The program CANNY has been developed for general purposes of nonlinear structural analysis of three-dimensional frame structures and frame-shear wall structures under dynamic and static loads. It includes beam, column, wall, shear element, truss element, cable, spring, isolator, damper, beam-column joint element for modeling most building structures. The trial-version program code files and relevant data and manual files here for free down load are available for all desk top computers and note-book computers running Windows XP and higher version Windows. Users who are interested in a full-functional program may get contact with the program developer by the email address given in the following.  


  1. Down load Program files (updated)


  2. Down load Data-Input Manual (updated)


  3. Down load Users Manual (updated)


  4. Down load Window-Interface Manual


  5. Down load Program code (trial-version)

Note: the down-loaded files are self-unzip executable. However, you have to change the the extension name from "C10" to "EXE" before you can run the files to self-unzip. All unzipped files will be kept in a folder name of "CANNY" (default in drive C:).

Program developer: Dr. Kangning LI

Email to: CannyNAS@shaw.ca

May 10, 2010