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I did invent the name Cyber Christ, but after I saw The Lawnmower Man... you know when he says "I AM A CYBER CHRIST"? I got sick to my stomach. So I took a bunch of acid and it just came to me when we were listening to some songs we wrote: Velvet Acid Christ.

"VELVET", because I kept seeing velvet dresses and being reminded of Goth chicks. At the time, we were listening to The Cure and Siouxsie. That music influenced our sound greatly at the time.

"ACID", because our music had strong dance beats that reminded me of acid house, and all the samples and sound effects we used were so trippy they provoke great LSD visuals.

"CHRIST", my tormented religious childhood and my rebellion against it. The torment of Christian dogma and tyrant rules, and my defiling of them, not to mention all the psychological damage from the guilt trips Christianity tries to put on you. Also, at the time I felt like Christ. I felt like a martyr. I was being persecuted by my family, my friends, and law enforcement for my extreme views. This all became the vision of Velvet Acid Christ.

-- Bryan Erickson

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