Egyptian M4A2/A4 with AMX 13 Turret




The second of my two Shermans to start the year 2006.


This project came to be when I started my M51 build. Seeing as I was backdating the Academy kit to a Batch 1, I figured what the heck, build an opponent for the Sinai Campaign.


This kitbash started life as a DML Firefly Vc which donated the hull, suspension and tracks. Heller’s old AMX-13 kit provided the turret. The engine deck was swapped with a spare from the Italeri kit to represent the M4A2/A4 configuration that the French had come up with. The turret isn’t anywhere near today’s standard of model engineering but with a little work it has all the right curves and angles. All other parts and bits came from the spares bin.


I finished with Tamiya colours and numerous washes of earth tones to give it a “veteran” look.


This is probably one of the strangest Sherman combinations ever put together but an easy conversion to create. References are not what I’d call abundant but the net does provide a couple of survivors to give enough for the build.



Completed Pictures

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