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Cabinet Construction

Hi my name is Bob and this web site was put together to show the steps in the construction of my MAME cabinet.  The main consideration during construction was to produce a cabinet that could be placed on a tabletop in my computer room.

Of course the first step was putting the plans on paper. I roughed out a few plans on paper to ensure that the 17 in. svga monitor would fit. The monitor established the width of the cabinet as only 3/4 in. clearance was left on each side of the case. The case was kept on the monitor to reduce any chance of damage to the monitor.  Preliminary plans may be downloaded here. Plans in WMF format

The cabinet was constructed with 5/8 in. MDF and is approximately 28 in. high, 18 in. wide and 24 in. deep. Screws and glue were used in the assembly with 1x2 strips used to reinforce any joints that support weight such as the monitor shelf.

120 V cabinet fans were installed before the cabinet was enclosed because the access was easier at this point. A vent in the front of the cabinet draws air over the motherboard.

A piano hinge secures the the back of the cabinet and allows access to the monitor cables and computer motherboard. A 5/8 inch panel lock secures the rear panel.

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