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Truncated Process Output Problem When Emacs Runs in Terminal

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Long-time users of Emacs on Mac OS X will know that the Lisp variable process-connection-type needs to be set to nil. Otherwise some output of processes started by Emacs may be lost. This is due to a broken implementation of pty's in Darwin.

Process-connection-type is set to nil by default in lisp/term/mac-win.el. But when Emacs is started in the terminal by emacs -nw, that code doesn't get executed. I'll probably fix the problem by removing pty support entirely in the future. For now, please add

(setq process-connection-type nil)

to your startup file or site startup file if you're experiencing problems with anything that starts an external process, e.g., tramp, compile, diff, ediff, man, etc.

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