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Grade 6 Math

Number Concepts

Math Glossary
i4c - Grade 6 Math Skills
Number Sense and Numeration - Links

Houghton Mifflin Math - covers it all
Fraction Man
Addition and Subtraction of Unlike Fractions - E-Lab
Equivalent Fractions - E-Lab
Equivalent Fractions, Decimals, Mixed Numbers - E-Lab
Exploring Division of Fractions - E-Lab
The Eigg and the Internet - Percent
Cargo Bay - Astro Algebra
Robot Studio - Geometry

Number Operations

Numerical and Algebraic Operations - Links
Exploring Division of Decimals - E-Lab
Subtraction of Mixed Numbers - E-Lab
Modeling Subtraction of Integers - E-Lab
Order of Operations - E-Lab
Modeling Addition and Subtraction Equations - E-Lab
Exploring Equations - E-Lab

Shape and Space

Geometry and Measurement - Links
Exploring Proportions - E-Lab
Circumference and Diameter - E-Lab
Area of a Circle - E-Lab
Exploring the Volume of a Cylinder - E-Lab

Patterns and Relations

Patterns, Relationships and Functions - Links
Geometry and Number Patterns - E-Lab
Exploring Fractal Patterns - E-Lab
Transformations and Tangrams - E-Lab

Statistics and Probability

Data Analysis and Statistics - Links
Probability - Links
Exploring Box and Whisker Graphs - E-Lab
Exploring Circle Graphs - E-Lab
Simulations - E-Lab


Virtual Manipulatives - No Pieces To Lose