC)

Christie's New War

The divorce is final, but the squabbling goes on for Christie Brinkley and ex-hubby Peter Cook, who now accuses her of withholding the passport of their 13-year-old son, Jack, denying him a trip to Egypt with his dad. "Everything she does, she does to interfere with my time with my children," Cook told The Post's Selim Algar. The trip was offered through Jack's exclusive East End school, the Ross School. Sources said Brinkley was served the papers during a school concert, and threw them up in the air. "His latest filing is unfounded, unwarranted and petty," she said.


PURPLE REIGN: Dita Von Teese, chatting with Prince at Jason Scoppa and Alexi Yulish’s weekly Lo Hi Fi party at Bardot in Hollywood.

Twin girls for Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell received a late Christmas present -- two of them in fact.

The Hollywood couple welcomed the twin daughters Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip to the family on Dec. 28, reports People.

"Mother, father and both girls are all home and doing well," says Romijn's rep.

It's likely that Dolly Rebecca was named for her famous mother Rebecca, whose favorite musician is Dolly Parton. Sister Charlie may have been named for O'Connell's brother Charlie, an actor in his own right and a former star for " The Bachelor."

The "Ugly Betty" actress, 36, left the show's production early and spent the last few months of pregnancy on bed rest. She plans to take a long maternity leave.

In fall 2004, Romijn was scouting for a documentary, "Wet Dreams," about the choreographed fountains at Las Vegas' Bellagio Hotel and Casino when she first met O'Connell, 34, at a party. They were engaged in September 2005 and tied the knot in July 2007.

Romijn was previously married to John Stamos, whom she officially divorced in March 2005.

O'Connell took his latest stab at TV with the short-lived FOX comedy " Do Not Disturb."

Police: Paris Hilton Thief a Frenemy?

Paris Hilton might want to reevaluate the invite list before her next house party.

Los Angeles Police detectives investigating last month's $2 million jewel heist from the hotel heiress' mansion believe the burglar had a good grasp of the floor plans, knowing exactly where Hilton hid her valuables, prompting speculation it may have been an inside job.

Echoing what Hilton told E! News, investigators are going over evidence and narrowing their search down to a number of unidentified aquaintances of Hilton, per the Los Angeles Times.

The perp entered through an unlocked door sometime between the evening hours of Dec. 19 and 4 a.m. the next morning and immediately located Hilton's secret stash of baubbles—which included necklaces, watches, rings and some family heirlooms.

Security camera footage showed a person dressed in a hoodie and wearing gloves.

An LAPD spokeswoman declined to comment this morning on the Times report, citing the ongoing investigation.

The Simple Lifer's security detail discovered the theft at approximately 5 a.m. and called the cops. Hilton, who was partying on the night of the break-in, later told E! News that she has since given police a list of people whom she thinks might be behind it.

"You know, it's just an invasion of privacy, and it's happened to me before," she said. "It's really scary but they're doing a huge investigation on this, and we're going to catch this person."

She also urged the buglar to return the jewelry anonmyously by having a taxi deliver it in a box to her house so "they won't get in trouble." But she warned that if they didn't do the right thing, "they're going to get in more trouble."

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell Welcome Twins

Howard Stern was back to discussing one of his favorite topics his morning: twin girls. This time, though, the context wasn't nearly as titillating as usual.

The shock jock was entrusted by pals Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell to deliver the happy news via his Sirius radio show this morning that the couple is celebrating the birth of twin girls.

There's no word yet on names or vital statistics for the double-trouble newborns.

It's the first stork delivery for both Romijn, 36, and O'Connell, 34, who confirmed they were expecting the two-for-one babes back in July.

In October, the new parents bowed out of attending pal Stern's New York nuptials to Beth Ostrosky after Romijn was placed on partial bed rest.

Easy Money

PARIS and Nicky Hilton may not have much of a career, but they still got close to $750,000 each to show up to Australia for New Year's. A well-placed Aussie spy said they were paid by Bongo jeans and the two toured Melbourne before flying off to Sydney with close, greasy pal Brandon Davis and Nicky's boyfriend, David Katzenberg. In Sydney, the Hiltons' local pal Mehmet Gulasi was pulled over early New Year's Day with cocaine in his car. A local paper reported Gulasi told cops he was "on an important errand" and on his way to pick up the Hiltons and their posse.

Nikki Blonsky, Next Top Modeler Cleared in Airport Smackdown

The Hairspray star's assault charges have officially been washed away.

Nikki Blonsky and onetime America's Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden are clear of all charges stemming from their July 29 arrests following a blowout, family-style airport smackdown.

"The cases against Nikki Blonsky and Bianca Golden have been dropped," Turks and Caicos Police Sgt. Calvin Chase told E! News.

"The only case that is still proceeding is against [Blonsky's] father."

Blonsky's father, Carl, 53, still faces charges of assault and inflicting grievous bodily harm for his role in the Providenciales International Airport brawl. If convicted, he could face up to five years behind bars.

Chase did not discuss why officials aren't pursing charges of assault against Nikki Blonsky and Golden for the melee, which left Golden's mother in need of medevac-required attention.

For the younger Blonsky the new year is shaping up to be better than her last. She's set to appear as a guest star on Ugly Betty Jan. 8.

Are Holly Madison & Criss Angel Hunting for an Engagement Ring?

Will there be a double wedding at the Playboy Mansion this summer?

Just three days after Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson announced that she and Hank Baskett will get hitched at Hugh Hefner's famed estate on June 27, fellow costar Holly Madison was spotted looking at rings in Las Vegas with her Mindfreak boyfriend, Criss Angel.

An eyewitness tells me Madison and Angel hit Berger & Son Fine Jewelers in the Fashion Show mall at about 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

"They were looking at one ring and Criss said, 'Would you marry me?' " our spy reports. "Holly didn't say anything. She just looked at him."

But then the couple saw that a crowd was beginning to form in front of the store, so they quickly took off.

"Criss handed the ring back to the sales guy and said, 'Thanks,' " the spy said.

Reps for Madison and Angel say we shouldn't go looking for their wedding registry just yet. "Criss bought Holly a ring for her birthday," Madison's rep said. "It's a flower ring."

Darn it! We were hoping to see Hef walking both Wilkinson and Madison down the aisle at the same time.

Meanwhile, I'm told Madison and Angel's families met for the first time last week when they celebrated Christmas together in Vegas.

Australians Mad at Paris Hilton for Being...Paris

Paris Hilton is Down Under this week to spend New Year's Eve hosting some party at a megaclub for serious cash. Only problem is NYE isn’t until tomorrow, so what's a bored heiress to do?

Shop, of course! Now, we’re quite used to seeing pictures of Paris shopping the local L.A. boutiques on almost a daily basis. But the Australian press must not understand that this is a vital part of Ms. Hilton’s gig, because several local papers are pretty pissed about the whole thing...

They're reporting that she dropped over $5,000 on 31 dresses and even give a minute-by-minute breakdown: “Paris Hilton spends $140 a minute in Chapel Street, Melbourne, shopping spree” is one headline.

One of their charity chiefs is disgusted. "In World Vision terms, $5000 would ensure that a village of 2000 people in Africa or Asia would have clean water for the rest of their lives,” says World Vision of Australia head Tim Costello. Which is obviously true, but excessive selfishness is kind of Paris' personal brand.

And get this, they believe the shopping spree was a “stunt designed to promote herself.” Um, Paris’ whole life is a stunt designed to promote herself.

Wow, we guess we're sort of rooting for Paris on this one. Weird. There's just something about her defense of "I actually bought five dresses, not 31. I work hard and any girl should be able to spend money on themselves if they want to" that makes us want to holler, "Preach it, girl!"

Anyway, getting mad at Paris for shopping is like getting angry at Brody Jenner for being douchey or Britney for lip-syncing bad songs or Katie Holmes for not putting a jacket on Suri or Lindsay Lohan for seeking out attention. That's just what they do.


Christie Brinkley, taking off her Ugg boots to walk through the security checkpoint at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. Headed to Aspen, Colo., the model, with her son Jack and daughter Sailor, was smiling and happy to greet airport employees who recognized her.

Hilton Clan Goes Clubbing Together in Aspen

The family that goes clubbing together, stays together? That seems to be the motto for the Hiltons at the holidays.

Not only were Paris (along with new BFF Brittany Flickinger) and sis Nicky (with BF David Katzenberg) painting the town in Aspen, but parents Rick and Kathy joined in as well. The entire fam hit the members-only Caribou Club two nights in a row together, where the newly single (and recently robbed) heiress seemed to be doing just fine.

"Paris was dancing to her own songs on the dance floor and looked like she was having so much fun," an eyewitness tells E! News.

So who partied longer, the parents or the kids?

Kathy and Rick called it a night long before their daughters did—making way for all the guys trying to hit on Paris and Nicky.

The Hilton entourage also was spotted hanging with Hills' dude Doug Reinhardt at the Little Nell Hotel. Doug's new girlfriend, Amanda Bynes, is expected to join him in Aspen for New Year's Eve, while Paris and Nicky are already in Australia to host a bash.

Also spending the holidays in Aspen: Kate Hudson, Orlando Bloom (reportedly renting a house with Miranda Kerr), Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.

New Film Goes Inside Carla Bruni & Nicolas Sarkozy's Romance

Model and singer Carla Bruni-Sarkozy says it was bombshell attraction that led to her marrying the French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

A guest at an intimate, eight-strong dinner party, she was seated next to Sarkozy, and the sparks were "instantaneous, immediate ... I don't know what he has but he has something very protective that I never found before, maybe because I was much more attracted to artists," she says of their November 2007 meeting in an upcoming film about her.

She describes that and more in Somebody Told Me About ... Carla Bruni, which airs in France on New Year's Day. The pair wed only two months later after a whirlwind romance, which Bruni, 41, recalls was not understood by many.

"I realized people were shocked when I first started dating, because presidents don't date and I understand that. But it's just another world for me because I come from the modeling and the music – we can date forever, we don't have to get married," she says, according to the U.K.'s The Sunday Times newspaper, which got a sneak peek of the 80-minute film.

"Also it was the first time a president got divorced, usually they don't get divorced because that's not good for their position," she says. "So I guess Nicolas is having a life like a normal 50-year-old man: He can get divorced and he can get married again."

The Sunday Times also reports how she laid down the law before their marriage.

"I said to Nicolas, 'I cannot choose between you and my music, it's ridiculous. I'm not going to drop my job and iron my husband's shirts for the next four years.' So of course he didn't ask me to choose, I decided to keep my job," she says.

The film opens with a lighthearted moment, as the woman who has been linked with Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, says she has left her past behind. She is seen during a break in recording her latest music and she states: "No more sex, no more drugs, only rock 'n' roll!"

She has continued with her singing career and, earlier this year, released a new album. Bruni wants to write and sing songs "for other people as much as I can as long as I can until I die."

She adds: "Maybe when my husband is no longer president of France, I can play live again and be an old lady singing the blues. That would be nice".

Tom and Gisele Engaged? Not True, Say Relatives

Don't believe the holiday engagement rumors swirling around supermodel Gisele Bündchen and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Brady's father, Tom Brady Sr., told The Boston Globe on Friday that reports of his son's engagement were "rumor, rumor, rumor ... We don't know a thing about it. Nobody told me. We talked to him and there's nothing to say."

The Boston Herald reported that the couple strolled down Bean Town's Beacon Street on Friday – and that Bündchen, 28, was without an engagement ring.

Bündchen's twin sister, Patricia, also denied the report, saying in an e-mail that the engagement story – which first surfaced on TMZ – is "not true."

Reached by PEOPLE, Bündchen's rep declined to comment. Stacey James, a spokesman for the Patriots, responded, "I heard the report that he [proposed] on a plane, but I don't think it's true." Still, he added, "Tom keeps his private life private."

Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady Just Plane Engaged!

Tom Brady may be out for the rest of the football season, but he's officially found his Angel.

E! News has confirmed that the benched New England Patriot popped the question to supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bündchen and she accepted.

On Christmas Eve, the gorgeous exes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bridget Moynahan (with whom the QB has a child) hopped on a private jet from New Jersey's Teterboro Airport to Boston. Also on board were four dozen white roses, champagne and the bride-to-be's parents.

Cue fantasies of a row of Victoria's Secret Angel bridesmaids and linebacker groomsmen.

Paris Hilton Picks Up a Hot Pink Bentley

The same week Paris Hilton was burgled out of nearly $2 million in jewelry from her Sherman Oaks, Calif., home, she's added a customized $200,000 Bentley Continental GT to her garage.

While it may look pink in photos, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that this British bit of heaven on wheels is actually rose-colored. It also has monogrammed seats, a sparkling "PH" where the usual hood ornament "B" is located and tinted windows – to thwart paparazzi, says the publicity-shy socialite.

"I love it, it's so pretty," Hilton – who reportedly created a splash with the car while shopping this week with the winner of her My New BFF reality show, Brittany Flickinger – is quoted as saying.

As for her choice of car and its color, "I think when you're a little girl and you have the Barbie Corvette you're like, 'I wish I had a car like this one'. So I think [it's] just being a fan of Barbie for so long," she says.

Adds Hilton, 27: "This is a car I can't drive every single day, but I will be driving it a lot. I live in a gated community so I can get in and out without the paparazzi. They've put a protective tint on the windows so no flashes can come through."

Kendra Wilkinson Sets Wedding Date with Her 'Perfect Match'

It's official: Kendra Wilkinson will marry NFL player Hank Baskett on June 27 at the Playboy Mansion.

The Girl Next Door, 23, is waiting for Baskett's season to be over so he can help with wedding details. The 26-year-old wide receiver's team, the Philadelphia Eagles, is contending for a playoff spot.

"I'm waiting for him to come out here and help me plan," she tells Robin Leach's Las Vegas blog, which revealed the wedding date. "I'm ready to just get married."

Recently fully moved out of the Mansion, Wilkinson is "retiring from the whole nudity thing" and now focusing on being an athlete's wife.

"I love football, but I never thought I would marry a football player," she tells Leach. "We all have our perfect match, I have."

Although initial plans called for her former beau Hugh Hefner to walk her down the aisle, she says she's now having second thoughts about that.

"I think so, but I don't know yet," she says.

Paris Hilton Calls House Robbery an Inside Job

Paris Hilton says police needn't look far to find the culprit who broke into her new mansion early Friday morning and stole nearly $2 million worth of jewelry and personal items.

The heiress believes it was an inside job.

"I think whoever did this, definitely has been there before," Hilton, 27, told E! News Monday at the L.A. boutique Intuition. "We have some suspects that I'm thinking of."

At around 5 a.m. while Hilton hung out at Hollywood hotspot Bar Deluxe, police say that a man in a hooded sweatshirt and gloves forced his way through the socialite's front door.

The burglar took her "jewelry, watches, every ring I own," Hilton said. "All my necklaces, jewelry that my grandmothers gave me that I'll never be able to replace.

Scared Her Off

Hilton called the break-in an "invasion of privacy" and says she was afraid to enter her house after it happened.

"Obviously. it's devastating and disturbing that someone was in my home," Hilton said.

While the newly single Hilton can no longer count on the protection of ex-boyfriend Benji Madden, she has since "upped the security majorly" at her Sherman Oaks, Calif., home so she feels safe.

Security Added

"We have three security guards there and a 24-hour guard who is always on my property," Hilton said. "We have the alarm on, the dogs we have, the guards with the gun, so, no one is going to be coming into my house."

And as for the sticky-fingered thief, "I would tell them to please return my things," she says. "They just have to anonymously have a taxi drop it off in my front gate in a box with my jewelry and everything they won't get in trouble."

But her vow of mercy does have an expiration date.

"If all this goes on for much longer," she says, "they're going to get in more trouble."


THE Los Angeles crime wave continues unchecked. Last week, Paris Hilton's house was burglarized of more than $2 million worth of jewels while she was out. Now comes word that, a few days back, the luggage of a prominent publicist who begged us not to use her name was stolen from her Hollywood Hills bedroom while she ate dinner on a different floor of the house. Meanwhile, in a third burglary, model Erin Wasson was at home when thieves stole tens of thousands of dollars of jewelry and designer clothing, including pieces by Alexander McQueen, Ann Demeulemeester, Dior, Givenchy and William Rast. Police called to her Santa Monica place recovered a few things from an alley around the corner, including two left shoes. Wasson's rep says, "Luckily, no one was harmed." All three women had left their front doors unlocked.


PRE-B-DAY BONANZA: Paris Hilton, Katy Perry and Ryan Seacrest, dining together and doing shots of Jack Daniel's at STK in L.A., where the gang shared a PB Cup and shortcake gingerbread in honor of Seacrest’s upcoming birthday.

PLUM PICK: Dita Von Teese, purchasing a purple dress at the Catherine Malandrino boutique in West Hollywood.

Holly Madison Helps Criss Angel Celebrate 40

Holly Madison and Criss Angel are doing everything together these days...even throwing joint birthday parties.

The day after the duo hit Disneyland in California for some good clean fun, they headed back to Sin City Friday for their double birthday bash at LAX. Criss turned 40 Friday night, while Holly celebrates her 29th Dec. 23.

The couple brought along 50 of their closest friends, including Holly's former Playboy Mansion roomie Bridget Marquardt, though Hef was not in attendance as Holly and Criss blew out the candles on their shared cake, complete with sparklers.

And sounds like they're already feeling the Christmas spirit...after getting on the mic to thank fans for coming to the party, they had $100 bills rain on the partygoers below.


Paris Hilton is persona non grata with young Hollywood. After being dumped by Benji Madden, she's reduced to hanging out with just the "new BFF" she found on her reality show, Brittany Flickinger. Hilton and Flickinger were at LA restaurant Saam Thursday night in the private dining area when Christina Aguilera, who was celebrating her 28th birthday, walked in. "Christina was with hubby Jordan Bratman, Nicole Richie and Joel and Benji Madden," our spy said. "Paris wasn't invited and left shortly before they arrived so she wouldn't have to see Benji or be asked to leave the private area for Christina."

Kendra Turns Conservative Since Engagement

Bridget Marquardt may have lived in the Playboy Mansion with Kendra Wilkinson, but she hardly recognizes her former housemate – and The Girls Next Door castmate – anymore. And that's not a bad thing.

"She's doing amazing, she's so in love," Marquardt, 35, said of Wilkinson, 23, who recently became engaged to NFL player Hank Baskett. "She's changed so much. She's not even the same person. I mean, she is the same, but she's different. I love the old Kendra and I love the new Kendra."

What is the "new Kendra"? "She's a lot more timely. She doesn't flash anymore. She's a lot more conservative. She's so in love," Marquardt tells PEOPLE.

Bridesmaids, All

Like her other housemate Holly Madison, Marquardt will be a bridesmaid at Wilkinson's wedding at the Playboy Mansion.

While her costars both appear to have found love – Madison is dating Criss Angel – Marquardt remains reticent about discussing her own love life.

"I'm just really happy for Holly. She's happy and in love," she says. "And Kendra has found love with a great guy. Hank is the perfect gentleman."

Jewel Heist at Paris Hilton's House

A man wearing a hooded sweatshirt broke into Paris Hilton's home in Sherman Oaks, Calif., and reportedly made off with millions of dollars worth of jewels.

"At around 5 a.m. Friday, officers received a call from a security guard who reported that Paris Hilton's residence had been broken into," LAPD spokeswoman Julie Sohn tells PEOPLE.

"According to detectives, a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and gloves forced entry through the front door, ransacked her bedroom, took unknown property and fled," Sohn added.

An estimated $2 million in jewelry was stolen, according to the L.A. Times, citing unnamed detectives investigating the case.

An investigation is ongoing and Hilton was not at home at the time of robbery, Sohn said.

Early Friday morning, Hilton was spotted dancing at Bar Deluxe in Hollywood along with Katy Perry and gossip blogger Perez Hilton. A rep for the heiress wasn't immediately available for comment.


EVERY home should have a built-in party space. Paris Hilton tells Esquire about her place in Los Angeles: "The best thing I've ever bought with money is my house. Having a nightclub in your house really helps for having a party." Leonardo DiCaprio apparently agrees. He and Kevin Connolly hit her place the other night for some "drinking and chilling out." DiCaprio "was on his BlackBerry most of the night," said our spy, possibly with girlfriend Bar Refaeli, who was not at the shindig.


THE EX LIST: Paris Hilton and “New BFF” Brittany Flickinger, partying at Apple Lounge in West Hollywood. Also there: one of Hilton's many exes, Josh Henderson, with his current girlfriend.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Wins Nude Photo Lawsuit

France's first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has been awarded $57,500 in damages after she sued a fashion company for adorning a canvas shopping bag with a 1993 nude photo of her.

"The unauthorized use of the image of Carla Bruni caused her moral and economic damage," ruled a court on the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion, reports Reuters.

Lawyers for Bruni-Sarkozy have suggested her monetary award would be given to charity.

Peter Mertes, founder and manager of Pardon – the fashion line that manufactured and marketed the $4 carrier bags – vowed to appeal Thursday's court decision, because the sum awarded seemed too large for what he considers "a small blunder."

In court, Mertes had said that 10,000 bags have been removed from retail stores and that "we plan to burn them all."

The photo, showing the former supermodel standing up without a stitch, was taken by fashion lensman Michel Comte in 1993 for an anti-AIDS campaign.

Hilton, Kutcher among MySpace friends' leaders

Zach Braff, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez have more in common than their celebrity status: According to MySpace, they're among the stars with the most friends on the social network.

Also on the list: Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, Jenna Fischer, Criss Angel, Hayden Panettiere, Shanna Moakler, Travis Barker and Lauren Conrad.

The movie "Twilight," Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Lil Wayne and Taylor Swift are among the five top-searched terms on MySpace.

Swift led the list of musical artists most searched for on MySpace Music since it launched on Sept. 25. The most streamed artist is T.I., and the most streamed song belongs to him as well: "Whatever You Like."

What You Don't Know About Paris Hilton

Some tidbits seem obvious. "Once I've worn a dress, I can never wear it again," Paris Hilton tells Esquire.

But what you may not know, says the heiress, 27, is what happens next: "I give them to charities and they auction them off to help people with breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS."

What's more, says Hilton, those who think she doesn't work are mistaken. "I was up making phone calls at 7 in the morning," she says, "and I'll be working until 1:00 a.m."

On matters of attraction, Hilton – who admitted last month that she's still in love with her ex, Benji Madden – says her fragrances come in handy. "I put pheromones in a lot of my fragrances," she says, "and that attracts people to you."

Her admiration for Marilyn Monroe helps too. "My grandma would call me Marilyn Monroe ... Ever since I was little it's what I knew I wanted to do – be a blond icon."

Still, she acknowledges that the late Monroe is "going to be one of those people who's talked about forever and ever. I don't know if people will be talking about me that way when I'm 75."

Luckily, Hilton is prepared for that day, too. "You may not be able to be hot when you're 75. Like, young people won't think you're hot," she says. "But your husband will."

Kate Moss Signs Up for 3 More Years with TopShop: Expect Accessories Next

Two years ago Kate Moss took her supermodel style to the masses when she collaborated with British affordable chain Topshop. Good news for all the fashionistas couldn’t get enough of her high fashion styles with main street prices. Topshop has announced the extension of the Kate Moss for Topshop collection for another three years–plus the addition of shoes and lingerie. “The last two years have been an exciting experience, and Topshop has given me the perfect platform to develop my own collection, which is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I am really looking forward to working with the Topshop team on our new collections and thank everybody who already owns a piece of Kate Moss for Topshop!” Kate said in a statement to the press. What’s better is that with the launch of the Topshop US e-commerce site in September and the much-anticipated New York flagsip store opening in March, Kate’s designs will be widely available on this side of the pond. We can’t wait to see what Kate has in store for us — especially in terms of shoes and lingerie.

Paris and Benji Party Together at D&G

Could a reunion be in the works for Paris Hilton and Benji Madden?

It certainly looked that way tonight. The two arrived mere minutes apart for the grand opening of the Dolce & Gabbana boutique on Robertson Boulevard hosted by Rachel Bilson.

Paris was doing interviews on the carpet as Nicole Richie and Joel Madden arrived together at the event, which benefitted Art of Elysium. After Nic and Joel took photos, they brushed right past Paris without even saying hello and headed inside the soiree.

But when Benji arrived right behind them, it was another story...

Paris' ex-boyfriend stopped to greet her in mid-interview and the two went inside the store together, where she quickly pulled him into a private corner so they could talk.

The usually photo-happy heiress waved off photogs as the former couple chatted cozily together. After grabbing drinks at the bar, Paris quickly approached Nicole to say hi, and then she and Benji headed out to the smoking patio for some more quiet conversation.

Both Paris and Benji looked happy and friendly as they hung together, but when asked if she and Benji were getting back together, all Paris offered was a knowing smile.

Ultimately, Benji left the bash with Joel and Nicole, leaving Paris to hang with sister Nicky and David Katzenberg. And while Nicole looked super skinny again in tights and a tutu-type skirt, she ate french fries inside the fete.

Also making the fashionable scene: Lauren Conrad, Kevin Connolly, Josh Brolin and newly-single Ginnifer Goodwin.


LOVEBIRDS Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, rumored to be engaged, are mixing work with pleasure before celebrating the holidays. The photogenic couple flew down to the Rosewood Little Dix Bay resort on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, where Kerr is being shot for the Victoria's Secret catalog. In between assignments, the two were seen frolicking on the beach, throwing each other into the water and doing yoga at the resort's spa.


PARIS Hilton cutting the security check-in line at Miami International Airport to catch a flight to New York


IMAN Bowie and her daughter cutting in front of several families, most with crying toddlers, at the office of a pediatric eye doctor

We Hear...

THAT red-faced editors at Playboy are kicking themselves because years ago, they turned down Marisa Miller - the California blonde who posed topless for Perfect 10 mag and became a star Victoria's Secret model

Paris Tinkers

Paris Hilton wants to play Tinkerbell - not her pet Chihuahua, but the famed fairy from "Peter Pan." A source tells us the celebutard is lobbying for the title role in Disney's live-action version of "Tinkerbell," in which the pixie finally gets a chance at life as a real girl. "Paris has worked on her acting chops lately and showed some comedy prowess in her YouTube spoof of running for president," our insider said. "Disney suits saw it and think she may be developing some comedic-actress potential."

Hilton's Second Album In Jeopardy

Socialite Paris Hilton is having problems with her second pop album - she can't find a record label willing to release it. The Simple LIfe star founded Heiress Records, a sub-label of Warner Bros. Records, in 2004 and released her self-titled debut album, Paris, under that label in 2006.

The LP reached number six on the U.S. Billboard chart, but sold only 180,000 copies in America. She subsequently parted ways with Warner Bros. Hilton has finished recording a second album, but currently has no record deal in place to release the follow-up.

She says, "I'm figuring it out right now. I'm not sure which label I'm doing it with. I wrote all the songs, it's very dance, like Kylie Minogue."

Extra jump rope for lingerie models pre-show

Let's take a moment to savor this little tidbit: Even Victoria's Secret's handpicked "angels" ramp up the cardio and cut out the carbs before they parade around in their underwear for a nationally televised broadcast.

Marisa Miller, Doutzen Kroes and Miranda Kerr are the newest models to be given their wings by the lingerie giant, joining Heidi Klum, Karolina Kurkova, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Selita Ebanks as the brand's top models. All three of the newbies had graced the Victoria's Secret catwalk before but they weren't fully part of the family until they went to Miami last month for the new runway show spectacle that will be seen on CBS Wednesday night.

There were plenty of jitters as they slipped into their lacy looks.

"I love feeling so sexy and I love to be on this runway, but you're nervous because it's lingerie and it's on TV," says Kroes, whose outfits include a frothy pink ballerina ensemble and a Greek goddess get-up. "There are so many people seeing you live, it's not like a picture when there is Photoshop after."

To prepare, Dutch 23-year-old beauty Kroes, who says she normally eats what she wants because she exercises often, goes on a strict sugar- and carb-free meal plan and spends many extra minutes a day jumping rope. "For other fashion shows you can be skinny, but for Victoria's Secret, you need definition," says Kroes, 23.

Her belly wasn't empty, though. "I get butterflies in my stomach, for sure."

Miller, a relaxed surfer type true to her Califonia roots, says she also has to psych herself up.

"I'm a little shy and unassuming, which might be hard to believe with my job, so I don't have to quite become another person out there but I have to think about letting it all go. My last outfit was a black velvet one-piece with pink feathers on the back. I had to show the camera my tailfeathers so I did give a little spin," she says.

Miller, 30, calls this gig the biggest thing in her career and it's worth all the work — and the workouts. "When you're on the runway, you're moving so it's all about toning up," she says.

With extensive fittings and rehearsals, as well as the elaborate set-up (which coincided with $1 billion in renovations to the host site Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel), Miller says part of her couldn't wait to take the first step out and enjoy her "moment." Yet, she was also staring at the reality of a huge audience.

"That's when you hope you can make it to the end of the runway in one piece. Some outfits are complicated, and you have to be aware of how they shift or if they are restricting. When you're in your underwear, a lot can happen," she says.

Kerr, who flutters down the runway in a cool-shade blue lace low-cut bra and high-cut brief, sexy sandals with thigh-high ribbons and the coveted wings, took comfort in knowing her family was in the crowd, and winked at her mom and dad.

"My mom didn't mind seeing me up there in my underwear ," Kerr says. "I am 25 and it's all very lovely and like a costume. It's beautiful and romantic ... it's not like standing up there in my everyday underwear. It's a theatrical show and everyone is there to have a good time."


KATE Moss has finally come clean about who gave her the scratches on her cheek she recently sported: boyfriend and the Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. Moss had previously claimed a box of Christmas decorations fell on her head, but Brit ain's Daily Mail reports she was overheard at a London party for designer Stella McCartney admitting that she was actually involved in a "scuffle" with Hince over their holiday plans. Hince, for his part, was left with a black eye, which Moss says was the re sult of her "chunky ring." The on- again/ off-again pair are still report edly on.


SMELL YOU: Paris Hilton, partying at NYC's Bungalow 8 on Saturday night during a break from her promotional tour for her new perfume.

French first lady joins global fight against AIDS

France's glamorous first lady threw her considerable star power behind the global fight against AIDS on Monday, as the world tallied the victims of the HIV virus that infects a new person every 15 seconds.

As ceremonies marked World AIDS Day, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy signed on to become a goodwill ambassador for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which said it has provided lifesaving treatment to two million people living with HIV worldwide.

"I think the world has become used to AIDS," the model-turned-singer told a news conference in Paris. "We no longer see it as a scandal or an emergency."

Bruni-Sarkozy, who lost her brother Virginio to AIDS two years ago, said her work will focus on helping women and children infected with HIV, the virus that causes the disease. She pledged to fight the stigma that is still attached to AIDS in many countries.

"There is no greater cruelty than to be excluded from your own family and your own community because you are infected with a deadly disease," she said.

Some 500,000 children are born each year infected with HIV and 290,000 of them died in 2007 as a result, the Global Fund said. With access to antiretroviral drugs, the risk of virus transmission from an HIV-positive mother to her baby can be slashed to less than five percent, it added.

Bruni-Sarkozy said she would divert the constant media attention she has attracted since her whirlwind wedding to President Nicolas Sarkozy this year toward the battle against AIDS. She also planned to tap her extensive contacts in the music and fashion industries for fundraising.

Irish singer and activist Bono called her appointment "a great coup" for the Global Fund.

An estimated 33 million people worldwide are infected with the HIV virus, the vast majority of them in Africa, but no country is spared.

In a rare government disclosure, Iran said Monday it has registered more than 18,000 HIV-positive citizens and estimated the true number of infected to be as high as 100,000.

China — which for years also covered up the disease — vowed to do more to tackle the stigma. The government promised to strengthen education about AIDS prevention, increase condom distribution and do more to reach high-risk groups. An estimated 700,000 Chinese have the virus.

The rate of HIV infection in Europe almost doubled between 2000 and 2007, reaching the highest level ever recorded in the region, the health agencies of the U.N. and European Union said in a report.

South Africa has an estimated 5.5 million people living with the HIV virus — the highest total of any country. About 1,000 South Africans die each day of the disease and complications like tuberculosis. Even more become infected because prevention messages have not worked.

Yet for years, the South African government of former President Thabo Mbeki played down the extent of the crisis. Mbeki himself doubted the link between HIV and AIDS. His health minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, openly mistrusted conventional AIDS drugs and instead promoted the value of lemons, garlic, beetroot and the African potato.

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health last month calculated that government delays in introducing AIDS drugs between 2000 and 2005 cost more than 330,000 lives in South Africa.

"We have to mourn the lives of those we have not saved," said Barbara Hogan, the health minister who replaced Tshabalala-Msimang after Mbeki was ousted in October.

She promised to improve HIV treatment and prevention programs, and to increase the supply of drugs to HIV positive women to stop them from passing the virus on to their unborn children.

The top U.N. official dealing with the disease, Peter Piot, joined South African political leaders and hundreds of activists to show his support for the new administration. Church bells tolled and workers put down their tools as South Africa observed a minute of silence for AIDS victims.

The South African government wants to halve new infections by 2011 and ensure that 80 percent of those with the disease get treatment and care.

But it faces a mammoth task. The Global Fund has rejected a South African request for nearly $92 million over the next two years for AIDS projects and $68 million for TB prevention and treatment.

AIDS advocates accused the country's former health minister of failing to respect the fund's strict operating rules.

Rep: Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Not Engaged

Female fans, relax: Orlando Bloom is still available, technically.

A rep for Bloom's girlfriend Miranda Kerr is knocking down a report in the Australian media Sunday that the Pirates of the Caribbean star and the model are engaged.

"The story ... is completely false and misleading," the rep says. "Miranda herself has clearly stated she is not engaged. There is nothing else to be said."

But while they're not making marriage plans at present, Bloom, 31, and Kerr, 25, are still very much a couple, and Kerry recently spoke about someday settling down with a special someone and having kids.


"SOME TIMES I lie in bed and I'm like, Oh my God, there's Seal lying next to me. What's he doing here?" - Heidi Klum to InStyle


MODEL Veronica Webb is lucky she had help on hand at the opening night of the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center. Webb, who in September was dumped as the co-host of "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" and replaced by Gretta Monahan, suffered a wardrobe malfunction when the back zipper of her dress came down and the top clasp popped open - only to be rescued by designer Rachel Roy before photographers could get any shots. Also there were Sarah Jessica Parker (right), Valentino and Alicia Keys.

Orlando Bloom's Girlfriend Talks Kids, Her Future

Miranda Kerr may be a Victoria’s Secret model with a movie star boyfriend – Orlando Bloom – but the Australian dreams of a much less glamorous life.

"My ideal situation would be to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and a vegetable patch," she says in this week's issue of Page Six Magazine. "When this is all over, that's where I'll be."

And she doesn't plan on being alone. "I've always wanted kids, so someday, eventually, yes, it will happen," said Kerr.

When it comes to her relationship with Bloom, 31, Kerr is a bit more mum. "Everyone asks me to talk about him and they get really annoyed with me when I say no," said Kerr. "But if you want to know about him, why don't you go and ask him? I'm sorry, but that's just how it is."

For now, Kerr is embracing her work life. "In the last 22 days I've been to eight different countries,” said Kerr. "Honestly, I'm always on an airplane. I spend a lot of time on beautiful little islands, but generally it's one day here and then flying, then one day there, then fly. But I feel very grateful to have so much work, especially with the economy how it is."

Up next for Kerr is an appearance on Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airing on CBS Dec. 3.


SUPERMODEL Jessica Stam might want to reconsider her taste in men. The Canadian catwalker, who previously dated Adam (DJ AM) Goldstein and Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis, has been seeing Austin Cregg, 23, the son of '80s music icon Huey Lewis, since the summer.

Cregg is facing possible jail time for failing to complete a community service stint stemming from his arrest last March on marijuana possession charges and for scrawling graffiti on West Fourth Street.

Cregg, a recent NYU graduate, pleaded guilty and was ordered to work 10 days in a downtown soup kitchen. However, last Friday, after completing only seven days, Cregg was ordered back to court and instructed to finish the remaining three days of his sentence before February - or face jail time.

The night before Cregg's most recent court date, Stam, 22, told friends she'd have to cancel the couple's planned vacation to Montana in the event the judge didn't grant Cregg an extension.

A pal of the aspiring musician said Cregg has been using Stam's lawyer so that his father doesn't find out about his legal trouble. "Jessica has been funding the whole affair," said the friend.

Stam has also been joking with friends about how she'd have to sneak into jail for conjugal visits if her beau gets hauled off.

Earlier this year, Stam and Cregg were reportedly living together in the same SoHo apartment as model Daisy Lowe and actor Kieran Culkin.

Stam, who now lives on Fourth Avenue, has some experience dating the offspring of the famous - she previously shacked up with Malcolm Ford, 21, son of Harrison Ford.

Stam's IMG rep said, "We don't typically comment on our clients' personal lives."


MODEL Bar Refaeli hates to fly - or maybe she just hates to tip. A fellow passenger on a six-person flight from Barbados to Canouan Island last week told Page Six the sultry sometime-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio "was frantically e-mailing on her BlackBerry once she saw the tiny plane." But what really ruffled Refaeli's feathers was when "the porter asked her for a tip after putting her luggage under the plane, and that got her even more steamed." A few days later, our spy saw a "refreshed and happier" model boarding "the hotel owner's private plane to Barbados." Reps for Refaeli could not be reached.

Is Paris Over?

Paris Hilton's popularity has plummeted. The heir-head, whose show, "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," on MTV has low ratings, was booed so badly at the Kress in Hollywood this weekend, she refused to take the stage. Hilton was at a birthday party for designer Christian Audigier's daughter, Crystal, and was supposed to introduce the Pussycat Dolls. But when Audigier took the stage and yelled to the crowd, "Do you want to see Paris Hilton?" our spy said, "The entire room - which had just cheered when they thought Britney Spears was coming - booed loudly. Paris was practically in tears and left without taking the stage."

Just Asking

WHICH ex-couple - an actor and a model - still share some aspects of their sex life? Both are known to sleep with a famous Lower East Side topless dancer who has a reputation of never going home alone


DRINK UP: Paris Hilton, doing shots of Herradura tequila with Three 6 Mafia at the Playhouse nightclub's backstage bar at the American Music Awards.

With the Band

NO man can resist "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi. The author and former model traveled to Rochester last week to see the Foo Fighters concert and was delighted when Dave Grohl dragged her up on stage and introduced her to the audience. Lakshmi stayed on to play tambourine with the band. Spies said things got heated later backstage as drummer Taylor Hawkins "vied for her attention all night." Sadly, she didn't give him her number.

Paris Hilton's New Gigs: Pussycat and...Top Chef?!

Paris Hilton continued her nonstop party schedule since her split with Benji Madden by hosting the Pussycat Dolls' return to the Viper Room last night.

P poured herself into a latex costume for the occasion and told E! News she's looking forward to cooking for her entire clan for Thanksgiving.

"I'm having my whole family over, and we're going to cook dinner at my house," the newly domesticated heiress said, adding that yams with marshmallows is her favorite dish and she'll be making a "big turkey."

As for how she's faring after her breakup with Benji?

"I'm really great. I'm really happy," she said as she gave the girls a sexy introduction in her naughty cop costume. "I'm in the best place of my life."

Seems like the single life suits her just fine. And Benji's keeping busy too...on Saturday night, he and Joel Madden hosted a party at Ecco for their remix album, where he refused to discuss the split. And just last night, he was spotted partying at Wasted Space in Vegas with Carey Hart.

Paris Hilton: I'm Still in Love with Benji Madden

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden may have broken up, but they're still close friends, she said Friday.

"You know, I love him. He's such an amazing man and he's my best friend and he's been so great to me and so loyal," Hilton said Friday on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS F.M. radio show. "He's an incredible person. We'll always be very close. We'll see what happens in the future. I'm still in love with him."

Asked what happened, Hilton cited busy work schedules and lots of travel as the reason behind their split.

"We're both working so much," she told Seacrest. "There are all these reports saying that I dumped Benji. That's not true. This was a decision we made together as two adults."

Still, Hilton emphasizes that the door hasn't completely shut on their romantic relationship. "Right now we are just taking a break," she says. "We are really good friends. We're really close."

Shooting down questions of infidelity, she says neither of them cheated, and her recent meeting with ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos was nothing more than a chance encounter and a "quick conversation" between friends.

As for Madden, she says, "He's doing great. We talk every day. We see each other."

Hilton, who sounded in low spirits while talking to Seacrest, added that dating other people "is the last thing on my mind."

The former Simple Life star certainly hasn't been partying up a storm.

On Wednesday – the day her break-up was confirmed – she had a low-key dinner before making an appearance at Hollywood's Crown Bar.

"Hilton looked distraught and completely lonesome," said an eyewitness, adding that the heiress spent most of the night talking and texting on her phone. "She wasn't her usual prim and proper self."

Hilton, 27, and Madden, 29, had been dating for more than nine months.


SUPER sexy Noemie Lenoir avoided a bad relationship - thanks to Page Six. After we ran an item about the model getting cozy with baby-wipes fanatic Terrence Howard, Lenoir received a slew of phone calls from the actor's past paramours. "Calls were flooding into her agency," one source told us. "At least 50 women called to tell Noemi to stay away after seeing the Page Six item. She now wants nothing to do with him."

'Tyra Banks Show' Moves Its Fierce Self to The CW

How much Tyra Banks can you stand? The CW is hoping the answer is "a lot."

"The Tyra Banks Show" will move to The CW next September, the network announced Friday (Nov. 21).

The syndicated hourlong talk show will air back-to-back episodes on weekday afternoons from 3-5 p.m., replacing court program "Judge Jeanine Pirro" and reruns of "The Wayans Bros." and "The Jamie Foxx Show." "Tyra" has been airing in syndication for four seasons.

So this means that there will be triple the Tyra, adding the double-shot of talk show goodness to the already established prime time reality competition show " America's Next Top Model," which just wrapped its 11th cycle Wednesday.

"I'm thrilled to have 'The Tyra Banks Show' join The CW, where I already have an amazing partnership and where my audience knows to look for me," says Banks. "With 'Top Model' in primetime and 'The Tyra Banks Show' in daytime, it's a match made in heaven."

Network COO John Maatta adds, "The addition of 'The Tyra Banks Show' to The CW's Monday through Friday afternoon block further unifies our brand as a destination for women and serves as the ideal companion to bridge daytime and primetime, for our network and our affiliated stations."

Banks was recently honored by Glamour magazine as one of its Women of the Year for 2008.

Dita Von Teese Files Suit for Illegal Image

Burlesque bombshell Dita Von Teese is fighting her demons.

The 36-year-old model and actress has filed a federal lawsuit against a company that put her photo on a book cover without permission.

Von Teese is seeking unspecified damages against Macmillan Publishers, which printed Patti O'Shea's In Twilight's Shadow, a paranormal romance novel about demon hunting.

The papers filed on Friday claim that Dita's face is "a valuable and integral portion of her celebrity persona" and that the company "commercially exploited her image and likeness to their own gain."

Von Teese is also suing the photo agency that provided the image.

Leo Focuses on Director Pal During Gisele's New Video

Leonardo DiCaprio showed some post-breakup goodwill Wednesday, as he watched his ex, Gisele Bündchen, sashay her way through a music video.

Why was actor was on hand for a special preview screening of the clip for Blackcowboy's "Come On" – which featured the supermodel's cameo? Simple. The video marked the directorial debut of DiCaprio's longtime friend, Kevin Connolly.

"[Gisele] has been a friend of the band for years," Connelly told PEOPLE. "[She] promised to be in the video a while ago."

And the model's A-list ex certainly turned heads as he walked into the MySpace Celebrity-sponsored event with his all-male entourage including the Entourage star and their mutual pal Lukas Haas.

The Body of Lies star (low-key in jeans and his trademark baseball cap) whooped it up when Connolly was announced, yelling proudly to the crowd, "Here he is!" as he pointed to the newly minted director.

DiCaprio was more subdued, however, during the actual screening. As Bündchen lit up the screen, the actor "kept his head planted in his hand and was quiet, just taking it in," says an onlooker.

Possibly aware everyone would be on the lookout for his reaction, DiCaprio remained stoic until the very end – when he broke into a huge smile and clapped and whistled his congratulations to Connolly.


Paris Hilton is fed up with being out of the spotlight and has dumped her boyfriend of nine months, Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, to resume partying.

Hilton publicist Alanna McCarthy said yesterday the two "remain very good friends."

Hilton - now on MTV in "Paris Hilton: My New BFF" - started dating Madden in February, after meeting him through her best friend, Nicole Richie, who had a baby with Benji's twin, Joel Madden.

But the heiress caused quite a splash in Miami over the weekend, when photos surfaced of her coyly whispering into the ear of her ex Stavros Niarchos at Liv nightclub in the rebuilt Fontainebleau hotel. "Paris was with all her BFFs from the show," one source told us.

Missing in action was Benji, who was in New York Sunday. Our source told us that Hilton was the one who ended it, and, "Benji was really upset when the photos [of her and Niarchos] came out."

Hilton's chances of getting another shot with the Greek playboy seem slim, however. One source told PAGE SIX's Neel Shah that the shipping scion is sweet on Annabelle Dexter-Jones.

Niarchos and Dexter-Jones, daughter of Foreigner's Mick Jones, were getting cozy at Julia Restoin-Rotfeld's birthday at the NoLIta lounge Southside last week. "They spent the whole time dancing together," dished one guest. "They didn't leave each other's sight at any point in the night."

Hilton - who always has had more luck in reality television than in real love - still has something to smile about, though. Sources say her ridiculous MTV show will be renewed for another season.

Meanwhile, sister Nicky Hilton chose Cabo San Lucas over Miami last weekend. She was spotted at the Nikki Beach hotel "sunbathing topless in a white Louis Vuitton bikini with her boyfriend, David Katzenberg. "Hotel staff had to tell her to cover up because topless sunbathing is not permitted in Mexico," our tipster giggled.

Seal Dishes on Heidi's Love Letters

Life is never lonely on the road for Seal thanks to his wife, Heidi Klum.

Among the many special gestures that the supermodel does for her husband: "She packs for me with beautiful notes in my luggage that I discover," Seal, 45, tells PEOPLE. "She's always doing sweet things."

The same could be said for Seal, who jetted to Miami to see Klum, 35, show off her killer body at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show this past weekend. "I'm supposed to be working," says the singer, who was promoting his new album Soul, a collection of classic soul songs, in New York City last week. "But I managed to move things around so I headed to Miami."

Just such "careful scheduling" is the key to keeping the spark alive in their four-year marriage. "We try and do a date night once a week. And we have vacations where we leave the kids with grandma and grandpa and go off and do our thing," says the singer who plans to whisk his wife to India next year.

But the couple also loves family time – and the kids even help Seal with his work. Still, the singer says that Leni, 4, Henry, 3, and Johan, who turns 2 on Nov. 22, can be some of his toughest critics. When playing his new album for the trio "they make it known what they like and they're pretty good litmus test," says the proud dad.

While it's too early to tell if any of the kids will follow in his musical footsteps, Henry "definitely inherited a lot of my traits – hopefully not the bad ones!"

As for Johan and Leni, they "are very much like Heidi," says Seal. "They're both very kind, very playful and always in a good mood."

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden Split Up

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden's romance is over.

The pair split a few days ago after more than nine months of dating, a source close to Hilton tells PEOPLE.

"She is saddened by the breakup but they're just too different and they wanted different things in life," says a source close to Hilton. "He was loyal and sweet but it was time to take a break."

Reps for both Hilton and Madden could not be reached for comment.

On Nov. 15, Paris was photographed getting cozy with ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos at nightspot Mokai in Miami. The Hilton friend says the two were simply engaged in a close but friendly conversation. "In no way are they romantic, nor do they want to get back together," the source says.

And on Tuesday night, Hilton and Madden partied separately in L.A. – Hilton danced on top of a couch at Apple Lounge, while Madden was spotted at hotspot Coco de Ville with Nicole Richie, who dates his twin brother Joel Madden.

Both Hilton, 27, and Madden, 29, have recently denied reports that they were unfaithful to each other during their relationship. And just last month, the Good Charlotte guitarist told PEOPLE how happy he and Hilton were.

"I wear my feelings on my sleeve. I'm very open about how in love I am – Paris and I are very happy," Madden told PEOPLE in October.


WE hope leggy mannequin Noemie Lenoir keeps baby wipes on hand, because Terrence Howard is hot for her. During Friday night's Fontainebleau opening in Miami, Page Six spotted Howard - who once said he'd date only women who keep moist towelettes by their toilet - billing and cooing with the sultry French model and actress. After Mariah Carey performed, the two were spotted at hotel lounge Blade. A source told us, "Terrence saw Noemie in the crowd and started singing to her. He came to see her the next night at the Victoria's Secret show, and they like each other a lot."

Tyra Banks to Transform Transgender 'Top Model' Contestant

Isis King may have been kicked off "America's Next Top Model" this season, but she'll have another one of her dreams come true.

The transgender contestant will receive sex reassignment surgery courtesy of her mentor Tyra Banks. The former supermodel announces her gift to King on "The Tyra Banks" show Tuesday, Nov. 18.

On the episode, Banks introduces King, 22, to Dr. Marci Bowers, a gender reassignment surgeon, who will be paying for the costly surgery. Although King had been taking hormone replacement therapy -- as seen on an episode of "Top Model" -- she couldn't afford the full surgery, which runs from $20,000-$35,000.

"This is not happening!" says King in disbelief on Banks' talk show. "I feel like I really was born in the wrong body, and it's just the one thing that makes me feel uncomfortable."

King was born Darrell Walls and was living in a homeless shelter when Banks discovered her and featured her in a photo shoot for the 10th cycle of "Top Model." King returned as a full-fledged contestant this season, but was eliminated because she couldn't convey emotion through her eyes and was uncomfortable in a swimsuit.

The "Top Model" finale airs Wednesday, Nov. 19.

No Miami Heat for Paris & Stavros; So Where's Benji?

Is there trouble in paradise for Paris Hilton and Benji Madden?

Since Paris and her ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos were spotted hanging out at Mokai in Miami, blogs have been buzzing about a possible hookup.

But according to a source, nothing questionable happened between the two former lovebirds. "They didn't come together or leave together," an eyewitness tells E! News. "They didn't make out at all!"

Paris, who another source described as "very wobbly" at Mokai, left the club to go back to her room and order pizza, while Stavros kept partying at Diddy's house, according to an eyewitness.

So what's up with her and Benji Madden?

When Paris departed for Miami on Friday morning with her girlfriends, she was sporting her "BM" ring.

But the Good Charlotte rocker, who was in NYC this weekend for TRL's final episode, may not have been too thrilled about the new snaps surfacing of his girlfriend and Stavros together.

On the first night both he and Paris were back in L.A., they went out separately. While Hilton hit Villa for some karaoke with sis Nicky last night, Benji hung at the Key Club.

Paris' rep didn't respond to requests for comment, while Benji's said, "We don't comment on our clients' personal lives." Stay tuned...

Heidi Klum's 'Honeymoon Is Definitely Not Over'

She has been married to Seal for three years, but Heidi Klum still feels like a newlywed.

"Sometimes I lie in bed and I'm like, 'Oh my god, there's Seal lying next to me. What's he doing there?' " Klum tells In Style in its December issue. "I get a smile on my face immediately. Our honeymoon period is definitely not over."

How do Klum, 35, and Seal, 45, keep the spice in their relationship?

"[We] have date nights," she says. "We go to dinner or to the movies. We like to keep it romantic. Some people wake up in the morning and turn over when they see their mate. That's not us."

Klum also credits her husband – not her modeling career – for her personal style evolution.

"I've gotten more stylish since I've been with my husband," she says in the interview. "I was always making fun of him because he has so many leather coats, jackets and shoes. But he looks hot."

"I want to look good for him," Klum says. "So I kind of stepped it up a bit."

The Project Runway host also shares her husband's interest in music. They sing together, she says, even if she isn't always on key.

"We sing all the time," Klum says. "He's always rolling his eyeballs because I'm in the wrong key. But I know he's laughing about it too. So I'm not a singer – who cares? Not everyone is Seal!"


HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST: Holly Madison, stopping by the soon-to-open Stay Lounge in Chicago before heading to nearby RiNo nightclub to host its third anniversary party.

Elle Of A Pair

IS there a new, mind-body connection in town? Tongues are wagging over a recent sighting of supermodel Elle Macpherson and NBC legal eagle Dan Abrams. Page Six first noticed the dashing duo in deep conversation over the summer at a Cinema Society screening. Last week, they were spotted strolling arm-in-arm from the Waverly Inn. Abrams has a thing for statuesque blondes, having dated Teutonic actress Elisabeth Rohm.


EVA Herzigova scares easily. The Czech mannequin got a private tour of the Dactyl Gallery on Grand Street the other night with co-owner Neil Grayson and was taken aback by the armed guards at the door. Grayson explained they were there because his latest exhibit has $250 million worth of Picassos and other canvases. Herzigova, whose favorite painting is Goya's "War," then dined with Grayson at Nobu Next Door where they talked so long, they "shut the place down," a pal said.

Victoria's Secret has fashion show in Miami Beach

Victoria's Secret's angels have descended upon Miami Beach. Singer Usher kicked off the Victoria's Secret show Saturday, which featured 35 supermodels, some wearing angel wings. Models including Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima strutted down the runway at the newly renovated Fontainebleau Miami Beach during the show, which coincided with the opulent reopening of the hotel.

The theme of the show is a return to glamour," said company CEO Sharen Turney. "Victoria's Secret is about sexy and the new sexy is glamorous for this season."

The catwalk glittered and two silver palm trees adorned the stage. Models showed 68 outfits, including the $5 million Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra worn by Lima and designed by jeweler Martin Katz. It is decorated with white and black diamonds and rubies, and will be for sale in the company's catalog, Katz said.

"You could wear it as an open top," he said. "It looks like a finished top."

Lima said she was excited to be wearing it.

"I always wanted to wear the Fantasy Bra. It's the first time that Victoria's Secret makes a black diamond bra," Lima said. "A woman could definitely buy it if they love it and men too."

mes in the show included glamorous goddesses and bold colors with geometric designs influenced from the 1920s. Professional dancers wore one-piece bathing suits for one segment and models got playful with Usher when he performed.

There were also designs from the youthful Pink collection, along with pastels, florals and a black tie theme.

Models wore gilded bras with Swarovski crystals attached. There was also a gold sculpted feather body piece that curved around the model's body. Metal sculpted laurel leaves were also worn around some of the models' necks.

Model Karolina Kurkova wore a bra and underwear in a diaphanous hand-dyed, pleated, draped gown with a leather belt and gilded feather jewelry. Meanwhile, Klum was in a cutaway evening gown of handprinted silk, tulle and duchess satin, decorated with red roses.

Another model wore a crystal yarn, knitted catsuit with a hard leather lacquer belt and boots by Pierre Hardy.

For the Pink collection, a model wore a recycled plastic bag jacket and skirt on top of a handknitted bra and boy briefs.

A model also walked down the runway in a quilted, velvet body corset embellished with ostrich feathers and crystals.

It's "a celebration of sophistication and elegance ... our way to do a new take on holiday celebrations," said Todd Thomas, the costume designer.

For the finale, Klum stepped onto the catwalk in a red bra, underwear and sparkling, red wings, which were made to resemble a bow on a present.

Wing designer Martin Izquierdo made seven pairs of wings for the show. He said he turned to Greek mythology, butterflies and even designed a pair with spiderwebs on rose branches that are composed of crystals.

Miranda Kerr, who wore the wings with the multicolored butterflies, said "it adds a whole theatrical aspect" to the show.

Meanwhile, celebrities spotted on the pink carpet included P. Diddy, Russell Simmons, Michelle Trachtenberg, John Stamos, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Martha Stewart.

watch the show every year on TV, so it's really cool to see it in person," Kim Kardashian said.

bie Harry said she likes the big production.

e show, it's based on lingerie, but it's about creating an event," she said. "It's just a big, wild extravaganza and I think that's what attracts me."

Razek, chief marketing officer and the show's executive producer, said each year's event has to top the one before.

's the most watched fashion show in the world," Razek said. "You've got an obligation to do a better show every year."

The show will air on CBS at Dec. 3 at 10 p.m.

Paris Hilton Still Hanging With Her BFFs

Even though filming has wrapped and a winner's already been chosen on Paris Hilton's My New BFF show, the heiress is still hanging with a few contestants.

Early Friday morning, she hopped a flight to Miami with potential besties Vanessa, Brittany and Lauren. Paris and her party posse were on their way to South Beach, presumably for this weekend's Victoria's Secret soirees.

While waiting at LAX, Paris was anything but a diva, sitting on the floor and chowing down Egg McMuffins.

But once she boarded the plane and took her first class seat, she reportedly acted more like the Paris we know and love (or love to hate). She brought her own pink blanket, a huge stack of tabloids and wore her sunglasses during the entire flight.

And although photogs captured her departure at LAX, there was no fanfare when she touched down in Miami. No paps were waiting and no fans asked for pictures or autographs.

Think she was disappointed? And will P. be PO'd that frenemy Kim Kardashian is in town, too?

For all the South Beach scoop straight from Hollywood Party Girl, check back this weekend.

It's Official: Holly Madison to Be Kendra's Bridesmaid

After Holly Madison recently told PEOPLE that her Girls Next Door costar Kendra Wilkinson had "better" make her a bridesmaid come Wilkinson's June nuptials to NFL star Hank Baskett, her wish has been granted.

Not only will Madison be a bridesmaid, but she "assumes" her and Wilkinson's costar, Bridget Marquardt, will also participate in the wedding.

"I'm really excited about it," Madison told PEOPLE before hosting Thursday's third anniversary party for the Chicago hotspot RiNo. "If she needs any help planning, I'll pitch in. It's going to be a really great event – it's going to be amazing."

And while Madison has yet to meet Wilkinson's fiancé, the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver will still need her stamp of approval.

"Ever since they met, I've just seen a difference in Kendra: she's matured, she's a more compassionate, considerate person," said Madison. "She's just grown up so much and just to see what he brings out in her is just amazing."

Loves Criss Angel

Should her invitation to the wedding at the Playboy Mansion read "plus-one," Madison can bring her new boyfriend, illusionist Criss Angel, with whom she says she's "in love."

"I'm really, really happy," Madison gushed. "He's really, really fun, really sweet – he's so amazing to be around."

Though looking forward to her first Thanksgiving with Angel, Madison admits that the one potential damper in the new relationship was a possible bad reaction from Hugh Hefner.

"I thought I'd be fired, but I wasn't," she said with a laugh. Of the Playboy founder, she said, "We'll always be close friends, and we're always very supportive of each other's decisions – and we still work together well, thank God."


NAOMI Campbell boarding a British Airways London-NY flight and finding Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon plus three hulking security guys in first class.

Victoria's Secret Heats Up Miami-and A-Rod?

As if Miami wasn't hot enough already, Victoria's Secret will be steaming up South Beach this weekend with their annual fashion show Saturday night.

Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and all of the Angels will hit the runway at the Fontainebleau, which is celebrating its grand reopening Friday night.

On the list for the fete? A-Rod, Terrence Howard, Kim Kardashian, Venus Williams and Brody Jenner. While the party promises a "super secret" performer, Usher's performance during the V.S. show is a sure thing.

Come back this weekend for all the South Beach scoop straight from Party Girl. Can't make it to Miami or don't want to wait for the show to air on CBS Dec. 3? Starting Saturday, you can watch exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage on your mobile phone from Flo TV.

Kendra Wilkinson's Next Role: Marc Ecko Model

Things couldn’t be better for the former Girls Next Door star. On the heels of her engagement to Philadelphia Eagles’s player Hank Baskett, the sporty Playmate has landed the gig as model for Marc Ecko. Kendra will be starring in the 2009 men’s campaign for the brand’s Cut and Sew line. “Marc Ecko choose to work with Kendra specifically because her down-to-earth sexiness fits right in with the Cut and Sew customer,” according to a rep for the line. Expect to see Kendra vamp it up in lingerie in the new ads which will hit magazines in January.

Kendra Wilkinson's Fiancé: Hef's 'Like a Father'

There are no hard feelings between Hugh Hefner and NFL star Hank Baskett, who is engaged to Hef's onetime gal pal, Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson.

"Hef is like a father to her so he's going to be the one to give her away," Baskett told an ABC affiliate in Philadelphia Tuesday. "That's why I wanted his blessings and her mom's blessing."

Hefner, who starred with Wilkinson in the reality show The Girls Next Door, broke the news of Wilkinson's engagement to the Philadelphia Eagles player earlier this month.

Baskett complimented his bride-to-be for her compassion, saying, "Kendra has one of the biggest hearts and that's one of the things that really drew me to her."

As for what keeps them together, "Both of us like to stay home and wear sweats [more] than go out and party," says Baskett. "Ever since I met her, this is the happiest I've ever been in my life. And every day she does something else that makes me fall in love with her."

The couple plan to wed at the Playboy mansion in June.

Kendra Wilkinson to Guest Star on How I Met Your Mother

Aside from having reality shows on E! and romances with NFL players, Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson now have one more thing in common. CBS tells PEOPLE exclusively that Wilkinson is joining fellow reality stars Kardashian, as well as Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, as guest stars on an episode of How I Met Your Mother, taping Wednesday in Los Angeles.

This is the second piece of good news this week for Wilkinson, 23, who got engaged to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett last week.

The four guest stars will be playing themselves in Jason Segel's character Marshall's fantasy sequences.

Paris Hilton joins indie filmmaker's dark comedy

Paris Hilton BFF with . . . Todd Solondz?

The indie filmmaker's newest ensemble project, a dramatic family comedy set against the backdrop of a war, features the socialite alongside Allison Janney, Charlotte Rampling and Paul Reubens.

The producers describe the untitled project as a "part-sequel, part-variation" on Solondz's dark 1998 family saga "Happiness."

Hilton is currently in theaters, along with Paul Sorvino and Sarah Brightman, with the low-budget horror musical "Repo! The Genetic Opera."

Top Chef Host Padma Lakshmi's Food for Thought

Top Chef starts cookin' tonight with the premiere of season five.

I caught up with the reality show's sultry host Padma Lakshmi yesterday to talk hot dogs, the economy and her dreams of bringing the show to London.

Read on for all the—yeah, I'm gonna say it—dish…

Top Chef is in New York City this time around. How does that feel?

I was so excited to do it here. You know, every season I kept saying, "When are we going to do it in New York? When are we going to do it in New York?" And they kept saying, "Next season, next season." Finally, next season is this season.

Why is the city so special?

I really think it's the culinary capital of the world. I'm biased because I'm a New Yorker, but I think the greatest chefs are here and the best restaurants. And I'm not just talking just only about the fine-dining restaurants. I'm talking about everything.

So, does that mean you eat hot dogs from hot-dog stands?

I do.

What do you like on them?

I like sauerkraut and mustard or relish and mustard.

What about Europe? When will Top Chef go overseas?

I'm dying to go to Europe. I don't know if it'll happen though...The airfares, the hotels and the dollar is so low against the pound and the euro.

What city would you pick?

Oh, gosh. It could be Rome. It could be Paris. But London's a great city, too. It's not that dissimilar from New York in that it's got all these great chefs but it also has an interesting mix of different ethnicities and restaurants...Obviously, countries like France and Italy have their own food traditions, as do Morocco and Spain, but if you're going to do a whole season in a city, I think the European city that I would go to first would be London.

Has the bad economy affected the tone of the show in terms of what the contestants are asked to prepare or how to prepare it?

That's a great question. You know, I think we have addressed it without knowing how timely it would become because, if you notice, a lot of our challenges have a really tight budget. We do it by making parameters of, you have this much money, but you have to feed this many people. So that's always a struggle. Every challenge is about balancing your food budget. Every single one.

Kendra's New Modeling Gig: "Racy, but Tasteful"

Kendra Wilkinson is spending the day with a hunky dude in a Las Vegas hotel room—and she isn't wearing her engagement ring!

But not to worry, the Girls Next Door star is not cheating on her new fiancé, Philadelphia Eagles football star Hank Baskett.

At this very moment, Wilkinson is being photographed in the Palms' Hugh Hefner Sky Villa for an upcoming ad campaign for fashion designer Marc Ecko's Cut and Sew line.

Posing alongside a sexy male model, Wilkinson is just wearing—what else?—lingerie.

A rep for the designer confirms the shoot, describing the upcoming campaign as "a series of racy, but tasteful ads."

But for all you horndogs out there who can't get enough of Ms. Wilkinson in barely there attire, you're gonna have to wait for this one. The ads don't launch until January.

Kendra Wilkinson's Family 'Very Happy' About Engagement

Newly engaged Kendra Wilkinson not only has support from former boyfriend Hugh Hefner, who plans to walk her down the aisle, but from her family as well.

"Everyone is very happy," a source close to The Girls Next Door star tells PEOPLE.

But the family does have one concern.

"Her mother thinks Kendra is too young," adds the source, "but she is very happy for her daughter and absolutely loves Hank."

Wilkinson, 23, and fiancé Hank Baskett got engaged on Nov. 1 and plan to tie the knot in a special ceremony at the Playboy Mansion.

According to the source, Baskett, a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, proposed at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle and designed the engagement ring.

We Hear...

THAT Paris Hilton will be celebrating her cover of Nylon magazine's "All American" issue at Foxtail in LA tonight


BRAZILIAN models were hot a few years ago. Then there was the Russian invasion. Who's next? Indian beauties. Besides Padma Lakshmi and Ujwalla Raut, there's Lakshmi Menon, who just snagged the Givenchy and Hermés campaigns. Menon also posed for Mario Testino in Paris Vogue. "There's a new girl, though, who might be the country's next big thing," reports. Kangana Dutta , recently signed by IMG, was shot for Harper's Bazaar by Oliviero Toscani. "Indian women stand out, from the color of their skin to their features," Dutta says. "Without us, fashion isn't complete."


BOWLING PARTY: Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend, Kate Moss and Fran Drescher, hitting the Hollywood Bowl for a Van Morrison concert, which was being recorded for his upcoming album, Astral Weeks Live at the Hollywood Bowl.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy 'Can't Wait' to Meet Michelle Obama

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's message to Michelle Obama? Welcome to the club!

France's First Lady says she cannot wait to meet her American counterpart.

"I don't know her yet," Bruni-Sarkozy said during an impromptu interview with TV's Public Senat. "I admire the couple though and I can't wait to meet her. To see this couple go to the White House is just magnificent."

The former model – who wed France's president Nicolas Sarkozy in February – added that she's "happy, very happy" that Barack Obama has been elected president of the United States.

Having an African-American in the White House is, she said, "a magnificent symbol, a progress."

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Wishes for Kendra

Kim Kardashian is thrilled to hear that her friend (and fellow reality star) Kendra Wilkinson, 23, has gotten engaged to Philadelphia Eagles football star Hank Baskett.

But that doesn't make Kardashian any more anxious to walk down the aisle with her own NFL-star beau, the New Orleans Saints' Reggie Bush.

"I am so excited for Kendra," Kardashian, 28, tells PEOPLE of the Girls Next Door star. "It's good to see her happy. But this doesn't change my feelings for Reggie or our relationship at all. It is good now, and I just let it flow."

Kardashian – looking stunning in a long brown off- the-shoulder gown and diamond earrings – was in Miami for the annual gala thrown by the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida.

But she planned to jet out shortly after the event. "I am flying to New Orleans to help Reggie rehab from a football injury in hopes he can play in next week's game," she said. "I will be there with him all week."

In addition to filming the new season of E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the reality TV star is also rehearsing for the grand finale of Dancing with the Stars.

"I absolutely loved doing the show [earlier this season] and wish I was still on," she admitted. "It was hard work but I was really into it. And I made so many friends there! I am excited about going back."

Couple Watch

They're back! After a hiatus of a few weeks Lauren Conrad and boyfriend Kyle Howard returned to their favorite spot, Teddy's inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, for jazz night. The pair made a beeline for the bar, and Conrad sipped a Red Bull while chatting with her female friends. Howard stood nearby, talking with his guy pals, but the two were never far apart. Soon, though, the couple moved to a corner near the bar – and Conrad was all over her beau, draping herself on him.

Nicky Hilton, celebrating her younger brother Barron's birthday at Les Deux in West Hollywood with beau David Katzenberg by her side. The two settled into a table in the outdoor lounge, and played it low-key. Hilton let her brother – and sister Paris, who arrived with a camera crew – be the center of attention. Later, the sisters wished Barron a happy birthday with a red velvet cake.

Criss Angel, feeding girlfriend Holly Madison strawberries during a visit to Tryst nightclub inside the Wynn Las Vegas. The pair also shared playful hugs and kisses – and definitely attracted the crowd's attention. The pair also visited Koi Las Vegas for a late-night meal. "They were kissing and sitting very close together looking very much like they were in love," says a source. "They held hands and stayed close."


FRIENDS of "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi are rushing to the beauty's defense after Page Six spies insinuated she was a gold digger who used ex-husband Salman Rushdie for his fame and connections. One pal fumed, "She does live in the circle of rich, famous people so it would be natural that they are the ones she may date. But that does not make her a gold digger, just like actors who date other actors are not star [bleep]ers. She had an Italian talk show and two series on the Food Network, plus an award-winning cookbook from Miramax Books before she even met her ex-husband. She has had acting roles in two films and four miniseries. She is a hard-working, self-made woman. She went to India at her own expense to visit not only orphanages that might make for a photo-op but truly difficult places with diseased and dying people . . . She also recently gave a cooking lesson for Art for Life that earned $27,500 for the charity."

Holly Madison Tells Kendra: 'I Better Be A Bridesmaid!'

Holly Madison was always the No. 1 girlfriend in the Playboy Mansion, but she'll be happy playing second fiddle on Kendra Wilkinson's wedding day.

"I told her a better be a bridesmaid," Madison said of her former Girls Next Door costar.

Wilkinson's engagement to Philadelphia Eagles receiver Hank Baskett was announced Thursday by her famous ex-boyfriend, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. A ceremony is set for next June at the famed Playboy Mansion.

"I haven't met [Hank] but she's crazy about him," Madison told PEOPLE at the premiere of Repo! The Genetic Opera at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. "He's a really great influence on her and I'm so happy for her."

And Wilkinson isn't the only Hefner ex who's moved on. Madison admits that she's serious about her new boyfriend – Mindfreak star Criss Angel – who joined her at the movie premiere.

In fact, she said, "I'm in love with him."

Paris on Election: 'The Best Man Won'

Paris Hilton may have lost her "bid" to become president, but she couldn't be happier for the President-elect Barack Obama.

"The best man won," she told PEOPLE at the premiere of her new movie, Repo! The Genetic Opera in Las Vegas. "I'm so thrilled. I love Barack and I think he's amazing."

Hilton was suddenly thrust into the political arena when then-presidential-hopeful John McCain put out an ad comparing her to Obama. She later recorded a series of spoof videos – even launching her own bid to become "fake president." (Her first order of business would have been to paint the White House pink, she said in one clip.)

"The world is definitely a better place now," she said of the election results. "There's a lot of change and a lot of hope coming. That's a very good thing."

Rebecca Romijn 'Always Dreamed' of Motherhood

Having surrendered herself to the notion that parenthood will be "the hardest thing" she's ever done, Rebecca Romijn says she takes heart in knowing that "life will never be the same, but in the best way possible." In a revealing new interview with Page Six Magazine, the 36-year-old Ugly Betty actress reiterates that the twin daughters she expects in January with husband Jerry O'Connell were not conceived via in vitro fertilization. Furthermore, she shares, the couple briefly tried the fertility drug Clomid last year -- without success. "By the second month, I was like, 'Ahhh! I hate this!'" Rebecca explains. "I think when you start messing with your own hormones, it’s crazy-making." The pregnancy was finally achieved with the help of Chinese acupuncture.

Another rumor dispelled is that her marriage to actor John Stamos ended because she didn't want children.

"There is absolutely no truth to that. That [story] was completely made up. I desperately wanted kids. I was never a girl who dreamed about what her wedding day would be like, but I’ve always dreamed about decorating my baby’s nursery."

As for Jerry, Rebecca has no concerns about his abilities as a father. "I knew early on he would be a fantastic dad," she says. "He really lives his life with tremendous integrity, and he’s a healthy person in every single way." While Jerry took some heat for describing his wife as "huge" during a talk show appearance in September -- comments for which he later publicly apologized -- Rebecca goes on to call herself a "beached whale" in the new interview. "I can't eat enough. My ankle are huge. But I feel beautiful," she notes. Rebecca adds "I can’t move anymore...I have not been without a bra this entire pregnancy. I refuse. I'm not taking any chances. I’m determined to keep the puppies up!"

Heidi Klum Spends Some Serious Cash

Heidi Klum, doing some seriousass shopping at Hell-Ay's posh shoppery the Beverly Center on Election Day. Heid hightailed it to home away from home, Victoria's Secret, where she spent about, oh, right around...$6,000 on lingerie and clothes, hopefully purchasing next year's somewhat-offensive Halloween costume. Jeez, H.K. musta been in some high spirits post-voting, but shouldn't Vicky supermodel Klumie get all her undergarments for free?


PADMA Lakshmi's quest for a billionaire willing to commit continues apace. Lakshmi, who hosts "Top Chef," has been linked with a growing list of money-men since she split last year from intellectually respectable but cash-poor writer husband Salman Rushdie. She dated billionaire (and permanent bachelor) Ted Forstmann, though he said it was purely business - she's a client of his IMG. Last month, she was seen canoodling with Russell Simmons after Madonna's "Filth and Wisdom" premiere at the Tribeca Grand. "Russell had his hand on her upper thigh," the spy said. Sadly, it didn't work out between them. Lakshmi was seen last week at a showcase for Matt White and Sissy Spacek's daughter, Schuyler Fisk, at Bowery Ballroom, "grinding on the dance floor with some tall, young guy with a shaved head." Lakshmi continued her man-search on election night at the Comedy Central bash at The Park.

Heidi Klum Plays the Only Game Worth Playing: Strip Guitar Hero!

Heidi Klum is kinda crazy but in a totally good way. Seriously, the supermodel/Project Runway host takes Halloween to such a serious new level that she must be a little nutty. But we love her for keeping things interesting.

Especially when Heidi takes her brand o' crazy to commercials, like this one for Guitar Hero World Tour. Sure, there's a tamer version of her doing the Risky Business scene the traditional way, but what's an homage if you don't put a little twist on it and sell some Victoria's Secret underwear while you're at it? Crazy, but smart—that's our Heidi. Watch here!

Heidi Klum Goes Glam for Milk

The milkmaid costume that had her yodeling has been swept aside, and now Heidi Klum has slipped into something more natural – for her. The "Model Mom," supermodel Project Runway host, 35, is accessorizing with the famous milk mustache. The ad – styled by Patricia Field and shot by David LaChapelle – is set to debut next Monday in Shape magazine. "From the runway to my driveway, there's one look that's always in style," reads the Got Milk? ad copy accompanying Klum's photo. "Studies suggest the nutrients in 3 glasses of lowfat or fat free milk a day can help you maintain a healthy weight. And the protein helps build muscle for a lean body. Which makes it a perfect fit for you and your family."

Paris Hilton Takes Credit for Huge Vote Turnout?

With record turnout expected in tomorrow's presidential election, Paris Hilton is ready to accept a big thank-you from the winner.

Speaking at the press day for her new organ-harvesting musical horror flick Repo! The Genetic Opera, Hilton told E! News that her Paris for President videos totally helped herd young folks in the booths.

"It's exciting to be involved in the biggest election in history," she said. "It encourages a lot of young voters to speak their voice and to vote."

Not only did she help mobilize the masses, but she managed to get, like, all kinds of important stuff and things into their heads.

"I was talking about issues and actually making sense but still playing with my image at the same time," she explained. "Doing it in a ditzy way, but actually saying things I think can really help it along."

Any advice, then, for tomorrow's winner?

"Whoever becomes the next president has a lot on their hands," she said. "It's going to be hard for anyone."

Gee, thanks a lot, Paris.

Tyra Officially Backs Barack Obama

With election day just three days away, Tyra Banks is throwing her support behind Democratic Senator Barack Obama.

"Throughout the campaign I have been inspired by Senator Barack Obama and his message of change, and I believe he will uplift Americans during these critical times," the talkshow host said in a statement. "I will be voting for Obama because I feel America is not only ready for this change, we are in need of it."

In September, Tyra was featured in Harpar's Bazaar posing as Michelle Obama with a Barack look-a-like in the Oval Office.

Criss Angel: Holly Madison Is a 'Beautiful' Person

The playboy of Las Vegas has landed himself a Playmate.

Illusionist Criss Angel – who's been linked in the past to Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and Minnie Driver – stepped out Friday night with Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner's former squeeze and Girls Next Door star.

Angel and Madison have been spotted kissing and snuggling over the last several weeks in Las Vegas, but remain somewhat coy about their relationship.

"This is one of the most special evenings for me in my life and I can not think of a more beautiful person, a more special person, inside and out, than Holly to spend it with," Angel said on the opening night of his new Cirque Du Soleil show, "Believe," in Las Vegas.

When asked how he and Madison got together, he replied, "I got lucky. I didn't have a date and so she said, 'I'll come'. She makes me look good."

Following the show, Angel, hand-in-hand with Madison, headed to a private after-party in conjunction with his show's opening night.

Supermodel Niki Taylor Is Pregnant!

Springtime will bring a whole new blossom into the home of supermodel Niki Taylor and her NASCAR husband Burney Lamar: They're expecting their first child together, Taylor's rep announced to PEOPLE Thursday.

"Burney and I are very excited with this stage of our lives," says Taylor, who is due in March. "We're thrilled."

Taylor, 33, met her husband while the duo was paired together to sign autographs at a charity event, and were married in December 2006. In lieu of wedding gifts, the couple asked that donations be sent to Victory Junction Gang Camp, a camp for chronically ill children where they continue to work raising money and awareness.

Taylor, who most recently hosted the Bravo series Make Me a Supermodel, is already mom to 13-year-old twin boys Jake and Hunter.


WERE Carol Alt's tears on the witness stand real, or an act to win her $9 million face-off this week with Ron Greschner? That's what one trusted source, who's seen her in action before, wonders. "I was moonlighting as a limo driver in late '89 and '90 when I was called to pick her up on East 84th Street, and she gets in with this huge Harvey Weinstein-type," recalls our spy, now a prominent Manhattan mover and shaker. "She was livid and starts screaming and crying, 'I was so close to Warren [Beatty], and he gave Madonna that role! And he promised me that [bleep]ing role! She was referring to 'Dick Tracy.' " But when the ride ended in SoHo, Alt "just turned it off and was as sweet as anything, saying 'Thank you, young man.' She can just turn it on and off like that. Those were crocodile tears. She's a good actress." A rep for Alt had no comment.


COSTUMED celebrities will swarm the city tomorrow night. Heidi Klum is bringing her famous Halloween spookathon back after having it in LA the past two years. She'll host at 1Oak, where Absolut 100 is sponsoring cocktails for 300 guests, including her husband, Seal, pal Debra Messing and "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano. On Madison Avenue, Alexander Dexter-Jones and MAC cosmetics will host Diane Kruger, Joshua Jackson, Matt Dillon, Agyness Deyn and Julian Schnabel at the Morgans Hotel penthouse, while at Ilili, Denise Rich is expected to perform. Ice-T and wife Coco will be raging at the Plumm until 4 a.m.


At The Apple Restaurant and Lounge in West Hollywood: Nicky Hilton and beau David Katzenberg, who shared a quiet dinner the night before DiCaprio's visit. The two are regulars at the hot spot – and not just because of the food. Hilton designed the all-white restaurant uniforms and the female servers' more playful getups: shorts with tank tops and black dresses with the Apple logo on the sleeve.

Judge says former New York Rangers star Greschner doesn't owe Alt

A judge says former New York Rangers star Ron Greschner doesn’t owe Carol Alt money because the actress-model waited too long to make a claim on her ex-husband.

Alt and Greschner were married for 18 years until 2001.

Alt was hoping to gain US$165,000 from the sale of their shares in a water filtration company. She said in tears outside federal court in Manhattan that she’s happy she’s freed from the relationship. Greschner declined comment.

Greschner lives in West Palm Beach, Fla. He spent all 16 of his NHL seasons with the Rangers and retired in 1990. Alt lives in Manhattan but has been in Europe working on a movie and is about to appear in Playboy magazine.


NAOMI Campbell will never be accused of modesty. The supermodel superdiva will host the Dec. 2 opening of a photo exhibition at Art Basel Miami featuring images of herself, many showing her in states of undress. Among the fashion photographers whose shots of her will be featured: David LaChapelle, Bruce Weber, Patrick Demarchelier, Ellen Von Unwerth and Albert Watson.


IVANKA Trump and Jared Kushner have selected an outspoken rabbi who once battled the New York Times to convert her to Judaism for their upcoming nuptials, a source tells us. As we reported in 2001, Rabbi Haskel Lookstein of Congregation Kehillath Jeshurun on East 85th led his flock to boycott the Times over "biased and unfair coverage" of Israel and the Mideast, and got 1,000 subscribers to bail. Meanwhile, Trump's conversion is going nicely. "She and Jared were in shul during all the holidays and ate in the sukkah every night," our spy says. Ivanka declined to comment.

Model Carol Alt testifies in claim against ex

Carol Alt had lots of good things to say about former hockey player Ron Greschner when she testified in federal court Tuesday about their 18-year marriage, but the good vibe wasn't enough to end their dispute over money earned in a business venture.

The 47-year-old actress-model recalled telling Greschner as they discussed money after separating in 1997: "My career's on the way down. Can you just be fair?"

She said she completely trusted the former New York Rangers defenseman, who handled her finances until 1999.

"I loved Ronnie always," she told Judge Colleen McMahon, who will announce her verdict in the civil case on Wednesday. "He was lovely with me. I had no reason to worry. ... He was the most important person in my adult life."

Alt, who has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue and on TV shows including "King of the Hill" and "The Apprentice," sued Greschner for $1 million after seeing him in January 2007 at a Rangers game and inquiring about their joint investment in a water filtration business.

The business had been sold 10 years earlier, though Greschner said he did not owe Alt money because profits that might have triggered a payout under their separation agreement were swallowed by taxes.

Greschner, 53, testified that he acted fairly according to the terms of their divorce settlement.

Greschner, since remarried, lives in West Palm Beach, Fla., and is raising three boys, aged 6, 8, and 12, and two girls, aged 3 and 5. He did not have any children with Alt, who lives in Manhattan.

Outside court, he said he holds season tickets to Rangers games and likes to take his children along, though he is kept busy in Florida with several businesses related to real estate and a sports memorabilia company.

He said he's feeling the effects of his age after suffering at least four concussions as a player and breaking six ribs doing work around his house two years ago.

"I'm 53 going on 78," he said.

Alt has appeared on hundreds of magazine covers since the 1980s, including the 1982 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Her movies include Howard Stern's "Private Parts."

Elle Macpherson Denies Ex-Con Love Connection

Intimates is the name of Elle Macpherson's underwear line—it does not describe her relationship with Brian Burgess, according to the former supermodel.

The Australian beauty has threatened legal action against any media outlet that picks up on the rumor that she and pal Burgess—a convicted drug trafficker who served time Down Under—are anything more than platonic mates.

"Miss Macpherson emphatically denies that there is any romantic association between her and Mr. Brian Burgess," her attorney said in a statement Monday.

She "is disappointed her friendship with Mr. Burgess has been so casually misrepresented for commercial sensationalism. Furthermore Miss Macpherson has a reasonable expectation of privacy in relation to her personal life; in the absence of a romantic element, the publication of the photograph and the innuendo created by it is a gross interference of Miss Macpherson's rights."

According to Britain's Daily Telegraph, Burgess was sentenced to four years behind bars after pleading guilty to smuggling cocaine in a pair of boots from the U.S. to Australia.

After completing his sentence, he was deported back to his native England, where he and Macpherson were recently photographed tooling around in her Aston Martin.

Meanwhile, the tabloid News of the World followed up with a report that the two were an item, quoting a source saying that Burgess "had been seeing a new girlfriend for a few weeks…Then Elle turns up in her car. I couldn't believe it."

The father of three spends much of his time counseling people with drug and alcohol addictions, according to the manager of Aussie Man & Van, the repo company Burgess now owns.

But regardless of Burgess' current state of affairs, Macpherson doesn't want anyone getting the wrong idea—and she has the legal camp to prove it.

"Miss Macpherson is aware of Mr. Burgess's past conduct and also that Mr. Burgess has and continues to take significant steps towards restoring his life," her attorney's statement continued.

"Any continued misrepresentation or invasion of privacy is likely to be the subject of legal proceedings."


SUPERMODELS live in a different world. When Adriana Lima spotted Coerte Felske driving on Sixth Avenue the other day and waved hello, the author reached to his back seat and picked up a copy of his "Word," which features the sexy Brazilian on its cover. "I pressed it against the windshield, and she laughed and waved for me to pull over," Felske told us. "I thought she was asking me to sign it for her." As Felske reached for her pen, Lima reached for his book. He laughed, "and she proceeded to sign the cover for me - the author - my book!"


SALMAN Rushdie has been stepping out with some new arm candy. The author, who divorced beautiful "Top Chef" hostess Padma Lakshmi last year, was taking gorgeous model Patrice Jordan around the IAC building on West 18th Street during a party thrown by Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin the other night. Our witness says Jordan "kept complaining that her champagne glass was empty" and made repeated trips to the bar to refill it. The shapely stunner might have been desperate for a drink because actress Kate Bosworth, who was clad in "sky-high Miu Miu stilettos," kept announcing she was "dying to meet" the "Satanic Verses" author, who was once targeted for death by Iran's mad mullahs. Rushdie did not return our e-mails for comment.

Paris Hilton's Presidential Music Video

Paris Hilton has already thrown her, um, heel into the presidential race. Now the heiress is stepping up her campaign – and she's poised to be signing and dancing her way into the White House.

Hilton has recorded a music video,"Paris For President," and has a sneak peek at the clip. In the video, which will be available in full on on Sunday, Oct. 26, the heiress is surrounded by hunky secret service men who sing, "Paris for president," over a revved-up electro beat. For her part, Hilton models a white bathing suit, chirping lines like, "Your commander in bikini."

Hilton first entered the political arena in August after John McCain issued an ad likening Democratic candidate Barack Obama to Hilton and Britney Spears. In response, Hilton filmed a ribald parody video, poking fun at his campaign commercial. She followed it up with another spot guest-starring Martin Sheen. Watch Here!

Naomi Goes Legal

NAOMI Campbell is so insistent on quashing rumors of her pregnancy that she sicced her high-powered lawyers on Page Six. The catwalker, 38, who's dating Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin, recently told the Daily Mail, "I'd love to have a baby. It's every woman's dream and I feel that's a huge part of my life that I'm yet to experience." But when we got wind that the sexy BlackBerry hurler may be with child, her lawyers told us the rumors were "absolutely false and fabricated."

Spread The Vote

HOLLY Madison is smarter than she looks. The buxom blonde who recently escaped from Hugh Hefner's stable sounded like a campaign strategist as she gushed about Barack Obama at the launch party at Hollywood's S Bar. When she heard her girlfriend from LA had an absentee ballot in Nevada, Holly squealed, "California doesn't need your Obama vote, as we are going to win this state. Vote for him in Nevada!"

Holly Madison and Criss Angel Heat Up the Strip

Since her split with Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison is spending more quality time with Criss Angel. Just last night, the Girls Next Door star was getting close with Criss in Sin City.

Criss met Holly around 2 a.m. at Cathouse at the Luxor hotel after doing two performances of his new show Believe. The duo was seen drinking, dancing and canoodling until 3:30 a.m.

And although Holly has said she's "just friends" with the magic man, a source counters that they are "very, very good friends."

"They are both so freaking busy that seeing each other is tough," the source tells E! News. "But they are working harder to spend time together."

Holly is expected to walk the black carpet Oct. 31 for the opening-night gala of Criss' show.


Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber, Heidi Klum, Ben Harper, Laura Dern, Isla Fisher and David Spade, enjoying gifts from Envirosax and Superstar Nail Lacquer at the Beverly Hills home of Courteney Cox and David Arquette, to celebrate the launch of the couple's new organic clothing line, Propr.

Bar Rafaeli, treating on-and-off boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio and two friends to dinner at BLT Steak in Los Angeles.

Mark Wahlberg's fiancée Rhea Durham and baby boy Brendan, shopping for bibs, burpcloths and T-shirts from Plain Mary at Petit Tresor in West Hollywood.

Holly Madison, enjoying Dom Pérignon at Jet nightclub at the Mirage in Las Vegas for marketing director Steven Lockwood's Industry Cheer Bowl party.

Tyra Banks and two close friends, riding the roller coaster at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino.

Milla Jovovich Recalls 72-Hour Labor as Daughter Turns 1

As her daughter Ever turns 1, Milla Jovovich reveals that her child birth over Halloween was exceptionally difficult.

"I was in labor for 72 hours," Jovovich tells PEOPLE at the Spike Scream Awards, in Hollywood over the weekend. "I was up for 48 hours, for two nights. I started Halloween night. By the time I went into the hospital, it was the night of November 2. I finally went into the hospital and had the epidural."

Despite the ghoulish lack of rest, Jovovich, 32, says when Ever Gabo Anderson arrived, "all I wanted to do was just show her who her mom is, and talk to her."

And now, comes the fun of planning baby's first birthday!

"I'm the worst at planning stuff like that," Jovovich, who is married to director Paul Anderson, says. "But for her party, I have to plan something. It will be pretty relaxed."

Relaxed for mom, that is, as the Resident Evil actress attests, "too many people in the house [can be] too much" for Ever. "The fact is, I just have to bring her down after her nap and take some shots with the other kids, and send her away. She'll just freak out."

Jovovich jokes, "It's really for me. It's not for her. It's for her memories so she doesn't come back to me at 25 and like, 'You didn't celebrate my first birthday, and that's why I hate you, mom! My life is totally screwed up because of it.' "

Pass Complete?

IT looks like Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are ready to take the plunge. Sources tell Page Six the Patriots' quarterback and the Brazilian supermodel are planning a wedding reception at Tavern on the Green. "They were recently there, and Brady had a long chat with Broadway Joe Namath," a spy said. Reps for Bundchen and the restaurant had no comment. Brady's flack didn't get back to us.


Kimora Lee Simmons, watching her daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee strut their stuff on the mini-runway of Beverly Hills boutique Play Couture. Their stylist chose two pink Lacoste jersey tennis skirts for the girls, who are learning how to play the sport.

Beth Ostrosky Tells Brides, 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff'

Has the spark gone out of their relationship, now what Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky have finally tied the knot? No way, she says. "It's only gotten better."

The best part of married life? "Howard calls me his wife now," the giddy newlywed told PEOPLE Tuesday at the Saks Fifth Avenue launch of their annual Key to the Cure shopping weekend. "It's the first week, so [that's] really exciting."

The two were wed in a romantic ceremony at Manhattan's Le Cirque restaurant Oct. 3 – while celeb guests Kelly Ripa, Billy Joel, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman looked on.

So does Ostrosky have any tips for other brides-to-be? "Don't sweat the small stuff," she said. "In the end, the color of the flowers doesn't matter!"

Hef's Former No. 1 Talks Breakup, Twins & Moving On

Holly Madison may no longer be decking the halls of the Playboy Mansion, but, despite wishful thinking, she's not pining away for Hugh Hefner or plotting her revenge on her rap sheet-bearing replacements.

At least, not openly.

"I wanted everyone to know, because I don't like to pretend," she told E! News of her decision earlier this month to come clean about her breakup with Hef. "You know, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I want everyone to know what I'm thinking."

The erstwhile Girl Next Door also put the kibosh on reports that her ticking biological clock played a part in her split from the octogenarian, saying that while she doesn't hide the fact that she wants kids "someday," right now she's just "way too busy."

She's apparently applying the same rationale to her love life, as well.

While the rumor mill has been consistently buzzing about a possible romance between Madison and unlikely celeb chick magnet Criss Angel, the Playmate is maintaining that the only relationship she has with the Las Vegas illusionist is a platonic one.

"Oh my god, we're friends," she said at Monday night's Bowling for Boobies breast-cancer fundraiser.

"I like him, but we are too busy. We're not, like, dating or anything."

Nor are they likely to anytime soon.

"I'm not looking for a guy right now—I'm in love with myself. Everybody should be in love with themselves."

And while she's clear about the fact that she and Hef are no longer an item, she's not one to kiss—or not kiss, as the case may be—and tell.

"I'm doing really good. I want to let Hef talk about [the breakup] for the next couple weeks...I'm being quiet, but I'm doing really good."

To prove just how good she's doing, Madison is getting ready to take her permanent leave of the Playboy Mansion, particularly with the next generation of girlfriends nipping at her heels.

"Well, I do have my own place," she said. "So I've got a place to go, but, you know, I'm kind of, like, in limbo right now."

She doesn't, however, begrudge her replacements, the arrest-prone Karissa and Kristina Shannon, despite the fact that their recently uncovered checkered past came as quite a surprise.

"Well, I worked with them on their Playmate pictorial and obviously I need to get better at doing my background checks, right?

"You know, we ask on the application, 'Have you ever been arrested or convicted?' and they said no, so I took that at face value, but if Hef doesn't care, than who am I to care, right?"

Sounds like the girl next door has matured into a woman.

"I'm in a more positive place right now," she said, "and I would like to see them do well."

Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn Get Nursery Ready

Impending fatherhood is turning Jerry O'Connell into a real man – around the house.

"We cleared out a bedroom, actually not a bedroom, it was my aunt and uncle's old stuff," O'Connell, 34, told PEOPLE at Saturday's The Hills: A Staged Reading at Hollywood's Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

"I had my computer and video games in there. That got cleared out for the kids. So, I'm wondering what I'm going to do with my video game stuff. But, maybe that goes out the window when you have kids."

O'Connell (who played The Hills star Brody Jenner in Saturday's show) and wife Rebecca Romjin are expecting their first children – twins – come early winter. Learning about the early stages of parenthood has been a crash course for the pair.

"Baby-proofing the house, but it's mostly getting the nursery ready," O'Connell said about their activities. "It's another room. We've got a couple cribs and stuff, so that's about it."

Help from In-Laws

The couple will be getting a hand from Romijn's mother Elizabeth, O'Connell says. "Her mom is going to come stay with us. I'm sleeping on the couch – I'm kidding, no – clutching the video-game system. No, I'm joking. A lot of people are getting us ready for the first couple months."

Self-deprecating as ever, O'Connell says he's been relegated to last-minute assistance mode, helping when asked.

"She's feeling good," O'Connell said of Romijn, 35. "I think as a husband, you feel a little jittery because at this point you have to just be there to help out as much as possible. Get food, make sure all the DVDs are rented. I'm sort of in a position where I have to assist at this point. So, it's a little nerve-wracking in that sense that I can't, as a guy you want to be the one that's carrying them. You're not."

As for Romijn: "She's great. This is a really happy time for us, it really is."


IT was no secret that Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark could party hard, but in her new memoir, "Runway Runaway," the rocker's former model girlfriend, Lorelei Shellist, reveals his tortured side. Shellist told Page Six, "I was 24 when Steve and I met . . . he was the love of my life." She said Clark's death by accidental overdose at 30 in 1991 was a result of "living on the other side of glamour. Nobody talks about the lonely side of it, traveling from city to city living out of a suitcase. I believe [Clark] had serious manic-depressive disorders and OCD [obsessive-compulsive disorder]. He had a lot of voices he was trying to quiet in his head. He was a brilliant musician and songwriter, but he would wake up in the middle of the night and write. He could never get a good night's sleep . . . he was haunted." Her book, based on her life as a teenage runaway turned runway model, also tells of her longtime friendship with Eagles rocker Don Henley.

Kendra's New Footballer Beau: Score?

It's out with the old, in with the new...and not just for Hugh.

Pictured above is Hank Baskett, the pro football player snagged by Hef's former GF Kendra Wilkinson.

Kendra's been attending his Philadelphia Eagles games on the East Coast and even admitted they have steamy cybersex sessions when away from each other.

While we doubt Hank's house comes with its own grotto and we haven't seen him sporting silk pajamas yet, we're wondering: Did Kendra trade up with her new sports stud? Or was she better off in the Mansion with Hef?

So is No. 84 an upgrade or downgrade?

Hefner's Shannon Twins Packing Legal Baggage

Hugh Hefner's new gal-pals aren't quite as innocent as they look. Um, anyway…

Florida police records show that 19-year-old twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, who appear to be seeking permanent quarters in the Playboy Mansion, are currently on probation for a battery bust in St. Petersberg.

The sisters were arrested in the early morning hours of Jan. 10 and booked on suspicion of felony aggravated battery, per arrest reports obtained by E! News. They were released from custody after posting $10,000 bonds and were later given probation and ordered to pay restitution for the incident, the details of which have not been determined just yet.

Prior to that run-in with the law, Karissa Shannon was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery last October.

A rep for Hefner and Playboy didn't immediately respond to a request for comment, but it would be hard to believe that the pajama-clad publishing titan doesn't perform background checks on whomever he brings into the fold—especially if they're going to be getting the Girls Next Door treatment.

"They very much want to be girlfriends and now under the present circumstance, they probably will become my girlfriends," Hef told E! Online's Marc Malkin yesterday.

Judge Denies Christie Brinkley Restraining Order Against Ex

A Long Island judge has denied Christie Brinkley's request for a temporary restraining order barring ex-husband Peter Cook from seeing their children this weekend in the wake of his revealing 20/20 interview set to air Friday.

Lawyers for both sides were in court Wednesday to discuss the temporary restraining order.

On Thursday, Brinkley's lawyer, Robert Stephan Cohen, issued the following statement on the judge's ruling: "The court order mandates that since Peter Cook has the children this weekend, his parenting has to be away from his home and he can't expose them to the 20/20 broadcast. Christie Brinkley's sole concern is to protect her children."

A source close to Cook explains that Brinkley fought for the temporary restraining order "because the kids are seen in footage during the 20/20 interview."

The Cook source added, "I find it silly that someone who not only allows her children to be in the media but encourages it would have a complaint like this."

In the TV interview, which comes three months after Cook and Brinkley's divorce was settled, he tells Barbara Walters, "I'm not the ... pervert that I've been painted to be."

James Winkler, an attorney for Cook, told PEOPLE after the court decision: "The judge denied her request to suspend visitation. Mr. Cook did agree to take the children out of the area on a little trip this weekend and that he would not expose the children to that interview, which he had no intention of doing anyway."

Pin-up Worthy

JUST how confident is Carol Alt? Enough that the veteran supermodel isn't afraid to take off her clothes as she approaches her 48th birthday. The still beautiful Alt is getting naked for her first nude pictorial in the November issue of Playboy magazine, shot by veteran glamour lensman Timothy White. "It shows you the benefits of eating only raw food like she does," an insider told us.

Paris' Fashion Advice for Sarah "Hot Bod" Palin

Given that Paris Hilton already has a common fashion bond with Republican V.P. nominee Sarah Palin, it only makes sense that the heiress would have some suggestions for the Alaska governor on how to dress during these last few weeks of the campaign.

"My advice to Sarah Palin is, you've got a hot bod; don't keep it to yourself," says Paris in the November issue of Harper's Bazaar. "Why wear a pantsuit when you can wear a swimsuit? Welcome to the Lower 48, girlfriend."

Paris, who just released a new video as part of her "run" for the highest office in the land, goes on to tell the mag that under a Hilton administration, she would equip the White House with an infinity pool, wear platform shoes while meeting foreign dignitaries "to accentuate [her] well-toned calves" and, instead of a cabinet, install "a giant walk-in closet."

Well, you certainly couldn't get more maverick than that, right?

Christie Brinkley Requests Restraining Order Against Ex-Husband

Christie Brinkley has filed a request for a temporary restraining order and a motion for post-judgment relief again her ex-husband Peter Cook, a Suffolk County, N.Y., official confirms to PEOPLE.

The motion was filed Wednesday – two days before Cook's revealing interview with ABC's Barbara Walters is set to air.

Cook, 49, who has admitted to having an affair with an 18-year-old assistant and an online pornography habit, told Walters during his interview for Friday night's 20/20 broadcast, "I'm not the ... pervert that I've been painted to be."

Brinkley and Cook halted their messy divorce trial in July when both parties announced a settlement deal. The judge in the case, Mark Cohen, signed their final divorce decree Sept. 29.

The new motion is on the court calendar for Oct. 29, but the court official said it's unclear at this point whether the parties will actually appear in court or if their lawyers will simply submit statements to the judge in writing.

Hugh Hefner on Holly: "It's Over!"

It's really over.

Hugh Hefner confirms he and Holly Madison are no longer.

"If she says it's over, it's over," Hefner just told me. "But like I've said before, she is the love of my life and I expected to spend the rest of my life with her."

The Playboy mogul says the relationship started to crumble about six months ago when they learned he was unable to father a child with Holly.

"With my sperm count, it's not possible," Hefner explained. "I was willing but it was not possible…She'd like to be married and have children, but it's not in the cards here for me."

Where does that leave the other two Girls Next Door Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt?

Hefner says they're still romantically involved, but admitted, "the relationship with Kendra will be ending when she moves out probably by the end of this year."

Hef ain't wasting anytime getting back in the saddle though.

In the last week, he's been spotted with 19-year-old twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon. "They very much want to be girlfriends and now under the present circumstance, they probably will become my girlfriends," Hefner said.

And they're not all he has to look forward to.

A college senior from Georgia whom Hefner identifies as Amy Lee Anderson is also waiting in the wings. "She was testing here this past weekend," Hef said of the centerfold wanna-be, "and she said she like be a girlfriend, too."

The 82-year-old Hefner laughed, "I'm dancing as fast as I can."

Tyra to Give ANTM Losers a Second Chance

Some of us have been there with Tyra through every America’s Next Top Model cycle. And at the close of each season, we pat the winner on the back, tell her we look forward to seeing her Cover Girl commercials and purge our memories of the other girls.

Well, Tyra has finally figured out a way to keep us updated on some of the best ex-ANTM competitors. To do this, Tyra has established Modelville, which will be a reality show within her show. Whoa! Did that just blow your mind?

The series will start airing on The Tyra Show today and follow five girls from cycles 8, 9 and 10 with the most memorable Modelville resident being Bianca (cycle 9) of the infamous Nikki Blonsky Family Airport Smackdown episode—and you know she'll bring the dramz.

Only, while we’d like to see how some of the poor girls who had to deal with Tyra’s narcissistic whims are doing, we don’t really want to see a Tyra-produced update that is basically ANTM grad school with the models competing for a beauty contract with Carol’s Daughter.

If only we could get MTV's True Life to dig into the lives of past contestants. Now that would be TV gold.

Paris Hilton Adds Some Sheen to Her Campaign

After last night's rather lackluster debate, it's understandable if many voters remain undecided. Fortunately, Paris Hilton has just released a new video to remind us all she's still in the running.

In this follow-up to to her initial campaign ad, the woman who could very well become our next president looks for guidance from a certain former fake commander in chief but ends up teaching him a thing or two about such hot-buttton issues as the economy, the war in Iraq and even Fo-Po.

Fo-Po? Watch and you'll understand, bitches.


Heidi Klum, getting a handle on her kids – Leni, 4, and Johan, 23 months – during a fun playdate in Los Angeles. The model mom and Project Runway host took her tots to a city park where she supervised her son, who kicked around a ball, and even helped him down a slide. The happy family (plus bodyguards and nannies) also enjoyed a sunshine picnic during their outing.

Paris Hilton, shopping at the Las Vegas branch of Intermix with sister Nicky Hilton and her dog. Hilton treated herself to some leggings and hoodies at the popular boutique.

Hefner and Madison split

Playboy boss Hugh Hefner has split from girlfriend Holly Madison. The Playboy blonde confessed the pair had ended their relationship during a video interview with celebrity website She says, "Hef and I are no longer together." However, Madison confirmed she will be starring in the upcoming series of E! network show the Girls Next Door. The news comes after reports Madison had cheated on the magazine boss.


BETH Ostrosky working out a few hours at Reebok Sports Club the morning after her wedding to Howard Stern.

Paris: I Want Kids - 'Soon!'

Even while sipping Grey Goose out at a club, Paris Hilton has babies on the brain.

"I definitely want three or four [children]," she told PEOPLE in Las Vegas Saturday night, while partying at Pure Nightclub for her sister's birthday.

As for a timeline? "Soon," she said. "Maybe a year or two."

In the meantime, she's just enjoying domestic life with beau Benji Madden. "We just had our 7 month anniversary," she gushed. "We are just so happy."

Add sister Nicky – who just turned 25 – to the "so happy" list.

The entrepreneur said she's "content" with longtime boyfriend David Katzenberg. Still, "there are no wedding plans," she added. "There are lots and lots of rumors but I will put them to rest."

As the party raged on until 3 a.m., Paris jumped on the microphone to give a shout-out to "the best sister in the world." Moments later, the Las Vegas Pussycat Dolls presented Nicky with a three-tiered cake as the entire club joined them in singing "Happy Birthday."

"Twenty five is a pretty milestone year," Nicky told PEOPLE at the bash. "I'm officially an adult!"

Judge bars footage of Anna Nicole's breast surgery

A judge ordered a Texas doctor and his wife on Friday not to distribute videotaped footage of Anna Nicole Smith's breast augmentation surgery in 1994.

The order settles a lawsuit filed last year by Howard K. Stern, the executor of Smith's estate, who was trying to stop Dr. Gerald Johnson and his wife from distributing the tapes of the former Playboy Playmate.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff issued preliminary injunctions against the Johnsons more than a year ago before issuing his final decision.

Stern maintained that Smith never consented to the taping or to allowing the footage to be seen by Los Angeles memorabilia dealer Thomas Riccio, who got tapes from the Johnsons, according to court records.

Johnson has said he routinely records surgeries with the patient's permission and promises to keep the video confidential "during the patient's lifetime."

He said he gave Riccio permission to use the video after Smith died of a drug overdose in February 2007 in Florida. She was 39. Riccio's daughter edited the footage into a five-minute tape, scored with music similar to the theme from the film "Jaws."

The Johnsons' Houston-based attorney, Gus Pappas, did not return a message seeking comment Friday.

Larry Birkhead, who fathered Smith's daughter, called the video "truly disgusting" in a sworn declaration issued last year.

"It was clear that Anna Nicole was unconscious during the videotaping, and even more disturbing, the videotape focused on areas of her nude body that were unrelated to the location of the surgery," he said in the declaration.

Stern's attorney, Vivian Thoreen, said all the tapes have been accounted for under the judge's previous orders. She said the other terms of the settlement are confidential.

Although the Johnsons live in Texas, the Los Angeles Superior Court still has jurisdiction because the physician allegedly tried to disseminate the tape in Los Angeles County, said attorney Bruce S. Ross, who also represents Stern.

Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky Marry in Manhattan

Howard Stern and his longtime girlfriend Beth Ostrosky were married in New York City on Friday night, according to guests who attended the celebration.

The guest list for the wedding, held at the restaurant Le Cirque, included Joan Rivers, Barbara Walters, Billy Joel and wife Katie Lee, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman and Stern's radio co-host, Robin Quivers.

Stern, 54, and Ostrosky, 36, were joined in a ceremony officiated by Mark Consuelos, the husband of Kelly Ripa, who also attended. Billy Joel sang two songs, and Chevy Chase delivered a raunchy roast, said one guest.

"Beth is the most beautiful bride I've ever seen," said Stern pal Dominic Barbara. (Ostrosky wore Marchesa.) "The vows were from each others' hearts. It was gentle and soft and beautiful. People were crying."

After 11 p.m., Joan Rivers walked out holding a bouquet of cream roses. "I danced with Howard," she said. "The wedding was fabulous, everyone had a great, great time."

A Very Long Engagement

The ceremony follows a long engagement – and a change of wedding venue – for the couple.

In March, Ostrosky said they'd decided to revise their plans to get married in Hamptons and to have a city wedding instead. "We're going to get our friends together at a restaurant, very low-key," she said.

Stern first announced the engagement on his Sirius Satellite radio show on Valentine's Day last year.

When he proposed, Stern presented Ostrosky with a 5.2 carat diamond ring. "I love you. You're everything to me," Stern said he told her. "I'm asking you to spend the rest of your life with me."

This is the first marriage for Ostrosky and the second for Stern.

Hubby Howard

THE long-awaited wedding of Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky is finally happening tonight at Le Cirque. The shock jock and his leggy lady have booked the whole restaurant (the first time anyone has ever taken over the entire place) for a sit-down dinner for 180 guests, including Donald Trump. Beth's wedding gown was designed by Georgina Chapman. And guess who's going to perform the ceremony? Mark Consuelos, husband of Kelly Ripa, is "certified" to supervise their vows.

Elizabeth Hurley to Launch Organic Food Line

Elizabeth Hurley has gone country.

Inspired by her life with husband Arun Nayar and son Damian, 6, on their bio-dynamic farm in the English countryside, the actress-model, 43, tells PEOPLE, she is "developing a line of products … with a view that they're not only going to be healthy, because they're organic, but I'm obsessed that women find alternatives to eat which are low in fat."

Hurley, a dedicated supporter of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, spoke to PEOPLE in New York Thursday before flipping a switch to light up Bloomingdale's in pink for the month of October – to raise awareness for breast cancer.

She says her organic farm produces low-fat products, which may help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

"I think we know now that many issues with women's health can be linked back to their diet," she says. "We've been saying for a long time that many breast cancer specialists recommend sticking to as low-fat a diet as possible, which all has to do with how estrogen is stored in the body."

Health Benefits

She also emphasized the benefits of low-fat milk and other organic products.

"For a long time we've been telling women to try and follow a low-fat diet and try and switch from a high-fat milk to a zero-fat milk. Now we genuinely believe if any of even the zero fat milk is crammed full of antibiotics and hormones it can be very detrimental to your health."

Hurley appeared with Marisa Acocella Marchetto, cartoonist and author of the graphic novel Cancer Vixen, based on her own successful battle against breast cancer. Both Hurley and Acocella Marchetto stressed the importance of early detection.

Finally, Hurley showed off Estée Lauder's Elizabeth Hurley High Gloss Lip Color Collection – a pink case featuring three lip glosses and selling for $16, proceeds from which will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Tyra Banks, trying on jeans at True Boutique in New York. Though the talk show host didn't buy anything this time, she did ask lots of questions – specifically about the on-site tailoring – and promised to come back.

Molly Sims Takes a Gamble on Lingerie Design

Former model Molly Sims will soon pull an Elle Macpherson and design her own lingerie line. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Sims tells PEOPLE on Wednesday night at the LA launch party for Domino: The Book of Decorating. And now she finally has the means to do it on a mass level, thanks to financial backing from a company called Concepts. The Las Vegas star insists she prefers substance to flash, so bet on comfy, practical designs over tassels and frill. One print that definitely won’t make the cut: leopard. “I want it be what you wear, not what you wish you could wear,” Sims explains of the collection, which will hopefully be released for Spring 2010. “It’s what you wear every day, just a little more beautiful. It’s going to be feminine. It’s like undone-done, so it’s like a reveal-conceal,” she sums up at the poolside bash, held at the Beverly Hills home of Top Design judge Kelly Wearstler, who kept guests like Sims, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale outside. “It’s so not done, and I’m such a freak,” the perfectionist designer says of her home. “But there will be another party,” the Domino cover girl promised. May we suggest a possible launch party for Molly’s line?

Golden Kate Moss Statue Revealed

Kate Moss is fashion's golden girl – literally!

On Thursday, a British artist debuted his solid-gold statue of the supermodel holding a complex yoga pose. (Until now, only the face had been revealed.)

The sculptor, Marc Quinn, claimed his life-size "Siren" is worth $18 million. He compared the artwork – part of the Statuephilia exhibition, which opens Friday at London's British Museum – to the famous golden mask of Tutankhamun.

"Like that mask, Siren is an image that glows and gives out love and light," he said in a statement. "But [it also] remains completely implacable and silent."


Tyra Banks, indulging her sweet-tooth at Crave Cupcakes in Houston's Uptown Park neighborhood while there to preview an upcoming episode of her talk show. Banks walked in, with entourage in tow, and took a seat at the bakery's bar, where she immediately enjoyed some delicious cupcakes. Her favorite flavors? Lemon and strawberry, an insider tells us.

Nicky Hilton, reading magazines and texting her boyfiend while getting her hair colored by Rachael Ray's colorist, Emily Thomas, at Cutler Salon in South Beach.

Campbell blames 9/11 for arrest

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has blamed her spat with British Airways on the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The catwalk star was escorted off a BA plane and taken into custody at Heathrow Airport in April after spitting at a police officer during a dispute over her luggage.

She was subsequently sentenced to community service in London after admitting to the incident, but maintains she was provoked after being called a racial slur.

And now Campbell, who had been a loyal British Airways customer until the fracas, insists she will never step on board another one of their planes - claiming the 2001 terrorist attacks in America have changed air travel forever.

She says, "I think after 9/11 you can't say anything anymore on a plane. I've flown British Airways for years, since I was a child. The stewardesses will tell you that I would get on a plane, put on the blanket and go to sleep.

"I'll never fly that airline again, but nothing's really lost. I did get my luggage. I was reunited with my YSL (Yves Saint Laurent), and everything was cool."

Paris Hilton Premieres Her Latest Song

Paris Hilton's latest single could convert skeptics into fans.

The "Stars Are Blind" singer premiered a dance-worthy new song – "My BFF," which she co-wrote with Benji Madden – Tuesday on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show in Los Angeles. (Listen to the track here.)

In the techno-inspired theme song to Hilton’s new reality show, My New BFF, which premieres Tuesday night on MTV, Hilton sings, "Could you be the one I want? (My new best friend.) Could you be the one I need? (My new best friend.)"

In June, Hilton, 27, said of her boyfriend of seven months, "Benji and I have been working hard on [the song]."

On her latest reality show, the Simple Life alum is looking to find a new shopping buddy.

Hilton also recently announced her plans to collaborate with none other than Seacrest on a new scripted series.

Couples Watch

Paris Hilton – in vintage threads and carrying a handbag from her own line – and Benji Madden, appearing to be inseparable at club mur.mur at the Borgata Casino & Spa in Atlantic City. And the staff there was nearly as doting as her boyfriend: The waiters and security guards wore "Paris for President" pins.


TYRA Banks running over to give Star Jones a big hug after watching Cher's show at the Colosseum in Las Vegas.

Celebs launch YouTube poverty campaign at UN

Musicians and Angelique Kidjo, actress Kristin Davis and model Elle Macpherson have helped launch a new campaign to cut global poverty in half by 2015.

Kidjo and Black Eyed Peas members and performed a new song written for the Global Call to Action against Poverty called "in my name" outside the United Nations, where world leaders are gathered this week.

"It's calling individuals to realize their power in solving global poverty and ending world hunger," sang Thursday. "Enforcing the politicians to keep what they promised and picking the world leaders that will lead the world honest."

"How can we continue this injustice and move forward, how can we prepare the next generation not to repeat the same mistakes that are happening today?" said Kidjo, who is from Benin. "As an African artist, as an African mother, as an African person I cannot just standby."

Joining them were Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and economist Jeffrey Sachs.

Dignitaries and celebrities used markers to sign six rotating plates of glass.

In 2000, the United Nations agreed to a set of ambitious goals for cutting poverty and disease and improving health care and education for the world's poor by 2015. But now, halfway through the time period, those Millennium Development Goals have not been met by all countries.

Davis, who also serves as an ambassador for Oxfam and has traveled to several countries in Africa to support the call to end poverty, did not speak during the event, but afterward spoke passionately about the new campaign.

"Leaders are ultimately responsible for the commitments they made to end poverty by the year 2015," she told The Associated Press. "We're halfway through that mark. Those promises have not been kept in terms of the funding and what we are trying to say is that we are paying attention.

"We want the promises that were made in our name to be kept," she said.

YouTube has teamed up with, and non-governmental organizations GCAP, Oxfam International, Save the Children and Comic Relief to help spread the message that poverty around the world needs to be eradicated.

The company launched a new channel on its site Thursday where users can upload a video stating their name, home country, and a message to their government about the need to meet the poverty goals.

Steve Grove, head of news and politics for YouTube, said the company will accept videos until Nov. 1, at which point will mash up all the videos into another version of the song. He then will present it to world leaders and broadcast it directly to the U.N.

Celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Annie Lennox, John Legend, Wyclef Jean and Fergie already have posted messages to the Web site.

Paris Hilton portrait made of porn

A well-known British artist who has made collage portraits of U.S. President George W. Bush and Paris Hilton out of porn magazine images is exhibiting the pictures at a gallery in New York.

A gallery spokeswoman says Jonathan Yeo's portrait of Hilton was bought by the artist Damien Hirst ahead of Thursday's opening.

She says the Hilton portrait is titled "Paris, 2008," and posters of it will be sold for $20 each at the gallery.

She says Yeo is offering Hilton proceeds from the sale of the posters because she never received any money from the notorious 2004 sex video that starred her and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon.


Uma Thurman ("Kill Bill"), Jane Krakowski ("30 Rock"), Nathan Lane ("The Producers"), Jesse L. Martin ("Law & Order"), Petra Nemcova ("A Model Life") Paul Williams ("Georgia Rule") and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg have joined the all-star cast of NBC's upcoming holiday special "A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa" airing Wednesday, December 17 (8-9 p.m. ET).

They join the previously announced cast members include Whoopi Goldberg ("The View"), Richard Griffiths ("Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"), Tony Sirico ("The Sopranos"), Steve Schirripa ("The Sopranos") and Madison Pettis ("Cory in the House").

In "A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa," the Emmy and Grammy-award winning Muppets deliver an all new one-hour special filled with song and dance, mayhem and heaps of holiday high spirits. On Christmas Eve the Muppets mistakenly avert three letters from making their way to Santa Claus in the North Pole--leaving three Christmas wishes at stake.

Kermit rounds up his fearless friends to get to the North Pole before Santa makes his rounds on Christmas Eve and as usual, nothing—not even Miss Piggy's planned trip to the tropics can stand between the Muppets and a joyful Christmas. In typical Muppets fashion, chaos and humor ensue as they try to find a way to the North Pole, but will they make it in time? The cast in alphabetical order is:

Mayor Bloomberg - himself
Whoopi Goldberg - Cab driver
Richard Griffiths - Santa Claus
Jane Krakowski - Claire's mom
Nathan Lane - Officer Meany
Jesse Martin - Postal worker
Petra Nemcova - Beaker's girlfriend
Madison Pettis - Claire
Steve Schirripa - Mafia guy
Tony Sirico - Mafia guy
Uma Thurman - Joy the ticket clerk
Paul Williams - Elf

In the special, Jesse L. Martin, who plays a postal worker, opens the program with a song and dance number along with the Muppets in the post office as they are waiting in line to mail their Christmas cards. Later on, Jane Krakowski, who plays the Mother to Claire (Madison Pettis), tries to assuage her daughter --who is feeling lonely during the holidays, from befriending the Muppets who happen to live in the same building. Claire is disappointed when Gonzo reveals none of the Muppets will be around during Christmas as they are all going on vacation, leaving Claire alone with her Mother. The Muppets soon realize that the spirit of the holidays is more important than vacation, and they must do all they can to get the three letters to Santa in time for Christmas. They high-tail it in Whoopi Goldberg's taxicab to the airport, where they encounter a friendly ticket agent, Uma Thurman and a bitter airport security guard, played by Nathan Lane. Will they find a flight to reach the North Pole in time or get caught up in last minute security issues? Tune in to find out, and bring the spirit of the holidays into your living room.

"A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa" is executive produced by The Muppets Studio and produced by Martin G. Baker. The writers are Hugh Fink, Andrew Samson, Scott Ganz and Paul Williams, with songs by Paul Williams (songwriter for "The Muppet Movie").


Tyra Banks, enjoying meals at Sushi Roku and Restaurant Guy Savoy during a weekend in Las Vegas.

We Hear...

THAT Victoria's Secret model and Plumm deejay Larissa Brown is moonlighting as manager of the Moldy Peaches.


Tyra Banks, eating tomato tartare during dinner at Las Vegas's Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace. The supermodel also ate artichoke soup and sampled some desserts.

Kate Moss: From the Catwalk to the Louvre

She’s long been a source of inspiration of some of fashion’s top designers, and a new art exhibit in the heart of Paris is setting out to examine Kate Moss’s status as a modern-day muse. France’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs has announced plans for an exhibition dedicated entirely to British supermodel. Just yards from the Mona Lisa’s famous perch in the Louvre, the display will showcase Moss’s 19 years in the industry. Museum Director Beatrice Salmon explains the choice, saying that the museum intends to “decode the phenomenon” the supermodel has become. “This is an occasion to ask a certain number of experts in image and communications to explain why and how [Kate has] become someone the whole world knows.” As for just how involved Moss herself will be in the project, the Museum’s press officer Marie Laure Moreau says that “Kate Moss has agreed to cooperate, to collaborate on the exhibit. The show will concentrate on her life, her career — and be a celebration of her 19 years.” But will Moss be there to kick off the launch of the show, which will run from November 26, 2009 to April 25, 2010? Moreau adds laughingly, “We certainly hope so!”

Heidi Klum Reveals Tattoo Was Anniversary Present

Heidi Klum didn't only reveal a previously undiscovered comic flair as one of the Emmy emcees Sunday night – especially when Tom Bergeron dropped her on the floor as an example of what makes people laugh – but she has also revealed a new body adornment.

"It's not that new," the Project Runway star said of her abstract-looking tattoo on her right inner arm. "I've had it since May."

She said that it was to commemorate her and spouse Seal's latest annual renewal of their vows.

"My husband and I always get married every year," said Klum. "It was our fourth wedding, and we wanted to have our names tattooed together. So it's my husband's name and our three children, their initials, in the [three] stars."

Doggie Detail

TYRA Banks needs security for a really good reason - to carry her doggie bag to the car. The diva dined at Cafeteria in Chelsea on Thursday, where a Page Six source noticed her leaving. "She took her leftovers in a doggie bag," said the tipster, "and she handed it to her security guard/driver, who was standing next to the table. He followed behind her carrying the food out."


SCENT OF A MODEL: Marissa Miller, unveiling the new Very Sexy Dare fragrance at the Victoria's Secret flagship store in NYC.

Paris Hilton's Dogs Alive, Well and Very Pampered

Contrary to Internet reports, two of Paris Hilton's dogs were not eaten by a coyote. They're not only alive, but living better than many humans.

"They were at Paris's house Wednesday in her recording studio, and all the dogs were playing and looked as healthy and happy as can be," a rep for the heiress tells PEOPLE. "Paris even had a doggie mansion built for them and it is very secured."

Her rep was responding to reports that Hilton, 27, has been crying non-stop due to the dogs' deaths.

Naomi Campbell and Famous Friends Walk the Runway for Charity

Naomi Campbell brought her supermodel power to the runway for her 2008 Fashion For Relief charity catwalk show benefiting the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood. Naomi welcomed everyone to the show in a wool Alaia dress and Alaia ankle boots, telling reporters, “This is what the fashion world is doing to give back. I won’t ask people to do anything unless I think it’s really important. I only ask when I think it’s something they will be passionate about. All these people here tonight feel the same way.” The crowd was entertained by beats from Estelle and runway turns from Chanel Iman, Tyson Beckford, Kim Stewart and Naomi herself. Supporter Mischa Barton watched from the front row, telling PEOPLE “I do lot of work with Save the Children, and today I was doing press with them and they told me this charity is affiliated with theirs. I learned up on it, and Naomi is doing a good thing with it. She has always been very friendly and caring to me. She’s really sweet.” Though she has walked countless shows, the supermodel was still nervous — one of her models ran a little late — but Campbell told PEOPLE that she was elated as she came off the runway. “Wicked! They cheered and stuff. It felt like a show. I was smiling, dancing and everything. I want to go and cry now.”

Just a Minute With: Paris Hilton on life and career

Paris Hilton has come to epitomize the idea of "famous for being famous" but with a growing business to manage built around her life as a wealthy heiress and celebrity, she says her world is nonstop hard work -- but also fun.

With a new film documentary, "Paris, Not France" about the business of being Paris, a reality TV show called "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" in which she goes tongue-in-cheek in search of a new best friend, her own fashion line, and a new album coming soon, Hilton, 27, is likely to be even more in the limelight over the next few months.

Already one of the most photographed women in the world, Hilton sat down with Reuters to talk about the lines between privacy and trading on her fame, and how she sees her future.

Q: What's the most annoying misconception people have about you?

A: "The one that 'she doesn't work'. I am literally running a huge corporation. I have my clothing lines, my champagne, my watches, shoes and purses and dog clothes -- every sort of product you can imagine. I am doing movies. I am doing my record right now, producing, starring in a TV show. So it is a 24 hour, seven day-a-week job. I work all the time, so I laugh when I hear people say that."

Q: Where do you draw the line between your privacy, letting the public see who you are, and the need to promote yourself.

A: "I am basically always on camera. From the moment I leave my house in the morning, the paparazzi are waiting there until I go to bed at night. So it is natural to be doing this TV show. I don't even know the cameras are there. I still have my private life. When I go home I have my pets and my boyfriend."

Q: Los Angeles city officials have been discussing proposals to curb the paparazzi, and create a "personal safety zone" between celebrities and photographers. Is that something you support?

A: "Yes. It is okay for paparazzi to go to a press event or a red carpet but when it is every single day when you are going to the market or the tanning salon or to lunch with your family, it is a lot of pressure always having to be 'on'. Sometimes there will be 50 or 100. They are like rats. All my cars are completely scratched up from their battery packs and cameras. They jump on your car and dent the windows."

Q; Do you actually enjoy being so famous?

A: "I don't think about it really. Since I was born, it's been like this. Sometimes when I go to random places and I'll be in a baseball cap with sunglasses -- still people recognize me. But I try to do normal things. I like doing things myself, like going to the market or shopping. Some celebrities become famous and they forget who they are or where they came from and hide out like some recluse. I'm not going to do that."

Q: Where do you see yourself in 20 years time?

A: "I'll probably be a mom with a couple of kids. I'd love to have a big family. Running my business and not traveling so much. I'll be in a lot of real estate businesses and hotels then. I'll be running my business from home."

Q: What's the first thing you think about when wake up in the morning?

A: "I always think about what I dreamed. I write down my dreams. I feel it is your subconscious talking to you. Then I think of my schedule which is going to be so hectic. And I feel so happy, lucky and blessed that I have this life and what I can do to be a better person every day."

Gisele Puts Her Diamonds on the Auction Block

She’s the world’s most highly-paid model, and Gisele Bundchen has the accessories to prove it — but come next month, Tom Brady’s famous girlfriend plans to part with a couple of her high-ticket items. On October 15th, the supermodel will participate in Christie’s Jewels: The New York Sale auction, selling off a 3.35 carat colored Sabbadini diamond ring that’s expected to fetch between $15,000 to $20,000 as well as a 6 carat diamond pendant necklace worth between $120,000 to $150,000. And while the items are rumored to be gifts from a famous ex-love, the star has yet to reveal their mysterious provenance. Check out more of the stunning jewels up for bid at the sale, including the famous Ponahalo diamonds, at

Snubbing Nicky

KEVIN Connolly couldn't care less about his ex, Nicky Hilton. The "Entourage" star was doing press at the weekend opening of Lavo at the Palazzo in Las Vegas when Hilton approached the red carpet. "Nicky saw Kevin and did a 180, skipping all the TV camera crews that had been waiting patiently to speak to her," spies said. Connolly shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes. It was a good weekend for Connolly - the night before, he hooked up with pro wrestler Stacy Keibler.

Fergie, Michelle Obama top People's best-dressed list

She fills two converted bedrooms with clothes -- one for casual and a second for glam -- and staying organized worked for singer Fergie who on Wednesday made People magazine's 2008 list of best dressed women.

"I don't like to throw anything away," Fergie said about the clothes in her "closets" for People's widely-watched Best & Worst Dressed 2008 issue that hits newsstands this Friday.

Joining Fergie, whose hits include "Glamorous," in the top 10 list were actresses Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, Eva Mendes, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Singer Rihanna and supermodel Heidi Klum also made the list.

Rounding out the top 10 -- and making a campaign statement for fashion -- was Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, who was given high marks for a look that was "classic and confident."

"She has a look. She works it with confidence, and she knows what looks good on her," said People's Style Editor Clarissa Cruz.

But Obama played down the notion that her sense of style might be anything close to couture, telling People: "Some of my favorite summer dresses are from Gap and H&M."

"The thing they all have in common is that they all had a great year, stuck to their own personal style and stayed true to that," said Cruz.

The magazine's editors also spent time peering into the fashion choices of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin -- her rimless glasses, step-toe pumps and updo hairstyle.

"People are paying attention to what she's wearing, and we felt that was a news story," Cruz said.

Palin didn't talk to People, but her hairdresser did. She said the candidate would rather not discuss style choices "because she wants people to hear what she has to say."

The makers of the Kazuo Kawasaki eye glasses favored by Palin told People that demand has been "overwhelming" and "mostly from the middle states."

Then there are those fashion moments People would rather forget.

The magazine's editors pick apart red carpet disaster dresses worn by singer and "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul and actress Lucy Liu, as well as the aqua-and-orange boots and fedora favored by Patricia Arquette.

"These were stumbles that were too over the top to ignore," Cruz said.

Other highlights of the double issue include best dressed television show -- "Gossip Girl" -- and most memorable style moments including Lindsay Lohan's mink coat mixup in which she left a party wearing another woman's $11,000 heirloom coat.

Paris Hilton finds "paparazzi-ready" best friend

Paris Hilton launched a television show to look for a new best friend who was hot, loyal and "paparazzi-ready" -- and she says she found exactly what she was looking for.

Hilton, 27, the millionaire socialite, said some 300,000 Americans applied to take part in the reality series "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" (Best Friend Forever), which begins airing on September 30 on MTV.

The 16 women and two men selected to compete had to perform a series of challenges to be Hilton's new BFF, including how to look hot on a rollercoaster and making a commercial for one of her fashion products. She has now picked a winner with whom she said she has struck up a real, off-screen friendship.

"The person who won is now my best friend. We hang out. Yeah, we're really friends," Hilton told Reuters on Tuesday.

"We've been having barbecues and hanging out at the house. The winner and I have been pretty low-key so far, because it is top secret right now," she said.

Hilton said the TV show prepared the contestants for life in Hollywood and hectic red carpet events, parties, and product launches -- all under the constant glare of photographers.

"In my life you can get photographed at any time. You never know when paparazzi are going to be hiding around the corner. So my friend needs to be paparazzi-ready," she said.

In her real-life friendships, Hilton says she values trust more than looking hot and says it was fun to meet people on the show who were not as jaded as the usual Hollywood crowd.

"They (the contestants) were so excited. We went on a private jet to Las Vegas and they had never been on a private plane. It was nice to really show them things they maybe never could do in their life. They were really appreciative and so sweet," Hilton said.

As for her own qualities as a friend, Hilton said she was loyal, good at keeping secrets, truthful and generous.

"I will always tell you the truth. If you ask me if I like your outfit, if I don't, I'll say I don't. I'm a lot of fun. I love showing my friends my world and enjoying life," she said.

Hilton starts filming a second series of the show, this time set in England, next month and expects her new "friends" to be very different.

"London is my favorite city in the world. I love their accents, their attitude. They are so real, they are not fake. I feel that everyone in LA wants to be famous but in London it's more about business."

Moss targeted by car vandals

British model Kate Moss is relieved a $360,000 ring was spared after vandals targeted her car.

The 34-year-old was stunned when thieves broke into her Range Rover outside her north London home, and feared her precious solitaire diamond ring had been stolen in the raid.

But Moss was delighted to learn the vandals only retrieved $18 and a box of chocolates.

A source tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "Unfortunately, the criminals are still at large - $18 better off and a little chubbier."


HELL hath no fury like a supermodel scorned. Veronica Webb turned frosty at the Us Weekly 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers party at Hudson Terrace Friday night when she ran into Gretta Monahan - who replaced her as co-host on "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style." A source said, "They sat right next to each other but Veronica wouldn't even look at her. She's furious she was replaced on the show." Also there: Gayle King, "sucking up to" Tyra Banks, and Cassie, who turned up drenched from the rain.

DJ/Music Producer Mark Ronson and Model Girlfriend Split

Mark Ronson, the DJ music producer and brother of Lindsay Lohan's gal pal Samantha Ronson, has split from his girlfriend, model Daisy Lowe, PEOPLE has confirmed.

Reps for Lowe and Ronson declined to give a reason why the pair ended their relationship after about six months.

Lowe, 19, has returned to London for a week of fashion shows. She was seen with Ronson last week at a bash to celebrate his 33rd birthday at a country home in Buckinghamshire, in the English countryside. But they parted in New York where she was working at the city's fashion week, and where Ronson has a home.

Ronson, who has produced hits for Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, was seen out in London on Sunday night at a party to mark Winehouse's 25th birthday.

Lowe discovered four years ago her biological father was rock star (and now husband to Gwen Stefani), Gavin Rossdale, not the man named on her birth certificate. Rossdale had had a brief relationship with her mother, Pearl, in 1988.

Sweetness Counts

EVERYONE wanted to dress Emmy Award host Heidi Klum for the red carpet, but Giorgio Armani landed the job. Fashion insiders told Page Six that when the leggy host of "Project Runway" (which pulled in five Emmy nominations) was listed for a "Best Reality-TV Host" award, "Giorgio sent her a handwritten note congratulating her and asked her if she would wear Armani on the carpet." A rep for Klum confirmed: "Heidi is honored to wear Armani to the Emmys."

Couple Watch

Nicky Hilton, dining with boyfriend David Katzenberg at Apple Restaurant in West Hollywood with a group of friends. The group enjoyed their meal on the patio, where the couple saved room for dessert. "They especially loved the Crème Fraîche Cheesecake."


IMG model Cato walking into the Jill Stuart casting on Seventh Avenue toting a "My Bag Cares" bag.


Kimora Lee Simmons along with daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee, creating two new ice cream creations at Cold Stone Creamery in Times Square to be served at the Baby Phat/KLS 10th anniversary fashion show tonight in NYC.

Ryan Seacrest & Paris Hilton Team - for TV Show

Ryan Seacrest and Paris Hilton might just be the busiest reality-TV personalities in showbiz.

PEOPLE has exclusively learned that Ryan Seacrest Productions and the 27-year-old reality-star extraordinaire Hilton – whose upcoming Paris Hilton's My New BFF airs on MTV this fall – have struck a deal to develop a series together – a scripted one.

For months, Hilton, Paris Hilton Entertainment's Jason Moore and Seacrest – who produces the hit E! series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, featuring Hilton's friend Kim Kardashian – have been in talks about the project. Details on the new series are not yet available.

Hilton's My New BFF – a version of which is also being developed in the U.K. – airs this fall on MTV. Meanwhile, Seacrest will join Project Runway's Heidi Klum hosting the Primetime Emmys Sunday, Sept. 21.


BAR Refaeli having cocktails with girl friends at the Eldridge on the Lower East Side

Paris Hilton lights up Toronto film festival

It's not easy being Paris Hilton, always being photographed by the paparazzi doing things as mundane as ordering a hamburger at a drive-in.

"Paris, Not France," a documentary about the life and business of being Hilton debuted on Tuesday at the Toronto International Film Festival. From one perspective, it doesn't seem like much fun being a 27-year-old global celebrity.

The movie from director Adria Petty, daughter of rocker Tom Petty, shows Hilton at work on red carpets and at home with her family and friends. Petty spent a year documenting Hilton's life and came away with an insider's view.

Hilton, derided by some as a spoiled rich kid with little real talent but adored by her fans, is given largely sympathetic treatment.

"I had a conception that she might not be very smart before I met her. I didn't really go in with too many prejudices against her, but just like everyone else I wondered what she was all about," Petty said in an interview on Wednesday.

"As soon as I met her, I knew within a minute that she was a cool chick, a smart girl, and hard-working. She certainly wasn't lounging on a chaise eating cherries."

Petty said the documentary is designed not to sway Hilton doubters but to entertain. Petty wanted to make this generation's "Truth or Dare," referring to Madonna's behind-the-scenes look at her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour.

It wasn't that hard to get Hilton to talk candidly, Petty said.

"I think it was really liberating for her because I don't think she's ever been encouraged to talk about things in a candid and open way."


Hilton discusses her infamous sex tape, growing up in the media glare and her critics and fans. Petty follows Hilton as she promotes products that bear her name such as perfume, television shows, a book and album.

The business of being Hilton seems to carry on non-stop. In one scene, a makeup artist prepares Hilton for a public appearance -- while she's asleep.

Interviews with her parents Rick and Kathy Hilton, sister Nicky and others such as Donald Trump and feminist Camille Paglia provide commentary on the most famous member of the family that founded the Hilton hotels chain.

At Tuesday's screening, accompanied by her boyfriend, rocker Benji Madden of the band Good Charlotte, Hilton smiled. With only that gesture, a burst of camera flashes went off.

But when the lights came up after the 85-minute documentary, the pair scurried out a side door without waiting for the director's question-and-answer session that is common after public screenings at the Toronto film festival.

When Hilton emerged outside, festival volunteers linked hands to provide a human fence shielding her from fans jockeying to catch a glimpse her.

Not one to disappoint, Hilton did what she does best: stopping briefly, signing a few autographs, posing for cameras but not saying much. Then she faded into the Toronto night.

Orlando and Miranda's Sparkling Date

Orlando Bloom and girlfriend Miranda Kerr had a sparkling night out together in London on Tuesday – dropping more than $2,100 on accessories.

The couple stopped by an Afghan jewelry exhibition held by the Turquoise Mountain Foundation charity at a London gallery. After browsing the display with Kerr for more than 30 minutes, Bloom picked out a $1,148 emerald ring, a $672 ruby bracelet, $265 pomegranate earrings designed by Pippa Small and $70 cufflinks from the Turquoise Mountain Collection.

Victoria's Secret model Kerr, 23, told PEOPLE that she's on vacation and "taking a month off." Although the couple have mostly remained mum about their relationship, things seem to be going well. Bloom met her parents in Sydney earlier this year.

All the net proceeds from sales fund the charity's School of Jewellery and Gem-cutting in Afghanistan. Bloom, 31, is set to portray the charity’s executive chairman, Rory Stewart, in an upcoming movie about his life.

Naomi Campbell Works in Soup Kitchen

Naomi Campbell began her latest round of community service this week.

The supermodel – who was sentenced to 200 hours of helping the homeless following her air rage assault at London's Heathrow Airport earlier this year – was put to work doing paperwork at the Whitechapel Mission drop-in center.

"Naomi is really eager to do the work that is required of her and give something back to the community," says a friend.

The 38-year-old worked all day Tuesday, taking a brief lunch break for a cereal bar and a banana. But others on her punishment detail complained that the temper-prone model wasn't asked to wash dishes or work janitorial detail.

"It's usually pretty greulling work, but not for her," one source told the U.K.'s Daily Mirror, adding that Campbell was treated "like a princess."

For her part, Campbell said she is just happy to being putting the April airport incident behind her. "I just want to keep my head down and get on with it," she told the Mirror.

Goodbye, Mama

RED Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis has a new woman after dumping model Heather Christie just months after she gave birth to their son, Everly Bear. Kiedis showed up to the Talenthouse party at the Chateau Marmont in LA with Laura Freedman, who owns the Broken English Jewelry store in Santa Monica, and the two proceeded to make out all night, spies said.

Hilton Eyes Spears Duet

Paris Hilton has announced she is keen to team up with Britney Spears for a duet. The socialite is currently working on a follow-up to her self-titled 2006 debut album. And Hilton is hoping that Spears - who is also working on a new LP - will agree to collaborate on a track for the record.

She says, "My new album's out soon and it would be hot if I could do a duet with Britney. It is really poppy and sounds a bit like Kylie Minogue." Hilton also recently announced plans to collaborate with her boyfriend, Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden.

Paris doc shows confessional side of Hilton

One clear fan of a new Paris Hilton documentary has a familiar name: Paris Hilton.

As she left the theater where "Paris, Not France" premiered Tuesday night at the Toronto International Film Festival, Hilton gave a few claps of applause after director Adria Petty was announced for a question-and-answer session to discuss the documentary.

With close access to Hilton, Petty shot extensive footage of Hilton talking about her image, her notorious sex tape, the tabloid photographers who follow her and just the business of being herself.

"I'm basically being judged, and they're creating this false person, and I can't do anything about it," Hilton says in the film.

Featuring interviews with Hilton's parents, sister Nicky, publicist Elliott Mintz and such personalities as Donald Trump, "Paris, Not France" follows her on business meetings, a promotional trip to Japan and everyday tasks such as getting a burger at a drive-thru while dozens of photographers take shots of her ordering.

"It's amazing that this woman is a human being and that people actually can be ruthless enough to forget that," Petty said. "That's the one thing about this movie and about that experience with her is I could have just been shooting fluff, but she gave me a lot more."

Before the Toronto premiere, Hilton posed for photos with Petty but did not talk to reporters. Outside the theater afterward, Hilton signed a few autographs before she was driven off in an SUV.

Petty said the idea was to create for this era a film like "Madonna: Truth or Dare," the 1991 documentary that examined the phenomenon surrounding the pop singer.

Hilton has "created a mystery about herself that a film like this maybe wouldn't have been a great thing for her in the past," Petty said. "But now, she's been so saturated in the media. We're so used to her. To see a new side of her is so exciting."

Naomi Campbell's Battle with Infertility

With her glamorous, jet-set lifestyle, Naomi Campbell may seem like a woman who has it all. But the former supermodel says something is missing from her life.

"I do want to have kids," the 38-year-old said during a London Fashion Week fund-raiser for the White Ribbon Alliance (which helps provide healthcare for pregnant women around the world).

In fact, the model revealed that she was previously infertile – until a corrective surgery this March. (Until now, Campbell had maintained that she checked into a hospital in Brazil for the removal of a small cyst.)

"They thought it was a cyst," she explained, according to Britain's Press Association. "When they opened it up they realized it was more."

Thanks to the operation, Campbell said she's now in perfect health.

"I was not able to have children up until March," she said. "Now it's in God's hands. I would love to have a family."


Paris Hilton and Benji Madden grabbed a table near the open bar, and Hilton sat between her boyfriend and music mogul Russell Simmons, who kept the heiress laughing all night. While Hilton was game for dinner – feasting on arugula and spinach salad, beef and mashed potatoes – she took one bite of the lemon bar and brownie desserts, and then put them back on the tray. Meanwhile, Hilton's sister Nicky attended with beau David Katzenberg, and Sacha Baron Cohen stopped in later with Isla Fisher. The pair ate on the garden patio, but later joined the party, sitting on a couch and chatting with friends.

Olympic swimmer Dara Torres models at Fashion Week

After winning three silver medals in Beijing, Olympic swimmer Dara Torres has mastered another daunting challenge: walking the runway at New York Fashion Week.

The 41-year-old modeled two looks for the Sunday afternoon presentation of Charles Nolan's spring collection at the designer's Chelsea studio.

Torres, a 12-time Olympic medalist, made her catwalk debut in a blue-and-white striped tank top and navy swim shorts while carrying her 2-year-old daughter, Tessa, who clung to her mother as people clapped and cameras snapped photos.

Torres' short haircut was styled in 1920-style waves, which enhanced the drama of her next look: a black jersey and silk taffeta wrap dress.

Backstage in pants and a T-shirt after the show, Torres recalled: "There was a girl (modeling) who said that she was really nervous and I said, `Swimming in the Olympics is much more nerve-wracking!'"

Torres said she did worry, however, that she might stumble on the runway like Carrie Bradshaw did in "Sex and the City."

"I'm not used to wearing heels," she explained. "I wear flats and flip-flops all the time."

Torres has been making numerous TV appearances and speeches in the post-Olympics publicity blitz, and plans to "get back in the water and swim some" starting next month.

She said Tessa enjoyed modeling with mom.

"She was not into walking alone with me out there, but as long as I held her she was fine," she said. "She was backstage dancing around with all the models and stuff and having fun."

Nolan — who presented chic and wearable clothing for women including a lime green drop-waist dress and a striped boatneck top with cropped trousers — said Torres was a perfect fit to show off his designs.

"I was so inspired by her," he said. "It's one thing to look great at 41 — it's another thing to be able to make the Olympic team competing against 16-year-olds, and then win a silver medal!"

Ribs Are Key

KID Rock and his ex May Anderson are still good friends, possibly because they both love barbecue and beer. Thursday night, Anderson and Rock hit Wildwood Barbeque on Park Avenue South, where they drank beer and watched the Giants game. Later that night, Kid and the Danish model were spotted feeding each other ribs at Second Avenue barbecue joint Southern Hospitality, where they and their pals "drank the bar dry of Coors Light," said a source.

Paris Hilton Strikes a Pose

Paris Hilton was all over the place last night. Before attending the Nylon party at the Roosevelt Hotel, she hit the Mondrian hotel for their relaunch party.

The Hilton heiress arrived with two girlfriends and was overheard saying she missed her boyfriend, Benji Madden.

Next up for Paris? Presenting at MTV's VMA awards on Sunday.

Her boy's band performs at the Idols and Icons VMA afterparty at the Chateau Marmont—so chances are, she'll be there, too. Someone's got a busy weekend ahead of her!

Adriana Lima to Sizzle on Ugly Betty

Brazilian super model Adriana Lima will break into the fashionable world of Mode magazine when she makes her acting debut on an upcoming episode of Ugly Betty.

“Adriana has always been a huge fan of Ugly Betty and is thrilled for the opportunity to make a guest star appearance,” says Lima’s rep Liza Anderson.

On a future Betty (returning to ABC Sept. 25, 8 p.m. ET), Lima will be hired to pose on the pages of Mode’s “sizzling hot issue” and will work with Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) on a cover story about the virtues of exotic fruit, including the fictional “tico berry,” which the Vicoria’s Secret model — playing herself — will credit as a booster to her sexy appearance.

But in a twist right out of Betty’s madcap world, Lima, 27, will sport a broken finger from a real-life fall she suffered while on vacation in Croatia.

Lima starts filming next week.

Gisele Bündchen: I'm Happy As I Am - Single

Don't place any bets on when Gisele Bündchen might marry boyfriend Tom Brady, says the supermodel.

"I'm happy as I am," she tells the Spanish edition of Vogue in its September issue. "Why is the whole world worked up about my getting married? I'm having a great time and I want to enjoy it."

The 28-year-old Brazilian model – who appears on the magazine's cover labeled "The Goddess" – also says she doesn't consider herself a supermodel. " 'Super' is for heroes and those who do extraordinary things," she says.

Bündchen, for one, prefers ordinary things, like good food and friends. She says she has a large appetite – and that for her, a balanced diet is one that includes Iberian ham.

Yes, Onion, But No Vegetarian

"I eat meat, usually a bit with supper. I try to limit it to three times a week and preferably it's chicken," she says. "Other days I'll have fish and vegetables. But I'm not obsessed with diet rules and nothing stops me from enjoying a calorific pastry. The question is balance. I like to eat, but I compensate with exercise."

Part of her routine: surfing, Pilates, yoga, and dancing. She's also at home in the kitchen, and often cooks for friends.

Says Bündchen, who started dating football-star Brady just before Christmas 2007: "My favorite thing to make is risotto. I throw in lots of lemon, pepper, and oil. Oh – and onion!"


Paris Hilton has craftily manipulated the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in an attempt to gain more publicity for a new documentary about herself.

The hotel heiress forced festival organizers to cancel two of three screenings of "Paris, Not France," which is set to premiere Tuesday. Even a press screening was canceled.

Most movie mavens assumed Hilton was unhappy with her portrayal in the documentary and had sicced her lawyers on the producers, forcing them to scale back.

But Paris' rep Jason Moore told Page Six: "We wanted to create more buzz - create some hype . . . We felt the impact would be more extreme if we had one screening."

Miffed festival programmer Thom Powers told Post movie critic Lou Lumenick: "I wish we could do more, but it's better than not showing it at all."

Paris' manipulation of the annual festival - considered the Cannes of Canada - stands to make more money for the movie when it is released commercially.

"She is a partner with the documentary and will be attending Tuesday's screening in support of it," Moore told us.

Asked whether Paris had a financial interest in the flick, Moore replied, "I can't discuss that."

The festival's catalog says "Paris, Not France," directed by music-video vet Adrian Petty - daughter of rocker Tom Petty - "explores the businesswoman and the human being behind the public persona."

Petty received major cooperation from the Hilton family, getting full access to Paris and scoring in-depth interviews with her parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton; her sister, Nicky; and other family members.

Donald Trump, Camille Paglia and Michael Musto also weigh in.

It's a far cry from her last "documentary," "One Night in Paris," the hard-core porn tape of herself shot by sleazy former beau Rick Salomon.

Paris: "Benji Is My Best Friend"

Paris Hilton may be in search of a new BFF on her latest MTV reality series, but the most famous heiress in the world confides to E! News that she's actually already found one.

"Benji [Madden] is my best friend," Paris said during a recent interview. "I'm the luckiest girl in the world."

But what of those pesky cheating rumors—specifically, that she was stepping out with MySpace founder Chris DeWolfe? Paris swears she and boy Benj have a grand time laughing it off.

"They are totally made up," says Paris, who declares that every minute she's not working on her MTV show, she's been on tour with Benji's band, Good Charlotte.

"We're really, really happy. In fact, we just celebrated our six-month anniversary."

Indeed it must be love, since the occasion even got Paris into the kitchen (she cooked homemade lasagna) and pushed her into an arts 'n' crafts project (she made a card plastered with pictures of themselves in happy, gushy couple poses).

He got her jewelry, natch (loads of stuff from 14 Karats, we're told).

"He's taught me so much about love and trust," said Paris. "It's the happiest I've ever been."


BURBERRY model Agyness Deyn buying a handmade owl frock by New York Couture at the Dressing Room Boutique & Bar on the Lower East Side


WE'RE just glad it wasn't her nose that supermodel Adriana Lima cracked during a recent tumble. The Victoria's Secret stunner fell during a trip to Croatia and broke a finger - but it didn't stop her from signing autographs for two hours at the Supermodel Obsessions event in Herald Square, where one fan jokingly asked if she broke it playing ball with her fiancé, Marko Jaric, the Serbian hoopster on the Memphis Grizzlies.

Jerry O'Connell: Rebecca Has 'Some Crazy Cravings'

Forget pickles and ice cream. Rebecca Romijn has her own unusual cravings.

"Lemonade always has to be in our fridge," husband Jerry O'Connell told PEOPLE Sunday night before participating in the Nike + Human Race in Los Angeles. "That's my job. [Also] soy cream cheese. It's crazy, right? Can't be cream cheese. Soy cream cheese. Do you know how difficult it is to find soy cream cheese? It's usually in the corner of the supermarket someplace!"

The actress – who's expecting twin girls this winter – is "getting bigger by the day," added O'Connell, noting that he's already witnessed a big change in his wife's appetite.

"Meals are not missed," he joked. "We promptly hit them and if we're a little late, then ... somebody's not happy."

As for the babies' names, the actor said he and Romijn are "definitely" leaning towards Dolly for one, since the Ugly Betty star is a big Dolly Parton fan. ("The other [name] we're not really sure," he noted.)

Before the race started O'Connell – who was one of the 12,000 participants in L.A. for the 10-kilometer race – kept himself hydrated and chatted with another celebrity runner, Jason Priestley.

To prepare for the 6.2-mile run, the dad-to-be didn't hire a personal trainer – he simply went running solo. "If you want to get in shape, I highly suggest jumping into a race like this," he said. "It forces you to get out of bed in the morning and really motivates you."

We Hear...

THAT Katie Lee Joel and Karolina Kurkova will join Four Seasons co-owner Julian Niccolini and chefs Sam Talbot and Michael Chow at A Taste of Polo by Evian tomorrow in Water Mill

Naomi Scores Brazil Pad

NAOMI Campbell has finally hit it big with her Russian billionaire, Vladimir Doronin. The two were just in her favorite country, Brazil, where he dropped a cool $18.5 million on a penthouse apartment for Campbell in Jardins, the Upper East Side of Sao Paolo, after Campbell told him how much she loved the country and "wanted to settle down there." says the place was a "gift" to the supermodel and the couple will use it as their home in Brazil. Then they traveled to Bahia, where they stayed in a $50,000-a-day beach house. Campbell, who's trying to improve her rage-plagued image, is also focusing on being photographed at charitable events and launching a clothing line through 284, the new label from Daslu. "It's for strong women. I hope everybody will like it," she told a local Brazilian paper.


"I HAVEN'T had this much fun since my ex-mother-in-law fell in a well" - Janice Dickinson as she danced with eight mannequins at Nikki Beach in Manhattan to celebrate the new season of "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" on Oxygen.

Kate Moss Joins Gild: Mega-Statue Museum-Bound

Someone has taken Kate Moss' role as fashion's golden girl rather literally.

British sculpture artist Marc Quinn is ready to unveil his latest creation to the world, a nearly $2.8 million, 110-pound solid gold statue of the supermodel, hyped as the largest such creation built since ancient Egypt.

Quinn, the artist behind 2006's Sphinx, a painted bronze statue of Moss in a somewhat provocative yoga pose, has dubbed his new golden girl Siren.

And the British Museum has already heeded its call.

While the venerable London museum has so far only released a closeup photo of the statue's face of the work, the work purportedly shows Moss, once again, in the same contorted yoga pose as before.

"I thought the next thing to do would be to make a sculpture of the person who's the ideal beauty of the moment," Quinn said of his fabulously excessive creation. "But even Kate Moss doesn't live up to the image."

The British public will be able to determine for itself whether the statue succeeds where Moss apparently failed, with the objet d'art going on display in the the same British Museum gallery that houses the institution's ancient Greek sculpture collection.

The statue will be on display from Oct. 4 through Jan. 25.


Salma Hayek, singing "Happy Birthday" in Spanish to friend Daya Fernandez – who founded the popular L.A. game Hollywood Domino – during her birthday bash at The Stork in Los Angeles. When she wasn't with the guest of honor, Hayek mingled with girlfriends in the lounge's bell tower. Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom stuck close to girlfriend Miranda Kerr – but still added his voice to the "Happy Birthday" chorus. Among the other celebrity revelers: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Victoria's Secret's Newest Angel Revealed: Doutzen Kroes

There’s a new Angel in town. Victoria’s Secret has revealed to PEOPLE that model Doutzen Kroes is the newest Victoria’s Secret Angel, joining the likes of Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima, as well as past angels like Gisele Bundchen and Tyra Banks. Born in Oostermeer in the Netherlands, 23-year-old Kroes scored a modeling contract after she sent her photo to an agency hoping to earn enough cash to buy more fashion magazines. Soon the 5'10? stunner was filling their pages, gracing ads for everyone from Calvin Klein to Dolce & Gabbana. Her first official Victoria’s Secret campaign, Supermodel Obsessions, launches today in N.Y.C.

Pimp My Infant

PHOTOS of her newborn, Anja Louise, won't fetch $14 million (as did Brangelina's twins), but Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is trying to cut a deal with the celeb weeklies for photos of her little one. Ambrosio and boyfriend Jamie Mazur welcomed their daughter on Sunday in Brazil, and her camp was already shopping the baby pictures yesterday. As is the custom these days, Ambrosio will donate some proceeds to the Multiple Sclerosis Children's Fund.


CROWDED ROOM: Salma Hayek, Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom and girlfriend Miranda Kerr, Stuart Townsend and Rufus Sewell, helping pal Daya Fernandez celebrate her birthday at the Stork in Hollywood.

T-Shirt Power

ISABELLA Rossellini's model daughter, Elettra Wiedemann , is more than just a pretty face - she's trying to save the world one T-shirt at a time. The Italian stunner is working with the Solar Electric Life Fund to equip a failing hospital in Kigutu, Burundi, with solar power. To raise $450,000, Wiedemann enlisted the help of fashion-industry friends to design limited-edition, Africa-inspired T-shirts to be sold via

Model Alessandra Ambrosio Has a Girl

Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio gave birth to a baby girl Sunday in Brazil, she tells PEOPLE exclusively.

"To all of our family and friends, we are pleased to announce that our little princess Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur was born on Sunday Aug 24 at 7:32 p.m.," Ambrosio says in a statement. "She is 6.3 lbs. and absolutely perfect."

The supermodel, 27, and her boyfriend, California businessman Jamie Mazur, have been dating since 2005. This is their first child.

So far, Ambrosio says, motherhood has been a breeze. "She hasn't cried once except for a second when they pulled her out," says Ambrosio, who continued modeling during her pregnancy, and plans to be back at work in time for November's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. "We have now felt a new kind of love and joy that we never knew existed."

Paris Plans Home-Cooked Meal for Benji Madden

Though her partying and weeks apart from Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden have spurred a fresh round of breakup rumors, Paris Hilton will soon welcome her boyfriend home.

"His tour will finally be over so it will be nice just to be alone and together off the tour bus," Hilton said at the launch of her new hair extension line "The Bandit" in Malibu on Saturday. "People always make things up. We've never fought in our lives and we get along better than any other couple I know."

Further fueling speculation of a split, the couple recently spent their six-month anniversary apart. But the heiress has a sweet surprise up her sleeve: a home-cooked meal.

"I'll cook him a nice dinner and stay inside and watch TV," Hilton said. "I make the best lasagna."


VICTORIA'S Secret is adding another "angel" to its ranks. Marisa Miller will join Alessandra Ambrosia, Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova as the newest member of the company's sizzling squad. Miller's first official campaign will feature her as the face of the retailer's new fragrance, Very Sexy Dare, which she'll launch in person at the Victoria's Secret Herald Square store on Sept. 16.

Paris Hilton's Hairy Situation

The Paris Hilton empire just keeps on growing.

Guess what's she's coming out with next?

Something called the Bandit, which is described in a press releases as "the first interchangeable hair extension headband." (From what we can gather, it's a headband in which hair extensions attach to it with Velcro.)

Ms. Hilton will debut these hair thingamajigs (they come in three lengths and various colors, including, of course, Paris Blonde) on Saturday at a private L.A.-area press conference and fashion show.

Model Mom

Christie Brinkley and her three kids, having dinner at Tutto Il Giorno in Sag Harbor, New York.

Paris Hilton Takes 'BFF' Search Overseas

We're starting to wonder if Paris Hilton's MTV-enabled search for a new best friend might not be a completely earnest endeavor.

Or perhaps Hilton is just concerned that her new American BFF won't have a passport. Because she's going to star in a British version of the same show.

On Sept. 30, Hilton's MTV show, the doubly possessive "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," will launch a search for someone who wants to join the "Simple Life" star's entourage. The winner will demonstrate the style, stamina and loyalty necessary to hang with Paris in the many places she's photographed, and get to hang with Paris in the many places she's photographed.

One best friend, though, apparently isn't enough. Hilton will also topline a British version of the show, "Paris Hilton's New Best Friend," which will premiere on ITV2 sometime next year. The show's format will be the same, with Hilton putting a group of would-be hangers-on through a series of tasks designed to see if they have what it takes to be her British bestie.

In the press release announcing the British show, Hilton explains, "I'm in the UK all the time, but of course I can't bring all my friends, so I've decided to look for a new BFF across the pond. I need a best friend who is hot, who can keep up with me, and most of all, who is real and won't be a backstabber."

ITV, Lionsgate TV and Ish Entertainment, which is producing the MTV series, collaborated on the deal to bring Hilton to the U.K.

Love Bites

HUNKY actor Orlando Bloom didn't need to order dessert Monday night at Lure Fish Bar in SoHo - he had his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend, Miranda Kerr, to devour. A spy at the swanky sushi spot said, "They were pretty hot and heavy and they were sitting right in the middle of the room. They were definitely into each other," and despite recent rumors, "definitely not broken up."

Plastic Puzzle

IT looks like there's more to Paris Hilton these days - literally. The hotel heiress used to brag about her A-cups, once posing topless in Vanity Fair and then showcasing her flat chest in the porno she made with Rick Salomon. So Hilton observers are wondering what's up with her recently ballooning bosom. Detractors snipe she has implants. "Paris has never had plastic surgery," said Hilton's rep, who attributed her new lushness to "a prototype from her Paris Hilton 'push-up' bra line."


TYRA Banks' diva behavior has reached ridiculous new heights.

The model/talk-show hostess kept her "Tyra Banks Show" audience waiting for nearly two hours at her West 26th Street studio Tuesday during a taping of "Celebrating Black Models, Past, Present and Future," while she stood backstage giggling, snacking and chatting with the crew.

"You could hear her going on and on because she was standing right behind the stage curtain," said one audience member. "She's talking and talking. Meanwhile, you have the entire audience waiting almost two hours for the taping to start." And our spy said when Banks finally did take her seat onstage, she had a bad attitude.

"She leaves us waiting, and everyone is sitting there complaining, and then she comes out and doesn't say a word about it. She didn't even say hello, she got right into her script," said our source. "She acted so cold towards everyone. She's a phony."

Another audience member told Page Six the crowd was full of aspiring models who were dragged into the street by Banks for a shoot after she'd interviewed Beverly Johnson, Veronica Webb, Chanel Iman and Tameka Jacobs.

All along, "Tyra kept saying, 'When I was a model,' and would hardly let them talk," said our spy. "It was all about her, as usual."

Banks then led the whole audience outside onto the street for the show's ending. "Cops had it closed off, and Tyra had bodyguards," laughed our spy. "She had the audience prance down the street and then release black balloons. Some were whining that it was so bad for the environment.

"It was so disorganized, people fell over the press outside and almost trampled two little girls. Tyra was acting like it was a live sporting event instead of the most self-indulgent, narcissistic crap." Show reps did not return calls.

Mia Tyler Disengages From Fiancé

Mia Tyler's engagement did not Liv long.

The model, who's the daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and sister of actress Liv, has announced on her MySpace page that she and her fiancé of roughly nine months, guitarist Brian Harrah, have split.

"I am no longer in that relationship," the 29-year-old wrote in a message titled "Everything Must End."

"Before you read it in some dumb article or online, let me be the first to say it. We broke up about two weeks ago. I am not ready to be in a relationship at the moment. I've been married once before and I'm not entirely sure I want to do it again."

The Celebrity Fit Club alum's previous marriage, to Papa Roach drummer David Louis Buckner, lasted just two years, with the duo splitting in 2005.

She announced her engagement to Harrah in another online posting last November.

"As far as the breakup goes, there are no hard feelings and we are still friends…I will always love him…This is a hard time for both of us.

"And if nothing else, it's helped me slim down. A breakup is always a great diet," the Tyler added.

As for Harrah, there may be no hard feelings, but there's also no sentimentality in keeping for posterity the vestiges of their engagement.

A source tells E! News the rocker was attempting to sell back the antique ring at the downtown Los Angeles jewelry store Capri last week.

"He was talking about how they were friends for a long time, but that they decided to call it off," the source said.

He also ended up calling off the transaction, leaving the jewelry store with the ring in his pocket after the jeweler offered him just a fraction of what he paid for the bauble.

"He said he was going to think about it," the source told E! News.

Hard To Take

IF anyone understands messy public break-ups, it's Christie Brinkley . The die-hard Democrat tells New York magazine that John Edwards' public confession that he cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, is "devastating," Brinkley told New York. "I've met him, and I've met his lovely wife, and this is devastating news. But I don't want to go there!" The other place she won't go is her own love life, the magazine says. "She won't talk about love, except to say that she's never getting married again."


ED Norton making his way to sexy supermodel Selita Ebanks' table at Buddakan to say hello

We Hear...

THAT Karolina Kurkova and Hannah Soukupova will preview Victoria's Secret Supermodel Obsessions collection today at a private home in Water Mill

Barefoot Bride

Howard Stern and longtime gal pal Beth Ostrosky are set to tie the knot today. The duo will have a quiet ceremony on the beach for just family, Howard 100 News' Lisa G reports. Ostrosky will wear an Alice + Olivia white cotton sundress, and "she'll be barefooted, as will the rest of her guests; it will be very casual." Ostrosky, who just got an H tattoo on her wrist, may change her last name to Stern. The couple's friends will celebrate their nuptials with a big bash in early October.

Even Cindy Crawford Is Rooting for Michael Phelps

He may be wracking up the gold medals – but swimmer Michael Phelps is also earning plenty of phrase from his superstar fans.

"I'm rooting for Michael Phelps along with the rest of the world," supermodel Cindy Crawford told reporters Thursday during a press conference in Beijing.

There to check out the games, she also said she and Phelps, who's won six gold medals so far in Beijing, actually go way back.

"I'm friendly with Michael Phelps," she said. "We met four years ago when he was just trying out for his first Olympics. And to see how far he's come ... He was a kid and now he's just so more poised and handling the pressure so well."

Dressed To Kill

Elle Macpherson, carrying her son while perusing racks of dresses at Fred Segal in Santa Monica.

Rachel Hunter Engaged to Ice-Hockey Player Boyfriend

Nearly a decade after her 1999 split from her rocker husband Rod Stewart, Rachel Hunter is getting married again, this time to ice-hockey player Jarret Stoll, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

"She is engaged. She's never been happier," said the rep, Mike Heller. "She has been with Jarret for a long time and everyone is thrilled for them. He was recently traded to the L.A. Kings, so it's a really exciting time in their life together. He is an amazing guy and she is an amazing girl – they're truly meant to be."

Hunter, 38, was seen sporting a diamond ring while visiting a school in her native New Zealand with Stoll, 26. No wedding date has been set, though Stoll said the proposal was romantic.

Also confirming the model and athlete's engagement to local New Zealand station 3 News, Hunter's long-time manager Andy Haden, who said, "We are all delighted for her."

Hunter and Stoll have been together about two years and live in a Los Angeles home they share with Hunter's children by Stewart: Renee, 16, and Liam, 14.

We Hear...

THAT Elite model Coco Rocha will film behind-the- scenes videos during New York Fashion Week and they'll be featured on in September.


IT'S over between model May Anderson and her Dallas Mavericks beau Jason Kidd - thanks to Page Six. It seems Kidd was tired of reading about his woman's nights out. "Jason couldn't take her hard partying," said one source. "While he was training for the Olympics, she told him she was staying in, but then he would read in Page Six that she was out with celebrities like Lindsay Lohan." Our insider added, "It was too distracting, and he decided it better to focus on training and bringing home the gold for the US." Reps for Kidd had "no comment."

Paris Sued for Lack of Pledge Class

Paris Hilton is in trouble for supposedly not doing enough to make National Lampoon's Pledge This! sound hot.

Not concerning itself with what a daunting task that was, the film's distributor, Florida-based Worldwide Entertainment Group, sued the heiress Tuesday for breach of contract, charging that she didn't come through after being paid $1 million to star in and promote the 2006 comedy.

Oh, she starred in it alright, playing sorority queen Victoria English. But, per the lawsuit filed today in U.S. District Court in Miami, Hilton, who was also listed as an executive producer owes $75,000 in damages for failing to provide "reasonable promotion and publicity" for the movie.

The straight-to-DVD Pledge This! came out in December 2006, with Hilton's mug plastered across the cover, indicating that she was a major part of the film. And, if memory serves, the presidential candidate and star of the upcoming Repo! The Genetic Opera did not go to jail until June 2007, so that wasn't what was keeping her busy at the time.

A rep for Hilton didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

Model Mia Tyler Breaks Off Her Engagement

Almost a year after model Mia Tyler gushed about her engagement to guitarist Brian Harrah, the former Celebrity Fit Club star says that she and her fiancé have split up.

"I am no longer in that relationship," Tyler, 29, writes on her MySpace page. "A lot of you keep asking me why my profile says single and why I seem sad lately. So, before you read it in some dumb article or online, let me be the first to say it. We broke up about 2 weeks ago."

Tyler's rep Andrew Lear confirms the breakup saying the couple are "no longer together."

Still, there are "no hard feelings" about the end of her relationship with Harrah, writes Tyler. "We are still friends. We are just trying to give each other some space. I will always love him ... This is a hard time for both of us."

Harrah, the guitarist for metal band The Mercy Clinic, asked Tyler's dad, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, for his daughter's hand in marriage last year and proposed with an antique diamond ring. Tyler was previously married to former Papa Roach drummer David Buckner.

In a post script to her online message, Tyler writes about how she is doing in her newly single life. "I thought being alone again was going to suck. I think that is what kept me from breaking up a lot sooner. But I am finding a new sense of freedom and empowerment," she writes. "It sounds corny, but I feel like I can do anything. I don't need to have someone in my life to make me feel complete."


REBECCA Romijn getting a prenatal massage at the spa in Gurney's Inn in Montauk and getting oohs and aahs over her still fabulous body

Bag Lunch

Nicky Hilton, waiting in line to pick up a to-go order at Joan's on Third in West Hollywood.

Paris Hopes Presidency Fits Her (and You) to a Tee

Forget Barack Obama. Push John McCain aside. Paris Hilton is firming up her run for the White House.

Right on the heels (stilletoed heels, of course) of the hotel heiress' megaviral spoof about declaring her candidacy, I'm told she's rushing to release "Paris for President" T-shirts.

"They'll probably be a women's T-shirt and one for men," a source tells me. "They're hurrying to get them out as soon as possible."

I'm told that the shirts are likely to be sold exclusively at—where else?—Kitson boutiques in L.A.

"If Paris wears one, they'll sell huge," my source predicts.

Paris Hilton's rep, tells me that the T-shirt venture isn't only for profit. He says, "It will have a charity aspect."

Welcome Back

WITH the success of Italian Vogue's all-black-model issue, the world's first black supermodel, Beverly Johnson, is making a comeback. Johnson is going on Tyra Banks' talk show tomorrow to discuss the modeling industry, race, age and weight. Speaking of which, Johnson, an avid golfer who's modeling again, will reveal her new figure. She claims to have lost an astonishing 20 pounds by taking Nikki Haskell's Star Caps diet pills.

George Clooney Vacations with Cindy Crawford - & Family

Talk about a perfect vacation: George Clooney is cruising the Mediterranean with one of the world's most famous supermodels – who brought along her husband and children.

Clooney is spending his mid-summer with Cindy Crawford, her husband (and Clooney pal) Rande Gerber and their two children, Presley, 8, and Kaia, 6.

Not only is this the second year in a row that the adult trio have cruised together, but the world's most eligible bachelor also sometimes provides his babysitting services – as well as his barbecuing talents.

After bobbing about St. Tropez harbor on the yacht Silver for a day, Clooney handled the Saturday luncheon grill chores for Crawford, Gerber and several others, including nearby resident Bono.

Later on, around midnight, Clooney and his cruismates stepped ashore, to meet a group of friends and go clubbing at the Caveau du Roy. The trio stayed until 2 a.m., with one clubgoer telling PEOPLE that Clooney went dateless at the nightclub.

On Monday, the Silver cruised back up the French coastline to anchor off Eze, where the party moved to Bono's residence. At last sighting, the boating party was off Sardinia's Porto Cervo, with Cindy and Gerber swimming and jet-skiing daily.

As for his own vacation activities, Clooney is playing it low key. Scheduled to open the Venice Film Festival with Brad Pitt at the end of August in the Coen Brothers' Burn After Reading, he has been spotted on deck regularly working out with the morning papers.

Hilton memorized monologue in spoof campaign ad

Paris Hilton didn't need cue cards for her presidential campaign ad. The 24-year-old heiress memorized her entire monologue, which included Hilton outlining her energy plan, in an online video spoof posted on Funny or Die, the comedy Web site's content director said.

founder Adam McKay came up with the concept for a mock ad starring Hilton, which has received over 3 million views since it was posted Tuesday.

"Adam thought it would be really funny to get Paris to respond to the John McCain ad that featured her," Funny or Die content director Amy Rhodes told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "Adam contacted Paris directly, and she agreed to do it. He wrote the sketch. And she really, really loved it."

In the online video, Hilton — clad in a leopard-print swimsuit and heels while lounging poolside — announces her candidacy for president and suggests an energy plan that combines elements of McCain's offshore oil drilling plan and Barack Obama's incentives for new energy technology. She also suggests a running mate: R&B singer Rihanna.

"I want America to know that I'm, like, totally ready to lead," she says in the video.

Rhodes said the video was directed by Jake Szymanski and produced by Chris Henchy of Gary Sanchez Productions. She said the video took a few hours to shoot at the house where Hilton was staying at in the Hamptons. Rhodes also said Hilton was not compensated for appearing in the video "because she decided she just wanted to do it for fun."

Jason Moore, Hilton's manager, would not comment to the AP about Hilton's appearance in the video.

Paris Hilton strips down to reveal "hot" energy plan

Millionaire socialite Paris Hilton has jumped into the U.S. election campaign, calling Republican candidate John McCain a "wrinkly white-haired guy" and offering her own energy policy.

The blonde Hilton, dressed in a leopard print swim suit and gold pumps, jokingly declared her own candidacy in a video posted on the website Funny or Die, saying: "I want America to know that I'm, like, totally ready to lead."

She was responding to a television ad by McCain, 71, that used her image to attack Democratic rival Barack Obama.

The 27-year-old socialite said McCain's use of her in the ad, which sought to undermine Obama by likening his popularity to her celebrity, had effectively put her in the race for the top U.S. office.

Pretending to take time off from reading a travel magazine as she leaned back on a lounge chair, Hilton insinuated herself into the hot issue between Obama and McCain -- how to solve the U.S. energy crisis.

"We can do limited offshore drilling with strict environmental oversight while creating tax incentives to get Detroit making hybrid and electric cars," Hilton simpered, drawing on suggestions from both candidates.

Hilton, a tabloid favorite who gained fame from a notorious home-made sex tape, offered to paint the White House pink and threw down the gauntlet to McCain and Obama.

"I'll see you at the debates, bitches," she said.

Under U.S. law, Hilton would not in fact be eligible to hold the office of the presidency for eight more years.

McCain, meanwhile, released a second television ad that mocked Obama as a celebrity, but it avoided any mention of Hilton or other Hollywood types.

His spokesman Tucker Bounds said: "Paris Hilton might not be as big a celebrity as Barack Obama, but she obviously has a better energy plan."

Hilton's mother, a McCain donor, had lambasted as a complete waste of money the Republican candidate's advertisement using her daughter's image.

"It is a complete waste of the country's time and attention at the very moment when millions of people are losing their homes and their jobs. And it is a completely frivolous way to choose the next President of the United States," she wrote on the political Web site Huffington Post.

Paris Hilton Calls Spoof Video 'A Lot of Fun'

Paris Hilton is basking in the glow of her successful online video spoof posted on this week.

The comedic video, which pokes fun at her inclusion in a recent John McCain campaign ad, has been viewed more than 3 million times on the comedy Web site.

"It was a lot of fun," the heiress told WWD on Wednesday while in Copenhagen promoting her latest handbag line. She added that she is "a big fan" of FunnyorDie creators Adam McKay and Will Ferrell.

In the clip, Hilton jokingly declares her candidacy for president and lays out her solution for the energy crisis – all while lounging by the pool in a risqué bathing suit.

Asked about her potential presidential future she joked, "only if I can bring [my dog] Tinkerbell to the White House.”

Paris Hilton issues tart rebuttal to McCain ad

Attention, America: Paris has spoken. Paris Hilton, the blonde, doe-eyed celebrity thrust into the presidential campaign in an ad by Republican candidate John McCain, issued a tart rebuttal Tuesday, albeit in a scantily clad, tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

Last week, McCain launched an ad comparing Democratic rival Barack Obama to Hilton and Britney Spears, suggesting Obama was no more than a celebrity candidate unready to lead the nation.

Hilton initially shied away from the debate over the ad and its effectiveness. But she responded Tuesday with a spoof on the comedy Web site Funny or Die.

"Hey America, I'm Paris Hilton and I'm a celebrity, too. Only I'm not from the olden days and I'm not promising change like that other guy. I'm just hot," Hilton said, speaking as she reclined in a pool chair in a revealing bathing suit and a pair of pumps. "But then that wrinkly, white-haired guy used me in his campaign ad, which I guess means I'm running for president. So thanks for the endorsement white-haired dude."

"I want America to know that I'm, like, totally ready to lead," she said.

She then discusses energy policy, and suggests a hybrid of McCain's offshore oil drilling plan and Obama's incentives for new energy technology.

"Energy crisis solved! I'll see you at the debates," she said.

McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds said Hilton appears to support his candidate's "all of the above" energy solution.

"Paris Hilton might not be as big a celebrity as Barack Obama, but she obviously has a better energy plan," Bounds said.

Hilton's mother, who with her husband donated $4,600 to McCain's campaign earlier in the year, has said McCain's ad is "a complete waste of the country's time and attention at the very moment when millions of people are losing their homes and their jobs."

McCain's ad uses footage of Obama's reception by Germans during a recent trip to Berlin to dismiss him as just another celebrity. Obama's campaign has criticized the ad; McCain has defended it as humorous.

Hilton's rebuttal includes plenty of humor at McCain's expense.

An announcer calls him "the oldest celebrity in the world, like super-old, old enough to remember when dancing was a sin and beer was served in a bucket," and asks, "but is he ready to lead?" Hilton's spoof also intersperses images of McCain and Yoda from Star Wars and the cast of television's "The Golden Girls."

Watch the video here!

Tyra Channels Michelle Obama In Bazaar Photo Spread

Some celebrities have shown support for presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama by wearing a T-shirt with his face on it or by speaking at political events.

Tyra Banks is dressing up like his wife, Michelle Obama, in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar. "Michelle Obama, you're one hot mama," the talk show host and supermodel says in the issue, which hits newsstands Aug. 19.

In the new image, Banks poses in a faux Oval Office with a model who resembles Barack Obama. She also talks politics, explaining her pose. "With Barack Obama, his becoming president is them becoming president because Michelle was there from the beginning," Banks says. "Without Michelle, he wouldn't be there."

When it comes to a modern first lady, Banks, who's staked her career on female empowerment, has some advice to offer. "I want her to not take herself too seriously," she says. "She'd need to know how to take a fierce picture but at the same time be able to eat fried chicken, have grease on her fingers, and be okay with getting photographed like that, too."

And she must have a fantastic hairstyle.

"My question isn't to flip or not to flip," Banks tells Harper's Bazaar. "Mine would be to weave or not to weave."

But the talk show host gets serious when talk turns to Obama's possible presidency. "When Barack won the nomination, I just started bawling," Banks says. "I started calling all these people, and everybody was talking to me like I was crazy. They’re like, 'Well, he hasn't won yet,' but I’m like, 'Yes, he has, because he's gotten this far.'"

Christie Brinkley Surfs to Maximize Time with Her Son

Rather than worrying about sharing her two young kids with her ex, Peter Cook, Christie Brinkley is focusing on "positive things" – and catching waves.

"This summer, my son is really into surfing. So I've dusted off my old surfboard. And I'm out there with him," she told PEOPLE at the 19th annual Wild West Carnival at Diamond Ranch in Watermill, N.Y., for Einstein College of Medicine of her time with Jack, 13.

"I'm mainly getting beat up. Paddling out, when you've got a big set coming, your arms feel like rubber. But you know you're going to get clobbered if you don't keep going."

And as for whether Brinkley, 54, likes the free time that Cook's allotted "parenting time" with Jack and Sailor, 10, affords her, the model said she's "not really enjoying that yet."

"My kids are so much fun to be around," she saids, "and summertime is such a fun time to be with family."

When pressed if reports were true that she had begun dating again, Brinkley demurred, "I'm not even addressing any statements about that ... I don't want to dilute [this charity benefit] with silly little stories about my life."

With the divorce courtroom drama behind her, Brinkley was quick to add, "It's really great to be able to focus on giving back, focus on positive things, and not have to deal with the negative anymore."


NONPARTISAN Paris Hilton - as neutral as Switzerland - refuses to be dragged into presidential politics.

On Saturday night, at a Bridgehampton mansion rented by MySpace founder Chris De Wolfe, the haughty hotel heiress told Page Six she wasn't distraught over being featured last week in a John McCain campaign ad which mockingly compared Barack Obama to Paris and Britney Spears.

Though her parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton, are backing McCain and donated $4,600 to the Republican's campaign, Paris said she isn't a member of any party and isn't endorsing any candidate. But, echoing the theme of the Obama campaign, Paris said, "I think we need a change."

Hilton was more interested in discussing her stalled singing career with Sony BMG honcho Charlie Walk as the two huddled in a lavishly decorated Moroccan tent in De Wolfe's back yard.

Earlier in the day, Chris Henchi, the writer married to Brooke Shields, was busy on his cellphone trying to put together a rebuttal video to the McCain ad featuring Paris and Britney.

Henchi wanted to have the video on the Internet by today, but he was having trouble lining up the needed talent on a summer weekend.

Midday rain forced the cancellation of the polo match in Bridgehampton, though several hundred fans braved the mud at Two Trees Farm to party under the Mercedes-Benz-sponsored tent.

The sky cleared for a fashion show at the E.M.M. Estate in Sag Harbor put on by Stacey Bendet of Alice+Olivia and Ali Kay. Aubrey O'Day, the Danity Kane singer now in "Hairspray" on Broadway, was giving sips of Perrier Jouet champagne to her teacup Maltese, Ginger, who had been tinted pink to match the tutu the dog was wearing.

"I'll do anything to make my dog famous," O'Day explained.

Paris Hilton's mom takes offense at McCain's humor

Paris Hilton's mother doesn't share John McCain's sense of humor.

McCain, the Republican presidential candidate, said last week that his campaign ad mocking Democrat Barack Obama with images of Hilton and singer Britney Spears was part of an attempt to inject humor into the presidential race.

On Sunday, Hilton's mother, Kathy Hilton, a McCain donor, registered her disapproval.

"It is a complete waste of the country's time and attention at the very moment when millions of people are losing their homes and their jobs," Kathy Hilton said in a short article posted on the liberal Huffington Post Web site. "And it is a completely frivolous way to choose the next president of the United States."

The ad plays on Obama's popularity by dismissing him as a mere celebrity, like Hilton and Spears. The Obama campaign has said the ad is proof that McCain would rather launch negative attacks than debate important issues.

McCain on Friday denied that his campaign had taken a negative turn, saying, "We think it's got a lot of humor in it, we're having fun and enjoying it."

Kathy Hilton, however, was unpersuaded, calling the ad "a complete waste of the money John McCain's contributors have donated to his campaign."

Kathy Hilton and her husband donated a total of $4,600 to McCain's campaign earlier this year.

Tyra's Dress-Up

TYRA Banks - the mastermind of gimmicks - is at it again. Banks - who once had her breasts examined on TV to show everybody they were "real" - is now dressing up as Michelle Obama for the September cover of Harper's Bazaar. "It's a full makeover," said one spy. "You know how Tyra likes to do that stuff. And she'll get a lot of press off it." A rep for Banks didn't return calls.


Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, hanging out in the green room at the House of Blues in Orlando before a Boys Like Girls and Good Charlotte concert.

Paris Hilton's Cold Reaction to John McCain Commercial

Paris Hilton distanced herself Thursday from John McCain's campaign commercial likening Barack Obama to the heiress and Britney Spears.

"Miss Hilton was neither asked, nor did she give permission, for the use of her likeness in the ad, and has no further comment," her rep said in a statement.

In the campaign ad from the Republican presidential hopeful, images of Spears, Hilton and Democratic challenger Obama appear on the screen as a voiceover says, "He's the biggest celebrity in the world. But is he ready to lead?"

Spears's rep has declined to comment.


NOW that's a runaway bride. Beth Ostrosky is so serious about training for the next New York City Marathon, she's planning an 18-mile run the morning after her October wedding to Howard Stern. Her training for the Nov. 2 race is already under way with the shock jock joining her three times a week for runs in Central Park and the Hamptons. Ostrosky has been following the New York Road Runners training schedule and will run her first-ever marathon to raise awareness for the North Shore Animal League on Long Island.

Pilot's Surprise

JANICE Dickinson sure knows how to distract a pilot. The so-called original supermodel was on a recent private NetJets flight from LA to NY when she strolled into the cockpit and flashed the pilot, said a source. "She just went in and did a little shimmy and walked out," said the source. Dickinson tells us through her rep that she'd "admit it if I did it," but claims she didn't. A NetJets rep declined to comment.

Seen Out East

JERRY O'Connell and wife Rebecca Romijn, who's expecting twins, enjoying a romantic meal at the Surf Lodge in Montauk

Rebecca Romijn's Costars Celebrate Her Baby News

When it came to telling her TV colleagues that she and husband Jerry O'Connell would be having twins, Ugly Betty's Rebecca Romijn handled the announcement quietly before the news went public.

Not that their reactions were subdued. "[We're] so excited," said Betty star America Ferrera at Monday's New York City premiere of her movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

"I'm so happy for them," gushed Ferrera, 24. "They're going to be the best parents. I don't think there could be a more wonderful father to girls."

As for her own expectations of the arrivals, who are due this winter, Ferrera added, "I just am waiting to see how tall those girls are going to be. I think they're going to be born my height."

Vanessa Williams has even started shopping. "I've already gotten them organic cotton baby clothes from Green Babies to start them off right," Williams, 45, told PEOPLE. "Rebecca is glowing, and Jerry will make a really fun daddy."

"She was more excited than you can imagine. Jerry's a great guy. And they laugh so much, and they have so much fun together," added Becki Newton, who also noted that the stork seems to be an honorary cast member on the show.

Besides Romijn, Eric Mabius is expecting his second child come fall, and Christopher Gorham's third is due in January.

Romijn's 'Mama-Bear Thing'

Costar Ana Ortiz says Romijn is "blissfully happy" to be expecting two babies. "She's such a mom already. She has that Mama-Bear thing, always watching out for us, and she's a hoot," says Ortiz. And the dad? "Jerry is going to spoil them completely rotten."

"They're not going to be the uptight kind of parents, 'You can't do this, you can't do that,' " ventured 14-year-old Mark Indelicato, who plays Justin Suarez on the show. "They're going to be awesome parents. They love to have fun. But they still have boundaries. And they live in the coolest place ever in L.A."

And, as the parents-to-be should also note: "I'm a cheap babysitter," says Indelicato. "I only charge five bucks an hour."

Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O'Connell Are Expecting Twins

Rebecca Romijn-O'Connell and her husband, Jerry O'Connell, are expecting twins, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The babies are due this winter. Additionally, a source tells PEOPLE, both babies will be girls.

The parents-to-be were married July 15, 2007, in an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles. He had proposed to her during a September 2005 trip to New York, a full year after they were first spotted together in L.A., taking in an Al Green concert and checking out a local deli.

Ugly Betty's Romijn, 35, recently told Self magazine she hoped to be "lucky enough" to have kids.

And just a little more than a week ago, O'Connell, 34, told PEOPLE, "We're trying to get pregnant."

"It would be amazing if it happened," he said, adding that practicing has been "a lot of fun."


MODELS Holli Lawler and Missy Ryder and former New York Knick John Starks at the M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment launch party at Soho House.

Paris Hilton says she's 'grown up'

Baking cookies? That's hot!

We're paraphrasing, of course, but Paris Hilton says she's no longer the omnipresent dirt magnet and party girl our world has come to know/love/resent/envy/hate.

"I feel like I'm really grown up. I'm an adult now," the 27-year-old heiress said during a sit-down with Sun Media. "I'm in a really great relationship and in love, so I stay home a lot."

Hilton the love-struck homebody? Slaving over a simmering stove and all that cookie dough?

Balk, scoff, sneer, gag all you want. It's more or less how director Darren Lynn Bousman reacted when Hilton informed him she'd fallen head over Paris-brand footwear for Good Charlotte's Benji Madden.

"When she told me she had met this guy and was in love, I said, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.' But then I went to her house and it's obvious to tell she's a changed woman."

Bousman, the director of three Saw movies and Hilton's forthcoming big-screen rock-horror opera Repo! The Genetic Opera, is used to scaring people, naturally. But given our insatiable celebrity culture, this Paris talk is more terrifying than any head-bracelet designed by serial killer Jigsaw.

The potential victim count could be staggering. Who is TMZ going to stalk? What's going to happen with all those miniature dogs no one will want anymore? Whose jail-bound cavalcade are we going to watch in 48-inch hi-def?

These are questions for another day, so back to Hilton. Here to promote Repo! at her first Comic-Con -- "I love it," she purrs convincingly of the pop-culture mecca -- she is poised, polite, soft-spoken, casual and even chatty. Not quite a revelation, but not what is expected, either.

"I think there are a lot of misconceptions (about me). I think people, from watching my reality show The Simple Life -- where I was playing this airhead, rich brat kind of character -- seven years later, people still picture me as that character, even though I'm completely different from that. I think people are blown away when they meet me and see I'm not who they read about on the Internet, or in the tabloids."

Her own cast-mates admit to confronting their Paris-centric prejudices when she signed on to the film about repo men who collect brand-name body parts from credit deadbeats.

"A year ago when you heard the name 'Paris Hilton,' not good things came to mind," says 19-year-old star Alexa Vega, best known from the Spy Kids franchise. "She was in jail at the time when I found out about all this. The first thing I thought was, 'We want to make a movie -- why are you bringing her into this?' But she was so professional, a sweet girl, so fun to work with. She is so different from that image I had in my mind ... I visited her at home and she was just hanging out, baking cookies."

And, no, that's not a euphemism.

"I thought, 'You're so different from the way you were a year ago.' It's so nice to see that transformation happen."

Hilton, who used to have no qualms about partying sans panties, can even envision a future with a semblance of privacy and fewer camera strobes.

"Hopefully one day. I actually just moved to a gated community, so I don't have the problem of TMZ and a million paparazzi outside my house. It's nice to be safe."

And she is clearly gratified at having landed the Repo! gig after wowing the filmmakers during her audition. And, no, that's not a euphemism either.

"Just getting a role like this is huge for me because I always get offered the same role, basically playing myself," Hilton says. "In every scene I look completely different. Throughout the film I had different prosthetics, different hair, different eyes, different chins. I was never that blond."

What did Madden think of her constantly-evolving appearance?

"He thought it was really hot."

Like, we had to ask.

Hot Properties Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen Are Selling Apartments

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are a couple on the move. Both have placed their Manhattan apartments on the market.

In the case of the successful supermodel's West Village penthouse, the asking price has been slashed from $10.9 to $5.9 since the original listing last September, the Wall Street Journal reports.

New England Patriots quarterback Brady, however, has actually hiked the price tag on his Columbus Circle pad by some 10 percent, to $18.29 million, says the paper.

Bündchen's 1,700-sq.-ft. triplex, which she bought in 2002 for almost $3 million, overlooks the Hudson River and features a wraparound terrace and roof deck that contains a hot tub and built-in barbecue.

Brady's 3,000-sq.ft. condo has three bedrooms and overlooks Central Park. The 30-year-old purchased it in 2006 for $14 million.

Bündchen, 28, still owns a townhouse in Manhattan, not far from the triplex.

Paris Never Too Busy to Knock Rumors

Paris Hilton has vowed to address all false rumors about herself on her MySpace blog.

She's also a regular caller to Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM show to denounce these reports, like the one she denied today about crawling over 10 soccer players at Villa just to get close to Cristiano Ronaldo last Wednesday—only to be dissed by the star athlete.

(Listen to the interview)

So then why did she feel the need to tell Ryan that she has "learned to not pay attention"?

"[Benji and I have] made it a rule that we don’t even read that stuff anymore," says Paris.

"I have too many important things going on to pay attention to some writer who’s sitting in their office bored and who’s just gonna write mean things."

It's OK, Paris. You don't have to pretend like you're too cool to care. Heck, everyone from L.C. to Kanye logs on to blog about their side of the story. Might as well join the fray.


POOR little Molly Sims. The MAW (model, actress, whatever) is complaining she's treated like a real celebrity. She's particularly irked we reported on her recent visit to the vet with her sick dog. "Can you believe it?" she whines to Hamptons magazine. "There's nothing else going on in the world except me taking my dog to the vet in Riverhead wearing a 'tank top and miniskirt' - when actually it was my boyfriend's sweater and a nightgown because it was 3 o'clock in the morning." How short was that nightie, Molly?


MADONNA wearing a Yankee cap at Nello Summer times in Southampton as she dined with six girlfriends, drawing giggles from Petra Nemcova at a table behind her.

Miss Universe glad to put modeling career on hold

Dayana Mendoza put a promising modeling career on hold to go for — and win — the Miss Universe crown.

"Being a model is just great. You show a brand, a beautiful dress," said the 22-year-old Venezuelan. "But being Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe, you have the opportunity to go all over the world and have contact with the people and show yourself, and that's what I really wanted."

After years of strutting along catwalks and learning to speak three languages, Mendoza's savvy in front of cameras and an audience paid off at last week's pageant.

"I had been working as a model since I was 15, traveling in various countries around the world, but I felt I needed more," Mendoza said.

She spoke with The Associated Press this week in New York, where for the next year she'll share an apartment with Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, and be the public face of a global campaign against HIV and AIDS.

Since winning, she said, "I still don't have my feet on the ground. It's like I'm floating on emotion."

Mendoza is the fifth Miss Universe from Venezuela, where beauty competitions are something of a national sport — the pageants hard-fought, and the contestants widely dissected by the public and the media. (The last winner from the South American nation, Alicia Machado in 1996, found herself in a swirl of controversy soon after when she put on a few pounds).

Mendoza said she has no dietary secret for keeping a pageant-winning figure because she never had to worry about what she eats.

"I have an accelerated metabolism, thank God. And thanks to my mother, from whom I inherited it," she said. "Just drink a lot of water, go to the gym and eat healthy. That's the best thing."

As for plastic surgery, which is common in Venezuela and said to be a fixture on the beauty pageant circuit there, Mendoza said that's a personal decision.

"The problem is when you start to have surgeries to look like someone else," she said.

Did she go undergo surgery in preparation for the contest?

"Asking me that is like asking a woman her age," Mendoza said.

Back On Track

THE romance between Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner is back on. The handsome couple split in April after a year of dating. Some say Kushner, whose Jewish family is Orthodox, was catching flak for dating a shiksa. But the two have reconciled with the plan that if things get really serious, Ivanka will convert to Judaism before they marry. "It's a possibility, but that's way down the line," a friend of Ivanka told us. "For now, they're back together and very happy." Kushner, whose father made a pile in real estate before buying The New York Observer, made up for lost time by taking Ivanka to see "The Dark Knight" on Sunday.

Junkie Chic

AMY Winehouse is hardly a role model, but Guess? is inspired by the drugged-out singer. A rep for Nicole Trunfio, the new face of the line, told Page Six her look "mimics the singer's iconic thick black eyeliner and infamous beehive, adding a little rock and roll to their pinup image." The scorching 22-year-old catwalker is also in the new BCBG Max Azria campaign, shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

Naomi Campbell's Girl-Talk with Victoria Beckham

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, who was sentenced for air-rage in June, has revealed the secret to surviving her troubles – B.F.F. Victoria Beckham.

"When I was going through my hard time recently she was immediately on the phone, asking me how I was doing and saying, 'I hope you're well,' " Campbell, 38, revealed to Britain's Daily Mirror, which brought her on as a guest editor for its gossip column. "She was very sweet."

But their conversations are usually more comedy than drama.

"[We speak] pretty regularly about normal mundane stuff," Campbell said. "We share girl stuff and she is so funny – people just don't know her or get her."

The Daily Mirror's regular gossip columnists weren't taking any chances with Campbell around. They both wore helmets and hid their Blackberries. But Campbell – who has a long history of anger-management issues – played along, happily posing with the journalists.


LIKE penguins genetically programmed to reconvene each year at their mating grounds, the international fashion set migrates this week to the chic watering holes of Europe.

While Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria Parker are in Portofino, Italy, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is moored at Cap D'Antibes, just a few miles from Monaco, where Sylvester Stallone is afloat on the boat of British garmento Philippe Green.

To co-host her annual extravaganza Thursday in glamorous St. Tropez, Denise Rich has teamed up with Erik Wachtmeister, the London-based guardian of the socialite-networking Web site known as A Small World. Erik was a popular figure in New York social circles back in the 1980s, when his father, a Swedish count, was ambassador to the US.

Denise has docked her yacht, Lady Joy, in St. Tropez, and temporarily covered the teak decks with carpeting so her guests won't have to shed their high heels. Some 800 revelers will circulate there and on the dock, where a replica of the Parisian nightclub Moulin Rouge is being built. Twenty cancan girls in red and black feathers and G-strings will decorate the dance floor.

Slap-happy Naomi Campbell will arrive via tender from the yacht of Russian oligarch Vladimir Doronin, where she has been ensconced the last week. Stephen and Christine Schwarzman will descend from their villa in the hills, joining Joan Collins, Buzz Aldrin, Wilbur Ross, Natalie Cole, Paris Hilton and Ivana Trump.

Meanwhile, Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis has summoned a lineup of Euroflash for a formal banquet tomorrow in Regensburg, Germany, where Liza Minnelli will perform.

Gloria and her gal pal, Princess Alessandra Borghese, are said to be intimates of Pope Benedict XVI. When in Rome, the two princesses attend morning Mass with His Holiness in his private Vatican chapel.

Janice Dickinson Breathes in More Oxygen This August

"The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" ended its third season in Miami with Dickinson dissolving her relationship with business partner Peter Hamm.

Come August, the self-proclaimed "first supermodel" will be back in Hollywood ready to shake things up when the fourth season of her reality show premieres on Oxygen.

Working with a new business partner, Dickinson will focus on moving her modeling agency from dealing with commercial to high fashion projects. She will also toy with starting a plus-sized model division, something that anyone who remembers her judging stint on "America's Next Top Model" will find hard to believe.

Dickinson will also take a hearing-impaired model under her wing. And, deciding that she needs to keep a closer eye on her assets, she will move herself and several of the agency's models into a Hollywood Hills mansion. While the models will more than likely have to room together, Dickinson will reside in a luxury master suite decorated by Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone.

The fourth season of "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" premieres Tuesday, Aug. 26 at 10 p.m. ET on Oxygen.

Jerry O'Connell & Rebecca Romijn are 'Trying to get Pregnant'

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell, who celebrated their first wedding anniversary July 14, are not expecting a baby – yet!

"We're trying to get pregnant," the actor told PEOPLE Saturday at the Playboy Mansion, where he stepped out for Much Love Animal Rescue's 2nd annual Bow Wow Wow event in Los Angeles. "It would be amazing if it happened. I hope it does."

O'Connell, who says trying to get pregnant is "a lot of fun," brought along the couple's dogs Taco and Better who he called "our babies."

"It's just such a great feeling you get when you rescue an animal," he said. "They’re eternally grateful and they really trust you and they're just the best.”

Besides, he said, "Pets are training for kids."

Though the couple spent their first wedding anniversary apart – she was in New York and he was in L.A. – O'Connell says their time apart may actually help their relationship.

"Being apart, you want to make the most of your time together," he says. "And we really have a lot of fun together."

Christie Brinkley Attends Ex Billy Joel's Show

Fresh from settling a bitter and very public divorce battle with ex-husband Peter Cook, supermodel Christie Brinkley is finding comfort in the company of another ex – singer Billy Joel, who is also the father of her daughter, Alexa Ray.

After spending the Fourth of July at Joel's Sag Harbor, N.Y., house, Brinkley attended his "The Last Play at Shea, From the Beatles to Billy" concert at New York's Shea Stadium Friday night. (It's the last concert at the ballpark and the last season for the New York Mets, who move into a new home at Citi Field in 2009.)

At the show, Brinkley seemed to enjoy the support of Joel's fans, who clapped for her as she walked by. "Everyone was yelling good job to her as she walked through the stadium," an onlooker tells PEOPLE. "She was so nice and sweet, saying thank you back to people."

Brinkley watched Joel sing just a few rows back from the stage with a female friend and her daughter Alexa, 20, a source says.

"She was having the best time singing to the music," the witness adds.

Brinkley even took the time to pose for pictures with fans before and after the show.

Says the onlooker: "She was smiling so much."

We Hear...

THAT Nicky Hilton will host a clambake at the Grey Goose Manor in East Hampton tonight

Kimora Lee Simmons Says 'No Midriff Tops' for Her Daughters

As an ex-model and current fashion designer, Kimora Lee Simmons has learned a lot about clothing over the years – including what not to let daughters Ming, 8, and Aoki, 5, wear.

"I would not let my daughters show their midriff," she said this week at the New York City launch of her new juniors line at JCPenney. It was even tough for her to see Ming in her halter dress. "That's a lot for me," she admitted.

"I feel like I've exposed my kids to a lot," Simmons said of her parenting philosophy. "We do lead a very high-voltage life so we have to taper back in other ways."

It's an attitude Simmons, 33, shares with her boyfriend, actor and model Djimon Honsou, 44. "He's very protective of them," she said.

Honsou certainly acted like a member of the family at the launch party at Hiro. He hugged Aoki, and quickly swept the girls away from the cameras while their mother answered questions on the red carpet.

Simmons and Honsou also work together to balance family and career. "We help each other do everything," Simmons said. "He's very supportive."

Honsou also helped Simmons deal with the aftermath of her divorce from mogul Russell Simmons, 50, the father of Ming and Aoki. "I know that women everywhere, especially with kids, understand what I'm saying. It's difficult when you go through a break-up, and it's heavenly to find a supportive system," she said.


KIMORA Lee Simmons' launch of her Fabulosity collection for JCPenney wasn't fabulous for everyone. A guest tells us the event at Hiro was "so disorganized" that several people walked out because there were no seats. "It was a disaster," said our spy. "When we complained, we were offered bottles of champagne to stay." Another source said attendees were groping for freebies and stealing diamond-shaped Fabulosity perfume bottles. Simmons' rep said, "There was no designated seating, there was a VIP area that was Kimora's for executives. And no one paid for anything."

60th annual Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program
The Amazing Race
American Idol
Dancing With the Stars
Project Runway
Top Chef

Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program
Ryan Seacrest, American Idol
Tom Bergeron, Dancing With the Stars
Howie Mandel, Deal Or No Deal
Heidi Klum, Project Runway
Jeff Probst, Survivor

Outstanding Cinematography for Reality Programming
The Amazing Race
Project Runway
Top Chef

Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming
The Amazing Race
Autism: The Musical
Project Runway
This American Life
The War

Outstanding Picture Editing for Reality Programming
The Amazing Race
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Project Runway
Top Chef

The 60th annual Primetime Emmy Awards will air live on ABC Sunday, Sept. 21 from Los Angeles's Nokia Theatre.

Emmy to Honor Reality Show Hosts for First Time

The TV Academy got a birthday cake for its 60th birthday Thursday morning – while American Idol's Ryan Seacrest, Project Runway's Heidi Klum and Dancing With the Stars' Tom Bergeron, as well as Deal or No Deal's Howie Mandel and Survivor's Jeff Probst, all got nominations in the first-time ever category of top host for a reality-competition show.

While Deal or No Deal and Survivor both failed to earn nods as best reality-competition show, all the other programs did, along with Top Chef and Amazing Race.

In drama, as expected, it was a Mad world, with AMC's critical hit Mad Men making a strong showing – it nabbed 16 nominations (highest of any drama series), including those as best drama series and for its leading actor, Jon Hamm.

His fellow nominees are Gabriel Byrne, for In Treatment; Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad; Michael C. Hall, Dexter; Hugh Laurie, House; and James Spader, Boston Legal.

Lead actresses in drama series nominees are Glenn Close, Damages; Sally Field, Brothers and Sisters; Mariska Hargitay, Law and Order: SVU; Holly Hunter, Saving Grace; and Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer. (Missing from the list were projected nominees Patricia Arquette, for Medium, and Minnie Driver, for The Riches.)

The most nominations, 23, went to HBO's historical miniseries, John Adams, which starred Paul Giamatti, also nominated as lead actor in the category.

30 Rock was the frontrunner in the comedy category, with 17 nominations, including those for best series (an honor it took last year), for leading actor, Alec Baldwin, and for actress (and the show's creator), Tina Fey.

Other comedy series nominees are perennial bridesmaids, including Curb Your Enthusiasm; Entourage; The Office; and Two and a Half Men.

Besides Baldwin, comedy series lead actor nominees are The Office's Steve Carell; Pushing Daisies' Lee Pace; Monk's three-time Emmy winner Tony Shalhoub; and Two and a Half Men's Charlie Sheen.

Besides Fey, comedy series actresses in the running are Samantha Who?'s Christina Applegate; Ugly Betty's America Ferrera; New Adventures of Old Christine's Julia Louis-Dreyfus; and Weeds' Mary-Louise Parker.

Pushing Daisies supporting actress (and nominee) Kristin Chenoweth, who announced this year's nominations with another sitcom supporting actor nominee, How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris, also revealed that she once dated the "cute" Jeff Probst, but it didn't work out, because he's about to marry someone else.

The 60th annual Primetime Emmy Awards will air live on ABC Sunday, Sept. 21 from Los Angeles's Nokia Theatre.

Glass Act

Molly Sims, picking up some Hourglass Cosmetics foundation at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills.

Gisele Bündchen Bares (Almost) All

Gisele Bündchen poses in barely-there jeans for V Magazine's 2008 fall preview issue – and she doesn't hold back in her interview, either.

As for her skimpy outfit – jeans missing most of their seat – Bündchen, who turns 28 on Saturday, jokes that she is demonstrating "how to wear denim without wearing denim." But she'd never wear them in real life. "I'm a tomboy and I'm a goofball," she says. "Never in my life would I wear anything close to those clothes. After the shoot I take the clothes off, go home, and do whatever I want. For me it's just a job."

Renowned photographer Mario Testino shot the images in April on a Malibu beach. "Only Mario could make me take those pictures," says Bündchen. "He was the first photographer that shot me when I started ... People are going to say my butt is showing too much in these – but, I’m sorry, my butt showed more in Victoria's Secret. For seven years my butt was in every catalog.”

The Brazilian-born model, who dates New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, also slammed paparazzi, who snapped their own photos of the shoot.

"They sit in front of my house all day ... Believe me, if I had my way I would go around punching people," she says. She adds that she feels media saturation about celebrities distracts the public from more serious issues.

Asked about the brouhaha over Miley Cyrus's Vanity Fair photos, she says: "[Politicians] can go around doing what they want and no one cares because we're more concerned about some 15-year-old girl holding a sheet in a picture."

But when she's working, Bündchen keeps her opinions to herself. "When I go to a job ... I just do what is expected of me and become the persona they want. When I'm there I'm not Gisele – 'cause believe me I have opinions about everything. I'm a canvas. I've accepted that."


SAY this for Paris Hilton - she actually believes the lies she tells. Yesterday, the celebutard claimed on her blog to "set the record straight" and denied our stories about her moving next to Nicole Richie and trying unsuccessfully to buy a dog from a Melrose Avenue pet store. But having dealt with Hilton for years, we know better than to take her word for anything. When we saw her several years ago ordering vodka with no ice, she later insisted it was water. It wasn't. When we wrote that her ring from ex-fiancé Paris Latsis was a fake, she vowed to send us a certificate of authenticity. She never did. When we wrote that the parents of her ex, Stavros Niarchos, refused to meet her or be in pictures with her, she vowed to send us the photos, but they never came. When we wrote that she once smoked marijuana in front of our staff, she said she'd take a drug test. We're still waiting. No wonder that now, even the least suspicious of flacks won't rep her. So, Paris, we'll leave you with this: Just because you say something doesn't make it true.

Paris Hilton Sets Record Straight on Her Address

Paris Hilton is "clearing up rumors" on her blog again – this time, regarding her whereabouts.

The heiress targeted recent reports that she had moved into boyfriend Benji Madden's neighborhood and that pal Nicole Richie was upset.

"SO NOT TRUE!" the hotel heiress, 27, declares on her MySpace celebrity blog. "I have my own home in a gated community in Beverly Hills."

Hilton says she moved into the new house to avoid all the press.

"I was sick and tired of constant invasion of my private life," she writes. "I feel so much happier and safer in my new home."

This isn't the first time Hilton has had to set the record straight. She used her blog a few weeks ago to debunk a rumor that she was denied a puppy at a pet store.

"I encourage my fans to ignore worthless stories like this," she says. "There is too much going on in the world ... to waste time reading lies."


CHRISTIE Brinkley spoke exclusively to The Post's Andrea Peyser about her settlement with ex-husband Peter Cook. But it sounds like anyone else will have to go through Brinkley's best friend and sometime "Today" show contributor, Jill Rappaport, first. One person seeking an interview with Brinkley told us, "Jill is telling everybody she's already locked up the first TV interview with Christie [for 'Today']. And that if you want any information, you have to say that Jill is a 'Today' show correspondent - even though she hasn't been on in like a year - and a 'renowned entertainment journalist.' " A rep for "Today" declined to comment.

Infant Envy

Paris Hilton has never been one to take it slow, so it comes as no surprise that the celebutard is desperately trying for a baby with her boyfriend, Benji Madden. "She's jealous of all the attention [best friend] Nicole Richie has been getting and knows she's fallen off in the tabs lately," said one friend. "A baby would put her back in the news." Hilton, who's only dated Madden for six months, is already doing what she's never done before - swearing off drugs and booze in an attempt to try and spawn.


JUST days after restaurateur Rocky Aoki died, his model daughter, Devon, was shopping for proper funeral attire. Devon was spotted in Bergdorf Goodman Saturday with a friend, browsing the main-floor sunglasses section first. A source said Devon "tried on multiple pairs of sunglasses. She was acting like a total diva but not in a bad mood. She seemed to have fun trying them on." She settled on a big, dark Chanel pair before going up to the third floor to check out black dresses. "She got bored of black and went for a hot-pink minidress and a motorcycle jacket," our spy said. We hear she and her siblings are gearing up to sue their stepmother, Keiko Ono, over their dad's estate.


KAROLINA Kurkova being mostly ignored by the boys at David Barton Gym in Chelsea as she did an hour and a half of push-ups and crunches

We Hear...

THAT Steve Madden and Kimora Lee Simmons have made a deal for Madden to exclusively manufacture and supply all the shoes, handbags and belts for Simmons' new Fabulosity line at JCPenney

Brinkley swears off marriage

Christie Brinkley has vowed never to remarry after reaching a settlement in her high-drama divorce trial with Peter Cook.

Following a tense week in court, the former couple announced it had reached an agreement in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Over the course of the trial, testimony included revelations of Cook's affair with teenager Diana Bianchi and his alleged $3,000 monthly porn habit.

A court-appointed psychiatrist on Tuesday advised Brinkley to undergo counselling - after the doctor cited the former supermodel's four failed marriages as a source of emotional struggle.

And Brinkley insists that her most recent relationship meltdown has forced her to reconsider the prospect of ever walking down the aisle again.

She tells the New York Post, "I'm not going to marry again. I know too much about the marriage laws and divorce laws. Getting married again would not be a very intelligent thing to do.

"I was fighting for my family. I think when you're fighting for your family's well-being, almost anything you have to go through is worth it."

Brinkley has been awarded sole custody and final parental decision-making power of the couple's children - Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10.

She was also granted ownership of the couple's 18 properties in the Hamptons, and has agreed to pay $2.1 million to Cook.

Brinkley's divorce is scheduled to be finalised in September.

Her separation from Cook follows a 1995 split from former husband Richard Taubman, and the dissolutions of her second marriage to rocker Billy Joel in 1994 and her first to Jean-Francois Allaux in 1981.

Christie Brinkley: Divorce Settlement Is 'All I Ever Wanted'

An exuberant-looking Christie Brinkley said she "can't really regret" her marriage to Peter Cook, noting that "out of this union came Sailor, my beautiful little daughter."

Triumphantly addressing the media after reaching a surprise settlement Thursday morning in her divorce trial from Peter Cook, Brinkley called the settlement "a very bittersweet moment." She added: "It really is the death of a marriage, but it's also I think a new start for all of us and I'm very pleased with the results today."

Brinkley, 54, received sole custody of the couple's two children, Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10, and gets to keep all 18 properties in the Hamptons. She also agreed to pay $2.1 million to Cook, 49, who was awarded "parenting time."

"I was here fighting for custody," she said. "I think a mother's greatest fear is somebody trying to take her children, trying to take custody of her children. That's what I was up against. And so I've won custody and decision-making, and that's really all I ever wanted."

When asked whether she has any regrets about the ugly trial going on as far as it did she said, "I really didn't have a choice. I was trying to settle the day I learned about the absolute truth about the facts, and I wanted to settle but unfortunately we could not reach an agreement until 6 o'clock this morning."

"We've had so little sleep we don't even know we've had such little sleep," she later quipped of the all-night negotiating.

She flashed an especially wide smile when asked about the dinosaur diorama in her hand – a school project of Jack's that was shown in court – and what grade Jack received for it. "I think he got distinguished," she beamed.

She also explained the peace sign earrings she sported Wednesday and Thursday: "I believe we all need to work everyday toward peace ... I'm really glad that today we found some peace."

Relaxed and upbeat, she laughed off a question about whether she has any thoughts of dating, announcing, "let's see how the summer goes."

In contrast, Cook hurried out of the courtroom ahead of Brinkley. While he rushed out he simply told reporters, "I got everything I've been asking for two years."


CALL it Bridget's Law. When Playboy model Bridget Marks got her twin daughters back in a landmark custody battle, she didn't forget about all the other moms and kids still separated by the strange ways of justice in Family Court. Marks enlisted the help of State Sen. Tom Duane and Assemblyman Jonathan Bing, who played knights in shining armor to pass a bill in Albany so that no other parent has to go through what she did. Marks temporarily lost custody when the judge didn't believe her accusations of abuse by their father. The bill states that when a parent makes good-faith allegations of child abuse against the other parent, but cannot prove it to criminal standards, the complaining parent can't be punished by the judge. "Mothers are now afraid to report abuse because, if it cannot be proved, they often lose their children," said one advocate. "Thus, real sexual abuse is not reported, and the abuse continues." The bill now awaits Gov. Paterson's signature.

Paris Hilton denies club attack

Paris Hilton has dismissed reports she was recently attacked by a disgruntled reveller at a Los Angeles club, and believes the rumours were started to garner more publicity for the nightspot.

The socialite was allegedly punched in the face while making an appearance at L.A.'s Coco de Ville nightclub on Tuesday, leaving her with a large bruise on her cheek.

But the hotel heiress insists the rumours are totally false, and believes she is part of a ploy to get the club in the press.

She tells E! News, "I had a great time last night and didn't even have an argument with anyone. I don't know where they come up with this stuff. It's a completely made-up story.

"(It was made up) Maybe (for) publicity for the club. It was my first time there, so I think someone just put that story out there so the place would get a bunch of press."

Brinkley settles divorce case

Christie Brinkley's lurid divorce trial came to an abrupt end Thursday when lawyers for the supermodel and her fourth husband reached an out-of-court settlement that gives her custody of their two children.

The settlement was reached at 6:15 a.m. after an all-night session that resolved all issues between Brinkley and her estranged husband, architect Peter Cook, Brinkley's lawyer, Robert Stephan Cohen, told the court.

Under the agreement, Brinkley will give Cook $2.1 million but keep 18 properties in the Hamptons that were at dispute. Cook will get parenting time with the children, under an agreement mutually satisfactory to both.

Cohen said the remainder of the settlement was confidential.

Brinkley, 54, was married to Cook for a decade before his affair with a teenager he met in a Southampton toy store catapulted their troubles into the public spotlight in 2006.

The trial, which was in its sixth day, revealed a litany of salacious allegations about Cook's affair with 18-year-old Diana Bianchi, as well as interactive Internet sex liaisons that cost him thousands of dollars a month. Cook, 49, testified he gave Bianchi a $300,000 payoff after having trysts with her in his office and Brinkley's Hamptons homes for several months in 2005.

The former Sports Illustrated model said she was devastated to learn of the affair from the teen's stepfather, moments after Brinkley delivered a commencement speech at Southampton High School.

Despite a prenuptial agreement, the couple feuded in court over child custody and bickered over properties Cook advised Brinkley to buy in the Hamptons.

The couple have a daughter, Sailor, 10. Cook adopted Brinkley's 13-year-old son Jack, whom she had with her third husband, Richard Taubman.

Brinkley and her attorneys contended that Cook's admitted adultery and pornographic proclivities made him an unsuitable candidate for child custody.

"Anyone who would run the risk of destroying this wonderful life, anybody that would chase a teenager - I mean, a young girl - where is his judgment?" she said from the witness stand.

It was not clear what sparked the move toward conciliation after days of embittered testimony, but on Tuesday a court-appointed psychiatrist said Brinkley should be granted custody. Dr. Stephen Herman said Cook deserved liberal access to the children, but added that both parents were in need of counselling to deal with their personal issues.

Herman said that the model needs to examine her taste in men and that Cook is a narcissist with a bottomless ego.

Cook's lawyer, Norman Sheresky, repeatedly accused Brinkley of seeking to "publicly flog" her husband, noting that she had supported keeping the trial open to the public.

"I didn't want this trial. It's humiliating for all of us," replied Brinkley. "... I really, really wanted to settle this."

Brinkley also rejected criticism that the graphic revelations about Cook would have an adverse impact on the children. She sent them to camp during the trial and contended most of the scandalous details already were old news.

She said she tried to spare her children the messy details of the breakup, including her discovery of Cook's Internet porn habits. She told them: "I think Daddy has fallen out of love with me," while assuring them they would always be loved.

As the scandal became public, she took the children on a private plane for a vacation in Colorado. "I took them to the top of a mountain, and we camped out under the stars," without TV or Internet access, she said.

While they were away, she said, "Ms. Bianchi spilled the beans. She went on TV to get her 15 minutes of fame."

Brinkley also has a daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, with rock 'n' roll Hall of Famer Billy Joel. The 22-year-old testified that Cook picked on her and once shoved her head into a bucket of water after she showered too long and caused a plumbing problem; he denied it.

Brinkley's first husband was artist Jean-Francois Allaux.


HOWARD Stern and fiancée Beth Ostrosky leaving a 50 percent tip on a $166 bill at Savanna's in Southampton.

Christie Brinkley's NY divorce trial on hold

Christy Brinkley's Long Island divorce trial has been put on hold — and the model says she's praying for a settlement.

Lawyers declined to comment on the record Wednesday.

However, Brinkley was asked while leaving the courthouse if a settlement is in the works. She pressed her palms together as in prayer and replied: "It's what I hope and pray for."

The former Sports Illustrated model was married to architect Peter Cook for a decade before his affair with a teenager vaulted their troubles into the public light in 2006.

The trial has focused on the affair and Cook's online sex activities. He has apologized for both.

The primary issue has been custody of their children, ages 10 and 13. The dispute also includes properties Cook helped Brinkley buy in the Hamptons.

Outta There

RUSSELL Simmons has lost another lady. The fashion mogul and "Star Search" model Porschla Coleman began dating last December, when they caused a stir by stepping out the same day Simmons' wife, Kimora Lee, mother of his two kids, filed for divorce. Now sources close to both of them say it's over and Coleman has already "moved out of Russell's apartment." Our insider said Russell has made his moves, too, and is "back to playing the field."

Brinkley Testifies She Never Would Have Married Cook

Christie Brinkley provided more jaw-dropping testimony Tuesday afternoon while being cross-examined by Peter Cook's lawyer.

The supermodel admitted to using a magic marker to draw over Cook's face in a wedding photo and claimed she never would have married Cook if she realized the truth about his felony drug arrest while he was in his early 20s.

"When I drew a little black on his face [it looked like] an empty wedding outfit with no person in it. That's how I felt. There was a person I knew I loved and didn't know where he went," she said about defacing the photo after she learned of his affair with Diana Bianchi, adding that the photo was kept inside a drawer in her closet.

When Cook's lawyer, Norman Sheresky, asked if she knew whether one of the kids found the photo she replied, "I know from your paperwork."

Later, outside of court, Brinkley got teary when asked if she regrets her marriage to Cook. "You know I can't regret that because I have Sailor as a result of that union, " she said, referring to the couple's daughter. "But I do regret being here today. I wish that this wasn't the end result."

No Laughing Matter

Regarding his drug arrest, Cook appeared visibly upset when Brinkley testified that Cook minimized the arrest when he revealed it to her about a week before their marriage.

"If I heard the facts as I know today I don't think I would have gone forward with the marriage," she said. And Cook laughed out loud when she testified that she eventually learned the arrest did not happen in N.Y.C., but "in a gay truck stop."

Sheresky also grilled her on her anger toward Cook, which Brinkley says she's kept in check in front of the kids, even in the weeks after finding out about his affair. She argued that she focused on the kids, including planning a birthday party for Sailor and taking them to Colorado when the media learned of their split.

"I don't think that's the portrait of a woman enraged and consumed in anger. I believe it's a portrait of a mother trying to give some normalcy to her children," she cried out.

"Are you angry right now?" Sheresky asked in response to her tone.

She said no, that she was describing her "passion" for her children, adding it's the "anger any mother would rightly feel to be falsely accused of things ... He's trying to put the blame on someone else. He's trying to be the victim."

Sheresky also peppered her with questions about her decision to keep the courtroom open.

When asked why she did not petition to close the courtroom she said, "in an open courtroom we can get at the real truth." But she denied that she pushed for the trial to embarass Cook. "I didn't want this trial ... It's humiliating for all of us."

As he was leaving court for the day, the normally press-shy Cook told a handful of reporters his reaction to his estranged wife's testimony. "I'm still waiting for the truth she talks about," he said.

He added, "No matter what she throws at me, my children love me and I love them and I'm a good father. She can't take that away."

NY psychologist: Brinkley, Cook need therapy

A court-appointed psychologist says both Christie Brinkley and her estranged husband need therapy.

But Dr. Stephen Herman said Tuesday at the couple's Long Island divorce trial that Brinkley should get custody of their two children.

Herman says the model needs therapy as "an outlet for her anger and feeling of betrayal" by her unfaithful husband.

He says Brinkley also "needs to start working on deeper issues" — including "her choice of male figures."

His comments were made during questioning by the children's attorney, Theresa Mari (MAH'-ree).

Herman met 11 times with the parents, their 13-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter. He says Peter Cook is a narcissist who constantly needs to have his insatiable ego fed.

Model Pal: Christie Brinkley Will Survive Court Ordeal

Christie Brinkley will come through her current divorce woes just fine, predicts her longtime friend – and fellow former supermodel – Beverly Johnson.

"It's divorce. It's not death, thank God," Johnson told PEOPLE on Monday. "She'll be okay. She's a good girl. She's a strong girl."

Johnson – who's one of the judges on the new TV Land reality series She's Got the Look, a modeling competition for women over 35 – has been through her own divorce wars. The custody battle over her daughter, Anansa Sims, now 29, lasted nine years and cost her more than $500,000, she says.

Though she calls Brinkley a very good friend, Johnson said she hasn't spoken to the cover girl in at least a year.

"I'm glad it's not me going through that," she added, referring to Brinkley's ongoing court battle. "Just from my own personal experiences, it must be really, really tough. Divorces are always tough. They really are."

Sarah Larson Is 'Still Friends' with George Clooney

Despite their breakup in May, Sarah Larson remains on good terms with George Clooney.

"George is a great guy, a wonderful person," the former Fear Factor winner tells Britain's Hello! magazine in what is billed as her first interview since she and the star split.

"I don't regret spending time with him," says Larson. "We still remain friends and have kept in touch. In fact, we spoke over the phone a couple of days ago."

As for what she's taken away from the one-year relationship, Larson says, "Most people know George has a great sense of humor and is an adept storyteller. But I will always love his extraordinary dance moves."

Not that this meant – despite early speculation – that the two were destined to waltz down the aisle. "We were never engaged," she says.

And as for her current relationship status, though single, Larson says, "I have two men in my life right now. They're very dark and have lots of hair and weigh 15 lbs."

That would be her two cats, Lippy and Animal

Christie Brinkley: Cook Used 'Overwhelming' Force with Kids

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook's divorce proceedings took another nasty turn on Monday as the former supermodel accused her estranged husband of manhandling their children.

"At times he was too strong, too overwhelming with his use of force," she testified as the trial entered its custody phase. She added, that Cook got too rough with the kids "about a dozen times."

Brinkley, 54, and Cook, 49, are fighting over the custody of their two children, Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10. Brinkley told the courtroom that she was concerned with Cook's "use of force" with the children.

After the proceeding ended for the day, Cook's lawyer Norman Sheresky told PEOPLE that Brinkley's assertions are "outrageously untrue and completely belied by all her cards and interviews."

Norman was referring to heartfelt poems and letters that Brinkley admitted sending to her husband, as well as past press interviews where she spoke positively about Cook.

During her second day of testimony in an already hostile divorce trial, Brinkley told a story about how she once saw Cook forcing Jack up the stairs. She followed them, trying to get Cook to stop.

"He'd say, 'oh come on, he's just faking it' if Jack would say 'oh my arm hurts' or something like that," Brinkley said.

Brinkley says she used a time-out approach to discipline and tried to get Cook to do the same, but he wouldn't listen.

"I observed that Peter would follow some of the basic rules but then regress to an angry, demanding demeanor," she testified.

Last week, Brinkley's daughter Alexa, 20, with singer Billy Joel, told the court Cook once shoved her head into a bucket of water and pushed her down stairs. Cook denied the claims.

Christie Brinkley recalls breakup `nightmare'

Christie Brinkley had everything she wanted: a family and an old Hamptons farmhouse brimming with children's music and art and beloved pets. But Brinkley testified at her divorce trial Monday that her lifelong dream of a "big, happy family" in a quaint setting was cruelly ripped away when her husband had an affair with a teenager.

"Anyone who would run the risk of destroying this wonderful life, anybody that would chase a teenager — I mean, a young girl — where is his judgment?" she said.

The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and architect Peter Cook are arguing over custody of their two children and other issues in a divorce trial that has produced a series of salacious revelations. Brinkley's trip to the witness stand Monday was not as explosive as some of last week's testimony, but it did contain some juicy details.

Brinkley portrayed Cook as inflexible about the children, saying he once refused to change his visitation schedule to let their son, now 13, attend a Billy Joel concert last year at the boy's private East Hampton school. Joel and Brinkley were married in the 1980s and had a daughter together.

But before Cook's affair burst into the tabloids and sank their marriage, Brinkley described him to an interviewer as "just the greatest father."

Cook's lawyer, Norman Sheresky, asked whether she'd meant it.

"Partially," Brinkley said, explaining that her admiration waned in the latter years of their marriage.

Brinkley emphasized her own hands-on parenting in her testimony Monday. She had a range of household helpers, at times including a nanny, a cook, a groundskeeper and a laundress (because Cook insisted on having his underwear ironed, she said). But Brinkley said she "put in a very full, busy day in an active, wonderful life."

Her lawyers even introduced some physical evidence: an elaborate dinosaur diorama — complete with a volcano and flying raptors — she said she had helped her son make for a science class.

Last week, Brinkley testified that her world "was completely shattered" by news of the affair. "My life as I knew it had vanished," she said.

She told the court Monday that after finding out her husband had had an affair with the 18-year-old woman, the model put on a brave face and threw a birthday party with 30 kids.

"That's the most important thing — to have a big, happy family," she said.

The court heard testimony last week from Cook, 49, and his former mistress, Diana Bianchi. Cook said he gave Bianchi a $300,000 payoff, had trysts with her in his office and Brinkley's Hamptons homes and spent thousands of dollars on online pornography.

Brinkley said Monday she tried to spare her two young children the messy details of the breakup, including her discovery of Cook's Internet porn habits. She told the children: "I think Daddy has fallen out of love with me," while assuring them they would always be loved.

As the scandal became public, she took the children on a private plane for a vacation in Colorado.

"I took them to the top of a mountain, and we camped out under the stars," without TV or Internet access, she said.

While they were away, she said, "Ms. Bianchi spilled the beans. She went on TV to get her 15 minutes of fame."

Under questioning from her lawyer, Brinkley said she had remained faithful to Cook. And, though she's divorcing, she's not interested in dating.

"I think the kids have been through a lot of changes," she said. "I just don't think this is the time for that."

Brinkley: All I Ever Wanted Was a Big Happy Family

Christie Brinkley was back on the stand Monday for a tearful day three in her divorce and custody case.

Resuming testimony that began Thursday, the 54-year-old Uptown Girl played up her mothering credentials to the Long Island court, portraying herself as a much better caretaker for her kids than estranged husband Peter Cook, who admitted to having an affair with an 18-year-old staffer and a $3,000-a-month online porn habit during their marriage.

"The role of family to me is the most important thing," Brinkley told the court, while choking back sobs.

"I'm sorry I'm crying right now, but the only thing I've ever wanted was a big happy family."

The Vacation star told of how horrified she was when she threw an eighth birthday party for daughter Sailor Lee, baking cakes for 40 kids and trying to put on a happy face just a week after learning of the 49-year-old architect's infidelity.

"It was hard—I was devastated," she said. "I was in this emotional tug-of-war and discovering more every day. It was a nightmare."

The estranged couple are facing off over who will ultimately get custody of 12-year-old Jack and Sailor, now 10.

The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit fixture recalled breaking the news to the kids, telling them "I think Daddy has fallen out of love with Mommy."

Brinkley said she went to great lengths to shield their kids from the tabloid tumult that followed, taking them camping in Colorado without access to TV or the Web.

Brinkley said they were atop a mountain under the stars when Cook's teenage lover, Diana Bianchi, "spilled the beans" on TV "to get her 15 minutes of fame."

She also went over her résumé, including speaking at the United Nations about the role of a mom as a "peacemaker" and being named Mother of the Year by a New York group.Per New York's Newsday, Brinkley also gave a glimpse inside the home life at their $30 million spread in Bridgehampton.

The compound features a children's library, game rooms, an art studio and music rooms, a tennis court which doubled as a skate park for Jack, and a variety of pets: a Yorkie named Pinkie, a labra-doodle dubbed Sugar, a bunny called Gracie May and an African grey Conure named Kiwi Houdini Valentine.

"He's a bird who think he's a cat," quipped Brinkley.

Brinkley also announced today that because of the roller-coaster ride she's been on with this—her fourth marriage—she wasn't planning on dating anytime soon, particularly out of concern for the children.

"They need a lot of attention right now," she said. "They need to be reassured how loved they are [and] how their place is strong and secure in our lives."

High Rollers

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden, partying at the new Wasted Space rock lounge in Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel and Casino with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden after the night's poolside Good Charlotte show.

Christie Brinkley Looking Forward to 'Independence Day'

Looking radiant as she walked into New York's Suffolk County Supreme Court Monday for the third day of her divorce trial, Christie Brinkley told reporters, "I hope everyone had a happy 4th. I am looking forward to my Independence Day."

Asked if whether she's optimistic she'll get custody of son Jack, 13, and daughter Sailor, 10, the supermodel said, "Oh, yes."

Moments later, her estranged husband Peter Cook arrived, looking subdued and largely ignoring the press horde.

Brinkley is expected to remain on the stand all of Monday as the divorce trial enters its custody phase. Earlier in the day, she revealed in court how she initially told her children that their father would probably not return home.

She said that she broke the news to them shortly after she had confirmed his affair with Diana Bianchi.

"I said sometimes in marriage one person falls out of love. I think Daddy's fallen out of love with me," Brinkley said in a clear voice, adding that she had also discovered some of Cook's Internet porn at this time.

Daughter's Strong Reaction

After Brinkley broke the news to Jack and Sailor, she says their daughter had an immediate and strong reaction: "Sailor was upset by that and immediately went to call her Dad and give him a piece of her mind for falling out of love with their mother."

Brinkley testified that Cook adopted Jack when the boy was 4. Asked if his biological father, developer Richard Taubman, was ever involved in Jack's rearing, Brinkley testified, "No, never."

Asked later if Peter ever paid for Jack's schooling, Brinkley testified, "I paid for all the children's expenses." She told the court "he never offered to pay for tuition or anything."

Christie Brinkley recalls NY breakup `nightmare'

Christie Brinkley, testifying Monday at her divorce trial, said it was a "nightmare" to put on a brave face and throw a birthday party with 30 kids after learning that her husband had an affair with a teenager.

But the model, who loves making birthday cakes, said such homespun family celebrations are part of a lifestyle that means the world to her.

"That's the only thing I've ever wanted," she said. "That's the most important thing — to have a big, happy family."

Brinkley, 54, described for the court a seemingly idyllic lifestyle: an old farmhouse, "full of life," brimming with children's music and art, and beloved pets.

She said she tried to spare her two young children the messy details of the breakup, including her discovery of husband Peter Cook's Internet pornography habits.

She told the children: "I think daddy has fallen out of love with me." But she assured them they would always be "very, very loved."

The couple married Sept. 21, 1996, following a whirlwind courtship of about five months.

Now, they are arguing over custody of the children, ages 10 and 13. Alexa Ray Joel, 22, Brinkley's daughter with "Piano Man" singer Billy Joel, is 22.

Last week, Brinkley testified that her world "was completely shattered" by news of the affair. "My life as I knew it had vanished."

The court also heard testimony last week from Cook, 49, an architect, and his former mistress, Diana Bianchi, who was 18 when she began seeing him. Cook said he gave Bianchi a $300,000 payoff, had trysts with her in his office and Brinkley's Hamptons homes, and spent thousands of dollars on online porn.

Brinkley said Monday that as the scandal became public, she took the children on a private plane for a vacation in Colorado.

"I took them to the top of a mountain and we camped out under the stars," without TV or Internet access, she said.

While they were away, she said, "Ms. Bianchi spilled the beans. She went on TV to get her 15 minutes of fame."

Under questioning from her lawyer, Brinkley said she had remained faithful to Cook. And, though she's divorcing, she's not interested in dating.

"I think the kids have been through a lot of changes," she said. "... I just don't think this is the time for that."

Christie Brinkley Hangs with Ex Billy Joel

Christie Brinkley spent the Fourth of July "blowing off some steam" at ex Billy Joel's Sag Harbor, N.Y., house, a source tells PEOPLE.

Brinkley, whose ugly divorce from Peter Cook has been heating up in court, arrived with daughter Alexa Joel, 20, and "seemed good," says a friend of the supermodel's. "She was just blowing off some steam, being with family. It was just a relaxing little get-together. Nothing special. Just what everyone does on the Fourth."

Another onlooker says Brinkley, Alexa, Billy and about a dozen friends "were having a blast," eating barbecue ribs and corn and sipping white wine.

At one point Alexa dropped her first plate of food – "they were all laughing about that," says the source.

As for Brinkley, "she was hugging the kids there, they were all laughing and eating. They seemed really relaxed."

The day before, Brinkley also surrounded herself with family and friends, enjoying a midday lunch with her son Jack, 13, and a girlfriend at Gosman's Dock in Montauk, N.Y.

"Christie looked beautiful in a white floral sundress, but she wasn't exactly upbeat," says a fellow diner. "Maybe just a little tired but she seemed relaxed – kind of just getting away from it all and having a nice lunch."

"She seemed OK, said hi to a few friends," says the source. "She was very pleasant – calm and casual."

Meanwhile, Cook spent the holiday with his 13-year-old son Jack and girlfriend Suzanne Shaw. After picking up Jack from Brinkley's house, the trio went for a ride on Cook's boat, The Sweet Freedom.

"He seemed fine, relaxed," says an onlooker at Island Surf shop in Sag Harbor, where Cook stopped in with Jack to pick up T-shirts and "stuff for camp." Adds the source: "He's always in here with his son. He's a good guy – and a great dad."

Supermodel raises awareness for pediatric cancer

Supermodel Cindy Crawford has been making appearances this weekend in Madison, Wis., to raise awareness of pediatric cancer.

Crawford's younger brother, Jeff, was a patient at University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital. The boy died of leukemia in 1975 just before his fourth birthday.

Crawford is the honorary chair of Kids with Courage, which had its fourth reunion of childhood cancer survivors Saturday in Madison.

She was also part of the three previous reunions in 1993, 1998 and 2003.

The University of Wisconsin says Crawford has been contributing time and money to the UW Pediatric Oncology program for nearly 20 years.

We Hear...

THAT "Girls Next Door" Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt will fly to NYC to search for Playboy's 55th-anniversary Playmate, attending a casting call to judge nearly 1,000 cuties who hope to take it all off for the magazine

Peter Cook's Lawyer: Christie Brinkley Wants 'Revenge'

Lawyers for Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook traded barbs after another acrimonious day of testimony Thursday.

Norman Sheresky, Cook's lead attorney, repeated his assertion that the supermodel pushed for the trial to punish her architect husband.

"I think it's pretty clear she's doing this out of revenge," he told reporters.

Later he said, "during the custody case you're going to find out how angry she was. There's an independent doctor who was appointed in this case. He said she was boinkered by anger."

Brinkley's lawyer countered to PEOPLE, "I still don't understand why we have to go through this. I guess this is what (Cook) wants."

The custody phase of the trial begins Monday. Both sides are seeking sole custody of Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10.

Sheresky said Cook is seeking sole custody because Brinkley has inappropriately criticized Peter in front of the kids.

"She was a wonderful mother for a long time," he said. Asked about now, he replied, "No, she's not. She wants to slam Peter every time she can."

Sheresky also praised Cook as "an able father" who will "promote a good relationship" with Brinkley.


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Christie Brinkley: Husband Was Suicidal After Split

During her two-hour testimony Thursday morning, Christie Brinkley aired more of Peter Cook’s dirty laundry.

Brinkley detailed a call she received from Cook shortly after she discovered news of his shocking affair in 2006, describing her estranged husband as being hysterical and suicidal. "He was sobbing and said he was driving erratically and that, 'I'm going to drive into a tree,'" Brinkley said on the stand. "I said, 'Pull over. You need help.' He said, 'No, I'm going to kill myself.' Then I spent the rest of the day trying to find a place he could go to get help."

But the revelations didn't stop there. On the heels of testimony Wednesday from her daughter Alexa (her dad is singer Billy Joel) that Cook once punished her by shoving her head into a bucket of water, Brinkley said the strain between Cook and Alexa, 20, "was truly an area that pained me in our marriage."

Under cross-examination, Cook denied shoving Alexa's head into a bucket.

After the couple welcomed their daughter Sailor in 1998, Brinkley says Cook’s relationship with Alexa changed. "He would constantly be picking on her. It got worse and worse over the years," Brinkley said Thursday. "Finally one day I told Peter, 'You married me and my two children. If you can't love all of us, I can't stay in this marriage.'"

Brinkley also testified that she insisted he see a therapist to work out his issues with Alexa. "He did, to his credit," Brinkley said.

Christie Brinkley on Husband's Mistress: 'I Forgive Her'

Although her divorce trial from Peter Cook is getting increasingly ugly, Christie Brinkley is making peace with her husband’s former teenage mistress.

After a long day on the witness stand, Brinkley told reporters she wanted to let Diana Bianchi, 21, know that she forgives her.

"I'd just like to say after two days of testimony that I can't help but think about Diana Bianchi, and I want her and her family to know that I feel really badly for them," said Brinkley. "I feel bad for her and I forgive her completely."

"She was manipulated."

A source says that on Wednesday, Bianchi approached Brinkley's daughter Alexa Joel, 20, outside the courtroom and apologized.

"Diana said, 'I am sorry for the pain I have caused you and your family,'" says the source. "Alexa then hugged her and said, 'We have all been through a lot.'"

Brinkley also added of Thursday's testimony, "today was really difficult reliving all the horrors (of what happened two years ago)."

The trial is expected to resume Monday and the focus will shift to the issue of custody of the couple's two children, Sailor, 10, and Jack, 13. Both Brinkley and Cook are seeking sole custody.

The children are not expected to testify.

Peter Cook on Brinkley: 'Shrek Was More Believable'

The war of words between Christie Brinkley and her estranged husband Peter Cook has gotten as ugly as a certain famous ogre.

When asked what he thought of his estranged wife Christie Brinkley’s teary testimony in their bitter divorce trial on Thursday morning, Cook quipped to PEOPLE, "Shrek was more believable than that."

Cook's lawyer Norman Sheresky was also dismissive of Brinkley's testimony. "I think her performance was a performance," Sheresky said during the trial's lunch break. "She's a good actress. It's been two years. She should be past this by now."

In response to Cook's comment, Brinkley's attorney Robert Stephan Cohen told PEOPLE, "For him to have made that statement is among the most outrageous things I have heard from anybody in the 40 years I have been doing this. He should be ashamed of himself."

Brinkley exited the courtroom flanked by longtime pals Jill Rappaport and Mindy Moak before returning for cross-examination.

Brinkley says husband's affair shattered her world

Christie Brinkley testified at her divorce trial Thursday that the day she learned her husband was having an affair with a teenager was the day her world was "completely shattered."

The former Sports Illustrated model took the stand in state Supreme Court, a day after testimony by her architect husband, Peter Cook, and his former mistress.

Brian Platt, a police officer and the stepfather of the 18-year-old, informed Brinkley of the affair at a 2006 graduation at Southampton High School where the model was a speaker.

He tapped her on the shoulder, she tearfully recalled, and said, "That husband of yours won't knock it off. He's having an affair with my teenage daughter."

Brinkley said she looked at Cook, sitting in the front row of the graduation ceremony, and when he shook his head in denial, she thought: "My God, it's true. He did do that."

"That was also the day that my world was completely shattered," said Brinkley.

During his testimony Wednesday, Cook said he had given his mistress, Diana Bianchi, a $300,000 payoff, had extramarital trysts in his office and Brinkley's Hamptons homes, and spent thousands of dollars on online porn.

Brinkley said she told Cook to give her his computer passwords "if you've got nothing to hide." She found e-mails there from Bianchi and the porn sites Cook visited.

"I know a lot of men look" at pornographic sites, she said. But, in Cook's case, she said, he was trying "to connect with people" in their neighborhood.

"It was not a voyeur site. It was a meeting site," she said. "It was more than I could bear."

Cook had testified that he and Brinkley used pornography "to get the mood going."

Bianchi, who also testified Wednesday, said Cook also hid cash for her under a rock and gave her $15,000 to help her buy a Nissan Maxima in 2005.

Cook met Bianchi while she was working at a Hamptons toy store in 2004. He testified that he soon hired her to work at his Hamptons architecture firm, paying her $20,000 to type magazine articles onto the company's Web site.

Before long, he seduced her while they were working together in the office, she testified.

Brinkley, 54, and Cook, 49, wed in 1996. She filed for divorce a decade later, amid the public scandal over the affair.

Brinkley fought a bid by her children's legal guardian to close the trial to the public. Cook's lawyer said that made the model partly to blame for an unseemly spectacle.

Christie Brinkley 'Needs Time to Absorb' Divorce Testimony

After a day of gripping testimony from her ex-husband and his former teenaged lover, Christie Brinkley says she "heard a lot of new things I didn't know" in the opening of the couple's divorce trial Wednesday.

Looking upset as she gave a brief statement at Suffolk County Supreme Court in Central Islip, N.Y., the former supermodel added, "I need some time to let it all absorb." Brinkley was accompanied by her lawyer, Robert Stephan Cohen, who described the trial's opening as "a really tough day, as well as a long day."

In court, Brinkley's lawyers painted Cook, an architect, as a bad father who was fixated on Internet porn and whose affair with a then-18-year-old employee tore his marriage apart.

Cook's attorney, Norman Sheresky, explained his client's tears on the witness stand during brutal and at times humiliating questioning from attorneys: "All you've got to do is mention Peter's children ... He loves his kids. This is one of the best fathers you'll ever meet."

After Cook and his former mistress, Diana Bianchi, who is now 21, testified about intimate details of their affair, Brinkley's daughter Alexa Ray (whose father is singer Billy Joel) took the stand and told of constant criticism from Cook.

Describing a 2003 incident in which Cook allegedly became enraged that her shower was causing a leak, Alexa Ray testified, "He was pushing me down the stairs ... I went down in a towel ... and the drips were already coming down into the bucket. He shoved my head into a bucket and said, 'You clean this up.'"

During cross-examination, Alexa Ray described her mother as "very loving, but very idealistic about things."

The divorce trial – in which Brinkley, 54, and Cook, 49, are battling over custody of their children Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10 – continues Thursday.

Brinkley's ex details affair with teen

Christie Brinkley’s estranged husband said Wednesday at the start of their divorce trial that he had sex with his teenage lover in his office, then paid her $300,000 while hoping to keep their affair quiet.

Peter Cook, called to the stand by his wife’s divorce lawyers, was questioned about his affair with Diana Bianchi, who is expected to testify that Cook seduced her shortly after hiring her at his Hamptons architectural firm.

Earlier, the fashion model’s lawyer said Cook spent about $3,000 a month on pornographic websites.

“That is the man who’s come before this court and asked for custody of his 13-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter,” lawyer Robert Stephan Cohen said. The couple’s daughter, Sailor, had her birthday on Wednesday.

Cook’s lawyer, Norman Sheresky, said of the porn allegation that Cook had acknowledged it. “It was wrong and he said it was wrong,” Sheresky said. But the main focus of the trial is Cook’s affair with the 18-year-old, which set off a frenzy in the tabloids.

Cohen said Brinkley found out about it from the teenager’s stepfather. The fashion model got the bad news moments before she was to speak at the Southampton High School graduation. “There is no way to make that right,” Sheresky said. “Peter has apologized. He’s cried his eyes out. He’s lost his marriage.”

But Cook’s lawyer said Brinkley is partly to blame for the public spectacle. “For goodness sake, she’s on her fourth husband,” Sheresky told the court. “Your honour, we’re here because of the self-indulgent wrath of a woman scorned.”

Cook said he met Bianchi in early 2005 when she was working at a Hamptons toy store. Their affair began that March, around the time he hired Bianchi. She was paid $20,000 to type magazine articles onto the company’s website. He also left her cash payments in various spots, $500 under the rock outside his office, more behind a painting.

Before their relationship ended in late 2005, they had sex in the office a number of times and at homes in the Hamptons owned by Brinkley.

Bianchi got the $300,000 in May 2007. The exact purpose of the money was not specified but Cook said he was trying to protect himself and his family from scandal.

Cohen said Brinkley paid for everything throughout the marriage as Cook “quickly transformed himself as a person to the manor born.” But custody, rather than money, is the couple’s main dispute.

Brinkley’s ownership of her $30-million Bridgehampton home is not being contested.

Cohen said Brinkley is a doting mother whose work schedule revolves around her children. Her ex-husband, pop singer Billy Joel, is also involved in their lives.

“Uncle Billy is around to support these kids,” said Cohen. Alexa Ray Joel, 22, the daughter of Brinkley and Joel, will be called to testify about Cook’s “constant criticism of Alexa,” said Cohen.

Sheresky said there’s ample evidence that Cook is a good parent, including interviews in which Brinkley referred to him as ‘the best dad in the world.’ The lawyer quoted Brinkley as saying: “Peter is our rock. He’s the calm in the middle of the storm.”

Sheresky also blasted Brinkley for wanting to keep the trial open to the public. “That’s putting her agenda in front of the best interests of the children,” said Sheresky. “What kind of a mother wants her husband flogged in public?”

First-hand Sex

BAR Refaeli doesn't like used goods. The supermodel, co-host of "Tommy Hilfiger Presents Ironic Iconic America," an upcoming Bravo special, took a cross-country trip to look at American pop culture, including a stop at the Museum of Sex here, with its vintage sex toys and machines on display. "When Bar saw the pieces, she stopped and laughed," our spy reports. "She said, 'All the used stuff is not my thing. I don't even shop at secondhand clothes stores.' "


"AS a woman, if you're outspoken and you know what you want, you're a bitch. And if you don't know what you want, you're a ditz" - Kimora Lee Simmons to Giant magazine.

Brinkley's lawyer: Husband spent money on porn

Christie Brinkley's estranged husband spent about $3,000 a month on pornographic Web sites, the model's lawyer said at the start of the couple's nasty divorce trial.

"That is the man who's come before this court and asked for custody of his 13-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter," attorney Robert Stephan Cohen said of Peter Cook. The couple's daughter, Sailor, had her birthday on Wednesday.

"It was wrong and he said it was wrong," Cook's lawyer, Norman Sheresky, said of the porn.

But the main focus of the trial is Cook's affair with an 18-year-old, which set off a frenzy in the tabloids. Cohen said Brinkley found out about it from the teenager's stepfather; the fashion model got the bad news moments before she was to speak at the Southampton High School graduation.

The teenager, Diana Bianchi, is expected to testify. She claims Cook seduced her shortly after hiring her to work at his Hamptons architectural firm.

"He did it and it was wrong. And we said so. And there is no way to make that right," Sheresky said. "Peter has apologized. He's cried his eyes out. He's lost his marriage."

The lawyer said Brinkley is partly to blame for the public spectacle.

"For goodness sake: She's on her fourth husband," Sheresky told the court. "Your honor, we're here because of the self-indulgent wrath of a woman scorned."

Cohen said Brinkley paid for everything throughout the marriage. "Mr. Cook quickly transformed himself as a person to the manor born."

But custody, rather than money, is the main issue at the trial. Brinkley's ownership of her $30 million Bridgehampton home is not being contested.

Cohen said Brinkley is a doting mother whose work schedule revolves around her children. Her ex-husband, "Piano Man" Billy Joel, is also involved in their lives.

"Uncle Billy is around to support these kids," said Cohen.

Alexa Ray Joel, 22, the daughter of Brinkley and Joel, will be called to testify about Cook's "constant criticism of Alexa," said Cohen.

Sheresky said there's ample evidence that Cook's a good parent, including interviews in which Brinkley referred to him as "the best dad in the world."

He quoted Brinkley as saying: "Peter is our rock. He's the calm in the middle of the storm."

Sheresky also blasted Brinkley for supporting a decision to keep the trial open to the public.

"That's putting her agenda in front of the best interests of the children. What kind of a mother wants her husband flogged in public?" said Sheresky.

Christie Brinkley's divorce trial beginning in NY

Christie Brinkley and her estranged husband, Peter Cook, are at a Long Island, New York, courthouse for the start of their divorce trial.

The 54-year-old model opposed a move by a legal guardian for her children that would have closed the proceedings to the public.

Brinkley filed for divorce from Cook in 2006 after reports surfaced that he had an affair with 18-year-old Diana Bianchi. Bianchi is expected to be among the first witnesses at the trial.

Witness Wants Out of Brinkley, Cook Divorce Case

With the Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook divorce case set to go to trial on Wednesday, a lawyer for a woman who Cook had a "very friendly relationship" with last year has criticized the supermodel for taking her to court to testify against Cook.

Carri Lyn Ciamarra is currently scheduled to take the stand July 10, but her attorney, Anthony Mangone, says he's attempting to stop her from testifying, because she and Cook did not become close until after he and Brinkley were already legally separated.

"This is nothing more than a jilted woman trying to ruin someone else's family," Mangone told PEOPLE. "We feel her testimony is unnecessary and irrelevant to the current proceedings."

Ciamarra, a 31-year-old fitness model from Cortlandt Manor, N.Y., saw Cook for seven months last year, says Mangone, who confirms his client is currently married and mother to a young son.

For her part, Ciamarra issued the following statement through her attorney: "I first came to know Peter Cook in February 2007 after meeting him in New York City. The nature of that relationship is a private matter."

Asked whether Cook and Ciamarra were indeed dating last year, Mangone replied, "She maintained a very friendly relationship with Peter Cook from February 2007 to August 2007 … She's a private citizen, and it's not fair to explain what type of relationship it was."

Although Mangone criticized Brinkley, the attorney did not paint her estranged architect husband as an innocent victim.

"He's got some credibility issues, and I'm not trying to gauge what kind of relationship they had or who decided to end it," said Mangone. "The press has done a good job in exposing who he is."

He added that his client has no desire to be used as a pawn in court. "They might expect her to sit and cower in the courtroom. She's not going to sit down and die for these people, and it's a shame she's being dragged into this mess."

Christie Brinkley divorce trial set to begin

There's not much the public hasn't seen of Christie Brinkley.

Whether it's in next-to-nothing swimsuits in Sports Illustrated or starring in ex-husband Billy Joel's rock videos or in countless boldface tabloid mentions, the quintessential California blond cover girl has become a fixture on the cultural landscape.

And now Brinkley's divorce from her fourth husband, Hamptons architect Peter Cook, is about to be aired in full public view as a trial opens Wednesday on Long Island.

It's rare for divorce cases to go to trial and be open to the public. Brinkley, 54, opposed a move by a legal guardian for her children that would have closed the proceedings to the public, apparently comfortable with the prospect that Cook's alleged affair with an 18-year-old employee and other intimate details of their 10-year marriage will be ripe for public consumption.

"So much has already been in the press about what happened," said Brinkley's Manhattan attorney, Robert Stephan Cohen. "We believe the only way to get at the truth is through an open courtroom. Mr. Cook shouldn't be embarrassed. If he is, it's his own fault."

Brinkley filed for divorce from Cook in 2006 after reports surfaced that he had an affair with the teenager, Diana Bianchi, who claims Cook seduced her shortly after hiring her to work at his architectural firm. She's expected to be among the first witnesses at the trial.

The couple had a prenuptial agreement, so money will not be the main focus of the trial. Attorneys are arguing over custody issues related to the couple's two children and how to divide up some of their belongings, including three boats and some real estate. Brinkley's ownership of her $30 million Bridgehampton home is not being contested.

Brinkley had a 9-year-old daughter, Sailor, with Cook. Her 12-year-old son Jack, from her marriage to Richard Taubman, was adopted by Cook. Brinkley also has a 22-year-old daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, from her marriage to Billy Joel. Her first husband was artist Jean-François Allaux.

"He wants custody," said Cook's attorney, Norman Sheresky. "He thinks he's the better parent. Her rage has taken over; she's really mad at him."

Acting State Supreme Court Justice Mark D. Cohen wrote there was no proof of imminent harm to the children by opening the trial to the public. Court officials, anticipating a swarm of press converging on the courthouse, have already moved the trial to a larger courtroom.

"All this publicity has been generated by Peter's abysmal behavior," Brinkley's attorney said. "The notion that he's a candidate for custody is beyond anything."

Sheresky countered that he's puzzled by the focus on Cook's adultery, saying his client "already conceded that point. I don't know why this is an issue."

High-profile Manhattan divorce attorney Raoul Felder, who represented Taubman in a "very private" split-up with Brinkley, thinks the publicity could harm her. He said less than one-half of 1 percent of all divorce cases in New York actually go to trial.

"I think she made an awful mistake," Felder said. "She apparently is so angry she resisted confidentiality. I think she checked her common sense at the courthouse steps. It doesn't make any sense. There is nothing good that could come out of this."

Author and Hamptons aficionado Stephen Gaines noted that Brinkley is beloved in the Hamptons, where she is active in many charities and civic events.

"I think most people think she's a righteous, down-to-Earth person and people are rooting for her," Gaines said. "There is a general disapproval of Cook's behavior, but this is really not a big brouhaha out here.

"Maybe because we have so many divorces."

Restless Breast

HOWARD Stern's fetching fiancée, Beth Ostrosky, shouldn't get any skinnier. At the Cinema Society screening for "The Wackness" the other night, the stunner was wearing a Chloe dress that revealed her chiseled back and ribs. "I keep thinking my boob is exposed," she was overheard telling her pal. When Ostrosky weds the shock jock in October, she'll wear a traditional wedding ring, while he plans on getting a "B" tattoo on his ring finger.


CHRISTIE Brinkley may regret she fought successfully to have an open courtroom in her scandalous divorce from skirt-chasing architect Peter Cook.

Sources tell Page Six that Cook's defense team plans to try to clobber the supermodel with nasty evidence that shreds her nice-girl persona. That will include claims that she has bad-mouthed ex-hubby Billy Joel in front of her children, said one top matrimonial expert familiar with the case.

"It's really bad stuff. She's going to regret an open courtroom," the source said. "They are going to present some testimony about the very insulting comments she made to the kids about Billy. Insults to the children . . . that no man wants to be insulted about."

Joel, the second of Brinkley's four husbands, wed her in 1985, two years after he wrote "Uptown Girl" for her. They had a daughter, Alexa Ray, 22, before splitting in 1994. Brinkley has two more kids, Jack Paris, 13, with third hubby Richard Taubman, and Sailor Lee, 10, with Cook.

Asked about our source's information, Cook's lawyer, Norman Sheresky, said he would not reveal details of his strategy. But, he added cryptically about the open courtroom, "One should be careful for what one asks for."

Brinkley's lawyer, Robert S. Cohen, told us: "While [Christie] wished this case would have been resolved, there is nothing that she needs to fear. She's on the side of the gods."

A source close to Brinkley insisted Joel is "very close to all three kids - he's 'Uncle Billy.' The notion she tried to poison the kids against Billy is preposterous. Peter is trying to plant falsehoods and innuendo."

The upcoming trial will be a scorcher. Brinkley is expected to bare Cook's alleged womanizing. As The Post reported exclusively last week, Cook paid $300,000 to his former teen lover, Diana Bianchi, to keep her from singing about their torrid affair.


LEONARDO DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli beating the heat at Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar at Henri Bendel with a chocolate egg cream and an iced liquid chocolate.

Reports: Model dies in fall from NYC building

A cover model for European Vogue has fallen to her death from her Manhattan apartment building in an apparent suicide.

The New York Post and Newsday say 20-year-old Ruslana Korshunova died Saturday afternoon in the Financial District. The newspapers cited unnamed officials and police.

Police say the fall is under investigation.

The British edition of Vogue hailed Korshunova as "a face to be excited about" in 2003.

The telephone rang unanswered at Korshunova's New York agency Saturday evening. A spokeswoman for medical examiners has not immediately returned a telephone call.

Joy Bryant Weds Stuntman Fiancé in the Hamptons

Joy Bryant wed her stuntman fiancé David Pope in beachside ceremony at a private residence in Amagansett, N.Y. on Saturday, PEOPLE has confirmed.

The actress and former model, 31, wore a custom dress designed by her friend Angela Missoni at the ceremony, which was attended by about 100 guests. Afterwards, Bryant changed into a floral Missoni dress.

The groom, 37, sported a grey Calvin Klein Collection suit.

The happy couple first met on the set of Bryant's film Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins, on which Pope worked as a stuntman.

Some wedding guests received e-mail invitations to the ceremony with a simple (and fashion-related) request: "Ladies, leave your Manolos at home."

Shortly after the ceremony, Bryant is expected to report back to work on her show Virtuality, a sci-fi pilot for FOX.

Women's Wear Daily first reported details of the couple's wedding plans.

Paris Pens Her Own Theme Song

Keep your ears perked, ladies and gentlemen, because the musical talents of Paris Hilton are heading back to the airwaves. And this time, she's teaming up with her musician boyfriend, Benji Madden, to make it happen.

Paris tells E! News exclusively that the duo have been working in her new recording studio (conveniently located in her Beverly Hills mansion), writing songs—including a theme for her upcoming MTV show My New BFF.

"Benji and I have been working hard on it," Paris said. "He's helping me write the lyrics for the song and then I'll sing it, too."

The reality show, which films Paris as she tries to train a new best friend among a pool of 20 contestants, ended taping earlier this week and is set to air mid-September, says the heiress.

And while she's excited to perform her own theme song, that's just the beginning. Remember that album Paris she released two years ago? Well, you guessed it—she wants a follow-up.

"Definitely," she says. "I'll have another album come out, for sure. I just don't know when yet. I only have the summer off, then I'll be taping another season of BFF. But an album is something I'll do."

Maybe she'll pick up a few more musical tips when she meets up with Benji in Knoxville, Tenn., where his band is performing for the July 4 holiday—a trip we presume she's taking for "research" purposes, of course.

Kimora Lee Simmons Gets Sole Custody of Children

Kimora Lee Simmons has won sole custody of her two daughters with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, Ming, 8, and Aoki, 5.

According to legal papers obtained by The Insider, Russell Simmons gets the girls one week out of every eight, plus extra time for summer vacations and holidays.

In addition, he pays $20,000 per child per month in child support. That cash flow stops when each reaches the age of 19 1/2, or until the daughter is emancipated, married, becomes self-supporting, joins the armed forces or stops living with Kimora Lee Simmons.

Finally, he's required to buy or lease a car valued at $60,000 or more for the girls once every 24 months.

Kimora Lee Simmons, 33 and CEO of the Baby Phat line, cited irreconcilable differences when she filed for divorce from Russell Simmons, 50, in March after nearly 10 years of marriage.

She is now "kind of engaged" to actor Djimon Honsou.

Kate Moss: A Pap's Hair-Raising Auction

A photographer with bald ambition is reportedly auctioning off the now famous hair extension that fell off of Kate Moss in front of photographers in Berlin recently.

It’s not bad enough that Kate had to leave something so personal behind her—now the hairpiece is going to be owned by some fetishistic fan who bought it on eBay?

Or maybe the person who claims it will turn out to be Kate’s true love. Like Prince Charming retrieving Cinderella’s lost slipper. Only much more gross.

Paris Turns Hospital Room Into a Hilton

Paris Hilton is building on her famous name.

Childrens Hospital Los Angeles announced Thursday that the hotel heiress has made an "extremely generous" donation toward the construction of a new 460,000 square-foot medical tower at the downtown facility.

Hospital officials didn't specify the amount Hilton gave, but said her contribution will trick out a double-patient room in the Childrens Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases, which is slated to open in 2010.

"I am so happy and fortunate to announce my support for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles," Hilton said in a statement. "The children I have met through my [involvement] at Childrens Hospital have truly touched my heart."

The 27-year-old celebutante started volunteering at the hospital following her release from jail after serving 23 days for DUI. Proceeds from the August launch of her eponymous clothing line at the West Hollywood boutique Kitson also went to the kids, some of whom were at the party to fete the arrival of Hilton's collection of relatively affordable casual wear.

"The fabulous new hospital facilities at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles will provide a caring, healing environment for children and their families for many years to come," she continued, "and I am proud to make a donation and lend my name to the fundraising effort to help children who are facing terribly serious illnesses."

Perhaps it really does run in the family after all. On Monday, the Chronicle of Philanthropy named Paris' grandfather Barron Hilton as the No. 1 giver of 2007 on its annual list of America's top 50 charitable donors.

The elder Hilton announced in December that he had earmarked 97 percent of his multibillion-dollar fortune toward the family's philanthropic foundation, which supports a range of causes worldwide.

The remaining 3 percent of his estate will eventually be split among his eight children and numerous grandchildren.

Christie Brinkley Throws Daughter a Birthday Party

For years, Christie Brinkley has thrown a big bash for daughter Sailor's, summertime birthday – and this year was no different, even with her legal showdown with soon-to-be ex-hubby Peter Cook looming next week.

On Tuesday, the supermodel mom spent the morning at her Hamptons home filling more than 35 goody bags for her pint-sized guests and putting the finishing touches on the homemade cake she made for Sailor’s party later that day.

"She's doing what she's always done," says a source close to the cover girl. "She's putting her children first."

On Wednesday, Cook also threw Sailor and her friends a party.

Brinkley threw what one friend calls "a relaxed backyard birthday party" at her Sag Harbor, N.Y., home.

"The whole event was fun low-key and warm," says the friend. "Christie was out in the yard, barefoot in her T-shirt and Capris, making sure everybody was having fun. She's not the type who would hire Hannah Montana to come and perform at the party."

Guests Got Wet

Sailor and her friends – children from both classes in her grade and other Hamptons pals – spent the day jumping in and out of Brinkley's pool, running around the yard in their bathing suits and "taking endless turns on the inflatable slippy slide" Brinkley placed in the yard for them.

The most memorable part of the day came when Brinkley and the kids chased each other with whipped cream pies. "She was at the center of the pie throwing contest," says the friend. "One boy was chasing her and trying to get her in the face. She was running and laughing. You would never know the cloud she’s under."

Gossip Girl Taylor-Made for Modeling Deal

She may not be the subject of a spinoff, but Taylor Momsen is definitely on her way to getting more camera time.

At just 14 years old, the Gossip Girl star has signed a deal to be repped by leading poseur agency IMG Models.

While Momsen has yet to endorse or front any products or brand, it's likely only a matter of time. IMG already has a healthy roster of star talent and is likely hoping to do for Momsen what it did for another teen TV star-turned-prolific spokesceleb (turned pot-possessing arrestee, but we'll forget about that part for now), Mischa Barton.

Momsen now joins fellow IMG talent Drew Barrymore, Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, Selma Blair and Hilary Duff.


Supermodel Christie Brinkley's daughter with rocker Billy Joel, pianist Alexa Ray Joel, is singing Mom's praises ahead of Christie's upcoming divorce trial from architect Peter Cook. "She's standing up for herself. I think that is admirable," Alexa Ray, 22, says of her mother in a People magazine interview on newsstands tomorrow. "There's such overwhelming support for her." Stepdad, meanwhile, ought to watch his back. The mag quotes a "Brinkley pal" who said the Uptown Girl will really turn up the heat on Cook in their divorce trial, which begins next week and will be open to the public. "She wants to stick it to [Peter], and she can," said the friend.


SPORTS Illustrated swimsuit models shouldn't always believe the men who help prep their intimate body parts for shoots when they claim to be gay. In the new book, "In the Paint: The Complete Body-Painting Collection from the SI Swimsuit Issue," author Rick Reilly relates that during one session, an artist named Richard, who applies makeup to breasts and butts, worked on 19-year-old hottie Melissa Keller. She coyly asked him, "Uh, maybe this is a little late to ask, but you're gay, right?" As Reilly tells it: "Richard's eyebrows slide up his face and he squeals, 'Oh, please, girl! My boyfriend is going to be p - - - - d' [because he's touching a woman]. Later I'll say [to Richard], 'You're not gay, right?' He shrugs and whispers, 'Nah, I'm straight. But from here on in it's gay all day, OK?' "

We Hear...

THAT Helena Christensen is doing an upcoming spread for GQ and will front the new Agent Provocateur campaign.

Hands-Off Policy

HELENA Christensen isn't wild about her ex-boyfriends' latest squeezes. A spy tells us the model was with her beau, Interpol star Paul Banks, at the Warner Music Group after-party for R.E.M. at Babbo the other night, when she spotted former lover Peter Makebish and his gal pal, model/publicist Erika McGlone. "Erica put her hand out to shake it, and Helena shot her a nasty look, refused the hand, and walked away. Paul apologized. Somebody at our table said, 'That's OK. She's a cougar. It's understandable.' " Christensen's rep, Lizzie Grubman, acknowledged that the model was there but said, "Every other aspect is untrue."


Paris Hilton was taping her new reality show, "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," all over the place the other night. Hilton started off with her final few contestants, all vying to be her best friend, at The Estate in the Hamptons, where she gave her wannabe new pals a taste of her party-packed lifestyle with boyfriend Benji Madden. They all drove to the city in the back of a chauffered Cadillac Escalade and were taken to Tao for the Swedish Midsummer Night Party, where MTV producers prodded Hilton about what to do for the cameras because her ex, Stavros Niarchos, was also there. "They coached her the whole time," said a spy. "The two didn't even make eye contact, let alone speak to each other. There was certainly a lot of tension in the air." Next stop was Tenjune, where Hilton danced till the wee hours.

Career Move

ARE they a surprise new couple, or is their relationship just strategic? Model Agyness Deyn showed up Thursday night hand in hand on the red carpet at the Marriott Marquis with Strokes member Albert Hammond Jr. for the Songwriters Hall of Fame awards gala. "We know the son was there in support of his father, Albert Hammond, being inducted," said one source, who speculated the model-turned-newbie recording artist "has either found new love, or is ready to garner some real music cred."

Naomi Campbell says racist slur sparked air rage

British Airways rejected claims of racism on Saturday after supermodel Naomi Campbell, who pleaded guilty to assault in a foul-mouthed "air rage" incident, said she was likened to a black "Golliwog" doll during the flight.

"British Airways does not accept any allegations of racism," the airline said in a statement. "We are proud of our diversity.

"We have strict policies concerning dignity at work and have long-standing training programs on diversity and inclusion."

Campbell, 38, told Sky News in an interview that her flash of air rage, in which she assaulted two police officers, swore repeatedly and screamed abuse at the captain of the Los Angeles-bound BA flight, was partly prompted by racist comments.

"I was called a racial name on that flight and that was part of my reaction," she said. "I was called a 'Golliwog supermodel' -- I don't think that's really fair, do you?"

Asked who had used the term, which refers to a black rag doll from children's literature, Campbell said: "Someone on the flight, not the passenger."

During Campbell's court case, prosecutors said Campbell ordered the airline captain to find her missing luggage and became violent when police tried to escort her off the aircraft.

The model pleaded guilty to assaulting two police officers and to a public order offence. Neither she nor her lawyers mentioned racist comments during her court case.

As well as the community service sentence, Campbell was ordered to pay 200 pounds ($395) compensation to one of the police officers, 150 pounds to the captain and 2,300 pounds in fines.

In the Sky interview, Campbell apologized to London's Metropolitan Police force, but added: "As for British Airways, I just think they are disgusting."

Campbell is famous for her fiery temper and has been in trouble with the law before.

She spent five days mopping floors and cleaning toilets as part of a community service sentence in New York last year after throwing a mobile phone at her housekeeper during an argument over a pair of jeans. She was also ordered to attend anger management classes.

In a previous incident with a telephone in 1998, Campbell assaulted an assistant, Georgina Galanis.

The model agreed in 2000 to plead guilty to the assault in exchange for expressing remorse, paying Galanis an undisclosed amount of money and also attending anger management classes.

Campbell pleads guilty to cop assault

Naomi Campbell pleaded guilty Friday to assaulting two police officers during an "air rage" incident at Heathrow Airport. She has not been sentenced yet.

The model, known for her tempestuous behavior and frequent confrontations with her staff, faces substantial fines and up to six months in jail if the harshest sentence is imposed at Uxbridge Magistrates Court.

Prosecutor Melanie Parrish told the court that Campbell had taken a first class seat on a British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles when she was told one of her bags, along with other passengers' luggage, had not been loaded onto the plane.

She said the captain came out to explain the situation to Campbell, but that she became abusive and refused to listen, instead using her mobile phone to ask an aide for help.

Parrish said Campbell used obscenities on the phone, then demanded another flight.

"Get me another flight, get the press, get me my lawyer," the model said, according to prosecutors.

She then attacked the police who handcuffed her and removed her from the jet, Parrish said.

The incident happened shortly after the opening of Heathrow's new Terminal 5 building, which did not function properly at first, resulting in many cancellations and lost bags.

Campbell, 38, arrived in court Friday morning in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes and was immediately swarmed by paparazzi. She did not make a statement to the court beyond confirming her name and her address, and her lawyer entered a guilty plea.

She was charged with six different offenses, including attacking police officers and using abusive language to cabin crew. Disorderly conduct was among the charges. She is accused of trying to kick the police officers who removed her from the plane.

Her spokesman, Alan Edwards, said outside the court that Campbell regretted the incident and looked forward to telling her side of the story.

In the past, Campbell has been charged with throwing objects at members of her staff.

Last year, she was sentenced to a week of community service spent mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms in New York City after admitting "reckless assault" for throwing a mobile phone at her housekeeper.

Earlier, she had agreed to take an "anger management" course after a similar attack on an employee in Canada. That employee claimed Campbell threw a mobile phone at her and threatened to throw her out of a moving car.

Other staff members have also brought charges and lawsuits against Campbell, one of the most highly paid models in the world.

Christie Brinkley, Peter Cook Set for Bitter Battle

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook's bitter split escalated Thursday when the two squared off in a Long Island courtroom over whether to keep their upcoming divorce trial open to the public.

Brinkley's lawyers requested to keep the courtroom open for the trial while Cook's lawyers argued to keep the bulk of the proceedings closed. The law guardian for the children, Theresa Mari, petitioned the judge to close part of the trial to protect Jack, 12, and Sailor, 9.

The trial, set to begin July 2, is expected to be explosive, with reports surfacing that Brinkley's side may reveal Cook's alleged interest in Internet porn and swinger sites. Divorce trials in New York State are open to the public unless a judge decides to close them.

Brinkley's lawyer, Robert Stephan Cohen, told PEOPLE they are arguing to keep the trial open because it would ensure that the whole truth comes to light.

"So much of what's out there is based in rumors and innuendos. The truth will come out and the way to do it is a public trial."

Cook's lawyer, Norman Sheresky, countered to PEOPLE, "I don't think there is a good parent in the world – not one – who would want allegations of adultery in a bitter divorce trial to be made public. I think it's payback time for her and her desire for revenge far exceeds her desire to protect the children. It's a disgrace."

When asked about concerns that an open trial could damage their children Cohen responded to PEOPLE, "It's going to be out there no matter what, so what's out there should be the truth. The unfiltered truth."

Cohen also told PEOPLE why Cook might want to keep the trial closed. "It's a huge embarrassment to him the way he conducted himself when he was with Christie and the kids."

Sheresky argued that the "only reason" Cook wants to keep the trial closed is to protect the kids. "No parent in the world who cares for his or her children wants an ugly divorce case to be aired in public ... I think she will throw out whatever she thinks will hurt Peter (in court) whether or not it hurts her children."

Asked about her kids on the way out of court Brinkley smiled and told reporters, "They're doing fine. Thanks for asking."

She also said, "I'd always hoped to settle these matters privately outside of the courtroom and I continue to hope that will be the case."

Cook told reporters, "We're just waiting for a very smart judge to make a decision."

Judge Mark D. Cohen may decide as early as today whether to keep the trial open to the public.

Home to Molly

MOLLY Sims' dog, Chloe, should stop eating sand. The Yorkshire terrier, who obviously doesn't get to the delicious beaches of the South Fork often, got so sick the other day - maybe it was the saltwater - that she had to be admitted to East End Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Riverhead. The poor pooch stayed overnight and was released to the model/actress , who was wearing a denim miniskirt and tank top the vets won't soon forget.

We Hear...

THAT Maxim model twins Diane and Jodie Fanelli walked off the set of Catherine Zeta-Jones' new movie, "The Rebound," after Julianne Moore's husband, director Burt Freundlich, insisted they wear extremely skimpy, see-through pieces of material that were generously called "bathing suits."

Kimora Lee Simmons 'Kind Of' Engaged to Djimon

Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Honsou are "kind of" engaged, she tells PEOPLE.

When photographers asked the designer, 33, and the actor-model, 44, to kiss on the red carpet at the Bel Air home of Maria and William Bell for Wednesday's third annual Loveday celebration hosted by Cartier, Simmons opted for a snuggle instead.

"That was more like a nuzzle!" she said.

So, are the two – who first met in February 2007 – engaged? "Kind of," Simmons replied.

Asked if Honsou had given her an engagement ring, Simmons was equally forthcoming – and evasive. "Well, kind of," she said, "not quite."

Once inside the party, Simmons explained their attendance by saying, "My honey created a bracelet last year, and we're here for [the orphans' charity] SOS Children, and we're really good friends and supporters of Cartier and their charitable initiatives."

Besides, she said, "It seemed like a great time to have fun and see lots of friends." And, with a good cause involved , too boot, "there's nothing better than that."

2008 Teen Choice Award Nominees

This is the 10th annual incarnation of the adolescent-friendly kudos, which spreads the wealth among film, TV, music, comedy, sports and fashion. Fox will broadcast the two-hour bonanza Aug. 4.

Choice TV: Reality Beauty & Makeover
America's Next Top Model
Beauty and the Geek
The Biggest Loser
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Project Runway

Choice TV: Personality
Heidi Klum, Project Runway
Lil Mama, America's Best Dance Crew
Ryan Seacrest, American Idol; E! News
Simon Cowell, American Idol
Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model

No Pup, Paris

THE Puppy Store on Melrose Avenue in LA deserves an ASPCA award. Over the weekend, spies said, Paris Hilton was on her way to a photo shoot and "wanted a puppy in the picture with her so it would look cuter." Hilton waltzed in and tried to buy a Yorkie but was rebuffed by an employee who said it was clearly "an impulse buy." Hilton, who has a menagerie of neglected animals, went "ballistic," we're told. "She started screaming, 'I love my puppies! I want my baby!'" - but to no avail. The store had no comment.


MODEL Erin Wasson hobbling around in a foot and ankle cast at the West Coast premiere of CFDA rising star Alexander Wang's fall collection at the Satine boutique in LA and telling people she had an "accident while running through the forest."


BRUCE Hulse never learned that gentlemen don't kiss and tell. The veteran model has penned a steamy memoir recalling his days of tireless bed-hopping with beauties like Paulina Porizkova, Andie MacDowell, Elle Macpherson and Tatjana Patitz.

"I'd been Peter Pan, playing at love, skimming the surface, sleeping around for momentary pleasure," Hulse, now 55 and married with two kids, writes in "Sex, Love and Fashion" out in August from Harmony Books. "My desire to be with beautiful women had always been my weakness."

The hunky Calvin Klein mannequin slept with beauties around the globe. In MacDowell's room, "the table lamp . . . was way too bright for us both, so I gallantly took off my T-shirt and threw it over the top . . . [I] pulled her dress off . . . Just as we began to kiss again, the smell of something burning broke the spell. My shirt was on fire!"

With Porizkova, "I arrived at Paulina's hotel room . . . only to find her wearing next to nothing. I was doomed. Within seconds we were all over each other," Hulse writes. "We completely tore up the hotel room."

After bedding Patitz, the German supermodel told him she was "confused" because she had feelings for another model. "I crossed a boundary and did something I had never done to another male model before," Hulse writes. "I ratted [him] out. [He] had told me about another model he'd had amazing sex with, so I told Tatjana. I felt guilty for stooping to such a level, but I was crazy about Tatjana."

Macpherson, he says, "stripped down in front of me," but depressed over a recent bust-up, he said he'd lost his sex drive. "She was so understanding . . . 'No worries, Bruce . . . Let's just be friends, then.' " But later they did hook up for a one-nighter under his parents' roof.

Reps for the four models didn't get back to us.


THE fashion industry paid big lip service this week to the idea of stopping young models from starving themselves into skinniness - but the designers couldn't come up with any steps that would actually change their sick taste for sickly thin mannequins.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America held an event dubbed "The Beauty of Health: How the Fashion Industry Can Make a Difference" at Milk Studios the other night as part of its awareness program.

Since holding its first health symposium last year, the CFDA has sent letters to designers, agents and stylists reminding them of the importance of health.

The trade organization has also recommended guidelines, such as allowing no girls under 16 to work without the presence of their mothers. But the CFDA has resisted imposing regulations, as Spain has done by banning some models based on a body-mass index.

CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg and designer Michael Kors spoke at the event. But WWD reports that model Coco Rocha stole the show, telling the crowd of a typical workday: "She wakes up in the morning, goes to the bathroom to take a shower, and runs by the full-length mirror because she can't bear to look at herself naked. She only weighs 104 pounds, but all she can think is, I need to be thinner."

People in the industry have been no help, Rocha told WWD's Marc Karimzadeh - "They said, 'You need to lose more weight - the look this year is anorexia, and although we don't want you to be anorexic, we want you to look it.'

"My question is, how do you look anorexic unless you actually are?" - a riddle to which no one had an answer.

Kors said, "Being thin, we know, is about genetics, sleep, a healthy diet and exercise, and hopefully not about starvation, bulimia, too many cigarettes, or dressing a pre-adolescent girl up to look like an adult."

Pretty Woman

Selita Ebanks, taking in designer Michelle Smith's Milly fashion show at the Xchange in NYC.

Ab Fab

Kimora Lee Simmons, picking up three dresses and a caftan at Foley & Corinna in Los Angeles.

Sarah Larson: The New Face of Christian Audigier

After last month’s break-up with George Clooney, newly single Sarah Larson is getting back to work modeling a new line of couture dresses by designer Christian Audigier, a rep for the line confirms exclusively to PEOPLE. Audigier tells PEOPLE exclusively, “She is a fresh, elegant and classy girl. I saw her on a red carpet and liked her style and European look.” Larson was in Los Angeles Thursday to meet with the designer for a fitting. “She was in a great mood and excited to work,” says an Audigier rep. A photo shoot for the ad campaign took place on Friday afternoon in Los Angeles. “Sarah was picked by Christian Audigier because she looks fabulous in everything she wears,” says Larson’s agent Kenya Knight. While the line of dresses, which feature Audigier’s trademark tattoo-style prints, is already available on his website, Larson’s ads won’t be seen until later this month.

Heidi: Project Runway Getting Some Work Done

Heidi Klum reveals that to fit in when the show moves to Los Angeles, Project Runway will get a “facelift.” (No word on whether it'll get a boob job, though.)

The supermodel tells that although the concept of the hit series will remain the same, it will feature new catchphrases and the runway itself will have “more Hollywood flair.”

We welcome fierce new phrases. But what's a runway with "Hollywood flair?" Is Heidi going to make the models walk down freeway on-ramps?

Naomi Campbell Can Trust Her Agent

Naomi Campbell has the best agent ever. Ever.

When the drama queen fell into the arms of a woman on the streets of Capri while on vacation, Naomi’s agent supposedly denied reports of tipsiness to the British press, insisting, “Naomi was playing this trust game, where you fall into a friend’s arms.”

We know whose arms we’d want at the ready if unflattering photos surfaced of us—but not sure we're falling for your line about Naomi playing a game.

Never A Bride

NAOMI Campbell is always a bridesmaid - or at least she was last Friday, when her close friend got married. Norma Augenblick, former assistant to Sean Combs and now events director for Cipriani, wed Gregory Jones at Cipriani Wall Street. "Naomi was with her the whole day and then gave a great speech at the reception," said one guest. "She was great - she got everyone started on the dance floor." We hear Diddy was there as well.

Supermodel Adriana Lima Engaged to Basketball Star

Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima received an engagement ring Thursday night – her birthday – from basketball star Marko Jaric, his rep tells PEOPLE.

"He asked and she said yes. They are both incredibly happy and couldn't be more in love," says publicist James Weir.

Lima, who turned 27 on Thursday, and Jaric, 29, who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves, have been dating for about nine months.

The normally stoic Serb sports star has admitted he fell hard for the Victoria's Secret beauty.

"I was not the person to fall in love easily. I am a difficult person from that standpoint," he told PEOPLE in March. "Now, it's a little different situation."

Paris 'Gives Props' to Potential BFFs - and Benji

Shooting a TV show can be tough, good thing Paris Hilton has such a supportive boyfriend.

“He has been so supportive throughout the show, coming to visit me at set everyday,” Hilton wrote on her MySpace celebrity page about boyfriend Benji Madden and shooting her new MTV Show, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.

She and Madden took the “wanna-be BFFs” to Vegas this past weekend, and Madden documented the weekend on his own Web site.

“It’s been quite the experience, these people are amazing!” Paris wrote. “They’ve been through some very brutal challenges, so I give them major props!”

The show will premiere on MTV in September.

Too Darn Hot

ALESSANDRA Ambrosio's baby shower was a sweat fest. The 7-month pregnant Victoria's Secret beauty, who's having the baby with boyfriend Jaime Mazur, was celebrating on the Gramercy Park Hotel roof during the heat wave when the air conditioning went on the fritz. "The room was 85 degrees," said a source. "It felt cooler outside." A happy Ambrosio told guests she hoped to have her pre-baby bodaciousness back in time to catwalk at the Victoria's Secret show in Miami on Nov. 16.

Crazy For Kidd

MODEL May Andersen sure loves "kids" - that is, guys who sport the name. Andersen, who was linked to Kid Rock, is now dating Dallas Maverick Jason Kidd. "They just spent the week in Palm Beach," said our source, "and are planning to go to Europe together." Kidd filed for divorce from his wife, Joumana, last year.

2008 Forbes Celebrity 100 Power List

Rank Name Pay ($mil) Web Hits Press Mentions TV Mentions
1 Oprah Winfrey 275 2 5 1
2 Tiger Woods 115 12 1 3
3 Angelina Jolie 14 1 9 15
4 Beyonce Knowles 80 3 32 14
5 David Beckham 50 10 3 18
6 Johnny Depp 72 17 19 36
7 Jay-Z 82 6 43 41
8 The Police 115 15 20 51
9 J.K. Rowling 300 23 27 64
10 Brad Pitt 20 4 8 7
11 Will Smith 80 26 39 32
12 Justin Timberlake 44 5 24 17
13 Steven Spielberg 130 34 23 60
14 Cameron Diaz 50 13 50 45
15 David Letterman 45 42 34 10
16 LeBron James 38 32 13 13
17 Jennifer Aniston 27 21 67 49
18 Michael Jordan 45 38 45 29
19 Kobe Bryant 39 28 18 24
20 Phil Mickelson 45 87 12 23
21 Madonna 40 15 20 67
22 Simon Cowell 72 65 47 40
23 Roger Federer 35 40 2 26
24 Alex Rodriguez 34 51 7 6
25 Jerry Seinfeld 85 79 72 38
26 50 Cent 150 69 68 88
27 Kanye West 30 8 28 28
28 Celine Dion 40 27 44 54
29 Bruce Willis 41 45 41 47
30 Dr. Phil McGraw 40 82 55 2
31 Tom Cruise 13 7 10 9
32 Jay Leno 32 41 36 5
33 Sean "Diddy" Combs 35 19 59 30
34 Stephen King 45 33 54 86
35 Miley Cyrus 25 11 49 19
36 Kimi Raikkonen 44 53 14 90
37 Jeff Gordon 32 73 26 11
38 Ronaldinho 37 24 6 98
39 Shaquille O'Neal 32 36 29 34
40 Judge Judy Sheindlin 45 99 88 4
41 Howard Stern 70 52 90 68
42 Tyler Perry 125 94 83 80
43 Fernando Alonso 33 30 4 92
44 Leonardo DiCaprio 45 68 65 77
45 Donald Trump 30 48 40 12
46 George Lucas 50 66 74 85
47 Keira Knightley 32 37 42 82
48 Jerry Bruckheimer 145 96 94 96
49 Nicolas Cage 38 56 51 70
50 Spice Girls 21 14 37 25
51 Matt Damon 21 39 31 20
52 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 31 84 25 37
53 Bon Jovi 25 18 48 59
54 Jennifer Lopez 7 9 35 22
55 Ben Stiller 40 77 75 72
56 Kevin Garnett 29 67 30 55
57 Nicole Kidman 13 22 16 39
58 James Patterson 50 95 84 100
59 Rush Limbaugh 33 57 73 56
60 Reese Witherspoon 25 49 70 61
61 Maria Sharapova 26 61 15 69
62 Ryan Seacrest 31 72 79 33
63 Gwen Stefani 27 25 69 76
64 Daniel Radcliffe 25 62 52 74
65 Alicia Keys 15 20 53 46
66 Gisele Bundchen 35 74 99 94
67 Gwyneth Paltrow 25 50 62 78
68 Tyra Banks 23 47 81 53
69 Serena Williams 14 64 17 43
70 Eva Longoria Parker 9 31 58 21
71 Ellen DeGeneres 20 60 64 35
72 Sarah Jessica Parker 18 54 66 50
73 Katherine Heigl 13 63 61 31
74 Regis Philbin 21 91 71 8
75 Tom Clancy 35 78 96 99
76 Rachael Ray 18 80 80 16
77 Cate Blanchett 12 44 22 62
78 Heidi Klum 14 46 78 57
79 Carrie Underwood 9 35 63 44
80 Jon Stewart 14 58 60 51
81 Justine Henin 12.5 75 11 58
82 Judd Apatow 27 88 76 97
83 Kate Moss 7.5 29 33 81
84 Patrick Dempsey 13.5 83 77 66
85 Charlie Sheen 20 86 87 63
86 Drew Carey 12 90 89 27
87 Steve Carell 5 81 56 42
88 Lorena Ochoa 10 92 38 75
89 Jonas Brothers 12 55 86 84
90 Howie Mandel 14 100 98 65
91 Wolfgang Puck 16 98 91 83
92 Zac Efron 5.8 70 85 79
93 Annika Sorenstam 11 93 46 89
94 Ashley Tisdale 5.5 43 95 91
95 Gordon Ramsay 7.5 76 57 93
96 Jennifer Love Hewitt 5 59 93 71
97 Lauren Conrad 1.5 71 100 95
98 Vanessa Williams 4.5 89 92 48
99 Tina Fey 4.6 85 82 73
100 Paula Deen 4.5 97 97 87

Heidi Klum: Project Rugrat?

Is Project Runway's Heidi Klum making a run to be in the family way again?

The German supermodel, who already has three children, reveals in the July issue of Redbook that she has yet to rule out the possibility of another tyke.

"So many people say, 'I am so done.' That hasn't come out of my mouth, and it hasn't come out of Seal's mouth either," she says, referring to her husband of three years. "I feel like we still have one coming."

We say, Keep 'em coming, Klum. In your case, motherhood definitely does a body good!

Mark Wahlberg Calls Rhea Durham His 'Future Wife'

Mark Wahlberg and model Rhea Durham have been together for years – and are proud parents to daughter Ella, 4, and son Michael, 2.

Now, as the couple expects baby number three, are they finally ready to walk down the aisle?

They haven't announced an engagement, but the actor did call Durham his "future wife" at the New York premiere of his new film, The Happening.

"I did my own thing for some 30-odd years," he told PEOPLE at the Tuesday night event. "I had a blast, and now I feel like I have a real purpose."

The actor dropped the "wife" word when discussing his 37th birthday on June 5. "I had a beautiful day with my kids and my future wife," he said. "We went to brunch."

As for the impending arrival, Wahlberg revealed that they're having a son, and that Durham, 29, is due in September. "We're thrilled!"

Is he worried about bringing a third baby into his already-hectic household? "For the most part, my kids are darlings," he said. "But at 5 a.m., it can be a little crazy."

His Happening costars certainly have no doubts about his parenting prowess.

"He's great with kids," said Zooey Deschanel, who plays his wife in the film. "Really, really good."

In fact, that's what made him perfect for the role (as a science teacher trying to survive a mysterious phenomenon). "When I see Mark Wahlberg, I see the sweet guy who likes to hold the baby," said director M. Night Shyamalan. "He brings humanity and vulnerability to the screen. In a crisis ... that's the guy you want with you."

Paris Hilton's Cap'n Crunch Craving

We always pegged her as a Lucky Charms gal, but Paris Hilton makes it very clear that her hungry heart doesn't belong to some silly leprechaun. Instead, the socialite made her move the other night on the Cap'n himself. We can only assume she took her newfound breakfast buddy home for a little nightcap and maybe even woke up with him the next morning. Of course, that's one tape we're not interested in seeing.


PLUS-size model Mia Tyler was once so depressed, she was seconds away from jumping off the balcony of a Hollywood Hills estate. "I was going to kill myself . . . One thing I knew for sure: If I jumped, no one would find me at the bottom of the canyon," the daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and the late Cyrinda Foxe writes in her memoir, "Creating Myself," out in October. "I sat down and let my legs dangle over the edge. I puffed on a joint . . . I wondered if it was going to hurt. If it did, it wouldn't matter for more than an instant, right?" Tyler, 21 at the time, was saved by her cellphone, which rang with a message from MTV offering her a job as a "metal chick" VJ. She adds of the time when she was riddled with body- image issues and involved in drugs and self-mutilation before getting help: "I picked up guys at clubs and amused myself by using a glow-in-the-dark ink pen to make notches on my bedroom wall.

Kimora Lee Simmons: I'm Not an 'Extreme Diva'

Kimora Lee Simmons has a lesson to share about married life – and it's not all fabulous.

"When you get married, you're forced to drink the milk long after it's spoiled," the designer, 33, tells Giant magazine for its June/July 2008 issue.

Simmons – who in March filed for divorce from her husband of 10 years, Russell Simmons – is now dating actor-model Djimon Hounsou, and is never one to shy away from knocking down tabloid talk when it comes to her personal life.

"I hear the craziest things, like, 'She has to have a champagne glass filled within a quarter inch of the lip,' " says Simmons, who dismisses any notion that she might be an "extreme diva."

"The reality, is I'm a dedicated mother [to daughters Ming Lee, 8, and Aoki Lee, 5] and a very kind, funny and hardworking person," she says. "My reality-TV show helps to shed a bit of light, but even that's glamorized."

Ultimately, she says, she doesn't care what others think of her, though "sometimes people who don’t know me say really cruel things that are way off base. But you can't care too much about what people think of you. You have to establish your own set of core values and live by them"

And those core values? "Honor, respect, tenacity, intelligence and humor," she says, adding, "Do your best, and live with the repercussions of your choices – good or bad."

We Hear...

THAT models Karolina Kurkova and Elise Crombez, and stylist Rachel Zoe will toast Curve owner Nevena Borissova at a soiree at her Soho store tonight.


MOLLY Sims isn't a slave to her schedule. While some folks spent Saturday night clamoring for a table at the hot new Surf Lodge in Montauk, Sims nonchalantly showed up an hour late for her reservation because she was having such fun at the beach. The eatery held the table empty for a while, but finally seated a group who had been patiently waiting, bumping Sims' group back another hour. Her rep, who was part of Sims' entourage, told us the model/actress and her friends didn't mind waiting, adding, "We stayed until 1 a.m. It's Molly's new favorite place." Surf Lodge didn't suffer the only seating debacle of the Hamptons weekend - Kobe Beach Club was so mobbed on Saturday night, owner Jeffrey Chodorow had to give up his table for eager guests.

Orlando Steps Out with Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom's romance with Miranda Kerr continues to blossom.

The actor and his model girlfriend made an appearance together Saturday at the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Gala fundraiser in London – and were practically inseparable.

"Life is great at the moment," Bloom, 31, told PEOPLE. "I've just finished a play in the West End, which I really enjoyed, and am about to start filming a new movie. It really couldn't be any better."

The sense of occasion wasn't lost on the Pirates of the Caribbean star, either. "It is amazing to come and support something associated with Mikhail Gorbachev because of what he did," the actor said of the leader's role in the bringing democracy to the Soviet Union. "He's going to go down in history because of the way he changed the world."

U2 frontman Bono made a surprise on-stage appearance at the high-rollers' charity auction, which was held in the landscaped grounds of Hampton Court Palace (the one-time home of King Henry VIII).

The Irish rocker made a speech praising the work of the Gorbachev foundation before handing the stage over to Hugh Grant, who opened the bidding on the charity auction. (It raised more than $4 million for cancer research in the U.K. and Russia.)

Grant – who was joined by fellow celebs Kevin Spacey and Kate Beckinsale – later reached deep into his pockets and pledged $250,000 for the chance to share a meal with the former Russian president.

Toilet Train

ALWAYS the rebel, supermodel Kate Moss was pitching a fit about the bathroom occupancy rules at Milk Studios the other day. "Kate was at the Agent Provocateur event," said our spy, "and she was trying to get into the bathroom with three friends." An attendant told the model - who was once caught on video snorting cocaine - there was a strict one person at a time policy. Moss flipped out, saying "But I'm hosting the event," according to the source. "Kate said, 'forget it' and walked away. Twenty minutes later she left with her group, yelling about finding another place."

Wedding Belle

BETH Ostrosky is one step closer to marrying Howard Stern. The Shock Jock's gorgeous gal pal told us she met with Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman for a wedding-dress fitting. "She's amazing. The wedding is going to be in the city in October, we're going to invite 150 people. I'm excited - Howard's been so involved in the process," she said. And since Stern's been so outspoken about not wanting more kids, Ostrosky told us the couple plan on adopting many more dogs. They already have one beloved bulldog, Bianca Jane Romijn-Stamos-O'Connell.

Paris Hilton (Shock!) Parties - Dashing Pregnancy Rumors

With one swig of pink champagne at dinner Friday, Paris Hilton quickly put an end to any lingering pregnancy rumors that have been heating up the Web.

The heiress imbibed and dined with her "BFFs" while filming her new MTV reality show, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, at Tao Las Vegas.

Still, even surrounded by girls vying for her attention, Hilton had one guy on her mind. Wearing a form-fitting, vintage black dress (with a belt wrapped firmly around her stomach), Hilton told PEOPLE that her boyfriend of nearly four months, Benji Madden, is her "best boyfriend".

Madden, who was on hand wearing black shades, stood back most of the night, along with sister Nicky Hilton and boyfriend David Katzenberg, as his girl took the spotlight.

Following dinner, Hilton and the girls headed to Tao nightclub where the star of the show was greeted with her song "Stars Are Blind." For the next two hours Hilton smoked cigarettes and danced with the seven remaining contestants on the club's catwalk, all while cameras rolled.

And the partying wasn't done after Tao, with the group heading to the exclusive Mirage villas for an afterparty where they were entertained by Las Vegas showman and Paris friend Jeff Beacher.

At the party, Hilton did more to confirm her non-pregnancy by gulping Grey Goose and Patron Silver tequila before she and Madden headed back to their suite at The Venetian.

"She's clearly not pregnant," said a guest at the afterparty.


NAOMI Campbell, Christy Turlington and Kimora Lee Simmons getting their smiles polished in separate treatment rooms in the Central Park South dental offices of Drs. Marc Lowenberg and Gregg Lituchy

It's Me, Shhh!

THE best way to get people talking about you is to tell them not to. Model Heather Marks recently moved into a chic new building on East 14th Street, where one resident told Page Six, "She's been going around introducing herself to everyone and telling them she's a model," adding, "But don't tell anyone because I don't want it to get out, you know, because I don't want people to make a big deal." Her fellow residents find the behavior "kind of annoying, because no one cares at all."


NICKY Hilton in a short-short skirt and crippling 6-inch heels, breezing in and out of Da Silvano for a cigarette break

We Hear...

THAT model Bar Refaeli of 1 Model Management has signed on as the new face of Hurley and is now filming a Bravo special with Tommy Hilfiger

Judge Sets Trial Date for Christie Brinkley Divorce Case

Christie Brinkley and her estranged husband Peter Cook will resolve their contentious divorce through a trial beginning July 2, a Long Island judge ruled Tuesday.

The supermodel and architect – whose alleged affair with then-teenager Diana Bianchi became public nearly two years ago – were both in a Suffolk County courtroom for the tense conference but carefully avoided eye contact. Brinkley texted on her cell phone in court. Later, she and Cook both waited for their lawyers to emerge from closed-door sessions with Judge Mark Cohen.

The two appeared stone-faced during open court when the judge discussed the issues to be addressed at trial, including custody of their children, child support and distribution of assets, which includes several homes, three boats – including a yacht named Sweet Freedom – seven watches and even a model airplane.

Brinkley flashed a smile as she walked out of the courtroom. Her only words to reporters were "it was heartening" when asked how she felt about the supportive greeting she received from people as she entered the courthouse.

When asked how she felt about the day's court appearance her lawyer, Robert Stephan Cohen, jumped in and said, "We are looking forward to finishing this so Ms. Brinkley can go on."

Cook's lawyer, Norman Sheresky, simply told reporters, "everything went fine" as he and Cook exited court.

Moving On

SELITA Ebanks isn't crying over ex-fiancé Nick Cannon, who just married Mariah Carey. The Victoria's Secret hottie partied with Kanye West, who recently split with his fiancée, at Tenjune Saturday night. They were spotted trying to sneak out together late that night after dining upstairs. They looked "cozy" when they left, according to a spywitness outside. "They were trying to be inconspicuous, but they were smiling and walking real close, and they hopped in a waiting car together laughing and took off."

Naomi Campbell Charged With Assaulting Cops

Naomi Campbell's drama with the police continues.

The supermodel has been charged with three counts of assaulting a police officer, one count of disorderly conduct and two counts of using threatening, abusive words or behavior towards the cabin crew at London's Heathrow airport, reports the BBC News.

"Miss Campbell is bitterly disappointed that the prosecutors have advised her she is to be prosecuted for various offences," her lawyer said in a statement after she answered bail at a London police station Thursday (May 29). "She respects that decision and she hopes this matter is dealt with expeditiously."

Campbell, 38, was arrested on April 3 aboard a British Airways flight regarding a dispute over missing carry-on luggage.

The assault charges carry a maximum sentence of six months in prison and a fine. The other charges are also punishable with fines. Campbell is due back in court on June 20.

The supermodel is famous for losing her temper and throwing her cell phone at her housekeeper. She pleaded guilty to the telephonic assault and was ordered to attend anger management classes and perform five days of community service.

She recently spoofed herself on the season finale of "Ugly Betty" in which she pulled out her cell phone on the ballfield and everyone in her vicinity ducked. She also was a guest on Bravo's "Make Me a Supermodel."

Hard to Look

FORMER L'Oréal cover girl Caron Bernstein, who used to date David Lee Roth and Axl Rose, opened her disturbing new one-woman show at the Ist Gallery in Chelsea last week. It features visceral paintings documenting her rape by an ex-boyfriend and the suicide of her brother, Peter. One piece depicts pins in the face of model Margeaux Bossieux, who now lives with Bernstein's ex-husband, Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe. Such guests as Karina ("The L Word") Lombard and model Ciara Nugent later watched John Legend perform at The Plumm.

Just Asking

WHICH serial celeb-dating model is a little harsh on the men she sleeps with? She gave a titanic male star a measly "4" for his prowess in the sack

Eva Herzigova Plans for Baby's First Birthday

Eva Herzigova's baby son George is home with grandma (her mother) while the supermodel is in Cannes, but she's busy planning his first birthday June 1.

"I have lots of friends who have one-year-olds so I've been asking them all: Should I get animals or clowns or what?" the Czech model, 35, told PEOPLE. George is her son with Italian businessman Gregorio Marsiaj.

"But they're like, 'Well, don't do too much because he's still not old enough to really enjoy it," Herzigova said. "So probably some friends and some balloons. Definitely balloons."

Herzigova – sporting a bracelet with "George" spelled out in diamonds – proudly revealed her son's first word.

"He says, 'mama, mama,'" she said at the AmfAR fundraiser at Cannes. "I speak to him in my language [Czech] but that word is international. He says grandma, too."

"This is a long time to be away from him," Herzigova said, playing with the George bracelet on her left wrist. "I miss him."

We Hear...

THAT French Connection is hosting a birthday bash tonight for Molly Sims at The Estate in Sag Harbor

Paris Hilton, Benji Madden Blog About Her MTV Reality Show

Paris Hilton is blogging about her MTV reality show – and getting a little help online from boyfriend Benji Madden.

In a new post on her MySpace Celebrity blog, the heiress talks about the selection process as she interviews contestants to be her new best friend, while Madden offers some photo evidence on his own blog.

"I met all the contestants on Wednesday night," Hilton writes in her message, titled "Hi :)." " I had them all meet me at the club Les Deux. I was a little nervous at first cause I always get shy meeting new people. But everyone ended up being very sweet, cool and fun to be around."

As part of the show, Hilton hired a team of stylists to give her contestants makeovers. She calls the results "astonishing."

Makeovers aside, Hilton says she "feel[s] like I've made friends with some of these people already." Still, she reserves her most tender words for Madden.

"I love how he's always there for me," she writes. "He always knows how to make me smile. Life is amazing, couldn't be happier, excited for what the future holds."

Meanwhile, in his blog, Madden offers his rave review – in addition to those pictures.

"We had a fun night watching them shoot the show," he writes. "I can't ruin the surprise too much with the show but I can tell you it's really funny."

CBS Reveals 'Victoria's Secret' in Fall

The "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" will return to CBS in the fall of 2008.

CBS announced Friday (May 23) that this year's show will take place at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, as part of the legendary resort's grand reopening.

As usual, the show will feature Heidi Klum, along with Adriana Lima, Marisa Miller and Miranda Kerr, plus a bevy of slightly less famous scantily clad beauties. The "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" has always been a reliable lightning rod for FCC complaints due to its assortment of barely-dressed models. ABC aired the show its first year and it subsequently moved to CBS. Neither network ever received an FCC fine for the show.

The ratings for the program have declined every year since its inception. ABC's 2001 telecast drew 12.3 million viewers, while 10.5 million and 9.4 million watched on 2002 and 2003 on CBS. Following that 2004 hiatus, CBS brought the show back in the winter of 2005 and drew only 8.9 million viewers. The most recent incarnation, airing last December, drew just under 7.5 million viewers.

Keeping It Real

"MODEL: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women" may finally be turned into a movie. The book by Michael Gross has been in print for 13 years and sold almost a half million copies. But past attempts to adapt it for the screen - first by Dawn Steel, then Joel Schumacher - involved fictionalizing the story. Producers J.T. Allen and Jon Katzman of KDX Productions in LA, who just optioned "Model," plan a 10-part documentary.

Don't Blame Me

BURBERRY has dropped ubiquitous model Agyness Deyn from its ad campaign, but famed photographer Mario Testino is denying rumors he was behind her ouster because she was "too famous." Testino told Page Six, "Agyness' fame and exposure are not a problem for me. I don't think like that . . . As for Burberry, it was just a case of wanting a different concept for their forthcoming season." Testino adds of Deyn, who is said to be moving to Williamsburg, "I love Agyness."

Beauty Time

CALL it the Modeling District. Victoria's Secret has established its interna tional headquarters on Broadway and 55th Street, taking 33 floors of a build ing, with the ground-floor tenant, Brasserie Cognac, poised to catch the celes tial foot traffic. Legendary mannequin Stephanie Seymour was in Cognac the other day with hubby Peter Brant, who de-accessioned $100 million worth of contemporary art at last week's auctions, and art-loving mogul Aby Rosen and his stunning wife, Samantha Boardman. And former modelizer Vikram Chatwal pops in from his trendy Dream Hotel across the street.

Top Model CariDee English Treated for Dehydration

America's Next Top Model champ CariDee English was hospitalized for dehydration, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

A source says English was taken by ambulance last weekend from the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Connecticut, where she was attending a party at Shrine, a new restaurant/club.

"CariDee did go to the hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning to be treated for dehydration," her rep confirms. "She called to be taken to the hospital. She is fine and back to work in Los Angeles."

English, a Fargo, N.D., photographer listed by various sources as either 22 or 23, was named the winner last December in the seventh season finale of the Tyra Banks-hosted America's Next Top Model.


POOR Petra Nemcova. Not only was her former fling, Sean Penn, ignoring her all over the Cannes Film Festival, but paparazzi are snubbing her as well. During Tuesday's event for Wy clef Jean's "Together for Haiti" charity, spies said Nemcova, "stood alone waving the Haitian flag for attention" while red-carpet snappers swarmed around Paul Simon.

Paris Gets Oddly Domestic

Who knew Paris Hilton cooked? Let alone ate big pasta dinners.

But apparently, she's doing a lot of both since hooking up with steady beau Benji Madden.

"The two stay home as much as they can, cooking dinners and just hanging out," a source close to the couple tells E! News. "She makes him her specialty dish, lasagna, and he loves it."

(Just hope he doesn't hear that she made the same meal for her ex Stavros.)

The lovebirds also keep it simple in every other respect. They watch movies (comedies mostly, we're told). And cuddle. He's even teaching her his favorite sport, skateboarding.

We haven't seen Paris this domesticated since...well, never. Could they even be talking about a double wedding with Nicole and Joel?

"No way," says the insider. "Paris and Nicole aren't going to share their wedding day!"

Besides, she's already warned him that one day, she'll want a huge wedding, with a formfitting designer gown. And an extended honeymoon, somewhere sunny and exotic.

He's hinted that when the time comes, she'll get a ring with so much bling, the glare will be blinding.

"Paris has never been more in love," says the source. "She can really see herself settling down with Benji, because she totally trusts him. She's never had that with a man before. She knows he adores her and would never, ever hurt her."


JANICE Dickinson just can't keep her opinions to herself. The mouthy mannequin tells Page Six she has a bone to pick with Tyra Banks, that Kevin Federline is a "pig," and that Simon Cowell is the hottest guy in Hollywood.

Dickinson told us she recently "flipped out" when she saw a paparazzi photo of Banks in a magazine carrying a copy of Dickinson's book, "No Lifeguard on Duty," in which she writes about sex, drug use, incest, celebrity affairs and her near-fatal car wreck some years back.

Dickinson showed us the torn-out magazine photo with a caption saying Banks was on her way to speak with young girls and offer her advice.

"And she's using my book," Dickinson fumed. "I mean, the thing looks so worn it's like she's been reading it on the toilet. It's pathetic. Where's her originality? Does she have no shame?" Dickinson, who's in talks with NBC for her own chat show, said she'll invite Banks on to confront her.

Next, she said Federline "makes me sick. His earlobes are stretched out from all the diamonds he stole from Britney Spears. He's a pig and a loser and I want to take him down."

On Dickinson's good side is "American Idol" judge Cowell - "the hottest thing on TV. The guy's a-- is finally not hanging off the back of his kneecaps," she said of the new, leaner Cowell.

Dickinson, 53, also dished to us about her menopause. "I'm taking hormone pills and I mix them up, I'm like falling asleep standing up," she laughed. "I'm having night flashes and heat strokes."

She's dating " 'Soprano' wannabe" Joe Kaplan, will soon be in Los Angeles taping the fourth season of "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" for Oxygen, and is also working on a new book to be titled "Fifty and Fabulous."

Molly Sims going back to school in "Hickory Nation"

Former "Las Vegas" actress Molly Sims has joined the cast of the indie drama "Hickory Nation."

The film follows the aftermath of a mysterious hit-and-run accident in a small Maine coastal community. The event brings together a teacher (Sims) and her two students, each struggling with secrets and lies. Rebecca Cook will direct from her own script.

Paris Dreams of a White Wedding

They've been dating for less than three months, but Paris Hilton and Benji Madden already have marriage in mind.

"He wants to [get hitched]," she told PEOPLE Thursday night at London's Nobu, where she showed up for a late-night snack with Madden and her parents. "We talk about it."

In fact, she's already pondering her gown: "I'd wear a beautiful white dress," she said dreamily, "probably Dolce & Gabbana."

The heiress, who is in town promoting her new fragrance, Can Can, couldn't stop gushing about her new beau.

"We are the perfect match," said the 27-year-old (who begins filming her MTV reality show, I Wanna Be Paris's New Best Friend! on Monday). "We don't like being apart, we like to stay with each other as much as we can."

No stranger to marriage proposals, Hilton said that Madden, 29, was different from her previous boyfriends, including ex-fiancés Jason Shaw and Paris Latsis.

"[Benji] is very down to earth," she said. "He's worked very hard on his own. He really has a heart of gold. He'd never do anything to hurt me. He loves and supports me no matter what. He's a really great person."

Heidi Klum Prefers Nudity to Bikinis

Given the choice between a sporting bikini or nothing at all, Heidi Klum would opt to go naked in the summer – given the right circumstances, of course. "I don't really like wearing too much," the supermodel and Project Runway host, 34, tells Oprah Winfrey in an interview scheduled to air Friday. Concludes Klum: "When there's no person in sight, it's coming off!" Joining Oprah for the TV host's annual Favorite Things for Summer episode, Heidi is set to select her favorite swimsuits and gear for the summer. (Video Clip)

Model On Move

CARIDEE English has a new lover. The "America's Next Top Model" winner dumped her hometown boyfriend and has taken up with fellow model Tyson Beckford. English told us at the Entertainment Weekly Upfront Party at the Bowery Hotel on Tuesday that her ex-boyfriend - whom she brought here from Fargo, ND - owes her $10,000. "He went into my bank account, took all that money and went to Las Vegas and spent it," she said. "We're over."

Christie Brinkley Dance-Dances Up a Storm

She's an Uptown Girl with some downtown moves!

As soon as Christie Brinkley set up Dance Dance Revolution on the Xbox 360 in her New York home, she and daughter Sailor, 9, have been locked in fierce competition.

"We were literally doing it for like five hours, we couldn't stop," Brinkley said. "She sent me a little text from the living room saying, 'Mommy, thank you so much for that cool, cool Xbox. You're good at it, you've got the moves.'"

Brinkley, 54, promoted the game this week as a fun aerobic workout during National Family Fitness Day at the Dunlevy Milbank Center Boys & Girls Club in Harlem.

Whitney Thompson Wins America's Next Top Model

It’s a first for America’s Next Top Model — a full-figured winner.

Whitney Thompson was named the CW show’s Cycle 10 champion Wednesday night, after competing in a final challenge — walking in a Versace runway show — against Anya.

“No matter what, I want to be a role model,” Thompson, 20, told PEOPLE at a New York City viewing of the season finale. “I hear my 13-year-old cousins say, ‘I’m so fat.’ But they’re perfect. They’re beautiful. And they’re too young to think like that.”

But getting to the top wasn’t easy for the confident beauty, who is a size 8 to 10.

“Right before I left for the show, one of my best friends said to me, ‘You’re not going to go that far. You’re fat,’” Thompson told reporters at the event, noting that the two are no longer friends. “Every week I would remember her saying that. And every week I was like, ‘In your face!’”

Top Model host and judge Tyra Banks has been outspoken about body confidence, particularly on the cover of PEOPLE magazine. Now Thompson, a student from Atlantic Beach, Fla., who calls Banks an inspiration, plans to do the same.

“Already, I have received fan mail from people — boys and girls — from all over the world, telling me how much they admire me for just standing up and saying that I have a body,” says Thompson.

Just how are these fans contacting her?

“Facebook! One of my biggest networks is Hong Kong, actually,” Thompson pointed out at the party, hosted by Seventeen magazine and the CW.

But Thompson — who won a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl, a deal with Elite Model Management, and a cover story with Seventeen — plans to pick up the phone to share the moment with a special someone.

“I have to call my mom! My parents watched the final episode at a community center that we work really closely with. There are all these little girls there,” Thompson told PEOPLE after Seventeen’s Editor in Chief Ann Shoket revealed the July issue with Thompson’s face on the cover.

But as soon as she talks to mom, Thompson wants to get to work. “I’m ready to knock down doors. I’m moving to New York. My bags are packed, I’m ready to go,” Thompson — in a military green Ingwa Melero dress — told reporters. “It’s just the beginning.”


Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosia, stopping by Luckyfish in Beverly Hills for some din-din.

Tory Story

Molly Sims, hitting the C.H.I.P.S. luncheon honoring designer Tory Burch at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

CW Picks up '90210,' Tyra Banks' 'Stylista'

With all the " Beverly Hills, 90210" casting lately, it's not a surprise that The CW has picked up the proposed spinoff.

A day before The CW's upfront presentation, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the series, which centers on three generations of a family that just moved to the famous zip code, will join the network for the fall.

Over the past weekend, it was announced that original cast member Jennie Garth will reprise her role as Kelly Taylor, who has grown up and become a guidance counselor at her alma mater, West Beverly High.

It's expected that the spinoff will get programmed for The CW's Tuesday, with a possible pairing with "How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls," which is in the running for an order as well. The show centers on the adventures of a young, Yale-educated woman (Joanna Garcia) who is hired to tutor two Palm Beach heiresses, played by the newly cast Lucy Hale ("Bionic Woman") and Ashley Newbrough. Michael Cassidy will play the woman's boyfriend.

The CW also picked up the reality show "Stylista" as a companion piece to Tyra Banks/Ken Mok's "America's Next Top Model" on Wednesdays. From the same producers, "Stylista" is a "Devil Wears Prada"-esque competition show that allows 11 ambitious assistants to taste what it's like to have heavy responsibilities at Elle magazine by helping its fashion news director Anne Slowey.

The winner will get the editorial position at Elle, a paid lease on a Manhattan apartment and a clothing allowance at H&M for a year.

Of the shows that have been on the bubble, "Reaper's" fate continues to be up in the air, although The CW did renew "The Game" for 22 episodes but canceled the critically acclaimed "Aliens in America."

With Tuesdays and Wednesdays revitalized, it's expected that The CW will keep its Mondays -- "Gossip Girl" and "One Tree Hill" -- and Thursdays -- "Smallville" and "Supernatural" -- the same. Fridays may include repeats or the comedy block, which includes "Everybody Hates Chris."

It was recently announced that Media Rights Capital (MRC) will take over the primetime programming block for Sundays, producing two comedies and two dramas.


NAOMI Campbell swanning into Nello's to hug Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana on her way to catch a flight to London.

Model: Lindsay Lohan Stole My Stuff, Too!

Lindsay Lohan's enemies are coming out of hiding in the wake of her fur-coat controversy – and now a model is rehashing her claims that Lohan stole her clothing as well.

The same week a Columbia University student insisted Lohan swiped her $11,000 blond mink coat in New York City earlier this year, model Lauren Hastings says on the Web site that Lindsay lifted thousands of dollars worth of items from her closet, Inside Edition reports.

"Basically, I have two closets, a lot of the stuff was missing out of one and the next closet was almost completely empty," Hastings says on a video featured on the buzznet site, claiming her things disappeared during an unauthorized late-night party tossed by her housesitter.

Citing five witnesses, Hastings, 23, also alleges, "They all said they saw Lindsay Lohan basically in my closet, handing a bag of clothes to her bodyguard."

In an email to PEOPLE, Lohan's rep responds: "This is all not true. It's not what it seems."

Police reportedly searched for the missing items, but they were not recovered. According to documents that Inside Edition obtained from the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, Hastings did report the theft of clothing, but the DA's office pressed no charges against Lohan, due to insufficient evidence.

Said Hastings: "I contacted Lindsay and said, 'Look, I know you stole my clothes.' She then said I was completely delusional, I was pathetic."

Paris Hilton Rocks a New Ring - from Benji Madden

Always one to keep the public talking, Paris_Hilton showed up to talk about her new hair extension line with Sally Beauty Supply wearing a notable new accessory: a two-banded diamond ring on that finger.

Asked if the baubles were an engagement ring from boyfriend Benji Madden, Hilton told PEOPLE, "No, it's just a present. He's sweet."

Still, the duo have already discussed marriage. "We want to stay together forever," she said Thursday. "I wouldn't do a Vegas [wedding]. I don't know where or when but I do want it to be romantic."

Betting that Nicole_Richie and Joel Madden will beat them to the altar, Hilton doesn't mind following in her best friend's footsteps another way, as well. "Nicole is our first friend to have a baby ... Seeing Harlow, it really makes me want one. I've always wanted to have a baby.”

Until then, she's content on practicing her mommy skills on Harlow. "I’m definitely 'Aunt Paris.' " As for Benji? "He'll babysit. I can tell he's gonna be an incredible father. He loves babies."

Benji Changed My Life in Every Way

With memories of dancing on tables in clubs still fresh in her mind, Hilton, 26, acknowledges how much she has grown since she started dating the Good Charlotte rocker four months ago.

"When I was younger I loved to go out, but now that I'm in a really great relationship it's so much more fun to stay at home," she says, "We don't really like to go out. We have game night, friends come over and play Monopoly. It's chill." She also loves pampering her man with some homemade food. "I love to cook for him, I cook great lasagna."

"I've grown up a lot. I'm at peace," she added. "He's changed my life in every way. I'm happy."

Laughing about her beau's rocker look, she says her she follows some words of advice from her dad to look past it. "My dad said you shouldn't judge a book by its cover," she said. "He doesn't act at all like someone who has tattoos everywhere! I love him so much that I don't pay attention. I don't even look at the tattoos anymore."

Gretta Monahan in, Veronica Webb out on 'Tim Gunn's Guide to Style'

Tim Gunn will "make it work" for the second season of his reality show with a new fashion accomplice by his side.

Fashion expert, personal stylist and salon/spa owner Gretta Monahan will join the "Project Runway" mentor for the upcoming season of Bravo's "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style." She replaces model Veronica Webb who aided Gunn in his freshman season.

"I've been a fan of Gretta's for awhile now -- she's on the edge of fashion with a fresh approach that resonates well with all types of women," says Gunn. "I'm thrilled to have her as my fashion accomplice."

In each episode, Gunn and Monahan will team up to help the self-proclaimed style-challenged make themselves over using Gunn's rules. Monahan will guide the women's choices on shopping challenges.

Monahan appears as a frequent "buddy" on "The Rachael Ray Show," has contributed to the "Today Show," "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and "The View" and hosts the "Gretta's Got It" fashion segment on WHDH-TV in Boston.

Her style empire, Gretta Enterprises, comprises Grettacole Salon and Spas, the fashion boutique Gretta Luxe, Grettastyle Studio in New York City and G Spa.

Heidi Klum: Seal Proposed in an Igloo

While Heidi Klum has long made public her lust-at-first-sight reaction upon initially meeting her eventual husband Seal, she's now revealing how his marriage proposal propelled her to the top of the world – literally.

"[Seal] took me by helicopter," the Project Runway host, 34, tells Marie Claire's June issue about their December 2004 vacation to the Canadian Rockies. "He had an igloo built there, and they'd brought up everything: a bed with sheets inside the igloo, rose petals everywhere, candles. Very, very romantic!"

As she goes on to describe, "There was food and champagne, and then the helicopter left. It was a little scary, too, because you're so cut off from the world. No trees, nothing – it was hardcore. But I was ecstatic."

Now, the two have two children – Henry, 2, and Johan, 17 months (Klum's daughter Leni, 4, is from a previous relationship, with Formula-One mogul Flavio Briatore) – and diverse parenting styles.

"I’m a little different in my head than he is," she says. "He takes his sweet old time. When he explains things to [the children,] he explains them."

Stars Stripped Down Shots Up for Auction

Move over, Miley Cyrus. Stars like Jennifer Hudson, Mariska Hargitay and Angie Harmon all stripped down for Allure's annual portfolio of naked stars. And Editor in Chief Linda Wells is dishing the dirt on the birthday-suit shoots.

"Stars do get surprisingly rattled," she told PEOPLE Wednesday night, during the magazine's Most Alluring Bodies silent auction in New York City. And even though they didn't all appear in Allure, nude portraits of Angelina Jolie, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss and Scarlett Johansson were donated by photographers to benefit Skin Cancer Research.

"We've had some of the most gorgeous people with the most gorgeous bodies really have a moment of crisis when they have to drop the robe," said Wells.

So have there been any major surprises during the nude photoshoots? "Some people haven't discovered the bikini wax," she said. "That was a shock. And that is a very expensive bikini wax when you're [forced to fake it] with a lot of retouching."

They also count on photoshop to keep the pictures strictly PG-13. "Because we want to be on the newsstand, we have to be careful about the raciness," Wells explained. "So we've removed nipples. Mariska Hargitay was rather surprised when she suddenly had no nipples."

In this year's portfolio, Allure also used strategically placed foliage to hide the naughty bits.

"Jennifer Hudson was really great," Wells said. "But she had a moment where she was a little taken aback and she had to wrap her mind around it. And Angie Harmon was surprisingly nervous, but then she pulled it together. They know that we want a beautiful picture. But they still have to take that robe off – they're still naked."

Russell Simmons Responds to Kimora's Divorce Filing

Russell Simmons has filed a response to his estranged wife Kimora Lee's divorce petition in a Los Angeles court Tuesday, according to documents obtained by PEOPLE.

The hip-hop mogul, whose legal papers cite irreconcilable differences, is seeking joint physical and legal custody of his and Lee's daughters, Ming, 8, and Aoki, 5. The couple married in 1998.

In her divorce filing in March, Lee, 33, requested that Simmons, 50, get "reasonable child visitation ... to be accompanied at all times by the children's nanny and security personnel."

Both parties are asking the court to deny spousal support for the other.

At the time of their initial separation in 2006, Simmon said in a statement: "Kimora and I will remain committed parents and caring friends with great love and admiration for each other."

Lee is now dating Djimon Hounsou.

Simmons's filing was first reported by


PETRA Nemcova , the supermodel who survived a tsunami by hanging onto a tree, has branched out into real estate. The Czech stunner is working with Aglow Properties to sell two apartments in the $25 million range, one at Fifth and 80th, the other on Park Avenue in the 60s. Busy Nemcova was honored by the International Renewable Energy Organization Friday at the UN for the work of her Happy Hearts Foundation. The gala was hosted by fashion mogul Paolo Zampoli, Damon Dash and Ivanka Trump.

Naomi Campbell 'Willing to Make Fun of Herself' on Ugly Betty

Naomi Campbell may be a supermodel and supermodels may be known as divas, but Campbell was anything but when she visited the set of Ugly Betty, according to one of her costars.

“She is so willing to make fun of herself,” said Michael Urie, who starred with Campbell during her guest appearance on the ABC show. “She really is awesome.”

At opening night of Palazzo’s Jersey Boys in Las Vegas, Urie admitted that he was skeptical about Campbell upon hearing of her involvement in the show — “because, you know, we’ve all heard about her,” he said — but found her to be a breath of fresh air from the beginning.

“She’s done so many interesting things in the past and she was as great as could be,” he said of the scenes where Campbell plays as an opposing softball player. “She was laughing the whole time.”

Campbell will appear on the season 2 finale along with another famous guest star — Lindsay Lohan.


Heidi Klum, showing up for the end of hubby Seal's performance at the 50th Grammy Celebration Tour presented by T-Mobile Sidekick at Avalon in L.A.


Gretchen Mol and family, having breakfast at Cafe Cluny in New York City.


IVANKA Trump strolling down Park Avenue near East 60th Street around midnight arm-in-arm with a tall, dark, handsome man

Rest That Foot

MODEL Erin Wasson has to give her heels a rest. The bones in the leggy mannequin's feet were so damaged by years of wearing only stilettos that she broke her foot shooting a running scene in the hills outside LA with Justin Timberlake for a line of shorts for William Rast. A spy said, "She continued shooting after the injury and finished the 16-hour day, but she's in a cast for a month and has to postpone all upcoming projects and work."

Gisele: America and the World's Top (Earning) Model

She may not have booked too many gigs in the New England area, but Gisele Bündchen is still the most in demand model in the other corners of the world.

The 27-year-old Brazilian stunner topped's World's Top-Earning Models list, raking in an impressive estimated $35 million in 2007, more than doubling the amount banked by second-place entity Heidi Klum, who earned just $14 million for her Seal-lovin', clover-jewelry-designin', Project Runway-hostin' ways.

Kate Moss continued to keep her nose strictly to the grindstone last year, proving herself a viable No. 3 on the moneymaking list, thanks to her endless stream of endorsement and campaign deals, as well as her Topshop line.

Victoria's Secret leggy wonder Adriana Lima and Holland honey—and face of L'Oréal—Doutzen Kroes rounded out the top five, earning $7 million and $6 million, respectively.

Tyra Banks Supports Miley Cyrus: 'She Is a 15-Year-Old!'

Don't worry, Miley Cyrus – Tyra Banks has your back.

The model-turned-talk-show host spoke out in support of the Disney star following her controversial photo flap, telling the ladies of The View on Wednesday: "She is a 15-year-old, and I just wish everybody would leave her alone!"

Banks, 34, said provocative photos can come with the territory when you're a young star, and her own mother kept a close eye on her. "There were definitely jobs they would ask me to do," she said, referring to a request for Banks to pose nude for the legendary Pirelli calendar.

But Mama said no-no.

Benji Madden Writes a Love Song for Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has become a muse to her boyfriend of two months, Benji Madden.

"He actually wrote me a beautiful song, and actually recorded it in the studio," Hilton, 27, said Monday night at the LG launch of the TV series Scarlet. "He surprised me with it. It's called, 'Shine Your Light.' It's this really beautiful love song about me. It was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me."

As Madden spent the night sharing DJ duties with pal Steve Aoki, Hilton couldn't stop gushing about the 29-year-old Good Charlotte guitarist.

"He's my best friend," she said. "He's just different from any guy that I've ever been with. I just trust him completely, and I know that he'd be there for me, no matter what."

With things going so well, could Hilton beat girlfriend Nicole Richie to the altar?

"I don't know," Hilton says with a smile, "My life's a lot different now, I'm very much at peace, and I'm so happy, and in control, and so very excited about life."


Nicky Hilton, enjoying an iced vanilla latte with no sugar at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in West Hollywood.

Everhart Busted for DUI

Too much Everclear for Everhart?

Model Angie Everhart has joined the ranks of busted celebs following an arrest for misdemeanor driving under the influence in Los Angeles early last Thursday.

Details are scarce on why cops popped the 38-year-old poser. But according to her booking sheet, she was nabbed at 2 a.m., and was taken into custody and booked for the offense at 3:06 a.m. For those keeping tabs at home, Everhart was listed at 5-foot-10 and 130 pounds.

The strutter, who until recently had the distinction of being Joe Pesci's better half, remained in police custody for seven hours, ultimately getting released at 10:05 a.m.

Everhart is due to return to court to face the alcohol-induced charges May 15.

Orlando Bloom Meets Miranda Kerr's Parents

Looks like Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are getting serious.

The actor and his Australian-born girlfriend made their first public appearance together Saturday at Sydney's Doncaster Day at Randwick Racecourse, a major horse racing event. (Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-lee Furness, also made the scene.)

But the real proof came the day before, when an unshaven Bloom, 31, met up with the Victoria's Secret model and her parents for a cozy lunch at Catalina's in Sydney's Rose Bay.

Kerr – dressed down in a grey jersey dress with brown boots – told a fellow diner that her jet-lagged beau had been "very reclusive" since arriving Down Under. "I've had to drag him out today!"

But once faced with the 'rents, it seemed Bloom perked right up – and turned on the charm. As they were leaving, the actor was spotted giving Kerr's mother a big hug.

Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton frolic at Coachella after-party

Carmen Electra showed off her fiance and black diamond engagement ring at an excluse Coachella after-party, while the Hilton sisters frolicked with their beaus.

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden arrived just before midnight Saturday, greeting DJ Steve Aoki with hugs at an airport hangar transformed into a makeshift nightclub about eight miles from the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

While Nicky Hilton and David Katzenberg held court in a corner booth at the invite-only T-Mobile Tone Def After Party, Electra and Rob Peterson wandered with their hands firmly clasped.

Electra announced her engagement to the musician on Thursday.

Paris Hilton and Madden were inseparable throughout the evening as they snapped photos of each other and friends, watched partygoers perform karaoke in the PlayStation 3 "SingStar" Lounge, and scarfed down nachos and hot dogs from food trucks parked inside the event.

During the celebration, attendees were invited to customize T-Mobile devices and Michael Stars T-shirts, receive makeup makeovers from Too Faced Cosmetics, lounge on beds underneath vintage posters, and dance to tunes provided by Aoki, Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein and "That '70s Show" actor Danny "DJ MomJeans" Masterson, who all operated from separate booths on the dance floor.

Fair Warning

CAROL Alt has a message for gals in the fashion business: Beware of male models. In her upcoming roman a clef, "This Year's Model," the cover girl's young heroine, Melody Croft, canoodles with a hunk but then rebuffs him, complaining about "men in the business . . . trying to prove they are not gay by sleeping with every woman in their sights . . . Even more frightful are the bisexuals. You can't tell which way they are going to go and I can't imagine sleeping with a guy one night who might want to sleep with my brother the next night."

Odd Couple

SPIES on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills were a little confused one recent morning when they saw Gisele Bundchen sitting in a car with Sylvester Stallone. "Tom Brady was nowhere around and there were no pa parazzi. It was an odd couple," said a source. But a pal said, "They were shooting a Volks wagen commercial for Brazil."

Clasp Gasp

WHO said stripping was easy? Dita Von Teese took the stage to perform a brand-new burlesque act Tuesday at the Angel Oransanz Foundation for her partnership with Cointreau, but had to stall a bit when a clasp on her diamond-encrusted top refused to budge. But she played it smooth, dancing until she figured out another way to get it off by unhooking the back. "It was brand-new, I'd never performed in it before," she said of the top.

Paris Hilton seeks new best pal

More than 85,000 people want to be Paris Hilton's best friend.

The 27-year-old is using the Internet to cast potential friends for her new reality show, "Paris Hilton's My New BFF." The MTV series, which begins production next month, will follow 20 contestants as they live together and vie for the chance to be Hilton's permanent plus-one.

Thousands of candidates have posted profiles and videos on in hopes of winning a spot on the show. Visitors to the site can vote for their favourites, and the top vote-getters will be added to the cast, producers said.

The site has already collected more than six million page views since it went live five weeks ago. And the heiress herself is among those checking out the daily posts.

Hilton, who also serves as the show's executive producer, took time out after an MTV business meeting to talk with The Associated Press about her public quest for friendship.


AP: Why take your search for a new best friend to the reality-TV world?

Hilton: Well I did "The Simple Life" for five seasons. I had a great time. I love reality TV. It's my favourite to watch. When I was approached with this idea I just thought it would be so much fun, being a producer on the show as well, having boys and girls move into a house all vying to be my best friend, I just thought it'd be fun and I'd also like to meet some new friends.

AP: Do you think you can find a real, lasting friendship this way? Do you have a preference of male or female?

Hilton: I just want to see the contestants and see how they are. I don't care if it's a boy or a girl, just as long as its someone I can trust, someone I can have fun with and just someone who's going to be able to like handle all the other things that are going to come with being my best friend.

AP: Like what?

Hilton: Just being in the media, just someone who's not going to care about that, just someone who cares about me.

AP: What are some of the qualities you're looking for in a new best friend?

Hilton: Just someone who's fun, someone who I can trust and just someone who, I don't know, just someone to get along with that is not going to screw me over. Just someone to have a great time with.

AP: You recently found a new best friend in Benji Madden. What are some of the challenges in finding friends you click with?

Hilton: It is hard meeting new people. Most of my friends I've had my entire life, like obviously my sister and Nicole Richie have been with me forever. So when I meet new people, I'm always a little weary of the reason they may want to become my friend. I can usually just tell by when we're out in public and there's paparazzi around, I see, you know, who gets a little bit too excited or whatever. I can tell how those people are.

AP: Because it's a show, it's possible that some contestants might be more interested in being on TV than being your best friend. How will you determine people's sincerity?

Hilton: We're at MTV right now and just going over all the challenges and different things we're going to be putting the contestants through. I can't really tell because they're all top secret.

AP: How has this experience been different from "The Simple Life" and your feature-film work?

Hilton: This is like completely different. "The Simple Life" was more fish-out-of-water, Nicole and I just doing things we've never done.

AP: What kinds of things appeal to you when you're looking at the videos on

Hilton: Just people who are fun, people who I know are going to be great on TV, people who have fun personalities, they're not shy, the people who tell their deepest secrets, people who are open to being honest and having a great time. That's what my show's about.

AP: Talk about your role as executive producer.

Hilton: Actually I was a producer of "The Simple Life" as well. Well, just being in control of everything and making all the decisions and just really being on top of everything, coming up with ideas. The casting process, with "The Simple Life" I didn't do all that, so this has been a lot of work but a lot of fun as well.

AP: What else is going on with you?

Hilton: I've just been travelling for a while and just launched my clothing line and my shoe line. I'm just getting ready for my movie - "Repo! The Genetic Opera" is coming out soon. So I'm just getting ready for that.

AP: With all your projects, do you still have time for fun?

Hilton: Not as much as I used to when I was younger. But I'm always travelling. I have a lot of businesses I run. Everything is so successful so it feels really great and I'd rather be working than doing anything else.

Naomi Campbell to appear in 'Ugly Betty' season finale

Naomi Campbell is getting "Ugly."

The supermodel will appear in the second season finale of ABC's "Ugly Betty," according to actress Becki Newton.

"She's going to be in our last episode, which is exciting," Newton told The Associated Press at the launch party for the new Sunglass Hut store design. "I've personally requested that I don't stand next to her because Amanda would not like to be seen with such a tall, pretty person."

Newtown, who stars as sassy receptionist Amanda Sommers on "Ugly Betty," isn't sure what character Campbell will play or if she'll actually have scenes with the 37-year-old supermodel, who was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of assaulting an officer after police were called to a disturbance at Heathrow Airport in London.

Campbell was originally announced as a guest star last year but didn't appear in the first season or the beginning of the second season, which was cut short because of the writers' strike. Other "Ugly Betty" guest stars have included Victoria Beckham and Gene Simmons, who played himself and was revealed to be Amanda's father. Newton said Simmons will reprise his role in an upcoming episode.

ABC had previously announced the series will return for a third season.

Kim Kardashian: 'No Love Lost' with Paris

What’s a little “cottage cheese” between friends? Nothing more than a snack, according to Kim Kardashian.

“We spoke and it’s all fine,” Kardashian told PEOPLE Tuesday night when asked if she had talked with her pal Paris Hilton since the heiress called Kardashian’s backside “cottage cheese” in a recent interview.

“No love lost,” the star of E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, 27, said. “She’s a great girl. I love her.”

Hanging with sister Khloe and brother Robert at Kanye West’s Absolut 100 concert after-party, at Hollywood club Goa where, coincidentally, Hilton also hung with her boyfriend, Benji Madden, Kardashian was relaxed after wrapping her second season and vacationing in Mexico.

“We just came back from a good vacation,” Kardashian said, adding that her boyfriend of a year, NFL player Reggie Bush, joined the family on holiday and their relationship is “great, really good, thank you.”

Asked if she and Bush want to settle down, Kardashian says, “Of course we do … We don’t think too far ahead, but we have a really good time together."

Her sister Khloe has her opinion on that, too. “I hope [they get married], I love Reggie. I think they complement each other. But I still think it’s early, I don’t know. People want to rush everything. She’s amazing. She’s so mature, she’s so the girl that’s like a one-guy person. That takes a teamwork thing. They have to grow together. It’s like a serious step.”

Paris & Benji Celebrate Two-Month Anniversary

She may be back from touring the world with Good Charlotte, but Paris Hilton is still Benji Madden's No. 1 fan.

"He's definitely different than any guy I've ever been with," the heiress told PEOPLE at the Belvedere Vodka "Jagger Dagger" party in L.A. Monday night. "He makes me feel really happy, comfortable and really in love."

In fact, the two recently celebrated their two-month anniversary.

"I made dinner and we watched movies," she said. "And then my girlfriend had a birthday party so we played laser tag – it was really cool."

Now the two are readjusting to life in L.A. after all their time on the road. "It's great," she said. "I think the way it works so well is that we're best friends and we totally trust each other and we're in love and we have an amazing time together."

Does she have any personal highlights from the tour? "We went to pretty much every country around Europe but the best time was probably in South Africa, in Cape Town, being on the safari," she said. "We both love animals so that was a pretty incredible experience."

And while Hilton admits it's "a lot of fun" dating best friend Nicole Richie's brother, she said there's no double wedding in the works.

"No!" she insisted with a laugh. But, she added, "We're really happy right now."

Get Giselle and Scarlett Naked!

Wanna go home with a nearly naked Scarlett Johansson or Gisele Bündchen?

Photos of the these glamorous beauties in various states of undress will be up for auction on May 7 during Allure magazine’s “Most Alluring Bodies” exhibit at Skylight in New York City.

Regan Cameron’s photo of Bündchen features the Brazilian beauty topless in jeans and a big floppy hat. But don’t go gettin’ all excited: She poses with her back to the camera.

As for Johansson, Annie Leibowitz captured the starlet lying on a couch in a pair of underwear and a beaded top. Also up for grabs is a never-before-seen shot by photographer Eve Arnold of Marilyn Monroe on the set of The Misfits.

The auction, hosted by Allure Editor-in-Chief Linda Wells, kicks off Skin Cancer Awareness Month and benefits New York University’s Interdisciplinary Melanoma Cooperative Group.


Heidi Klum, riding the trolley at the Grove shopping mall in L.A. with sons Henry and Johan.

Paris and Benji Still Going Strong

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are finally back from their monthlong trip overseas—where they visited Africa, Germany and England, among other countries—and wasting no time getting back into the Hollywood swing of things.

The jet-setting duo hit Jade Jagger's dinner party at Chateau Marmont Monday night to celebrate Belvedere's Jagger Dagger. Mick's daughter designed a custom dagger worth $250,000 used to crack ice blocks to make special Belvedere cocktails. Slightly ridiculous, yes, but a party hosted by a Rolling Stones progeny does bring out the stars and socialites.

Paris (in a gold sequined dress from Jade's Jezebel line) and Benji arrived hand in hand shortly before dinner began at 9, and she was happy to talk about her new man and their travels together:

"We make it work so well because we're best friends and we totally trust each other," Paris told reporters. "We're in love, and we have an amazing time all the time together."

The globetrotting girl also dished on what it's like to date the twin brother of BFF Nicole Richie's fiancé: "It's a lot of fun, because we're best friends and we have the same taste in guys," Paris told us. "And they're basically the same,'s a lot of fun."

Paris didn't rule out the thought of a permanent union with Benji. "He's definitely different than any guy I've ever been with. He makes me feel really happy and comfortable, and I'm really in love," she gushed. Just don't expect to get an invite to joint nuptials between Paris and Benji and Nicole and Joel—she said she definitely wouldn't do a double wedding. Guess some things are even too tacky for Paris to consider.

Also at the dinner party: Jonah Hill, Nicky Hilton and David Katzenberg, Rachel Zoe and Kim Stewart.


ALAN Cumming, Ed Burns and Christy Turlington hobnobbing with artist Paula Rego at her opening at Marlborough in Chelsea.

We Hear...

THAT Philip Bloch is hosting a Marchesa fashion show and food tasting at Roseland Ballroom tomorrow for St. Jude's Cancer Research for Children with Iman.

Supermodel's Superkindness

THERE were apparently no hard feelings for hot-headed hottie Naomi Campbell Saturday when she reunited with the police officers who arrested her at London's Heathrow airport earlier this month. Instead of hitting, spitting or kicking, Campbell decided to kill them with kindness, smiling broadly as she chatted with two officers while leaving a departure lounge. But Campbell did have her bag in tow. Officials said she went ballistic April 3 before a British Airways flight to Los Angeles when one of her luggage pieces apparently got lost. She was abusive to the airline staff and then spat on one of the bobbies trying to calm her down, a London Metropolitan Police source said.

On Brother!

Paris Hilton's stupid ideas just got stupider. The heirhead, who is dating Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, now wants to have a double wedding with best friend Nicole Richie, who is engaged to Madden's brother Joel. Hilton, who is not even engaged to Benji, said she wants to do it in order to sell the pictures from the wedding and thinks she could rake in millions, said one pal. "She's doing it all for attention, as usual," said the friend. "It's a publicity stunt, just like everything else." Hilton's rep said, "Not true whatsoever."

Model Shop Loses Star, Sues

ELITE Model Management has filed suit against rival Next Models for allegedly stealing its talent - in particular, up-and-coming face Karlie Klosshave. Elite is picking up models left and right, such as Brazilian Victoria's Secret model Ana Beatriz Barros (who left Next) and model/heiress Lydia Hearst (who left 1 Model Management), but it isn't taking the loss of Klosshave lying down. The suit claims Next offered her "improper compensation" to lure her. A source said, "Elite is especially angry because they are the agency responsible for launching her career." The suit claims Next has also "poached through improper means" other Elite models. It cites a February 2006 New York Post article in which Next co-owner Joel Wilkenfeld acknowledged, "These things happen in our business." Wilkenfeld told Page Six he hadn't seen a copy of the suit and therefore had no comment.

We Hear...

THAT Dita Von Teese will unveil a performance at the launch party for her partner ship with Cointreau at the Angel Orensanz Foundation on Tuesday

Naomi Campbell: Now I'm Boycotting British Air

That Naomi Campbell—always looking out for the little guy. Aside from the ones on her payroll, that is.

The tempestuous supermodel is claiming to have turned the tables on British Airways, announcing that she will be boycotting the airline that reportedly banned her earlier this month due to its "complete disrespect for the passengers."

Campbell, at least, knows from disrespect, having been arrested at London's Heathrow Airport earlier this month after spitting on an airport officer who was attempting to intervene in an altercation over a missing piece of luggage.

As a result of the terminal hijinks, B.A. reportedly banned Campbell. While the airline never officially confirmed the ban, Campbell has been spouting off in the Brazilian media that B.A. is desperate to have her back on board.

"Someone from B.A. called me and asked that I return to fly with them, but this will not occur so early," the 37-year-old grudge-holder said Wednesday. "They didn't find my bag—said it wasn't in the system—and there was a complete disrespect for the passengers.

"I am not speaking for myself. I am speaking for all those who have been disrespected."

But a B.A. rep took issue with Campbell's claims, telling London's Evening Standard newspaper: "We are not aware of any pleading phone calls to Ms. Campbell."

Campbell landed in Rio de Janeiro on Monday—via Brazil's TAM Airlines—to help bring awareness to the nation's dengue fever epidemic.


MODEL May Andersen thinks every event is about her. Tuesday afternoon, she was at the Chopard store on Madison Avenue judging an ASPCA dog competition, but our spy said, "she was so confused. Nobody was directing her and she seemed really nervous. She just started posing on these super tiny doggie steps and getting her picture taken." A rep for the event said, "May was very sweet to the dogs," noting that she completed her judging duties. The winning puppy will be honored at the Plaza tonight. Andersen's rep denies the story.

Naomi: Ba Really Loves Me

TEMPER-tantrum twit Naomi Campbell, who's not known for having a good relationship with the truth, is making things up again. Campbell, banned from British Airways flights after she allegedly spat at a cop over missing luggage at Heathrow, claims airline officials have pleaded with her to fly with them again, but she's refused because of their "complete disrespect for passengers." That comes as news to the airline. "We are not aware of any pleading phone calls to Ms. Campbell," an insider told London's Evening Standard. Meanwhile, the supermodel, trying to repair her image as a deranged hothead, flew to Brazil - in the middle of a mosquito-borne dengue outbreak - to try and give blood at a blood drive, but was turned away because she underwent surgery in February. Campbell, who blamed her arrest at Heathrow on racism, could face up to six months in the slammer.

Sole Mate

YOU could say Dita Von Teese is really into feet. A few weeks ago, a raunchy porn video of Marilyn Manson's ex-wife, in which she makes love to a stiletto, showed up on the Web. Now, Dita's one of the stars of Taschen's new foot-fetish photo book, "Glamour From the Ground Up," by snapper Ed Fox, showing off her tender tootsies as well as her naked body. Fox writes: "The attractions of the foot, like the rest of a woman's body, are intriguing and a mystery. I really don't know why."

We Hear...

THAT Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. are putting Quattro Gastronomia Italiana, a South Beach-based restaurant, into the Trump Soho.

Hutton's Heroics

LAUREN Hutton not only still looks good, but she rescues people, too. The former supermodel was sitting in the waiting area of the United Airlines terminal at JFK airport Monday afternoon, awaiting a flight to LA, when she saw an old woman lean against an unstable wall. "The woman fell to the ground and looked like she could really have been injured," said our spy. "A crowd formed around her, but Lauren immediately stepped forward, pulled her up and asked her if she was OK. And by the way, Lauren looked radiant." Both the older woman and Hutton ended up boarding the plane and sitting only a row apart.

Paris Hilton's Parents: Benji Already Like Family

Last week Paris Hilton took to the Web to announce her loving feelings for boyfriend Benji Madden – and now her parents are gushing the same sentiments.

They also have given him the green light to join the clan, says the socialite's mother.

"This has honestly become the real thing," Kathy Hilton, 49, tells Vegas Luxe Life blog. "It's a great love match, and I have a funny feeling it's going to go all the way, and we've already given it our approval."

Added husband Rick Hilton, 52, about the Good Charlotte rocker: "He's the perfect example of 'don't judge a book by its cover.' He's polite, well mannered – even calls me sir. We love him like family already."

Paris, 27, and Benji, 29, returned to the U.S. after a month of touring Europe and South Africa with Madden's band. Since getting together in February, the couple have rarely left each other's sides and wear rings on their engagement fingers of the other's initials.

"Their life has never been better," Kathy Hilton tells Robin Leach, who wrote the Vegas Luxe Life blog. "We agree with Paris that he is an amazing guy... He's changed her life, and I really think she's genuinely in love for the first time."

Brazil says `no' to Naomi Campbell's blood - for now

Naomi Campbell wants to give blood to help fight a dengue fever epidemic, but Brazilian officials won't take it yet.

The British supermodel arrived at the HemoRio medical center Tuesday to take part in a blood drive, but was turned away. Officials there say she needs to wait longer after having surgery in February to remove a cyst.

An outbreak of mosquito-borne dengue fever has infected more than 75,000 people in Rio de Janeiro state this year and killed at least 80.

Campbell often visits Brazil, and Rio Mayor Cesar Maia has invited her to be a goodwill ambassador for the city.

Hot For Mom

FORGET Adriana Lima - power lesbians love her mother, Maria. Saturday night, the Brazilian supermodel visited the "This Is Burlesque" girlie show, hosted by drag "king" Murray Hill, at Corio on West Broadway - but Hill ignored the mannequin in favor of her mom. "Adriana was wearing a sexy wrap dress and came with her mom, whom Murray was enchanted with," said our spy. Hill spent the night making repeated comments to Maria, with Lima having to translate.

Barbie Barf

Paris Hilton's new reality show should be called "I Want To Be Paris Hilton" . Heirhead wannabes lined up Tuesday at Nikki Beach in New York for Hilton's new MTV reality series, "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" and it wasn't pretty. "It looked like Barbie threw up in there," said our spy. "All the girls looked like versions of Donatella Versace. They all had bleached blond hair, too-dark tans and were wearing tight, shiny dresses. All the guys that were there were gay. The whole thing was so bizarre." Casting directors had sent out a notice saying they were looking for "hot bitches and fierce guys" for the show.

Paris Says She's 'In Love' with Benji Madden

Well that didn't take long. After less than two months of dating, Paris Hilton – whose romance with rocker Benji Madden blossomed seemingly overnight – is ready to use the l-word.

"I've never felt so happy and in love," she declared in a post on her MySpace Celebrity blog Tuesday. "He's such an amazing guy and life has never been better."

For the past month the hotel heiress, 27, has been touring – hitting Europe and Africa – with Madden and his band, Good Charlotte.

"It's so much fun going to their shows every night, I now know every song by heart," Hilton wrote. "All the guys in the band are so cool and sweet and it's been such an amazing and memorable experience."

To fully express her joy, the former Simple Life star relies heavily on her favorite punctuation mark: the exclamation point.

Among her revelations?

• "I love Good Charlotte, they rock!!"

• "I cannot wait to start shooting [my new reality show]!! It's going to be a blast!!"

• "I love Canada!!"


CHRISTIE Brinkley lunching at Connolly's at 47th and Park and waving at some admiring members of Steamfitters Local 638, who declared her "absolutely stunning."

Organ Seizure

SHE underwhelmed the world with "The Hottie and the Nottie," but Paris Hilton keeps on plugging away at her "movie career." Her next flick is "Repo! The Genetic Opera," directed by Darren Lynn Bousman ("Saw II, III and IV") and co-starring Paul Sorvino, Alexa Vega and Sarah Brightman. The plot involves a biotech company which supplies organs for transplant, then sends out ruthless repo men to take them back when their recipients fall behind in their payments.

British Airways Clips Naomi's Wings

BA is calling BS on Naomi Campbell's airport antics.

In the wake of the supermodel's arrest at London's Heathrow Airport last week, reports out of the U.K. claim that British Airways has issued a lifetime ban against the assault-prone catwalker.

"All incidents of abusive or disruptive behavior towards fellow passengers or staff are taken extremely seriously and will not be tolerated," the airline said in a statement Tuesday, adding that it was policy not to specifically comment on individual passengers.

"We deal with cases on an individual basis and take appropriate action where necessary."

A publicist for the 37-year-old stunner, meanwhile, asked why can't everyone just get along.

"Naomi has been flying with BA for nearly 30 years and has been a good customer," Campbell's publicist said. "She hopes this can be resolved amicably."

The Los Angeles-bound poser was hauled out of the first-class cabin of a BA flight Thursday after an argument with an airline attendant over a missing piece of luggage devolved into the model allegedly spitting on an intervening police officer. She was on suspicion of assaulting the officer.

What remained of her luggage was removed from the plane, and Campbell was held in custody for several hours before posting bail.

The A-list barring would not be a first for the airline, which already established itself as a no-fly zone for Snoop Dogg. The rapper got the lifetime cold shoulder after he and his entourage started a fight in British Airways' first-class lounge at Heathrow Airport back in April 2006.

Moss tops Glamour fashion list, Minogue tumbles

British supermodel Kate Moss has regained her crown at the top of Glamour magazine's annual best-dressed women list, replacing 2007 winner Kylie Minogue who slumped to 19th this year.

Moss, 34, dominated the list before the Australian pop star overtook her, but Minogue's fashion choices during the past 12 months have been too "outlandish" for many voters' tastes, a spokesman for the magazine said.

Behind Moss was British actress Sienna Miller in second place, followed by U.S. actresses Scarlett Johansson, Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Aniston in third, fourth and fifth places respectively.

"Kate's back with a vengeance," said Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour, of the poll decided by Glamour readers. "Her maverick approach to fashion is an inspiration and shows us all how to be a little more daring and experimental."

Minogue's slide was partly blamed on her appearance on television talent show the X Factor wearing a figure-hugging lace catsuit that divided viewers and fashion watchers.

Topping the worst-dressed list in Glamour this year was U.S. singer Britney Spears. Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was voted ninth worst-dressed of 2008, but also came 10th in the best-dressed list.

Full Circle

NICKY Hilton doesn't need a reality show to find a new best friend. Hilton was spotted getting chummy with "The Hills" star Whitney Port, and LA sources say it's because their boyfriends are best friends. Port has found love in Ashley Olsen's sloppy seconds, a k a former Columbia University quarterback Matt Kaplan. Kaplan is friendly with Hilton's beau David Katzenberg from the days when he dated Ashley's sister, Mary-Kate. The foursome partied at the hot spot Villa Thursday night.

Dubious Fate

FIRST, Paris Hilton turns to MTV to find her a new best friend. Now she won't even be there when the unlucky guy or gal is chosen. Hopefuls have been vying for online votes for the part, but on Tuesday two casting directors from Doron Ofir will be at Nikki Beach in New York looking over people who audition for the part. They'll then move on to other cities for more auditions and to cast "hot bitches and fabulously fierce guys, who are at least the age of 21 and appear under 30," for the 10-episode show, called, "Paris Hilton's My New BFF."

Nude Bruni, fashion feature in NY photo auction

A nude photo of French first lady Carla Bruni, rare Diane Arbus prints and landscapes by Ansel Adams go on auction at Christie's next week.

Bruni's portrait, taken during her modeling days in 1993 by photographer Michel Comte, has attracted attention since she married French President Nicolas Sarkozy in February.

It is expected to fetch between $3,000 and $4,000 when it goes on the block on Thursday.

The photo is among some 140 images from German collector Gert Elfering. His collection also features work by Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton and Peter Beard.

Four other photography auctions will take place on Thursday and Friday. They include collections by Arbus, known for her black and white portraits of people on the fringe of society, and Adams, the influential landscape photographer.

"The focus of Gert's collection has always been the great editorial photographers of the last half century, particularly in the world of fashion, celebrity, icons of beauty," Philippe Garner, Christie's international head of photos, said on Friday.

A portrait of 1950s and 1960s French screen siren Brigitte Bardot by Avedon was expected to sell for between $80,000 and $120,000.

Newton's photo of jewelry designer Elsa Peretti dressed in a Playboy bunny outfit and leaning on a New York terrace was valued at between $40,000 and $60,000.

Fifty-one Arbus pictures go on the block on Thursday. The collection includes a photo of three Russian midgets in a living room, and portraits of people taken on the streets of New York.

Mural-sized Adams landscapes including a dramatic image of a storm clearing over Yosemite National Park in California will be sold as part of an auction of 122 images on Friday.

The prints are from a California-based company that had amassed the largest private collection of Adams' work.

Naomi Campbell Free After Allegedly Assaulting Cop

Watch out. Naomi Campbell has been set loose.

The supermodel with the notorious anger management problem is out on bail after being arrested Thursday night (April 3) for allegedly assaulting a police officer at London's Heathrow airport.

Apparently, Heathrow's Terminal 5 for British Airways has had its share of luggage hassles ever since it opened its state-of-the-art facility last week, where more than 20,000 pieces of luggage have gotten mired there. Campbell's camp claims that a lost bag is at the root of Thursday's disturbance.

"Naomi was flying to Los Angeles for a memorial service on Thursday, April 3rd," says her rep in a statement. "She arrived at Heathrow Terminal 5 in plenty of time, checked her two bags in and was told they would make the flight. [On board,] she was told one bag could not be found and was missing. BA decided to resolve this by insisting she leave the flight and then called the police to forcibly eject her."

An unidentified airport source tells People a different story.

"She was really obnoxious when she arrived at the check-in and because of that, they didn't let her into the VIP lounge," says the source, adding that Campbell then tried to board with two large, hand-held bags. "She was asked to have the second bag checked in and that set her off. The aircrew had to call police. She threw a few things around the cabin and then spat at the cops."

An officer confirms the incident: "They tried to calm her but she lashed out at the cops, too. The last straw was spitting."

Campbell was released on bail shortly after midnight on Friday, April 4. She is due back at Heathrow within the next six weeks to see if she will face a trial.

The 37-year-old supermodel is famous for losing her temper and throwing her cell phone at her housekeeper. She pleaded guilty to the telephonic assault and was ordered to attend anger management classes and perform five days of community service.

Campbell recently appeared as a guest on Bravo's "Make Me a Supermodel," which concluded its freshman season last night.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell arrested

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been arrested at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 for allegedly spitting at a police officer, Sky News television reported Thursday.

A London Metropolitan Police spokesman said a woman was arrested at the terminal for an assault on police, but refused to disclose her identity or give her age. The spokesman spoke on condition of anonymity in line with force policy.

BAA PLC, the company that runs Heathrow, did not immediately return a call seeking comment Thursday.

British Airways PLC, the terminal's sole occupant, referred questions to BAA.

Campbell, a British fashion model, has a history of getting physical with assistants and employees and has attended an anger management program.

In 2000, Campbell pleaded guilty in Toronto to an assault charge for beating an assistant while making a film in Canada in 1998. Under an agreement with prosecutors, Campbell expressed remorse and was released without punishment or a criminal record.

In January 2007, Campbell pleaded guilty to misdemeanour assault for throwing her mobile phone at her maid in a dispute over a missing pair of jeans.

'Earl' wakes up with Paris Hilton

Earl J. Hickey and Paris Hilton? Seems like an odd combination.

Then again, they both need redemption!

Hilton will guest-star tonight in a special one-hour episode of the sitcom My Name is Earl, on Global and NBC. It's the first new episode of My Name is Earl, which stars Jason Lee in the title role, since the writers' strike in the United States.

The episode tonight is titled, "I Won't Die With a Little Help From My Friends."

As you'll recall, when we last saw Earl, he was lying in the middle of the road next to Billie (Alyssa Milano), both of whom were unconscious after being hit by cars. Tonight, the accident has put Earl in a coma which takes him to an alternate sitcom world, and that's how Paris enters the picture.

Paris Hilton faces Cdn. border rules

Paris Hilton will have to give at least one autograph before she sets a dainty foot in Canada this weekend - on a request to enter the country submitted to the Canada Border Services Agency.

That's because the ex-con's record isn't limited to her self-titled debut album, "Paris," which came out in 2006.

A misdemeanour traffic violation led to a criminal conviction for the 27-year-old celebrity that resulted in her spending 22 days behind bars last year.

"The record still stands," said deputy sheriff Oscar Butao of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. "That doesn't come off unless she gets it expunged by the judge. It still stands."

Hilton is due to appear at a downtown Montreal Brown's shoe store on Saturday to peddle her line of shoes - "Paris Hilton Footware" - which includes platforms, stilettos, flats, wedges, and sporty styles. The first 200 people to make a purchase will get an autograph.

A spokeswoman for the event was not immediately available for comment.

Robert Gervais, a spokesman for the Canada Border Services Agency, says Hilton will have to apply for a permit to enter Canada because she has served time. He says she can do it at one of Canada's consulates in the United States or at the embassy in Washington, D.C.

The model and actress can also do it at the border.

"People who do have a criminal record can be refused admission to Canada," Gervais said, citing changes made to immigration laws in 2002. He wouldn't comment on Hilton's case specifically, although he noted "she has entered before."

That trip - to visit a Montreal club last September - could make it easier for Hilton but she still has to follow the process.

"It's applied uniformly based on the information that we have on the individual who seeks entry to Canada," Gervais said.

Border officials look at the severity of the offence and the applicant's reasons for entering Canada when deciding on whether they'll grant a permit.

The sharing of computerized information and increased vigilance since Sept. 11, 2001, have led to more than 18,000 U.S. citizens with criminal records being turned back since 2003.

The Canada Border Services Agency has said that number has declined gradually in recent years. Some 3,430 people were turned away among 28.9 million visitors in 2006, compared with 5,876 who were denied entry among 35.5 million visitors in 2003.


SELITA Ebanks snuggling with her Giants beau Osi Umenyiora at Marquee after blowing out the candles on her 25th birthday cake


CALLING all loaded lads: New York's hottest bachelorette, Ivanka Trump, is back on the market. We noticed Trump - who had been dating real estate mogul and New York Observer owner Jared Kushner for almost a year - was flying solo at a few recent soirees, and friends of the couple confirmed yesterday to Page Six that the power couple are no longer together. "It was mutual," said one pal. Another added, "It's a sad thing." Neither had a response for Page Six.

Prefers Celebs

BRUCE Willis' new girlfriend, model Emma Heming , is addicted to famous men just like model Rhea Durham - who, before she permanently hooked up with Mark Wahlberg, was linked to Ben Stiller and Stephen Dorff. Heming is a "serial celebrity dater," our source said, who "used to date Sean Combs, Brent Bolthouse and John Stamos before she hooked up with Bruce." As some moms used to tell their daughters, it's just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one.

Andy Roddick Engaged to Swimsuit Model

It's love - love for Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker – they're engaged!

The tennis star is officially off the market after popping the question to Decker last Tuesday, sources, including Decker's rep, confirm to PEOPLE.

On Roddick's official Web site,, a statement tells fans, "The couple wanted to tell their family and close friends first but good news travels fast. By the time Andy arrived in Miami for the Sony Ericsson Open, the tournament was bustling with the news."

The pair, who have been dating since 2007, first met after Roddick, 25, asked his agent to track down a number for Decker, 20, a model who has appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

"With their hectic travel schedules, Andy and Brooklyn plan to enjoy their engagement and will wait to set a wedding date," adds Roddick's online statement.

Dita Gets Paid

DITA Von Teese is victorious. The exotic dancer just collected on the $25,000 she was owed by a London trade show that hired her to do her infamous strip tease in six shows last year. When Von Teese sued Erotica Limited for stiffing her last week, the firm stepped up and wired her the money the very next day. "They paid up, you can call that a win," said her lawyer, Keith Fink, who had filed the papers in an LA court. "They never gave a rea son why they weren't paying. They were certainly happy with her, they wanted to book her again this year."

Adriana Lima Brings Out Marko Jaric's Romantic Side

Minnesota Timberwolves star Marko Jaric is over the moon about his relationship with Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima. But don't believe rumors that he's shopping for engagement rings. At least, not yet.

The couple have been dating for the last six months, but Jaric says he was perplexed by a Web-based rumor about his checking out the local jewelry store for the big stone.

"I am not shopping right now," Jaric, 29, tells PEOPLE. "But I could start tomorrow. I am that close. I'm definitely not yet engaged, but it doesn't mean we're not thinking about it."

At that point, the entire process may come as a surprise. "I would rather keep that my own secret," says Jaric. "It's a life decision ... a private thing."

The stoic Serb admits he's not normally romantic, but being with the Brazilian supermodel, 26, has changed him. "I was not the person to fall in love easily. I am a difficult person from that standpoint," he says. "Now, it's a little different situation."

We Hear...

THAT the Brazilian models who posed in bikinis for the upcoming Cabana Cachaca ad campaign shot by Mario Sorrenti will have their faces cropped out.


ELLE Macpherson leaving Revlon's Park Avenue office, after being named its new global brand ambassador.

Paris Hilton happy to be role model for girls

Paris Hilton, the celebrity and hotel heiress who spent a stint in jail last year, said on Thursday she sees herself as a role model for young women as she prepared to judge a contest to crown Miss Turkey.

Hilton, who will sit on a jury to select Miss Turkey 2008, said she valued not only beauty but also "good heart" when looking at the contestants' attributes.

"This is my first time judging anything like this," she told Reuters. "I'm going to look at how the girls carry themselves, what they look like, the way they dress and what they say."

It might seem ironic that Hilton, 27, sees herself as a role model and is judging what other women will say about their lives and futures. She starred in U.S. reality TV show "The Simple Life" portraying herself as a rich girl overcome by the boring routine of daily, middle-class life.

Hilton earned a lot of unwanted publicity in 2003 after an amateur sex video of her hit the Internet, and spent three weeks in a Los Angeles last year in a drunken driving case.

But her name is used to sell a host of products around the world and she is followed by paparazzi.

Hilton said 90 percent of stories about her in the media are "complete lies," and she blamed the numerous bloggers on the Internet for spreading misinformation.

"I don't pay attention to lies because I am a good person, I work very hard and I've built this empire on my own. I think this is an inspiration for a lot of girls out there."

Asked if she was happy to be seen as a role model by girls, Hilton said: "Yes."

Hilton, whose grandfather Barron Hilton decided to donate 97 percent of his $2.3 billion wealth to charity, said she did not have any hard feelings about his decision, which many presumed would drastically reduce her future inheritance.

"It won't affect me anyway," she said. "My grandfather is an incredible man. He is very generous. And what he is doing is amazing."

Hilton's latest project is a show on MTV in which people will compete to be her friend. "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" (best friend forever) is set to air on the U.S. cable network later this year.

"I obviously have a lot of friends already, but I just thought it would make great TV show," she said. "You know, most of my friends are from Hollywood. They are kind a jaded a little bit. We are going to be meeting people from all around the world."

Paris Hilton Belly Dances in Turkey

Paris Hilton shook what her mama gave her in Turkey on Thursday, when she got onstage during the Miss Turkey 2008 contest in Istanbul, where she was a jury member helping to judge the contestants.

In a YouTube video, the heiress is seen twirling, clapping and shaking her hips along with a Turkish belly dancer. Hilton gamely follows along with the other dancer, but looks slightly relieved to get back to her seat at the end of the number.

Before the contest Hilton, 27, told Reuters, "This is my first time judging anything like this. I'm going to look at how the girls carry themselves, what they look like, the way they dress and what they say."

Helena Christensen Steps Out with Interpol Rocker

It's official: Helena Christensen isn't dating Josh Hartnett – she's getting cozy with Interpol lead singer Paul Banks.

The two were seen kissing and holding hands Wednesday night at the launch of Tocca Vintage at Butik, her store in New York's West Village.

Though she was tight-lipped about her mysterious date, it didn't stop her from sneaking kisses with him the entire evening. She told PEOPLE, "I don't talk about my private life, I've learned from all the other very smart artists out there."

Guess she doesn't know that seeing is believing: She's also been easy to spot near the stage at recent Interpol shows.

Anna Nicole's Privates Probed

First Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton find out they're related to Brangelina. Now, it turns out the presidential contenders have something in common with Anna Nicole Smith.

Government snoops have peeked at their private information.

According to published reports, an internal State Department review has added the late Playboy Playmate's name to the list of high-profile Americans who have had their passport files accessed by staffers since January 2007. The news was first reported by the Associated Press.

However, it's not yet known whether such incidents were the result of curiosity or perhaps more sinister motives (cue the conspiracy theorists), or whether the person or persons looking at the computerized files had a legitimate purpose.

News of the potential breach comes one week after revelations surfaced that prying eyes had unlawfully viewed the passport information of Democratic presidential contenders Obama and Clinton and presumptive Republican nominee John McCain without proper approval.

U.S. passports typically contain such vital stats as date and place of birth, Social Security number, age and a complete list of the foreign countries a person has traveled during the time the passport is active. The files may also contain additional info such as marriages overseas, arrest warrants, court orders and the like.

Unauthorized access can pose a serious risk of fraud by identity thieves and cause other credit headaches.

Smith, whose real name was Vicki Lynn Marshall, was lumped in with the names of approximately 500 other American citizens whose files have been secretly flagged for extra security precautions given their high visibility as a public figure. Such people have included politicos, athletes and celebrities.

To search her electronic file, State Department employees and contractors must have a valid reason. Once a passport file is opened, an automatic notification alerts supervisors who may conduct a further investigation if one is warranted.

In Smith's case, a State Department rep says that officials in the Bahamas apparently made a lawful request for private information from the file to finish writing her death certificate.

Smith had taken up residence in the Caribbean island nation before she died of an accidental drug overdose in February, five months after the accidental drug death of her 20-year-old son Daniel. The Bahamas has since become the final resting place for both.

The State Department's internal watchdog is continuing its review to determine the extent and seriousness of the breaches.

In the presidential candidates' instances, the inspector general has said the privacy violations occurred as the result of "imprudent curiosity." Two contractors were eventually fired, while a third was given a warning.

Paris & Benji Bond with Big Game in Africa

She wore camouflage, but Paris Hilton couldn't hide from the cheetah or any other big game animals while staying on a luxury safari lodge in South Africa this week.

The heiress, who has a penchant for wearing animal prints and accumulating pets, and boyfriend Benji Madden encountered lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and rhinos at the elite Aquila Private Game Reserve near Cape Town.

"Paris and Benji said it was the greatest experience they'd ever had," owner Searl Derman told PEOPLE. "Paris said that although she had traveled the world, waking up to the roar of lions was unique."

Although camping outdoors, the city slickers hardly had to rough it. When not bonding with the cats, they could enjoy their air-conditioned accommodations or take an ATV ride.

Kimora files for divorce from Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons has already moved on but she took steps to make it official by filing for divorce from her husband of seven years, entertainment mogul Russell Simmons.

Although the couple separated in March 2006, Kimora Lee Simmons just filed divorce papers Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. The 32-year-old Baby Phat fashion designer and reality-TV star cited irreconcilable differences.

She and Russell Simmons, 50, have two daughters: eight-year-old Ming Lee and five-year-old Aoki Lee. Kimora Lee Simmons is seeking legal and physical custody of the children. She requested Russell Simmons be granted "reasonable child visitation...accompanied at all times by the children's nanny and security personnel."

Russell Simmons co-founded Def Jam records and created Phat Farm clothing and HBO's "Def Comedy Jam."

Kimora Lee Simmons has been dating actor Djimon Honsou.


"I LOVE Africa in general, South Africa and West Africa. They are both great countries" - Paris Hilton proving to the media in South Africa that she never passed geography

Alleged Tyra Stalker Back on Streets

Guests aren't the only ones getting surprises on The Tyra Banks Show. The host is, too.

A Georgia man accused of stalking the supermodel chat-show host was arrested last Tuesday after paying multiple unwanted visits to the New York studio that houses Banks' show.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Brady Green, the 37-year-old has reportedly been stalking the star since early January and has attempted to contact the daytime fixture numerous times—appearing at her Los Angeles studio, making repeated phone calls and sending multiple letters to her workplace and even having flowers delivered at her studio.

He was ultimately busted by NYPD officers last week at her Manhattan TV studio after hopping a bus from his home state to New York.

According to cops, he arrived at the studio at 4:20 p.m., requesting to speak personally with Banks and toting with him a large duffel bag filled with both magazine clips of the star and notes written to himself cataloging his various attempts at contact.

Cops were called to the studio and escorted Green off the premises; however, Green was spotted back outside the studio just three hours later. Cops once again returned to the scene, this time making the arrest.

Green, who according to the New York Post first told police he was homeless, was charged with two counts of stalking, harassment and criminal trespass. He pleaded not guilty to all three charges in Manhattan Criminal Court the following day and was subsequently released by the judge on his own recognizance.

A restraining order has since been placed against Green on behalf of Banks, who told the Manhattan District Attorney's office she felt she was "in fear of physical injury, serious physical injury or death."

Should Green be convicted of the most serious charge against him, stalking in the third degree, he could face up to one year in prison. It's unclear if Green remains in New York.

Regardless, Green's recent arrest isn't his first run-in with the law.

In 2006, he pleaded guilty to felony pot-selling and was sentenced to two years' probation. One month after the felony bust, Green was arrested in his hometown of Dublin, Ga., on an obstruction charge, which was shortly thereafter dismissed.

Welcome Back

MODEL/actress Emma Heming has become a Manhattan homeowner again. The Post's Braden Keil reports the Victoria's Secret mannequin paid $1.84 million for a two-bedroom, two-bath, loft-style condo on West 17th Street, according to city records. Heming sold her East 10th Street co-op in 2006 and moved to California to try her luck in Hollywood and to be closer to her then-boyfriend, the nightclub king Brent Bolthouse. But last November she was back in New York, spotted on the arm of John Stamos.

Paris Hilton Hosts a Party in Johannesburg

It didn't take long for Paris Hilton to organize a VIP party for herself in Johannesburg this weekend hot on the heels of her goodwill school tour earlier in the week.

On Friday night, Hilton was greeted by a throng of fans at the party, which had been organized with barely 24 hours notice, and gamely posed for pictures.

Meanwhile, Benji Madden, who had performed earlier to wild applause at the My Coke Fest 2008 with his band Good Charlotte, let his girl have the spotlight. At the party, he walked by the crowd virtually unnoticed.

Inside, the couple were affectionate as they hung out in the VIP section. Paris welcomed her fans from a distance via a microphone, declaring that she "loved South Africa, the accent and everyone."

Whenever Hilton leaned over the balcony of the VIP area, she waved and the crowd went hysterical every time, according to an observer.

The party quickly died down after the hostess departed close to 2.30 am.

Paris Signs Autographs in South Africa

After a stopover in London, Paris Hilton spread the love in South Africa Thursday. While her boyfriend Benji Madden's band, Good Charlotte, prepares to perform in Johannesburg on Friday, Hilton, 27, is not content to just sit backstage. She stopped by the Jakaranda Kinderhuis School in Pretoria for a little meet-and-greet with her own fans. Hilton doled out autographs, xeroxed pictures and hugs during a reportedly two-hour visit with the kids.


ADRIANA Lima keeping her sultry shape toned by boxing with professional middleweight champ Michael Olajide Jr. at Aerospace on West 13th Street

We Hear...

THAT rock 'n' roll heiress Alexandra Richards has left Next Models and joined Wilhelmina, which boasts a roster of Camilla Alves, Manon Von Gerkan and Line Gost.

Kimora: Djimon Has a Huge ... Billboard

Kimora Lee Simmons is living large – and so is her boyfriend, Djimon Hounsou.

The fashion-designer-turned-reality-star spoke with PEOPLE at Wednesday's launch of her new fragrance, Fabulosity, and she good-naturedly gushed about the man in her life – and his new Calvin Klein billboard in Hong Kong.

"He's really big," Simmons, 32, said of Hounsou's underwear ad, which Calvin Klein's reps claims is the largest in Asia. "We were just there when it went up. Isn't it a great billboard?"

The Life in the Fab Lane star – who split from mogul Russell Simmons in 2006 and recently denied reports she's expecting – couldn't help but admire her beau's sleek physique (Hounsou is seen only in a pair of tightie whities). She boasted, "He's the biggest one in the world, honey."

Mourning the Loss of Her Dog: It was a rare light-hearted moment for Lee Simmons, who was mourning the recent death of her 18-year-old dog, Zoe.

"You have to ... grieve," she said. "It's okay to take time and say this meant something to my life and [to] honor it."

In fact, in typical Kimora style, she may find a way to honor Zoe with bling.

"There is a company that makes diamonds out of your loved ones," she said. "[They] make diamonds from a little of the carbon from the ash, so I might do that. I might turn her into a diamond."

Paris Hilton, Benji Madden Taking Romance on Tour

Paris Hilton says she’s ready to hit the road with Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, her boyfriend of a month and a half, when his band kicks off an international tour next week.

"We’re actually leaving in a couple days for South Africa, so I'll be with him," Hilton told PEOPLE at the launch party Friday for Madden’s new DCMA Collective store in Los Angeles.

But is the heiress really ready for life on a tour bus? "I'm just happy to be together, so no matter where we are, we'll have a great time," she says. After shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Good Charlotte heads to Europe and the U.K. before hitting the road in North America this summer in support of their album Good Morning Revival.

At the party, Madden said his favorite part of the clothing line he runs with twin brother Joel is the collaborative T-shirts they've done with celebrities including artist Shepherd Fairy, Oscar-winning rap group Three 6 Mafia, and musician Chris Robinson. Asked if he’d consider collaborating with Hilton, Madden tells PEOPLE: "I'd do anything she wanted. I'm a really easy guy to read. Everyone can tell I'm really happy. She's the most supportive [girlfriend], even as a friend, so supportive of everything I'm doing. And I try to be the same way for her."

The couple wore their favorite matching initial rings from Beverly Hills jeweler XIV Karats at the bash.

Hilton, in turn, gave props to Madden, saying she's a cooler big sister nowadays, thanks to her beau. "My little brother Conrad – he's 14 – loves the line as well," she says. "He skateboards. Benji said he's going to bring him here to go skateboarding [at the store's indoor ramp]. Benji brought up a huge box of DCMA stuff for both boys. They love it."

Even Hilton's sister Nicky agreed: "He's very, very nice."

Kimora Lee Simmons Tabloid Talk: Lies!

Kimora Lee Simmons has one word for media speculation about her personal life: "Lies."

"I'm in the paper every single week – that I had a fight with my ex-husband, or that I was mad at one of his girlfriends, or that I'm pregnant, or that I demand Fiji water," she said Friday at Washington University in St. Louis. "Lies upon lies upon lies."

Earlier this month, the New York Post's Page Six reported that Simmons, 32, and her boyfriend, actor Djimon Hounsou, 43, are expecting a baby.

Simmons, who looked curvaceous but bump-free in a body-clinging salmon dress and who was in town as part of St. Louis Fashion Week, did not take direct questions about the pregnancy rumors, but said: "[Reporters] call and ask if I'm pregnant. It all came from Page Six. ... You guys shouldn't believe it."

Simmons, the author of Fabulousity: What It Is and How to Get It added, "People believe what they want to believe because it's sensational and it's fun. And they think that's fabulous. I encourage readers to ignore it and seek out the truth."

The fashion designer has two daughters, Ming Lee, 8, and Aoki Lee, 5, with ex-husband, Phat Farm and Def Jam founder Russell Simmons.

Paris Hilton: She and Benji Madden Are the Real Deal

Paris Hilton likes a good prank, but her relationship with Good Charlotte's Benji Madden is "no hoax."

When it comes to her new and seemingly intense romance with Madden, Hilton, who took joy pulling a recent stunt with a faux shaman for Ashton Kutcher's new E! show Pop Fiction, says it’s totally real. "We're really happy ... I feel very safe and very secure," Hilton told Ryan Seacrest during his KIIS-FM radio show Friday.

As for the prank show, she added, "It shows how you can't really believe what you see."

Hilton also revealed the origin of the couple's matching initial jewelry, telling Seacrest the baubles were "a very special present I got."

Since stunts and a whirlwind relationship don't keep her busy enough, Thursday she announced a new reality show collaboration with MTV which puts 20 contestants to the test of being her new best friend.

Gimme More

MOLLY Sims could use some etiquette lessons. Sources say the "Las Vegas" star showed up at the Austin Film Festival after-party at Pangaea Austin last weekend and demanded guests be booted to create a VIP section for herself and 20 pals. She then told owner Michael Ault she wanted to be paid for appearing. "When Ault explained it was a benefit for the festival and he was not making any money himself, she proceeded to belittle him," a witness said. "Her group drank six bottles of Dom Perignon, a bottle of Maker's Mark and two bottles of vodka. The tab was $8,000 and had to be comped. The server got only a $100 tip after working overtime." Sims' rep told us: "None of this is true."

Nicky Hilton Addresses Weight - and Paris's New Man

Nicky Hilton debuted her latest fashion line Tuesday night – but chatter about her weight and her sister's love life took center stage.

Hilton, who has been dogged by Internet speculation about recent weight loss, hit back at the reports. "There's no truth to any starvation, eating disorders, rumors," she told PEOPLE Tuesday at her Nicholai fashion show, part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios in L.A.

"I think the press has been printing a lot of pictures of me from unflattering angles," added the 24-year-old designer. "My friends see the pictures and they're like 'Oh my god are you okay?' And then they see me, and they're like 'Oh ... ' It's really not that interesting or true."

Hilton also addressed another major media fascination: Big sister Paris's new romance with Benji Madden. "They're super sweet," said Nicky. "He's a nice guy."

Madden and Paris caused a stir backstage when the high-profile couple arrived for the show, but Madden left his new squeeze so she could be with her sister until the show began. Paris, who wore a red and black halter dress from her sister's collection – and her new ring that reads "BM" – said the dress, is "one of my favorites."

Also at the show to support Nicky were parents Rick and Kathy Hilton – proud dad snapped photos of the catwalk on his iPhone – and boyfriend, David Katzenberg, who presented Nicky with a bouquet of white roses and a kiss on the cheek at the end of the show.

Models Turn Loft Into A Pigsty

It was a Hilton family affair.

Kathy, Rick and Paris Hilton — along with Paris' current squeeze Benji Madden — were front and center Tuesday at the Mercedes-Benz L.A. Fashion Week show for Nicky Hilton's high-end Nicholai line.

Before the models took the runway, mom Kathy mingled with the crowd, dad Rick snapped iPhone photos and big sis Paris exchanged whispers with Madden, the Good Charlotte guitarist.

The latest designs from the younger Hilton sister included trench coats, knit tops, houndstooth accents and lots of leather trim. Nicky debuted the more-expensive Nicholai line at New York Fashion Week last year. She launched her first clothing line — the casual Chick by Nicky Hilton — in 2004.

At the end of the Nicholai show, Nicky's boyfriend David Katzenberg presented her with a bouquet of white roses.

Models Turn Loft Into A Pigsty

THE 14 wannabe models from the latest cycle of "America's Next Top Model" are accused of making a dump out of the gorgeous $6 million TriBeCa loft where they lived for 10 weeks.

Anisa Productions, which makes the show hosted by Tyra Banks, rented the loft at 39 Lispenard St., promising landlord Michael Marvisi that any damage would be minor, according to an insider.

Instead, we're told, the crew "punched hundreds of holes in the ceiling to hang lighting equipment" and ruined the Brazilian wood floors, forcing the owner to tear them up and install all new flooring when the women moved out three weeks ago.

"These girls not only destroyed the floors, it appears they had food fights. There's ketchup and coffee splattered all over the landlord's $20,000 white drapes. There's lipstick on the walls," said the insider. "They moved in furniture and made holes all along the walls."

According to our source, while the beauties were staying in the 4,200-square-foot loft, they damaged a $15,000 chandelier beyond repair and splashed so much water around, the bathroom was ruined and had to be tested for mold.

"A plumber had to come fix the toilet and the water caused $90,000 worth of damage to the electrical store on the first floor," said our source.

"America's Next Top Model" also "skipped out on" a $1,500 electric bill, claimed our source, who estimated the damage totals $500,000.

"The landlord is devastated," the source said. "Three other shows approached him [to use the loft] and he turned them all down for 'Top Model.' And a tenant was supposed to move in a week ago, but when the place wasn't ready, they pulled out. Tyra Banks should be ashamed of herself."

The show offered to settle for $125,000, but has not paid Marvisi any money, according to our insider. The landlord now plans to file a lawsuit against the show.

Reps for both Anisa Productions and the show said, "No comment." A rep for Banks did not return calls for comment.

Carol Alt a true 'Apprentice'

When people trip over themselves to tell Carol Alt how gorgeous she is, even at 48, they're not just eager to pay her a compliment.

They want to know how she does it, how she stays so young and healthy, and they're willing to pay $150 apiece to hear the former supermodel and front-running contestant on NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice deliver her message in person at Tony Greco's Fitness Centre in Manotick on Sunday.

"Raw food is my mission," Alt says from Manhattan. "The closer you eat to God, the better. Everything I eat is as close to its natural state as possible. I haven't even been in a pharmacy since 1993 when I wrote my first book, Eating in the Raw. I'm not a guinea pig for big pharmaceuticals and food processors."

She says eating a raw food diet has a couple of benefits. First, you eliminate a lot of the garbage manufacturers put into food to stretch the shelf life, and replace them with all the trendy nutrients we're supposed to have every day.

But just as important as eating naturally, is cutting the amount that North Americans eat in half.

"Aging is more challenging when you don't have control over your appetite," she says. "Food can change your health. So many foods are processed to last a long time on the shelf, not for nutrition. They become toxic in your system. The less processing and cooking in my diet, the better my system likes it."

As much as she likes the mission, she's also excited to come back to her old stomping grounds. She and former Senators forward Alexei Yashin lived here until 2001, before he was traded to the New York Islanders to be close to her family on Long Island. Now Alt, who lives in Toronto, commutes every month to visit Yashin who plays hockey in Moscow.

She also wants to talk about her long run on Donald Trump's hit reality series, The Celebrity Apprentice. Being the last woman standing, Alt is proving herself a formidable negotiator against television's Piers Morgan, former boxer Lennox Lewis, country singer Trace Adkins and actor Stephen Baldwin.

"It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do," an increasingly ambitious Alt admits. "I've known Mr. Trump for 25 years. If you listen to him, he teaches you how to do well on the show, and in business. Being on the show, I've learned to become a good listener. I always thought of myself as having more of a head for math and science, but Trump has shown me that I could do well in business."

Alt is obviously on top of the world, full of plans for the future and the energy to carry them out. In addition to her fitness and motivational appearances, Alt is currently writing her third book, this one her first piece of fiction, and has two movies coming out this summer including National Lampoon's Homo Erectus: A Caveman Comedy.

For more information on Alt, go to and for information on this weekend's event, go to the Tony Greco website at

A Baby At Last

KIMORA Lee Simmons finally has her long-sought-after bun in the oven. The demanding diva has been trying for a child with her lover, Djimon Hounsou, and sources say the two have finally made magic. "She's pregnant," a source told us. A rep for Simmons couldn't get a hold of her client for five days. Simmons already has two children, Ming and Aoki, by ex-husband Russell Simmons.

Age Is Just A Number

TIME has caught up with Anita Pallenberg, the once-glamorous blond model who dated Rolling Stones Keith Richards and Brian Jones. Now 63 and living alone, Pallenberg has endured two hip-replacement operations and is a reformed heroin and booze addict who enjoys gardening, botanical-drawing classes and avoids thoughts of growing old and frail. "If you start to think like that, you become like that. As long as I can walk, I walk, you know," she tells Britain's Observer. Pallenberg, who has two kids by Richards, adds she has no plans to pen her life story because, "If young Posh Spice can write her autobiography, then I don't want to write one."

Ex-model Waris Dirie found in Belgium

Police on Friday found Waris Dirie, three days after the Somali-born model who launched a worldwide campaign against female genital mutilation had vanished.

Dirie, 43, appeared to be in good health and was being questioned by police about the disappearance, said Estelle Arpigny, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office.

She declined to give further details, saying it was unclear what had happened since Dirie vanished early Wednesday. Belgian media reports said police found her Friday afternoon walking the Brussels' Grand Place square.

Hours earlier, police had announced they were launching a nationwide search for the former model, who had last been seen getting into a cab after a mix-up over a hotel.

Dirie gained international fame as a model posing in Chanel ads and acting in the 1987 James Bond movie "The Living Daylights" before launching her campaign against female genital mutilation in 1996.

She shocked the world with a best-selling book "Desert Flower" that described how her genitals were sliced off with a dirty razor blade without anesthesia, and then stitched together.

Now a U.N. goodwill ambassador, she was due to speak on genital mutilation in Brussels at two conferences on women's rights organized by the European Union, including one on Thursday attended by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

News of Dirie's disappearance came a week after French police said they had found the body of another former model of African origin who had campaigned against female genital mutilation. Guinean-born Katoucha Niane was discovered floating in the River Seine in Paris.

The French police said an autopsy showed no signs of foul play, raising the possibility that she may have fallen accidentally into the river. However, Katoucha's family members say they suspect homicide.

Dirie's manager, Walter Lutschinger, said she had been involved in an altercation in a hotel reception area after a taxi driver took her to the wrong branch of the Sofitel hotel chain. The police were called and drove Dirie around Brussels looking for the correct hotel because she had apparently forgotten where she was staying.

At one hotel, while staff and police were checking for her name on a computer, Meilleur said Dirie stepped out saying she planned to buy cigarettes from an all-night kiosk, but instead climbed into a taxi and drove away.

An Austrian citizen, Dirie was attacked in her Vienna apartment in 2004 by a Portuguese handyman who had stalked her. The man was given a five-month suspended sentence by an Austrian court.

Tow At A Time

JEREMY Piven doesn't seem to know he has a serious girlfriend. The "Entourage" star, who's supposedly in love with model Lillian Grant, continues to hit on women at every party he goes to in New York. The Microsoft bash at the Twelve21 club Monday was no exception. "He collected a lot of numbers," said a source. "Later that night, he was texting two different models he picked up separately, telling each, 'Come meet me.' He had no clue they knew each other and were laughing about the identical messages." Piven, who is staying at the Mercer Hotel for two months, told us, "It was my hope that in texting both ladies, I would make it onto Page Six, so everybody wins."

Brooklyn Beckham's Star-Studded B-Day Bash

His famous father was out of town, but little Brooklyn Beckham still packed in plenty of star-power for his ninth birthday party.

David and Victoria Beckham's eldest son celebrated his big day Tuesday at Century City Mall's Pink Taco restaurant with his mom, brothers and 25 friends – not to mention Heidi Klum and Eva Longoria Parker.

And apparently little brother Cruz, 3 (who attended the party in a Batman costume), isn't the only Beckham with an interest in break dancing. After catching a movie at the mall, Brooklyn and his pals were entertained by a team of dancers busting hip-hop moves.

As his crew – including brothers Cruz and Romeo, 5 – gathered around, Brooklyn blew out the candles on a Cold Stone Creamery ice-cream cake (decorated to match the break-dancing theme), while his mom snapped photos on her digital camera.

Klum's three-year-old daughter, Leni, was the first partygoer to poop out – she was toted out by her supermodel mom at 8 p.m. With bedtime looming, the entire celebration wound down around 8:30.

So where was dad? David – who is traveling Asia with his L.A. Galaxy soccer team – spent Tuesday visiting young leukaemia patients in a Shanghai hospital. He's slated to play an exhibition match Wednesday.

One-inch Rule

KIMORA Lee Simmons is a nonsinging diva. That's why she has a contract rider, like the ones used on concert tours, for personal appearances. "She demands that someone stand by and refill her champagne glass whenever it gets below one inch, that the water is Fiji only and that the place provide fans that blow on her in case it gets hot," said an insider. Simmons' rep said, "She does only drink Fiji water but these reports are completely false and inaccurate."

Dannielynn Officially Named Anna Nicole Smith's Sole Heir

A petition to have Anna Nicole Smith's 18-month-old daughter Dannielynnn declared the sole heir to her estate was approved Tuesday by a Los Angeles judge.

In court papers filed in Superior Court Oct. 18, 2007, Howard K. Stern, the executor of Smith's estate, sought to clarify Smith's intentions in her July 2001 will, drafted five years before Dannielynn Hope's September 2006 birth. (Smith died in February 2007.)

"We and Mr. Stern always believed that Anna Nicole never intended to disinherit her daughter,"' Stern's lawyer, Bruce S. Ross, said after Tuesday's hearing. "I'm pleased to say this chapter in the saga is closed."

The toddler could conceivably inherit millions from the fortune of Smith's late husband, oil man J. Howard Marshall, whose estate is still tied up in litigation in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

In addition to confirming Dannielynn as Anna Nicole's sole heir, Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff's ruling also establishes a trust on her behalf with Stern and Birkhead as its co-trustees, Ross said.

Tuesday's ruling was first reported by

Paris Hilton on `My Name is Earl'

NBC is pumping up the return of "My Name is Earl" with a guest shot by Paris Hilton.

Hilton appears as herself in a dream sequence. Earl has been knocked unconscious and various things from his life and imagination are bleed into his fevered mind.

Her appearance will come in the one-hour episode on April 3 that is the first new material following the writers strike settlement, NBC said.

"When we wrote the role of Paris Hilton in the script, we weren't exactly sure who to go with for the role," said Greg Garcia, the show's executive producer. "But after an exhausting search we finally settled on a relatively unknown actress by the name of Paris Hilton."

Hilton has just finished work on the movie "Repo: The Genetic Opera."

We Hear...

THAT Ivanka Trump will unveil Callaway's new Gems golf clubs for women at Chelsea Art Tower today

Gemma Ward Praises Heath Ledger

After expressing an initial wish to steer clear of the subject of Heath Ledger, to whom she had been linked, Australian model Gemma Ward is now speaking out about him.

"I think he operated from the heart. He really, really knew that if he was going to make a decision to be in a film, then he needed to be really committed to it," Ward, 20, tells Australia's Sydney Morning Herald.

"He wasn't afraid to fight with people involved, he wasn't afraid to perhaps piss people off," she said of Ledger, 28.

Ledger also gave advice to Ward, who has a budding career as an actress and stars in the upcoming film The Black Balloon. "He told me to always be a punk and 'stand up for yourself'."

Naomi Campbell leaves Brazil hospital

British supermodel Naomi Campbell left a Brazilian hospital on Friday, five days after she was rushed in for surgery, the hospital said.

"The patient has recovered well from her surgery," the Hospital Sirio-Libanes said in a statement.

Dr. Jose Aristodemo Pinotti, the Brazilian surgeon who attended to Campbell, was quoted by Globo news as saying he had given her permission to leave but recommended she stay in Brazil resting before resuming work.

The hospital said Campbell, 37, was admitted on Sunday although her spokesman in Los Angeles said earlier she went in on Monday.

The spokesman said she had a cyst removed. Pinotti told Folha de S.Paulo newspaper on Friday that the model did not have a cyst but declined to specify what she was treated for.

"When a patient asks for discretion, be it Naomi or just plain Maria, I respect their wishes," he told the newspaper.

Campbell often visits Brazil, where she has been known to show up at Carnival festivities and is frequently photographed at parties with Brazilian celebrities.

British newspapers reported last week that she had become engaged to Marcus Elias, a 49-year-old Brazilian financier, after meeting him at a fashion party in Sao Paulo earlier in February.

Brazilian media said Elias was frequent visitor to her bedside during her stay in the hospital.

Naomi Campbell to leave Brazilian hospital: Globo

British supermodel Naomi Campbell was discharged from a Brazilian hospital on Friday five days after she was rushed in for emergency surgery, Globo news reported.

It was not clear whether she had actually left Sao Paulo's Sirio-Libanes Hospital.

"She is perfectly well," Dr. Jose Aristodemo Pinotti, the Brazilian surgeon who attended to Campbell, was quoted as saying.

He said he had given her permission to leave.

Body of top model Katoucha found

The body of Katoucha Niane, one of the first African women to attain international stardom as a model and a vocal opponent of female genital mutilation, was found in the Seine River, police said Friday.

Known simply as Katoucha, the former top model for Yves Saint Laurent and other top designers was found Thursday near the Garigliano bridge in Paris, judicial police in Paris said.

An autopsy showed no signs of foul play, pointing to the possibility that the 47-year-old may have fallen accidentally into the river, they said.

She had been missing since January and was last seen returning home from a party. She lived in a houseboat near Paris' Alexandre III bridge, and her handbag was later found on the boat.

The Guinean-born model told The Associated Press in 1994 that she ran away to Europe at 17 aiming to be a model. Her big break came when Jules-Francois Crahay, then the designer at Lanvin, spotted her in a line-up. The label hired her as a fitting model. Her first catwalk modeling was for Thierry Mugler at the start of the 1980s.

After quitting the runway, she turned to speaking out actively against female circumcision, describing her own experience at age 9 in a book, "Katoucha, In My Flesh," which was published last year.

"I will never get the incomparable pain out of my head," she wrote in the book, which she dedicated to her three children.

Vanity Fair's fashion and style director, Michael Roberts, said Katoucha was "one those girls who used her fame to spotlight the misfortunes of others."

"She always seemed so gracious and very lovely," he said. "She was sunny and she was bright, and I liked her a lot."

Katoucha set up her own label in 1994 after years of modeling for the likes of Christian Lacroix and Saint Laurent. Singers Cher and France's Johnny Hallyday were among the stars who turned out for her show.

"I don't pretend to be like Lacroix, Saint Laurent or the others," she said at the time. "But I was certainly in a great school by wearing their clothes and going to the fittings. I learned several basic lessons, including: Don't cut the fabric until you've got the 'toile,' or heavy linen prototype, just right."

Katoucha was the daughter of Djibril Tamsir Niane, an archaeologist and writer. She said that her father was initially disappointed that she didn't become "a professional intellectual, with a university degree," but later reconciled to her other successes.

Body in river may be missing model: French police

A body found in the river Seine is believed to be that of former top model Katoucha who disappeared near her houseboat in Paris earlier this month, French police said on Thursday.

She had been missing since returning to the houseboat moored near the city centre after a party earlier this month.

"There are indications that it is indeed her, but we are awaiting the results of forensic tests before we can confirm it officially," a police spokesman said.

Katoucha, aged 47 and originally from Guinea, was one of the first black African models to become a global catwalk star in the 1980s. She modeled for designers including Yves Saint-Laurent and Christian Lacroix.

Born Katoucha Niane, she became a campaigner against genital mutilation, a procedure she underwent herself at the age of nine.

Naomi Campbell Remains Hospitalized

Naomi Campbell continues to recuperate in a Sao Paulo, Brazil, hospital after doctors removed a small cyst earlier in the week, says a rep for the facility.

"We have been instructed to not release any information regarding Naomi," a Sirio Libanes Hospital spokeswoman told the Associated Press on Wednesday. "All I can tell you is that she is still at the hospital and that she is recovering very nicely."

On Tuesday, the British supermodel's London rep issued a statement saying, "Naomi Campbell was admitted to hospital [Monday night] to have a small cyst removed. Following the successful procedure, she is now resting and is looking forward to getting back to work. She would like to thank he doctors who have kindly looked after her."

On Wednesday, neither the hospital spokeswoman nor Campbell's publicist, Jeff Raymond, would say how long Campbell, 37, would remain hospitalized, though the Sirio Libanes rep said she was being cared for by David Uip, one of Brazil's leading experts in the treatment of infectious diseases.

In The Jeans

ROLLING Stone Keith Richards' model daughter, Theodora, has a new job. The New York City native and rock 'n' roll heiress has been appointed vice president of creative direction of 4 Stroke Jeans, which is described as "a denim collection inspired by rock and roll music and high fashion." Theodora has worked with the brand as a "model and muse" for two years, and her first collection will debut in the fall.

Choo On This

FORGET the Jimmy Choo's - Ryan Haddon, the former model and ex-wife of Christian Slater, prefers Manolos now that Slater has hooked up with former Choo empress Tamara Mellon. One insider told Page Six that Haddon "has sworn off ever wearing Jimmy Choo's again." The snitch added, "Her girlfriends won't wear them either . . . it's hilarious." Somebody should tell Haddon that Mellon sold her company in 2004.

'Mansion Madam' puts home up for sale

A former Penthouse pet who had been accused of running a brothel out of her million-dollar home has put the mansion up for sale.

Lisa Ann Taylor has put the white-columned mansion, which sits on a golf course in one of suburban Atlanta's most exclusive neighborhoods, up for sale for $1.2 million.

Taylor, who uses the stage name Melissa Wolf, was arrested along with another woman in January 2007 on prostitution and drug charges.

Authorities were tipped off to a Web site showing Taylor sprawled topless on an ottoman and advertising services ranging from $300 one-hour photo shoots to "dream dates" that included a one-hour show.

Prosecutors said that among the services offered was sex with Taylor and other women for an entire weekend for $10,000.

After her arrest, Taylor went on a whirlwind exotic dancing tour to raise funds for her legal defense.

As part of a plea deal, Taylor was sentenced to seven years probation and fined $150,000. If the fine isn't paid before Oct. 10, Gwinnett County can seize her home.

But the so-called "Mansion Madam" said that outcome is not likely.

"It's a good thing I put all that money away all those years ago," Taylor told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in Tuesday's edition.

Taylor owns several other properties, including a house in Canada and a condominium worth more than $400,000, she said.

Taylor built the home in the 1990's for about $500,000. It was assessed at more than $1 million last year by Gwinnett County tax assessors. Darrell Bacon, Taylor's real estate agent, described her home as "an entertainer's paradise."

Naomi Campbell has surgery to remove cyst

British supermodel Naomi Campbell was recovering in a Sao Paulo hospital on Tuesday from emergency abdominal surgery to remove a cyst, according to hospital officials and her spokesman.

Campbell, 37, was admitted on Monday to the Hospital Sirio-Libanes, one of Sao Paulo's best hospitals. The hospital confirmed that Campbell was in its care but declined to elaborate on her condition.

"Naomi Campbell was admitted to hospital last night (February 25) to have a small cyst removed," said a statement from her Los Angeles spokesman. "Following the successful procedure, she is now resting and is looking forward to getting back to work."

The surgeon who attended to Campbell, Dr. Jose Aristodemo Pinotti, said she underwent laparoscopic surgery.

"I operated on her yesterday and that she is completely cured," Pinotti told Brazilian news agency Estado.

"It was an emergency operation, but everything went well. There were no incidents or any problems that worried me during the operation," he added.

Campbell often visits Brazil, where she has been known to show up at Carnival festivities and is frequently photographed at parties with Brazilian celebrities.

Naomi Campbell: Model Patient

Naomi Campbell is clearly a fan of the care system.

The British supermodel was hospitalized in São Paulo, Brazil, Monday night, when she underwent a minor operation to have a small cyst removed, according to her publicist.

"Following the successful procedure, she is now resting and is looking forward to getting back to work," her London-based rep said. "She would like to thank the doctors who have kindly looked after her."

The city's Sirio Libanes hospital, where the 37-year-old catwalker received treatment, issued a statement of its own Tuesday, confirming that Campbell was at the facility, but little more.

"The patient and her advisers have determined that the hospital's medical staff will not issue any formal or informal information on her medical condition," the hospital's statement read.

While the nature of the cyst was not disclosed, the hospital perhaps revealed more than they wished in declaring that the supermodel's physicians were David Uip, one of the nation's top specialists in infectious diseases, and Jose Aristodemo Pinotti, a gynecologist.

While Campbell herself has declined to elaborate whether she was originally in the country for business or pleasure, Uip was quoted by São Paulo's Folha newspaper as saying her trip was purely for medical purposes.

"She came to Brazil for treatment," he told the paper, per the BBC. "She's been here since Sunday."

As it is, the British strutter is no stranger to Brazil, frequently paying visits both on and off the clock to the South American nation. Earlier this month, she touched down in the northeastern city of Salvador to celebrate the infamous Carnival festival.

Suddenly Inseparable: Paris Hilton & Benji Madden

Well that didn't take long!

Less than two weeks after Benji Madden split from fiancée Sophie Monk, the rocker is stepping out with another blonde bombshell. The new woman in his life? None other than Paris Hilton.

"Yes, they are dating. It's pretty serious," a source confirms of the couple, who have been spotted together all over town – make that all over the country! In just the past few days, they have partied at Home nightclub in suburban St. Louis, shopped (while holding hands) at Hollywood's Fred Segal, and even grabbed lunch with Madden's mom.

On Sunday night, the two hit the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where they cuddled in a massive booth and engaged in an intimate conversation.

And the Madden brothers posted on their Web site a group picture that included Hilton. They called it a "nice little family photo" and described her as the "wonderful Paris."

The apparent love connection is certainly convenient: His twin brother, Joel, dates Hilton's B.F.F., Nicole Richie.

Sean Penn Steps Out With Petra Nemcova

Less than two months after he announced his separation from his wife of 11 years, Sean Penn hit Sunday night's Oscar party circuit with a new blonde beauty on his arm: model Petra Nemcova.

The two arrived together (or, at least, simultaneously) at the Elton John AIDS Foundation screening party. Although they separated briefly – he did an interview while she posed for pictures – they eventually reunited for the cameras, as Penn wrapped his arm around her for a few photos.

So, are they dating? The actor, 47, and model, 28, avoided any clear-cut PDA. And when asked about her escort, Nemcova, wearing a custom-designed Roberto Cavalli dress, would only tell PEOPLE, "Yes, we are friends. He is on the advisory board of my charity."

Friends who've been spending quite a bit of time together: A source confirms that the two also hit L.A. hotspot Villa the night before.

Penn announced his separation from actress Robin Wright Penn just after Christmas. In the divorce papers, both cite "irreconcilable differences" and ask for joint legal and physical custody of their two teenagers, Hopper Jack, 14, and Dylan Frances, 16.

Last year, Nemcova made the Oscar party rounds with then-boyfriend James Blunt. But she and the "You're Beautiful" singer split shortly afterward.

Bono Appetit

BONO can't even eat in peace. When the U2 frontman tried to have a quiet dinner of pizza and wine with his wife, Ali Hewson, their kids and model Helena Christensen at Serafina Broadway in the Dream Hotel, it turned into pure chaos. "The paparazzi were hounding them and banging on the windows so much to get a shot while they were eating [that] the restaurant had to close the doors and put down the window shades," said a source. "They still acted extremely nice, like very simple and easy people."

Paris' Paysout

WE always wondered how Paris Hilton makes money. Sure, she "stars" in a movie every now and then, has made an album, has a fragrance and a shoe line - but all of those bombed badly. Now we hear her real income comes courtesy of Las Vegas clubs. Insiders say that Pure, which is being probed by the IRS, pays Hilton upward of $1.2 million a year to host parties and show up - and that LAX gives her a hefty six-figure sum every time she shows up. Both clubs deny paying Hilton.


PARIS Hilton looking through gossip magazines for articles about herself while she took shots with sister Nicky, Nicky's boyfriend, David Katzenberg, and pal Jeff Beacher at N9NE steakhouse in Las Vegas

Orlando Bloom Is a 'Sweetheart' Says Model Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is happy to talk philosophy, but stays quiet as a monk when it comes to her personal life.

"I practice Japanese Buddhism," the model told PEOPLE Wednesday night. "At the heart of it all, it's about practicing peace."

Modern art? Sure, she'll give her two cents on that too. The Victoria's Secret model headed to N.Y.C.'s Milk Gallery Wednesday for the launch of their exhibition of work by Shinjo Ito. "He's good," she said at the event. "Really inspiring."

She'll even chat about dieting: "I just did a three-day juice fast. It's really detoxifying and cleansing for the body .... You don't get that hungry."

But mention boyfriend Orlando Bloom, and suddenly she's tongue-tied.

When asked if the two yoga devotees ever workout together, she responded with, "Ugh. Ha, ha, ha!" before finally managing, "Well, I'm sure he does yoga."

The undercover lovers were recently outed, when they were spotted on a PDA-filled date at New York's Max Brenner restaurant. "They were just being playful and kissing and hugging," recounted an onlooker.

"He's a sweetheart and that's all I'm gonna say," Kerr said, blushing. "Sweetheart."

Did the two spend Valentine's Day together? "I can't tell you," she replied with a laugh. "I work for Victoria's Secret – but that's my secret.

We Hear...

THAT Robert Evans is hosting a luncheon at his Beverly Hills estate this afternoon in honor of Van Cleef & Arpels and Oliver Peoples. Expected are Eric Dane and wife Rebecca Gayheart, Peter Morton and Linda Evangelista, and Brett Ratner

Paris Hilton Working On Design Line

Socialite and pop star Paris Hilton insists she has put her wild ways behind her and is working all day long on her new footwear collection. Hilton has hit out at critics who think she is nothing but a lazy, partying princess, insisting she is busy designing shoes and meeting with buyers.

She says, "I am meeting all the buyers, showing them all my favourite styles and taking orders. We have monthly meetings where the design team comes in or I fly into New York, and we go over different designs and I'll send them drawings or inspirations. It is my line, so I do it all, but it's a lot of fun to actually draw something and then actually see it here today."

Klum says she wants to help Spears

Heidi Klum wants to help Britney Spears. The 34-year-old model says she'd be willing to open her home to Spears while the troubled pop singer puts her life back together.

"She can call me and come live in our house with us for a couple of months," said Klum, a mother of three who is married to the singer Seal and lives in Beverly Hills, Calif. "I would help set her straight."

"I am sorry when a young person gets thrown so off track," Klum said, according to a transcript of an interview that will be aired Monday night by the German broadcaster ARD. "She has, of course, lived an extremely wild life."

After more than a year of bizarre behavior and two stints in a psychiatric hospital this year, Spears was placed under a conservatorship by the Los Angeles County Superior Court commissioner at the beginning of February. Conservatorships are established when a court determines that someone cannot take care of themselves or their affairs.

To hear Klum, the host of Bravo's "Project Runway," describe it, her own life seems like a fairy tale.

"I have never been as happy as I am today," Klum said. "I have found the man of my life and we have three great kids. They are all so different and fantastic that it really can't get better than this."

Cold Sholder

KIMORA Lee Simmons has never been accused of being gracious, but now the famously immodest former model is grating on ex-husband Russell Simmons' nerves. According to our spies, Kimora "is not being very nice to her ex's girlfriend, Porschla Coleman." Kimora refused to allow Coleman to attend her Baby Phat show during Fashion Week "because she doesn't want Porschla to be photographed with her children." Russell is said to be particularly peeved, as he "holds no animosity toward Kimora or her boyfriend, Djimon Hounsou." A rep didn't return calls.

Animal Cops Watching Paris

THE Los Angeles Dept. of Animal Services is finally paying attention to the plight of pets who have the misfortune to be purchased by Paris Hilton.

The celebutard brought the authorities down on herself when she appeared Wednesday on Ellen DeGeneres' TV show and confessed she had 17 dogs. The ex-con obviously didn't know it's illegal in LA to own more than three dogs unless you're a licensed breeder.

The animal control squad paid a visit the next day to Hilton's house in Beverly Hills, Page Six has confirmed. But when they arrived, they found the house vacant and undergoing renovations. All the dogs, cats, birds, ferrets and even a monkey had been placed with "handlers at a ranch" - possibly permanently, said SPCA spokesman Jeff Blodgett, who added that they gave Hilton a card, asking her to get in touch. (Paris has a history of de-acquisitioning her pets).

Earlier this week, the Kris Kelly Foundation repo'ed a cat they let Hilton adopt last year because she never returned to pick up the feline after she had been spayed.

Hilton was also accused of neglect in a thinly veiled blind item this week. Ted Casablanca reported on about a woman who, "upon leaving her house, often locks these pups in one of her many closets, supposedly to prevent them from making messies."

But sometimes the woman "would be gone for hours, days, weeks . . . The animal's existence would simply slip from her mind! Oh, doesn't that happen to everybody? While cleaning the house, [her] staff have - reportedly more than once - opened a closet to discover a tiny, dead dog."

Two years ago, Hilton's pet Kinkajou, Baby Luv, bit the heiress, and her first chihuahua, Tinkerbell, now lives with her mother, Kathy.

Last year, Shelby Segall, whose yard borders Hilton's, told Page Six: "She treats her animals horribly. They are always getting out and running around the neighborhood.

"She had a little orange kitty about a year ago that kept getting out and we kept telling her it was outside. She didn't seem like she cared, and then one day the cat got run over in the middle of the street and died."

Another neighbor said, "I found two little chihuahuas of hers running up and down the street with cars and people going up and down. I put them in my bathroom and called Paris. Her assistant answered and said, 'You can't drop them off! Miss Hilton isn't home!' She took three hours to come get them."

Gisele's New Endorsement Factor

Tom Brady may have come out on the losing end of his big game, but Gisele Bündchen has just scored a Super Bowl-like endorsement deal with cosmetics maker Max Factor.

A source confirms exclusively to E! News that the Brazilian supermodel has inked a deal to be "the face" of Max Factor's brands worldwide.

"The campaign will start by summer," says the Max Factor source.

And, according to the insider, Bündchen's payday for the two-year deal: $2.5 million.

The source says that Bündchen, who parted ways with Victoria's Secret last spring, is excited to endorse Max Factor because her VS contract had precluded her from endorsing beauty products while under contract.

While sizable, the Max Factor deal is just part of a growing empire for Bündchen, 27, who, with a haul of $33 million, was was named as one of Forbes' top earning supermodels.

No word yet on whether Carmen Electra, the current face of Max Factor's makeup line, will have her deal renewed, or if Bündchen will effectively be replacing her.

When reached for comment, a company spokesperson would only say: "Max Factor can confirm that Carmen Electra is the face of the brand."

LA gallery portrays paparazzi photos as art form

Paparazzi are getting a lot of bad press these days, so it takes some chutzpah to launch a photography exhibit called "Paparazzi as an Art Form" in the heart of celebrityville.

Billed as one of the first shows of its kind, the Los Angeles-based paparazzi agency Buzz Foto on Friday began a week-long exhibit of glossy pictures of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and other stars that they believe could one day grace the walls of major museums and art galleries.

Buzz Foto hopes its 26 shots will show that paparazzi photography, despite its reputation for intrusiveness and bad manners, can be a form of art.

"Our photographs have the potential to hang next to those great masters. Executed properly, images of today's celebrities can exude an incredible amount of style and elegance that portray our ever-changing and exciting pop culture," said Buzz Foto co-founder Brad Elterman, a 30-year industry veteran.

"No-one has thought about being proud of paparazzi. People think we are just one step above being child molesters. But we are not tacky people," Elterman told Reuters.

On the walls of the Maryam Seyhoun Gallery on Melrose Avenue -- a stone's throw from the famed celebrity and paparazzi hangouts of The Ivy restaurant -- a startled Diana Ross is captured, without make-up, pushing a shopping cart in her local supermarket.

Socialite Paris Hilton is snapped wearing a leopard print swimsuit and high heels, clutching a tiny dog in one hand and placing a neon pink surfboard into a luxury car.

A single image of Britney Spears, shot in the summer of 2007, shows the fallen pop star wearing a pink wig, sitting in a car, and staring blankly straight at the camera lens.

The 24-hour paparazzi pursuit of Spears during her highly-publicized meltdown for what is thought to be a bipolar disorder has brought controversy and condemnation.

Several paparazzi trailing Spears night and day have been arrested for reckless driving and she has been followed by photographers into churches and bathrooms, prompting one Los Angeles councilman to propose a "personal safety zone" law to protect celebrities from intrusive photographers.

Buzz Foto says it does not assign photographers to trail the troubled pop star because working with the "pack," with its crushes and high-speed chases, is too dangerous and the market for wacky Spears pictures is saturated.

But Elterman and business partner Henry Flores say there is no longer a market in posed pictures of celebrities.

"The red carpet is dead. Magazine editors want to see these people in real-life situations," Elterman said.

They are not alone, it seems. Several celebrities have accepted invitations to Friday's opening reception where the photos are expected to be snapped up for around $2,000 each.

Paris' Pooch Procreation Problem

First David Letterman, now Ellen DeGeneres. For Paris Hilton, talk-show appearances have a way of becoming much more trouble than they're worth.

What started out as a conversation between animal lovers on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday ended up with Hilton's home being visited Thursday by the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services.

During her chat-show stop, which was meant to promote her box-office bombing The Hottie and the Nottie, Hilton got around to one of her favorite, and until now least controversial, talking points, namely that of her veritable menagerie of pets.

"Oh my goodness," the heiress said when asked by DeGeneres about her critters. "I have 17 dogs."

When questioned as to why she had so many of the pooches, Hilton—clearly no Bob Barker devotee—said it was simply a matter of hormones.

"They keep having babies and I feel bad to give them away cause I feel like if I had a baby and someone gave it away, it'd be mean," she explained. "So I feel bad for my dogs."

DeGeneres chided Hilton her for not getting her dogs spayed and neutered. Even after Hilton said they had all just been fixed, DeGeneres didn't stop the line of inquiry.

"No, you're lying again," she said.

With that, Hilton cracked: "Fine. Two of them weren't."

Cue Animal Services.

Department officials turned up at Hilton's after a complaint was filed in response to Hilton's confession that she owned 17 dogs. Los Angeles law dictates that non-breeders (non-pet-breeders, that is) are allowed to own no more than three dogs per address.

But neither the 27-year-old star nor any pets was found at the residence, and Hilton's rep has since claimed that the canines in question have always been divided among several different animal carers, per city law.

Department officials left a "notice to comply" form with staff members at Hilton's home, alerting her to the laws but requiring no further action on her part. A spokesperson for the department told E! News that follow-up visits would be conducted as warranted on the case.

This isn't the first time the PETA police have come a-calling for Hilton.

The celebutante took heat for her pet kinkajou, Baby Luv. The raccoon-like creature actually bit Hilton in the arm in 2006, requiring a visit to the emergency room. Before getting chomped on, Hilton had already been warned by the California Department of Fish and Game that it was illegal to harbor the exotic animal at her L.A. digs.

Baby Luv's current whereabouts are unknown.

Giant Goof

SPORTS Illustrated model Meghan White must've wished she was a New Yorker Tuesday night. When the New Hampshire blonde took the stage at a bash for the mag's 2008 swimsuit issue at 7 World Trade Center, the announcer divulged that she is a New England Patriots cheerleader. The huge crowd of male Giants fans booed her loudly. But White, who poses in a hot-red number in the issue, took it in stride, laughing and smiling as she walked off. Also partying were Andy Roddick, race-car driver Danica Patrick, gorgeous cover girl Marisa Miller, and Leonardo DiCaprio's gal pal Bar Refaeli.

Fashion Foreword

"THE Vivienne Westwood Opus," one of the largest fashion books ever, was published this week. The book, which costs a whopping $2,700, has 97 original photos spread among 200 pages of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Sir Bob Geldof, Jerry Hall and Helena Bonham Carter.

Slender Strategy

NOW we know how model Agness Deyn stays so thin - she throws her food at people instead of eating it. The Vogue muse gathered hipsters and rockers to Don Hill's on Spring Street to celebrate her 25th birthday Thursday - a week early to coincide with Fashion Week. Around 1 a.m., a cake was rolled onto the stage, but before indie rockers the Paddingtons could finish singing their ballad, Deyn was throwing handfuls of the frosted dessert into the crowd. We hear pals Drew Barrymore and her man, Justin "I'm a Mac" Long, showed up at 3:30 a.m. and boozed with her in the basement until 5.

Paris Parties Without Letup

ONE birthday bash isn't enough for attention-starved Paris Hilton. Saturday night, the heir-head - who announced she wanted "like six parties" to celebrate her 27th b-day - started off by doing "shot after shot" of tequila at a friend's Hollywood Hills house. Then she rounded up pals Alli Sims and Brittny Gastineau and moved on to Area nightclub, where she was serenaded with a version of the '80s hit "Nasty Girl" by actress Angelica Bridges. Paris and her posse next moved on to new hot spot Villa, joining Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Tisch, John Legend and Alex von Furstenberg. "It was hot," said our source. After that, the gang headed to a late-night "Austin Powers"-themed bash in Beverly Hills until 5 a.m. "She threw back more and more shots," said a spy. Meanwhile, Hilton's former friend, Lindsay Lohan, skipped the party to sip champagne with pals at Goa.

Hilton a Nottie; Hudson Sorta Hottie

Paris Hilton was not so hot. Then again, neither were Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey and Martin Lawrence exactly.

In a blah weekend at the box office, Fool's Gold, the latest romantic-comedy pairing for Hudson and McConaughey, took the top spot with an okay $22 million, per studio estimates compiled Sunday by Exhibitor Relations.

Lawrence's Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, a sort of Meet His Own Parents, placed second, with $17.1 million.

Hilton's new film, meanwhile, The Hottie and the Nottie, was a definite nottie.

The comedy, the all-new tale of a gorgeous blonde and her less-attractive brunette best friend, "grossed" $26,000 at 111 theaters. By comparison, In Bruges, the Colin Farrell hit-man comedy, grossed, in the truer sense of the word, $471,200 at only 28 theaters.

Hilton, however, can claim small victories.

For one thing, The Hottie and the Nottie was the Simple Life star's first film in three years to debut in theaters, rather than on DVD. And for another, it outperformed Jessica Simpson's Blonde Ambition, to name another recent fair-haired comedy bomb.

That was about it for the good news. The Hottie and the Nottie couldn't even match the $26,470 posted last month by Blonde and Blonder, which starred the considerable Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards.

As far as blonde movie stars go, Hudson was a league apart.

While the debut for her Fool's Gold wasn't blockbuster, it was the second best of her career, behind only How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which not-coincidentally also costarred McConaughey.

Lawrence's Roscoe Jenkins was more on the hit side of the comic's hit-and-miss career. Of recent films, it opened way bigger than Rebound, and millions of dollars smaller than either Big Momma's House 2 or Wild Hogs.

1. Fool's Gold, $22 million
2. Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, $17.1 million
3. Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, $10.5 million
4. The Eye, $6.6 million
5. Juno, $5.73 million
6. 27 Dresses, $5.7 million
7. The Bucket List, $5.3 million
8. Rambo, $4.1 million
9. Meet the Spartans, $4.075 million
10. There Will Be Blood, $4.073 million


PARIS Hilton, who'd taped Ellen DeGeneres' show earlier that day, staring at Larry Flynt two tables away in the restaurant of the Four Seasons Hotel in LA, where Andrea Bocelli and Pink were also dining

Selita Ebanks's New Beau Is a Giant

With her broken engagement to actor Nick Cannon just a memory from last fall, Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks tells PEOPLE she is now "happy" – and dating New York Giants football star Osi Umenyiora.

"I am content now," Ebanks, 24, said at the Victoria's Secret Super Bowl VIP gifting salon. "I learned a lot in the relationship with Nick, and it helped me grow as a woman."

The Caymanian supermodel calls Umenyiora, 26, her "boyfriend," but explains, "It's one day at time for us. I am very happy."

Among things they have in common, Ebanks is a big sports fan, having played basketball and tennis growing up. (She began modeling at 17, after moving to New York.)

Ebanks reportedly met the 6'3", 261-lb. defensive end at a New York Knicks basketball game several weeks ago. While the new couple haven't nailed down specific plans for next Thursday's Valentine's Day, Ebanks doesn't hesitate to say how she'd like to spend it with Umenyiora.

"I want to sit back on a couch and watch a movie or a game, and just spend some quality time together," she said. "Quietness."

Cupid Strikes Another

Ebanks isn't the only Victoria's Secret Angel whose love life is on the upswing. Adriana Lima, star of the new Victoria's Secret commercial that debuted on the Super Bowl, is dating Marko Jaric, a guard for the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves.

The day before her ad premiered last weekend, "Marko chartered a plane to be with her on her big day," says a source. "He flew in Saturday and flew back early Sunday morning so he could be on time for practice."

As Lima tells PEOPLE: "I'm happy."

Anna Nicole: One Year On

Though she might have ceded the headlines, Anna Nicole Smith is hardly forgotten on the one-year anniversary of her demise.

The 39-year-old Playmate turned reality star died unexpectedly Feb. 8, 2007 in a Florida hotel room. Her death came just five months after the equally surprising death of 20-year-old son Daniel, a loss that came three days after the birth of her daughter Dannielynn.

And while it may have taken a full 12 months before those left behind have been given any semblance of peace, the passing of time hasn't healed all wounds.

"Anna Nicole Smith, I love you and hope you are proud of our beautiful baby girl," Larry Birkhead posted on his Website Friday. "Please watch over us and guide us on our journey through life. We miss you."

The message, the first to be added to the site in more than three months and accompanied by both a photo of a lounging Smith and a backdrop of Smith's signature color, bright pink, was signed: "Love, Larry and Dannielynn."

Smith's longtime sidekick Howard K. Stern also paid tribute Friday.

"Today is extremely difficult for those of us who were close to Anna Nicole, and we ask that the media please respect our privacy," he told Entertainment Tonight.

In memory of his once constant companion and her late son, Stern has created the Anna Nicole and Daniel Smith Charitable Foundation, which will benefit causes championed by Smith during her life, chief among them children, elderly and the prevention and treatment of AIDS.

"Hopefully it will grow, help more people each year, and eventually be headed by her daughter Dannielynn."

Smith, born Vickie Lynn Hogan in Mexia, Texas, led a life of watercooler highlights—teen bride, stripper, high-profile model, wife of octogenarian mogul, gazillionaire widow at 27, tabloid train wreck, reality star.

A coroner ruled last year that Smith's death was caused, like her son before her, by a lethal combination of prescription medications, triggering an ongoing criminal investigations into several of her doctors, some of whom issued multiple prescriptions in fake names.

Her death was also followed by months-long legal battles in Florida and the Bahamas over the paternity of her sole surviving child. While both former lover Birkhead and Stern claimed fatherhood—claims also echoed by a revolving door of less-likely Z-listers—a DNA test finally proved in April that Birkhead was the papa.

Despite their conflicts, Birkhead and Stern remained surprisingly cordial in the wake of their courtroom drama, a geniality that led to salacious reports of the duo's relations, followed by a massive libel suit, over Rita Cosby's Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death.

Birkhead retains custody of Dannielynn to the chagrin of Anna Nicole Smith's estranged mother, Virgie Arthur. Stern remains the executor of Smith's estate and has been laboring in Los Angeles courts to have Dannielynn named as Smith's sole heir. A hearing in that case will take place Mar. 14.

Dannielynn would be in line to collect millions in inheritance from Anna Nicole's late billionaire husband, J. Howard Marshall, depending on how a long-playing court battle shakes out.

The child appears to bea healthy 17-month-old, having celebrated her own one-year anniversary back in September.

A delay-plagued inquest into Daniel's death has finally begun in the Bahamas. Currently in recess, proceedings are expected to resume Mar. 17, when both Stern and Birkhead are expected to be called to the stand.

Earlier this week, Birkhead and Dannielynn honored Smith's death in their own special way, paying a visit to her Bahamas grave.

"It's tough," the 35-year-old photographer told Entertainment Tonight of his decision to take his daughter to Nassau. "Even though she doesn't understand, it was important for us to come. One day I can tell her that we went to visit her mom."

Smiths Anna Nicole and Daniel are buried side-by-side in the cemetery and while Birkhead paid tribute to both during his visit, he repeated his long-held claims that the duo's final resting was not fitting.

"I don't like the fact that they're here, I never did. I know that Daniel didn't want to be here, and I know his mother was only here because of what was going on between us with the paternity question. To me, it feels really odd."

Birkhead and Dannielynn have since returned to their Studio City home, property which housed Smith prior to her passing and which was left in her will.

Earlier this week, a source close to Birkhead told E! News that Dannielynn and daddy have taken their hard-won life together in eager stride.

"The baby loved him, and he is a hands-on dad. When he leaves the room, she cries for him. It is not like a fake-dad thing.

"Even before she could talk, she would cry for daddy when he left the room. They are very bonded. She puts her arms out like any kid would do for her dad."

Paris Hilton in her element with silly comedy

Clearly attempting to remake Paris Hilton into the Bo Derek of our age, this comedy introduces its lead actress with a slow-motion shot of her jogging on the beach, with numerous hapless males ogling themselves silly. Unfortunately, Ms. Hilton is no Bo Derek, and "The Hottie and the Nottie" is no "Ten." Clearly hoping to capitalize on the star's notoriety, what should have gone straight to video has inexplicably wound up as a theatrical release.

The titular characters are Cristabel (Hilton) and her grossly ugly best friend, June (Christine Lakin). Pursuing the former is Nate (Joel David Moore), who's loved her since they shared a class in elementary school. Twenty years later, he travels from Maine to Los Angeles to pursue her, which considering his merely average looks seems like something of a fool's quest.

He's pleasantly surprised to find his hottie fairly agreeable to hooking up, but there's a catch. The loyal Cristabel has decided that she'll remain celibate until a suitable partner has been found for June. This is no small task for Nate, since she's no ordinary plain Jane. Sporting rotten teeth, hopeless acne and hair emanating from nearly every part of her body, June would seem a hopeless cause.

It won't come as a surprise to any viewer that underneath all this grossness is not only a decent, self-aware person, but also a hidden beauty who only needs a thorough makeover. This comes courtesy of the seemingly perfect Johann (Johann Urb), a handsome dentist who spends his spare time modeling for Men's Abs magazine. As might be expected, the more June's beauty slowly emerges, the more Nate finds his attention shifting.

While the film reveals a disarming sweetness at times, it also features so many lame attempts at Farrelly brothers-style gross-out humor (albeit of the PG-13 variety) that we quickly cease caring about the characters. And while Cristabel is supposed to be an airhead, such pronouncements as "A life without orgasms is like a world without flowers" seem more indicative of the screenplay's deficiencies than the character's.

Hilton fulfills her sexpot role -- needless to say, she performs the "downward dog" yoga position with particular skill -- without embarrassing herself, and Moore and Lakin are quite appealing. But "Hottie and the Nottie" is ultimately best suited for the confines of late-night cable.

Super Casting

VICTORIA'S Secret supermodel Karolina Kurkova is hitting the big screen in the live-action "G.I. Joe" movie. The leggy blonde just landed the role of Courtney "Cover Girl" Kreiger, who is the object of several Joes' affections. Kurkova joins Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Marlon Wayans, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lee Byung-Hun in the flick, which is due out in August.

Kate Moss portrait sells for $191,000

English graffiti artist Banksy's screen print of supermodel Kate Moss sold for $191,000 at a street art auction in London.

The work, inspired by Andy Warhol's iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe, was one of 75 pieces of "urban art" on sale, Bonhams auction house said.

Many of the works were created with spray-paint and stencils and began life as street graffiti before being transferred to canvas.

"By definition (urban art) is an ephemeral art form, often disappearing as fast as it appears," Gareth Williams, senior picture specialist at Bonhams, said Tuesday. "By transposing their images from street wall to canvas, urban artists are now creating a permanent legacy."

Banksy refuses to give his real name, which has been variously reported as Robert Banks or Robin Banks. The artist, who does much of his work on exterior walls, rarely offers originals for sale.

"Harvard's hot," Paris Hilton declares

About 200 Harvard University students waited more than an hour in bone-chilling rain on Wednesday for a speaker better known for hard partying than Ivy League appearances -- socialite Paris Hilton.

The millionaire hotel heiress won the dubious honor of "woman of the year" from Harvard's satirical Lampoon magazine, and she accepted the trophy in person with a quick speech.

"Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine standing here on the steps of the Harvard Lampoon receiving the woman of the year award," she told the students gathered outside the castle-like, red-brick building that houses the Lampoon.

"You guys are so hot," she added. "Harvard's hot."

The 26-year-old star of the television reality show "The Simple Life" kept the crowd waiting for so long that the head of the student-run magazine had to reassure the students that the event was not a prank.

"All of you can stab me if she doesn't come," Lampoon president Chris Schleicher said wryly. "She's really coming."

In many ways, Hilton's hard-charging lifestyle, party-girl image and tabloid fame are the antithesis of the Harvard experience. And many past Lampoon honorees boast weightier resumes -- from former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to actors Robin Williams, John Wayne and John Cleese.

Hilton is the first recipient of the Lampoon's "woman of the year" award.

A separate Harvard institution, the Hasty Pudding Theatricals, has a "Woman of the Year Roast" -- a tradition that dates to 1795. On Thursday it will honor Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron.

Some Harvard students embraced Hilton, who skyrocketed to fame in 2003 after an amateur sex video of her filmed in night vision hit the Internet.

"Someone just accosted me and said, 'Why would you stand in the rain for Paris Hilton?"' said Matthew Sussman, 26, an English major. "But I think that she is an icon and we see her image multiplied numerous times and numerous ways."

"It's also a dubious distinction. We don't know if she is in on the joke or not," he added.

Before Hilton's appearance, fliers for her new movie, "The Hottie & The Nottie," were passed around to the students. She also won a plug for the movie as she was being introduced, along with plugs for her self-titled album in 2006 and products from perfume to shoes.

"She probably has a very sophisticated publicity team and has thought about this," said Geraldine Prasuhn, 23, who is studying economics and East Asian studies. "I don't think she's totally unaware and is being taken advantage of."

Nicky's Nixed

IT seems Ian Schrager's ban on Paris Hilton at his Gramercy Park Hotel also applies to her sister Nicky. Spies outside spotted her "desperately trying to get in" to the hip hotel's Rose Bar, where Tory Burch, Lydia Hearst, Padma Lakshmi, Vincent Gallo, Brittany Murphy, Stavros Niarchos and Vito Schnabel were toasting Serge Azria's label, Joie. "Nicky was texting Andy Valmorbida to come out and get her," said the spy. But we hear the billionaire art dealer was too busy canoodling with Lenny Kravitz's ex, Sandy Meyer, to lend the Hilton sister a hand.

Review: Paris is tepid in`Hottie'

Really, there's no point in paying to see a movie starring Paris Hilton — she of the platinum blonde extensions and the nonexistent acting range — because you can get exactly what she has to offer for free by turning on a TV infotainment show or clicking on any number of gossip Web sites.

In "The Hottie and the Nottie," she once again essentially plays herself, or at least the version of herself she's concocted for public consumption. (Sadly, the world may never get to know the "real" Paris, if such a thing exists.) Then again, Katharine Hepburn built a career on portraying a carefully crafted version of herself, so hey, anything's possible.

This time, Hilton stars as sexpot Cristabel Abbott, who's so massively desirable, men line the beach path where she jogs every day (in slow motion, naturally) with marriage proposals and other wacky expressions of love. Cristabel has an entire walk-in closet devoted entirely to her extensive collection of lingerie. When she practices yoga, the instructor compliments her on the quality of her downward facing dog.

She does everything but say the words, "That's hot." (But Hilton does get to utter this bizarre clunker of a line: "A life without orgasms is like a world without flowers.")

Clearly, she could have any man she wanted, but she refuses to date until her homely best friend from childhood, June (Christine Lakin), finds a boyfriend. Gangly, insecure Nate (Joel David Moore), who's been in love with Cristabel since they were 6, schleps from Maine back to Los Angeles to win her heart 20 years later — but before he can get to the hottie, he must go through the nottie. (As Nate's obese, wisecracking pal describes June, "She's like some hideous dragon guarding the princess from escape.")

Director Tom Putnam's movie, which plays like a poor man's Farrelly brothers comedy, is as lazy and formulaic as they come. Even before we meet June, we have every reason to believe she's secretly gorgeous, and simply in need of some veneers and a facial wax. (Early on, she actually resembles Jerri Blank, Amy Sedaris' character from "Strangers With Candy.")

Working from Heidi Ferrer's wholly uninspired script, Putnam runs through all the gross-out gags you'd expect. There are fart jokes and poop jokes, vomit and snot, dirty socks and granny panties. A bit in which June's infected toenail flies off her foot and into the mouth of a guy Nate is trying to set her up with is particularly unpleasant. All of it is unfunny.

Little by little, her true beauty shines through, thanks to some makeover work from a model-turned-dentist named Johann (Tom Brady look-alike Johann Urb) who's too good to be true and may or may not truly be into June. Of course, she also ends up turning Nate's head in the process.

The presence of Moore as our goofy hero makes all this flat tripe feel vaguely tolerable. There's something slightly charming about his deadpan, self-deprecating manner, and he gets a couple of decent lines here and there. And Lakin, once she's all gussied up, is completely cute. But both are in need of a serious makeover when it comes to their choice in movie projects.

"The Hottie and the Nottie," from Regent Releasing, is rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content. Running time: 98 minutes. One and a half stars out of four.

Paris Hilton Talks About Her Acting Coach

Paris Hilton is eager to prove her acting chops and credits her acting coach and life experiences with helping her.

"My acting coach, Ivana Chubbuck ... She's an incredible acting coach," Hilton told PEOPLE at Monday's premiere of her new romantic comedy, The Hottie and the Nottie, in Hollywood.

"If it's a scene where I have to get upset, I'll think of a past person," the heiress, who turns 27 on Feb. 17, said recently of Chubbuck's advice. "I'll think of something in my life, use it in the scene, and it really works."

Hilton's previous film credits include the horror remake House of Wax and straight-to-DVD comedy Bottoms Up. She working on a documentary with Entourage star Adrien Grenier, which is "going great," he tells PEOPLE. Hilton is also set to appear in the musical Repo: The Genetic Opera, and recently confirmed that she will be shooting at least one episode of Showtime's The L Word.

"When the strike is over, we'll do it," Hilton said. "I don't know [what character] yet. I just know I was asked by the creators."

Mom Kathy Hilton, who admired Hilton's pink Dolce & Gabbana dress from afar at Monday's premiere, told PEOPLE she didn't lend any acting advice to her daughter: "No, no … Taking your time, reading it, and making sure that it's something you can do, and it's fun. Just having fun with it."

Not one to shy away from fun, Hilton said recently, that "actors are really great if they've lived the life of a lot of things happen to them. I've had a lot happen to me in my life. Now I've learned to use those experiences in my acting."

Hall Of A Gig

IT'S tough out there for a former supermodel. Jerry Hall, who used to rule the catwalk, is now the "Global Ambassador" for Levitra, the Bayer medication for erectile dysfunction. According to its Web site, Mick Jagger's ex-wife is "touring the world as part of Levitra's campaign to encourage women to 'strike up a conversation' with their partner to start discussion and ultimately treat erectile dysfunction." We're sure she never needed to have that talk with Mick.

Helena Christensen: Heath Was Different From Anyone I'd Met

Helena Christensen – who's still mourning the loss of her friend Heath Ledger – made one of her first public appearances since the actor's death, stepping out for Sunday's Y-3 fashion show.

Although the days since Ledger's shocking Jan. 22 death have been hard, the supermodel tells PEOPLE she's coping – thanks, in part, to her 8-year-old son, Mingus.

"Time passes," she told PEOPLE after the show, part of New York City's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. "It's doesn't make it easier, but you try to do the best you can. When you have a child, they kind of bring you back to the moment in a really comforting way."

Christensen – who was linked to Ledger following his split from Michelle Williams, but always insisted they were just friends – had been on her way to visit the actor when his body was discovered. "I had just left him a message and heard his voice on the machine," she previously told Women's Wear Daily, adding that she was "beyond sad."

Although she couldn't attend Saturday's memorial service in L.A., Christensen said she'd heard the ceremony – attended by Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Sienna Miller and Ellen DeGeneres – was "beautiful."

"Because I had my son, I couldn't leave," she said. "But everyone said it was very moving and it was an amazing way to say goodbye to him."

These days, Christensen is focusing on the happy times she shared with Ledger. "I have only good memories of him," she added. "Losing any friend is horrific, but he just has this thing about him – this special, enigmatic thing that I have never met in anyone before. That's what all of his friends are saying. They are totally devastated by losing someone who gave them so much. He gave everyone so much."

Elle Of A Gal

MOVE over, Demi Moore, there's a new cougar in town. 44-year-old supermodel Elle Macpherson is dating Vito Schnabel, the sexy 21-year-old art dealer son of acclaimed director Julian Schnabel. "Everyone in London is buzzing about it," said one insider. We hear Macpherson will be accepting an award for designer of the year for her namesake intimates collection at Cipriani 42nd St. on Tuesday. Let's see if Vito shows up on her arm.

Heat Lamps Scorch Models

SOME models who'd planned to cash in on runway gigs for Fashion Week got burned by designer Marc Bouwer - literally. Next model Monika Sawicka, along with several others who were being styled for a shoot for Bouwer's collection last week, was badly singed by the "faulty lighting" at the studio. They were left with irritated, red faces, as if severely sunburned, said our source, who added, "Agents are completely screwed, scrambling to replace the burnt models for upcoming shows they were booked in." A spokesperson for Bouwer told us, "Marc feels awful about what happened. No one knew the lamp was giving off that much heat until the shoot ended. If they had known, they would have stopped right away. Marc actually got the worst of it, as he was under the lamp all day fixing the girls as they went in at intervals. He loves those girls and hopes everyone is back to normal ASAP." The flack also noted, "The photos came out amazing, and the shoot looked beautiful."

Gisele 'Very Excited' for Tom Brady

It's her boyfriend Tom Brady's big day at the Super Bowl, so how's Gisele Bündchen feeling? "I am very excited," Bunchen told PEOPLE Sunday before kickoff. "It's great."

Victora's Secret models root for Giants

The Giants have a couple of Angels rooting for them.

Selita Ebanks and Karolina Kurkova — two Victoria's Secret Angels — will be cheering on the New York team at the Super Bowl, the supermodels told The Associated Press at the Victoria's Secret celebrity gifting suite Saturday.

"I think the Giants are the underdogs," Kurkova said. "You should always go for the underdogs."

Kurkova, originally from Czechoslovakia, acknowledges she doesn't know much about American football and will be relying on some kind folks sitting around her Sunday to explain what's happening on the field.

Meanwhile, Ebanks, a Caymanian-turned-New Yorker who's attended three previous Super Bowl games, predicts an exciting matchup — with the Giants eventually coming out on top.

"When the Patriots came to New York, it was 38-35," said Ebanks. "It was a very close game, and it was freezing. They were not only fighting each other but fighting the weather as well. I think this is going to be an even better game. Everyone's going to be on the edge of their seats."

Before the big game, however, there's a big party.

For the first time, Victoria's Secret has organized its own Super Bowl party. The exclusive Saturday night bash at the 10,000-square-foot Taste Ultra Lounge is being thrown to coincide with the release of the sultry retailer's annual "What is Sexy?" list and its first Super Bowl ad since 1999. The commercial will star Adriana Lima and a football.

"I think it's going to be the sexiest hottest party here," foreshadowed Kurkova. "We have so many people coming. We're overbooked because there's so many people wanting to come, which is flattering and fun. We want people to have fun and feel sexy."

Model Magic

KIERA Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, has been named the spokesmodel for designer Maggie Norris. The leggy beauty celebrated her new gig Thursday at The Plumm wearing bizarre jewelry: a tribal band of skull heads encircling her left arm.

French president marries former model

French President Nicolas Sarkozy married former model Carla Bruni on Saturday at the Elysee Palace, the couple announced, tying the knot less than three months after they reportedly first met.

In a terse statement, the couple said only that they "were married this morning in the presence of their families in the strictest privacy." The official statement followed an announcement of the wedding several hours earlier from the official who had performed the ceremony at the presidential Elysee Palace.

"The bride wore white; she was ravishing, as usual," Francois Lebel, mayor of Paris' eighth arrondissement, or neighborhood, told Europe-1 radio. "The groom wasn't bad either."

Sarkozy, 53, and Bruni, 40, were married in the presence of about 20 close family and friends, Lebel said. He called the ceremony "a moment of family intimacy for the young newlyweds, of great simplicity and apparently a lot of affection between the spouses.

"I wished them a lot of happiness," he said.

Under French law, couples must tie the knot before a mayor to make their union official. Sarkozy was not the first French president to marry in office: Gaston Doumergue tied the knot at the Elysee Palace in 1931.

Sarkozy's openness about his private life has surprised many French, accustomed to presidents who keep their love lives under wraps.

At a news conference in January, Sarkozy revealed that the relationship was "serious" and hinted that wedding plans were in the works. But he refused to reveal the date for a wedding, saying only that France might learn about the nuptials once they had already taken place.

The couple went public with their relationship during a visit to Disneyland Paris, and they carried out their brief but highly publicized courtship in such places as the ruins of Petra, Jordan. The tabloids even showed the couple at an Egyptian beach resort, Bruni in a tiny black bikini, Sarkozy in trunks, gold chain and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Sarkozy's approval ratings dropped during their courtship — in part, analysts say, because many older, more traditional voters were put off by his glitzy, jet-setting style.

The wedding was the third for Sarkozy, who has three children. It was the first for Bruni, an Italian-born heiress who had a major modeling career and a well-publicized love life. Bruni, now a singer, dated rockers Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, tycoon Donald Trump and actor Vincent Perez. She has a young son, Aurelien, from a relationship with philosophy professor Raphael Enthoven.

Sarkozy could not devote the entire day to celebrations. He also was busy with a crisis in Chad, the former French colony in central Africa. As rebels penetrated Chad's capital, Sarkozy called a meeting at the Elysee Palace and spoke by telephone with Chad's president.

David Letterman Apologizes to Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's Friday night guest appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman differed from her last, in September, when the CBS host couldn't stop badgering her about her just-finished jail sentence.

"We have a lovely woman who's been in prison," Letterman said Friday, explaining why he previously behaved the way he did. "I put those two things together and my head starts spinning."

Rehashing how he verbally accosted Hilton the last time, "I continued to press the point," Letterman acknowledged – though Hilton had made it clear she was finished talking about her life behind bars.

"I thought I was hilarious," Letterman recalled, until others the next day told him, "No, you were an ass----."

He also heard Hilton was hurt and vowed never to return to his show. So he called her, wrote a letter and sent flowers, which she called "sweet." And he cajoled her into returning to his show, which she did Friday – one week before her new movie, The Hottie and the Nottie, opens.

Watch a clip here.

Don't Try It Again

"It's like a first date," said Letterman, admitting he was "on probation." As Hilton, in a yellow dress, made her stage entrance, the Late Show band played "I Love Paris."

"I offended you. I'm not here to make enemies, honestly," Letterman, 60, told Hilton, 26. "I'm terribly sorry."

"Yes," said Hilton. "And you better not try it again. I hope you got the jail thing out of your system."

Their bitter past behind them, Letterman said, "What else would you like to talk about? Let's talk about something fun."

That included her new movie (she plays the "hottie," Letterman explained), her new shoe line, her five fragrances and her cellphone video game – something that seemed to stump her host.

"What is the game?" he asked. "How do you know you've won?"


THE writers' strike has been a disaster for Hollywood, but it's proving to be a boon for New York's Fashion Week.

Not many stars came to last year's fashion shows, leaving the front row to D-listers. But this year, the A-list has flown in for seats in the Bryant Park tents and the chance to be swarmed by paparazzi.

"The Golden Globes were canceled, along with other awards shows - and possibly the Oscars - and the stars are going through red-carpet withdrawal," one fashionista laughed. "They've got movies and TV shows to promote, and they need to get their faces into the magazines."

Lisette Sand-Freeman, of Shadow P.R., put it more kindly: "With the strike, celebrities' schedules are more open." Kate Bosworth, Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé Knowles, Claire Danes, Rumer Willis and Courtney Love have all flown into town.

Fashion Week kicks off today in the park with the Red Dress show to benefit heart-disease research. First Lady Laura Bush will be front row as Molly Sims (in Daniel Swarovski), Heidi Klum (in Marc Jacobs), Jenna Fisher (in Oscar de la Renta) and Emma Roberts (in Ralph Lauren) catwalk on the runway. Later today, Anne Hathaway and Emma Roberts are due at the Erin Fetherston show.

Tomorrow, Jamie King and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld have seats at Alexander Wang's show at I-Beam on West 21st, while Sophia Bush and Joss Stone are expected at Rock & Republic.

The most star-studded event comes Wednesday, when Madonna hosts a gala - totally underwritten by the new Gucci store in Trump Tower - on the lawn of the UN to benefit UNICEF and her Raising Malawi charity. Madge's guest list includes Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Sean Combs, Lenny Kravitz, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alex Rodriguez, Martha Stewart and Uma Thurman, with Alicia Keys and Rhianna performing.

But some boldfaces still think they can make demands. Alison Brod told WWD, "Some are saying they will come to a show if they can be in an ad campaign . . . They want to make money." Stacey Bendet, whose alice+olivia will present at her West 40th Street store on Thursday, said she'd had demands from reality-show losers for $20,000 to attend. She said she told them where to go.

Katherine Heigl named "most desirable woman"

Superlatives keep piling up for actress Katherine Heigl who on Thursday was named the "most desirable woman of 2008" by lifestyle Web site,

The site, which boasts seven million readers a month, said it polls users annually for a list of 99 women who best embody the qualities of an ideal girlfriend or wife, as judged by intelligence, humor, charisma and ambition among attributes.

"This year's list really goes to show who (our users) relate with and find beautiful, charming and personable," said's editor-in-chief, James Bassil.

Heigl, 29, starred in last year's hit comedy movie "Knocked Up" and currently is in theaters with romance "27 Dresses," playing a woman who is always a bridesmaid but never a bride until she finally finds love.

She won a supporting actress Emmy, U.S. television's highest honor, for her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens on hospital drama "Grey's Anatomy," and has been nominated for two Golden Globe awards for the same show.

Following Heigl on the list was model Alessandra Ambrosio in the No. 2 position and just behind her was British actress Kate Beckinsale, who has starred in films from action adventure "Pearl Harbor" to comedy "Click."

Rounding out the top 10, in the following order were:

4. Eva Mendes
5. Jessica Alba
6. Scarlett Johansson
7. Jessica Biel
8. Rihanna
9. Marisa Miller
10. Adriana Lima

Star power fuels Super Bowl parties

"Every party is going to have an open bar. Every party is going to have good food," Tuchman says. "What makes or breaks a party is the celebrities who show up and the proximity to the stars. It's being able to say, `I hung out with Adam Sandler at the bar last night.' That's what you're going to remember most about the party."

This year, the celebrity guests being bandied about in event press releases are all over the A- to D-list spectrum. A random sampling of such expected stars: Alyssa Milano, the cast of "The Hills," Cuba Gooding Jr., David Spade, Eva Longoria Parker, Gabrielle Union, Ian Ziering, Joey Fatone, Kevin Sorbo, Milo Ventimiglia, Nick Lachey and Paris Hilton.

Whether they show up is another story.

But every event has secured recognizable musicians to perform. Penthouse will have Snoop Dogg. Playboy's got Nick Cannon. Sports Illustrated has D-Nice. Leather and Laces has Sugar Ray. Vice the Party will star Timbaland. Maxim will feature a surprise musical guest. (Hint: He's a friend of Michael Jackson.) And Victoria's Secret has Josh Kelley.

For the first time, the sultry retailer has organized its own Super Bowl party. The bash at the 10,000-square-foot Taste Ultra Lounge is being thrown to coincide with the release of Victoria's Secret's annual "What is Sexy?" list. Jill Beraud, the company's chief marketing officer, isn't yet sure if the party will become a tradition worthy of scrambling against Maxim and Playboy.

"We're not looking to make it big," Beraud says. "We're looking to make it exclusive."

Victoria's Secret supermodels Karolina Kurkova, Adriana Lima and Selita Ebanks will host the event while rumors are swirling that Justin Timberlake — selected this year's Sexiest Male Musician by Victoria's Secret — will make an appearance either there or at some other party in Arizona.

Outside of the behemoth well-publicized events are several much-smaller private functions, such as Thursday's "naked" pingpong tournament, sponsored by enhanced-water bottler Glaceau and hosted by 50 Cent. Instead of a club or convention center, the party is being held at a private mansion in Scottsdale.

For CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell, who says he's attended more Super Bowl parties than he can remember, he's most looking forward to this year's offerings from Playboy and Maxim, which is holding an invite-only bash at the new Stone Rose Lounge at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess.

"The fact is anyone who's anyone that's in town for the Super Bowl shows up at those parties," says Rovell. "For celebrities and athletes, it's an opportunity to be seen on the red carpet at the biggest sports event of the year. For everyone else, it's their chance to rub elbows with those people. It's probably the most important aspect of these events to everyone involved."

Hefner agrees — with one important caveat.

"It has very much to do with the guest list," he says. "You have to have the right mix of celebrities, athletes and girls. The most defining part of any party is the right combination of food, drinks, ambiance, entertainment and good toilet facilities. A bad party is a party where you can't find a john."

Paris Puckers Up With Gals

ATTENTION-starved Paris Hilton has evidently run out of men to smooch with and is moving on to women. Revelers at Tenjune in the Meatpacking District Tuesday night spotted a partying Paris "making out" with "24" star Elisha Cuthbert. "They were drinking and dancing, and all of suddenly they just started kissing," said the onlooker who told us the liplock lasted "about a minute." Cuthbert's rep, who was not at the club, denies the story, although several witnesses confirmed they saw the face-suck. Hilton's sapphic antics started last weekend, when she was seen with Lindsay Lohan's one-time roomie, Courtenay Semel, in LA. Insiders told us Semel - daughter of former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel - was jealous Lohan was in New York with Stavros Niarchos. "Courtenay is so jealous that Lindsay is away and spending time with Stavros," said our source. "So she's been parading Paris Hilton around to all her lesbian events." Page Six reported last month that Lohan and Semel were living together, and attended a party for "power lesbians" in LA. Last weekend, Semel brought Hilton to Falcon, a lesbian bar on Sunset Boulevard where they table-danced.


VICTORIA'S Secret model Oluchi raising male temperatures, including that of rapper Jim Jones, at Touch.

Block The Poles

CHRISTIE Brinkley wants to save the Town of Southampton from ugly telephone poles. The supermodel has launched a petition drive to stop the Long Island Power Authority from putting up new, 48- to 60-foot utility poles rather than underground cables. "They will remove many of our beautiful trees to raise the unsightly poles - miles of them," she writes in a letter to residents. "Will they withstand a nor'easter? An ice storm? A hurricane? Will our escape route be blocked by a heavy pole?" The petition has drawn more than 2,000 signatures so far, including those of Bruce Weber, Ross Bleckner, Harry Evans and Carl Bernstei

Ryan Seacrest is on `What Is Sexy?' list

Victoria's Secret executives and designers voted, and they think Ryan Seacrest has the sexiest smile.

The "American Idol" host is on the lingerie company's 2008 What Is Sexy? list — along with Eva Mendes and Josh Holloway.

"What's sexy about (Seacrest) is he doesn't act like he is," Victoria's Secret spokeswoman Monica Mitro told The Associated Press in a phone interview. "We felt that his smile was quite sexy — in a very subtle and innocent and humble way."

The team of executives and designers who compiled the list looked for attributes such as "passion and humor and style and charisma," Mitro said.

Mendes is the sexiest actress; Holloway, who plays Sawyer on ABC's "Lost," is the sexiest beach body; Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham, who has three sons with husband David Beckham, is the sexiest mom; and Katherine Heigl and her husband, musician Josh Kelley are the sexiest newlyweds.

Other sexy celebs: Eric Bana (actor), Chris Brown (male musician), Dane Cook (funnyman), Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (male athlete), Rihanna (female musician), Justin Chambers (dad), "Gossip Girl" Blake Lively (newcomer), and Fergie and Josh Duhamel (couple).

Scarlett Johansson was honored for her sexy style, Jessica Biel for her lips, Kate Bosworth for her eyes and Ali Larter for her legs.

ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money," which co-stars Peter Krause and William Baldwin, has the sexiest cast, according to the list.

Victoria's Secret supermodel-spokeswomen, including Selita Ebanks, Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova, were to host a party in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Saturday — the eve of the Super Bowl — to honor the list-makers.

Lima hosts a one-hour special "Victoria's Secret: What Is Sexy? 2008," which is scheduled to air Feb. 9 on E! Entertainment Television. It was produced by E! and Ryan Seacrest Productions. Seacrest is host of the channel's "E! News" entertainment news program.

Mitro said Victoria's Secret put the list together before E! committed to producing the special.

"Ryan came to our fashion show in November and he had the best smile on our red carpet," Mitro said. "He was an easy choice for us."

We Hear...

THAT Chase Crawford, Molly Sims and Donovan McNabb are excited their favorite LA hangout, Hyde, is opening a Super Bowl lounge in Scottsdale, Ariz., for the big game weekend

Just Asking

WHICH beautiful movie star/model of a certain age is dating a married man? She conveniently showed up to the Self magazine/Origins "Green" party at the Sundance Film Festival just moments before her rock star guitar-playing boyfriend did.

Riper Curves

ALESSANDRA Ambrosio is still working it for the cameras even though she's three months pregnant with her first child from boyfriend Jamie Mazur. The 26-year-old Brazilian brunette posed Thursday in a red one-piece bathing suit for a Victoria's Secret shoot at Nikki Beach in Miami. "She's going to be in the 2008 swimsuit catalogue," said our insider. "She looked amazing, she worked it.

No More Runway

RUSSIAN model Natalia Vodianova, 25, retired from the catwalk last week after walking in Valentino Garavani's final show in Paris. To celebrate, the mother of three is taking Valentino to Moscow for a week and then to Brazil for Carnivale. "She may do another show in the future," said a source, "but only for $500,000 or this large pink diamond she's had her eye on." The night of Valentino's last show, his longtime right-hand man, Carlos Souza, also retired, and his head of public relations, Annelise Peterson, left to join Alberta Ferretti next month.

Stick To Wine

AGELESS model Carmen Dell'Orefice, 78, turned career counselor when three of Ford Models' hottest babes, Tori Praver, Jessica Joffe and Alex Brown, asked her for the secret to longevity in the modeling business. "Go to bed early, drink lots of water, and avoid the hard stuff," Carmen told the beauties at photographer Fadil Berisha's Rolex bash at Ultra.

Ward: Ledger anxious over Christmas holidays

Australian actor Heath Ledger, who was found dead in his New York apartment, was edgy and anxious during his Christmas holidays about not seeing his daughter Matilda, close friend and model Sophie Ward told local media.

Ward, sister of supermodel Gemma Ward with whom Ledger had been reportedly linked, said Ledger was distressed during holidays in his hometown Perth, worried about his split with Michelle Williams and their two-year-old daughter.

"He was clean and wasn't drinking any alcohol or taking drugs," Ward told The West Australian newspaper on Thursday.

Ledger, 28, was found on Tuesday face down and naked beneath the covers of his bed with sleeping pills and other prescription medication nearby, New York police said.

Police initially said Ledger may have died from a drug overdose, but a New York City's medical examiner conducted an autopsy that proved inconclusive.

Ledger's family said his death was a tragic accident and Sophie Ward also said she did not believe Ledger took his life.

"He smoked cigarettes, but that's about it. He was drinking diet Coke when we were together and he said he was very committed to not drinking alcohol," she said. "I don't believe he took his own life deliberately."

But Ward said Ledger was distressed about his split with Williams and being away from his daughter.

"We went to the movies and just did normal stuff ... but he was a bit edgy. He couldn't really relax," said Ward.

"He said he was going to London but was quite upset because he couldn't see his daughter as much as he'd like to. He was traveling so much and I think he was just frustrated with it all."

Helena Christensen 'Beyond Sad' over Friend Heath

Supermodel Helena Christensen is another who is distraught over the untimely death of her friend Heath Ledger.

"He was such a special and genuine person, so extraordinarily talented because he was so raw and honest with his feelings," Christensen, 39, tells Women's Wear Daily. "He was so full of life, so electric."

Ledger, she says, was "a sweet, smart and talented young man and had many friends. My heart goes out to his family. I am just beyond sad at this point, and shocked."

She also says that she was about to see the 28-year-old actor when she heard of his death. "I was on my way over to pay him a visit when I found out," she says. "I had just left him a message and heard his voice on the machine."

After his split last September from Michelle Williams, the actor was spotted out with Christensen, prompting speculation that they were dating. Not so, the supermodel told PEOPLE, explaining they were just friends.

We Hear...

THAT Victoria's Secret Angels Selita Ebanks, Karolina Kurkova, Adriana Lima and Izabel Goulart will unveil their "What is Sexy 2008" list at Taste Ultra Lounge in Arizona during the Super Bowl.

Play Him Loose

LET'S hope Giants tough guy Osi Umenyiora has more commitment to his game than to his gals. Umenyiora, who is dating Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks, told Fox Business Network's Rebecca Gomez, "Yes, I have a girlfriend. Kind of girlfriend. I'm a very difficult guy to love. I have issues. Abandonment issues from when I was younger, psychological issues. I have a tough time truly committing myself."

Paris Hilton: Britney's a `great mother'

Paris Hilton is rooting for Britney Spears.

"I wish the best for her and I just wish everyone would leave her alone so she could live her life," the 26-year-old hotel heiress-actress tells E! News. "She's a great mother and a great girl and I really care about her."

In an interview that was to air Tuesday night, Hilton says: "She's a very sweet girl and I love her to death."

Hilton and Spears were nearly inseparable following the pop star's split from ex-husband Kevin Federline.

The tabloid magnets were photographed partying, shopping and driving in a car with Lindsay Lohan in the weeks after Spears filed for divorce from Federline in November 2006. But their whirlwind public friendship seemed to fizzle out after Spears' fans complained that Hilton was a negative influence.

Hilton served a 23-day jail sentence in Los Angeles last June for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless-driving case. She vowed to focus on philanthropy afterward.

Meanwhile, Spears, 26, continued to unravel in the public eye after a rough year in which she shaved her head, checked in and out of rehab and attacked a car with an umbrella.

She was taken to a Los Angeles hospital by paramedics earlier this month after police were called to her home because of a dispute involving her two sons. A court commissioner decided to keep in effect an order suspending Spears' right to visit Jayden James, 1, and Sean Preston, 2.

Awkward Alert: Gisele & Tom Party Next to Her Ex

Too close for comfort?

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady braved the freezing temperatures of New York City to party at hotspot Butter Monday night. (Brady, whose Patriots just earned a spot in the Feb. 3 Super Bowl, wasn't drinking.) Just one problem: Her ex boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, was sitting just two tables away.

The old flames did not interact, with Gisele cuddling up to the NFL quarterback in a corner banquette while DiCaprio spent most of the night messaging on his PDA.

The Oscar-nominee and Victoria's Secret supermodel had a tempestuous six-year relationship. They split – for good – in November 2005.

As the night wound down, Bündchen and Brady left hand-in-hand – and DiCaprio didn't even look up.


"[HE'S] master of the ass. He knows exactly where to attack a woman's body" - Karolina Kurkova to Elle about her Manhattan trainer, David Kirsch


UMA Thurman, David Bowie and his stunning wife, Iman, checking out Kara Walker's provocative silhouettes at the packed Whitney Museum

Fitty Full Of Questions

HERE'S a one-on-one from the Sundance Festival we can't wait for: 50 Cent is set to interview Paris Hilton, Barbara Walters-style, for the MySpace Celebrity artist-on-artist program from the MySpace Cafe at the Lift on Sunday. We'll be surprised if the unlikely duo can keep the conversation going for a full hour. Meanwhile, Bethenny Frankel's "50 for 50" dinner for Fitty is the hottest ticket at Sundance. Organizers for her party tomorrow night, one of 10 ChefDance events for the week, have had to turn down Marla Maples and Eric Mabius of "Ugly Betty," among others. One des perate foodie offered Frankel, the chef who was on "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart," $5,000 for a ticket to the free meal, which will seat only 50, said a source, adding, "The funny thing is, Tracey Edmonds and Eddie Murphy RSVP'd, but they're not coming, and people still can't get in." Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush will attend. Fitty, who will perform after the meal, requested that chef Todd Mark Miller from STK replace the lobster risotto with vegetable risotto on the menu.

Hold Button

THE plug's been pulled on model Maggie Rizer's AIDS documentary, "Maggie and Me." Rizer's film, co-produced by Alexandra Kerry and Suzanne "Africa" Engo, was focused on the struggle of fighting AIDS in the US and Africa, and was inspired by the death of her father, who died of the disease when she was 14. "The project is on hold because we have no funding to go to Africa," Engo told us. "I tried for a year, so I'll accept the failure as a producer, but I'm alone on these things mostly and this effort needs more soldiers and backers."

Abrupt Boot

TIFFANY Fallon, who looks great in boots and body paint on the cover of this month's Playboy, is steamed about the way she was booted off "Celebrity Apprentice." Calling Donald Trump's show "a shark tank," the brunette tells Steppin' Out's Chaunce Hayden: "I didn't even get to say goodbye to anybody . . . I was tossed out right away. I left the boardroom and was shuffled into an elevator and kicked out the door. I was really p - - - ed off! I thought, 'My time is not over!' But you can't ask the driver to march your a - - back upstairs."

We Hear...

THAT Sheldon Adelson, ranked the world's third-richest man by Forbes, will celebrate the opening of his newest property, Palazzo Las Vegas, with a three-day bash starting tonight, with Diana Ross and Seal singing for such guests as Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell and Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn

Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou Talk About Romance

Although Kimora Lee Simmons, who split from husband Russell Simmons last year, wasn't looking for romance when she met actor Djimon Hounsou she last February, she found it – and then some.

"I have a lot of hang-ups in life with men. I'm not very trusting," the model and fashion mogul says in an interview in the February issue of Harper's Bazaar. "After my breakup, I thought, I don't need anything. But now I have someone who has the heart, the soul, and the hotness."

Adds the Life in the Fab Lane star: "When you’re not looking, that's when it happens."

On their first date, a dinner with friends at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, Simmons found the West African model-turned-movie star of Blood Diamond "deeply compelling and utterly sweet. I immediately got into 'Are you dating?' 'You married?' 'You want kids?' I asked all the things you would never ask someone if you really were trying to date because you would scare them off."

But Hounsou says he wasn't deterred. "My first impression has always been the same, that she's a very beautiful lady, very capable and intelligent and smart with great family values. She's the least high-maintenance lady I've ever dated."

Hounsou praises Simmons’ skills as a businesswoman and a mom, calling daughters Ming Lee, 8, and Aoki Lee, 5, "great kids. I take my hat off to Kimora for the way she's carried them along with her business."

Simmons, in turn, raves about her boyfriend, calling his Calvin Klein underwear ads "hot as hell" and his gym-sculpted body "sick."

Ivanka OK'd for casinos' board

She's hired.

The state Casino Control Commission gave final approval Wednesday to Ivanka Trump serving on the board of directors of Trump Entertainment Resorts, which operates three casinos here.

The 26-year-old daughter of Donald and Ivana Trump received temporary approval in July, pending completion of an investigation into her background and finances — a standard practice for pending casino board members.

"I'm very excited," she told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "I've been on the board for several months now, and this is an opportunity to continue to contribute. The company is at a point where we need to make a lot of important decisions, and I bring a voice of a different generation, and also a female voice to the debate."

Ivanka Trump serves as vice president of development and acquisitions of the Trump Organization LLC, and is assuming a greater role on "The Apprentice," the NBC reality show on which her father fires someone each week.

In the first two episodes of this season's "The Celebrity Apprentice," she clashed with Gene Simmons of Kiss, who ignored her inquiries during a project pitting teams of male and female celebrities against each other. That earned him a tongue-lashing from papa Trump.

She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, one of the nation's top business schools.

Ivanka Trump did not attend the casino commission hearing in Atlantic City, but was represented by Trump Entertainment Resorts attorney Loretta Pickus, who urged the commissioners to approve Ivanka.

"If not, I don't know how I'm going to go back to the office," she said, drawing laughter from the packed meeting room.

"We're very happy" about the permanent approval, Donald Trump said Wednesday. "She's a very capable person, aside from being beautiful."

In related matters, the commission fined Trump Entertainment Resorts $50,000 Wednesday for allowing four underage people to gamble at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in June and July. Three of the gamblers were 20 years old, and the fourth was 16.

'Secret' Crush

PARIS Hilton, who? The hard-partying heiress has said she might want to bear Stavros Niarchos' love child, but during his vacation in Brazil, the Greek playboy developed a crush on Victoria's Secret model Izabel Goulart . One night at nightclub Cafe De La Musique in Florianopolis, reports, Niarchos tried hard to get Goulart's attention, much to the chagrin of her boyfriend, Marcelo Costa. Costa was further enraged when Niarchos sent gifts and flowers and started texting the model. She was said to be "very flattered" and somewhat interested.

Paris Hilton is heading to Harvard

Paris Hilton is heading to Harvard.

The 26-year-old actress-socialite has been named Harvard Lampoon's "Woman of the Year," the comedy magazine said Tuesday.

She will visit Harvard on Feb. 6 to accept her award, said Regent Releasing, the company that's distributing her new comedy, "The Hottie & the Nottie."

Hilton, whose body of work includes "House of Wax" and TV's "The Simple Life," stars as the attractive best friend to an ugly duckling in the new comedy, slated for release Feb. 8.

She also co-stars in the upcoming horror musical "Repo! The Genetic Opera!" which she began filming in Canada after serving a 23-day jail sentence in Los Angeles last June for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

Secret Is Out

IT looks like Victoria's Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio won't be strutting down the runway in her skivvies anytime soon. The Brazilian beauty, 26, is pregnant with her first child. "She's a few months along," said our insider. Ambrosio is thrilled, she told pals at a weekend party at the Hollywood Hills house of her boyfriend, Jamie Mazur. Paris Hilton, sister Nicky and brother Barron all partied at the house after a night out at Teddy's.

Sly And Janice In Near-miss

JANICE Dickinson came close to crossing paths this past week at the Beverly Hills Hotel with her nemesis and one-time fiancé, Sylvester Stallone.

As we reported Friday, the supermodel, earlier in the week on Greg Gutfield's Fox News Channel show "Red Eye," accused Stallone of shooting her up with steroids, as well as himself.

"He juiced me," Dickinson, star of an Oxygen channel reality show, told Gutfield. "I'd wake up and my arm was as big as Popeye."

Now, entertainment reporter Nelson Aspen tells he was an eyewitness when Dickinson "charged" into the famed hotel Thursday and discovered that a "Rambo 4" junket was under way.

"She came in stumbling in her heels, wearing big, dumb sunglasses and a riding outfit," Aspen relates. "She grabbed a busboy and started yelling, 'He knows I'm here! He knows I'm here!' She then quickly disappeared."

It's a good thing she and Stallone didn't meet up. After Stallone called her a desperate liar on this page Friday, Dickinson told us, "Stallone was recently arrested in Japan for growth hormones."

She raged, "I'm not desperate! I just got off of 'I'm a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here!' and have a show in 110 countries.

"If he doesn't shut his big mouth, I'm going to really tell everybody what he did to me. If he doesn't retract calling me a liar, I'm going to really talk - and he doesn't want that, so he'd better make nice . . . tell him I just got out of the jungle, too."

Dickinson would surely have said more, but her new publicist, Lizzie Grubman, stopped her. As for Stallone, his representative decided to take the high road and decline comment.

The two were engaged for several months in 1993, and Dickinson went into a tailspin when they broke up. When she learned she was pregnant, she fingered Stallone as the father. However, after tests proved that producer Michael Birnbaum was actually the daddy of Dickinson's daughter, Savannah, the wild model confessed she had sex with five men in one week.

We Hear...

THAT Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks is hosting a party for Roy Jones Jr., Felix Trinidad and promoter Don King at the new Pop Burger on East 58th street Monday night to promote their Jan. 19 bout at MSG.

Naomi Campbell meets Argentine president

Naomi Campbell called on Argentina's first elected female president Friday, and the pair discussed the release of two women held hostage for years by Colombian guerrillas, the state news agency said.

President Cristina Fernandez had forcefully lobbied alongside Venezuela for a hostage release, and dispatched husband and former president Nestor Kirchner on a humanitarian bid to the Colombian jungle.

That mission failed to bring back the two hostages by New Year's Day, but they were liberated Thursday after being held for six years by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

Campbell recently conducted a celebrity interview with the key hostage mediator and leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The supermodel's interview as a contributing editor for the British edition of GQ appears in February's edition.

Fernandez and Campbell devoted most of their talk Friday to the hostages, state news agency Telam said.

Campbell was quoted by Telam as effusively praising her host after the midday meeting, calling Argentina's famously fashionable president "accessible" and "very strong."

"It's the first time I've met with a woman president and now I understand why she is president," Campbell was quoted as saying.

Fernandez made greeting celebrities and world leaders a trademark of a novel presidential campaign that helped win her an October election. With a penchant for chic European dresses and coiffeured hair, Fernandez's own fashions are widely watched in Argentina, where she began a four-year term last month.


THE self-proclaimed "world's first supermodel," Janice Dickinson, is a publicity hound who will say anything to get attention, according to her former fiancé, Sylvester Stallone.

The star of "Rocky" and "Rambo" is furious because Dickinson, who's now hosting "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" reality show on the Oxygen channel, went on Greg Gutfeld's Fox News show, "Red Eye," this week and accused Stallone of doing steroids.

Dickinson told Gutfeld that not only did she see Stallone "juice" up with steroids but that he injected her with them as well.

"He juiced me," Dickinson said. "I'd wake up and my arm was as big as Popeye - steroids, testosterone, all that stuff that people say [mimicking Stallone voice], 'Hey, it's not that good 'cause you get really big, you know what I mean?' "

When Gutfeld put in, "So that's an actual confirmation, though? You did see him juice?" Dickinson coyly shot back, "I did confirm that, didn't I?"

When informed of the exchange, Stallone's representative fumed to Page Six, "Janice Dickinson lied about the origin of her child, and she's lying about this."

Dickinson and Stallone were briefly engaged in the early 1990s. The brunette found out she was pregnant and told the actor he was the father, but DNA tests proved that producer Michael Birnbaum was the daddy of her baby girl, Savannah. Stallone immediately dumped her.

A pal of Stallone said yesterday, "These are just more desperate lies from a desperate woman." A rep for Dickinson, the author of "Everything About Me Is Fake and I'm Perfect," didn't get back to us.

The lavishly lipped ex-mannequin claims to have coined the term "supermodel" in 1979, but it was actually first used in a 1968 article in Glamour magazine. Dickinson is said to have bedded the likes of Jack Nicholson, Bruce Willis, Mick Jagger and Warren Beatty - as well as Grace Jones and Kelly LeBrock.

Stallone, 61, has been a fitness freak ever since he starred in "Rocky" in 1976. The Philadelphia native looked like a professional bodybuilder in his first "Rambo" movie, "First Blood," in 1982.

Tyra Banks: Where Is the Love?

Her career's on a roll, but some of Tyra Banks's early ambitions have been shoved aside – such as having a baby.

"After the talk show started, and I had Top Model at the same time, it engulfed me so much that it dulled my maternal instinct," the star of both The Tyra Banks Show and America's Next Top Model Banks, 34, tells Essence" magazine for its February issue.

Not that the first African-American woman to grace the covers of GQ, Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue and the Victoria's Secret catalogue has completely abandoned hope of raising a family. "I hope that when I get more of a handle on my life it comes back," she says of the maternal instinct.

Although Banks, who is developing shows for Warner Bros. and one with Ashton Kutcher, is not complaining, she does says, "I'd go to work and women would be crying in my arms on the talk show. But then I'd go home and put my key in my door and ... nothing: no friends, no husband, no children. I feel so full when I'm at work but so empty when I come home."

Though Banks won't open up about it, Essence reports the buzz that she's involved with investment banker John Utendahl, 50 – and that's why she moved production of her shows to New York from Los Angeles.

Responds Banks huffily: "I'm very insulted by that rumor. I employ a lot of people; their livelihoods rest on my shows. The move to New York was a decision I made with my manager. It was not about a man."

Winemakers say Paris Hilton unfit for Prosecco

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton dressed provocatively in a skimpy leopard print outfit and showing off her bare legs is not an image Italian winemakers feel is fitting for their Prosecco white sparkling wine.

Yet Hilton, in various high-heeled stages of undress, graces the ads of Rich Prosecco, an Austrian company selling the bubbly in 27 countries. What's worse, in the eyes of Prosecco producers, Rich Prosecco also comes in cans and in two fruit varieties.

"Hilton hotels are a sign of quality; Paris Hilton is not," said Fulvio Brunetta, president of the wine growers association of Treviso, the northern Italian city in the Veneto region where Prosecco is made.

Paris, a symbol of celebrity privilege in America, gained notoriety in 2003 when a home video of her having sex with a boyfriend was posted on the Internet.

She parlayed her notoriety, fueled by tabloid headlines about her partying lifestyle, into a celebrity career that has included reality television, a book and film roles.

Last year she spent more than three weeks in jail for violating probation in a drunk-driving case.

"Paris Hilton is sensationalism. It's not good. It's not adequate for Prosecco," Brunetta said.

The association is planning two meetings next week to decide on ways to protect the Prosecco name and insure that any company selling Prosecco is actually using wine made from the Treviso area.

"Without stricter rules, Rich Prosecco or another company could sell Prosecco made in Brazil or wherever," Brunetta said.

That's not going to stop Rich Prosecco, which says it sources its wine from the Treviso area.

"We follow exactly European laws, which are very strict, especially concerning wine," said Rich Prosecco Chief Executive and owner Gunther Aloys, who founded the company in 2006 in the Austrian ski resort of Ischgl.

To respect wine laws, Rich Prosecco's two fruit varieties, with a lower alcohol content and called Rich Passion and Rich Royal, are not labelled Prosecco.

Last year Rich Prosecco sold 10 million cans, primarily in Germany but also in China, India and South Korea, for about 2 euros (about $3) a can.

The company's rapid growth mirrors the rise of the Prosecco region, which last year produced 50 million bottles, up 14 percent from 2005, and is increasing exports to Canada and the United States, though Germans remain the top foreign buyers.

The winegrowers are concerned that Rich Prosecco may give their wine the image of a cheap fruit drink.

And then there's the cans, advertised by Paris, nude and painted in gold in one ad reminiscent of the James Bond film Goldfinger.

"In the U.S. and Australia they toast with beer bottles," Brunetta said. "That's their culture. The culture of Prosecco is one of friends meeting around a good bottle."

Rich Prosecco's Aloys says he is helping build the wine's world renown and does not understand the fuss.

"It's as if someone from Champagne would oppose us selling champagne cans with Kate Moss for example. It's just marketing and Paris Hilton is the most famous girl in the world."

Last year Paris's grandfather Barron Hilton said he would donate 97 percent of his $2.3 billion fortune to charity.

Jerry Oppenheimer, who profiled the Hilton family in his 2006 book "House of Hilton," has said Barron Hilton is embarrassed by the behavior of his socialite granddaughter Paris and believes it has sullied the family name.

Barron Hilton has not commented on the book.

Bundchen denies she only accepts euros

Euros? Dollars? Pounds? Gisele Bundchen insists she's perfectly happy with them all, again denying reports that the Brazilian supermodel is shunning the weak U.S. dollar in favor of European currency.

Bundchen — known to U.S. sports fans as the girlfriend of quarterback Tom Brady — has been struggling for months to knock down recurring reports that she insists on being paid in euros, which have been rising against the dollar.

"The story of the euro is a lie," she told the Brazilian newspaper O Globo in comments published Wednesday. "I work with many international companies, I earn salaries in different currencies, that's all."

Frustration is running high in Brazil over the weak dollar and its harm to South America's largest economy. The Brazilian real has nearly doubled in value against the dollar over the past five years, making local exports more expensive to Americans.

Bundchen, one of the world's richest models, was the main attraction at the Fashion Rio Week on Tuesday. She exhibited three outfits and drew wild applause in a puffy beige mini-dress.

O Globo said Bundchen set ground rules for the interview: no questions about her boyfriend.

No Hiltons

A SOUTH Beach gallery owner who struck a deal with Nicky Hilton to design the logo for her clothing line, Nicolai, in exchange for publicity and further projects with him, claims she rudely shoved him aside after she used his work. "She's used the logo on the clothes, on the Web site, everything," said our source. "She never followed up on her end of the deal to promote." Avant Gallery owner Dmitry Prut made the deal with Hilton in 2006 and was "never even given a thank you," said our source. Nicky's rep could not be reached.

"Touch my muscles!" - Chavez tells Naomi Campbell

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez in an interview with supermodel Naomi Campbell predicted that the U.S "empire" is about to fall, called Jesus Christ history's No. 1 revolutionary -- and offered to pose topless.

"Why not? Touch my muscles!" the burly, 53 year-old former paratrooper said, when asked if he would follow the example of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who caused a stir last year with a series of shirtless pictures.

An English actress and model of Jamaican heritage, Campbell was hired by the British edition of GQ magazine to interview the left-wing leader, who is known for his tirades against the United States.

In the article, to be published on Thursday, Campbell describes Chavez as a "rebel angel," praises his singing voice and chats with him about the Spice Girls.

"I have memories of them," he said, before moving on to more familiar ground criticizing Washington, which he predicted would dramatically lose influence in the next few years.

Chavez, who says he is leading a socialist revolution that he hopes will one day unite Latin America, said he was a devout Christian and that Jesus Christ was "the greatest revolutionary in history, for defending the poor against the powerful."

Chavez, in power since 1999, is liked by many Venezuelans for his folksy, off-the-cuff delivery, but the opposition says his quirky style has often distracted him from the basic tasks of government such as fighting crime.

Campbell, 37, met Chavez three times. She joins a growing list of stars who have dropped by to visit the charismatic leader in the South American oil-exporting nation. Last year he also received actor Sean Penn and film director Oliver Stone.

The model, known for her fiery temper, said last year she was turning over a new leaf after doing community service for throwing a phone at her maid. She hopes to interview more world figures, including Chavez's friend, Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Chavez said Castro's dress sense made him the world's most stylish leader.

"His uniform is impeccable. His boots are polished, his beard is elegant," he said, of the ailing octogenarian.

We Hear...

THAT former supermodel Stephanie Seymour and husband Peter Brant got bored of vacationing in Mustique over the holidays and, so, flew north to Palm Beach for a little excitement

Portable Child

KATE Moss is trying her hand at the "be your daughter's best friend and not her mother" thing. The hard-partying model and her rocker boyfriend, Jamie Hince, apparently couldn't find a baby sitter for her 5-year- old daughter, Lila Grace, on New Year's Eve, so the couple took her along to the Amanpuri Resort in Phuket, Thailand. "Kate was dancing around with Lila, and they were sipping champagne until well past midnight," said our spy. "But Kate was definitely being a mom. She was with her daughter the whole time."


ALEX Rodriguez and his wife, Cynthia, dining at Kobe Club in Miami, on the same night Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen ate at Kobe Club in New York.

Naomi Campbell interviews Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he likes Prince Charles and thinks President Bush is crazy, in an interview with Naomi Campbell in the British edition of GQ magazine.

The 37-year-old supermodel spoke to Chavez in her role as contributing editor to British GQ, the magazine said. Excerpts were released Monday.

Chavez, who lost a referendum last month that would have greatly expanded his powers and institutionalized his version of "21st-century socialism," gave Campbell his views on a range of subjects.

He said President Bush was "completely crazy. But he's on his way out."

"We're seeing the fall of the empire. ... Like the fairy tale, the emperor is naked," he was quoted as saying.

Asked to name the world's most stylish leader, Chavez chose Cuba's Fidel Castro.

"Fidel, of course! His uniform is impeccable. His boots are polished, his beard is elegant," Chavez said.

Campbell asked if Chavez would appear topless in photos as Russian President Vladimir Putin has done.

"Why not?" he said. "Touch my muscles!"

The Venezuelan leader asked Campbell if she knew Prince Charles.

"I like the Prince," he said. "Now he has Camilla, his new girl. She's not as attractive, is she?"

GQ said Campbell would interview other high-profile figures in politics, sports and entertainment.

The full interview with Chavez is in GQ's February issue, to be released Thursday.

Campbell wrote that she had hoped to get a sense of "Hugo Chavez the man."

"I found him to be fearless, but not threatening or unreasonable," she wrote. "I hope Venezuela's relations with America will improve in the immediate future."


SUPERMODEL Veronica Varekova has snagged herself a billion-heir. The leggy blonde is dating Agnelli auto scion Lapo Elkann. Friends said the two spent the holidays skiing in Gstaad and "are generally having fun." Let's hope Varekova keeps the hard-partying Elkann on the straight and narrow. In 2005, he overdosed on drugs while sleeping over at an Italian transsexual's house. A rep for Varekova said, "This is news to me."


JARED Leto and Stavros Niarchos at Club Posh in Florianopolis, Brazil, "gawking at" Victoria's Secret models Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz

Celebrities Risk Getting Trumped on 'Apprentice'

Will Donald Trump's "You're fired!" have the same impact on someone famous?

The real-estate mogul's NBC series tests familiar players' business sense in "The Celebrity Apprentice," premiering Thursday, Jan. 3. After an "Apprentice" season in Los Angeles, the show is back in New York for its seventh round, with 14 competitors from different walks of fame.

The rivals for a $250,000 grand prize for charity include actors Stephen Baldwin, Marilu Henner ("Taxi") and Vincent Pastore ("The Sopranos"); music stars Gene Simmons (of KISS fame) and Trace Adkins; and athletes Nadia Comaneci, Jennie Finch, Lennox Lewis and Tito Ortiz.

Also competing are model-actress Carol Alt; Tiffany Fallon, Playboy's 2005 Playmate of the Year; "America's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan; media mogul Nely Galan; and, returning to the show, the memorably fierce Omarosa.

Pleased to have "Apprentice" back on Thursdays (where he says the unscripted series "used to beat 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' on a regular basis"), Trump admits the casting of the first celebrity edition "took a while. Some people just didn't want to be fired, but others absolutely wanted to be on the show. We ended up getting a cast we're really happy with."

A self-described "Apprentice" devotee, the lively Henner was thrilled to be one of the first celebrities summoned.

"I was the only one, except for Omarosa, who had probably seen every episode from the very beginning," she says. "After this experience, I am not only an even bigger fan of Donald Trump, but also of his kids."

Henner wasn't unnerved by their critiques while taping the boardroom sequences. "I don't know if it was the actress in me, but I just got a kick out of it. All I could think was, 'This is cool!' Also, we were doing it for charity, so it wasn't like we were vying for the same job."

Previous "Apprentice" wannabes went through their challenges in relative anonymity; not so for the celebrity players. "I actually think that makes it better," Trump says, "and it's easier for the show. You're not building up stars. These people already are stars, so there's a following automatically."

Trump didn't hesitate to put Omarosa back in the contest. "She's very smart, she's very tough, and she can be nasty. She's actually tougher on this show than she was the first time." Henner knew who she was going up against, and she says her view of Omarosa "ended up being completely the opposite of what it was at the beginning."

Going in with prior "Apprentice" knowledge can have "pluses and minuses," Henner says. "You might be too reverential, or you might think, "This is how they did it before. Should I do it another way?' I think the biggest adjustment was that we weren't playing 'The Apprentice'; we were playing 'The Celebrity Apprentice,' and you definitely had to get into a groove with that."

Trump hopes involving celebrities will re-energize "The Apprentice" overall. "NBC put on three [editions] one season," he says. "They were trying to capitalize on it, but it was a big mistake. I said I wouldn't do it anymore, but NBC wanted it. I'd had the idea for a 'Celebrity Apprentice' for a while, but the old group at the network didn't want to change anything. I wanted to, and we're already looking at doing another season of it."

Paris Hilton & Kevin Federline Party in Las Vegas

The unlikely duo of Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton caused heads to turn in Las Vegas over the pre-New Year's weekend.

On Sunday, the duo partied together for the second night running.

Both were in town to host separate New Year's Eve parties – hers at LAX, his at Tangerine – but each name attraction started celebrating early, hitting LAX on Saturday and Pure Nightclub on Sunday.

A source close to Federline told PEOPLE that the two hung out in Hilton's room Saturday after leaving the club.

Still, they seemed less chummy on Sunday at Pure, mingling only briefly before drinking a shot of tequila together.

Kate The 'great'

A TALENT booker for LateNet talk show host Ray Ellin got a tongue-lashing when she called an IMG rep for Kate Moss and invited the supermodel to be a guest on the popular Web show, which features a studio audience. "She was appalled that I would even consider the possibility of Kate considering a talk show," said the booker. "Her rep, Jennifer Ramey, yelled, 'Everyone in the world knows that Kate never does sit-down interviews. How on earth could you not know?' " When Ramey was told the show has had Fran Drescher and Richard Belzer on, Ramey growled, "You will never see Kate Moss interviewed. It is not her thing." Ramey did not return our call.

Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Teese Free to Wed Others

Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese are legally free to wed others, but their divorce is not yet finalized, court documents show.

Although their marital status was terminated on Dec. 27, the former couple must now settle their finances.

Von Teese filed for divorce in Dec. 2006 after a year of marriage, and later said that Manson's partying and infidelity were reasons for the split.

Manson, 38, is dating actress Evan Rachel Wood, 20.

Earlier this year, the shock rocker told France's Le Parisien newspaper, "I've found my double, my twin, with [Rachel Wood]. She understands I like to get up when night falls and go to sleep at dawn."

Von Teese, 35, a spokesmodel for Viva Glam and the MAC AIDS fund, told PEOPLE in April that she and Manson "don't hate each other" but the former couple are no longer friends.

But despite the split, she said, "I live for adventure and experience and I'm having a really wonderful time in my life. It's a new renewal for me and a new chapter in my life and I'm excited about what happens next."

Ivanka Trump Aims to 'Have Fun' With Her Looks

Life's great for Ivanka Trump, who admits there are real advantages to "being young, blonde and, if you will, looking a certain way."

"I'm 26," the devoted daughter of the Donald and his ex, Ivana Trump, tells The New York Times in a new profile, "and I tell myself, 'Why not have a little fun with that?' "

But mostly, the paper reports, Trump is about work. "Real estate is my life," she tells the paper. "It is my day job, if you will. But it consumes my nights and weekends, too."

"As a principal of this company," she says of the family's Trump Organization, "I negotiate all the deals I'm working on. If people think I'm just the boss's daughter, they're deceived."

Nor should anyone think, despite the family's extensive residential holdings, that Ivanka lives rent-free – in fact, she's busy paying down the mortgage on her $1.5 million apartment at Trump Park Avenue.

Being in the Public Eye

The Times notes that Ivanka has successfully avoided the type of scandal that seems to have followed another 26-year-old heiress, Paris Hilton, but the paper can only get Trump to admit to a relationship with real-estate heir and publisher Jared Kushner. Beyond that, there's no comment.

"There are enough stories about my family," she says. "We have all been in the public eye. And we understand the process."

Finally, when it comes to the reports that Trump's face and figure have been surgically altered to help in her "looking a certain way," she responds that the Trumps have a thick skin when it comes to their images. "I grew up watching my father on Saturday Night Live," she says. "You may remember, in some of those skits, they had him dressed up like a chicken."

Celebs Flee To Sand And Snow

WHILE most New Yorkers trudged back to work yesterday in a post-Christmas torpor, a couple of pounds heavier but lighter in the wallet, the jet set was still on vacation in hot spots around the globe.

This year, St. Barts seems to draw the richest celebrities. Newly single Padma Lakshmi, the hot-as-a-vindaloo host of "Top Chef," was there on the yacht of financier Teddy Forstmann, who denies they are dating. Meanwhile, usually social Harvey Weinstein has been holed up on Denise Rich's boat, Lady Joy, without Rich but with new bride Georgina Chapman. "No one has seen him yet," laughed one source.

Also spotted in St. Barts: Ivanka Trump with Jared Kushner, Nicolette Sheridan and Michael Bolton, Ronald Perelman, Terrence Howard, Donny Deutsch, Larry Gagosian, Paul Allen, and Steve and Elaine Wynn.

The stars in Aspen are cranky over a larger than ever contingent of paparazzi. Mariah Carey, unfazed by the cameras, spends most days shopping with her new puppy, while Jack Nicholson and Kurt Russell are avoiding town but have been spotted on the ski slopes.

Also in Aspen: Heidi Klum and Seal and their three kids, Kate Hudson with mom Goldie Hawn and their whole clan, plus landlocked Denise Rich and Ivana Trump, who are co-hosting a New Year's party with Aspen magazine.

Following the boffo opening of "National Treasure 2," producer Jerry Bruckheimer and his wife, Linda, went first to Kentucky to see her folks, and then to Miami to visit Jerry's 103-year-old mother. Also in Miami: New Line chief Michael Lynne and tennis legend Boris Becker.

More adventurous types headed for more exotic locations. French President Nicolas Sarkozy arrived in Luxor, Egypt, with his new girlfriend, Italian supermodel Carla Bruni. The lovebirds will have plenty of time for sightseeing before his official visit begins Sunday.

Hearst heiress Fabiola Beracasa went to Hong Kong and Thailand with her boyfriend, Jason Beckman. Amanda Hearst and her guy, Winston Lapham are on the Caribbean island of Mustique, reports. And Margherita Missoni, of the fashion dynasty, is in Kenya, where she looked forward to "swimming with dolphins," she told WWD.

Paris loses out: Hilton fortune pledged to charity

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton's potential inheritance dramatically diminished after her grandfather Barron Hilton announced plans on Wednesday to donate 97 percent of his $2.3 billion fortune to charity.

That wealth includes $1.2 billion Barron Hilton stands to earn from both the recent sale of Hilton Hotels Corp. -- started by his father Conrad in 1919 when he bought a small hotel in Cisco, Texas -- and pending sale of the world's biggest casino company, Harrah's Entertainment Inc.

That money will be placed in a charitable trust that will eventually benefit the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, raising its total value to about $4.5 billion, the foundation said in a statement.

Barron Hilton, chairman of the foundation, intends "to contribute 97 percent of his entire net worth, estimated today at $2.3 billion, including the created trusts, at whatever value it is at the time of his passing," the foundation said.

Paris Hilton was not immediately available for comment on her grandfather's plans for his fortune.

Jerry Oppenheimer, who profiled the Hilton family in his 2006 book "House of Hilton," has said Barron Hilton is embarrassed by the behavior of his socialite granddaughter Paris and believes it has sullied the family name.

Barron Hilton, who is 80, has not commented on Oppenheimer's remarks.

The foundation supports projects that provide clean water in Africa, education for blind children, and housing for the mentally ill. Its aims, based on Conrad Hilton's will, are "to relieve the suffering, the distressed and the destitute."

"Speaking for the family as well as the foundation, we are all exceedingly proud and grateful for this extraordinary commitment," said Steven Hilton, one of Barron's sons and president and chief executive of the foundation.

Conrad Hilton established the foundation in 1944 and when he died in 1979 left virtually all of his fortune -- including, according to media reports at the time, a 27 percent controlling stake in Hilton Hotels -- to the charity.

But Barron Hilton challenged the will and after a nearly decade-long legal struggle reached an out-of-court settlement to split ownership of the shares with the foundation in 1988, The New York Times reported.

The hotel group was sold for $20 billion in October to private equity firm Blackstone Group, while the acquisition of Harrah's -- of which Barron Hilton was a board member until 2006 -- is due to be completed by Apollo Management and TPG Capital in early 2008.

Paris, a symbol of celebrity privilege in America, gained notoriety in 2003 when a home video of her having sex with a boyfriend was posted on the Internet.

She parlayed her notoriety, fueled by tabloid headlines about her partying lifestyle, into a celebrity career that has included a reality television show, a book, a music album, and film roles. Then this year she spent more than three weeks in jail for violating probation in a drunk-driving case.

Tyrants Tour

NAOMI Campbell, political reporter? The catwalk queen is said to be in Cuba interviewing Fidel Castro for British GQ. Castro has given access over the years to female reporters he finds attractive, like Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer. The supermodel, who calls herself the adopted granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, is said also to be lining up an interview with Castro's protégé in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, the anti-American blowhard she visited earlier this year.

Third-rate Tyra Treat

TYRA Banks may claim Oprah Winfrey as her idol - but she's no Oprah when it comes to generosity to her staff. Banks, unlike Winfrey who takes her staffers on vacations and retreats -thanked the minions who work tireless hours to produce her silly self-titled and self-obsessed talk show with a third-rate Christmas party and cheeseburgers. According to cyber-gossip Janet Charlton, Banks - who just negotiated a $30 million deal when she moved her show from L.A. to New York - threw a "modest holiday party at a Lower East Side dive bar and her employees drank a lot because there was no food . . . Tyra arrived for a brief stop, looking like a million bucks, and said she was on her way to Italy. Before she left, she told them 'I want to thank you guys for working so hard - I have a special guest - here's Santa!' " But instead of bearing gifts, the Santa brought McDonald's cheeseburgers. Charlton added, "Unhappy workers ended up drinking themselves senseless and brawling in the street. One needed an ambulance." Repeated calls to Banks' rep weren't returned.


"I WAS never involved with sleazes, unless the sleaze was super-hot, in which case abso-[bleep]ing-lutely!" - ex-supermodel Janice Dickinson to London's Observer.

Naomi Campbell visits workers' homes on Cuba trip

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, in Cuba seeking an interview with Fidel Castro in her new role as political reporter, visited homes donated by Venezuela to Cuban workers on Friday.

The catwalk queen has been commissioned by Britain's GQ magazine to interview high-profile political figures. Her editors believe few if any will turn her away.

Campbell has already landed an interview with Venezuela's leftist President Hugo Chavez.

But it is not clear if she will get to see reclusive Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who has not appeared in public since mid-2006 after undergoing stomach surgery.

Chavez, who looks to Castro as his ideological mentor, might be able to help her. He hosted a Caribbean energy summit in Cienfuegos on Friday and reopened a Soviet-built oil refinery that was refurbished by Venezuela.

The Venezuelan president also donated three-bedroom, furnished bungalows to 100 families of Cuban workers that Campbell visited.

Luxury jeweler sues supermodel Heidi Klum in NY

Luxury jeweler Van Cleef and Arpels sued German supermodel and television star Heidi Klum's company on Friday, claiming she copied a vintage clover jewelry design.

The suit, filed in Manhattan federal court, seeks more than $25,000 in damages from Klum's company Heidi Klum GmbH and Mouawad USA, another company she has designed jewelry for.

It said both companies attempted to gain benefit from Van Cleef's esteemed reputation by creating and selling a similar clover design from Van Cleef's vintage Alhambra jewelry line.

Van Cleef & Arpels Inc is owned by luxury goods group Richemont.

Klum is married to British singer Seal and has three children. She hosts the Bravo reality cable television show "Project Runway," which features aspiring designers vying for a chance to get a start in the fashion world.

She gained fame in the late 1990s modeling lingerie for retailer Victoria's Secret and swimsuits, most notably on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine's popular swimsuit edition.

Report: Paris Not Pampered; Mel's Another Story

The official word is in: Something was definitely not kosher about the way officials handled Mel Gibson's infamous 2006 DUI arrest.

According to a just released report from the Office of Independent Review, three employees working in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department violated policy in connection with the actor's booze-fueled anti-Semitic bust.

But when it came to Paris Hilton's equally high-profile jailhouse merry-go-round earlier this year, the report says there was no celebrity favoritism involved. More on that later.

As for the Gibson mess, the OIR, an oversight body charged with annually analyzing the Sheriff's internal investigations, found that "the violations resulted from the decision about when and how to release Mr. Gibson from custody."

Without naming names, the report said two sergeants and one jailer were involved and all received wrist slaps for their roles.

Per the OIR, the trio was found to have given preferential treatment to the Oscar winner during his arrest and his time in custody.

For instance, Gibson was not palm printed, as is customary, upon his release from custody. The review also found that, once released, a deputy on duty drove Gibson directly from the jail to the impound lot to retrieve his car, without first receiving approval from a supervisor.

As for some of the more egregious breaches on Gibson's behalf, the review confirmed that officers censored of the actor's post-arrest comments—"sugar tits," anyone?—"to deflect attention from alleged inflammatory statements that he made."

Four pages of the original arrest report, which detailed Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade, just so happened to have been pulled from the file once the actor's arrest was made public.

Per the OIR, a supervisor attempted to bury the offending pages, though the decision to do so was later overruled by a captain. However, while the actions taken by the officials were found to be in violation of the department's policy, the review determined that the misconduct was done out of concern, not a cover-up, and was overall a "fairly sensible" response.

"Because of a concern about certain information gathered during the arrest falling prematurely into the hands of media sources and because there was no clear Departmental guidance provided on how to handle this scenario presented, supervisors made spontaneous decisions with regard to how to package the information and describe the arrest," said the report, according to a copy leaked to TMZ.

"While these decisions do not indicate a violation of department policy, and were fairly sensible, they do point out the need for creating a thoughtful and systematic approach for how to handle future scenarios."

For their indiscretions, two of the three employees received a written reprimand, while the third received a one-day suspension without pay.

On Aug. 17, 2006, Gibson pleaded no contest to one charge of misdemeanor drunk driving. The actor, whose blood-alcohol level was 0.12 percent when he was busted on July 28, 2006, was given three years' probation, ordered to pay $1,400 in fines and attend four and a half months of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings five days a week, a course of rehabilitation he completed in August.

As for the department's dealings with Hilton, the OIR found employees had acted well within the proper scope of their authority in the heiress' probation-violation circus.

Despite an outcry when Hilton was initially granted an early release from jail by the Sheriff's Department—flouting the judge's order that she serve out her full 45-day term—"the investigations surrounding the Hilton jailing have, to date, not resulted in any founded violations of policy."

Moss Acts To Block Doherty Videos

SUPERMODEL Kate Moss has her lawyers busy trying to gag her drug-addict ex-boyfriend, Pete Doherty. The Babyshambles frontman is negotiating with Britain's ITV2 network to tell all about their romance and share his home videos of her in a documentary titled "Kate & Pete: A Love Story." Doherty, who split with Moss last summer, could make $1 million, a source said, adding, "Producers hope he'll let them use a lot of film he and Kate shot on camcorders." But an insider told, "Kate is furious with Pete. She has contacted her lawyers and plans to get an injunction to stop the production." Moss will be horrified if the tapes surface. "Some of it is really raunchy stuff Kate believed would never be seen by anyone else," we're told. "She'll feel betrayed."


SELITA Ebanks, the model we just reported is dating tennis ace James Blake, at the Knicks vs. Pacers game with Giants lineman Osi Umenyiora, who met Ebanks a few weeks ago at a Knicks game

New Racquet

VICTORIA'S Secret model Selita Ebanks traded in her rapper for a preppy tennis pro. Ebanks, who seems to be following the trend of snagging a star-athlete boyfriend, has been shacking up with racquet man James Blake. Los Angeles spies told Page Six the model, who recently split from fiancé Nick Cannon, has been spotted with Blake on the Left Coast. "They met in LA and have been dating seriously," said our source.


STEPHANIE Seymour in Bergdorf Goodman spending $5,500 on presents for 10 girlfriends - the Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe ($350 a pop) and the Edward Bess Private Eye Collection ($200 apiece) . . . MUSIC mogul Steve Rifkin in the private wine cellar at Philippe with Gabrielle Union and Victoria's Secret model Falida


DEVON Aoki ordering a $100 glass of wine at Noble Food & Wine on Spring Street.


TOM Brady and Gisele Bundchen locking lips at Nobu Next Door

Back To Work

DEBBIE Dickinson - the quieter, more naturally beautiful sister of Janice Dickinson - recently signed with Click founder Frances Grill and resumed her modeling career. Grill rediscovered Debbie when the veteran model, playing a talent agent, imitated her in the upcoming movie "5up 2down" directed by Stephen Kessler. Her first job back from retirement was a bathing suit campaign for Keiko Swimwear.

Paris Comforts Injured Oompa-Loompa Performer

Paris Hilton was at the center of a bizarre nightclub incident when she comforted an entertainer in an Oompa-Loompa costume injured when the crowd rushed the stage.

The heiress was among those at Cameo nightclub in Miami early Saturday morning at an event sponsored by Ariva smokeless tobacco, featuring a performance of Jeff Beacher's Madhouse with three Oompa-Loompa characters in orange makeup and green hair.

Suddenly, people rushed the stage, injuring Oompa-Loompa performer Robin Sherwood, whose leg was badly cut. Hilton, coincidentally, is friends with Sherwood and had visited him earlier in the day during rehearsals.

Sherwood is in dire need a kidney transplant and Hilton, her sister Nicky Hilton and her boyfriend David Katzenberg have supported a foundation to facilitate the operation.

"I was with Paris," says lawyer Mike Heller of Talent Resources, who booked the event. "Paris stayed back at the event when she heard that he was injured, to make sure he was okay. She was very concerned with his health. She didn't leave until she knew that he was okay."

A Cameo source adds: "Yes, Paris Hilton stayed with him until an ambulance came to take care of him. ... Paris was great, she was there until he was turned over to the medical technicians."

Sherwood received stitches at the hospital and was released.

Worthy Cause

NOTE to Tyra Banks: Get over yourself. The model-turned-talk show queen thought it was all about her and not the everyday heroes at CNN's "Heroes: An All-Star Tribute" soiree Thursday night. She waited for the red carpet to clear before walking it, and then ignored reporters who asked her harmless questions. "I'm not gonna talk about that right now," she snottily told one journo who asked whom she was dating. Banks, overdressed in an enormous strapless ball gown, then stood near the coat check and had her entourage and a hulking security guard block other guests who wanted to greet her. Banks arrived at the event after taping a copycat version of Oprah Winfrey's famous "Favorite Things" holiday show, during which Oprah gives away millions worth of items to her audience. "Tyra gave away shampoo and some cheesy diamond necklace," said an audience member. A rep for Banks did not return our call.


Paris Hilton desperately wants her ex, Stavros Niarchos, back, say sources who have followed her antics in Miami this week.

The former lovers, who are in South Beach for the annual Art Basel festivities, provided a traveling sideshow as Hilton spent the week trailing Niarchos from spot to spot trying to get his attention.

Hilton first ran into him at Mansion Wednesday night, where he was paid to host the official Art Basel kickoff party. When the Greek shipping heir showed up with Brandon Davis' ex-girlfriend, Caroline Vreeland, however, Hilton was not pleased.

"Paris beelined for Stavros, but he was chatting up Caroline," said our source. "He was completely ignoring Paris, and she was furious. She shot them evil looks and finally stormed up to them and started screaming at Caroline."

On Thursday, the celebutard followed Niarchos to three different clubs. One partygoer at Mokai, where the rich kids started their night, told us, "Paris saw that Stavros was with a girl, and she went crazy. She literally stood on Stavros' table and began screaming at him. Then she started dancing and trying to get his attention."

The insider said that when Stavros and his date left Mokai and moved on to Set, Hilton followed: "Paris went to great lengths trying to get Stavros' date kicked out, begging club security to get rid of the girl." Our witness even claimed, "Paris was so furious, she ended up walking up to the girl and just punched her."

But a rep for Hilton called that account baloney: "Paris was at both clubs but at no time physically struck anyone. These accusations are completely false."

Meanwhile, the art fair is in full swing and Miami is in gridlock. "The city was unprepared," a limo driver said. "Everyone brought an entourage with them this year and the traffic is impossible. It takes forever to get from one end of town to another."

Every hotel on South Beach held a party Thursday night. The Ultimate Fighting Championship debuted its "Octagon" book (which sells for $2,500) at the Setai with Mandy Moore. Agent Provocateur held a party at the Florida Room in the Delano where models in lingerie ate fire and twisted themselves into precarious positions.

Worthy Cause

AN A-list crowd turned out at Cipriani Wall Street Wednesday night to help raise money for UNICEF and the Sarah Ferguson Foundation. The Post's Peter Lauria reports that Tyra Banks, Eva Mendes , Harvey Weinstein, Richard Branson, Richie Sambora and Jeff Gordon helped raise $830,000 bidding on an autographed Gibson guitar, a Maserati and afternoon tea with the Duchess of York herself. After the bidding, George Michael, who looked fit and trim in jeans, T-shirt and blazer, and Aretha Franklin, who looked exactly the opposite, played intimate sets for the crowd.

Spears bests Hilton on eBay in 2007

eBay users wanted more of Britney Spears than Paris Hilton this year.

The number of Spears-related items sold at the online auction site totaled 34,345, compared with 27,377 items associated with Hilton, eBay said this week.

Items associated with Spears ranged from signed CDs to disposable lighters featuring her likeness. Among the Hilton-related items sold: a toothbrush claimed to have been found in the hotel heiress' trash.

Fragrances were the most popular product category sold for Spears and Hilton.

Both fared better than Lindsay Lohan. Her name was only associated with 8,099 items sold, according to eBay.

However, the three tabloid staples were all outslugged by Barry Bonds, who was pegged to 145,497 related items, including a grilled-cheese sandwich, which netted a winning bid of $30. The seller claimed Bonds' 756th home-run ball bounced off the sandwich in San Francisco's AT&T Park.

Among the searches for movie franchise-themed merchandise, "Transformers" crushed "Harry Potter" with 442,342 related items sold compared with the boy wizard's 344,825 related baubles. Not surprisingly, wares in the action-figure category made up 71 percent of sales associated with the robots in disguise.

The data, released by eBay to The Associated Press, is based on specific entertainment-related searches of items sold on the U.S. eBay site from Jan. 1 to Nov. 19 that included key terms in the listing title across all product categories.

eBay said it didn't track how much money these items attracted.

Molly Sims Thinks 'Pink'

"Las Vegas" co-star Molly Sims has booked roles opposite Jim Carrey in "Yes Man" and Steve Martin in "Pink Panther 2."

In the Peyton Reed-directed "Yes Man," Carrey plays a man who decides that in order to expand his horizons, he'll say "Yes" to every opportunity.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sims will play the ex-wife to Carrey's character in the comedy, which also features Zooey Deschanel and Bradley Cooper.

Meanwhile, in "Pink Panther 2," Sims will play a news anchor following Martin's Clouseau. Also on board for the sequel are Emily Mortimer, Andy Garcia and Alfred Molina.

In addition to her regular run on "Las Vegas," Sims' feature credits include the cinematic gems "Starsky & Hutch" and "The Benchwarmers."

We Hear...

THAT fashion model Veronica Varekova was the winning bidder for a Donald Baechler painting at the Phillips de Pury auction house

Bryan Adams, Elle Macpherson an Item?

Is there romance in the air for Canadian rocker/photographer Bryan Adams and Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson?

Reports in the British papers have linked the couple in recent days, suggesting Macpherson got flirtatious with Adams at a private party at his London home on Tuesday, following the opening of his latest photography exhibit.

"Elle and Bryan are great friends. That's all I know," Adams's rep tells PEOPLE.

Macpherson, 44, split with longtime partner Arpad Busson, with whom she has two sons, in 2005. Adams, 48, has never married or had children.

Victoria's Secret shows plenty on TV

It might be too much to devote an hour of prime-time television to long legs, taut tummies and half-bare bottoms and bosoms. So the Victoria's Secret fashion show incorporates elaborate staging and musical performances.

The annual hourlong flesh fest, featuring songs by, Seal and the Spice Girls, airs 10 p.m.. EST Tuesday on CBS.

"This is really an event that's anchored in a fashion show," said CBS executive Jack Sussman.

But isn't it essentially an hourlong commercial?

"To a degree," he said.

Still, with top talent and a $10 million budget, the Victoria's Secret fashion show is more interesting than most everyday advertisements. This year's show spotlights 61 skimpy outfits worn by more than two dozen of the world's most beautiful women.

Sixteen cameras stationed throughout the Kodak Theater capture the catwalk action from every angle.

"A normal fashion show has two," said executive producer Ed Razek. "We have almost as many as the Super Bowl."

That means each fetching curve is filmed multiple times. The fashion show is performed and taped twice, with the best moments blended into the special.

Despite the assets on display, the show is designed for women, Razek said.

"The notion that we pander to men or advertise to men is ridiculous, ludicrous," he said backstage before the show, pausing midsentence to greet models on their way to hair and makeup. "Maybe 2 percent of our customers are men. Women shop us every day. ... Guys come in twice a year: Dec. 24 and Feb. 14."

Women make up slightly more than half of the show's viewers, according to ratings information provided by CBS. But overall viewership has declined each year, from more than 9 million in 2002 to just more than 6.5 million last year.

Razek isn't daunted.

"The shows we're doing today are by far the most ambitious, most entertaining, most watched fashion shows in the world — and the most expensive," he said. "It's very important to the brand because it is a symbol of the best that we can do."

That means the company shows more than its typical underwear offerings. Each lingerie ensemble is embellished with one-of-a-kind couture creations such as flowing feather skirts and crystal-encrusted accessories.

The pieces that turn underwear into outfits aren't for sale, said spokeswoman Monica Mitro, but the basic items upon which they're added are. It's all about creating a "lingerie fantasy," she said.

"When you're doing a show, especially a TV show that millions of people see, it's important to take the items a little big further. With a lingerie show, you're starting out with minimal to begin with," she said. "You have to make it with style and outfits, otherwise it becomes extremely monotonous: bra, panty, bra, panty."

The show's fantasy element — which this year includes scantily clad beauties ornamenting an oversized Christmas tree and an inspirational choir marching through the crowd — is what makes the show a must for models, said 10-time Victoria's Secret catwalk queen, Heidi Klum.

"That's what makes it special," she said as attendants prettied her hair, face and fingernails. "It's dreamland fantasy: sex-goddesses wearing amazing lingerie. ...

You can't wear it on the street, you can't wear it underneath your clothes, but it's fantasy and it's so special."

Seven-time show model Karolina Kurkova concurs.

"I love that we have people performing on stage while we're working. There isn't any other show like that," she said. "Other fashion shows are a little more quiet, a little more controlled, smaller. This is totally Hollywood."

Past shows have had issues with overexposure, prompting the Federal Communications Commission to investigate the program in 2001. But these days, the network collaborates with the lingerie company to avoid "a post-production situation of having to edit around a lot of things," said Sussman of CBS.

"It's still the sexiest night on television," he said, "but within the realm of standards."

Marisa Tomei Tops Best Nude Scenes of 2007

Sure it was her comedic timing that won Marisa Tomei her Oscar 15 years ago, but it's her casual, topless talents that won Mr. Skin's highest commendation for 2007.

The year's films made skinematic history as Mr. Skin, as featured in "Knocked Up," was presented with such a wealth of nakedness on the silver screen, he had to compile his Top 20 list of films in which talented actresses took it off.

"2007 was a surprisingly strong year for big-screen nudity," noted Mr. Skin from his Chicago headquarters. "In fact, you could say it ranks among this decade's very breast!"

Topping the list was Tomei in Sidney Lumet's crime drama "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead." In the film, she's seen opening the movie with some nudity topside and later similarly displays herself to advantage after an illicit tryst. Oh yeah, and Ethan Hawke and Philip Seymour Hoffman also star in the heist movie.

Not one to be labeled an anglophobic philistine, Mr. Skin traveled across the pond to celebrate British beauty Keeley Hazell in the art house flick "Cashback." The former Page 3 girl gets her assets unveiled in the film when a supermarket clerk takes advantage of his newfound ability to freeze time.

The remainder of the Top 20 are as follows:

3. Natalie Portman in "Hotel Chevalier" - The acclaimed actress gets cheeky when she drops her drawers for this short film that's a companion piece to "The Darjeeling Limited."

4. Christina Ricci in "Black Snake Moan" - Her skimpy top can't contain her talent in this Southern gothic potboiler, even if she is chained to a radiator.

5. Sienna Miller in "Factory Girl" - Twenty-one minutes into the film about Andy Warhol's muse, Miller soaks naked in a tub.

6. Roselyn Sanchez in "Yellow" -The actress' character just wants to be a Broadway dancer, but of course, must strip in order to get there.

7. Malin Ackerman in "The Heartbreak Kid" - An acrobatic sex act opposite Ben Stiller allows this actress to show off more than just her flexibility.

8. Eva Mendes in "We Own the Night" - Very early into the film, the starlet shows one reason why she deserves to be on this list. Yep, just one, but it's a compelling one.

9. Lena Headey in "300" - Sure, the men got to show off their abs, but Headey shows she's no slouch in the skin department during a poetic love scene.

10. Stormy Daniels and Nautica Thorne in "Knocked Up" -Lapdancers in Vegas give the main character and his pal an eyeful up close and personal.

11. Alexa Davalos in "Feast of Love" - Selma Blair and Radha Mitchell also get naked, but it's Davalos' full frontal that makes her stand out.

12. Chelan Simmons in "Good Luck Chuck" - Seven different women take off their tops for the camera, including the "Kyle XY" cutie.

13. Wei Tang in "Lust, Caution" - This Ang Lee follow-up to "Brokeback Mountain" takes a while to build up, and then watch out. The Chinese starlet engages in lots and lots of sex to take down a political figure, and her dedication is on display fully from the front and back.

14. Ashley Judd in "Bug" - Mental illness, gasoline and frontal and dorsal nudity.

15. Olivia Wilde in "Alpha Dog" - Three other actresses show skin, including Amanda Seyfried ("Mean Girls") for a skinny-dipping adventure, but Wilde got the mention for her motel tryst.

16. Ana Claudia Talancon in "Alone With Her" - A peeping Tom's use of high-tech spying gadgetry pays off many, many times, including once with a steamy shower.

17. Danielle Harris in "Halloween" - More skin than the original.

18. Heather Matarazzo in "Hostel: Part II" -If you like your nudity disturbing, bloody and hung upside down, this is the movie for you.

19. Amber Valetta in "The Last Time" -This supermodel isn't wearing haute couture or doing runway.

20. Lucy Liu in "Blood Hunter" -Nudity in a vampire flick? Bloody likely! Cameron Richardson and Samaire Armstrong take it off, but it's Liu's topless turn in a lesbian tussle with Carla Gugino.

Mr. Skin and his team of "skinvestigators" view all non-adult titles for their nudity content and rates them on their "skintensity."

Paris Hilton Dreams of Playdates with Nicole Richie

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have been best friends – and occasionally the best of enemies – for years. Now that Richie is pregnant, Hilton says she's hoping their offspring will be second-generation BFFs.

"Nicole and I have been playing together since we were two years old," she told PEOPLE at the Nissan Live Sets One Year Anniversary Party. "I was just telling her, 'I want a baby so that our babies can play together.'"

Still, Hilton admits, she has a few things to take care of first – like finding a man! "I don't have a boyfriend right now," the Simple Life star insisted. "But I would love to start a family."

In the meantime, she'll be content playing Auntie Paris to Richie's baby with Joel Madden. (The little one is due in January). "[Nicole] is really excited, and happy, and a little scared," Hilton said, adding that Madden is "a gentleman. ... We all can't wait!"

Britney and Paris top Santa's naughty list: poll

When Britney Spears and Paris Hilton open their stockings on Christmas Day, they shouldn't be surprised to find a lump of coal.

A poll of American children released on Wednesday found that the two high-profile celebrities should top Santa's naughty list.

By contrast Disney star Hannah Montana, played by country singer Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter Miley, was overwhelming deemed the "nicest" celebrity among children aged 2 to 12 while actress Angelina Jolie was the choice for teenagers 13 to 17.

The online survey of 1,107 children was conducted by E-Poll Market Research, which specializes in celebrity and brand research, to gauge children's attitudes about nice, naughty, and the seasonal question of who makes Santa's list.

Spears, whose stint in rehabilitation, panty-less pictures, and custody battle for her children has won headlines globally, was awarded top "naughty" honors with younger and older children.

She was followed on the list by Paris Hilton who spent three weeks in jail this year on a driving violation.

The two women beat out Swiper the Fox from the television show Dora the Explorer, the Grinch from the book "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" and Darth Vader from Star Wars among children 2-12.

For teens, Spears and Hilton topped Lindsay Lohan, who spent 84 minutes behind bars this year for a drunken driving and cocaine-possession conviction, and Beyonce.

When asked what makes someone nice, children mentioned "cleaning up and doing chores," "sharing" and "being honest and polite" as ways to impress Santa.

On the flip side, they mentioned "not listening to parents," "being mean and bullying" and "being snobby" as behaviors exhibited by those headed for the naughty list.

We Hear...

THAT John Legend, Wyclef Jean and May Anderson will celebrate the wrap of "The Source" starring Francesca Cecil at the opening of Touch tomorrow . . . THAT Wilhelmina Modeling is celebrating its 40th anniversary tomorrow at the Angel Orensanz Foundation with several generations of its famous faces, including Beverly Johnson, Mark Vanderloo and Gabriel Aubrey while Fergie performs


FASHION model Omyra, who claims she once dated Madonna, bringing a bunch of knockout girls to the Plumm, where they did an eye-opening dance to Kanye West's "Golddigger" on a banquette . . . RANDE Gerber and Cindy Crawford enjoying drinks with George Clooney and his girlfriend, Sarah Larson, at LA eatery Stone Rose


"IF you go to a party that's got rich, amazing food everywhere and you're starving, you're going to devour it. I tend to eat a small, healthy meal to fill up before I go" - Rebecca Romjin, of "Ugly Betty" fame, in Health magazine.

Teacher Kimora

KIMORA Lee Simmons' catty claws are out. The diva ex-model, who's currently dating Djimon Hounsou, was overheard telling a friend she was "ready to get on with life" after her split from Russell Simmons. The two have seemed to be friendly, with Kimora even throwing Russell a birthday party last month at Guastavino and inviting his new girlfriend, Porschla Coleman. But she was overheard by the same source saying she invited Coleman that night to meet the "major players" because she "wants this stupid b - - - h to get a clue." "The exes are all very civil, there's no negativity," said Kimora's rep.

Twiggy Replaced on 'America's Next Top Model'

"America's Next Top Model" has traded Twiggy for a younger model ... literally.

International supermodel Paulina Porizkova has joined the CW's hit reality model competition show as one of the judges on the panel, replacing British model Twiggy, it was announced Monday. She'll begin her critiquing duties for the 10th cycle of the show.

"We are thrilled to have Paulina as a part of this cycle's judging panel. The show and participants will benefit a great deal from her vast modeling knowledge and expertise," said Ken Mok, the show's executive producer. "We would like to thank Twiggy for her great contributions to the show. Having an icon like Twiggy lend us her considerable expertise has elevated our show to a whole new level. We wish her well in her endeavors and hope to collaborate with her in future cycles of ANTM as well as other projects."

Twiggy is exiting the show due to scheduling conflicts. She's been a guest judge since Cycle 5 when she stepped in for Janice Dickinson. The other judges include Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker and Miss J. Alexander.

Porizkova, 42, has graced the covers of hundreds of magazines worldwide including, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Life, Playboy, Vogue, ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Glamour. She's also been named one of the 50 most beautiful people by People magazine twice.

Besides modeling, Porzikova has tried her hand at acting on the big screen in "Her Alibi," "Arizona Dreams," "People I Know" and "Knots." Recently, she also had the ignominy of being the first celebrity dancer to be voted off of "Dancing With the Stars" in its fourth season.

Clones Don't Lie

MAYBE Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro hasn't gotten his ex-girlfriend, current Tom Brady love Gisele Bundchen, completely out of his system. Santoro, who starred in the ancient Greeks-vs.-Persians war film "300," told Sao Paulo newspaper Folha de S. Paulo that his relationship with Bundchen "meant nothing" to him. However, sources tell us Santoro is now dating Ellen Jabour - a model who was previously hired as Bundchen's body double, and who is "famous in Brazil for being Gisele's look-alike."


NAOMI Campbell emphatically turning down the offer of a Gucci umbrella as she exited Nello's in the rain with Marc Jacobs' tattooed boyfriend, Jason Preston.

Hilton: Shanghai 'looks like the future'

American socialite Paris Hilton checked out Shanghai fashions, cuddled stuffed pandas and sauntered along the famous Bund waterfront on Thursday while visiting China's most style-conscious city for the MTV Style awards.

"Shanghai looks like the future!" Hilton said in a news conference at the Hyatt on the waterfront, one of the newest landmarks in a city teeming with new skyscrapers.

The celebrity heiress, author, singer, perfume designer and reality TV star was spending two days touring China's commercial capital before Friday night's gala awards for Chinese style and fashion trendsetters.

A visit to the city's jam-packed Yu Yuan Garden gave her an authentic taste of Shanghai's juicy steam buns and flower tea and the crowding common in the city of more than 20 million.

But Hilton, unfazed by the throngs of onlookers, carried on with her shopping, pausing to hug an elderly lady and to pose in several dresses by Chinese designer Lu Kun, one of the city's hottest new fashion stars.

Make It Three For Kimora

KIMORA Lee Simmons is asking Santa for a special present this Christmas - another baby. The mother of two, who is currently dating Djimon Hounsou, chatted with a camera crew the other day at St. Vincent Hospital, where she brought daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee to visit sick children and spread holiday cheer. "They brought gifts and read stories and played," said our spy. "When she was asked what's on her Christmas list, Lee responded, 'A baby!'"

Paris Hilton visits Shanghai

American socialite Paris Hilton checked out Shanghai fashions, cuddled stuffed pandas and sauntered along the famous waterfront Bund on Thursday while visiting China's most style-conscious city for the MTV Style awards.

"Shanghai looks like the future!" Hilton said in a news conference at the Hyatt on the waterfront, one of the newest landmarks in a city teaming with new skyscrapers.

The celebrity heiress, author, singer, perfume designer and reality TV star was spending two days touring China's commercial capital before Friday night's gala awards for Chinese style and fashion trendsetters.

A visit to the city's jam-packed Yu Yuan Garden gave her an authentic taste of Shanghainese "xiaolongbao" — juicy steam buns and flower tea — and the crowding common in the city of more than 20 million people.

But Hilton, unfazed by the press of onlookers, carried on with her shopping, pausing to hug an elderly lady and to pose in several dresses by Chinese designer Lu Kun, one of the city's hottest new fashion stars.

$14.5m Spread

KELLY Killoren Bensimon is about to come into a nice chunk of change. The model/writer is listing her fashionable East Hampton summer home for $14.5 million. The 5,800-square-foot, custom-shingled residence on the non-ocean side of Further Lane boasts four bedrooms, maid's room, gourmet kitchen, soaring ceilings and fireplaces, reports The Post's Braden Keil. The 1.2-acre mini-estate with a pool has neighbors such as Jerry Seinfeld, Tommy Hilfiger, Helmut Lang and Donny Deutsch. Kelly previously shared it with her ex-husband, photographer Gilles Bensimon.

We're So Hot

MEN of New York, be warned: Paris Hilton is coming for you. Spies at Hollywood hotspot Green Door overheard the Valtrex-toting celebutard telling her sister Nicky, "There are no guys at this party - or in LA in general. New York has so much better guys." Hilton stayed at the club - which hosted the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after-party - until closing. Miranda Kerr and new flame Orlando Bloom, model Noemie Lenoir, Jeremy Piven and Selita Ebanks all took part in the revelry.


RACHEL Weisz, Adrien Brody, Eva Herzigova, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jamie Burke and May Anderson celebrating the opening of the new Chopard boutique on Madison Avenue

Cast unveiled for all-star 'Celebrity Apprentice'

At a locked-down news conference in Manhattan last month, the cast for "Celebrity Apprentice'' was introduced to members of the press. Everyone was sworn to secrecy.

Now the secret can be told, says NBC, which made public Monday the names of the cast members.

Not that they needed any introduction. Not all of them, anyway.

Stephen Baldwin explained his participation by noting he already had "done a bunch of reality . . . I thought it would be fun to play the game.''

Likewise Gene Simmons of Kiss, star of his own reality series and unabashed self-marketer.

"I'm in the Gene Simmons business,'' he said, so doing "The Apprentice'' can only help promote his many other ventures. "Everything helps everything.''

Vincent Pastore (aka "Big Pussy'' from "The Sopranos'') was also instantly recognizable. Other famous faces include country music star Trace Adkins, Olympic gymnastics gold medallist Nadia Comaneci and heavyweight boxing champ Lennox Lewis.

But others on hand did need a bit of introduction.

Like Nely Galan, former entertainment president of the Telemundo network and executive producer (and "life coach'') of "The Swan,'' an extreme makeover program that aired on Fox a few years back.

Or the vaguely familiar-looking woman introduced as Marilu Henner, best-known from the sitcom "Taxi'' a quarter-century ago.

The 14 celebrities will not be vying for a job with Donald Trump, as in the previous six "Apprentice'' seasons, but instead will compete in business-oriented tasks around New York City to raise money for their favourite charities. The official "Celebrity Apprentice'' will win a $250,000 bonus to donate.

Tasks will be judged in the boardroom by executive producer-host Trump and his advisers, including, once again, his children/colleagues Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr.

As they met with the press in mid-October, the gathered rivals were set to face their first challenge the next day, when taping began. The show debuts Jan. 3.

Cast members for this rejigged "Apprentice'' -- which in the past relied on scrappy, ambitious star-wannabes -- were selected from a field of some 125 celebrity applicants, Trump told reporters.

"They were all begging to be on the show,'' he said. "The hardest thing was breaking it down to these 14.''

One deciding factor: Each of the chosen has had experience in business, Trump said. "These people have all done something very dramatic with money.''

Can they do it again, with cameras watching every move?

Actress-model Carol Alt acknowledged some initial nervousness.

"They're going to follow us in real time and that's scary, of course,'' she said. "I think with most all of us, we want control of our image -- it's part of the work that we do.''

Galan echoed Alt's trepidation.

"I've produced reality shows,'' Galan said. "To be on the other side is a little creepy. It's my karmic boomerang.''

Other cast members include Playboy Playmate of the Year Tiffany Fallon, Olympic softball gold medallist Jennie Finch, "America's Got Talent'' judge Piers Morgan, Ultimate Fighting Champion Tito Ortiz and Omarosa, the contestant on the first "Apprentice'' season in 2004. She is perhaps best remembered for making everybody on the show angry.

Why did Omarosa agree to come back?

"I did it for redemption,'' she told reporters.

Klum croons at Spice-d up Victoria's Secret fashion show

Many famous faces showed up at the Kodak Theater Thursday night to watch Seal serenade his No. 1 angel at the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show. But what took many by surprise was Heidi Klum emerging from the wings with a microphone in hand to sing right back to her man.

"It's very romantic for me," said Klum on the pink arrivals carpet in between the afternoon and evening performances, both were taped for broadcast on Dec 4 (CBS, 10 p.m. ET/PT). "In that moment, I don't see anybody. It's just him and I."

"I feel like the luckiest guy in the world," echoed Seal. "Here I am, married to the most beautiful woman in the world — inside and out. The most exceptional person I have ever come across. The woman with the most integrity and the most amazing work ethic. I am so fortunate to be part of her life."

Klum said her debut live singing performance onstage with her husband was a one-time-only event. Complimented on her voice, Klum turned modest. "Ah, stop it," she said. "He asked me to do this, and I did this for him. Just for today."

However, Klum can be heard accompanying Seal on the romantic ballad Wedding Day, on his album.

Celebs seated in the front rows for the fashion show and performances by Seal, the Spice Girls and included Eva Longoria Parker, Hayden Panettiere, Michael Vartan, Ryan Seacrest, Neil Patrick Harris, Gary Dourdan, Dean Cain, Ana Ortiz, Jeremy Piven and Rebecca DeMornay.

Vartan made it clear why he was there — to see the Angels. But Vartan let it be known, "I don't believe in lingerie one bit."

Asked about the Spice Girls reuniting, Vartan said "I couldn't care less." He didn't even know they'd be performing at the show.

The first reunion performance by The Spice Girls was a big draw for many others, however. The fivesome, who are prepping for their highly-anticipated reunion tour, which begins next month, sang two of their new numbers: Stop and Headlines. was a last-minute replacement for planned show opener Kanye West, who is mourning the sudden loss of his mother. As walked the pink carpet, an enormous banner hung above his head, still advertising West as part of the show.

"My heart goes out to Kanye," said Seal. "My condolences to him and his whole family. He's sadly missed here tonight, but we understand. Our prayers are with him, and I hope he feels that."

"I haven't had a chance to talk to Kanye," added, who was notified at 9:30 p.m. the night before that he was needed to perform. He put together a two-song set: I Got it From My Mama and Heartbreaker. "It wasn't really that hard."

But joked "it's very hard to concentrate" on his music while being backstage with so many lingerie-clad lovelies.

The fashion show, as usual, featured the Victoria's Secret angels sporting wings that were more over the top than ever. Among them: devilish reindeer wings, psychedelic plastic '70s wings, a pair gilded in gold, a set painted with clouds and another made of snow-like lace. During a Christmas-themed segment that concluded the show, Klum emerged with what appeared to be icicle-like wings jutting out from behind her back. But upon reaching the middle of the stage, she triggered the display to transform into a 360-degree snowflake.

"I've worn a few pairs of wings throughout the years, and they get easier," said Klum. "It was much easier to walk when the snowflake opened. I needed it open to balance myself down the catwalk."

Seeing his woman in the wings in her lingerie gave Seal a lump in his throat. "When you think of Victoria's Secret, you think of Heidi Klum," he said. "And it's so appropriate that she wears those wings."


BLACKSTONE chief Stephen Schwarzman, supermodel Veronica Varekova, Andrew Stein and Richard Meier huddling over drinks at The Four Seasons restaurant

Paris On A Pole

Paris Hilton has landed in New York, but we think the celebutard is still on LA time. The ex-con has been hitting hotspots all week in the wee hours of the morning. Our sleep-deprived sources spotted a red-eyed Hilton stumbling into SoHo spot Upstairs at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, and the following night, she took a page from Britney Spears' book by practicing her pole-dancing skills - to her own song - in front of a ravenous Marquee crowd at 2 a.m.

After-party Stars Have Right Scruff

THEY both starred in the Bob Dylan biopic "I'm Not There," but Michelle Williams was noticeably absent from her ex Heath Ledger's side at the movie's after-party on the deck of the Bowery Hotel Tuesday night. A scruffy-looking Ledger joined an equally rough around the edges Adrian Grenier at the soiree, hosted by Cinema Society and luxe fashion brand Hogan. Model Agyness Deyn held court at the pool table while Julianne Moore, Maggie Rizer, Jason Bateman, Richard Gere, Olivia Palermo and Ang Lee mingled with guests. In order to clear the way for the slew of celebs, hotel staffers had to shuffle guests like Simon Doonan and Amy Hilfiger, who were there celebrating the Adam Moss-hosted launch of New York magazine's latest biannual fashion book, "Look," off the deck.

John Stamos & Model Emma Heming Spending Time Together

John Stamos has a budding new romance with Victoria's Secret model Emma Heming, a source tells PEOPLE.

The ER heartthrob and Heming were spotted together last Thursday at Indochine in New York City with friends, including Ben Silverman, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Scott Sartiano. They were also seen as at the Manhattan nightspot Socialista later that same night.

"They were definitely together," says a source. "They're seeing each other. It's a very new relationship."

Heming was previously engaged to club and restaurant owner Brent Bolthouse of The Hills, but the couple split over the summer, and she recently began spending time with Stamos the New York Post's Page Six reported Wednesday.

Heming, who has appeared on Entourage and in films including Perfect Stranger, recently signed a contract with One Model Management.

Karaoke Queen

LEFT Coast party promoter Brent Bolthouse has been dumped by his supermodel girlfriend, Emma Heming, who was a judge at Pete Wentz's karaoke night at Angels & Kings Monday. Heming, now dating John Stamos, has moved back to NY from LA and signed with 1 Model Management. Wentz's fellow Fall Out Boy Patrick Stump and the band Jet played karaoke for a crowd that included Tommy Hilfiger and director Darren Aronofsky.

Heidi Klum Talks About Keeping Her Sex Life Spicy

How do parents Heidi Klum and Seal find a good time and place for a little romance? They improvise.

"We just make time," Klum told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Monday. "We just say, 'Hey baby, 2 o'clock in the attic, 6 o'clock in the closet. The front close."

"Wow, I guess some people try the kitchen and stuff like that and I guess the attic is brand new," DeGeneres teased.

Klum, laughing, responded, "It is a nice looking attic."

Klum also revealed that she's been taking parenting tips from an unexpected source – Britney Spears. The singer crashed Klum's Halloween party, and the duo fell into conversation, she said.

"We were talking about babies and diapers, and she explained to me a lot of things about diapers that I didn't know," says Klum, a mother of three. "You know these sticky things on the side? I never knew that they were there. To close them in the front, I was always putting string around. ... I had no idea. I learned a lot of things."

"You learned a lot from Britney," DeGeneres replied, "That's fantastic."

Klum also jokingly invited DeGeneres to a "naked Sunday" at her and Seal's home, after DeGeneres said that Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman spend every Sunday together naked.

Hilton tries to help drunken elephants

With Rwanda off her charity calendar, Paris Hilton has turned her attention to the plight of ... drunken elephants in India.

"The elephants get drunk all the time. It is becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them," the 26-year-old socialite was quoted as saying by the World Entertainment News Network's Web site.

In the wake of her jail term for an alcohol-related reckless driving case, Hilton is seeking to remake her image from club-hopping party girl to world-traveling do-gooder. She announced plans to do charity work in Rwanda, but the trip was postponed until next year.

Then opportunity for Hilton's "global elephant campaign" knocked last month when six parched pachyderms broke into a farm in the state of Meghalaya and guzzled farmers' homemade rice beer. The elephants went on a rampage, then uprooted an electricity pole and were jolted to death.

"There would have been more casualties if the villagers hadn't chased them away. And four elephants died in a similar way three years ago. It is just so sad," Hilton was quoted as saying in last week in Tokyo, where she was judging a beauty contest.

Sangeeta Goswami, head of animal rights group People for Animals, told The Associated Press: "I am indeed happy Hilton has taken note of recent incidents of wild elephants in northeast India going berserk."

"As part of her global elephant campaign, Hilton should, in fact, think of visiting this region literally infested with elephants," Goswami said.

Hilton's publicist couldn't immediately be reached Tuesday to verify her comments. Another conservationist said elephant alcohol abuse was just a symptom of the real problem. (No, he wasn't talking about celebrities.)

"Elephants appear on human settlements ... because they have no habitat left due to wanton destruction of forests," said Soumyadeep Dutta, who heads Nature's Beckon, a leading regional conservation group. "A celebrity like Hilton must focus her attention on this fact."

Heidi Klum returns with `Project Runway'

Soup or salad for lunch? Heidi Klum ponders the issue as a waiter stands by.

"I'm a Gemini," she notes. "I can never make up my mind." Then she does. Salad.

This would seem to be a rare lapse — as a judge on "Project Runway" (as well as a co-creator, executive producer and its host), she certainly has no problem rendering a verdict on each design offered by contestants on the show, which returns for its fourth season Wednesday at 10 p.m EST on Bravo.

"I judge clothes from my perspective, and I've been in the business for a long time," says the 34-year-old German-born supermodel/designer/personality/entrepreneur.

"I started in '93 and I've worn a lot of things, from really cheap things to really expensive things. Things that I didn't know which way to get into them — I had instructions, and two people helped me. Or things so big and overwhelming I can hardly stand in them: `Take the picture, 'cause I'm gonna fall over.' And when I'm not on a runway or in front of a camera, I need conventional clothes too."

As she settles in for lunch with a reporter, she has just come from presiding at a "Project Runway" fashion preview across the street at Lincoln Center. There, the season's 15 contestants were introduced, each presenting several creations while music throbbed and cameras flashed.

Then Klum threw a black satin trenchcoat over her little blue number and made her way through raw weather to the restaurant. She stays bundled up, but in the coat with playful ruffled trim and four-leaf-clover earrings from her own design collection, Klum still radiates style.

"Fashion makes us all individuals," she says, her chattiness flavored by her faint accent and occasionally bumpy syntax. "At the end of the day, maybe it's not all that free of a country. You can't do this, you can't do that" — her smoker friends can't light up anywhere, it seems — "but you can wear what you want to wear."

"Well, you can't go naked," she acknowledges.

This "Project Runway" season was shot in Manhattan last May during a marathon of design challenges, runway judgings and systematic banishment of 12 contestants. Ever since, all 15 contestants have been living with the secret of who's already out.

The season will conclude with the three finalists showing their designs during New York Fashion Week in February. Klum and her fellow judges, designer Michael Kors and Elle magazine fashion director Nina Garcia, will choose the winner, who gets $100,000 to start a fashion line.

"Project Runway" turns fashion's creative process into a high-stakes competition, waged under pressure-cooker conditions and unfolding in plain sight under the guidance of fashion guru Tim Gunn, whose by-now-famous catch phrase exhorts the contestants to "make it work."

Obviously, the concept for the show is inspired. But Klum says some serious tweaking was required to make THAT work. One early idea called for the contestants to find ordinary people to model their creations for the judges.

"We thought of having them run around and ask people on the street, `Hey, do you want to participate in this fashion show we're doing?'"

And, Klum adds, initially she didn't mean to be host. Not until Bravo asked.

What did it matter, she figured — one more thing for her to do? "I NEED to be doing different things," she declares. "I'm ALWAYS on the next thing already."

But everything isn't devoted to career. Klum makes it clear that her favorite roles reside in her private life: as wife (to the pop star Seal) and mother (to their two young sons and a daughter by former boyfriend Flavio Briatore).

A couple of days earlier, she and Seal had flown to New York from their Los Angeles home. But with TV writers on strike, her packed publicity schedule has been trimmed by one item: taping an appearance that afternoon on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien."

"I was like, `OK, "Conan" is not happening? Get me on an earlier flight!' My husband's still here, but I'm gonna go home ad see the children. Usually, we don't leave them behind. When I did `Project Runway' we all moved to New York for five weeks."

Now, with the new season finally reaching the air, Klum can't help but marvel at her series' enduring success.

"We had no idea what we were gonna fall into when we started," she says. "But I go really open into things. I always try. We're here, we might as well make the most out of it. And that's what I tell the contestants: `This is your chance to show yourself. Show your talent to everybody. Do it!'"

Supermodel mistakes British opposition leader for plumber

Britain's main opposition leader David Cameron was initially delighted that supermodel Kate Moss asked for his phone number -- until he realised she thought he could help her with her drains.

Conservative Party leader Cameron said in an interview to be broadcast Saturday that he met Moss at a charity bash recently and inexplicably found himself engaged in a conversation with her about flood damage to her home.

"So I went on like this, twittering on, and she turned around and said, 'God, you sound like a really useful guy, can I have your phone number?'" he told the Parkinson chatshow on ITV1.

"I went back to my table and said, 'The good news is, I met Kate Moss and she wanted my telephone number. The bad news is, I think she thinks I'm something to do with drainage'."

Slick media operator Cameron is hardly plumber material. He went to Britain's top fee-paying school Eton and the elite Oxford University.

But he has been mopping up recently after a sustained leak in support for the governing Labour Party, led by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Mia Tyler Opens Up About Her Engagement

After getting engaged last month, Mia Tyler says her family immediately embraced her new fiancé – literally.

"We went over to my dad's hotel to show off the ring," Tyler, 28, tells PEOPLE of her engagement to guitarist Brian Harrah. "He grabbed Brian and hugged him, and was like, 'Good job, son.' My dad absolutely loves him."

Her dad, of course, is Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

Describing how Harrah, 31, popped the question to her, Tyler says: "[We] were just laying in bed and he stood over me and said, 'I want to spend the rest of my life with you.'"

But that was just their unofficial engagement. It wasn't until the following month that Harrah (who made sure to first ask permission from his father-in-law-to-be) surprised Tyler with an antique diamond ring.

"He had it in the box and got down on one knee," says Tyler, who first announced her engagement on her MySpace page. "It was playful. He's by far the greatest guy I've ever been with."

Tyler, who split from her husband of nearly two years, Papa Roach drummer Dave Buckner, in 2005, and Harrah, who has also been married once before, are planning a wedding for next fall – with half-sister Liv Tyler and her 3-year-old son, Milo, in the wedding party. "I'm hoping Milo can do the ring-bearing," says Mia Tyler.

Although the model, who is currently writing a book about her life, is now checking out possible nuptial venues, she's much more focused on another wedding detail, confiding: "I want to blow all my money on the dress!"

Paris and Nicky Hilton jet to Tokyo

Paris Hilton may not be ready for her planned charity work in Rwanda, but she was up for judging a beauty contest in Tokyo.

Hilton, 26, and her younger sister, Nicky, each chose one finalist for the Miss Universe Japan contest. A dozen or so more will be selected next month.

"I love Tokyo," Hilton said Tuesday. "The shopping is great."

Hilton has promised to improve her bad-girl image since she finished a jail term this June for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case. She had announced plans to do charity work in Rwanda this month for the Playing for Good Foundation, but the trip was postponed until next year.

Her appearance at a Tokyo fashion boutique to judge the contest packed the room with photographers and TV cameras. Gawking bystanders lined the street outside.

Japan has the reigning Miss Universe, Riyo Mori, the first Japanese to win the pageant since 1959.

No-phone Naomi

IRASCIBLE Naomi Campbell has been tamed. At the 37th annual scholarship and awards dinner for the Black Action Retail Group, the hot-blooded beauty addressed her BlackBerry-throwing ways when she accepted her honors for influencing the beauty industry. "It's been a very interesting year. I've learned many lessons, like no more phones," she told the crowd at Cipriani. "In New York I'm the bad girl, I'm the good girl, I'm a controversial girl, and I've been through so much in this city. I'm a recovering addict and alcoholic, of which I'm not ashamed."

Queen Elizabeth in fashion top 50

One is in vogue. At the age of 81, Queen Elizabeth on Monday joined models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell on Vogue Magazine's list of the world's most glamorous women.

The style bible slavishly worshipped by dedicated followers of fashion decreed that age was no barrier.

Sensible brogue shoes, waxed jackets and headscarves knotted firmly under the chin are clearly no passing fad.

"It's a great compliment. She has a very practical approach to fashion and a great sense of occasion," a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman told Reuters when asked about the fashion icon's tip of the hat to the queen.

"This month she becomes the first British monarch to celebrate a diamond wedding anniversary and next month she becomes Britain's oldest ever reigning monarch," she added.

Even model of the moment Agyness Deyn has said of the octogenarian monarch: "She's cool."

Kate Moss is reported to have told her once at a Buckingham Palace reception "I love the stuff you wear. You have great fashion sense."

Vogue was gushing in its praise, declaring the queen to be "as glamorous in her brogues and headscarf at (her country estate) Balmoral as she is wearing the crown jewels."

Glamour, the magazine declared, is "about how you wear something, not about what you wear. You cannot buy glamour and you can't fake it."

Veteran fashion designer Hardy Amies, who spent half a century dressing the monarch, once told Reuters: "The Queen is very demanding. She knows exactly what she wants. She wants her clothes to be friendly. Chic clothes are usually cruel."

Hardy, who died in 2003 at the age of 93, said he was very proud of the dress he made for her silver jubilee celebrations. "A picture of it now adorns thousands of biscuit tins," he said.

When actress Helen Mirren took to the screen as the British monarch in the Oscar-winning movie "The Queen," sales of Barbour waxed jackets were given a major boost in the United States.

Mirren joined the Queen on Vogue's "definitive list" of glamorous women on the list. "She is as radiant as a lightbulb," the magazine said in its December issue dedicated to glamour.

The older generation certainly holds its own in the list with 70-year-old Vanessa Redgrave and 62-year-old Charlotte Rampling up there with the supermodels of today.

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