Jazz Accompaniment Generator

MyJazzBand is a brand-new MIDI jazz accompaniment generation application that incorporates intelligent jazz chord and scale analysis, a modern native Mac OS X Cocoa user interface, Band-in-a-Box file format compatibility, and much more.

Intelligent Jazz chord and Scale Analysis

MyJazzBand applies state-of-the-art, intelligent jazz chord and scale analysis algorithms to generate realistic accompaniments that mimic music played by a real rhythm section.

Native Mac OS X Cocoa User Interface

Its built-in chord editor uses Mac OS X Cocoa features like text completion and input validation for quick and accurate chord entry.

Band-in-a-Box File Format Compatibility

MyJazzBand can import chord sequences from Band-in-a-Box files. This lets you use BIAB files you already have and the large number of BIAB "real-books" you can download from the Internet.

Chord Editor

MyJazzBand is a newly-developed Mac OS X Cocoa/CoreMIDI application that generates and plays realistic accompaniments for jazz tunes. It is a perfect tool for practising improvisation, and great as a composition tool too. MyJazzBand generates rhythm section parts consisting of a walking bass line, and piano and drums comping. It can then play them while you solo. It currently supports the swing, bossa nova, and jazz waltz styles. MyJazzBand performs chord and scale analysis specifically developed for it to select and generate notes intelligently. Because of this, the bass lines it generates, for example, are far more realistic then any competing application. Listen to the sound examples and judge for yourself!

MyJazzBand's chord editor is where you enter the chords of a song. An optimal chord layout algorithm displays chords legibly and lays them out beautifully in a song document window. Intuitive cut, copy, and paste commands allow bars in a song to be inserted, deleted, modified, and duplicated easily. Unlimited undo and redo are supported for all operations so any mistakes can be reversed and canceled operations can be re-applied.

Text Completion

The chord editor's text completion and input validation features let you enter chords quickly and accurately. A full repertoire of jazz chords is supported. The chords are chosen after analyzing thousands of jazz tunes in "fake books" so they should include all the chords you will use. Slash chords are also supported. The proper Unicode symbols ♯ and ♭ are used for displaying chord names.

MyJazzBand stores and loads songs in its own simple text format. It can also import songs from Band-in-a-Box files, which is a tremendously useful feature because of the large number of BIAB format files and "real-books" available on the Internet. When a BIAB file is imported into MyJazzBand, its tempo, style, title, section, and chorus information are also imported.

Select Patch By Name

MyJazzBand can play the generated accompaniment on external MIDI devices as well as CoreMIDI's internal DLS synthesizer. Therefore, it can run on a Mac with no MIDI devices connected and the accompaniment is played on the Mac's speakers. For external MIDI devices, MyJazzBand has a full-featured CoreMIDI implementation and MIDI Name Document (".midnam files") support. MIDI devices and patches can be selected by name as well as bank and patch numbers.

Download a copy of MyJazzBand! Then take a guided tour of it. All the features described above are fully functional in "demo mode".