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Grade 4 Math

Number Concepts

Math Glossary
i4c - Grade 4 Math Skills
Number Sense and Numeration - Links

Houghton Mifflin Math - covers it all
Fraction Man
Math Matching - Equivalent Fractions
Math Matching - Fractions and Decimals
Math Matching - Fractions and Decimals - Pt. 2
Math Matching - Equivalent Decimals
One False Move - Number Order
Place Value Puzzler
Cookie Dough - Number Words
Penguin Waiter - Percent
Flash Cards
Place Value to 100,000 - E-Lab
Ordering Numbers - E-Lab
Prime and Composite Numbers - E-Lab
Equivalent Fractions - E-Lab
Equivalent Decimals - E-Lab

Number Operations

Numerical and Algebraic Operations - Links
Captain Nick Knack - Multiplication
Multiplication Mystery
Operation Order
Subtracting Across Zeroes - E-Lab
Division With Remainders - E-Lab
Modeling Multiplication - E-Lab
Modeling Division - E-Lab
Subtracting Like Fractions - E-Lab
Adding Unlike Fractions - E-Lab
Subtracting Unlike Fractions - E-Lab
Modeling Multiplication Facts - E-Lab
Modeling Addition and Subtraction - E-Lab

Shape and Space

Geometry and Measurement - Links
Math Matching - Time
Dr. Gee's 3-D Lab
Math Matching - Metric Measures
Measure It!
Shape Surveyor - Area & Perimeter
Perimeter of Polygons
Elapsed Time on a Clock - E-Lab
Measuring Fractional Parts - E-Lab
Capacity - E-Lab
Mass - E-Lab
More About Symmetry - E-Lab
Exploring Area - E-Lab
Exploring Circles - E-Lab
Finding Circumference - E-Lab

Patterns and Relations

Patterns, Relationships and Functions - Links
Patterns for Solid Figures - E-Lab
Pattern Quest
Pattern Player
Number Cracker
Crack Hacker's Safe
What's the Point - Graphing Skills

Statistics and Probability

Data Analysis and Statistics - Links
Probability - Links
Organizing Data - E-Lab
Finding the Median and Mode - E-Lab
Finding the Mean - E-Lab
Exploring Double Bar Graphs - E-Lab
Data Picking
Create a Graph
Colour Spinner
PBS - Coin Toss
Predicting Outcomes - E-Lab
Catch a Fish - Probability
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Coin Toss Simulator
Spinner Simulator
What's in Santa's Sack? - Prob. Predictions
Chase Me - Dice Roll Probability
The Birthday Problem


Virtual Manipulatives - No Pieces To Lose