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The Future of Spacecraft Propulsion?
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12 Volt DC Solar PV System Equipment
Turquoise Energy Saver, Eye Saver, LED Light Fixtures

* Turquoise Energy Newsletters
* Monthly records of the projects, from 2008 on, in fine detail

* Construction, Installation & Workshop Manuals
* Electric Hubcap Motor Making
* Turquoise Motor Controller Making
* Battery Making
- Make high energy, long life Mn-Mn cells with Perforated Hard Plastic Pocket Electrodes

* Product Catalog

1, 2. Electric Hubcap Motor Kit, parts - ultra efficient 5KW BLDC pancake motor
3. Turquoise Motor Controller - 36V, 130A controller for above
4. Handy Battery Sticks - 6V, 12V, 30A (70 CA), 10 AH+, long life NiMH D cell battery tubes
5. Sodium Sulfate - for lead-acid battery treatment and renewal
6. LED Light Fixtures - better light using a fraction of the electricity - big monthly power bill savings

* Workshops
Motor Making

Electric Hubcap project
Add-on electric motor system to turn your car into an ultra-efficient plug-in hybrid

Turquoise Battery project
Economical high energy batteries for electrically driven vehicles

Lead-Acid Battery Longevity & Renewal Treatment
Did you know: it seems simply adding sodium sulfate salt can extend the life of lead-acid batteries by 2-4x.

Early motor tests, October 2008 (Videos: see Electric Hubcap on youtube)

Electric Hubcap kit version, 2011 - body of tough polypropylene-epoxy composite


Solid state 3-phase motor controller/main wiring chassis (2009, shrunk 2012)

Battery with Perforated Plastic Pocket Cell electrodes (2012)

SWELLtm project
Floating Ocean Wave Powered Electrical Generator (project currently inactive)

Wave power (2007, 2008): 'proof of concept' unit's transmission; Rocking in the waves

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The type of propulsion system that has become the Electric HubcapTM looks like the obvious future of transport propulsion. If it were lost today, it would be rediscovered and redeveloped in 5, 20, 50 or 100 years. In the event of any problems here, this work should not to go to waste, but instead should be spread far and wide today.

In addition to the construction manuals I've put up here, the monthly Turquoise Energy News progress reports contain a wealth of technical detail and also show the gradual evolution of the products, by perseverence, research, enterprise, ingenuity and the grace of Our Father, from hazy ideas lacking in vital aspects into practical working products.

Turquoise Energy MPMG, a new type of axial flux permanent magnet motor-generator, was made for a "proof of concept" floating ocean wave power generator, first conceived in April 2006.