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SOCIAL SECURITY - Instead of collecting taxes to give Social Security retirement checks to people who have retired, at retirement one's status position that builds up to a higher and higher amount throughout one's life is used to purchase what one rewceives out of life during retirement. See 4 " similar life in each system" charts.

MEDICAL CARE - pay-profit for medical care is by the act of distributing care, nothing is taken away from person receiving care. Taxes do not have to be collected to "pay for" medical care for individuals who have had all of their status position recognition taken away by equal value trading.

WELFARE - welfare is ended because everyone is on the same difference arrangement to receive by status earned position what has become available. Status position is not lost if one is unemployed. Motherhood is status earning work.

CREDIT - credit is no longer needed to pretend equalism is being traded when one does not have an "equal to trade". Pay for whoever distributes something is by the act of distribution, and not by trying to collect an "equal" such as "credit" from a customer.

DEBT - debt is no longer needed for the same reason that credit is no longer needed to pretend "equals are being traded" in an equalism reasoning arithmetic business procedure.

STEALING - although items can of course still be stolen, stolen items can no longer be traded for "equalism" such as "money to exchange". Stealing because one is broke is meaningless. If there is enough of what by equalism reasoning had to be "stolen" to be received, by status position distribution procedure, one is entitled to receive a reasonable amount of anything available in sufficient quantity to be received by someone who has put the total amount into life one has put in.

13 STEALING to try to keep from paying for something such as computer programs downloaded from an international source such as INTERNET becomes meaningless. Nothing is taken away from a person who receives something by pay by the act of distribution business. The "owner" of the intellectual rights to something distributed to someone (such as by downloading from Internet), has his, hers, or its total put into life recognition automatically increased for each item or service distributed to anyone. Down loading a computer program from INTERNET can 13 Yin-Yang into it "being a crime" if the intellectual owner of the program does not get his, her, or its automatic increase in total value put into life recognition for all programs down loaded by anyone.

TAXATION - with pay by the act of distribution, it is no longer necessary to try to collect taxes to "trade equals" for what by equalism reasoning business procedure was paid for by collecting taxes.

4 RETIREMENT - when retired, an individual has the total value put into life recognition that one built up as the total of what one put into life before one retired.

UNEMPLOYMENT - status position distribution means that the mathematical absurdity of equalism reasoning ceases to exist of "there being no more employment available" when available hours of work have been divided by a figure such as "40 hours" but the number of people needing employment is larger than the divided by 40 hours amount.

The number of people desiring employment can be divided into available hours of work to determine "hours to work such as per week".

Purchasing ability is not taken away to accomplish purchasing, Therefore an individual does not find oneself in a condition such as working half as many hours causes one to fall below the equalism reasoning trading level to "live decently" or "pay one's debts". One's purchasing ability position is not lost by working fewer hours. It simply increases at a slower rate.

HOW TO SLOW DOWN WITHOUT AN ECONOMIC DISASTER - This is proportional participation business procedure, not take status position away procedure. Therefore a business slowdown (such as in solving the human overpopulation problem, and hence growth in customer base ceases), does not suddenly change the proportional status position of an individual through there being fewer customers for what one puts into life.

27 INFORMATION OVERLOAD - Being bombarded, confronted with, or buried with "information overload" from more sources and directions than a human can reasonably contend with, boils down to the single number that is the result of information one has received, which is the single number that is the total of what one has put into life.

THE PURPOSE OF BEING - the purpose of being is creation, which in turn is a mechanical abstraction from, property of, or the essence of the mechanical result of the procedure of repeating events difference arranging from larger to smaller (resonation) that everything in the universe is engaged in doing.

Reward is automatic for accomplishing the purpose of being (creation, "reward in Heaven?) using repeating events difference arranging based business procedure, instead of purposeless statistical probability, force overpowering force, equalism reasoning based business procedure.

SPIRITUALITY - through understanding the purpose of being, what is God (creation, the essence of the omnipresent procedure throughout the universe of repeating events difference arranging), and the cause of destruction (misarranged graduated magnitudes arrangement), -- spirituality turns out in essence to be applying knowledge to SOLVING problems (ending or averting destruction, ending a decreasing level of effectability),

-- instead of thinking of spirituality as use of a spiritual drug to imagine one is no longer bothered by problems, no longer notices problems, or to imagine one has escaped or will be rewarded (by "being spiritual") by escaping from the arena (the material) where problems exist through lack of understanding of and application in life of the principles of spirituality.

WHAT IS GOD? - Realizing that repeating events difference arranging from larger to smaller magnitudes (resonation) is the fundamental process taking place throughout the universe, (and not force overpowering force action-reaction), reveals that when a human detects or measures repeating events phenomena, a human emotional system produces the sensation that "intelligence" has been detected.

Repeating events being detected can be a human baby exhibiting signs of "intelligence", another human producing repeating events such as these sequences of words you are reading, or repeating the events of the notes in a musical composition, or any other detection of event repetition anywhere in the universe.

Realizing that what has been referred to for so long as "God" and "a super intelligence as a designer of all creation" is actually the human emotional response to noticing repeating events difference arranging, fulfills the religious prediction "the mystery of God ended" as predicted in various religions, it will be found also as predicted shows "how to conquer the last enemy that is death", (see 30 "Conquering Death.").


What is described here does not suggest founding a new religion (or spirituality system). It suggests causing the creative promises of your already existing religious or spiritual system to become realized fact (instead of thought of as a way to escape or evade causing its creative promises to become reality).


If you insist upon a "new" spiritual system (because you feel current systems are too corrupt or dogmatic in insisting spirituality is a means of evading and escape instead of understanding how to solve problems, or used as a justification for who to destroy to solve problems), call the new spiritual system "Believerism"; how to believe in all of your fellow human beings, (include everyone in a difference arrangement of everyone in human civilization, on the basis of how much each person has helped others in one's life, and, produce no more than a life for a life). See 26 Believerism.

Use the relationships, implications, and admonitions of "resonation physics" (which is the essence of the statements of doctrine of current idealistic and religious systems based on "you have to go back and 33 write books about this") ), to develop your spiritual doctrines for "Believerism".

Find spiritual peace by living where problems are solved, instead of experiencing the sensation of finding spiritual peace by no longer noticing problems (spiritual drug trip), or no longer being bothered by problems, or escaping to a dream land where there are no problems.

It may be that only a new doctrine that sweeps the earth 53 (500 year cycle) that says "You have populated the Earth as directed. Now produce no more than a life for a life.", with the religious authority of fulfilling the creative predictions of each person's already accepted beliefs, can solve the human overpopulation problem.

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