If you are reading this and still able to access this page then the 962 is still for sale. Once the car has sold this page will be removed. Please read the details below to get a complete description of the car. For more info please look at my 962 build page 962 Project page which shows some early build pics which shows how close to original (with exception of this being a tube frame chassis) this car is dimensionally identical to a factory built monocoque chassis 962C. I have received many emails from people asking if I have a 962 for sale and questions about the details who apparently haven't read the description below. I don't have the time or inclination to write rambling emails that can be answered by reading the information below and watching the video and looking at the posted pictures. I am asking $250K USD for this car which is less than it cost to build, I know it's a tough market out there since the 2008 recession that we haven't quite recovered from so it's quite a bargain, I'll be needing the space for my 904 when it's finished and brought back home. This car will be sold this year. My completely finished 962 is quite a deal when you consider the time, effort and cost that went into the build and comes with a logbook and some spares for those who may be interested in racing it.

You can see below the walkaround video I made in August, 2015 of my completed Porsche 962, it has info and gives you a good idea of the car in question. Additional info and pictures are also on the 962 Project page showing construction of the car.

This is my Porsche 962 (or Porsche powered racecar for all you critics, trolls and mouthbreathers out there) for sale page, this page will give you all the info you need for the Porsche 962 that I built as can be seen on the Porsche 962 Project page. This car has taken approximately 18 years give or take to complete, it is NOT a "kit car" or replica or copy although any factory produced parts whether they are suspension parts, running gear or bodywork will bolt directly on this car, it is at the very least a Porsche powered racecar and it is what it looks like so if you think it looks like a 962 or not then it is what it is. This Porsche 962 would be what is described as the short tail version which was becoming popular in the early 1990s just before the IMSA GTP series demise in North America. The tail section on my car was the latest version as used on the Hotchkis Wynn's Porsche 962 in its last years competing. It is dimensionally the same as an original factory 962. This car has been track tested but never been raced. There will be a video embedded in this page, the video will be a walkaround showing the condition of the car as it currently sits and will remain indoors until it is sold. There will also be photos on this page showing other details of the car. The engine in this car is a naturally aspirated 3.2 litre aircooled 6 cylinder Porsche engine which was in my GT2 Porsche 914/6 pictured elsewhere on my page, this engine powered my 914/6 to many race wins. It has 40mm Weber carbs with 38mm venturis that I purchased new. The engine was balanced to 0 grams, all rods, pistons, crankshaft, flywheel and pressure plate were balanced and the rods have ARP rod bolts. The carbs, manifolds and heads are all port matched. For any interested party that is not impressed with my choice of a naturally aspirated 3.2 litre aircooled Porsche engine, this car will easily accept a 993 twin turbo engine if you happen to have one available, if you wanted to use a later water cooled turbocharged Porsche engine then additional plumbing would be required for the water radiators but again easy enough to do. With that being said you could also easily stick a V-8 of your choice in this car. The seatbelts are new Sabelt 5 point harness as original and there is a Tilton Superstarter for cranking the engine over. It has a 120 litre (31 US Gal.) Fuelsafe fuel cell as found in the factory cars. There is a 4 gallon Peterson oil tank for the drysump oil supply. Clutch and brake master cylinders are Tilton and the clutch slave cylinder is factory Porsche. The bodywork was produced from molds that I own (and are also up for sale) locally and is hand laid fiberglass, not chopped. The paint on the body is a two part paint base coat clear coat and is Porsche Grand Prix White. The front suspension on this car is identical to the factory Porsche 962 with 14 inch front brake rotors, directional curved vane vented, 1.25" thick, and Brembo "Group C" billet four piston brake calipres as used on the latest 962s. The rear suspension is pushrod with inboard shocks to accomodate the Lola/Hewland transaxle and the uprights have 13 inch vented brake rotors with Brembo four piston calipres. The transaxle is a Lola/Hewland 6 speed sequential shifting, magnesium housing with a Hewland Powerflow differential and internal gear oil pump. The Hewland has a TPT-212 differential, 10:31 R/P, 13/34 1st 15/33 2nd, 16/30/3rd, 16/26 4th, 19/27 5th, 19/24 6th gears. My 962 is a tube frame chassis construction built to the same dimensions as the monocoque chassis for which I have the factory patterns. As stated on the project page I built 5 aluminum monocoques but chose the tube frame method of construction for my own personal car. The tube frame is constructed from 4130 chrome moly and was welded by my chassis constructor who has over 35 years experience in the aircraft industry as a helicopter welder and has vast experience in the automotive industry as a chassis builder so my chassis is without compromise. I will also include my quite considerable supply of spare jets, gaskets, venturis, and tools that go with the Weber carbs that are on the engine in my car. I also built 2 other tube frame chassis which were used in 962 builds in the USA, one being built by Gunnar Racing in West Palm Beach Florida. The 962 build has been documented on my project page so no need to repost pics here but I will add pics of the spares that will come with the sale of my own car. Any original factory Porsche 962 parts can be attached or bolted to this car without modification. If you have a complete set of Porsche 962 running gear then it will bolt right into this chassis, all suspension pickup points are identical to the factory monocoque so all original parts can be used on this car. As stated on the "For Sale Page" I may consider a trade as partial payment for the purchase of my 962 but by no means am I even considering a full trade or swap for anything. Inquiries for additional info or photos can reach me at the email link at the bottom of this page.

I can be reached via email on the email link below

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