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Can I add HTML to my messages?
  • Depending on what settings the board administrator you may or may not use html.

  • What are PMs?

  • PM's (Private messages) can be used to send messages to other registered members of the board. To check your messages, log in to Private Messages through the link on the main page. Once there you can also send messages. It's also possible to send a message by clicking on the PM link which comes with each post. Your messages will be stored for 30 days.

  • How can I change my profile?

  • Use the 'My Account' link found on top of the board pages. From there you will see a brief summary of your account information. Now you can edit your profile from the link on the top left of your account details.

  • How do I post pictures on the forum?

  • There are two methods of posting pictures on the forum, the easiest being displayed in the example below.
  • [img]http://myforum/mydir/mypic.jpg[/img]

    What are Signatures & how do I use them?

  • Signatures are part of your member profile. They display a small piece of text or hyperlink of your choosing. To add a Signature, click on the [My Account] link on the main toolbar options, followed by selecting [Profile] on the far left of the 'My Account' options. You will see a small text box for the Signature option, where you can add your own text.

    NB: Please be aware, Signatures are not a means of advertising. We invite you to provide your website link as your Signature, but request that you do not state your company name (or extensive info on the function of your business).

  • What are Avatars?

  • An Avatar is a small graphic which you can add to your Profile (to be found under 'My Account'). We currently have them set at 50x50 pixels, but are looking at a possible 80x80 format (as 100x100 appears to large) If you should need help with a custom graphic of your own for use on Access Okanagan, please drop us a line and we will help you implement it into your profile.

  • Can I edit or delete my own posts?

  • Yes you can! Admin can do so as well (if need be).

  • How do I send a message to multiple users? [NEW]

  • In the [To] Box, seperate each members with ">" .... Example: User1>User2>User3
  • <

    What do I do if I lose my username and/or password?

  • Click here

  • What are archives?

  • The archives contain older messages. After a forum reaches 150 topics, the last 50 are moved to an archive.

  • How can i ensure that people will see me online?

  • As you browse the forum, you may 'timeout' if you have not activated any function or posted. Pressing 'F5' on your keyboard will refresh your screen, ensuring that other members will see you shown online.

  • Can i miss messages which people have sent me?

  • No. There is a short line on the top right of the forum which reads "You have X unread messages". That will keep a record of the amount of PM's people have sent you. You should also receive a popup prompt box when a new message arrives (or a reminder of messages you haven't yet viewed)

    At any other time, you can click on the 'blue 3D envelope' on the top forum toolbar to read any of your previous messages.

  • Does this forum use Smileys?

  • Yes. When you are composing a new message to another member, you will se a brief summary of smilies on the right hand side of your message window. You can use any of them directly by clicking on them once (will drop that particular Smiley into your message where the cursor is currently at) ... or you can click on 'All smilies' to see a complete list of what we have available.
  • Once you are familiar with your favourite Smileys, you can use the text reference to post them.   (Example -> :grin: )

    What does the 'Quote' button do?

  • The quote button is a handy feature in forums. Basically, if you are replying to another members post, where you want to quote/reference part, or all of their message, you can use the quote button to capture all of their comments, to be included in your post.

  • How can i pick out new topics/posts since my last visit?

  • As you re-enter the forum, you may notice a 'Red' maple leaf against certain categories. This lets you see that there have been new topics/posts made within this section since you last visited. Once you enter into these areas, you will see a small red box against a members posting details on the extreme right hand side. This now shows you the actual topic which a user has replied to.

  • How do i return to the Home Page from anywhere on the forum?

  • Whichever part of the forum you are in, whether it be a Category, Topic or viewing a particular post, you will see a listing at the top of the forum which looks something like this: "Access Okanagan -> Around The Valley -> Lake Country"

    You can return to the Home Page by clicking on Access Okanagan ... or any other section which you would like to view.

  • How do i contact the forum Admin?
  • There is a small graphic 'Letterbox' on the top right of the forum toolbar. Simply click on that to contact us by e-mail & we will get back to you as soon as possible.