Lomas. John

The husband of Clara Lomas of 76, Wombwell Road, Platts Common, he ws born in Hoyland in 1879 and enlisted at Barnsley on the 4th March 1915.

He was wounded in action on the 9th May 1917 and was returned to England on the 14th May 1917, he was discharged on the 16th October 1918.

He died on the 27th of May 1923.


From the book "Barnsley Pals" by Jon Cooksey,

John Lomas's name appears on the nominal roll of the 14th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment, like many other Miners in March 1915 he joined the "Barnsley Pals" and trained at camps in Silkstone, Penkridge Bank at Rugeley, Ripon and Hurdcott on Salisbury Plain,

On Boxing day 1915 the Barnsley 13th and 14th Battalions left Hurdcott to board H.M.T. Andania on the 29th December, 1915, and eventually arrived in Port Said in January, 1916, they went on to El Ferdan to build defensive trenches along the western bank of the Suez Canal at Abu Aruk.

On the 8th March, 1916, they marched from Kantara to embark on the 10th March, aboard H.M.T. Briton and H.M.T. Megantic to arrive at Marseilles on St. Patrick's day 17th March, 1916, where they boarded cattle cars for a 50 hour journey north, to arrive in Pont Remy on the 19th March, 1916, and service on the Western Front.

The book also describes many first hand experiences of the "Barnsley Pals", their journey and the actions they were involved in from training through to their eventual return to Barnsley and the marching of the Battalions colours into Saint. Mary's Church on the 29th May, 1919.




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