Tai Chi 24

One of the things that I have recently begun doing is taking a Tai Chi course at Bonsor, the same place where I do fencing.  We are being taught the basic 24 step form and the more advanced 48 step form which contains all the same moves as 24, but in a completely different order, for both sides of the body, and a whole lot more added in as well.  It is much harder on the legs!  We've also been very lucky to have now been taught Sword form!  It is a very fun form to learn and its 32 moves seem a lot shorter than the 48 form!

Here are some pictures and brief explainations of the moves involved in the Tai Chi Chuan 24 Step form.  Please note that this is just one of many ways to do this form and some of the pictures may not exactly match how any one particular instructor may demonstrate this form.

Starting. Parting The Wild Horse's Mane.
3 times.
White Crane Spreads Its Wings. Brush Knee, Push.
3 times.
Playing The Guitar/Lute/Pipa. Repulse Monkey.
4 times.
Hold The Ball,
Ward Off.
Grasp The Bird's Tail. Press,
Sit Back.
Open up and Push.
Repeat the last 4 moves, going right.
Single Whip. Cloud Hands, going left. Single Whip again,
High Pat on Horse.
Right Heel Kick.
Carry The Tiger Over The Mountain. Turn. Left Heel Kick. Snake Creeps Through The Grass. Stand on one leg.
Repeat on Right side.
Shuttle Back And Forth. Needle At Bottom Of The Sea.
Fan Through The Back. Turn. Right Back Fist. Parry and Punch. Apparent Closing. Cross Hands. Close.

If you would like a single .GIF of this form, suitable for printing out, click here.

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