Airdrie Badminton Club

Airdrie Badminton, c/o Angelo Dalcin

1563 Meadowbrook Drive

Airdrie, Alberta

T4A 2B2

Airdrie Badminton Club

To contact us:

Phone: 403-948-9480



Our group is comprised of adults only in various stages of life, from young to ..more mature.

We have access Ralph McCall School on Monday nights (7:30-9:30 pm) and to the Meadowbrook School Gym on Thursday nights (8-10pm)

There is ample parking at the schools for guests.

Both School Gyms have good lighting, and each have 3 courts. 

Membership rates are $80 for one night (Monday or Thursday) or $120 for both. Drop in rate will be $6. Membership may be capped for one or both nights and members from last year have first priority until end of September. New Members will be accepted on basis of requested dates, and a number have already requested. Dropin fees paid in September will be deducted from Membership fees. Last year Thursday night was capped because of demand, and I expect the same this year. Monday nights will have room for New Members.

 Some employers have wellness funds which can cover the annual membership fees which would eliminate the out of pocket fees of individuals.

NOTE: Dropin accepted at Both Meadowbrook Middle School and Ralph McCall School at this time.


Monday nights at Ralph McCall School at 7:30 pm and, Thursday nights at Meadowbrook Middle School at 8 pm. Check “Where and When?” link to the left for dates


Updated Jan 4, 2016