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'One Hundred Gratitudes' is a journal exercise that invites you to reflect on your life, from past to present, and to record 100 entries of pure appreciation and thanksgiving. The goal is to compile a list of 100 experiences, relationships, places, people, books, songs, pieces of art, events, adventures, and other moments that you are truly grateful for. These One Hundred Gratitudes add up to one great big 'Thank You' for the miracle of existence.cat

There are a number of ways to do 'One Hundred Gratitudes'. Some people compile their lists chronologically: 'Dear Mom, thanks for giving birth to me. Sorry it was such a long labor.' Others don't follow a timeline; they just write what comes. Some people compile the list in one sitting. It is recommend that you do it over several sittings, maybe compiling 10 to 15 entries at a time. Some people do 'One Hundred Gratitudes' on their own; others do it with close friends or with their partners, for instance. Sharing your One Hundred Gratitudes is as powerful as compiling them.

catThe one key instruction for you to follow is that for each entry you include a 'what' and a 'why.' The 'why' is as important as the 'what' because the goal isn't just to create a list; it's to recognize what it is you truly value and appreciate about being alive. This exercise is a powerful meditation on happiness. Everyone who does this exercise experiences huge value. It is a truly profound exercise.

'One Hundred Gratitudes' is fun to do, and it can be a real life-changer.

Do yourself a favor and compile your own 'One Hundred Gratitudes.' You will be so thankful that you did. No excuses, please. Excuses are just resistance. And any resistance you may experience to practicing gratitude is really either a desire to hold on to pain or a fear of joy. As you do this exercise, you will experience many powerful benefits along the way.

Let me help you get started.

1. I am grateful that Ippitha was born, Because............

This is taken from the book 'Be Happy' by Robert Holden