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A blog where I will write mostly about programming in Cocoa and CoreMIDI, and experiences from my ports of Emacs and XEmacs to the Mac OS.

Day-Trip to Banff
Friday July 9, 2004

If you have a few days to spend in Banff, you should probably go hiking on some of the trails, go horseback riding, visit the hot springs, and visit some of its museums. But if you’re going there only for a day, what should you do?

One option is to join a bus tour (look for tour packages at Travel Alberta’s website, e.g.). If you have a car, you can create your own tour. I recommend visiting the following: ride Banff Gondola at Sulphur Mountain, shop and have lunch on Banff Avenue, drive down the Tunnel Mountain Drive. Then, visit Lake Minnewanka and take a boat ride on the lake. Alternatively, visit Lake Louise (half an hour from Banff) and take a walk by the lake. Then have tea at Chateau Lake Louise.

To decide what clothes to bring for your trip to Calgary and Banff, check the average minimum and maximum temperatures on the Weather Network statistics pages for Calgary and Banff.

Odds and Ends
Thursday July 8, 2004

Here’re a few more places you might like to visit in Calgary.

Another good place to visit is the Fish Creek Provincial Park. If you’re lucky, you may run into a few deer and beavers. Here’s a nice map of the park. From where I live, I can go down there right from my backyard. If you’re driving, a good way to visit the park is to go south on Bow Bottom Trail and park near the Bow Valley Ranch visitor centre. Then you can take a half-hour walk to the Great Blue Heron Colony. But you’ll probably only see blue herons later during the year.

The City of Calgary website has a calendar of upcoming events.

Shopping in Calgary
Wednesday July 7, 2004

Calgary has the usual complement of shopping malls. Here’s a list of them with maps. Roughly in decreasing sizes are: Market Mall, Chinook Centre, Southcentre Mall, and Sunridge Mall.

There’s also good shopping downtown near Eaton Centre, TD Square, and Stephen Avenue Mall. Buildings are interconnected by the +15 walkways, which are great when it’s snowing outside. Take a break from shopping and visit the Devonian Gardens in TD Square.

The shops at the Eau Claire Market are touristy. The market is nonetheless a good place to shop, have lunch, and go for a walk on Prince’s Island.

Bargain hunters should visit the Deerfoot Outlet Mall or the Crossroads Market (the latter opens only on weekends).

Look for antiques in Inglewood, Chinese handicrafts in Chinatown (obviously), retro (but new) jeans and tennis shoes and other trendy stuffs in Kensington.

Even if you’re not buying fresh produce, pay a visit to the Millarville Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning. It has the atmosphere of a street fair and the quality of food one can get there is extraordinary.

Sample Itinerary
Tuesday July 6, 2004

Here’re some places to visit if you’re coming to Calgary for a week.

If you come with kids, you can also include visits to:

Planning a Vacation in Calgary?
Monday July 5, 2004

The best time of the year to visit Calgary is probably the second and third weeks of July, when we have the Calgary Stampede. There are parades, rodeos, amusement park rides, concerts, chuckwagon races, and all the pancakes you’ll ever want to eat!

If you cannot make it to the Stampede, plan your visit between May and September since this is the period when most of the outdoor attractions and venues operate, unless you’re here for winter activities such as skiing.

If you’re planning a trip to Calgary, here’re a few links that’ll help you get started. I’ll write about individual attractions in the next few days.

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