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A blog where I will write mostly about programming in Cocoa and CoreMIDI, and experiences from my ports of Emacs and XEmacs to the Mac OS.

Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Work on Emacs Any More
Friday January 2, 2004

Let’s start off the New Year by explaining why I quit maintaining Emacs for Mac OS X in the form of a top ten list. I’m really trying more to be truthful than mean-spirited but reasons for quitting will inevitably be negative :-)! So here it goes:

  1. Endless stupid questions.
  2. Ugly code with no design.
  3. Design decisions based on “software freedom” and not technical considerations.
  4. Developers’ gratuitous changes constantly breaking Mac build.
  5. People making premature binary releases.
  6. Geeky and rude “discussions” on emacs-devel and other lists.
  7. People taking credit for things they didn’t do.
  8. GNU Emacs and FSF copyright policies.
  9. Maintainer “expected” to be free software advocate/supporter.
  10. Core developers’ attitude that Mac OS is a “non-free” platform and not a primary goal of the project.

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