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Below are links of articles specifically about Jim Rice. Other fans and writer's thoughts on why he should be in the Hall of Fame as well as some other articles.
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Articles about Jim Rice and the Hall of Fame

Lost in Left Field The Case for JIM RICE at Lost in Left Field

A series of articles by a fan who is a member of SABR:

Why not vote for Rice?
Voters should "Rice" to the Occasion
His Defensive Prowess
His stats were not inflated due to playing at Fenway
His numbers are of historically significant proportions

Several more articles by the creator of "Lost in Left Field"
Jim Rice case at baseball library
A case for Jim Rice for the Hall at Baseball Library
When BBWAA voters explain why they didn't vote for him, this article has a great rebuttal to the most commonly offered excuses. A MUST read.
Another case for the Hall
A great argument written by the same fan as the articles. Another must read for any fan.
Left Fielder Gold Gloves?
If they gave them out, Rice would have won a few.

Ex-teammates: Rice a no-brainer
: Former Red Sox say left fielder should get Hall call.
Hall of Fame Voting Results are in and Rice is snubbed Again.
Will Rice be served at Hall in 2006?
Rice falls short in Hall of Fame voting

One man's ballot based on VOPR
Rice for Hall in Baseball Prospectus

Rice's chances were never better
Rice's chances were never better

Verdict is in: Rice still a tough out

Jim Rice should be in
One voter's Hall of Fame ballot

...and still 3 years later
Sports Illustrated writer, Tom Verducci picks his choices including Rice.

Rice should be in
Rice should be in, but heís not lobbying

Rice falls short again

DK's dugout Respect for Jim Rice article
Sox should throw a retirement party?
2006 Hall of Fame Ballot
Ricewill get in, eventually

Entry denied: Rice again not voted to Hall of Fame:
Entry denied: Rice again not voted to Hall of Fame

The Baseball Crank:
Rice in Baseball Crank
Rice should not wait behind Perez
HOF Murphy, Puckett and Rice

Jim Rice vs. the Rest of Baseball
Compares his numbers to his contemporaries, convincingly showing why he was the best hitter in the league.

Hall of Lame:
Jim Rice article at strike 3

Compares Jim Rice to some other recent inductees, and points out why Rice is superior.

YES: Rice's numbers don't lie:
Jim Rice for Hall story in EagleTribune

If Rice had only been nicer to the media....

Rice should be in Hall:
Jim Rice should be in the Hall of Fame

Even when he saved a life, media quickly forgot about it. Judge him by his numbers...

Hall of Popularity:
Why Puckett but not Jim Rice?

Puckett played the good-guy role in public and with reporters. That helped on voting day. Rice was just himself. (Note: page halfway down page for article)

A fan's Jim Rice Hall of Fame of tomorrow page:
Jim Rice in the Hall of Fame of tomorrow

Choices for the Hall
Rice for Hall in WUMR Sports

From assorted sites...

Who should be in?? Rice in top half of HOF outfielders

Paul Kutcher's Hall of Fame Ballot

David Fleitz Baseball Page - Hall of Fame Ballot

Jim Rice deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

Reappraising Rice

Rice is Hall-worthy

A Case for Rice

Will Jim-Ed Finally Get His Just Desserts?

Should Jim Rice be in Baseballís Hall of Fame?

Red Sox slugger overdue

Rice's snub hits home

Other Jim Rice articles

Jim Rice saves a child's life
Jim Rice saves a life newspaper article

Quickly forgotten by the 'we don't like Jim Rice' media, but it happened.

Jim Rice: Still the man
Jim Rice story at ESPN

Jim Rice story at SportsJones:
Jim Rice at Sportsjones

Top New England Athletes from Boston Globe:
Jim Rice top Boston player

Inducted to Ted Williams Hall of Fame

Best Outfield EVER?
Jim Rice part of the best outfield in history