Technical Details

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Monitor and Control Panel

The monitor is a 17 inch Sun multisync which can be used with a PC with and the proper adapter and a small change on the input board to combine the separate H sync and V sync from the PC to produce a composite sync. The stand was removed to reduce the height of the monitor. The Sun monitor was used because it was available.

The control panel is a Hanaho HotRod SE that was purchased on eBay from Computers Worth Inc.  The addition to the bottom of the HotRod holds a keyboard and adds more space for the installation of  other controls at a latter date.  It also raises the control panel to the correct height to work with the Compact Mame Cabinet. A piano hinge allows access to the keyboard in the bottom of the control panel. A small pb switch was added to give an ESC key for programs that require it.


The computer is a 450 mhz AMD with 256 mb of memory and an 8 gig hard drive.  The video is on board as is the sound card and network adapter. This reduces the flexability of the motherboard but on the plus side makes it very compact so it fits easily in the bottom of the cabinet.

The computer has a Hauppage PC TV card which allows the cabinet to show full screen cable tv and also has inputs that are used for a playstation or other console unit.

The 10/100 Fast Eithernet adapter allows files to be easily transfered or web surfing if desired.

Using arcadeOS 2.47 with Win 98 se and MAME .56